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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  April 1, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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takes a swing at me to lean into it. is there a cure for "watters world"? yes, more "watters world." what's wrong with the 80s? judge jeanine: right now on "justice." >> donald trump, you didn't win this election. the man in charge of the democrats takes a vicious swipe at the president of the united states and the gop. and that's not all. american conservative union chair is shout down while trying to defend the administration. >> you are uncomfortable.
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judge jeanine: i have had it with the cry babies, and i have and prediction to make. >> the constitution protects everybody in our country, documented and undocumented. sanctuary mayors take aim at the white house and the police. >> why are we held to a higher standard than those violating the laws dmoimg legally are not held to the same standard? judge jeanine: it's a packed "justice with judge jeanine" and we are ready to roll. counselor to the president kellyanne conway is here in a moment. but first my opening statement and my prediction. friday tom perez, the newly anointed chair of the dnc, the party that lost the white house,
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the senate and the house of representatives called the 45th president of the united states a bully and someone who didn't really win the election. perez was a bit more exorcised in his rant. take a listen. >> we have a bully in the white house. donald trump you don't stand for our values. donald trump you didn't win this election. donald trump you have then in with putin. we'll resist. judge jeanine: don't stand for our value ofs. pray tell, perez, what are our values and what is it you want to us resist? law and order? the letter of the law, the constitution? ththe the power of the president
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to protect the constitution? they can't get over the fact that hillary lost the election and won't stop their abusive invective against the man who was constitution alley elected calling him not legitimate and his cab in the scum bags. that man is doing the job we mid him to do. he's building up and modernizing the military as well as strengthening law enforcement. general john kelly is ridding this country of some of the most dangerous elements who don't belong here and weren't aloud here in the first place like ms-13, illegal gang members who swear an oath to kill others. the ones the liberal lefty mayors want to keep here, risking the safety of their own law-abiding citizens. and general james mattis, the military is poised to destroy
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the cockroaches known as isis in iraq and syria. imagine a president who not only does what he says, but can actually figure out what the end goal is. as opposed to president obama whose foreign policy was to have no strategy and who graduated to contain isis then decides to degrade and destroy them all of which of course never happened. and all the while these namby-pambies obsessing with russia that they interest geared our democracy. but they can't figure out what they did. but they must have done something because queen hillary should have been core night. she -- coronated. the russians didn't write her
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emails, the ones that sunk her. she did. by the way, the russians didn't give hillary the questions before the cnn debate, donna brazile did. no one seem to the care or investigate that barack obama danced with the devil in tehran whose people cut off our heads because we are infidels, the ones who yell "death to america." the ones he gave $150 billion to and another $400 million because they thought they could quietly get away with. while they moan and groan about blowing up the white house and try to shout down the people on the right. and suppress four free speech. our president is building up the military, he's dealing with the greatest historical threat that don confronts america today.
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the threat of north korea backed by china. north korea with kim jong-un at its head. his relatives all worried about walk over a bridge. he's as unbalanced as barack obama's budget. my prediction. if aand when the clash of the titans does come, these whim much -- thesewimps who will nevp their seat for the military will be the first to pee in their pants and run under their desks and thank their lucky stars the donald j. trump have the guts and the instincts to put on their big boy pants every
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morning and confront real danger confronting america today. that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook page or twitter. joining me now is counselor to the president of the united states, kellyanne conway. kellyanne, am i right or wrong or somewhere in the middle. >> you are certainly high energy. if you look at the russian obsess, the conclusion in search of evidence. it's as though the machines that develop the chyrons are broken. they say the same thing every day. the mainstream media is making the american people suffer from information underload. to start a commission this week on opioid abuse which an epidemic. it quadrupled since 1999.
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with jared's office of american innovation as well as the opioid abuse commission led by governor chris christie. our female cabinet lang ministers, and our first lady who speaks multiple languages, i speak one. the president is unleashing -- he's getting all these things done that don't get covered. judge jeanine: i still don't know what russia has done. bill clinton was giving speeches while our uranium was sold. >> we talked about that during the campaign very often during the trump campaign and
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transition. nobody cared. they said yeah, yeah we know that. these are conclusions in search of evidence. i know people talk about fake news and bias media, et cetera. it's not just unfair covering. i think americans are smart enough to see if the president is being treated fairly or unfairly in the coverage. it's everything that didn't get covered. this president will be judged by metrics we saw just yesterday. the national association of manufacturers came out with their new study. a 20-year high. those are the job create towards. the confidence number is 93.3%. that's not an accounting error. that's jumping by 25%. 86% of his members think the country is heading on the right
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track and he said because we know you are investing in infrastructure and energy that made in the u.s.a. energy under our feet and off our shores. let's start developing it here. and we'll get tax reform and healthcare reform. judge jeanine: what is expect after healthcare. is it infrastructure or is it going to be the tax. >> the tax policy started this week and the president committed to giving middle class americans tax relief. and lowering the tax burden on our job creators so they can retain and attract american workers here. you know, even in trade yesterday, you look at what happened later in the day yesterday with trade. the president want to crack down on cheaters and abuser. but this is a man who as a candidate took the issue of trade which was at 1% in the polls. it wasn't even included in the polls. he took trade and coupled it
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with illegal immigration. he changed the entire conversation from what's fair to the illegal immigrant to what's fair to the american worker. when he went around this country he would see the shuttered factory. that also goes to trade. he says look of course we'll have trade. but the americans are always going to get screwed. judge jeanine: i hear from people all the time who say we don't care about this russia thing. when are we getting jobs. when are we getting tax cuts and when is obamacare going to be repealed. >> this is the way it is being judged by many americans it's a big country with tens of millions of americans who want him and his country to succeed. when they see that the home builders confidence index is the
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highest it's been in 12 years, these numbers don't lie. people want to spend their money. they feel good about investing. that's how he will be judged. house affordable and healthcare affordable and sustainable. was my tax burden reduced at my disposal. do i as a parent have more say in where my child goes to school? he or she beholding to a zip code? betsy devos talked about that this week. this man surround himself with incredibly accomplished powerful women who are there to make a difference. judge jeanine: including kellyanne with a lot of energy herself. thank you so much for being with us. you still have a lot of energy, you travel a lot as well. author and columnist mark steyn is still on deck.
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but next, sanctuary city mayors flaunting the law? later -- >> i don't care what color you are and i have respect for you. judge jeanine: matt schlapp with a testy exchange on tv while trying to defend the trump administration. administration. matt i
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judge jeanine: sanctuary city mayors standing in defines of the white house when it comes to keeping you safe. joining me is a man who knows something about keeping people safe. massachusetts county sheriff tom hodgkin. i was infuriated when i saw this facebook posting. we may have it here, where this mayor says so officials like to hodson should peel free to keep blowing hot air. ex bows yourself as a
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jack-booted thug who wants to jail your political opponents for made-up offenses. what do you have to say to that? >> that's the kind of thing you would expect from someone who wants to divert attention away from the fact that he has tried to harbor and conceal people within his own community in violation of federal law. i have never owned a pair of jack boots. those -- that's the rhetoric you will see from people who are not in concert with what the american people want. we want to be safe. they want the laws even forced in our nation. judge jeanine: to me this man is despicable. he took an oath of office to protect the citizens. what he's doing is opening up the door to aliens who are
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criminals and not letting his fellow brothers and sisters in law enforcement know when these aliens are released and need to be deported. what do we do to someone like him? >> any elected official found to harbor or concealing anyone through their sanctuary policies, the federal government needs to issue arrest warrants on them. we can't have elected officials decided whether or not they will follow federal law. this mayor is not somebody who should be forgiven the consequences the rest of us would have if we violated a federal law. i know what you do for a living. you know what i do for a living. i can't believe we are living in
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america where the mayors are saying we don't want you to listen to the federal government or to anyone in law enforcement, and we want to protect people who are criminals. i'm not talking about the person cleaning someone's house. we have ms in 13, people who -- we have ms-13, people who kill as part of their initiation. i think it's time to do something about getting these mayors out of office. >> i think most of the american people get and they recognize they don't expect their elected officials to be creating these sanctuary cities that will protect the through breakers, the illegals who are here who are potentially at some point going to hurt them. and the expense of the people they were elected to represent and protect. the find amountal responsibility of government is to make sure
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the people and the people in tour community, the citizens and legal residents are safe. i don't know how any elected official can feel comfortable saying i'm not going to abide by the federal law. what example is that to our children? judge jeanine: my next guest, two people i wish could confront this mayor and give him an idea of what pain is like when people believe what he believes. thanks so much for being with us. so many girls look forward to their sweet 16. coming of age. birthday. it's a special time for every teenager and her parents. but neeson's life was cut short the date before her 16th birthday thanks to a gafng illegal immigrants in new york.
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ms-13, gang members i have been talking about. joining me are her still grieving parents. >> there is nothing i can say. i thank you for being here. america weeps with you. and please know not for one minute does america think that what the mayor and people like him think is the right way to think. but tell us about neesa. tell us what happened to her. >> she was violently attacked by gangs, ms-13, the eve before her sweet 16. she was walking with one of her friends back to a friend's house. they spot them and said let's get them. judge jeanine: my understanding is -- is she was friends with a
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girl from long island and she had gone back and forth with one of those gang bangers on social media. but your daughter because she was with kayla, nees sarks got caught up with it because she was walking with kayla. they don't call it a mitt. green light? >> whatever term they use, green light, red light. judge jeanine: did you know there was an issue? >> we found out afterwards. after we read the indictment. that's when we found out. we were like, wow. it's sad that two young girls had to be taken. precious young girls regardless fit was something dealing with social media. if you can't take what people say maybe you should not be on social media. judge jeanine: how do you feel about the fact that there are
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now four illegals charged with the murder of your daughter and her best friend. your daughter did nothing other than she was in the wrong place. they were beat on death with baseball bats and machetes. how do you feel that they were in this country? >> the fact that they were undocumented is not right. there is people who are immigrants who try to make a better living for themselves. the only thing they are doing is making it hard for the next grouch people who do want that better life. and it's sad because other salvadorans are nice people who will give the shirt off their back foifer. but it messes it up for the good ones it happens with a sploft raise. you have people who make it wrong decisions and it makes other people look bad. judge jeanine: this particular
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gang, ms-13, part of its initiation is to murder someone. you know that. >> yes. judge jeanine: when they came across the border in 2014, there was a lot of the objection, but everyone said we have got to let them in. should they be let in? >> only if their intentions are for a better life. that's the thing i don't get. usual leaving where you are coming from that's plagued with violence. you come here for a better life and you continue to do the same things you just left from. that makes month sense to me. judge jeanine: what would you say to them? >> why? why my daughter? why did she have to pay the price jan. judge jeanine: you had plans for her birthday. you had gifts for her. >> yes. judge jeanine: what did you do
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with them? >> i opened up the birthday gift it was a necklace and a bracelet. and i wore it on her birthday. >> it's not easy. because the only thing she wanted to do was hang out with her friend the day before her birthday. i know where you are going to be at. the parents are nice. necessity love having you there, so there is not a problem with having you there. so we let her go, she is a good girl. it doesn't make sense to keep a good girl locked in the house. >> she wanted to play basketball, that's it. judge jeanine: i understand you wear her sneakers. >> yes. judge jeanine: elizabeth and robert, our thoughts are with you. thank you for being here. >> thank you.
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judge jeanine: matt schlapp is next on deck. brad blakeman and chris hahn is next.
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[♪] marianne: i'm marianne rafferty. the battle to reclaim mosul rages on. iraqi troops are fighting off a fierce counterattack from the group in western mosul. there are reports of isis fighters using civilians as human shields. opposition fighters and hair family are on their way to north western syria. they were evacuated from the central city of homs. the pentagon take more control over war-fighting decisions in the middle east and africa. thousands of u.s. troops are in
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iraq and the pentagon says more are needed there they are sending more troops into somalia. i'm marianne rafferty. now back to "justice with judge jeanine" with judge jeanine. mary. judge jeanine: it's time for the panel. former advisor to president bush brad blakeman and chris hahn. i talked about the fact that all the liberal leftists are worried about this and that and crying in their soup. donald trump is doing way's suppose to be doing. -- what he's supposed to be doing.
9:33 pm
but he has an issue that's starting to bother me. that's the supreme court pick. chris hahn. what do you think of this guy gorsuch? >> i think that he's got a great resume, but i think he's far to the right of the rest of the country. judge jeanine: what did he say that made you think he's far to the right he's got some pints out there when he talked about personhood and when it begins. he's a threat to roe versus wade and long standing laws in the this country, and i think for that reason democrats will filibuster him. judge jeanine: i was mesmerized by the guy. i thought he had an opportunity on roe versus wade to leave a question on the table, he seemed to say there ain't no question there. >> other justices said roe versus wade is a super precedent
9:34 pm
and it's hard to overturn. you need a constitutional amendment. judge jeanine: now the dems will filibuster. chris, why? >> let's also talk about how he almost always sides with employers over employees. the case of the truck driver leaving his freezing truck so he doesn't freeze to death. he sides with the trucking company? that's extreme to most americans. judge jeanine: he follows the law. before we get into the queeds on the facts of the case. they unanimously put him on the circuit court which is one less than the supreme court. did he have a lobotomy? >> i think congress changed. congress is harder than it's ever been on judges. >> elections have consequences to quote barack obama.
9:35 pm
we are entitled to have an up or down vote on judge gorsuch. we were following your rules, the bind rule that when an election is under way for president there wouldn't be a supreme court pick. judge jeanine: each side has a lot of bad blood on this issue. let's go forward. this guy has a judicial temperament, the experience. i never saw a guy so attacked in my life and you didn't get a rights out of him. >> unfortunately he comes to the congress and the congress has been made very partisan by mitch mcconnell specifically. >> harry reid changed the rules. if you have guys play russian roulette instead of chess. right now we are exchanging conservative for conservative.
9:36 pm
you want to change the rules then we have two more picks and maybe they are liberals, then what happens? >> harry reid changed the rules after five years of intransigence by republicans. judge jeanine: here is the problem. the viewers are listening saying each side is doing this. they are blaming the other side. we want a full supreme court. this guy doesn't have a conviction or anyone waiting in the wing. >> the president could end this right now. put up merrick garland and let the senate vote. rise above it. >> give us the vote we are entitled to. judge jeanine: stop fighting with each other. i have had enough. how many parents do we have to
9:37 pm
parade in front of you to convince you that these mayors and liberal lefty governors and whoever they are with sanctuary cities are creating criminal asylums for american citizens. this innocent not quite 16-year-old. come on. >> a couple miles from where i'm signature right now. my heart goats out to that family. it really does. what we have to determine in america is when we ask people where they are from. that's the divide. i say when you are convicted as a felon if you are here illegally you should be deported. i'm here for saying where are you from when you are picked up. that's a distinction that needs on made. >> we don't need your sympathy. we need you to follow the law. we need cities that uphold the law. pick a city and make them an
9:38 pm
example. judge jeanine: i have a feeling this is going on for a long time. thanks for being here, guys. mark steyn is still ahead. but next, i have something specific wanted to ask conservative union chairman matt conservative union chairman matt sma lap.
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>> he got icy with a reporter who has a good rapport with him. >> i spent years sitting in that briefing room. >> you don't experience it. >> okay.
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[all talking at once] >> you raise your voice at me because you are uncomfortable. >> you don't want to be spoken to by somebody who doesn't agree with you. judge jeanine: that was cpac chair matt shah slap trying to defend sean spice 'er as was shout down by dr. david johnson. naught, i have been noticing whenever the left is trying to make a point or thinks they are caught, they keep talk over some twownt right. and this person saying to you, you don't get to tell -- you don't know what racism is. you don't get to tell other people what racism is. what was that about?
9:44 pm
>> it's okay for someone on the left like this person to say that sean spicer is exhibiting racism or that steve bannon is exhibiting racism. 's fine for them to say. then when i try to defend those people tino who tino are not racist and i know their hearts, i'm told i'm not allowed to speak because i'm a white guy. how are we going to have discussions in this country if you can't speak because you come from a certain race or gender or class. judge jeanine: you have no right to speak because you are white and you can't know what this man knows, therefore you don't have the right to have free speech. i'm seeing this more and more. even when we talk about milo at berkeley. we the left liberals who have
9:45 pm
this understanding of everyone and want to include everyone want to shut down anyone who is on the right. it's crazy. >> what milo experienced at berkeley and conservatives that go to college campuses, basically riots occur. people on campus are upset that someone would want to talk about free markets and the constitution because you want to live your lives as individuals. we all talked about what we experienced being trump supporters over the course this election. one thing happened with me. i'm not going to cower on these issues. i used to avoid them because i felt like i didn't have standing. but i'm not going to let them quiet me. they can't go out there and smear good people with these horrible terms. i'm not going to take it anymore. judge jeanine: they are
9:46 pm
silencing people on the right by ross saying i can't hear this ad that person is a racist or a thug or nazi or waste is, and therefore we must not allow him to speak. this is contrary to the constitution and it temperatures their way of being a bully. and they want to call donald trump a bully? maybe you have to fight back and push back. >> i think that's what he taught us. i don't always think you have to fight hard on everything. but on foundational questions about what's in our hearts, conservatives hava to do a much more aggressive job of pushing back. don't let them quiet you. if you are a college kid on campus, don't let that administration shut you down. a college professor is trying to shut me down.
9:47 pm
judge jeanine: i was on a college campus and these kids are afraid to admit they have right-wing thoughts or they support donald trump. we are continuing this conversation in a minute with conversation in a minute with mark s
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judge jeanine: more on the left's angry attempts to silence the right. joining me now, conservative author mark steyn. mark, you were able to listen to matt shah latch and thd matt sce was shout down. people on the right are being bullied or there are actual le attempts to -- there are actual attempts to burn down buildings. where people on the right are invited to universities and they are shouted down. is this something happening in europe? >> it's happening in super, canada, and australia. the left doesn't want to debate, they want to cancel debate.
9:52 pm
they are not good at debating. increasingly, especially among the young, they don't even philosophically believe in free speech. they believe there is a correct position on certain issues, whether it's gay marriage or transgender bathrooms or climate change or islam, and the list gets longer and longer on which there is a correct position. correct position. they celebrate every divertity except the one that matters, which is diversity of thought. judge jeanine: there is something called american laws for americans courts. courts.
9:53 pm
17 states have those laws. in montana there was an effort to create sharia law and the democrats called it shameful and said banning sharia law in montana's courts is a horrible thing and said it sends a dangerous message to minority roots and say it's repugnant to have just american law in american courts. and they say this is not who we are at montanans. >> it won't be montana even if it goes for sharia light. sharia law is incompatible with u.s. law, english common law and in other western nations it has a foothold. the french government recognizes
9:54 pm
polygamist marriages among muslims for the benefits of welfare. england has a lot of sharia courts ajude kaight on marriage and other -- adjudicating on marriage and it discriminates against women. there are dozens of countries around the world where you can live under sharia. there is no need for the united states to join an already long list. and this kind of stealth sharia is not a joke it's actually a serious one. judge jeanine: they said it banned the application of foreign law. but the debate was focused on sharia law. let's move on from that. what we are seeing now with these snowflakes they call them on campuses, and some of the inability of students to be able to express themselves is what i see as a limit on free speech.
9:55 pm
do you see free speech and the first amendment being affected negatively as we go forward? >> absolutely. first amendment counts for nothing on most american tam campuses. a majority of democrats voted to constraint first amendment. they used to at least pretend to agree with voltaire. i disagree with what you say, but i'll defend to the death your right to say it. but now they will put you in the hospital if you dare to say it like they did with that professor in middlebury. whoa! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that.
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>> that's it for us nice. remember find a facebook, twitter and instagram. do not forget my new show, when you hear the case and you decide the verdict live, america decides the jury premieres on your local fox affiliate april 7 at 9:00 p.m.. that is this friday. do not forget, i need you to watch. thank you for watching. greg gutfeld is next.
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>> just last week i bought underwear on the internet. why should you know what size i take? where the color? or any of that information? well now i am curious. [laughter] [applause] >> all right, enough my during fans. as the media loses its collective. [bleep] over russia's meddling in our election james comey


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