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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 2, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> tonight a direct warning from president trump. he says the united states will take unilateral action to stop the nuclear's threat from north korea. with or without china. hello everyone, i am eric. >> hello will mr. trump claim north korea coming ahead with his visit telling the financial times if china doesn't increase pressure the united states will do it alone. let's go to kristin fisher. kristin what does president trump use to use with what
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leverage? >> in the interview president trumps that it's all about trade. trade is the incentive. he's going into the meetings hopeful that he'll be able to cut a deal with the chinese president about north korea. if not, president trump says the u.s. is prepared to deal with kim jong-il and all by himself, with or without china. that direct quote if china is not gonna solve north korea, we will, that's on telling you. keep in mind they have testfired ballistic missiles the first one happened when their meeting with president trump back in february. there is a chance that north korea could try something similar as well. when the chinese president is there. >> arthel: will be watching it. in the mean time president trump is saying that despite the
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initial failure, the effort to repeal and replace obama care is still going on and will continue until a deal is struck. where does that effort stand now? >> today, president trump played golf with two people that are central to the administration's effort to repeal and replace obama care. mick mulvaney, the budget director, former member of the house freedom caucus. that is the conservative group that the president has blamed for the bill's failure. and rand paul, one of the bills most local critics. listen to what senator rand paul said. >> we had a great day with the president today. we talked about some healthcare reform, i think the sides are getting closer and closer together. i remain very optimistic that
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we'll get obama care repealed. >> earlier in the day, president trump tweeted anybody, especially the fake news media who think the repeal and replace of obama care is dead, doesn't know the love and strength in the republican party. that tweet would suggest that he's confident that the republican party will come together and make some kind of deal on this issue. at the same time, you have a senior white house official coming out and advocating on twitter for the defeat of one member of the house freedom caucus in his own republican primary. is it good top, bad cop, and out? or just mixed messaging. >> arthel: we will wait and see. thank you. >> eric: the senate intelligence committee is diving deeper into the of investigation of russians meddling into the elections. if there's any ties to president trumps campaign team in moscow. the top former officials there are saying there is so far no evidence of collusion. they plan to privately interview
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as many as 20 people this week behind closed doors. the committee putting the brakes on the requests for immunity for the former national security advisor, michael flynn in exchange for his testimony. at least for now. were live on more of what his plan to do. >> to be clear, thought that the senate intelligence committee denied his request for immunity altogether. that could still eventually happen. right now, they have said it's too earlier on the investigation to decide if immunity is worth exploring. but a gross a special investigation to take over. today, mitch mcconnell defended the work of the intelligence committee which has been able to steer clear of the politics that's hanging over the investigation. >> the only thing i intend to do is find out what happened.
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once i find out what happened, hopefully they will be able to issue a unanimous report and we will all know what, if anything whawent on based on the allegations. >> that's for the house intelligence committee, on friday the top democrat was able to review the intelligence reports that were shared with the chairman last week. today, cnn state of the union, congressman adam schiff said that that he is seen the documents he can understand why his republican colleagues have concerns of the surveillance of trump advisors that took place after the election. he was also clear saying that there was a lot of issues of how that information was shared or not shared by the white house. >> i can't say don't agree with the chairman's characterization, which is exactly what is important you don't share documents with one person or even to people. it doesn't need to be done by night through stealth at the white house. the only reason to do that is if
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you want to hide where the materials are coming from and who is behind it. >> they have asked the white house to share those intelligent reports with both the entire house and the senate intelligence committees so investigations can move forward with as much information as possible. >> eric: thank you. >> arthel: a democratic senator announcing his support for supreme court nominee, judge neil gorsuch. the gop needs five more democrats to support the nomination, or else they will resort to the nuclear option to force the vote passed the democrat filibuster. caroline has more from washington. >> the senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell says that judge gorsuch will be confirmed this week, no matter what. >> exactly how that happens will be up to our democratic alex.
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i think it is noteworthy that no supreme court justice has ever come in the history of our country, then stopped to buy a partisan filibuster, ever. >> by senate minority leader, chuck schumer points out there's a first time for everything. he says the conservative judge does not yet to 60 votes and that means republicans need to drop gore's edge and pick another judge. >> a republican friends are acting like a cat on top of the tree. they have to jump off with all the damage that entails. come off the tree, sit down, and work with us and we'll produce it mainstream nominee. >> it's a mess impossible to say that gorsuch as a qualified. the senate approved him unanimously in 2006 for his current position is circuit court of appeals. democrats turned against judge gorsuch during his testimony saying he refused to answer the most rudimentary questions about
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court cases. democrats say that it's highly unlikely gorsuch will get to 60 votes and that leaves mcconnell with the nuclear option. requiring 51 votes. the democrats establish that precedent for the lower court but it has never been used at the supreme court level. >> arthel: thank you for that report. >> eric: we have extreme weather parts of the south from texas, louisiana and up to arkansas. right now they are at risk for severe weather. sadly it has turned deadly. a possible tornado touchdown in louisiana, the town just west of baton rouge. it flipped a trailer and tragically the sheriff's office says, a woman and her 3-year-old daughter were both inside the mobile home when it was flipped and they were killed. this, as louisiana governors warned that the severe weather is just starting. trouble could lester the night.
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here's more with the details of what could be a rough night. >> you are right. we continue to get more information. the system just developed and pushes further to the east. within the last few minutes we see a new tornado watch. that is indicating the potential for tornado activity is there. that is stretching into mississippi. most of the activity is further to the west. in front of it tornadoes are spinning in front of it. if you are behind the line you are in the clear. the weather will continue to slowly track to the north and east. i can take you down to louisiana and these other areas called parishes, we have seen dramatic activity. that continues this hour. we continue to see more storms
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throughout the area. this is where folks were expecting it to be. this is your threat for today and it stretches into mississippi as we watch the system work this way. the bull's-eye is in north-central louisiana. we will continue to see them for the next few hours until the system will work further to the east. here is the hour by hour forecast to help you plan out the evening. where will the storm be? pay attention to this timestamp in the corner. 6:00 p.m., 9:00 p.m., stretching back into louisiana. beginning to creep into mississippi. it will lift that way, clipping portions of arkansas before -- that's really through the afternoon and overnight. by tomorrow the system will move along the coast. it will affect a new group of folks. here is what it looks like. this begins to shift over the pensacola area. running along the gulf coast.
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this is going to be an ongoing situation for the next couple of days. >> you have to be on the alert. thank you for the update. >> arthel: the senate intelligence committee picking up the pace on its investigation into russia as the probe of the house intelligence committee is label stalled by some of its own members. special prosecutor step in? >> eric: i will sit down with our new ambassador to the united nations, nikki haley. we'll have part two of our interview and what she hopes the trump administration aims to accomplish. >> i think the united states has always been the moral compass of the world. i think we are generous by nature and we want to see people say. we don't want to see people a 40 but you do have to say, what can we do? -[ laughing ] no way! -that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. cfp. work with the highest standard.
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>> arthel: the senate majority leader addressing the question investigation being conducted by his colleagues. mr. mcconnell telling us in an interview on fox news sunday that an independent prosecutor is not needed to investigate russia's interference and her presidential election. the senator expressing his
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confidence in the senate intelligence committee and the fbi to get to the bottom of moscow's meddling. >> we've have a bipartisan investigation underway, it's called the house intelligence committee. we've had a joint press conference this week, they clearly laid out there going wherever the facts take them. we don't need yet another investigation. we know the fbi is looking at it from their perspective. it's being handled appropriate appropriately. >> the author of a obama's enforcer, john, do you agree with senator mcconnell. twenty years ago which they laid out guidelines for when it happened expire. both democrats and republicans almost unanimously agreed they have outlived its usefulness. i'm not saying an independent prosecutor is not needed at some point, that's what every other
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institution fails or is compromised. i don't see the evidence of that right now, i don't see it coming soon. >> so let it right,. >> and the house and the fbi, and the justice department. >> arthel: speaking of the house, to what extent has the credibility of the house until committee been damaged? >> i think there's grandstanding there. i think there is grandstanding on both parts in both parties. a lot of people are holding more press conferences than hearings. any time that happens, you probably have to go back to the basics. the senate committee which is holding a press conference this week has not had that problem. >> arthel: you didn't answer my question. >> i did, i said there's grandstanding. >> arthel: is there damage that can be repaired? and what about the proceedings that in your opinion would leave
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the american people to trust the process. what will cause them to distrust the investigation and see it as unfair or biased? >> if attorney general sessions, who had been a spokesman for mr, if he had not recused himself that would've been a reg flight. but he did recuse himself. his deputy who went through the senate confirmation hearing, apparently as a career prosecutor. he apparently has not had his integrity question during the hearings. he is the one going to be directing the investigation. you also have mr. comay who made lots of people in both parties very mad. so an equal opportunity offender. no one has accused james comay of completely tilting towards one side or the other. the senate committee is a bipartisan, the house committee if it gets its act together will be bipartisan. unless you have red flags on each of those, one of the things within 20 years ago, you don't one independent prosecutor because that carries different problems and consequences they don't anticipate. >> arthel: people may have said there's red flags and that you
3:19 pm
just list about will move on. there's so politics involved. >> there's difference between a caution flag and red flight. no one has questioned the deputy attorney general who is going to be conducting the investigation senates he's compromised. >> arthel: so with george washington cider for cyber intel committee. let's listen to that. >> they might go after republican person in this room tomorrow then they will switch. it is solely based on what they want to achieve in their own landscape. whatever the russian foreign policy objectives are. if they want to achieve one candidate, let's a president trump winston now turned to get, they will turn on president trump as well. they win because they play both sides. >> arthel: as you see were moving on to the topic of russia. how crucial is it for both chambers of congress to work
3:20 pm
together in one accord with one goal in mind, to find out what russia did, who played along, and to make russia stop? >> and also figure out what they're going to be doing in the future. i just came back from your. throughout europe and putin's propaganda machine is running on all cylinders. twenty-four hours a day trying to subvert democracy, and influence to elections. were latecomer. the russians are regional player, frankly in europe. they do not have the kind of strong military that can threaten us directly today, unless there is direct conflict. they have a norm connection cyber terrorism and basically disrupting all the western institutions. we have to guard against it. >> arthel: so you feel it is crucial that both chambers work together. at the end of the day to find out if they meddled into her presidential election, protect our sacred democracy. >> i know there are differences in democrats and republicans in america, but they pale in comparison to the differences we
3:21 pm
have with russian hackers were trying to severed our system. >> arthel: where were you in new york? >> i was all over. i came from iceland, i was in brussels, the european union and london. >> arthel: you have a good cross-section of what they're talking about. it's good to see you. thank you so much. >> eric: the elizabeth her, nick and haley blaming russia for not doing enough to stop the war in syria. her comments came in an interview with me. she said the trump administration will focus on trying to reform the united nations, its budget and priorities to better address the threats we face. the trump administration has proposed taking a big chunk out of the contribution of taxpayers to the multibillion-dollar un budget. ambassador haley insist any reduction will not end up harming the humanitarian and peacekeeping missions.
3:22 pm
>> a new abbasid or to the united nations, nikki haley was an account before she into politics. now, she is relying on that business experience as a trump administration seeks to cut the u.s. contribution to the un budget. >> what you feel the united nations has gone wrong? >> i think the united nations got scale. i think they got into the emotions of what happens in most clubs. it went through the motions and all of a sudden the action went down. the cost will not. >> eric: the un's regular peacekeeping budget amount to more than $10 billion year. of that, u.s. taxpayers pay up to 2.8 billion. the president's budget proposal wants to/1 billion from that. >> i think we see there could be efficiencies. we will start cutting around the edges and see what we can get done. when you start to cut? the biggest amount of money is the peacekeeping missions. >> the u.s. pays a lot more for those u.s. peacekeeping missions than anyone else. just over 20% which the administration wants to reduce to 25%. that would be more than double
3:23 pm
the next contributors, china and japan. about four times more than germany, france, great britain. six times more than russia. on friday, the security council unanimously agreed to reduce the number peacekeeping troops deployed in the democratic republic of congo, by 500 over out of 17000. >> what i'm proud of in the first peacekeeping mission we took on, this critic also came together and said yes, were going to reform and will keep doing this with every mission. that will be massive cost savings. >> eric: what would you say to critics that would be concerned that this could cripple the peacekeeping missions? >> we want the same thing. for people to be safe, we want the a to get in, we want to lift people up. too much focus and peacekeeping has gone to the host government, the management. no one is talking about the people on the ground.
3:24 pm
the united states has always been the moral compass of the world. i think we are generous by nature. we want to see people safe, we don't want to see people starve or mistreated by the governments. but you do have to say, what can we do. we cannot be all things to everyone. what we can do is work on keeping the peace. >> what you say to those concerned about humanitarian efforts? will refugees starve? will children not be inoculated? >> no. everybody can cut. in business we have said, when you had downtime that was the best thing. it forced you to cut. it forced you to get smarter but forced you to be more effective. >> eric: haley is working to address what she sees as a long-standing tilt against israel. >> i think the biggest surprise has been truly the anti- israel bias. to go and think that every single month they have a briefing on the middle east, but
3:25 pm
they are not talking about the issues we would care about. they're not talking about syria, or iran, or north korea. what they're talking about is israel. every single month for ten years they have been israel bashing. that is something that i cannot believe there put in the time and energy into doing that when we have so many threats around the world. >> it the counterpart in israeli has already noticed a differen difference. what you think of her? >> i think she's great. she comes with the values and tools. that's what we need. we need to bring the un back to its core values. the un is a good institution but it was can happen evil forces. i believe a besser haley and my team to work together and maybe change the un and bring it back to where should be. >> eric: she says is working. >> things are happening.
3:26 pm
it's changing. the toner is getting better. people realize that we had more important things to do. i think they are tired of me yelling at them about israel bashing. >> eric: tired of yelling at the diplomats. she is the daughter of immigrants born in south carolina and was the governor of that state. she is seen as a rising star in the republican party. when president trump announced her nomination, he said that she has the ability to bring people together and now she faces that task in a hostile environment. she has to deal with international diplomats from 192 other nations. she says she looks forward to advancing american values at the un. >> arthel: growing questions about whether an aide to president trump violated a federal law because it is something he tweeted. our legal panel will weigh in. a rare, exclusive interview with the president of afghanistan.mer what he says he wants from america. i'm in.
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>> and advisor to presidenttruma primary challenge against house freedom caucus members of michigan. senior white house advisor tweeted this "real donald trump is bringing auto plants and jobs back to michigan, justin is a big liability, trump train defeated him primary". richard paynter tweeted back this "ethics 11, you can't put official titles all of your personal twitter page and use of her partisan politics". is it a violation of the hatch act? let's bring in the legal ale analyst. is this a tempest in a teapot? or a no-no you should do this and use white house stuff for for political.
3:32 pm
>> and frankly it's clear, there's no intent to engage in this discourse, to influence politics in any way. it's his personal twitter account. >> eric: he's calling for defeat of the freedom caucus. >> it's one tweet expressing his opinion. his talk about white house and what they have done so far. it has nothing to do with politics. it's about one tweet, one opinion, nothing more. >> when you say partisan politics, you say on an official account? >> as his personal account. that will be a challenge for anyone stepping forward to saying that he's violated the hatch act. >> eric: but photos of the white house, flags and. >> not a violation of the hatch act. the hatch act prohibits the executive branch employees from having political activity on the job, or using the official title. in this particular tweet, it is a twitter account that is not official. he doesn't use his official
3:33 pm
title in the tweet. it's on his personal. in addition, there's also some guidance from the office of special counsel who is the agency responsible for enforcing this. in a frequently asked question publication, it says that the inclusion of an employee's official title will position on one social media profile is not enough. so, this is not even an official profile. this is a personal profile. >> eric: kellyanne conway got criticized for turning the white house into the home shopping network. shoes talk about ivanka's clothing line. it was literally of 52nd sound bite. people in crazy over it. it was really unnecessary. >> so what would be a hatch act violation against like to see it
3:34 pm
with us tweet? >> if it's done on the job of summit is being paid by the federal government there using their actual title in part? >> is a personal account. >> another controversy, the former national security advisor wants immunity. his lawyer sent the letter asking him to testify about russia and the presidential election. at least for now they have turn that request down. mercedes, as long as ys community. >> any defense attorney worth their weight will say were not talking to the feds unless we get this. we want immunity in exchange. it's a crime to even make a statement. a misstatement to the federal government. like go into a scenario where you can actually be charged with making a misstatement to the federal official as opposed to having done anything unlawful. that's why the defense attorney has done it.
3:35 pm
>> what is he hiding is the wrong perception. it is rule number one for criminal defense attorney to not let your clients speak without those protections. it's been rejected. we might see the next step being subpoenaed in testify. in that case probably invoke the fifth amendment. the agencies will have to compel his testimony. >> the fact that he evoked the system and there is something that could be going against them. somehow there's collectivity they're not willing to testify about. >> the critics could be all over that. >> eric: him raising his hand saying that he took the fifth. >> exactly. but if you say it's my right not
3:36 pm
to self incriminate, whether there is incriminating material are not. >> what he should say -- it when it's all said and down blame the lawyers. >> it's ironic given his prior statements during the hillary clinton investigation, but i would bet that he didn't speak to a lawyer to tweet so do you think he could be called forth? >> i believe he couldn't invoke his first amendmen first amendm. if there's evidence that he committed a crime the government does not need a statement. they will look to the documents look to the wiretap communication. >> eric: or the intercepted phone conversations. >> that would be bringing them forward under subpoenas to bring them under subpoena and asked tough questions. you could have adverse inference
3:37 pm
anyway. >> eric: do you think something would happen if he's dragged down to the us attorney's office? >> they can ask questions and he could refuse to answer them. the most important thing is that he cannot make in a statement to the officials. >> there other protections that could be had with the doj they could give certain protections for statements also. >> it will be interesting to see what happens indeed. if an open hearing general flynn sits behind the witness table and see what happens. >> arthel: the president of afghanistan sitting down for an exclusive interview us at fox news. he talked about a wide range of issues including the taliban. the group is still showing no signs of letting up. as america's military is in its 16th year in afghanistan, many of the same challenges from 2001
3:38 pm
are still present. here's more. >> as a trump white house debate this option in afghanistan, afghan president tells fox news that he wants american trainers and advisers to remain in the country. the u.s. has spent more than $700 billion in lost thousands of lives. while american combat operations ended in 2014, the fight against the taliban is far from over. afghan troops continue a deadly fight against insurgents. with and i toward the afghanistan long-term economic prosperity and in a move to move president donald trump, the afghan president wants american businesses to be part of developing the rich mineral >> we want the partnership that the way we have worked and fought shoulder to shoulder, we would be able to develop this country so it can go for itself. we don't want to be a burden on
3:39 pm
you. >> the pentagon estimates that they have more than $1 trillion worth of mineral wealth. much of it is years, not decades away from making it to market. corruption is rampant. the afghanistan infrastructure is improving. roads, agricultural yield and hydroelectric power are getting better. the trump administration has proposed slashing american foreign a budget. the effort to attract american investment here is both about long-term economic prosperity, and keeping the trump administration engaged in the country. >> arthel: thank you. >> eric: do you want your internet provider to know about every website you have ever visited? congress has passed a bill that rolls back those obama era rules about privacy and a personal information on the web. coming up, what this means for when you go online. ess through a is so effortless,
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>> congress takes aim atinternel that will got rules set in motion under the obama administration, it would of given consumers control over how area service providers collect, share, or sell personal information. under the new bill that present trump is expected to sign, isp, internet service providers will be able to sell your information to the highest bidder. were joined by kyle, the founder of -- management. what is at stake for consumers? what is at stake? >> well, the narrative of regulatory reform is a very important to narrative to have. it is one that trump has promised. it is something that is
3:45 pm
necessary for small, medium, large businesses in the u.s. to be able to breathe better with less regulations. however, when it comes to the depth of invading consumer privacy, and having big carriers be able to know what browser you go to for example, know the different areas of the internet you go to. i think that is somewhere where i draw the line. i have to say that i think that being able to do so for me personally is a bit of an invasion of privacy. >> arthel: absolutely. people realize that when they go online to do certain things they're going to be cookies and information that is going to know what you're doing searching the web. but it is a bit of breach of privacy. even if some of these regulations repeal they still want to inform the consumer that they were ask if they can share their information.
3:46 pm
what is me, the consumer, you, the consumer accidentally agree to those companies that are asking for permission. what can you do to change that? >> i think if you give your consent to a carrier to be able to sell your data and information to different marketing companies i'm all for it. as long as you ask the consumer very clearly if you're willing to do that. accidentally is a different thing. i'm not sure how you would be able to figure out that this was an accident. i'm sure there is a way. if there is a way, i think it is incumbent upon the big carriers, in this case to make sure that the consumer has given his or her consent in an effort to do anything with the data that has been given to the carriers. i think that is fair and democratic. i think it continues along the
3:47 pm
lines of a free market. but it has specific regulations in place. i am for regulations, not the regulations we have seen over the last eight years that have been completely invasive to small, medium-size businesses. >> arthel: how do you separate the two? is this a done deal? is president obama going to put his signature on this? excuse me, president trump. if president trump is going to really put his signature on th this, if you were to advise president trump you mentioned something here that you feel bad, some of the businesses would be less strong by the businesses. but you want to protect consumer privacy. how do you do that? >> that is a fine line. this is an area, a bill that the devil is in the details. one needs to have a committee in place. trumps administration, whoever he puts in charge to really make sure that the president understands what the bullet
3:48 pm
points are in the bold areas are. that is consent. consent is going to be an important thing here. i vote for making sure that making sure each consumers signs off on giving people the right to look at their browser history, for example. i think the devil is in the details. he needs to understand that before he goes and signs a bill that is comprehensive in nature. >> we have to leave it there. i'm sure many consumers out there are on edge regarding this possible repealing of those regulations in place. kyle, in san diego, it's nice to see you. >> eric: near san diego they have a near eye in the sky that the government wants to develop to stop illegal immigration at the border. they're asking silicon valley, brainiacs, they want new or, faster, smaller drones are designed to protect our nation. we'll tell you about a horrible
3:49 pm
natural disaster in columbia. hundreds have died with flooding. the landslides have devastated entire neighborhoods. >> it had never rained the weighted that day. from one moment to another they said the avalanche was coming. it sounded horrible. it did not give us time to do anything. only run with the children and that was it. when we look, we saw everything covered in mud. that was it. run, do not look back what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts.
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>> arthel: at least 200 peopleds to flooding and landslides in southwest columbia. many hundreds more are injured or missing as families and rescuers dig through the rubble and wreckage for survivors. entire neighborhoods were destroyed when the nearby river overflowed its banks. half of a month's worth of rain fell overnight. the area has been declared a disaster zone. >> eric: the department of homeland securit security is tep with silicon valley to make a new generation of drones that are smaller, faster and lighter. they want to cover the best writers of the desert of the
3:54 pm
u.s., mexico border. >> the government has been using drones for years. therefore says there's more demand for drone operators and pilots of any other type of plane that flies. a new initiative hopes to speed up the procurement process for smaller drones, saving time, money and lives. >> were looking for the latest and greatest technology to give to our operators that have a huge mission of securing u.s. border so they can more effectively and keep them safe. >> that means eyes in the sky and u.s. customer border protection are pain startups to fit its purpose. >> imagine an agent working alone or in a small group they want to see what's over the next hill and if they're going to encounter group, how many people are there, they might have weapons, so they know how to respond when they get there. >> seattle radar company scored one of its first contracts were
3:55 pm
sensors that can measure the distance between moving and in bad weather. >> the ability to have a small, high-performance rater is what's unique. >> local law enforcement members who use drugs to fight crime scene cost-benefit. >> they give you real-time information which is critical. and it's a very low-cost point. in relation to access that could cost up to $1800 per hour. the small drones are costing us nearly nothing a man hours. >> at an expose in san jose industry leaders praise the partnership. >> we know the capability and cost savings is there. we know the ability to protect property and save lives as the their. >> the department of homeland security has opened an office in silicon valley. a signal that the federal government will partner with startups to get technologies in the field fast. before their #e obsolete.
3:56 pm
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4:00 pm
rebuilding program, that program replaced 38 bridges from the 1800s. >> that's very cool. you can't get off the bridge. seven miles. >> you got to run. can you do seven miles? >> no. >> two miles? robert: we are heading into a critical week in washington. president trump preparing to host the president of china as the senate careens towards the ultimate showdown over supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. i'm robert schmitt in for harris faulkner. this is "fox report". president donald trump with tough talk on north carolina ahead of this week's summit with the president of china. mr. trump telling the financial times the u.s. will take action to eliminate north korea's nuclear threat with or without chinese assistance. china is one of north korea's sole allies and largest trading partner. supreme court nominee judge neil gorsuch is expected to


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