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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 3, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> jon: i just called my home state bob bennett, it is michael bennett. >> jenna: you cleared it up. we will see you back here in an hour, "outnumbered" starts now. >> we will begin with a fox news alert, the very neatest on what is happening now, the antiterrorism committee set up in russia to deal with the violence has spread across that city. a metro line station set ablaze today with at least one explosion. there were reports of people dead, at least ten people. here is what is new. authorities are saying that they have found a bomb at a second location. they have deactivated that. along the line in russia. and to the associated press is reporting that the russian news, security cameras may have caused a suspect in their view. they are looking at that tape right now to see who this person
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is. again, this is playing out in st. petersburg, russia, where the antiterrorism committee is fully engaged. they are calling it terrorism very early on. and as we get more information on what is happening along the sublime lane -- so by line in st. petersburg, we will bring it to you. another fox news alert, the senate could be on the verge of going nuclear. the judiciary committee is said to hold a vote on judge neil gorsuch. and is expected along party lines to send his nomination to the senate floor. this is democrats appear to have the votes to maintain a filibuster. it is about to get really, really interesting. this is about to be "outnumbered." i am harris faulkner, sandra smith, meghan mccain, trish regan coming and today's #oneluckyguy. welcome for the first time. he looked so happy. democratic strategists, and a syndicated radio host, i like to listen to him myself a bit.
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richard fowler. he likes to fight, but he is awfully friendly. >> good to have you. >> you wore a flower. >> i dated. you have to. it is void. >> oh, is it really? from fashion to politics. let's go on the news now. of the senate judiciary committee is getting set to make a crucial vote on judge gorsuch's nomination. the democrats appear to have enough votes to maintain a filibuster. this is after their ranking democrat dianne feinstein along with mark warner and patrick lahey say that they will oppose president trump's choice to the nation's highest court. that means that there are enough democrats to block a vote by the full senate. republicans could deploy the so-called nuclear option. i mentioned on top of the show. if they can change the president to conform gorsuch with a simple majority vote. the leader of the senate says there is no way that he will reach 60 votes.
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he is urging republicans to go back to the drawing board. >> it looks like gorsuch will not reach the 60 vote margin. when a nominee does not get 60 votes coming you should not change the rules. you should change the nominee. our republican friends are acting like they are a cat on a top of a tree and they have to jump off. come back off the tree, sit down and work with us. we will produce a mainstream nominee. >> cats and trees, a real dogfight. meanwhile, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says that a vote on gorsuch will happen this week. and what happens next will be up to the democrats. watch. >> will there be a confirmation vote by friday? >> yes, we are going to confirm gorsuch this week. exactly how that happens, chris, that will be up to our democratic colleagues. i think it is noteworthy to note that no supreme court justice has ever in the history of our country been stopped by a partisan filibuster.
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>> mike emanuel joins us now from capitol hill. it's always good to see you. >> thank you, afternoon to you. with 52 republicans, they needed at least you democrats to stop the filibuster. with more democrats going against judge gorsuch this morning. it appears that we are headed for a change in senate rules but we will take you live inside the senate judiciary committee room where we are hearing senators talk for and against the gorsuch nomination. -- praising the nominations to serve on the supreme court. >> this nominee that we are voting on today is a judges judge. he is a picture of the kind of justice that we should have on the supreme court. so i urge you to join me in supporting his nomination. >> much of the democratic opposition is due to the fact that tamir garland who was nominated by president obama
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never received nomination last year. it has hired out sides on the left and the liberal base. if you have been critical of judge gorsuch citing other reasons. >> unfortunately, based on judge gorsuch's record at the department of justice, his tenure on the bench, his appearance before the senate, and his written questions for the record i cannot support this nomination. >> democratic senator michael bennet came out of a short time ago and reported that he would oppose the filibuster, but also called on his colleagues tend not to use the nuclear option. he was in a very tricky spot being a home state senator of judge gorsuch who introduced him at the confirmation hearing. but also under intense pressure from democratic outside groups to oppose the nomination. >> well, we will watch it all along with your help. thank you very much, good to see you. we bring it back out to the couch now. so richard, you and i were just talking as mike was reporting
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that there are several -- couple surprises. >> i think the two surprises are bennett's, and esther, he is from a red state where donald trump one, saying that he will join the filibuster. this is a very interesting. because we have a special election happening in montana and the next of weeks for the seat that was once donald trump's interior secretary. that is a statewide race. if they are trying to pick up the congressional seat. this is an interesting move. >> chuck schumer does not seem to be doing what he said he was going to do witches work with republicans. >> he said that once or twice last week. i can't remember if it was obamacare, probably not. but he has been saying this. so is he disingenuous as he is answering them? >> that is a peer point. he said that he will try. i don't think that we are saying much. >> don't you have to try to try? >> yes, you do.
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if this was a moral obligation, they kind of hinted at that. and the senator from california hinted about that coming into they are still mad over the garland retreat. and you can blame republicans for not moving on that front, and maybe that was unfair. but here we are. you have a full term presidency ahead of you. you need a supreme court justice there. by every account he really is considered fairly qualified for the job. and i will tell you, harris, americans do not like it when washington starts to get in the way and does not allow things to get done. i think it's going to backfire politically. >> at some point to leadership in your party, richard fowler, has to ask themselves if what we are doing is good for the american people? let me share with you the words of a democrat in a republican dominated state who is up for reelection next year. if joe donnelly of indiana, he said that he would support the president's nominee. he is a qualified jurist who
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will based his decisions on his understanding of the law and is well respected among his peers. what we are seeing from the leadership in your party, who is this helping? >> well, here's the thing. where the democrats are right now, there are a lot of democrats that are really upset about the elect oriole. and there is a huge base of people who are committed to opposing donald trump. these are the people that are moving the party and saying, hey, listen, we cannot have a judge like gorsuch, and because of how merrick garland was treated, why should we treat their republicans any different? president obama to use -- obama's nominee did not even get a hearing. >> take poor attack? >> there are a lot of democrats angry about the results. we are going to stop a qualified man with an amazing history, who has bipartisan support in 2006. it is a really, really bad deal. because they are going to need the capital when there is
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another supreme court seat to settle. >> i agree there. i think also, you cannot look at this in a vacuum. let's think about the other side of pennsylvania avenue, the white house. if the white house wanted to work with the democrats, they could've done that. i don't think that health care was the first move. >> we are not talking about health care, we are talking about gorsuch right now. you are demonizing the legacy of a completely qualified person by all standards including bipartisan lives. you are tearing him apart and demonizing him simply for being conservative and simply for being held up under the trump administration. it is exhausting. this is why congress -- i don't want to talk about this anymore! he is going to get confirmed one way or the other! >> there are people that have a problem with them. blumenthal said the following wing. i find his nomination to be problematic because he does not agree on brown versus the board of education. that is a logical reason to vote against him. >> let's not breath tacked politics. he is going to get one way or
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another. you are wasting your anger and terrifies on something that is -- that you are going to lose. so the logic here, if i'm a democrat, this is a losing battle, i don't want to die on this mountain. let's wait till the next one, let's wait till health care. let's wait till something that we have a chance of seeing through. >> president obama's acting felicity or general sad that this was the man for the job. we have talked on this network. and i have seen other apps as well. former clerks who have worked for neil gorsuch who stated the same thing. this is the man for the job. yes, he is replacing another conservative on the courts. judge scalia who has passed, but also he is bringing with it the conviction of seeing incorporated case through based on its merit. he likes to look at the facts. time and time again we are seeing that thing. dianne feinstein made up her mind. she is not voting for him. she did not get her questions answered. i was watching the hearing. that is fine. that is her opinion.
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40 or so democrats who have their opinions. but the fact is that those opinions are balanced by stingy facts. immovable facts. he does his job well. >> i think it is up -- you vote based on your constituents. and when your constituents are blowing up your phone, you see mark warner with a constituent saying you need to vote. >> that is good for the american public? >> it is good for his constituents. why would they call them if not? >> i think collectively of the american public at -- >> collectively the american public is not represented by donald trump. >> you do not speak of him, number one. i think you might be offended that his interest for the collective. >> buds when calling your phone time saying, i don't want neil gorsuch coming you go to "no" on neil gorsuch. it is that simple. it's the same thing with the health care debate, did you vote "no"? a lot of people did. >> you have heard schumer and other people saying come up with
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a name, who is this person? >> they have a very strong, very mollified connected to the point you've made. another name could be a whole lot worse. they might want to look as the glasses -- glass is half-full here, and i fully agree, i do not think that this is any favor with democrats or republicans. the entire country wants to move forward. they are standing in the way of that. and it will backfire. >> okay, we will move on. richard, welcome to the couch. >> happy to be here. >> the ranking member of the committee launching an explosive annexation against the white house into the russia's election meddling. of those claims, if they are true are all about politics. so much is. we will see. plus president trump's has no plan to replace it and repeal obamacare is not dead. what and who it will take to get the job done. more people after the tv version wraps up, we will go online.
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>> and we come to you with the fox news alert. happening now inside the oval office. to the first pictures as the president of egypt, abdel fattah
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el-sisi is here meeting with president trump in the oval office. sometimes he will get a little bit of a audio. yep, let's watch and listen. >> i will tell you that president abdel fattah el-sisi has been somebody very close to me since the first time i met him. i met him during the campaign. and at that point there were two up us. and we both match. hopefully he likes me a lot mor more. but it was a very long, it was supposed to be just a quick, brief meeting, and we were with each other for a long period of time. we agree on so many things. i just want to let everybody know in case there was any doubt that we are very much behind president el-sisi. he has done a fantastic job in a difficult situation. we are very much behind egypt and the people of egypt. the and the united states has back in, and we have strong backing. we are very much coming out as you and i will soon be talking,
9:17 am
we are building up our military to a level that will be the highest, probably the highest that we have ever had. plane orders, ship orders, we are rejuvenating our military to the highest level. i think in these times, probably more than ever before. or certainly more than almost ever before. this is what we need. and i just want to say to you, mr. president, you have a great friend and ally in the united states and in me. >> thank you very much. [speaking foreign language]
9:18 am
>> your excellency, let me extend my thanks and appreciation for your kind invitation for me to visit the united states. this is my first visit to the united states since my immigration -- inauguration in office. the first visit in eight years from a president. [speaking foreign language]
9:19 am
>> your excellency, since we meant to last september, i have had a deep appreciation and admiration of you and your unique personality. especially as you are standing very strong. to counter this evil ideology that is claiming anything that you are bringing devastation to communities, and that is terrorizing the innocent people. your excellency, very strongly and very openly, you will find egypt and myself always beside you in bringing about an effective strategy in the counterterrorism act. [speaking foreign language]
9:20 am
>> the second point, your excellency, you will find me supporting you very strongly. and very earnestly. we will find solution to the problem of the century. and i'm quite confident that you will be able to bring a solution to this issue. >> we will. that i can tell you. we will. thank you. we will do that together. we will fight terrorism -- >> our president trump. so the back and forth between our president trump and the president of egypt, el-sisi. you saw a little bit of translation. and the ties became rather strained in 2013, you saw the man who was sitting there eating in opposition and an overthrow of his predecessor in military fashion to put himself in office. president trump has said that he is seeking to reboot the ties with egypt. you saw through the translation
9:21 am
that mr. el-sisi singh since he meant to last september, he strongly supports president trump and his unique personality, that's how he put it. those men a meeting inside the oval office right now. we will report on that as it is made. >> accusations that both the trump administration and the chairman of the house intelligence committee are trying to create a distraction from the probe into russia and the meddling in the u.s. presidential election. this coming from the ranking democrats on the house committe committee, congressman adam schiff. >> it is an attempt to distract the materials. the question is of course why. and i think to answer the question, is the effort to point to the congress and other directions? basically say, don't look at me. do not to look into russia. there is nothing to see here. >> in the meantime president trump tweeting that the real story is leaking. find the leakers. so i want to start with you, trish. the more that i know about the
9:22 am
story, the less that i understand it. that's what's so frustrating. >> it is highly confusing, there is not a lot of information out there. there is a lot of innuendo, there are a lot of people saying this, that, and the other. but we are left to sing, well, what do we believe? we do not have a whole lot to go on. so i think that donald trump tweeting something out like this talking about his concerns over whether or not himself and members of his team were spied upon with surveillance, that is a fair sort of twist that he is trying to put forward. there is a lot of innuendo on the other side. now he is shining the light on some innuendo on his side. >> what you heard multiple times coming from the white house last week, including sean spicer. he kept telling the media, you are obsessed with the process rather than the substance. and here the president is doing a fairly good job of driving the conversation back to the leakers
9:23 am
and the substance of the story. it did feel like the media got really lost. >> this is mock, is the best way to put dad. >> i'm glad you said that. >> i think what he said, yes, the russians into her if you have all of these pieces. here is the solution. a select committee, the fbi investigator should report. and this committee, almost like the 9/11 commission, sit down, go through all of the evidence. figure out what happened prior to the house has no credibility. the senate has some, but we need to get this out of the politics and bring it altogether. >> really quickly, we have a kim jong un -- do you oppose any of the government, it's about half-and-half, and a few more favor, but this is not an overwhelming amount of the american people. that agrees with you that deleting the independent investigation. >> why is a house investigation
9:24 am
loss all credibility? >> it has been thrown out there by devin nunes, so we went to the white house meeting without the democratic counterpart, he got information that was revealed to him. he was signing by a white house official, mind you there is a private room where you review intelligence at the house. he can find it there. the fact that he went to the white house. he is sort of spitting out information. >> so, you still have not answer my question. why has it lost all credibility? >> i think on both sides but it is not a democratic problem, you but you have devin nunes shouting out of his mouth. this makes it entirely on credible. i think republicans and democrats both agree. and this is why it is called for being warranted here. >> you also have senator warner and the politicized speech that he gave when coming forward with the senator from connecticut. in other words, i think there is a lot of people right now on the left that want to say, russia stole the election.
9:25 am
otherwise, how on earth could donald trump possibly win? they are using the narrative. any little drip or drop that they can find, they are bringing forth as somehow evidence. it is not. we do not know what the heck happened. >> this is not a droop, it is a fire hose. you have the national security advisor -- former and national security advisor saying i will only testify of given immunity. you have roger stone, and when he talked. >> do you know what any of these people plan to stay? >> i do not. that's why we have a select committee. >> why would you ask for immunity? you only ask for immunity if you know you have done something wrong. but he is the one asking for immunity. that is questionable. >> that does not mean anything. >> there are a lot of reasons why somebody might ask for immunity. about the questions i ask you is do you know why any of these people are going to say what they say? the answer is no, you have
9:26 am
already given us that. it does not matter who gives the information if the information is a stain. we do not know what they are going to say. i do not agree that it is convoluted for the media. this is really basic. our national security is put at risk when there are this many leaks coming with the administration. >> i agree. >> for whatever the end result may be, if it had anything to do with the election or not, it is dangerous for us. it is dangerous for us to have information leaking like that. that should be the media's concern. republicans concern, and democrats concern. and the fact that we have politics mixed in there is unfortunate. thus for the white house, not illegal. he should have had a better explanation. >> he should have had a better explanation. but the lease are problematic, and to the american people deserve to have an investigation that is above political reproach. that is why the select committee gets you there. it is not a democratic issue, republican issue, it is an american issue.
9:27 am
>> i love it when my words echoed. >> we have to move on. president trump says the effort to replace and repeal obamacare is not dead. he is even hitting the links with an outspoken critic. the gop's failed health care bill, could we see a deal? plus a commander in chief says that the u.s. is ready to act alone to take on the north korea threat if china will not help. this was after meeting with china's leader, and whether the president can force their hand.
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>> all right, right now we are watching the last of the speeches. they call them decision speeches. and senator grassley has said that he wants to hear those from every member now of the senate before they bring this to the floor. now we are watching the last of those decision speeches. they are about to a halfway point now. they can count win talk for
9:32 am
10 minutes. each of the members. if this happens, then the votes will come. as we are watching us, we will bring it to you. >> the effort to repeal and replace obamacare, apparently still on. president trump tweeting this yesterday, anybody, especially fake news media that things have repeal and replace is dead, they do not know the love and strength of the republican party. mr. trump then hosted kentucky senator rand paul, one of the guest critics for a round of golf. you probably saw the pictures over the weekend. it appears that they made a little progress. >> we had a great day with the president today. we did talk about the health care reform. i think the sides are getting closer and closer together. i remain very optimistic that we will get obamacare repealed. >> in the meantime, the house congress member, louis goddard, i spoke with him yesterday. he is also urging the president to keep working with representatives.
9:33 am
he said this. >> the president agreed with us twice. each time preibus saying that you cannot do that. he was ready to make a deal. and we were negotiating with paul, kevin mccarthy right through tuesday, and all of the sudden, they had a meeting, and they decided that we are so close to having the number that we need, let's go to war and get the president to help us go to war against the people that are taking it when they set abandoning. >> richard fowler, you're supposed to be listening. if so where are you at with this? >> he was listening and laughing. >> i won't speak on their end. there are a couple of things here. also, we found out this weekend that is equal me a manual, the architect of the fourth and first affordable care act was trying to figure this out.
9:34 am
health care is complicated. no question about that. for the obama white house, some odd days to get it done. i think that it is in donald trump's best interest to move a little bit to the left and get the tuesday group. here's the thing, if he goes to war, the freedom caucus, he is going to have problems at the united states senate with the health care bill. >> the heat is on these guys. they have gotten in the way. the president is making it very clear that he is going to fight them. >> i was trying to imagine ones it might be like if all rent was golfing. try to ease up on the shade that you are throwing me. even though he is not a member of the freedom caucus. i totally agree with richard on this. i do not understand the rush. we talk about this on the couch. i did not understand. i was at tom cotton person. why were we rushing this so quickly? i still believe that we can find compromise. as you pointed out, i think it is important for the freedom
9:35 am
caucus to get on board and show that they are actually capable of compromising. not that they are a segment of that are going to say "no" to everything. it does not ideologically pure enough. i implore moderates, people that i usually associate with to come into the middle. if we collect -- blow obamacare, i will say it again. midterm elections, up for grabs. it goes right back to gorsuch for example. people want to see washington get things done. this is another example of the inability to do so. it does not help either side. i do think that he imposed some false artificial deadlines on himself and his team. he needs to re-examine those. if there is a very good shot that's repeal and replace happens that is something very different than obamacare coming into effect. everyone wants it. >> the president is unavailing that, he says, i do not to lose. here's one of the latest quotes.
9:36 am
"i do not to lose. i do not like to lose." but i promise the people wait to health care. we are going to have a great health care in this country. >> well, he lost. but i do think that he has a chance to win the men care. there are a lot of governors. john kasich being one of them, we have a plan that we have worked on that i think and work. he should listen to her the republican governors who have expanded medicaid. here's how we did it. here's what works. >> can we stop talking about hike the real people did not lose? we are seeing the unraveling of obamacare for so many americans across the country. let's put politics aside, that is reality. if you have cancer or a life-threatening disease right now and you are wondering what your health care is going to look like as we and roche another enrollment. man, this is serious. that's who's losing. it is not the democrats or republicans. they need to get together and remember that. he had a listening session at the white house not to long ago to hear people's real-life stories. he gets it.
9:37 am
is congress going to get it? >> the new head of the democratic party under fire for remarks caught on video that some say are trying to undermine the president trump. is this just more sour grapes in a postelection hangover? or is the goal to delegitimize the president into rail his agenda? >> donald trump, you do not stand for our values! donald trump, you did not win this election! donald trump, the friends you have input in, not going to do you any good! we will resist 's why you drink . with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. 's why you drink . ! ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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♪ >> welcome back on the fly monday, president trump is now saying that the united states is prepared to attack alone with the nuclear program if china will not take a tougher stance. of the president's comments are coming ahead of the meeting with the chinese leader. trump told the financial times,
9:42 am
china has a great influence over north korea. if they will either decide to help the u.s., or they will not. and if they do that, it will be very good for china. and if they don't, it will not be good for anyone. if china is not going to involve with north korea, we will. in that interview he said that the trade is the incentive to work with the united states on issues like north korea. so i have been hearing some talk about using the chinese banking system as a way to kind of get in there and put some pressure financially. i am curious -- you bringing the intelligence. of the intelligence report. >> you know, look, harris, going after a country economically is always a good way to go. if you are really committed to doing it. sanctions for us have not worked with north korea. we do not have enough trade to impact to them. going through china would be advantageous. but the other thing going on, i
9:43 am
think that donald trump is trying to convey that he is willing to play hardball with these guys. there is a school of thought and political science called realism, and the idea is that you have to be willing to confront your aggressor or opponent in such a way that that opponent really recognizes you and respects you. and is fearful of your threats. it needs to work in a way that they feel like there is something at stake. so i think that is going on. i think that north korea needs to be fearful. it is not just china, the united states of america means business. >> it's hard to make another country feel uncomfortable when they off their own. the carrot stick of diplomacy in that way. so the carrots might be a better trade. what is the stick that might work with china? >> obviously you can say that we are going to put up better trade, but i agree on this
9:44 am
point. since the early '90s and the centron agreement that bill clinton signed. this is now the father and now we are dealing with the son. we are dealing with china. they have always been the linchpin to dealing with korea. if they get in the game here because they arc north korea's trading partner, they can say, knock it off. that is the end of it. i think this is actually a good move by donald trump. knowing that he is meeting with the chinese president to say, hey, listen, if you do not want to deal with this, we will. >> richard fowler found agreement with the president. >> into that point, then canada and trump made it clear that where he was going with this. and they are treating this much like everything else that he has been attacking and is very young presidency saying if you are not on board, i told the american people what i was going to do, i will go at it alone. >> the only thing that i would say. the only caution that i would
9:45 am
warn the president is north koreans do not really have -- there is no roof to what they will do. there is no ceiling. there is no common sense here. so this is the only part that makes this sort of game of triangle or chicken questionable. they are perfectly okay with launching a nuclear weapon to the japanese. they've done it before. >> you are 100% right about that. they are a threat to the united states of america. so i think we talk on television about this, but as my father said, he is a crazy fat kid who feeds his family members to wild dogs to be eaten alive. you are not talking about dealing with even a semirational person in any capacity whatsoever. i implore the president to do this as cautiously as possible. and for you sandra, you are an economics expert, what is the likelihood that china would get on board and cripple north korea's economy to facilitate the united states? >> i think that it was said
9:46 am
best, economic threats work. we have seen that work. she has a lot of -- he has allowed in the arsenal that he can work with there. but it depends on how fast you act. you have to act on those threats right away. you cannot leave them out there. you made that point very clear. >> it is interesting, i hold so much of our debt in my mind. i wonder when that comes to the negotiation. we will move on. looks like democrats are still having trouble letting go of last november's results. we have been telling richard dad. i think he knows it is true. what has the new d&c chair said about the presidency, and to the furious response from republicans. stay with us. ces you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, 2 united club passes... priority boarding... and 50,000 bonus miles.
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♪ >> the new head of the dnc is under fire for remarks captured on video as some see a way to delegitimize president trump. and saying that he heard from protesters at the women's march of the day after the election, added his own thoughts on republicans in general. listen. >> donald trump! you do not stand for our values! that's what they said! donald trump, you did not win this election!
9:51 am
we do not want trumpcare! i will tell you my idea! how i feel about this program, we don't care! >> oh, keep it cast blame and classy tom perez. during group puke from republicans. here is ronna mcdaniel on "fox & friends." >> i think the democrats should be denouncing his behavior this weekend. to say that republicans do not give a blank about people, that should not be rhetoric that the head of the democratic party should be using. and he keeps talking about resist, not working with the president, are they going to resist better jobs? are they going to resist a better economy? >> in the meantime first daughter -- former first daughter chelsea clinton speaking at a u.n. event. >> ladies and gentlemen, current first daughter of the
9:52 am
united states chelsea clinton. >> oh, my god! i just can't without any way. et introduction, by the way. i am very happy with my life. let's give us your thoughts. i think i have said many times on this couch that i think that the media gives her an absolutely ridiculous to pass, and i will hear from you, richard. 2020, putting her up. is this the future? what do you think of tom perez saying that republicans do not give a blank? >> i would not say it. i do not think that it is becoming. i do think it is the responsibility of a party chair to riled the base. the former chair was not really a rally. i think that you would hear something similar. >> it worked for and pray to >>
9:53 am
you would hear something similar from michael steele. he was a previous chair. this is what they do enclosed room with her party. there is a tracker there. >> no, i would not put that on preibus. >> no, i think that he was a total fundraiser. i would not use that language in a democratic room. i think that the democratic trail at the time, do not agree with the language at all, but i think he is speaking to his base. >> are you concerned with the future of the democratic party? >> no. the reason that i say that is because the problems that republicans have with a 73 days, they have failed, in my opinion, they have failed to govern effectively. i think the american health care act as an example of that. >> when you see that hillary clinton is coming out and making a ton of speeches, and chelsea clinton is tweeting up a storm on the president and the media, and what do you think going forward with the clintons not being able to let go of
9:54 am
their iron grip on power. >> i do not think coming into the democratic party, i do not think that they have power perceived by the media. yes, they tweet -- >> have you told them that? >> i think it was over for the clintons when they lost the election on november 8th. i think a lot of the staff would agree with that. i think the future for the democratic party is that there are a lot of good governors, senators. i think that there is some space for joe biden, he has made a name for himself. >> really? >> yes, people love joe biden. >> don't you have any rolling out right now? >> you have here is from california. >> harry booker. >> what about a red state democrats? do you think that somebody would ever support to jon tester? >> yes, he was in senate leadership. i think that the party really likes john tester. i like john tester. i think it's going to be very interesting to see what the next combination -- >> and who works with donald trump.
9:55 am
there is a possibility there, especially for him what the infrastructure bill, if he is handing out money. it democrats will come aboard. maybe that will show that they can bring some unity to things. >> testing ground for chuck schumer, says he is all about the structure. >> going back to tom perez's point to that we were all shocked to listen to. saying that donald trump did not win meant the election. and to the g.o.p. does not care about people, are you still okay with him representing your party? >> he is doing his job as a party chair, he is rallying up the base. >> does he represent you and your party? >> i think he represents the interest flow of democrats. do i like that speech, absolutely not. they clearly don't care about americans because they were trying to push term care even though only 17 americans thought it was a good idea. that is what he is trying to make there. >> by the way, meghan mccain made that same argument. she was not for it either. >> i did not. i think that we have agreed on that.
9:56 am
i still want it repealed and replaced. >> i think that this is a place where democrats and republicans can come together. again, american people lose if they don't pray to >> i think the other place for them to cut together is infrastructure. we all agree that we need to fix that. >> antero, more "outnumbered" in just a moment.
9:57 am
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9:59 am
>> wow, lots to twitter about you, richard fowler. >> good or bad, they are
10:00 am
tweeting about me. >> it was super fun to have you here. >> good to be here, ladies. >> you guys are going to stay, we will pop up online,, click the overtime tab or facebook, now "happening now" ." >> fox news alert, we are awaiting a key vote in the senate to advance the nomination of judge neil gorsuch for the supreme court. >> that is the vote from the senate judiciary committee expected any minute now, they can see minnesota senator al franken reading into the record for his part on the committee. the big question, is what happens when the vote goes to the full senate, all actions point to the so-called nuclear option. we're covering all of the music "happening now" ." a deadly bomb blast rocking a subway in russia in the same city, russian vladimir putin is visiting. i had come security crackdowns across that country a


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