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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 3, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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877-225-8587. that's all the time we have left this evening. thanks for being with us. we will see you back here with more explosive details on surveillance, unmasking, and leaking intelligence. this is huge. see you tomorrow night. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. a >> wanted nominee doesn't get 60 votes, you shouldn't change the rules. you should change the nominee. it's the one that will not happen, and it should not happen. hatred is dominating congress, and that will hurt all of us. "talking points" will deal with it. >> i want you to know we are fighting the fake news. it's fake, phony, fake. >> bill: explosive new report says obama confidant susan rice was involved in the surveillance controversy of the trump campaign. if true, that's huge. >> why is columbia so liberal? >> i don't know that it is.
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>> bill: jesse watters going to one of the most liberal universities in the nation to talk to the students. >> do you think fox news is welcome here? >> yeah, why not. >> bill: caution. you are about to enter the "no spin zone" ." "the factor" starts now. i am at bill o'reilly. thanks for watching tonight. civil war in congress the subject of this evening's "talking points" memo. it is all about hating trump, not partisan politics. there is no doubt that judge neil gorsuch is qualified to sit on the supreme court and he will, with the confirmation coming on friday one way or another. oe republicans in the senate must prevail on the judge or the entire party and the president will be gravely damaged. and that's exactly what the democratic party wants. the strategy is simple: oppose every change the president wants to make,eg
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everything he wants to do. create as much mayhem as possible, then tell the american people that mr. trump doesn't know how to govern. meanwhile, the american people. were the persons like judge gorsuch are disparaged. in innovative policies are sabotaged. did you watch any of the gorsuch hearings? i don't want to compare judge gorsuch to jesus but it was exactly the same thing, with democratic senators acting like pharisees trying to trap the judge into saying something controversial. trying to paint the man as someone not worthy of being on the court. fair-minded folks respect sincerely held political differences. i know i do. but political hit jobs are obvious, and that's what thosere hearings featured: gotcha questions designed to demean. so we now have an opposition agenda primarily based on hate,
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not what's best for the country. just listen to the rhetoric on the left. it is vitriolic in the extreme. the trump-haters justify their behavior by saying the president is destroying the country. the issues of illegal immigration, global warming and national security have created fury on the left. and as talking points stated last week, moderate democrats are under heavy pressure to support the hate-trump strategy. interesting to watch, missouri senator claire mccaskill. missouri is trending republican these days so that senator may come to regret her stance. many republicans opposed president obama's agenda. there was little common ground there. but five gop senators voted to confirm the very liberal elena kagan to the supreme court, president obama got his trade authority and debt limits were raised. the system was strained under mr. obama, but it functioned. but now political hatred is directly threatening our
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republic. and we the people will pay a huge price if things don't change. that's the memo. reaction, joining us, charles krauthammer. am i overstating things? >> yes. look, i'm sure there is an element of trump hatred and just about everything the democrats do on capitol hill. but there is nothing like, in the gorsuch hearing, the level of vitriol that there were in the bork hearings when reagan was president or in the clarence thomas hearings when george h.w. bush was president. >> bill: those men were much more conservative than judge gorsuch is. >> in don't think you can say that about clarence thomas. the time, he was head of the eeoc. there was nothing outrageously conservative about him. that was a political hit job of the first order, and it was --
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>> bill: do you think, and i know you don't i'm going to ask anyway. the hatred against ronald reagan was at the same level of donald trump? >> i don't. that's why i don't think this is about hatred of the president. i think this has to do with the fact that democrats decided, and it began, no doubt it began with the board hearing. they decided twoyears of tradition, which was you should generally approve a judge who is somehow educated, intelligent. experience. judge scalia was approved. the difference between judgeca scalia, bork, practically nothing. they decided that they had to have the court because liberalism is not a majority opinion. it's a minority. if you wanted to continue to
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dominate the way liberals had, you weren't going too do it through the congress or the presidency. the only way to do it would be toe control the courts. and that's where they went. it began with bork. not to do with trump >> bill: i can't believe you don't see it. expand it out. >> i can't believe you see it. >> bill: expanded. is there anything donald trump has proposed, from the crackdown on illegal immigration to the wall to taking regulations away and letting the fossil fuel industry do more, to the pipeline, to national security, to vetting people and countries that can vet. is there anything that thehe democrats so far have h support? no, nothing. zero. >> expand this out. if gorsuch were the nominee and ronald reagan were presidentnt r
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george h.w. bush were president, do you think the democrats would be any more accommodating? >> bill: i can't answer that. >> the answer is no. >> bill: maybe you are right but you haven't refuted -- look, there isn't anything donald trump campaigned on, anything that the democrats will support. not even improvingg the economy by having a tax cut. not even that. not even revamping obamacare, which is punished working americans. they are not going to support anything. they hate him. they can't stand hisan s face. >> look, i'm glad there's at least one psychiatrist in our discussion. it appears to be you. you seem to have this direct insight into the motives. i don't know the motives. for some people in the congress, perhaps yes. for some, no. the more parsimonious explanation is this.
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it makes political sense. the party is enraged. as you know, they lost an election to a guy that they either despised or think unworthy. >> bill: you are saying what i am saying. >> they cannot get over it. >> bill: you are saying what i'm saying. >> no, i'm not. >> bill: they are so angry, they lost and they can't stand him. >> the problem with your argument is your argument is indistinct. the politicians are responding to the threat and the demands of the base. they don't want to be primary did. claire mccaskill, you know you are in danger next time you're up for election. >> you are worried about a primary. for she hate trump? i don't know. you don't know. what we know is she wants to be
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reelected. >> bill: okay. i don't know. don't know. you know what? one more thing. the washington nationals are charles krauthammer's team. the mets are going to stop you this year. they're going to beat your butt. >> so much error, so little time. >> bill: a next on the run down, willed the democratic party admit that o hatred for the president is getting out of hand? we will find out. obama confident susan rice, the ambassador, involved in trump surveillance. brit hume upcoming. new bike? yeah, 'cause i got allstate. if you total your new bike, they replace it with a brand new one. that's cool. i got a new helmet. we know steve.
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dry mouth can affect how your mouth feels and how you feel. discover act dry mouth, specially formulated to soothe and moisturize your mouth. and try new act dry mouth spray for relief when you need it. >> bill: our lead story, hatred of the >> bill: continuing with the lead story, hatred of the president.m disrupting the republic, and my
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opinion. do you acknowledge the hatred in your party against president trump? >> well, i don't know that it's party specific. i think there are a lot of l people that have strong emotions related to him. he's done a lot of things that evoke emotional responses.hi the wall, commons is made about women. those have hit records that go beyond politics. when it comes to things like that hearing that we are talking about, i think that is separate. the base being fired up, it's going to energize politicians who have to go back and run their elections after they placed their votes. does that influence? yeah, it influences. >> bill: there may be some of that. idwe did a survey. people don't follow the supreme court like that. they don't know who neil gorsuch is. theyre don't watch the hearings, the general folks. not people who watch "the o'reilly factor." this is a good man, gorsuch.
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honorable man? >> he seems such. i agree this may not be the food fight it would be worth in a different climate. >> bill: his record on the bench is stellar. it's a stellar record. appointed to the lower court, the democrats went with it. now they don't. and it's not because of gorsuch. it's because of trump. they don't want to give trump the big a win. and it will be a big win for trump on friday. here's what i don't understand. explain this to me. they know gorsuch is going to get confirmed one way or the other. now they are being obstructionist. i don't care if he is qualified, i don't care if he's got a good record. i'm not going to vote for him. period. don't you think that is going to tee off independent americans? >> i think independent americans have already been spurred. this goes and feelings about the president. it's about fairness and how the president has been operating has felt unfair to people part of the political process.
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starting with the fact -- >> bill: you are saying punished trump because he is not fair. >> i am making the same point charles made. it is politics. they have to see to their base in d their districts who are fid up because of the policies of the seemingly republican a administration. >> bill: they don't care about the supreme court. >> but they do care about, for example, him trying to undermine the entire judicial system saying so-called judges. the need for fairness. >> bill: come on, offhand comments. offhand comment. >> the number of -- the pettiness we've seen from trump, taking to twitter, the things that seem unfair. listen, bill. >> bill: you consider patty. so er were going to oppose anything he does.'s that's my point. you are making my point for me.
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>> no, another point i would make it i don't think democrats and republicans alike feel gorsuch, the way he rules on different subject matter, is super fair. even more not fair was the fact that when the request put george garland up. they refused. they refused to give him a trial at all. >> bill: doesn't matter what happened with garland if you have a good guy now they can help the country. last word. >> but it does. it's due on so payback is good for the republic? >> no, it's about who's going to be a unifier. trump is not being a unifier. finding ways to bring people together like we are part of a process everyone honors is a key impartial thing. i am with charles even on the national. >> bill: you made my point for me, so anything he does. >> no, no.
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8:21 pm
they be unmasked. president trump this morning tweeted the revelation was amazing. of course, it has not yet been confirmed as true. joining us now, brit hume. you might tell everybody the fox news report is based on anonymous sources. that makes me uneasy, but housley is a good reporter. now john roberts is getting the same information. is that where we are? >> that's correct. also eli lake at bloomberg, a good reporter, has the story as well. i think we can safely assume there is something to this. moreover, susan rice has not responded. if this were not the case, one senses she would be quick to say so. we can't conclude definitely that this is the real deal but i think there is real evidence. it certainly confirms this whole thing about the surveillance of people, picking up of trump associates and the unmasking of their names andd identities is a legitimate thread for these
8:22 pm
investigations going forward. >> bill: we don't want to be like the other cable networks who just put anything on the air and say it's true. they have putin and trump vacationing in thailand together. it's madness. madness. but here, so that people understand, susan rice, very close to valerie jarrett, who is the top advisor, was the top advisor to barack obama. susan rice went out and said that video because they've been gassy uprising and attack. turned out not to be true. now we have housley, roberts, the other guy, lake and i don't like these anonymous sources. the people behind the scenes are saying rice ordered, in january, right before the inauguration, unmasking of people who should
8:23 pm
not have been unmasked on wiretaps, but she ordered it. secondly, we know of the obama administration allowed sharing of all kinds of intel that had never been shared before. these people, their names would've been all over the place. that's what i can deduce from that. >> writes, and this presumably is what house intelligence chairman devin nunes of califor, looking at, so there is something. here. the precise form, we don't know. r is conceivable that susan rice could've had some legitimate intelligence purpose for seeking these identities or unmasking of the names. i think it would be interesting to find out what that purpose was. it's also the case that devin nunes said the information that he saw that indicated this unmasking didn't have to do with russia. so this plot has definitely thickened. it's the one you would think an incoming administration would be
8:24 pm
talking to foreign leaders. talking to people, trying to set up appointments after they take office and all a that. there wasn't anything nefarious about trump administration people. >> not necessarily. legitimate reasons why the conversations would have occurred. here is the smoking gun. >> bill: susan rice, we would assume she's going to be called in front of the intelligence committees in the house and senate and asked. you would assume she will take the fifth. i can guarantee it. guarantee it. then the whole thingng blows up, does it not? >> if that happens, and i think it's early to conclude she's going to do that. i understand why you would think so but if that happens, of course, then it pretty well established as something is wrong. if she is trying to avoid self-incrimination by not talking, she is also likely to be questioned by the fbi if it's doing its job appropriately
8:25 pm
buried >> bill: we will never know. >> i don't know, the way the current fbi director asked, we may know. >> bill: the senate and the house will be all over this. this story is starting to explode, dwarfing the russian thing. the russian thing has been goinn on for a while and everybody says there's no evidence, even adam schiff, the democrat ranking on the house intel committee. >> he didn't quite say that, but he came close. this means we are going to have a dual track investigation in both houses at a minimum and that this whole question of the gathering of intelligence surveillance and unmasking of american names is going to be a significant part of it. there's no way to turn back from
8:26 pm
that now. >> bill: i am curious, real fast. if i was nunes, i would call her next week. >> normally the way this works is you y do a preinterview with staff which can be under oath and then you figure out what the person is going to say so you can prepare, and then you bring them forward for the grand public questioning. >> bill: i am prepared already already. >> i can tell. >> bill: brit hume, everyone. plenty more ahead as "the factor" moves along. inside information that president trump is already changing his h white house staf. waters at -- watters at columbia. >> do you believe conservatives are welcome on campus? >> i wouldn't necessarily say welcome. >> bill: we hope you stay tuned for those reports. there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber.
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z282uz zwtz y282uy ywty >> bill: president trump may be retooling his white house staff after two and >> bill: president trump navy retooling his staff after two and half months in office. here to tell us all about it, ed henry. a new book out about jackie robinson. we will talk about that is the baseball season begins. you are the chief national correspondent. that means you nor more than anybody about what happens. >> i don't know about that. it >> bill: then why are you the chief? important's title.
8:31 pm
>> i don't know more than "the factor." >> bill: nobody does but i'm assuming you know more about the white house than anybody except john roberts. because he's good. why does trump want to retool his staff in the white house? >> after the health care defeat, he was thrashing around, tweeting, angry. i was told by three different advisors who worked on the campaign but aren't in the white house saying he has started calling a lot of them. he has reached out to newt gingrich, chris christie. people who haven't been in the fold recently. putting aside some of the s ang, now it's time to get to work. one of these advisors told me this is vintage trump. he suffers a blow, picks himself up eventually. there is some gnashing, anger. and then he read he did it three times in the w campaign. >> bill: what does the white house staff have to do with the failure of the new obamacare? >> reince priebus and others told him he had the votes to pass it. >> bill: are you sure? >> i've been told by several
8:32 pm
people close to the president. >> bill: reince priebus also told him, along with speaker ryan that this is going to pass? nobody likes bad information. >> i've been told over the next couple weeks, we should expect more changes. how quickly and how high up, we don't know. i don't wantr to speculate but these advisors are saying there's a lot of chatter among the white house staff and the advisors outside the white house that he's ready to bring in a second wave of people. >> bill: already? wouldn't that make him look weak? changes staff so quickly? >> he wants separation from the michael flynn business. that was embarrassing. yes, it can look bad but several of these advisors told me, it looked bad in the campaign when he had to fire two campaign managers peer he tried this three times. national media was saying it's a mess, disarray. and then it worked.
8:33 pm
he doesn't care. >> bill: ducey newt gingrich and christie and may be giuliani? >> i'm not sure they are getting senior positions but he's bringing them in the fold to pick their brains. he called newt gingrich. they had not been speaking as regularly as they did during the campaign. he is reaching out to some of the people with him at the beginning. the fear among the former campaign people is that there's a lot of people the president has been listening to in the first 60, 70 days, who were not on board the beginning, including speaker ryan. >> bill: ryan looked bad himself by never fully getting behind. on the health care part. it's his job to get those votes and he didn't. >> speaker ryan has been saying that the real problem was the freedom caucus. >> bill: you have to be able to persuade them.
8:34 pm
>> the president tweeting angry stuff over there freedom caucus. >> bill: there's been a couple articles that have said the white house is in disarray. >> i think that's a big exaggeration. >> bill: you write a book on jackie robinson, one of my heroes come along with willie mays. a lot has been written. there was a movie about him. first african-american ballplayer. today is opening day in many stadiums. >> 70 years ago, broke the color barrier this month. >> bill: what is the headline? what don't we know? >> branch rickey secretly had second thoughts of the last moment and almost didn't sign him. he >> bill: he was the general manager, brooklyn dodgers. >> i found this out from a relative of a minister in brooklyn who had a knock on the door in 1945 from branch rickey saying i don't know if i can go through with it. he was afraid. they have been a secret vote among other owners and general managers think that we don'tt want to integrate. they wouldn't make it public. he was standing up against them
8:35 pm
but he was afraid, and i have spoken to his grandson and others, that if jackie failed, this experiment wentnt under, branch rickey would've been washed out. he went to the minister. among many other meetings he had any said to the minister at the end of the meeting, according to the details in my book, i have decided to sign jackie robinson for the baseball contract. i needed to be in your presence, god's presence. >> bill: he did the right thing obviously. robinson was great. >> there was a lot of new information in the book about how jackie's faith sustained him when people were using the n word, threatening his life. >> bill: amazing what he went through. it's too bad, but he prevailed, i know we have a wonderful legacy. ed henry. check his book out. we come back, another outrageous story.
8:36 pm
college president in arizona under attack for opposing safecr spaces. then watters at columbia talking politics. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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>> announcer: "the o'reilly factor," the number one cable news show for 16 years and counting. >> bill: thanks for staying with us. i am bill o'reilly. craziness on college campuses, as you know, my book "old-school" deals with this madness. the snowflake culture being imposed on american students. we give a number of examples but underneath he chuckles his tragedy. now at northern arizona university, the president of that school, being asked to resign because she opposes safe spaces. >> a forum put on by rita cheng this week, students raised concerns about incidents on campus they say promote hate speech and racism. >> i'm not sure i have any support at all for safe spaces. >> the president responding "to succeed in the world, students should develop schools to better understand differences of opinion." >> we need to provide you with the opportunity for discourse
8:41 pm
and debate and dialogue and academic inquiry. i'mca not sure that is correlatd with the notion of safe space, as i've seen.ti >> bill: joining us, mary anne marsh and katie pavlich. obviously i side with the college president but i am amazed how chaotic this has become. >> first, i think we should applaud president cheng for rejecting these students in rejecting their nonsense and saving them from themselves. they will be far more prepared for the real world than they would've been if she had accepted their safe spaces and put them in different groups on campus so they only heard things they wanted to listen to. this keeps happening because despite what president cheng said about professors at the university saying we don't have the support for a safe space, around the country, it's the professors were organizing this push for safe spaces. they are the ones teaching about
8:42 pm
micro-aggressions and condemning anyone that disagrees. >> bill: define what a safe space is on northern arizona's campus. what would that be? >> essentially a safe space is a place you can go where only liberal ideas are espoused that you happen to agree with. >> bill: it's a liberals only zone. it's like segregation. two water fountains, liberals drink at this one, conservatives that the other. when we were at harvard, there weren't any safe spaces there. everybody walked around. you haveop a dopey locker, you e lunch with everybody and none of this came up. what has changed since 1845?>> >> it was about that long ago. i think colleges have come to reflect our society which has become increasingly divided. everyone goes to their corners and no onene can work anything out. it is much like our politics.
8:43 pm
i don't think it's a surprise. i support the fact that president cheng decided to reject safe spaces. her reason was good. better to try to deal with issues you disagreed with rather than hide from them. that's what college is all about. i think where she may have fallen short is not showing enough leadership on a couple controversial issues that esppened on campus. >> bill: i didn't bring them up because i wasn't there and you weren't there. i've seen far too many times where things have been distorted and if you disagree with somebody, that is hate speech. if you criticize african-americans, you are a racist. or anything like that. that's the environment in which we live right now. >> i think that mary anne is referring to, a student complained about aer man named brother jed. he went to campuses all over arizona. he doesn't just say anti-things.
8:44 pm
he says horrible things. he serves as a good example of how you don't want to be. because students are exposed to thoset ideas, stay when the school is not bringing him in. >> he shows up to campus. >> bill: on the corner, he just shows up. if the school doesn't like him, look, if i were the college president, i would put him right back with the clampett's. >> sounds like a safe space, bill. >> bill: i don't want empty disruption. >> it is outside class and the public square. >> bill: out of there. you want to do it, do it in the middle of town. >> it's a public university. they could say the same thing about you. they don't like what you're saying pasty when i am not with theing snowflakes. there is an appropriate way to handle it. mary anne gets the last word. >> the president handled the
8:45 pm
daca s situation well. undocumented students at the college felt supported. the best thing to do, whetherit it's a controversial speaker or not, use your intellect and information to refute that person for use every opportunity you have to show kids how to handle these situations and do it with some thought. >> bill: i like it but i don't want a crank given power to come on and disrupt anything. thanks very much. watters on deck. he travels to columbia university to talk politics. watters is next. so if you switch to esurance, saving is a pretty safe bet. auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance. an allstate company. click or call.
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>> bill: watters world. why are so many american >> bill: "back of the book" segment. "watters' world."
8:49 pm
why are so many american universities so far left? watters went to columbia new york city in new york city. >> what's your major? >> history. >> i was a history major. look how i turned out.s i haven't seen this many radicals in one plaisance woodstock. >> i feel like that's going a bit far. >> truth has nothing to do with reality. >> areit you a far left radical? >> yes. >> you are not going to firebomb me? >> of course not. >> sometimes that's all one needs to know. >> why is columbus so far left? >> being in new york city certainly is typically a more liberal location. i voted for trump. the people that grade my papers, once they know who i voted for, their opinion of radically changed. >> oh, i get it. >> you have one left-wing professor that was a member of
8:50 pm
the weather underground. she was convicted of felony murder. kathy bodine. did you h have her for class? >> i have not. >> has trump's election you? petition to have safe spaces to cryy about the election. >> i don't think crying about anything is going to accomplishg anything. >> the staff and faculty, overwhelmingly liberal. staff donations to democrats are about nine times more than they are to republicans. >> is that an alternative fact? >> you don't understand. >> i have professors who have i challenged me and i would identify as a l liberal. if they have challenged me, they have been on the conservative side. >> are conservatives tolerated here at the school? >> some conservatives are tolerated but generally the mob tries to shut us down and call a stupid or racist if we try to say anything. >> is fox news welcome at columbia? >> i will always welcome you.
8:51 pm
>> some things here are a little kooky. >> defined kooky. >> is free speech allowed for conservatives? >> for sure. but in free speech, you have to allow for challenging of the ideas. >> i didn't know all that, so i'm sorry. >> do you think fox news is welcome here? > yeah, why not? i am talking to you guys. >> you can't have it both ways. make up your mind. >> do you think bill o'reilly would be welcome here? >> i would love to meet him. >> definitely not. >> when the iranian president spoke i here come everybody listened politely but when the israeli investor to the u.n. spoke here, there were protests. >> protests are part of how we engage in civil discourse. this is kind of what democracy means. >> do you know who i am? >> i don't. >> i am watters and this is my world. >> okay. >> nice.
8:52 pm
>> bill: i was born at columbia presbyterian university hospital. right on campus. >> they are so proud. >> they booted me right out. you, out of there. i don't understand the anti-israeli thing associated with columbia university. >> there is a lot of pro-palestinian student groups and they are very organized and very vocal and they have two of the most famous anti-israeli professors there. >> bill: they have been recruited to go there? >> i don't know if they have tenure but they are being paid and there's a lot of people who go there because of these professors. >> bill: the upper west side of manhattan, columbia is upper, upper west side, jewish primarily. then they have this university, so anti-jewish. ii could never figure out why. i guess they feel they have taken the palestinians land. >> it is the occupation. they are upset. it was hostile territory for me.
8:53 pm
i've never had so many f-bombs thrown at me. >> bill: and you didn't reply nn kind? >> of course not. i never talk like that. >> bill: you just went "this is my world." >> i was in a safe space. >> bill: they knew who you were. all right, watters. i factor "tip of the day," saving someme kids who are in big trou trouble. "the tip" moments away. (woman 2 vo) that's when moderate alzheimer's made me a caregiver. (avo) if their alzheimer's is getting worse, ask about once-a-day namzaric. namzaric is approved for moderate to severe alzheimer's disease in patients who are taking donepezil. it may improve cognition and overall function, and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. namzaric does not change the underlying disease progression. don't take if allergic to memantine, donepezil, piperidine, or any of the ingredients in namzaric.
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8:56 pm now, the mail. h all but one, about other measures. remember that? he would not zero in on that. some alliteration going on there. the ongoing investigation into surveillance means the attorney general can't talk about it. okay? why waste your time asking him something he can't talk about? what do you want? do you want me to ask him again? is that what you want? i suspect what you really want is trump bashing.
8:57 pm
there are many places to get that. take a deep breath. half the country does not pay those rates. i'm sorry if you have two but pay cash. as for the cushy job, you think you can do it? it is never going to happen here. it's never going to happen here, the course of blocking any action with the states rights -- congress would have to pass new laws mandating that sanctuary city officials must obey the law or be held accountable. it would have to be a specific new law.
8:58 pm
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remember the spin stops here. we are definitely looking outam for you. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," broadcasting live froo a new studio paid for by you, cable subscription viewers. fitting because today we saw perhaps the biggest twist yet in the serpentine story of president trump and the alleged surveillance of him and his staff by the obamarh administration. multiple news outlets reported that president obama's national security advisor susanl rice personally and repeatedly ordered the unmasking of trump associates whose comedic occasions with foreigners were monitored by the u.s. government.