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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  April 6, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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much as he loves his own wife. good night from washington everybody. see you tomorrow night back in new york. ♪ ♪ >> tom: welcome to "red eye," hello everyone, i am tom shillue. let's check and with tvs andy levy at the "red eye" tease deck. >> andy: a first look at possible designs of president trump's border wall. none of them written mack featured his name written in gold. plus, "new york times" released a list of racial terms they deem offensive. and finally -- >> finally, a beloved "red eye" regular left off the last week of shows.
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i'm going to air america! >> tom: thanks, guys. her smile is highly infectious. entertainment correspondent jill dobson. he never cheats on his wife, unless you count his torrid affair. from the jim norton and sam roberts morning show, sam roberts. he puts the iq in loquacious. john mcwhorter. and you may recognize him as the low point in david schwimmer's ee true hollywood story. sitting right next to me, comedian dave smith. okay, let's start the show. ♪ >> tom: the first design for president trump's a border wall
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has been unveiled. sadly, none come with a moat. coveney's had until tuesday so submit bids on the project, which i hear will be quite lucrative. trump has said what's most important is the wall is eco-friendly. not really. one design company did come with a solar panel system mounted on it which could generate a ton of electricity. maybe now liberals will get on board. another firm wants to turn the wall into a piece of art, with a decorated with stones and artifacts. of the southside will just show murals of trump glaring. the cost of the 2,000-mile border project is excited to be more than $800,000. seems like kind of a low estimate to me, but that's a lot of money. what do you think of this? would you back the wall if it was all solar panel than we could use the energy to print the failing "new york times"?
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[laughter] >> no. if there really were a danger of all of these people coming in and possibly taking jobs and even if they didn't take jobs having terrible lives, i would be all for this wall. it seems to me that about x.5 years ago, the issue of mexicans flooding in stopped being in issue. i'm happy to see the wall built, the aesthetics i hope are attractive, but i think all of this is really more talk -- >> tom: he said it so he's got to keep up with his promises? >> if that makes him a real man -- >> tom: he's got to build the wall, that's why he got elected. >> i remember him mentioning it several times. >> tom: of the thing is, as john mcwhorter was saying,
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when the economy was bad, when america gets great again they're going to be flooding over the border. >> i tend to agree with you but i guess i don't really think a wall, the only way to actually stop people from wanting to come from mexico to here would be of hear it wasn't a way better place than mexico. i don't think that's going to stop anytime soon. as a libertarian, i was always concerned about the wall being a sign of a totalitarian regime. i'm almost more concerned with just making it a sign of modern wimpy productiveism. with solar panels. that might actually be scarier to me. >> tom: look, sam, let's talk about the aesthetics of it. should they try to come up with something that's pleasing to look at? i like looking at these designs. >> trump unfortunately did say he was going to build a big, beautiful wall with a giant beautiful door, but it doesn't make any sense.
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america needs to seem less attractive from the other side of the wall. if you have a beautiful house on the outside, people are going to want to rob it. if you build your house to look ashanti but have lots of nice stuff in it, nobody's going to break into it. if it's me, i'm building the world's ugliest wall also everybody in mexico thanks america has gone to you know what, but on the other side of the wall, people are -- >> we should just build a mirror. "sorry guys, more mexico here." >> tom: jill, wasn't that idea the most offensive thing you've ever heard? >> daves idea, not mine. >> how many americans go on their vacations to mexico? "i love cabo." maybe mexico has some nice things. we shouldn't just be saying it's bad. >> tom: i went there on
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vacation, it's fantastic. >> are member the 80s when our president was like "tear down this wall." >> it's a lot of the same people who worshiped reagan worship trump, his greatest compliment was tear down that wall and -- >> tom: it's in a different place. you're talking about a different wall. >> the whole thing of celebrating him saying "tear down this wall" because a wall is always a sign of a radical regime and it's always meant to keep people in. >> tom: you've got to have a border. there's a fence down there, there is a wall in a lot of places. i know the wall is going to keep people out, people coming on visas and they don't leave. >> are they going to dig under? look at the sort of things that happened in a certain place called the middle east. you can build something, have on top of it or whatever, people are going to find a way to get
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around or especially under the wall, a comedian has a special where she talks about this. people will always get past about wall in some way. they will put their selves through it like on "star trek" " it's a rather silly idea. >> tom: i think it would be kind of fun to see them try, you build a wall, see them try to get around it, televise it, it will be fantastic. >> the choice of a new generation hit a snag this week, a company released an ad of kendall jenner giving a can of cola to a cop. she notices a march going by, a warning to our more sensitive viewers, there's also a guy with a cello for some reason. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [laughter] >> tom: the ad didn't go well on social media where pepsi was
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accused of appropriating protest movements as a means to sell beverages. to its credit, the company is standing its ground, releasing a statement wednesday -- clearly i have no idea what standing ground is. this ad was beautiful, , and mae want a pepsi. i didn't know what was going on can you explain what happened? >> i think they were trying really hard, there's an "snl" sketch where they did it with chinos, let's show unhappy people, happy people and at the end will say "chinos" pepsi really did that i made it a thing. >> tom: where you offended that she pulled off the blonde
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hair? >> i think she said i'm going to take off my artifice and be the real kendall jenner. it's not clear what these happy attractive people were protesting. >> they were protesting cops not drinking pepsi. [laughter] eventually their demands were met and they went home happy. >> tom: that's right. sam, she looks at this guy, catches eyes with him and pulls off the wig, she's going to go right by the asian guy and go for the cop. >> she's playing hard to get. that's pretty obvious. we know what's happening, it's like protest and chill. i think the ad was far more effective than anyone is giving you credit for. if unity was a point of this advertisement, it's the first
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time that everybody has come together on one common issue, which is "we hate this." [laughter] nobody on twitter was like "guys, it's actually a pretty good commercial." no one. it didn't make you want to quench your thirst with a can of pepsi? >> it made me realize that we all think that pepsi is stupid for doing this and that means that we all do have something in common. >> tom: do we, john mcwhorter? we headed for different reasons, don't we? there is divide, why do you hate it, we can come together on that. >> it was a very protectable commercial. what that is as an indication that there is a certain kind of white or nonblack person, no offense to anybody i'm with who is watching who thinks that the road to salvation is to indicate that you are against racism. and frankly, this is exactly
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like christianity, the idea that you are white privileges your original sin. these people put together this commercial where they have a protest, and the idea is that of course if you're out of the street protesting against something, that means that you are a good person because of course were all against something that is antithetical to being light and happy, were protesting something. of course it's a vague thing. they do it, pretty girl, they think they're doing the right thing. they don't understand that frankly, if you are protesting, it's against trust something tragic and it's real or than being all about you making yourself feel good while you drink your starbucks coffee and send your kids to private schoo school. you make that commercial, it's not going to make people like you, it's not going to change anything. the original sin -- >> tom: what can i do to make him like me? >> he will never like you.
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>> tom: you're just saying to keep doing what i'm doing? he's going to come around at some point. why couldn't you three make that point? i was trying to figure out this commercial, now i get it. >> he's clearly the smartest guy on the panel. >> i'm the smartest lady on the panel, so take that. >> tom: rewind your tv, watch his answer again, it makes so much sense. that's it for the rest of the show. >> it was a white guilt commercial. >> were not doing thursday and friday? >> tom: if you're going to make one point for the rest of the show -- next door, sticks and stones may break my bones but words will only hate the goofy journalist at the failing "new york times." a group of writers of the times released over list of racial terms they get there go to. terms being slightly offensive, "ethnic." it normalizes whiteness.
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"person of color" sounds too similar to the term "colored people." and "illegal immigrants" could be an accurate description of an immigrant who is here illegally. they also advised to stay away from people as half one race, have another. i love doing that. basically, all comedy in the 80s was racist. dave, how are we going, we've got to keep policing language in this way? it looks like were going to try to. i think there was a big counter movement against this, but it's an interesting tool, this is what the left has been embracing since the 60s, this is the tool that they use, they keep shifting language and if you don't move with them, you're a bigot for using what used to be
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a completely acceptable term. it becomes like a hammer. we can bash people with it, they're very selective of who really gets bashed with it. if trump says something about mexicans, he says the wrong thing, i hated because we create this culture where no one is judging someone's point, they're just judging whether they said a no-no word. it sucks, i wish we could get past it is a country. >> tom: i'm going to go to sam. john, language isn't your thing. i'm confused, some of these terms are traditionally offensive, but "people of color," that's the one that people of color like to use? >> winter people going to stop staring at my skin and my hair -- [laughter] >> tom: were going to tackle that. >> what about me?
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i also think this is creating cyber bullies, this whole thing. the reason that i have six dummy twitter accounts and troll people all day long is because you can't say anything in real life anymore, you can't talk, everybody has these thoughts in their head what you can't express anything even remotely negative anymore, so what do you do? you sign up for twitter under a fake name, let that eggs sit there and demolish people. with words. >> tom: are you with the one who's been tweeting "good, you been ruining the show anyway"? [laughter] >> i'm sorry, i am a andy levy fan. he didn't have me on enough and didn't thank me and i'm at the end of the show. >> tom: what should we do about this? >> the other thing they said is some organizations don't want to say he or she because that could
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be offensive so they say they for everything, which is grammatically incorrect. they means more than one person. >> you say it. >> or -- i understand that this is a fine line that this is a group telling journalists that this is something they're going to adopt, but also the rest of the world, we all feel like the pc police are all over us all the time. >> tom: john, are you ever offended when someone calls you john are anything like that? >> i'm not offended when someone calls me a person of color. a martian comes down and watch as americans, they want to see what were like, they would see not christianity is hourly religion, they would see antiracism as a person's religion, this idea that somebody sits there and say that
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ethnic as a slur because it normalizes whiteness, last time i checked ethnic was not a slur because if anything among educated people the idea of white is supposed to be negative, that's so white, that's so boring. you're going to say ethnic is a slur because it normalizes whiteness, you're saying that because you want to redeem yourself in the eyes of the antiracist god. it's religion and it makes no sense. when you say ethnic, you are dissing white people, that's what most of us thought until 1. this is what they told us about, the idea is if i say ethnic, it means i'm a bad white person. frankly, it doesn't do me or any poor black person any but were stuck with it because it's going to keep going. that is a religion which this
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nation was founded. >> tom: coming up, to sports and politics have a mix? in my first book, "mean dads for a better america" is available for preorder. go to to find out how to get it.
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♪ >> good morning and lie from "america's news headquarters," i'm jackie ibanez in new york. updates from a northern syria town targeted by a chemical attacked turns grimmer by the hour. the death toll there has now risen to at least 86. including 30 children and 20 women. evidence gathered so far by u.s. intelligence and other monitoring groups points to the use of nerve gas in tuesday's attack. the white house accusing the syrian government and vows to take action.
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chinese president arrives in florida today for a two day meeting with his american counterpart. high on their agenda, what to do about north korea. mr. trump has threatened to use military action if the chinese can't convince him to curtail their nuclear program. over on capitol hill, the senate is expected to meet this morning for what is expected to be vote on neil gorsuch. if that fails, the nuclear option may come into play allowing g.o.p. lawmakers to confirm him with a simple majority of 51 votes. a confirmation vote could come by friday evening. the house will be voting on a new health care bill anytime soon, congress is about to take a two-week recess under public and lawmakers have yet to agree on a revised plan to replace the measure that failed last month. the coast guard is warning sailors along the north atlantic shipping lanes to be on the
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lookout for hundreds of icebergs that have drifted into their path in recent days. they are forcing vessels to take detours of hundreds of miles. experts think the icebergs were the result of unusually heavy winds or global warming. i'm jackie ibanez, now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines, log onto you're watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. ♪ >> tom: the entertainment and sports programming network has issued a new set of guidelines for its on-air talent and all its other employees for speaking out on political matters. espn announced that for those that contribute commentary, they should refrain from overt partisanship. and anyone contributes to hard news reporting should refrain in any public facing form from taking positions on political and social issues. that means their facebook and twitter accounts, too.
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espn has been accused of having a left-wing bias. like to fire conservatives for engaging in political talk on media while not holding liberals to the same standards. why does espn have to issue such guidelines at all? maybe they sense the political fatigue setting in on this country. it used to be that public figures were expected to stay out of politics now they are vilified by progressive's are not weighing on every issue of the day. in other words, if you're not with them, you're against them. can you imagine if a republican ever said that? ♪ jill, are you tired of politics in every thing? >> i am and i don't have as, i s
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a good idea for a network to make it clear when they're just reporting news they have someone who is a commentator try to make it clear, this show should have an opening, "take every thing we say with a grain of salt." i don't want people to mix that up with the show, god forbid. >> tom: is that why we're going up the air, because we don't have a disclaimer saying "take this show was a grain of salt." >> i could've saved the show if you would asked me a week ago. >> tom: i agree with jill, they're smart to do this, it's signaling that they are thinking they might to get need to get f this and go back to sports. >> everything i say should be taken literally and with zero salt. i'm a reporter if nothing else. of course espn should not talk about politics, it's a sports network, it should talk about sports. people do sports because they can't do other stuff.
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they're really good at sports because they spend all their time on sports. i don't need a guy who is sitting there watching jets games all there to say "i turned on a news channel and here's what i think about that." the only person i want political opinions from is charles barkley, he's an incredible broadcaster and he's right about the women in san antonio. >> tom: is wrestling affected by this political thing? >> wwe is the greatest, they don't mention anything about any election. donald trump is in the hall of fame. they don't mention anything about politics. >> they were quite politically incorrect in the 80s. they might be trying to stay away from that. >> we're on a show that discusses politics, we like keeping the conversations going,
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but even i tire of it. it's everything, not just the award shows. sitcoms, dramas, you try to watch an hour-long drama and they hit you with the political message. >> it's baked into everything, i don't know if you can pull it out. specifically with sports i've been kind of disturbed with the defense department giving money to the nfl so though kind of promote this militaristic kind of mindset, a lot of weird things with that. i think it strange that in the nfl, which is a completely male lead, mostly male fans, they have to wear pink shoes, the men can have anything that's just for them? here's my problem -- i i'm fine with it, what can we do with that man -- i think when they say they want to remove all politics, with that usually ends up meaning is we all except the left-wing narrative, so i'm concerned about that.
12:29 am
i like people to be able to speak up. it shouldn't be partisanship, maybe there's not just two options, i like the more radical -- >> tom: it becomes left and right, everything is democrat and republican. >> i think donald trump is hideously unfit for the presidency. however, i think many people think that to say that is to dis- republicans. which it isn't, donald trump, i think we do need to discuss politics more now than we would have in say 2007. the idea is that we need to talk about what our political alignments are. doing that cannot be discussing various shades of the left. >> tom: he's saying stop going after trump supporters you lousy
12:30 am
bombs. coming up, "halftime" with tvs at andy levy.
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♪ >> tom: welcome back, it's time to find her but we got wrong and what we missed from tvs at andy levy at the "red eye" news deck. >> andy: nothing much happened while you were gone. [laughter] you didn't miss anything.
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>> tom: i believe you said it's in good hands. >> andy: "it'll be here when you get back." the trump wall thing, you said the total cost is excited to be more than $800,000, that is correct. >> tom: it is? >> yes. dave, you said as a libertarian you are originally concerned about the wall and now you are concerned that it's up going to be some wimpy liberal progressive thing. if you make this wall high tech enough, i might support it. [laughter] make it solar powered, maybe have free wi-fi, some monitors and make it voice-activated, i would be all for the wall. >> not pulling that off. >> andy: i can dream, though. jill, you you rebuked some of the other panelists for their comments about mexico, pointing
12:35 am
out that plenty of americans do like to go on vacation in mexico. but we don't want to live there. >> okay, you win, andy. i don't have any fight left in me. >> andy: john, what's the way people try to go through the wall like they did on "star trek"? [laughter] >> beam me up, scotty? >> they beam themselves through, i was thinking more about tunneling under it. if i were trying to get under it, i would dig because i wanted to get under. >> andy: that would make sense. >> new mexico. >> andy: pepsi pulls the kendall jenner ad, jill, you compared this to an "snl" sketch with she cheetos, it might be e worst add i've ever seen. the inclusiveness, asian cello
12:36 am
player, muslim photographer -- >> the casting person work so hard. >> andy: everything about it sucks. >> andy, can i jump in and say that i hate the commercial. whatever i said, i think it is a very tacky gesture. >> andy: i'm going to get you in a second. sam, you said the ad was more effective than anyone is giving a credit for because it brought us all together in our hatred for it. when was the last time people are really talking about pepsi? >> it worked on that level, too. genius added. >> andy: john, you said there's a certain type of white person who thinks the world to salvation is to indicate that you are against racism and you believe that white privilege is the original sin. you can just say my name. it's okay. [laughter] >> if you want to own that label i will say that it is the andy andy -- pepsi is too sweet. >> andy: pepsi is much better than coke.
12:37 am
>> pepsi has a bitterness. >> andy: it's a true fact. jill, i have a question. why do pepsi apologize for putting kendall jenner in this position? i am serious. why did they apologize to her? >> i think it was nice of them, she's caught in the middle of the firestorm. every headline said "kendall enter dubai jenner ad causes -- "i don't think they needed to apologize but if i were her i would appreciate it. she just blindly follow the script, it wasn't my fault. >> tom: they didn't even apologize to michael jackson and his head caught fire. >> andy: "new york times" debates what racial terms are offensive, tom, do you really enjoy referring to people as half one race, half another?
12:38 am
>> andy: tmac >> tom: i like it with jokes. >> andy: that's not funny at all. the irish part was funny. john, you said people who say the word ethnic as a slur because it normalizes whiteness, just know. the thing about ethnic is it seems weird to me only in that i don't know what it means anymore. people keep saying ethnic food, what food is not ethnic? >> it's like the term date, we dated, does that mean you went out and had ice cream or you conjugated to the verb and for how long? ethnic has no meaning at all. >> i love listening to a linguist talk about sex. >> andy: sam, you asked when people are going to stop staring
12:39 am
at your skin and your hair and looking confused. the answer is never. i think you need to cut your hair if it bothers you. >> that's the opposite, that's still offensive. >> andy: 's tom, you asked sam if he's been the one tweeting at you from the dummy account. yeah, it's definitely sam. cut it out, sam. it stop it. i can't believe you've been doing that. jill, i agree with you that using they to avoid gender sucks because it's a plural pronoun, i have long supported a word like ze being used as gender-neutral program deny pronoun. though they thing drives me
12:40 am
crazy. i'm like "oh, who else was there"? i think there are only three nerds on the planet who care about this, me, you, and john. i don't care about john conjugg verbs. >> andy: i am done. >> tom: thank you, andy. coming up, journalist gets real results the break. specially formulated to soothe and moisturize your mouth. and try new act dry mouth spray for relief when you need it.
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♪ >> good morning and live from "america's news headquarters," i'm jackie ibanez in new york. nearly 90 people have died from a chemical weapons attack inof e from the syrian monitoring grou group. president trump indicating a change in his policy toward syria. he said the attack crossed a lot of lines for him. he did not offer any specifics regarding what action the u.s. might take. >> if russia has the influence in syria that it claims to have, we need to see the music. we need to see them put an end to these horrific acts. how many more children have to die before russia cares?
12:45 am
>> a blockbuster deal on the restaurant industry, jv holding acquiring panera bread. there are other american brands include krispy kreme doughnuts, green mountain and pete's coffee and tea. a list of just the popular food chain could now become starbucks biggest challenger. an astronaut was slated to head back to earth in june, she's now spending an extra three months in orbit. she's already been in space longer than any other woman. last week, her eighth spacewalk set a record for the most by a female. she will set another record, most time spent in space by any u.s. astronaut. congratulations. i am jackie ibanez, now back to "red eye." for all your headlines, log onto have a great morning. ♪
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>> tom: some high school journalist stuck their noses where he didn't belong. amy robertson, high school principal in kansas was forced to resign after a group of exposed her shaky credentials. the kids dug into robertson's background after she was hired and realized as one put "there were some things that just didn't quite add up." for instance, the private college were robertson claim to earn both masters and doctorate degrees is actually a diploma mill. the worst kind of mill. they sell fake degrees there. robertson ended up resigning from her $93,000 per year post. here's what she had to say after losing her job. >> it would have been mine if it weren't for you nosy kids. [laughter] >> tom: the now former principal and since her degrees
12:47 am
are legit. is this discrimination against her mail and agrees? >> i think it's awesome these kids looked into it. not only did she have degrees from this online university which may or may not have been accredited but sounds like it wasn't, but she also claimed she had another degree from a real university in oklahoma and she just couldn't find the transcript anywhere. i think their work was legitimate, i was the editor of my school newspaper, i did not do quite the job they did. every article was like "jill dobson wins a track meet." it never crossed my mind to report on anyone else. >> tom, i think this is a terrible story. tom, i'm over here. i beat up andy. >> tom: bonnie, i was going to ask you to come by. but you came by anyway. >> they booked me for next week which i found a little odd.
12:48 am
[laughter] first of all, this story has -- here's what i think happened. i think these kids, first of all, teenager awful so i don't buy that they did something good. i think what happened is this principle wouldn't sleep with him so they decided they wouldn't get even with her. you know this happens, the teachers sleep with students and the students of the victims, but really -- it's a phenomenon and let me tell you something, it is happening all over. i'm going to start marketing and i'm going to cash in on this trend. >> tom, i'm getting worried that you've been canceled again. >> tom: i don't want you to
12:49 am
address her. controversial. do you think these kids should have been doing that? >> sure. it seems like they did some real investigative journalism. this would be the greatest story ever, you'd be a legend wrote high school. >> busted a teacher that would not sleep with him. whatever. >> tom: what's right -- call [laughter] i'm trying to figure out if we have to cut bonnie's thing out. if we have to add space to the segment are what? >> it's a theory and i think bonnie is entitled to her's theory. >> tom: you're right, we don't censor anyone. >> what's the worst that could happen at this point? i can't wait until these dorks enter the real world and realize
12:50 am
investigative journalism doesn't work in real life. this would be the peak, they've reached their peak in 15 years old. >> tom: john, we have 20 seconds. >> my students call me on stuff all the time when i'm teaching classes because i've got their phones and i like it, it keeps me on my game, if i say nobody knows, the look on their phone and find that somebody does, i like it. doing fantastic, coming up, hollywood billings and their nagging concerns. stick around ♪
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♪ >> tom: we've got to go fast because bonnie is going to jump in again. typical hollywood continues to portray villains in a negative light, particularly fictional evil characters mostly have bad skin. look at the wicked witch of the west, she's green and ugly and that's not cool. a new study by a team of dermatologists notes that defections like these may pray on the negative self image that people with skin conditions may harbor. for instance, hair loss, hannibal lector and darth vader. dark circles under the eyes, darth vader and the queen. facial scars, darth vader and
12:55 am
mcneil. meanwhile, heroes are always portrayed as gorgeous. [laughter] there all the masters of their media. john, do you think media depictions affect how people feel about themselves? >> no, these things are perceived as negative by somebody who is five or six years old, i have a daughter who's five and he didn't get it from any of these media depictions. these things are based on what people already think, and frankly if you're talking about art and popular art, you have to work in shorthand, sometimes there's going to be one of these things to say this person is not supposed to be the hero. that's not going to foster views that would exist even if nobody had ever seen snow white -- 's >> tom: i think it was the costumes.
12:56 am
there are so many things to really be outraged about. why are we not -- speak of the stories been put out by teenagers. >> tom: that's where the study came from? look, do you think villains should look nicer? >> i understand as a dermatologist -- >> tom: your dermatologist? >> i heard it that way too. >> if one were a dermatologist, i understand thinking "it's upsetting to my patient center which always always has a wart on her nose and my patient with a wart on her nose feels upset." hollywood would have to pick dt someone -- >> tom: that's why you're in radio, right sam? >> i have too, if not three of those things and it puts people in a bad mood when they realize
12:57 am
that they have those things and that's why villains are villainous. if they were beautiful, they'd be good. >> tom: bonnie, thank the panel for me. >> i'm going to take the idea of a blowup -- >> tom: good night, everyone.
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"the five" ." >> bret: this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier in washington. we have a very special interview for you tonight, the president of egypt, abdel fattah al-sisi. we will talk to him about isis, about troubles in his region, about the way forward in the fight against radical islam, and about his meeting with president trump over recent days. an interview with the president of egypt in moments, but we have a lot of news in washington. i turned to my colleague james rosen in the washington bureau. >> thank you. president trump said the horrific chemical attack against civilians in syria across a


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