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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 6, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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i'm on a good team. you came in, you got right in there. you know what we are going to now? were going to pop up online, it's like magic, facebook, outnumberedfnc, "happening now" now. >> jon: we start with a fox news alert, senate republicans going nuclear in eliminating the filibuster for president trump's supreme court nominee. >> julie: now, judge neil gorsuch only needs a simple majority to be confirmed as the next justice on the supreme court. that vote now expected for tomorrow. we are covering all of the news here on "happening now" ." >> jon: a pivot by president trump on a bloodied civil war. >> my attitude toward syria and assad hasn't changed very much. you're not talking about a whole different level. >> jon: how the white house could respond to the chemical attack in syria and what that could mean to u.s. relations with moscow. plus, marking 100 years since the start of a war that changed
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the nation forever. how tens of thousands who died in world war i are being honore honored. and a daring rescue caught on tape after a boulder falls 30 feet onto a hiker. >> that is just what happens in nature, gravity takes things and they start rolling down. >> jon: it is all "happening now" ." ♪ >> jon: we begin with the new reaction to the decision by the house intelligence committee chairman to step aside from the investigation of russian interference into the u.s. elections. welcome to the second hour of "happening now," i'm jon scott. >> julie: what a rainy day, good to be indoors with you. i am julie banderas in for jenna lee. congressman devin nunes says he will temporarily hand over control of the probe, citing accusations of ethics violations he insists are false. all of that as we await the biggest meeting with a foreign
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leader so much far, the president of china. topping their agenda, north korea and trade between our two countries. president trump is now heading to his florida state where he will be spending the weekend and where that meeting will occur. >> jon: a lot on the table there, chief white house white house correspondent john roberts is already in mar-a-lago and joins us live. >> good afternoon to you. no official statement from -- the only official statement from the white house on the devin nunes action is that "this is an internal matter for the house." i'm told that the white house pretty much views this as nothing of concern. they believe the house needs to do what the house needs to do. they have the full confidence congressman mike conaway will be able to lead a thorough investigation into what the intelligence committee was looking into in terms of both russian influence on the american election and possible surveillance and unmasking of trump transition officials. nunes himself, sources close to
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him saying they believe this petition to the house ethics committee was a "clever political attack," nunes wanted to get ahead of the news by stepping down rather than waiting for a press release to come out from the house ethics committee. he wants to deal with this then get back in the fight as quickly as he possibly can. the more pressing concern for the president, at least this afternoon, he was just wheels up at andrews air force base where the weather was horrible, headed for the better climes of south florida where he will hold his meeting with the president of china, xi jinping, a number of issues as you mention on the table ranging from north korea to chinese military expansion in the south china sea, to the trade imbalance between the united states and china. we have a trade deficit of some $347 billion in 2016, something the president railed against during the election campaign. something he spoke to pete about earlier this morning on "fox & friends." listen here. >> it's going to be very interesting.
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nobody really knows. we have not been treated fairly on trade for many years, no president has taken care of that the way they should have. we have a big problem with north korea. we're going to see what happens. >> president trump wants to level the playing field when it comes to trade, how far down there but he's able to go with this particular meeting. he doesn't want to implement more protections for american workers and american jobs. one of the things he talked about at length in the campaign trail and in very strident tones with this idea of leveling a punitive tariffs on chinese goods if they do not come to an agreement over leveling the playing field. we are told that is something that will not be talked about during this summit. they really want to set the framework for future talks in the national security council beliefs getting in -- state department for that meter means that getting into a thorny issue may not bear fruit as time goes on, so they have to wait for that one. >> jon: interesting issues on the table, thank you.
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so president trump is en route now to florida for his meeting with the chinese president. and what could be the biggest dramatic test of his presidency so far. for more on this, let's bring in james, national political correspondent for "the washington post" and author of that daily 202. aunt jordan, political reporter for "the hill." welcome to both of you. jordan, this is kind of a risky meeting for both leaders. what is at stake here? >> president trump made a lot of promises to his supporters on the campaign trail to get tough on china, so i think if they are going to be looking for him to strike a tough posture and maybe extract some concessions from chinese president xi jinping at this summit meeting down in florida, but as john said earlier in the segment, there is not going to be a lot of deliverables, concrete achievements from this meeting. it is setting up a framework for future talks. maybe some folks who are
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expecting president trump to get tough immediately on china are not necessarily going to see that happen right off the bat. >> jon: president xi is not going to want to appear to be pushed around by an american president. >> absolutely. that as we heard is one of the reasons the president is not going to privately laced into him. i think publicly we will hear rhetoric on trade paired the most urgent subject of the meeting is north korea. this has become a big problem. they tested another ballistic missile this week, and that is something where you might see a deliverable out of this meeting where the united states and china might come out and i laterally say there is some kind of about pressure they can put on north korea if the chinese leaned on north korea on their nuclear weapons program, that would have a very big impact. china is really the only country left with leverage over north korea at this point. i think trump would be able to trot that out as a big win. he would look very presidential if he can use diplomacy, negotiated with the chinese to
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have some impact on north korea. >> jon: but what is interesting is that the chinese like these things sort of scripted in advance. they like to know what they are walking into. this president, jordan, is kind of unscripted, that might be one way to put it. >> understatement of the year. that is right. it's going to be an interesting environment down there. the president is going to be really feeling at home at mar-a-lago and xi jinping has never been, so maybe they went into a supporter or two down there. we saw what happened with the japanese prime minister commissions oh eight where they started impromptu responding to another north korean ballistic missile test in the middle of dinner so i do think that is something that the chinese would appreciate if it happens, and back to change his point on north korea, it is interesting that the one thing the white house has floated out its may be using china's economic leverage against north korea to do something. we saw that happen in the obama administration where the chinese agreed to sanctions and that did
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not deter north korea's desire to get nuclear weapons. they might have to consider something tougher in order to stop the behavior. >> jon: the chinese could leverage a lot more than they have to this point, could they not? >> no question, and of china wanted to crack down on some of the oligarchs dealing with north korea, they could. north korea's economy is in better shape than we realize in the west because they get a lifeline from china. that is an area where the chinese have to be scared about the instability that north korea is bringing to the region and they are doing that kind of tests they are doing, threatening to attack japan or south korea. i think china is looking for a chance to show leadership in some ways. china sees that john fred -- trump presidency as a way to make them some stronger and the regents are doing some sort of t announcement would make them lok like big leaders. and in some ways, the chinese leader gets credibility himself by being here with trump,
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welcome to mar-a-lago. i think trump is a dealmaker, likes to think in terms of win-win, and there are a couple win-win that both trump in the chinese can get out of the summit. >> jon: he has suggested that could be coming, but jordan, on this north korean issue, there is this new report out that suggest they could have a deliverable nuclear warhead and a missile on which it would ride by the end of the trump presidency, a missile that could take it as far as the united states. that is a pretty disturbing possibility prospect from a regime that seems so inherently unstable. >> that is right. president trump does appear to be very alarmed by north korea's aggressiveness when it comes to nuclear weapons. during the transition, president obama told president trump that the north korean nuclear issue was the biggest concern of his on national security and that really stuck with president trump.
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we've seen some different approaches. we've seen a battery and defense missile system deployed in the sea of japan, that obviously angered china and could come up as a point of tension in the meeting as far as responding to north korea. president trump had another interview with the financial times where he threatened to go it alone, maybe take a unilateral approach to getting rid of these new gear weapons, and obviously a lot of that has people thinking may be in military action or military conflict, and that would be certainly an alarming prospect for many in the region. >> jon: let's hope this meeting goes well. jordan, it james, thank you bot. >> julie: fox news overt, our peter doocy just had an exclusive interview with a congressman who will take over for house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes. on the rush investigation. nunes announced earlier today he will be stepping aside. temporarily, he says from the
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investigation, and republican congressman mike conaway of texas will then take over. peter doocy joins us now live from capitol hill. how did this conversation go? >> we caught up with congressman mike conaway outside of his office in the rayburn house office building. he was on his way out. he said he has not seen any evidence that chairman nunes, former chairman mishandled any classified information but that he got a call from nunes last night asking him, asking mike conaway to take over the russian investigation at the house intelligence committee and he says he agreed to do it. he has since spoken to speaker paul ryan he says he has the full range to do whatever he wants with this investigation, to follow the evidence wherever it goes. something very interesting and important, since he just got the call last night, he still has not seen the documents that nunes says he saw at the white house that made him so confident that members of the trump transition team were
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inappropriately unmasked in u.s. intelligence agency reports. i also had a chance to talk to conaway about the next steps. listen to this. >> what is your biggest concern as you take over this russian intelligence probe? >> the scope is big. a lot of things going on, a lot of issues that you tried to get to the bottom of, so we will go at it. looking forward to working with my democratic colleagues in the other folks on the committee. i've got two terrific former prosecutors in trey gowdy and tom read that will be leading the questioning of witnesses and those kinds of things. this is going to take a while, but we are going to get it done as expeditious as we can, but we intend to get to the bottom of all these issues. >> in terms of potential witnesses, you heard some discussion about it there. i did ask congressman conaway, now chairman if he plans to call the susan rice into testify before the committee about her role in allegedly unmasking
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members of the trump transition team. he said that he does not want to basically come up with a witness list through their press, but that he will let us know when he works with the democrats on the committee to come up with a final guest list of people and to let us know if susan rice is on it. >> julie: probably best they keep that to themselves. the press has been meddling in these stories plenty. peter doocy, thank you very much. >> jon: history in the making on capitol hill. democrats filibuster to block a full senate vote on judge gorsuch just nomination to the supreme court. that set up republicans to trigger the so-called nuclear option, a move that will fundamentally change the way the senate does business. new details about the deadly chemical attack in syria as witnesses come forward with heartbreaking stories. a relief from lower back pain. that's good, cause i need it. i put it on my back. ok, this is interesting. there we go. there's the little tingle.
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they carry your fans shpassions, hopes, and dreams.s. and maybe, a chance at greatness because shoulders were made for greatness. not dandruff. >> jon: reports of more atrocities by the islamic state in syria and iraq this week.
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a monitoring group says isis executed 33 people in the east syrian desert. the group says it is not known if the victims were syrian forces, allies, or members of rebel factions bear there also reports that isis gunmen opened fire and killed at least 22 people and the iraqi city before blowing themselves up. >> jon: >> julie: meantime, international outrage growing over the deadly chemical attack in syria that killed more than 80 people including dozens of children and babies. syrian president bashar al-assad is accused of ordering the attack on the rebel held town but one of the closest allies, vladimir putin, is warning the newly met international community not to rush to judgment. benjamin hall joins us live from london. >> yes, strong denial, of course, from the syrian regime as well as from russia, their backers, but the road really coming together now and pointing their finger, the finger of blame at the dictator bashar
10:18 am
al-assad and his ridging. of course, many saying what has to happen next? all the time or details of this atrocious attack coming up, one man describing how he lost his whole family, 25 members including his wife and twin daughters who he buried himself. >> i ask for them, where's my child, the twins? and my wife, where are they? they brought them to me, and they were murdered. speak of the toll from the attack and khan sheikhoun keeps rising and as he said now over 80 including more than 30 children. investigators are hoping to reach the scene, but access is impossible and across the world, there has been outcry. >> when you kill innocent children, innocent babies, babies, little babies with a chemical gas that is so lethal, people were shocked to hear what gas it was, that crosses many
10:19 am
lines, beyond a redline, many, many lines. >> safely ensconced in his palace, president assad refused all blame, saying the deaths were caused by a government air strike which had an al qaeda chemical factory and it was that which released for gas. it is the timing of this which is so interesting. just a week ago, the u.s. administration said it could work with the assad regina, that they were part of the solution. the question now is why would they have risk the wrath of the u.s.? as we are seeing, there has been a reversal in u.s. policy. as the road gets together, france, britain and the u.s. call for a vote today at the security council, and everyone waits to see what happens next. >> julie: thank you very much, benjamin hall. >> jon: president trump leaving the door open for action against syria after the horrific chemical attack, but is the president willing to take military action against the assad regina? and a murder suspect posts bail, raising $35 million to get out of jail.
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how that happened next.
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>> jon: a california murder suspect has just been released from jail after posting an unprecedented $35 million bail. the money raised by family, friends, and business associates with ties to china. tiffany li is accused of killing her ex-boyfriend last year because she was afraid of losing custody of their two young children. as part of the veil agreement, li must wear an electronic ankle monitor and remain under house arrest. two other people are also facing charges in connection to the murder including li's current boyfriend. the three go on trial in september. >> julie: president trump may be rethinking his stance on syria in the wake of the deadly
10:24 am
chemical weapons attack that has killed more than 80 people, including many children. the president has said in the past the resignation of bashar al-assad was not a priority for him, but now, the president says he sees syria and its leader and a whole new light. >> terrible affront to humanity, i can tell you. terrible. you will see. >> julie: james is a foreign policy initiative fellow and author of the new book "the end of europe, dictators, demagogues in the coming dark age," thank you for talking to us. i am sure you watched the joint news conference astray with president trump calling this perspective chemical attack by the assad regime a terrible affront to humanity. he announced it, though, and he said he changed his mind on the power of syrian president bashar al-assad. we will see what he means by that. what do you think he meant by that? >> i think may be being in office as president has perhaps shown him a new perspective on syria. let's be clear, this is not the
10:25 am
first time bashar al-assad has used gas to kill his own people. he did it back in 2013 as we all recall when president obama had enforced a redline, or he said there was a redlined and never enforced it. he honestly has killed hundreds of thousands of his own people using conventional weapons. it is a little strange that president trump now would decide that he has changed his mind and i guess better late than never. >> julie: better late than never, however, had the obama administration actually done something about assad crossing a line when 1,000 people were killed there, these 80 innocent civilians were perhaps still be alive. hours after the president's book, secretary of state rex tillerson put pressure on russia to abate and support for assad. the question is that going to make any difference? given the chemical attack was delivered by warplanes, and how do those where planes get into the hands of this regime? did russia have some kind of play and it?
10:26 am
>> russia has been a military supporter of the syrian government for decades. they've been involved with troops on the ground for two years now. i would hope that this might change president trump's view of russia invite amir put in he has always had very nice things to say about putin in the russian ridging, thinking we can be friends or partners, but it is clear with the syria that the russian regime actively supports essentially what is a genocide of the syrian people. we are not on the same page in syria. we cannot be friends with a russian government that is participating in mass murder. >> julie: the trump administrator blamed the obama administration for not doing enough in that attack back in 2013. at the time, to bring people back to that point, president obama was dealt with a decision. either to cut a deal and remove serious chemical weapons stockpile or launch a military strike. he went with cutting back that supply, stockpile of weapons. if this administration does it
10:27 am
differently, but that made a military strike? how would a military strike that he complicate the u.s.-led campaign to defeat isis in syria, the whole reason we are there in the first place? >> let's not forget the supposed deal we struck with the russians to remove chemical weapons from syria obviously did not work because they are still chemical weapons in syria being used on syrian civilians. i think this was atory that the obama people claimed four years ago. i think president trump is going to have to launch a military strike if he really wants to keep his word. we should be striking the runways and the planes that the syrian government is using to carry out these attacks. as far as isis goes, it is basically a creation of the assad regime. he grew up in response to the assad regime, many of its members came from syrian prisons that assad opened up. the syrian regime was buying oil from isis, so they coexist together. i think if we want to get rid of isis, we have to get rid of the assad regime, that is the first
10:28 am
step in pacifying syria. >> julie: militarily, you have to look back and wonder if we had handled syria differently. remember that no boots on the ground strategy under obama's administration, now we are going and on foot, but we did not, giving these people time to multiply and strengthen your let's hope it is not too late. >> absolutely. thank you. >> julie: like you very much for joining us. >> jon: making history on capitol hill after democrats blocked a full senate vote on judge gorsuch's nomination to the supreme court. republicans exercise the nuclear option. what it means for the future of the courts and the senate. and while the g.o.p. find a new way to repeal and replace obamacare? as a new poll shows support for president obama's signature law seems to be rising. we will debate it fair and balanced. (man vo) it was may, when dad forgot
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>> julie: this is a fox news alert, the senate has voted to go nuclear, meaning the so-called nuclear option. that is the decision after democrats walked a full senate vote on judge neil gorsuch's nomination to the supreme court, and now he just needs a simple majority for confirmation. most likely to happen tomorrow. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live on capitol hill with more. how does it all go down from here? >> good afternoon. republicans tried it several times to get 60 votes to advance judge neil gorsuch's nominee back nomination, the votes were
10:33 am
55-45, so they changed the threshold to a simple majority, the so-called nuclear option. three democrats voted with republicans to advance judge gorsuch's nomination. they are donnelly of indiana, heidi heitkamp of north dakota and joe manchin of west virginia. earlier, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said he had no choice. >> our democratic colleagues have done something today that is unprecedented in the history of the senate. unfortunately, it has brought us to this point. we need to restore the norms and traditions of the senate and get past this unprecedented partisan filibuster. >> mcconnell promised many times that judge gorsuch would be confirmed one way or another by tomorrow night. they went nuclear in this case. >> julie: how do democrats then defend what republicans called the very first partisan filibuster, never done before with a supreme court nominee? >> democrats suggested perhaps president trump should pick someone else, and it nominate someone back and get 60 votes in the united states senate though most do not believe this is
10:34 am
really about judge gorsuch. it is about nasty politics in the united states senate following the 2015 and 2016 election. meanwhile, the big question is the long-term impact. >> in this case, cumulative resentments from years of partisan trench warfare were too great. instead of the senate forcing us to change, senators have decided to change the senate. and i worry a great deal about what that means for our future. >> this one was neil gorsuch for antonin scalia, a conservative for a conservative. some suggest the democrats should save their fight for the next opening of this ream court when it could be changing the ideological balance of this high court. >> julie: mike emanuel live on capitol hill, thank you so much. >> jon: for more on judge neil gorsuch's nomination, let's bring and tom depree, former
10:35 am
deputy assistant attorney general under president george w. bush. you have heard the minority leader chuck schumer and other democratic senators say that neil gorsuch is not qualified to sit on the supreme court. you have argued a number of cases in front of the supreme court justices, many of them notable. what do you think about that assertion? >> i think it is nonsense. judge gorsuch is a fantastic choice. i understand there are partisans and folks who disagree with judge gorsuch just view on the law, ideological and political opponent. i don't think any reasonable person could look at his record, listen to what he said in his confirmation hearings and come away with the conclusion that he is anything other than superbly qualified to sit on the united states supreme court. >> jon: we are getting to the place where judges are going to be chosen by their political beliefs, aren't we? if you have thrown out the possibility of a filibuster, if you have one party in power in the senate and the same party controlling the white house,
10:36 am
you're going to get a judge of that particular flavor. >> i don't think today's rule changes in any sense cause for celebration because you are right in that the supreme court and the judicial system is the one branch of our government that is supposed to be above politics. what has happened, and we have seen it come to fruition with the gorsuch nomination is that there are people who are determined to bring political judgments to bear when the only question is not is this judge liberal or conservative, is he for the big guy or little guy, but the only relevant question here is, is he qualified and safely going to apply the laws and constitution? >> jon: all this started apparently back in 2001 in the bush 43 administration when there was something like ten applet judges and justices held up by senate democrats led by chuck schumer. it was apparently a strategy he devised. now i guess the chickens are coming home to roost. >> it really is. let's not forget the history,
10:37 am
you're absolutely right. the democrats stonewalled superbly qualified republican nominees including miguel estrada and many others. then, of course, there is the tit for tat. so to be fair, president obama put up great judges, caitlin halligan and others, who the republicans did not allowed to proceed. i think what is happening here, as regrettable and unfortunate, but it is where we are that the judicial nomination process has become, at least in my opinion, totally politicized and very unfortunate way. >> jon: when you get the case of merrick garland put forward in the final year president obama's term, mitch mcconnell in the republicans refused to even consider his nomination. but there are democrats on record, joe biden being one of them, chuck schumer being one of them, he said essentially that in the last year of a presidential term, there should be no supreme court nominees put forth. >> they did. there is a lot of hypocrisy going on here. with respect to judge garland, i think at the end of the day, it was somewhat of a last-minute
10:38 am
nomination. i think judge garland is very, very well-qualified, but i think the democrats have reaped what they have sown here. they have erected clinical obstacles to confirming judges and should not be surprised when they play hard ball that the republicans make the decision to play hardball as well. >> jon: you say that democrats have reaped what they have sown, are republicans going to come to regret essentially abolishing these to -- 60 vote threshold for supreme court justices? >> we will see how it plays out. my view on all of this is that we really should aim for a universe, may be a fantasy world, where these judges are not political ponds are republican or democratic judges, but we really just focus on confidence and fidelity to the law and constitution because that is what the judicial branch is designed to serve. >> jon: given the history, chuck schumer is saying that he wishes he had never voted to affirm samuel alito for instance.
10:39 am
all judges and justices on the supreme court seem to be viewed through a political lens these days. >> it is true. it is true, and in my opinion, it is very unfortunate. you almost wish there could be some wise persons up on the hill to say, look, this may not be the selection that i would have made, this is not someone who necessarily shares my political views, but i respect the president's ability to choose men and women of great quality and great merit, and that should be the standard for confirmation. >> jon: the fact that, as was mentioned earlier, the fact that justice alito was a conservative judge and early indications are that neil gorsuch is of the same mold, why does that not enter into the equation here? >> it is relevant to the extent you are asking how the judges will apply the law. those are perfectly fair questions during the confirmation process. we heard a lot of back and forth about that in the senate in the last few weeks. i think it is fair to ask judges and potential justices how they think about the law, how do they
10:40 am
think about the constitution, how would they apply those doctrines today? those are fair questions. i think that mistake people make is to focus on the outcome of these decisions. do i like where this judge is going to come out on issue after issue? is this judge quinto vote in favor of the little guy and against big corporations? those are the wrong sorts of questions to be asking. >> jon: tom dupree, deputy assistant attorney general under president george w. bush, thank you very much for your insights. >> julie: 100 years ago today, the u.s. entered the great war as it was called back then. the occasion was marked at the national world war i memorial. and kansas city. ♪ and the home of the brave >> julie: the ceremony included the national mm, music from that era and flight demonstrations. there were also readings from speeches and literature from a century ago about the decision
10:41 am
to enter the war and its consequences. world war i started in 1914 between germany and the allies, france, u.k., russia and others. after nearly three years, the u.s. started sending doughboys over until the war ended on november 11th, 1918. >> jon: some brand-new numbers on obamacare to share with you. a new poll on how americans really feel about it, something gallup has been pulling on since 2012. and this time, first. 1500-pound boulder falls on a hiker, trapping her for more than two hours. how rescuers were finally able to set her free. >> the gentleman that was with her says that he heard a large cracking sound. he looked up, and about 30 feet above them saw this boulder, and it went down. it's the phillips' lady!
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>> jon: right now, a colorado hiker is recovering after she was pinned beneath a 1500 pounds boulder for more than two hours. rescue crews had to use a hydraulic system to set her free. she suffered multiple fractures and was unconscious when crews reached her. they airlifted her to the hospital. she is in critical condition. a man hiking alongside the victim at north table mountain park in west denver says he heard a loud crack and thence on the boulder break loose. it is not unusual this time of year with rock slides occurring during the spring freeze thaw cycle. >> julie: not to the efforts to repeal and replaceouse repubg today to make changes to their healthcare bill after it failed. this comes as gallup reports for the very first time, a majority of americans approve of obamacare, the stats show their approval numbers rising the most are among independents. why is that? joining us now, simon, president and founder and former belt clinton advisor and ned ryan,
10:46 am
ceo of american majority in former george w. bush presidential writer. thank you both. long titles. let me ask you first, when obamacare first rolled out, it was as president trump has currently described it, a disaster. it really was. it was a mandate to sign up which scared a lot of people, i think, to an effect that basically an influx of americans who then tried to sign up for a health insurance could not even get on the website to do so. has much changed since then? >> no, i mean, here's the fact. the poll here which we quote "cool hand luke," what we have here is a failure to communicate. paul ryan did not get the g.o.p. caucus together a week or 2 out of the election to say we have a chance to finally repeal obamacare. let's get the freedom caucus, tuesday group and the same room and have a conversation. so you have an internal communication problem, and then because you don't have a positive solution, alternative plan to be able to communicate to the american people, that is
10:47 am
why you are seeing these poll numbers today. the fact of the matter is human nature, you can see a little bit of this in the polling, people will stay with what they know even if it is a terrible plan, then jump into the unknown. in the g.o.p. has not yet given them a plan to jump too. let's not forget, obamacare is very much like a plane without wings with engine failure. it's not a matter of if it crashes, it is a matter of when it crashes. >> julie: the president says it is going to happen, it will crash. we will wait and watch it happen. simon, this gallup poll should 57% of americans now approve the affordable care act. that is a huge shift from one president obama was in office particularly among independents. why the great shift especially among independents? >> i think two reasons. the debate around healthcare has explained to people what they would lose if obamacare went away, and things like lifetime caps, pre-existing conditions, which affects everybody in the united states, not just the people who have obamacare. in the 25 million people who have gotten insurance through
10:48 am
obamacare now that they would lose it. i think there has been a focus on the positive parts of obamacare that we had not heard that much about as well as the negative which we have heard an awful lot about. the second, and i think it's important to realize, right now the obamacare is 30 points higher more favorable than donald trump is. the republicans should be very, very careful about proceeding because the country is behind us now, and they will pay eight terrible political price if they try to take away insurance from 25 million people. >> it is not a matter of them wanting to take away, the fact of the matter is it is going to fail. the thing that is a little frustrating to me is coming from the g.o.p. side of things, why are they taking 18 days off in april and claiming they don't have enough time to do healthcare and tax reform before august? i'm going to confess a little disappointment with them leaving d.c. before having actually come to a successful plan to push forward. my hope is somehow in the next two weeks, they do put some new language and come have a new plan and call people back from the recess and push this ball
10:49 am
forward because there is a lot of stuff that needs to be done and can be done before august. >> julie: assignment, you mention pre-existing conditions for that is a major sticking point not just with democrats or independents but with republicans in the senate. that was something that medicaid, they were major sticking points. you cannot deny the fact that premiums, they are still skyrocketing, some areas don't even have a singer provider. this is not a perfect fix. if the g.o.p. and president trump want to ever reverse obamacare, what must they do aside from not taking vacation? >> first of all, i want to say that obamacare is not failing. i know people say this on the air on fox of the time because i've been having this debate for weeks. the cbo in their report said that obamacare is stabilized and that it will succeed. this is a government document written by a republican just a few weeks ago. >> but this cbo -- >> julie: let simon finish. >> i would say that the question of whether obamacare is failing is a debate, it is a question,
10:50 am
not a certainty. when people say it, that does not make it to repair the government does not agree with my colleague here. the second thing is i think that democrats are open to working with the republicans to fix obamacare. what they are not open to is repealing it. so i hope after this fails, we can come together in a few weeks and come back together to make obamacare better. >> julie: it is not broken, but it is not great. >> not perfect. >> julie: a lot of people say if it ain't broke, don't fix it, but many would argue it is broken and needs to be fixed, just fixed comprehensively. really quick, i will give you the final word. >> the cbo is also estimate by 2025 that premiums for employers offering insurance is going to go up 60%. that is not a good trend. >> julie: thank you very much. appreciate you coming on. >> jon: china's president xi jinping has arrived in south florida for his meeting at the mar-a-lago estate with president trump.
10:51 am
president trump, for his part, is on his way there. thus far, we have not seen the chinese president himself, but he is on board that air china plane. for the big meeting, we will continue to watch the goings-on. be right back with more.
10:52 am
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10:54 am
>> hello, everyone, i am melissa francis. the president of china landing moments ago in florida for the start of some very important meetings with president trump. he will arrive in our hour, we will bring you all the action, plus is the president considering military action against syria after this week's chemical attack? and if not, what should be the white house response, and what is the next step in the senate for supreme court nominee neil gorsuch now that republicans have made history today,
10:55 am
triggering the nuclear option? we are going to tell you on "america's newsroom hq" ." >> jon: fox news alert, we are awaiting the door on the big 747 to open and for china's president xi jinping to descend this air dude mike stairway to the welcome from the honor guard that you see assembled there and palm beach, florida. he is they are, of course, for a meeting with president trump at the presidents mar-a-lago estate. a lot of issues on the agenda for these two. of course, you know that president trump campaigned against chinese unfair trade policies and currency manipulation. you can expect our president to press china's president on that score. you can also expect him to prosper more chinese cooperation on north korea. we are led to believe that president xi is prepared to offer that kind of help so that he would be prepared to lean more on the north, but the last thing the chinese president
10:56 am
wants to see is a reunified korea with a large contingent of american military forces on the korean peninsula right below china. so it will be a testy meeting, and is this the chinese president? hard to make it out with the camera zooming in. no, it appears not. but the official party is descending from that 747. actually quite a large contingent of supporters of more engagement. there is the secretary of state rex tillerson awaiting the president. there is quite a contingent of supporters wearing red shirts who are there and palm beach to demonstrate that they would like to see more economic cooperation and perhaps cooperation and other facets between the united states and china. >> julie: this is president trump biggest meeting with a foreign leader so far, he a lot of pressure on this. he spoke a lot about china entry during his presidential campaign
10:57 am
and the topics of north korea and trade between our two countries the forefront of this anticipated meeting. we will have much more. we will be right back.
10:58 am
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>> jon: thanks for joining us. "america's news hq" starts now. >> julie: see you tomorrow. >> melissa: we begin with a fox news alert. what you are looking at right there, that is the president of china landing just moments ago in florida with president trump, set to land in minutes. hello, everyone. i'm melissa francis. he is being greeted by rex tillerson and others, with president trump and the first lady set to arrive within about an hour for high stakes meetings. nuclear armed nuclear and trade both very high on the agenda. we can see there the greeting by rex tillerson now shaking hands, as you can see. lot of expectations set for this. chief white house correspondent john roberts is live in palm beach, florida, for all of this.


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