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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 7, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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judge from colorado, is now justice gorsuch. >> julie: we'll see you back here and one hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: neil gorsuch is confirmed as justice. this comes one day after invoking the nuclear option after failing to get the 60 votes needed to move the process forward. this is "outnumbered." here today, sandra smith, host of kennedy on fox business, kennedy, also from fbn, dagen mcdowell, and today's 322, juan williams. he is outnumbered. good to see you. >> juan: what a newsday. this is the kind of newsday that you feel like is a fire hydrant.
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>> harris: friday is the new monday. let's go. we now have a new u.s. supreme court justice, neil gorsuch. democrats didn't want to go forward and try to make this work. what you think of your party today? >> juan: i think they did the right thing. clearly, and the words of the senator from oregon, democrats do this at the height of the century. president obama was denied the opportunity to be nominated jue for over a year. now you have republicans coming back and saying, we are not going to play by those rules. we succeeded with our obstructionism, in fact we held the majority, just as we thought was possible and to our surprise, president trump was elected. our strategy has paid off. i think that's what you see. from the democratic point of view, bullying type behavior is
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being rewarded. >> harris: the heist of the century. >> dagen: i'm going to quote alan durso which that set the hypocrisy meter for the senate broke yesterday. there's been hypocrisy on both sides. we should point out there has never been a partisan filibuster in history and the democrats used one, not even for clarence thomas. joe biden invented the method of saying we're not going to allow a nominee to go in the last year presidency and it was harry reid in 2013 that open the door to removing the filibuster for lower court judges. the democrats acted, now they have to own it and now the next supreme court nominee is going to sell right through. >> sandra: i was when to jump in and i'll ask you this question. how big of a windows is is for the president? >> kennedy: i don't think it's a win for anyone.
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i don't think anyone should have blown their political castle and i believe it there is democracy on both sides. i think it was foolish of democrats. they know the bigger fight is with the next justice. what did the democrats think was going to happen? of the republicans were going to invoke the nuclear option and growth in other nominee, do you think the president was going to nominate merrick garland and they were going to make good on that unrequited love? >> harris: chuck schumer said let's back away from this nominee and find some details. these guys can't agree on sandwiches when there is one in the hallway. i don't know how they would have found somebody else. why not -- there were so many democrats who supported and saw neil gorsuch's would do the job of the country be in favor of, why not put him on the bench and then go and fight for the next round? >> juan: let's be realistic.
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i think president trump found neil gorsuch h on a lift given to them by true conservative. no moderate group. these are groups that were looking for a strong, conservative to fill antonin scalia's seat and his motives. >> kennedy: these navy conservative groups, to your point, that may be true, but when you examine gorsuch's record which is a responsibility of senate judiciary committee and that's exactly what they're supposed to do and i think both sides wasted a lot of time if they didn't get to the heart of his record and his judicial philosophy. i think they did a good job of that and you see that he is not an extremist. he is also a jurist who is going to keep executive power in check. that is one of the most critical things we have learned from some of his decisions and the fact that democrats lost sight of that, i think shows that this
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political infighting has completely got up out of hand. >> juan: from a democrats point of view, as articulated, by elizabeth warren, they have a tough time separating neil gorsuch from donald trump. they see trump as not someone who is going to and executive powers, but they see him as someone who is under investigation right now. >> dagen: it's insane that merkley, standing up for all those hours would suggest that this is a stolen presidency, that trump is not a legitimate president and that he should not have the ability to appoint a supreme court justice until the investigation is over with. i think their rage at hillary clinton's laws is getting the best of them. >> juan: what you say when people say i remember
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ronald reagan appointed justice kennedy 13 month to go and he was confirmed with ten months ago and his presidency. that's the reality. when you say, president obama, you can do this. in your last year, you can abort a supreme court justice. >> dagen: and not sing that's right, but what i was saying is that joe biden is one who open the door for that. he preached about -- >> juan: that wasn't followed through on. >> harris: neil gorsuch will be sworn in as a 101st associate justice of the supreme court on this coming monday, april 10th. chief justice john roberts will administer that oath in a private ceremony at 9:00 a.m. eastern. later at the white house, everybody will be able to watch it because associate justice anthony kennedy will administer the justice oath at a public
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ceremony. that is going to be a lot of history being made on monday. some of it will get to see and some of it we won't. >> juan: it's also my birthday on monday. i don't know about gorsuch, but it will be a big day for me. >> dagen: i want to say one quick thing, he pointed out that we put too much importance on the supreme court. they make one important decision every decade. guess he won the presidential election just like citizens united, donald trump. >> kennedy: she benefited more from the citizens united which he railed against. >> dagen: the point is this is critically important. >> juan: does this undermine the credibility of support in the mind of the american people?
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>> sandra: fox news alert. it was swept and it wasn't decisive. president trump ordering an air strike on a syrian airfield used in the horrific chemical attacks that killed civilians, including many children. hours after he had said something should happen following the horrific chemical attack carried out by syria's brutal regime, president trump spoke the nation last night after giving the go-ahead for the missiles to launch. >> it is an the national scaredy interest of the united states to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons. there can be no dispute that syria used band chemical weapons, violated its obligations under the chemical weapons convention and ignored the urging of the u.n. security
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camps. tonight i call on all civilized nations to join us and seeking to end the slaughter. and bloodshed in syria. >> sandra: me time this reaction from the u.n.'s dictator, calling the strike reckless and irresponsible. the president's decision was based on faulty information and was shortsighted. conor powell joins us live. >> good afternoon. we're getting some more information about the missiles that were fired into syria here just in the last 12 hours or so. the target was the airfield base, this is a joint base used by russia and also syria, but primarily a syrian base. it was home to mostly jets, but also some helicopters. according to the pentagon, they say they took out about 20 syrian jets with these air strikes. however, the syrians are putting
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the number much lower, saying they only lost take jets destroyed. the syrians saying this move by the u.s. undermines their counterterrorism operations. they're really trying to paint this as an attack on their ability to fight groups like i isis. very different views of the way this strike or the strikes are being carried out. the other thing we are hearing is from groups like a proxy of the assad regime. they say this was a foolish move by the united states, that it will raise regional tension. one of the things are looking to see in the future is white tub of reaction to the assad regime, carry out?
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there are a lot of targets in this area if any of these groups decide to respond, there are troops from the u.s. and syria, also thousands of troops in iraq helping to defeat isis. there are several places that could be potential targets if there is any type of retaliation. we'll be watching for that. >> sandra: conor powell life for us on the border. i want to take this to the couch and ask you first, juan, about assad denouncing his attacks and describing the u.s. strike as reckless and irresponsible. >> juan: i think what's reckless -- just terrible. i'm trying to think of the appropriate words, but what he did and the use of those chemical weapons, i'm sure you've seen the pictures, to his own people, to maintain what is already a failed state just suggest to me a megalomaniac. he is totally wrapped up in himself and he is operating
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there as if the value of human life is to be subjected to his maintenance of power. to me, i agree with president trump. this is just an atrocity. >> sandra: he said this strike was in vital national security interest of the united states. >> kennedy: my biggest concern with this, and of course, assad is a horrible person. he's an awful human being who despises freedom, which is what this country ultimately stands for. i understand that, but my biggest concern is, does it end with a single air strike? does it end with this one night of encouragement or does it go on and on question rick we've been in iraq since 1991. we see these conflicts not only escalate, but the tale devours
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the head at some point and they truly are endless. there is a justification here for keeping assad and check. but the fact that we happen to see some of the pictures of these atrocities is no justification for another ongoing conflict in another theater. if we get reassurance that this will be limited, contain, confined, that's one thing, but i think we've learned these lessons in the middle east that it can go on for days. >> dagen: dealing with the use of gas on his own people, we learned that a lack of action doesn't work. president obama learned that with the red line. he drew a redline. there was an attack after attack, hundreds of people suffocating, convulsions, pinpoint pupils, foaming at the mouth. this was 2013. this was a year after president obama drew the redlin redline. what happened was and said they go to syria, they brokerage this
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deal to confiscate the gas in w. what happens, here we are. >> harris: here's a question. maybe they brokered that deal the secretary john kerry said that's what he was overseeing. my question is how to the end of right back there? why were they at the airfield in nearby places? did the deal, with no sort of watch after that? to make sure those weapons wouldn't come back, and when you look at the use in aleppo in 2013, they had a lot. it would take a lot to do it they had here, how do we know they won't do this again and then what do we do? >> dagen: if you oppose assad, what do you do?
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>> harris: russia so that's not going to happen. i don't know if you want to fight russia for that. tomorrow, if they go out and tell their people again in the same way, general jack keane will hold -- will blow away the other airfields. according to russia, we didn't blow apart the entire airfield. do you want to believe the russians? what is a go after that? >> juan: you have added airfields so it comes back to what you are talking about which i took to heart, which is what the next step? do we want to go to war? are we willing to go to war? i don't think they are isis. i'm saying to you, i think the air strike killed six people in total. they were aimed at facilities infrastructure. they're not aimed at killing assad. they didn't go after the presidential palace.
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if you want to get him, that's where you should've gone. >> kennedy: so there are more chemical weapons in the country. maybe they've done a very good job of hiding them. >> dagen: >> harris: this presis now indicated that he is ready to start talking about what that policy will look like. >> dagen: >> juan: you mean a s, no-fly zone? i don't know about that, because that brings in the entire middle east and you're talking about a very expose of neighborhood. >> sandra: those missile strikes getting firm backings from u.s. allies overseas, but iran and russia are having none of it. how they are reacting and what it means for those two countrie countries.
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liberty mutual insurance >> harris: u.s. allies say they support president trump action to take against syria. rush in and around, don't see it that way. iran's government calls it dangerous. comments on the statement "this news by washington has dealt a serious blow to the rest of u.s. relations with terror already in a poor state.
9:21 am
this move will not bring us closer to the ultimate goal of combating international terrorism, but will instead, create a major obstacle to the establishment of an international counterterror coalition." rex tillerson says they were incompetent and monitoring -- they let the russian military know so that if they want to get assets out of place and by that, i mean people, they could move things. the core issue now with iran and russia propping up assad is what i was getting to. >> kennedy: it's interesting, because we've seen russia backed
9:22 am
syria several times in the u.n. they are obviously in that country at syria's behest. there is a very curious relationship between iran, syria, and russia. they've all got their own self interest there. iran wants to be the geographic hegemon and russia wants access to the black sea. washington, d.c., is now moscow light. if that were actually the case and this administration were colluding with the russian government, then don't you think they'd be able to have a for your channel to talk about syria? i think this might actually go to show that perhaps there is not that kind of connection. >> juan: if that's the case,
9:23 am
we are playing politics on a dangerous level. but the two items i want to call attention to here, one is today russia ended a deal with the united states in terms of coordinating to avoid potential conflict. >> harris: they won't protect our planes. >> juan: the second point is destroyers now going into the same area where our ships were that launch the cruise missiles. >> harris: they were missile that has entered the mediterranean sea. the kremlin is saying that that is a routine visit to report inside syria. if you are looking at the map, it wasn't exactly a direct line. i don't know if you want to call it a slight u-turn. we do want to make a point at that exact way where our warships are. it >> juan: they sure are. if you listen to what sergey
9:24 am
lavrov had to say, there were some outrageous things. next week, tillers and to mosco moscow. he said he believes the united states had planned it before his side had used the chemical weapons. it is not a conspiracy theory that russians are advancing to explain what the united states did. >> dagen: i always go back to the admiral, who oversaw the bin laden raid. they shot darts at you. you summon up all your strength and you punch them in the snout. there are a lot of sharks in the world. if you hope to complete the swim, you'll have to deal with them. if you want to change the world, don't back down from the shark. assad is a shark, put in is a shark, the leaders in iran are sharks and we just punch them in the snout. >> harris: senator john mccain with a
9:25 am
message to russia. >> the message to russia is look, we're not going to stand by while you support a person who is committing gross war crimes and the use of chemical weapons. vladimir putin is an old kgb colonel. he understands force and that's all he understands. he is hell hell-bent on expanding the old russian empire. when he is faced with reality, because we are a stronger nation and a steadfast leadership, he's not going to challenge that. >> kennedy: he understands force, that's all he understands. >> harris: furthering what dagan was saying. >> dagen: they just got punched in the snout. >> harris: this is further complicated by the fact we don't have an endgame in mind for syria. what kennedy said so eloquently today, we have got involved in sony different place in the world without an endgame. our hearts all took a hard
9:26 am
scratch. we have the capabilities as the greatest country on earth to go and do what we did. the question now is can we develop policies in respect of our feelings that takes us forth and give them an endgame? >> juan: president trump ran as a president who said you only intervene when in fact the united states has an economic interest our national security interest at stake. what you're talking about is a moral interest, and terms of expanding america as a beacon of freedom and human rights in the world. that goes back to eleanor roosevelt. that's not trump. trump is about fighting against the terrorists. one of the reasons that he so light flagrant putin is that we should be joining with the russians to defeat the terrorists.
9:27 am
>> harris: ices has gotten bigger on the ground in syria. we'll move on, i'm sure this will come back. a striking back at evil. that's also what we are talking about, the u.s. is fighting a barrage of missiles at a syrian air base used in the horrific chemicals attack. we are live next from the pentagon. how president trump's quick action on syria differs from that of his predecessors. let's get into that. that's really important. stay close
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>> sandra: we are getting details on how the strike against syria went down. the u.s. last night bombed a syrian air force base resulting from the chemical attacks.
9:32 am
>> we're just learning that president trump gave the order for the missile strike at 4:00 p.m. eastern yesterday. the first missiles launched at about seven: 9:40 p.m. eastern. the uss porter and uss ross. it took 30 minutes for both ships to launch the missiles. we are told some later than the air, circling overhead and then an hour later at eight: 40 eastern, all 59 muscles hit within 2-3 minutes. i'm told this was the tomahawk ee or eco version. it's the latest model of the tomahawk. it has two way satellite communication which allows the muscle to be reprogrammed in flight if necessary. we now know one of the missiles failed and likely fell into the mediterranean sea. about 20 syrian aircraft were destroyed at the airbase.
9:33 am
none of the syrian jets managed to take off an escape before the missile hit the target. we are told there were no russian aircraft at the syrian airfield at the time of the strike. pentagon officials say they give the russians one hour heads up before the missiles hit the target in order to minimize casualties. the two destroyers launch the tomahawk cruise missiles from a position south. fox news has obtained exclusive satellite images of before and after last nights air strike. these photos were provided. they show the before and after images. 13 double heart and shelters were destroyed, 10 out of 10 ammunitions storage sites were destroyed, to feel reservoirs remain according to this imagery. again provided exclusively to
9:34 am
fox news. we are told the mission is now complete. one of the ships has returned to an undisclosed location to resupply was tomahawk's in the mediterranean. a russian spigot armed with missiles has entered them an attorney and see and is now heading towards those u.s. warships. >> sandra: i thank you for your reporting on that. >> we have been very clear to the assad regime, but also to other players on the ground. a redline for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. >> sandra: that was president obama in 2012 during a redline. a different reaction with a different president. less than 72 hours,
9:35 am
president trump retaliated and ordered thursday strike. it was an action president obama was not going to take without the approval of congress. while a former congress -- they were only against ices, not against his side. senator john mccain, who said the president's actions send an important message. >> i think you'll have more enthusiastic partners then you have other skepticism that that existed before. when the president drew the redline, didn't act, we all knew what the results were. now, the president basically has reversed that action and restored credibility. >> sandra: this is an obvious different reaction we are seeing from a different president, but
9:36 am
that to chemical attack launched by assad happened on april 4th, a day later, the president ordered the option. president trump looked at those proposals and approve the order at 4:00 p.m. yesterday. >> juan: the question is, this is part of what jennifer was talking about, the presidents team looking at the possible repercussions. what does this mean? we have american troops on the ground in syria and in adjacent countries. what does this mean? look at the follow-up be? we are seeing follows even today. the question that remains for me is you look back at president obama's actions, with congress, he sent a request for authorizations, but congress didn't grant it. this morning a people saying that president trump acted without authorization and they're willing to say he can
9:37 am
act on a loan basis in terms of american interest. what comes next, this is what kennedy was talking about earlier. if that's the case that we are going to have some long-term action, is congress willing to act? politically, are the american people willing to say we are now agreeable, politically open to a long-term engagement in the way that we saw u.s. get involved in iraq? >> sandra: let's get senator tim keynes take on this and whether or not there is constitutional authority to take the action the president did. >> i don't think he has legal or constitutional authority to take action. the constitution is very clear. aside from defending the united states from eminent threat, the president cannot start a war. the refusal to bring it to congress just shows that there
9:38 am
is a big problem there. the time that we need to have a debate and authorize this beginning in military action against the nation of syria. >> kennedy: i think tim kaman is full of hot air. he was running as a vice presidential nominee and i think hillary clinton would have used much less precision and she would have done much more damage in the same kind of strike against syria. in the presidential debates, she talked about removing assad. she talked about all these things and it was actually president trump who was giving her pushback. there is a reason that he employed that skepticism. i hope he gets back in touch. >> juan: trump didn't have congressional authorization and you don't think clinton would have it.
9:39 am
>> kennedy: i don't think she would have had it in this environment with republican majority in the senate. if she were in power, he would have been seeing the after effects. i have to agree with rand paul here. if the president is going to get into a larger conflict, he absolutely has to have agreement. >> harris: i want to pop up a visual on the screen if we can. just weeded by sean spicer. people at the table shortly after this air strike -- missiles were delivered last night. this would have been about 9:15 p.m. eastern. i'm not going to read the whole list because it's pretty long. you have rex tillerson, mcmasters is there, reince priebus is there, on both sides of the table, from what i'm reading, their main thing that they were talking about was the next step in all of this. what would be the repercussions? >> dagen: the secretary of nations is it sitting there.
9:40 am
money is very critical in this. what obama did was fun to iran. $1.7 billion in cash. iran and syria supporting -- my point is you can start russia by upping our oil here in the united states. he can support around by not dealing with them and shipping them over a billion dollars. that is a critical component to fighting what is going on in the middle east. >> sandra: president trump's high-stakes meeting with china's president happening and in the shadow of the syrian air strike. what the presidents action against syria put pressure on china to react? we'll discuss that. then smash i. your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> harris: president trump and china's president xi meeting for a second day today at his morrow lago resort in florida. big issues, trade and the
9:45 am
north korea threat. the united states is prepared to act alone to address the north korea threat if need be. the president told the financial times this week of china is not going to help solve north korea, we will. juan williams, what could that look like? >> juan: it's scary because we are in context on this has heay newsday with what could potentially be a terror attack in sweden with the truck. we have the u.s. involved in a situation, not sure how it's going to play out in the middle east in terms of the syria air strike, cruise missile strike, and the russian and potential iranian response. then you come to the fact that north korea is there and the president is at mar-a-lago meeting with the chinese president. it's not been an easy relationship and is the idea that the united states would go
9:46 am
into that neighborhood and assert itself would certainly antagonize the chinese. when you ask me, what does that look like? what could the u.s. do? i think it would require some military action. i don't know what else we could do. >> harris: kennedy? >> kennedy: where opening all sorts of worms. we want to go into africa? >> juan: this is a point you're making earlier. >> harris: actually, i made that point during commercial. >> kennedy: it's very interesting because trade is obviously critical when you have tomahawk missiles strikes in the middle east, it sort of take that off the table. good economies are always a great global stabilizer. china's economy has been on a downturn, but if they can figure out their trade issues and realize that spreading prosperity also spreads peace,
9:47 am
which is one of the hallmarks of rex tillerson's philosophy, that would be a win for everyone. >> dagen: i went over the conversation has been done at mar-a-lago, knowing everything that chinese president has heard from donald trump on the campaign trail. as the president and a position to force his arm at all? >> kennedy: i think the president can now turn to president xi, what i not do that with north korea? why not keep these guys and check? in >> harris: before we go to far down to run a fantasy here, i don't think the president has said he will do anything per military against north korea. following his attack on the military assets inside syria. to draw that line, do you think that's right?
9:48 am
>> dagen: the chinese and the chinese people's liberation army have treated the united states as we are irrelevant. that we are weak and just the attack without saying another word, we're here. also watch the body language. i know chinese people are very fixated on the handshake. >> kennedy: second till her son did in regards north korea that it's over. military options were on the table. >> harris: timing is everything. it's a different context. it's fascinating -- you pointed this out earlier, how much farther along we are in the conversation about syria that we were with president obama. we were at a complete standstill, getting nothing done and now this. >> dagen: by the way, one other weapon is the second largest holder of u.s.
9:49 am
treasuries is china. >> harris: hillary clinton flicking her finger at a variety of factors that she says cost for the president's election. a hand, she is not one of them. she's not pointing at herself, people you do all this research
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>> sandra: the future is apparently delusional, hillary clinton blaming others for her stunning loss. she says a combination of factors led to her demise. watch. >> it is fair to say that the outside intervention, the combination of the comey letter on october 28th, wikileaks, which played a much bigger role then i think many people understand yet, that gets me back to russia. it was really the weaponization of information. i didn't fully understand how impactful that was. >> kennedy: you had a billion dollars worth of weapon eyes information on behalf of your own campaign, dear. meanwhile, hillary's democratic primary opposer, bernie sanders, gearing up to join dnc chairman
9:54 am
tom perez on a weeklong democratic unity to. their goal, rebuilding the party while promoting resistance towards president trump and congressional republicans. we are seeing a total lack of introspection. no self examination and further politicization which only hurts americans. >> juan: democrats agree with hillary clinton. they think this election -- they got the popular vote. she ran a flawed campaign. i would say she has to blame herself and her team to some extent. do you think that when you look back on it that there wasn't a consequence to the russian interference and to comey's letter? >> kennedy: enter email scandal? and donna brazile giving her questions? >> juan: sanders, if he had complaints, it should be donna brazile.
9:55 am
there is new blood and i think that's the question and how do you get energy. the party is very young. and it's more in tune with mr. bernie sanders than it is with hillary clinton. >> dagen: she has something in common with the party which is a total lack of self-awareness. she's a shape shifter. nobody knew who she was and she can't look in the mirror and say it you know why a last? because of that one staring back at me in the mirror. that's why she lost. people say that privately all the time expect for her most diehard fans who have been drunk the last 20 some odd years. >> juan: congratulations to neil gorsuch each. i think it's evident of how politically divided we are in the fact that hillary clinton did win the popular vote. when you look at state like michigan, you look at states like wisconsin and florida, formally voting for obama, now going towards tromp, those
9:56 am
actions in the last few days had a lot of voters were persuaded and today are driving tromp's numbers down into the mid-30s. that's what happened. >> kennedy: we have more outnumbered in just a moment yeah, then how'd i get this... safe driving bonus check? ...only allstate sends you a bonus check for every six months you're accident free. silence. it's good to be in, good hands. you need one of these. you wouldn't put up with an umbrella that covers you part way, so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? aleve, live whole not part. tell you what, i'll give it to you for half off. mait's a series ofar is nosmart choices. like using glucerna to replace one meal or snack a day. glucerna products have up to 15 grams of protein to help manage hunger and carbsteady, unique blends of slow release carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes.
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9:59 am
>> we will see the official ceremonies for him, but we have a new supreme court justice while you were sitting on the couch today. >> that is pretty amazing. i think as you hear it from conservatives in the senate
10:00 am
today, it will have consequences for generations to come. antonin scalia lives. >> and he is a hunk, too. >> all right. thank you to our guests here, kennedy, welcome back. we will see you back here monday, same time, "happening now" now. >> jon: every senator in washington is now being briefed on the operation that launched air strikes on syria last night. welcome to the second hour of "happening now," i am jon scott. >> julie: i'm julie banderas, good afternoon to you, in for jenna lee today. just of dunford getting set and getting the senators up to speed as reaction pours in from around the world. to the u.s. military a strike on syrian air base, tomahawk missiles putting the base for a chemical weapons attack was launched, killing dozens of syrian civilians earlier this week. russia condemning the u.s. strike while saudi arabia and our western allies applauded it. here at home, capit


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