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tv   Watters World  FOX News  April 8, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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with a flying banana. tom brady's super bowl jersey is finally in it rightful place. it was stolen after the team's 2015 super bowl win. it was recovered in mexico. [♪] "watters world" is on. >> tonight i ordered a targeted military strike on the airfield in syria. jesse: president trump finally enforcing president obama's red line. but is it enough? and what does the mean for russia? mark steyn and newt gingrich here to discuss. >> we see no evidence that she has done anything improper. jesse: the media circling the wagons around susan rice. are our own intelligence agencies helping them?
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>> he has not nearly the talent as miller and me. jesse: it's admiral and i, by the way. "watters world" begins right now. >> the fact that it involved our campaign and our transition, it should be deeply troubling to anyone who cherishes civil liberties. >> the purpose was for something political, that's completely impermissible. >> when you kill innocent babies with a chemical gas that's so lethal, that crosses many lines, including a red line. >> the u.s. strikes syria with dozens of missiles. >> steve bannon has been removed from his position on the national security council.
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>> the nomination of neil m. gorsuch of colorado to be an associate justice of the supreme court of the united states is confirmed. jesse: welcome to "watters world." i'm jesse watters. taking action again the baby killers in syria is the most critical move of his presidency so far. thursday evening the united states launched nearly five dozen tomahawk missiles at the airfield assad used to carry out the attack. the action was widely supported by our allies and members of congress. sean spicer joins us now. why do you think assad would take a risk like this? do you think the kremlin gave him license to do it? or do you think he was
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emboldened. >> i can't possibly understand it. but after years being told there were red lines and having those red lines ignored. this president was going to take decisive action. after seeing the images of those children and babies, no one can sit back and do nothing. the president wants to send a message to the world that we can't justify a regime that take this kind of action against its own people. jesse: does he agree with regime change in syria in. >> the idea that you can inflict this kind of suffering and trauma and tragedy on any human become is something that can't happen. we can't put up with the actions
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assad has taken against his own people. when he was informed of this, he asked for a list of options. and over the course of the 48 hours after that, he gave it order to move forward with the launch of 59 tomahawk missiles. jesse: it was a heavy obligation. what was that like behind the scenes. >> it started at 10:30. he asked for additional options. they continued to provide the president updates and options. on board air force one the president met with his national security team, those who were traveling with him. and through skier teleconference. the president again was briefed
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by his national security team and made the final order. order. and then he met again with his national security team in secure setting at 9:00 in the evening to assess the success of the events. jesse: we have seen this happen in the middle east before where they ratchet it up and it slowly escalates. do you think the american public has the stomach for another war in the middle east, and can you assure the american people that this won't happen again where we get bogged down in this muslim country and treasure and blood is lost? sean: obviously there is no outcome we want to see where blood is shed. but we cannot stand by and allow that kind of suffering and carnage to continue. the reason the president took the decisive action he did is because he understands we need
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to have the world community stand in solidarity with us on this action. jesse: so what i'm hearing from you, it's mostly a humanitarian response. it's irresponsible for someone in this century to gas innocent women and children. the united states needed to show this person that this was unacceptable, and there are serious consequences. is that correct? sean: that's right. we had u.n. resolutions and a lot of talk. the response you have seen on a bipartisan basis in our own country and throughout the world is extremely supportive of the president's actions because he took a strong stance against someone who would do this to their own people. jesse: some of the countries that have not lined up him this military stripe, russia and iran. we have a message from the kremlin. it says putin views the u.s.
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strikes on syria as aggression against a sovereign state in violation of the norms of international law and on a made-up pretext. how do you interpret that and ways your response to russia? sean: i think our response was clear last night. the president ordered the firing of 59 tomahawk missiles that all hit their target. night as a country and the rest of the world is standing in solidarity with this president with respect to those actions. jesse: it seems reacting in congress, we have seen democrats and republicans support the strikes. but some people in your own party have said that if further action is going to be taken, the white house will need to seek congressional authorization. do you intend to do that if more strike occur? sean: article two gives the president broad authority to
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conduct these kinds of acts. under the war powers act the president fulfilled his duty when he notified the leaders of both chambers. the authority is clear under article two that the president has the authority to act in the country's national interest and this was a justified and proportional response. jesse: it looks like the airfield was completely obliterated and this did occur during the dinner with the chinese president. what kind of message do you think these decisive actions send to not only russia. but to the chinese leadership, vis-a-vis north korea or the iranians looking to interpret how president trump will act as commander-in-chief? sean: i think it sends two
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messages around the country and the world community. you have a decisive president who will fact our nation's national security interest and humanitarian interests. and there is a new president who will be clear about asserting america's role in the world. and he will take proportional action when justified. jesse: what do you think this bombing does to the narrative that president trump has been colluding with the russians throughout the campaign, because to me looking at this, he bombs syria, but this bombs the entire democratic narrative that president trump is in cahoots with putin. if you are in cahoots with putin, you are not going to bomb his best ally in the middle east, syria. sean: it's a made-up political narrative.
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he's going to do what's in the best interest of the united states. our military team was engaged in a regular course of action of deconflicting because we are both operating in the syria area of operation. there was no contact with moscow in terms of the leadership there prior to the strike. this is a clear signal that this president will do what it takes to act in our national security interest. jesse: thank you very much. up next, when will susan rice testify about spying on team trump and what will she be asked? later, an excuse live look inside the spin stops here tour. and my dressing room demands. >> everything i could ever ask for. fruit and cookies. wait a second. water cap is not loosened.
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hello my name is watson. yep. h&r block and ibm watson together. come see us and get your taxes won. jesse: multiple sources confirm susan rice did know about the surveillance of team trump and was responsible for unmasking american names for political purposes. when first asked about this two weeks ago, she seemed clueless. >> i know nothing about this. i was surprised to see reports from chairman nunes about that today. jesse: now that it's out, she knows something, but is still in denial. >> there were occasion when i would receive a report where a u.s. person was referred to,
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name not provide. sometimes in that context in order to understand the importance of the report and assess its significance it was necessary to request the information as to who thawvment s. official was. jesse: president trump saying she may have committed a crime. joining me on this former house speaker and fox news contributor, newt gingrich. when president trump said susan rice may have committed a crime, every headline in every paper, and the same thing, they said without any evidence. they never write that when democrats make wild accusations. shouldn't they have been looking for evidence? >> they should have been but they are not. they are the opposition propaganda.
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and they are totally one-side. you have the electronic break-in of a transition team in which apparently the president's national security advisor was aware of what was going on and apparently talked about it to some people because he couldn't unlock names unless he talked about it. it is a crime or should be a crime. you have a one-sided news media version because it's propaganda. it's what trump calls fake news. jesse: you bring in susan rice, she is under oath, she is in front of the committee and the cameras are rolling. what would you as a -- as an investigator tell susan rice. >> i would like to seat documents before i brought her in. then i would like to see holes was involved. i would like to talk to
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lower-level people. did you turn this over to her because she asked for it? was it routine to turn over things about national politician to the national security advisor? then i with start by reading back her own statements. this is like benghazi when she went out on every american show and lied to the people about benghazi. now we have her on tape saying oh, gosh, did that really happen? now we have her saying maybe it did really happen. who is kidding who? she is once again lying to the american people. then you want to ask the final question, as the national security advisor i of the president of the united states. did all this really ham and barack obama didn't know about it? jesse: maybe president obama from that island in the south pacific will say he learned
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about it by watching the news. it happened with dianne feinstein, when the obama cia looked in her computer. congressmen say their phones were tapped when they were speaking with israelis in the run-up to the nuclear deal. when people say this could never have happened. look at the history. i don't know why people think this is so out of this world that this could have happened. >> it's very dangerous in a free society to have the government decide it can spy own and inform selectively certain key people, it's all outside the normal law and it's dangerous for all of us as we move forward. jesse: do you have think you will have hearings in the next couple weeks? are people going to start getting up there and testifying under oath?
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>> one never knows. i hope they will redefine the investigation and broaden it to include aught russian influence. and i hope they will ask susan rice to testify before the house and senate. if this isn't illegal i hope they will introduce a bill to make it illegal. you should not be able to spy on a political opponent using the power of the united states government. jesse: we just uncovered about senator elizabeth warren and it's very, very embarrassing. hillary clinton taking no responsibility for her loss. who is to blame it's a long list. get out your pen and paper. you know who likes to be in control? this guy. check it out! self-appendectomy!
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jesse: hillary clinton decided to come out of the woods where she has been hiding since her crushing loss in november to blame everybody but herself. and i mean everybody. >> to what extent do you assign blame to bernie sanders? to the media for focusing on emails? >> how much time do we have? there are lots of contributing factors it was really the weaponization of information. something that putin has used inside russia, outside russia to great effect. i didn't fully understand how impactful that was. certainly misogyny played a
5:24 pm
role. that just had to be admitted. i think it is fair to say that the outside intervention, the combination of the comey letter on october 28, wikileaks which played a much bigger role than many people understand yet, as the determinative effect. jesse: staff writer for "the federalist" bre peyton joins us now. judge by what she just said her book will probably be an encyclopedia on why she lost. >> she is the perfect example of a feminist. she represents everything that's problematic about feminism. modern feminism tells girls if you fail, you can blame everyone
5:25 pm
else and cry sexism instead taking responsibility for your own failures. she should be saying i'm out of touch and don't represent the country. she is saying russia hacked the election necessity quotes because putin doesn't like strong women. jesse: so putin is a sexist now. >> that's where the russians in quotes intervened in our election. jesse: i think one of the main reasons why she lost is she makes excuses. look that was not her fault at all. it was everybody else's fault. and her secret server. and i think the country wanted leadership, and i think they could tell a leader always makes sure that they take the blame when they are responsible.
5:26 pm
so if they are not a leader, they don't do that. >> i think as a voter saying i don't know why this happened over and over again. this email server with benghazi with the failure of two presidential bids, i would look at that and say why is she so incompetent? why would i vote for her. it's just level of incompetence. even her closest aides said and revealed in their correspondence with one another. >> something she is confident about is securing a big money book deal. i think she can cry all the way to the bank. speak of the clintons, the daughter chelsea was on the cbs morning show this morning and was also up against ivanka, another first daughter. i want to play you a video how these two first daughters were treated by the same exact show
5:27 pm
and you tell me if you see bias. >> you also talk about the critics and you have a couple saying why isn't ivanka speak out? where is she on planned parenthood and the rights of women and climate change. it's like you are being held personally accountable for not speaking out. what do you say to your critics. >> i would say don't conflate lack of public announcement with being complicit. if being complicit is wanting to -- is wanting to be a force for good, and to make a positive impact, then i'm conflicted. >> is there anybody else in the clinton household thinking about running? and by that i mean you. you could take your book on the road while you are campaigning. i feel like it's deja vu with
5:28 pm
your mom all over again. jesse: the exact same show, same anchors, same first daughters. just a "d" and an "r" next to their names. did you notice a differential in the presentation? >> there is a clear difference. they patted chelsea on the head and asked her why she is going to run. i think it reason why there is such a double standard is because ivanka's dad is a republican. i don't remember anyone asking chel see why are you being complicit in your mom's failure and her lying and her cover-up with benghazi. jesse: i think dan rather is still haunting the halls at cbs. unbelievable case study in bias right there.
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got to run, bre. have a great night. trump strikes back. america back in the arena. will our enemies get the message? mark steyn here next. what happens when dennis admiral and bill o'reilly and i go on the road together? behind the scenes footage you don't want to miss. thank you! imagine if the things you bought every day earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, 2 united club passes... priority boarding... and 50,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you.
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whether it's connecting one of or bringing wifi to 65,000 fans. campuses. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink. reporter: good evening. turkey's president calling on russia to stop supporting the assad government in syria. president erdogan said it's clear assad's government carried out the chemical weapons attack.
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victims of a deadly attack in stockholm being honored. police have a suspect in custody who has been on theirway radar in the past. in oslo, norway, a section of the street is or donned off, a bomb squad it on the scene. i'm julie ban der is. now back to "watters world." jesse: syrian president assad attacking the same town he gassed. vladimir putin livid at the military strike, calling it illegal. but will it make russia reconsider helping that dictator? mark steyn joins me now.
5:34 pm
do you think assad and putin got the message trump sent in. mark: i think the world got the message the last 8 years is over. if you happen to catch this president's eye, he's not going to put his hand on his hip and strike an attitude, he may well act in ways you don't want to be on the receiving end of. putting that big question mark over what he's going to do with concentrate in a lot of people's mind. assad and putin and a lot of them. jesse: you always want that air of unpredictablity. we know assad used gas to kill these civilians? where did the gas come from? the obama administration touted the deal they brokered with russia, they were going to get rid of the gas and chemical weapons.
5:35 pm
listen to what the obama team said back in the day. >> we were able to find a solution that actually removed the chemical weapons that were known from syria in a way use force would never have accomplished. >> we got 100% of the chemical weapons out. >> people may criticize us for not launching missiles against assad. we didn't, because they got rid of the chemical weapons and that in fact was very important. jesse: team obama is either dumb or they are liars. which one do you think it is? mark: the purpose of the obama-putin deal was not to get rid of the chemical weapons, but to get rid of obama's obligation to do anything about the chemical weapons. he said there was a red line and
5:36 pm
you better not cross it. ashould said nuts to that and crossed it and the world was laughing at him. putin very generously offered to help obama off the hook with a phoney baloney deal. i can't honestly believe john kerry seriously thinks at any point 100% of chemical weapons were removed from syria. jesse: you mentioned phoney baloney. listen to a theory that's been floaght around on msnbc about the attack vis-a-vis trump and vladimir putin. >> wouldn't it be nice if it was just completely totally absolutely impossible to suspect that vladimir putin orchestrated
5:37 pm
what happened in syria this week so that his friend in the white house could have a big night with missiles and all of the praise he's picked up the last 24 hours. wouldn't it be so nice if you couldn't even in your wildest dreams couldn't imagine a scenario like that. >> is it a 2%, 50% chance? i don't think it's a zero percent chance and it used to be with every other president prior to donald trump. jesse: i'm just laughing. i don't even know what to say. mark rar there is a conspiracy theory i can get behind. if you are asaid and putin has gone to the trouble of putting you back on your thrown and said you are my number one client in the east in, we are partners all the way, and then the big story now is that putin has another
5:38 pm
soft puppet in washington and he decides to save the washington soft puppet's hand in helping him dethrone his damascus soft puppet. i couldn't follow the last bond film. this is even better. putin and trump were twints separated at birth. they have been planning this since 1953. jesse: all day on msnbc they say trump is the dumbest president of all times. but at nighttime they say he's so smart he orchestrated this international conspiracy behind everybody's back. mark: the good news about this is when putin and trump go to war, whatever side they are on, we'll be on the winning side.
5:39 pm
jesse: we'll touch on susan rice. i want to show you a screen of how the rice coverage was covered, and this was about her unmasking these trump people, and then if you contrast that with how the nunes story was covered, look at all those segments. over 40 segments to zero. what does that tell you. cnn speculate for days about a missing airplane but they don't want to speculate about the next watergate. mark: they wouldn't be able to cover the nunes investigation except nunes is being investigated because he was investigating susan rice for investigating donald trump. i call on chuck schumer to
5:40 pm
investigate the investigation into devin nunes until he gets to the bottom of it. jesse: that's as confusion as the msnbc theory. lindsey lohan in a you are about kinney. why? here is a hint. for islamic conversion. the spin stops here with yours truly. >> let's face it he has not nearly the tall tent as miller and me. jess require many miller and i by the way. [waitress] more coffee? [student] yeah, thanks. [student] oh yeah for sure... [waitress] yeah ok [student] i can just quit school and get a job.
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wait a second. water cap is not loosened. unacceptable. look at this. only the best for "watters world." a shower. head to hair perfect. >> let's face it, he has not nearly the talent as bill or me. bill: that's admiral and me at the end of the sentence. jesse: it would be a direct sentence. bill: see what happens when you drop out of high school? we begin the spin stop here tour. my question is are you in shape
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for this? >> first they put on a four-minute video, then we'll introduce you. >> ladies and gentlemen. spin stops here. welcome jesse watters. jesse: i'm watters and this is my world. o'reilly just told me backstage if i screw this up his next book will be called "killing watters." it will just be another one of bill's bikes haven't read. >> have you ever argued about an expense report you turned in after being on assignment. jesse: thank goodness bill don't do my expense reports because if he did we would.
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>> how many people don't know what they are talking about when you asked them questions. >> i can't tell anybody i voted for trump, i can't wear my trump t-shirt or my trump hat because i'm scared the left will both the [bleep] out of me. when can i do that? jesse: tonight. >> love when they tell you have she is a regular guy and she goes into econom -- into chicag. >> what's your favorite john wayne movie? bill: >> "the shootist." they changed the script because there was a line shoots some one
5:48 pm
in the back and he refused to do it. >> i always like to ask you how the book sales are going. "killing lincoln" sold so well that lincoln's corpse came out and bought a copy. i'm writing a book called "killing anybody who is still alive." bill: thanks for coming out to see us. we appreciate it, northwest. thank you! bill: going home now. 4 1/2 hours. we landed 4:00 a.m. eastern time. that's when watters starts to party. jesse: i'm going to drink on the plane. bill: we have a parachute for you watters. jesse: very good.
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jesse: ken dane hip right i. peta is claiming milk is a symbol of white supremacy. they released this video.
5:53 pm
what about chocolate milk. is that for black panthers? peta, there is no use crying over spilled milk. apparently lindsey lohan has seen the light. rumors circulating that she may have converted to islam. why, i don't know. she read her bikini for a you are about kinney. -- for a you are abou a burkes. black lives matters in philadelphia bans white people from their facebook page. they are practicing racism. speak of black lives matter, a student was applying to stanford
5:54 pm
and wrote "black lives matter" 100 times in a row. and stanford accepted him. >> congratulations. remember the women's march, gals marching all over country to protest trump's inauguration, the silly resist answer hats? well, they are not selling very well. they original retailed for $20 and are now selling for 99 cents it seems like it's the only part of the trump economy that's not booming. first lady melania just posed for her official first portrait. the liberals found a reason to bash her.
5:55 pm
in quomost of the comment tier s on her face which looks airbrushed. for cosmopolitan magazine to complain with air brush is like playboy magazine complaining about too much skin. last and certainly not least. elizabeth warren's female staffers made less than male staffers. the liberal massachusetts senator has a huge gender pay gap in her own office. it's 10% wider than the national average. women working for warren per pay the 71 cents for every dollar paid to men.
5:56 pm
senator warren, it's time to practice what you breech. up next -- what you preach. up next, kid rock's special message for china. >> in your face, china. ok, this is interesting. there we go. there's the little tingle. i feel this electrical pulse grabbing at my muscles. level 3. 5. i'm pleasantly surprised. it was more powerful than i was expecting it to be. it worked. what can i say? i believe aleve. learn more and read reviews at
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ask your doctor about cialis. ess president trump meeting with china's president to discuss trade. but not every singer is feeling the love like kid rock. roll the tape. >> this one is for china. in your face, china.
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jesse: kid rock loves china. he's just selling his own grills that are made here in america. remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] judge jeanine: right now on "justice." >> tonight i ordered a targeted military strike. judge jeanine: the military might of america is back. >> after the broken red line and weakness we have seen syria turned into a war zone. judge jeanine: syria, russia and the world are put on notice, there is a new sheriff in the white house. >> i would say this about president obama. i'm proud of him. judge jeanine: the president's main man on terrorism, sebastian gorka is


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