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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  April 8, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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jesse: kid rock loves china. he's just selling his own grills that are made here in america. remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] judge jeanine: right now on "justice." >> tonight i ordered a targeted military strike. judge jeanine: the military might of america is back. >> after the broken red line and weakness we have seen syria turned into a war zone. judge jeanine: syria, russia and the world are put on notice, there is a new sheriff in the white house. >> i would say this about president obama. i'm proud of him. judge jeanine: the president's main man on terrorism, sebastian gorka is here live.
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senator rand paul said president trump should have waited for congressional authorization before going after assad. >> the appropriate way is to ask our authorization. judge jeanine: does he just chemically gas he baby in the place? america is getting tough again, america is getting great again and justice starts now. welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. the world reacting to america's military strike against syria. it's time for the gop and the country to unite behind the commander-in-chief. kellyanne conway is here in new york with me live. plus sebastian gorka standing by to talk about the strike and what's next for the united
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states and the region. later i'll be joined by corey lewandowski, senator rand paul, but first my opening statement. when president trump ordered a targeted strike on the military base in syria he demonstrated swift and decisive leadership. his clarity, determination and compassion for the most weak among us without the accustomed indifference, whimpering, dithering, vacillating more equivalency of the other guy reflects not on his courage, strength and honor, but finally the resurgence and the reawakening of america the great. this is what we voted for. and now it's time for the republicans in congress to learn from our commander-in-chief, to put on their big boy pant and start learning how to fight like
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our leader. during -- daring congress to get things done, not fight publicly over things like healthcare bills which should have been resolved before you trumpeted the hidden treasure you apparently never had. the tt needs a team behind him, one that doesn't step aside every time a democrat complains or accuses you of something. can't you see you are being played in their united front against president trump? their ability to create partisan side shows amounting to nothing more than distractions are worthy of houdini. it was nancy pelosi who allowed left wing outside activist groups to make congressional ethics complaints. all this crazy necessary is debunked by obama national
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intelligence director clearp, former acting cia director mike morell an and adam schiff. michael flynn, national security advisor gone, because among other things, his name unmasked improperly if not illegally by susan rice. attorney general jeff sessions, a man of the highest hon year and integrity who sat across the table from a russian just like nancy pelosi did has recused himself from overseeing an f.b.i. inquiry in. in spite of the fact there is by all accounts absolutely no evidence of any collusion that democratic spiteful united front against the president simply complained and nunes went south.
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what is wrong with the republicans? even f.b.i. director jim comey reportedly not cooperating with anyone, now he's on his own. hillary clinton and her husband were cashing in on the sale of u.s. uranium to russia. money, cash, was actually crossing hand. where was the republican outrage, the hearings, the demand for recusals, the ethics investigation? susan rice lied about benghazi, bowe bergdahl, knowing nothing about the unmasking of michael flynn and days later she admit she did unmask but it wasn't for political purposes. 2014 she says all chemical weapons stockpiled in syria removed. guess not. if you need more, rice was the director of african affairs during the genocide in rwanda and she objected to the word "genocide" because of the effect
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it might have on the democratic mid-term elections. the woman is a liar. these are liars with no shame, no remorse, no accountability, and no recusals. you republicans aloud it and now you are buckling to these partisan side shows, taking away from our president the support he needs to get the job done. he's shown you how to do it. so strap in, budge and start fighting like your leader. that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook page or twitter #judgejeanine. kellyanne, i think america cheered off thursday night as we watched for the first time in state years it was like the america that we group with was back. a president in charge.
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never a politician. but a man who understood right and wrong and good and evil and took action. decisive. >> he was resolute and unequivocal, strong. the international community has failed to take action to change the behavior of assad in syria. he was candid about how moved he was at the images of the children choke. i think it was a remarkable week for our republican president donald trump in washington in this way. what leader mcconnell was able to do that we now have for the first time in 2006, we have a republican presidential nominee confirmed in the united states supreme court it's simply remarkable. it will impact generations. and leader mcconnell kept that
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seat open and shepherded judge gorsuch through. he's now the united states supreme court justice gorsuch in a way that brought his conference together and exposed the democrats as being the party obstruction. we want their help. we have yet to get the influx of democrats saying we want to help with healthcare reform. judge jeanine: what i'm saying is the republicans in congress have to take a script or a page from the president and start delivering as well as this caucus and this tuesday group. just delivering the way he did. >> in the two weeks since the first bill was pulled in healthcare, you have seen a lot of progress, conversation
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continuing to move forward in an ideologically diverse caucus. you have got republican members who sit in districts that are plus 8 or 10 democratic. you have republicans in districts 20-plus republicans. this country put a republican house, senate and president in for the first time in years. they want progress. and progress takes time. i spoke to a congressman whose amendment is now part of the bill. that amendment actually will bring premiums down which is important to folks while allowing after three years of a federal program for states to opt in or opt out. it's a great example of the progress that's been made. judge jeanine: if you look at the pictures we have shown during the open. this all about the democrats pushing back.
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but when they were in the lead to push back, people like susan rice, and i'll ask my next guest about the iran deal and whether we can count on that one. but why didn't we do that to them? they are expert at pushing us and pushing us and claiming the moral high ground. >> guess who pushed back? the people. the people took back their party. they were told for years you can't win, donald trump can't win. donald trump pushed back and he disrupted the system in a way people aren't used to. and it's already bringing confidence. people feel good about spending their money. this is progress. having a supreme court justice, it ended up being a footnote because of the strains on leadership and the actions in syria. three bilateral meetings on
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north korea. judge jeanine: the president is working 24/7. >> he's leading here and he's leading the members in the house and senate as well. he's meeting them in person and on healthcare. he take many didn't inputs and insights from many different people. expect that to keep evolving. it was a wonderful week for presidential leadership. judge jeanine: that it was for presidential leadership. thank you for being with us tonight. joining me now from our nation's capital, dr. sebastian gorka. i'll better feeling great tonight. >> it has been an amazing week. that was quite an opening statement, judge. judge jeanine: all i want is for the president to have the support he needs.
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i have strong feelings about people who lie. and i'll start with the last question i was going to start with. do i have to worry about the iran deal? does america have to worry about it? given the deal they worked out with russia. you want to talk about a bromance, maybe obama had bromance with putin in iran when he worked out the negotiations for the chemical weapons they had over there. >> one more thing on that, judge. who told us that syria no longer had chemical weapons? it wasn't just the russians. it was also susan rice. isn't that interesting. judge jeanine: it's not a surprise to me. once a liar, always a liar. i used to tell my juries that all the time. you have got president, he's having dinner with the president of china, and, you know, it was like coffee, tea, cruise missiles.
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it was like no one managed that this was going on. but that's donald trump. the man can do a million thing at once. the message loud to assad, putin and jim jong-un. do you think he got message? >> i know he got the message. we have in just a few days reasserted states manship in a way that has been look for almost a decade. diplomacy, words, treaties, they mean nothing. if there isn't force to back it up. with just one strike that message was sent to all these people. and isn't it interesting how quiet h -- quiet tehran has been the last couple days. i think that tells us a lot. judge jeanine: is there truth that the deconfliction channels
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between moscow and china were down? >> the administration in the kremlin said they don't want to use it. there is always showmanship. the movement of that russian vessel as well. but they have to make some kind of noise. but it's only noise, judge. judge jeanine: i agree. now the question is, when people say what is the end game, is there an end game here? >> there is an end game. but let me tell you one thing. i bumped into the vice president coming into the west wing right after the attack. he stopped and said what a night, what did you think of that? i said superb, mr. vice president. he said we sent a message to the world. nobody gets to use chemical weapons against woinl and children. do you think they heard the message? i had one reply to him. yes, mr. vice president. judge jeanine: america showing its leadership on the world stage.
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the issue of that trump-putin bromance hopefully is dead and gone at this point. but i think the last question is when nikki haley at the u.n. warned we would do more if need, do you think the president mr. go to congress to ask permission? >> the second article of the constitution allows the president to do all kinds of military actions short of a declaration of war. we are not going to give our playbook away. that's what the last administration did. we'll do everything that's required legally. but the president had the wide latitude to deal with these kinds of threats, especially when they are in contravention of international law. judge jeanine: his acting is significant given that obama drew that line in the sand and 500,000 people dead, 5 million
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displaced. former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski still on deck tonight. plus -- >> we go to war, the president should come to us and ask our permission. judge jeanine: senator rand paul jis its "justice." i'll talk to him about that coming up. what could be next in this critical region? i'm joined by colonel david hunt.0% fall don't military. "justice" rolls on. add one a day men's complete with key nutrients we may need. plus heart-health support with b vitamins. one a day men's in gummies and tablets. as america's #1 professional lawn care company,ing. trugreen can tailor a plan that turns
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judge jeanine: a u.s. navy carrier head for a post call in australia it reversed course and is heading back the two terse off the korean peninsula after recent provocations from north korea. colonel hunts, that just coming in. do you know anything about this? >> there are two reasons -- aircraft carriers normally don't travel by themselves. they come in a group with a lot of ships and marines.
6:21 pm
there are two reasons to do this. one is to sends a signal to north korea or get preparations for an attack. i hope it's the first, to send a message to north korea. the latter is war. that's a very tough one. but that's a serious movement, the north koreans know we are doing it. chinese know we are doing it. it's a signal and i hope that's all it is. give north korea pushback. judge jeanine: do we know the name of this particular ship or vessel? >> no, i don't. i note bush is in the persian gulf, and i'm just an army guy. i don't know the names of all the aircraft carriers. but it's a significant movement when you move an aircraft carrier and reverse its course. judge jeanine: my producer is
6:22 pm
telling me it's the u.s.s. carl vinson. >> we have the best aircraft carriers in the world. but it's a weapon of war it's a wonderful ship. however, it's a serious movement. and after what happened in syria, that's a signal to the world. those two combination are signaling the world that we are getting serious. >> you spent decades in the military in many different wars or theaters. don't you feel like america is strong again? >> okay. that's a political question. you are my friend. but i do the military stuff. we have had 16 years of war. we have the finest military on the planet, period. so from my stands point, we
6:23 pm
have -- it has put a strain on an all-volunteer army. only 1% of the country is actually fighting. normally we don't pay much attention at soldier level who is president. so from a military standpoint we have a great military. judge jeanine: what i'm saying is we have a commander-in-chief who not only respects the military but he will give them the funding they need. last commander-in-chief wanted to reduce army to preworld war ii levels and get rid of subject marines and sequestration. at least we have someone who respects the military and will be giving them the tools they need. >> we are getting a serious upgrade the coast guard and navy need.
6:24 pm
but these guys are phenomenal. 16 years of war is a long time. judge jeanine: why did the russians not try to take down the cruise missile? >> why didn't they? first because we told them ahead of time that we are coming. and we kind of said don't do that. if they had knocked down our cruise missiles, they could have gone the some, then we would have been forced to take down their anti-aircraft capability and now you are in an air war with russia. nobody wants to do that. there were russian soldiers at the base that we blew up and we didn't hit any of them. judge jeanine: there is a recognition, there was a limitation and a reason in the president and the way he acted with a great deal of forethought. though it was clearly intended to send a message. but also intended not to look like i'll fight with anybody.
6:25 pm
it's not out of control, it was strategic and specific. >> 59 cruise missiles, 1,000 pounds flying 500 feet off the ground. it was a statement to assad, don't ever do what you just did. when you move an aircraft carrier you are send sending an even bigger message. judge jeanine: senator rand paul and corey lewandowski are still on tap. but we'll get deeper into the syria situation and talk about our newest people sort justice, neil gorsuch. what a week for the trump administration.e i'll talk about it with the panel next. like bass pro mesh cs for under $4. the all new johnny morris carbonlite 2.0 baitcast reel for under $100. and bring the kids for a free picture with the easter bunny.
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we always take time getting to know you, so we can ensure you hear what matters most in your world. grandpa! (vo) call, click or come in today to learn how to start your better days. miracle-ear...hear a better day. [music] [music] reporter: the u.s. navy says the aircraft carrier carl vinson is
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heading to watters off the korean peninsula. the carrier had been scheduled for a port-of-call in australia. orders coming after recent provocations by north korea which recently launched a number of ballistic missiles in the watters off japan. in sweden, victims of a deadly attack in stockholm are being honored. candles and flours were laid out at the scene where a struck crashed into a department store killing at least four people and injuring dozens of others. in norway, police found what is described as a bomb-like device and one person is in custody. i'm robert gray. now back to the judge. judge jeanine: senator rand paul and his reaction to the syria
6:31 pm
attacks are still to come. david avella, from g d from gop. with this cruise missile launch thursday in syria on the chemical weapons, we have it seems both the right and the left applauding. you have schumer and pelosi and people who never had a good thing to say, you have got mccain and lindsey. what do you think in terms of your perspective very quickly? the right thing to do? >> you said the nail on the head. the mainstream of the republican and democratic party support this. this should have happened a long time ago. assad has been acting with
6:32 pm
impunity for long six years. i have a view it will change the dynamic in syria. assad knows he has to answer for his crimes against humanity. the missile strikes were a measured response. the type of aircraft that were being used to do the chemical weapons strike on the syrians in syria. this is a win for trump, the u.s., and for u.s. policy in the region. i have been writing since 2012 that we should have done it and i'm glad it happened. judge jeanine: if barack obama hadn't sat on his tail we wouldn't be looking at 500,000 dead. what do you say to anne coulter and nigel farage nationalism and not getting involved in other wars.
6:33 pm
>> their views are equally relevant. but the president has to make the decision how to best carry forward on american principles. the america the world saw this last week is the america it has known for most of the last century. we are a country willing to stand up for humanitarian efforts. we are willing to help spread democracy and capitalism. and that's what happened this week. you have to think for a second there was other messages sent there. the president called the president of china before he did it, and you wonder did he say to the chinese president, tell your friend in north korea to watch the news tonight. judge jeanine: i think he was having dinner with him at the time. let's move on from that. susan rice if either of you heard my open. the woman as far as i'm concerned has lied about everything from bowe bergdahl to
6:34 pm
benghazi to no she knows nothing about unmasking to i did unmask but it wasn't for political purposes. a horrible position saying in rwanda 800,000 killed. we don't want to get into this in the middle of an election. since she said the chemical weapons had been eliminated from syria in her deal with the russians. .we have to worry about the deal with tehran and nuclear weapons given that the obama administration and kerry were also involved in the chemical weapons deal that obviously fell through? david? >> yes, we have to be worried about it. what i would say is the iran deal was not the best deal we could have struck at the time. and if the trump administration wants to modify it and make it stronger, i encourage them to do that. we haven't heard any proposals
6:35 pm
yet for them to do that. we should be making sure iran is complying with the deal. part of the problem with the deal is wail it forces iran to give up its nuclear ambitions, it does nothing to keep iran from fomenting violence and terrorism around the world man the middle east. judge jeanine: given the obama administration's lack of truthfulness as it relates to syria and chemical weapons, do we have to worry about tehran and the nuclear weapons deal? >> yes, absolutely. that's why it is good the president is taking forceful action, making sure not on our allies but also our enemies, know that we have a president ready to defend america. let me go to susan rice for just a second. history will show the obama administration is not much more than an organized crime syndicate.
6:36 pm
she is either incompetent or lying about all of this. whether it be the surveillance that she says she didn't do or chemical as you said, judge, she is either lying or incompetent. >> that's own outrageous statement not banged up by the facts. we need an independent counsel or special commission to investigate this. they should investigate the ties between russia and the trump campaign. she should also investigate what susan rice did. but so far there are no facts for him to make that egregious, outrageous statement. judge jeanine: we have syria, obama, chemical weapons and it didn't work. thank you. a man who had a front-row seat as donald trump made tough decisions. corey lewandowski is with me next.
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judge jeanine: with me now, donald trump's former campaign manager corey lewandowski. good evening. i want to talk about susan rice for a moment, and her role in the obama administration. and juxtaposed against what is happening with republicans now in congress as the democrats and their united front go against every republican, accusing them of ethics violations. when this woman is the poster child for making representation that are not true. >> the republicans have been so weak the last 20 years and haven't had a united front like
6:42 pm
the democrats do. the democrats are so good at standing by if someone on their team have not played by the rules like susan rice. she unmasked americans citizens picked up on intercept. she says it wasn't political. of course, it was. the democrats are saying she has done nothing wrong, she is a pillar of the community. she probably violated the law. if you look at the attorney general's plane that just happened to be next to bill clinton's plane. this is insane. what happened is the democrats are so very good at standing by next to each other when something goes wrong and the republicans run and hide, they recuse themselves and say we don't want any notion of impropriety, even when nothing was done wrong, this is what happens. that's why they haven't had a strong leader in a while. now we have donald trump to
6:43 pm
change that. judge jeanine: the whole idea of susan rice basically running a sting operation as a national security advisor when you have other agencies that do investigations is stunning to me. her position on rwanda where 800,000, a genocide committed there, she said we can't use the word genocide when she was in charge of african affairs because it would be bad for the mid-term elections. but let's talk about another woman house the height of honesty. hillary clinton. she says the russian hacking had a great effect on her loss in the election. again the russians. why did she lose? >> she loss because she had a server sitting in some guy's bathroom in pennsylvania where every kid who is 12 years old or older had access. she said the secret service was guarding it like they were
6:44 pm
standing next to it. when ed henry said did you white server cleaner, she takes out this cloth-like thing and says did i wipe it clean? she lost because she was dishonest with the american people, she couldn't connect with women. she lost counties where barack obama had won before. a great number in if the african-american and asian community. she couldn't connect with working women or whites because they are tired of liars. that's why she lost. and her new book coming out will say why i lost. because i was the worst candidate in history. judge jeanine: obviously that's not what's going to happen. thursday night we saw donald trump as a man of both strength and compassion. saying the beautiful babies and the impact it had on him as a father and grandfather. the fact that these children of
6:45 pm
god and his reference to god and america and god bless the world. that was an amazing combination of strength, compassion, as well as just determination. that's the man you would expect based on the man you worked with? >> judge, i know the president very, very well. he's the last person who ever wants to put the united states into a position they shouldn't be involved in. but when you have a dictator killing his own children and women. it shouldn't be acceptable to anybody. the president stepped in and said we'll not tolerate this. this is not acceptable on the world stage and we'll step in and make sure this never happens again. something must be done. assad must be brought to justice. and the president is strong enough to do that. judge jeanine: thank you, corey lewandowski. rand paul joins me next. stay with us.
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judge jeanine: earlier i spoke with senator rand paul about president obama's decision to strike syria. senator paul, thanks so much for being with us. interesting times. you like everyone else pretty
6:50 pm
much agrees that atrocities that occurred in syria are to be condemned. but you take a different tack. you believe the president's answers are wrong. tell us why. >> we just spent a lengthy week approving justice gorsuch. what a lot of republicans like about limb is he adhere to the law, i am the same way as a legislator. we should look to our founding favorites. they said that the power to declare war resides in the legislature explicitly. they did not give it to the executive. when we go to war, the president should come to us and ask our permission. he's essentially asking for permission from the people to go to war. judge jeanine: i don't think there is anyone who would disagree with you. but the question is, did we go
6:51 pm
to war with the cruise missiles on those chemical weapons or was it a one-off that was necessary and if there is to be further action it might be necessary to get congressional approval. >> the thing is, we don't know what is in the minds of the president. but we know hi historically we e had similar situation. saddam hussein was a despot. gassed the kurds. kinds of the same situation in iraq. but when george bush decided to go into the war, they always begin with bombing. he did ask for permission from congress. so the appropriate way is to ask our permission. the danger is we would be at war everywhere all the time and we have been sat war for 15 years without any new voting by congress, and i think it's a big mistake. judge jeanine: i don't think anyone would disagree with you. we are in too many theaters. but you have 500,000 people
6:52 pm
killed in syria. 5 million displaced all over the world. at some point -- even chuck schumer agrees what happened was horrific, and this guy assad -- >> i guess my question would be, war has caused these refugees to flee and caused the death. so will more war accelerating the current involvement will there be less refugees and less death? i would say ther there will be e death and more refugees. i don't know that our bombing will lead to peace. judge jeanine: if we don't get involved. what does he do, just chemically gas every woman and child until he's doing it on his own. >> it many absolutely deplorable. but atrocity is not an excuse to disobey the constitution. throughout africa * as we speak,
6:53 pm
there are warlords stealing the food and babies with swollen stomaches who are in the process of dying today because of war chiefs. but we don't bomb every thief and murderer in africa. we can't be involved everywhere. we need to think about what comes after assad. is our goal to displace assad or just send a bunch of bombs up and say you have got to listen. the other thing is if we displace assad, are the other people on the other side bert or are they equally as bad as assad? judge jeanine: isn't that a question you asked if you are involved in a war, and based on the fact there was a national security interest? you have got al qaeda, al-nusra, isis and chemical weapons and not to mention russia and john kerry and obama were supposed to
6:54 pm
get rid of those chemical weapons. >> a couple things we don't know. we don't know if there is is the beginning of a war or one-off. some of those groups you listed are supposedly on our side against assad. al news a and isis hate assad equally as much as they hate us. some of the groups we have given anti-tank what he phones have said when they are done with assad they are going to attack israel and take back the golan heights. judge jeanine: the message is clear. we have a president who is strong and he ran on this. he said i'm not going to telegraph what i'm going to do. >> i would offer another scenario. and i like the president with i'm a supporter of the president. i like the president personally and professionally. i like the president.
6:55 pm
but what i would say there is another way toee appear strong. one thing the knee so cons would hate would be to actually talk to putin. unfortunately all this russia mess has made it hard to talk to putin. but an international deal with putin that gets rid of assad is part of the answer. that's probably more likely to happen with russia's cooperation than without. judge jeanine: it's always great having you on just i. we'll be right back. getting heartburn doesn't mean i take a break... means i take rolaids®. rolaids® goes to work instantly neutralizing 44% more acid than tums® for fast, powerful relief of your worst heartburn. i trust my rolaids®. r-o-l-a-i-d-s spells relief.
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