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tv   Watters World  FOX News  April 8, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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greg: all right. thanks to kimberly, rob, kat and tyrus. [cheers and applause] thanks to the studio audience. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> tonight -- >> tonight i ordered a targeted military strike on airfield in syria. jesse: president trump finally enforcing president obama's red line. but is it enough? and what does this mean for russia? sean spicer, mark steyn and newt gingrich all here to discuss. >> we've seen no evidence that she's done anything improper, and it seems like an effort to tar and feather her. jesse: the media circling the wagons around susan rice, but are our own intelligence agencies helping them? >> goes out first because, let's face it, he has not nearly the
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talent than miller and me -- jesse: and miller and i, by the way. i'm watt terse, and this is my world. watters world begins right now. >> the fact that it involved our campaign and our transition should be deeply troubling to anyone. >> president trump telling fox news he believes that susan rice may have committed a crime. >> the purpose was for something political, that's completely impermissible. >> when you kill innocent babies with a chemical gas that is so lethal, that crosses many, many lines beyond a red line. >> breaking news from overnight as the u.s. strikes syria with dozens of tomahawk missiles. >> bombshell from the white house, president trump's chief strategist, steven ban non, has been removed from his position on the national security council. >> the nomination of neil m.
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gorsuch of colorado to be an associate justice of the supreme court of the united states is confirmed. jesse: welcome to watters world, i'm jessie watters. taking military action against the baby killers in syria is the most critical move of president trump's presidency so far. the chemical attack happened tuesday, and thursday evening the united states launched nearly five dozen tomahawk missiles at the airfields that assad used to carry out the attack. the decisive action was widely supported by our allies and both parties in congress. white house press secretary sean spicer joins us now. sean, let me just ask you straight up why do you think assad would take a risk like this? do you think that the kremlin gave him license to do it, or do you think he was emboldened by talk from the white house? what do you think? >> i couldn't possibly
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understand it, but i do know that after years of being told that there were red lines and having these red lines ignored, president was going to take decisive and justified action. after seeing those images of children and babies, no one can sit back and do nothing. the president gave that order because he wants to send a message to the world that we can't justify this type of regime that takes action like this against its own people. jesse: right, and does the person now believe in regime change in syria? because, you know, months ago he did not. has he changed his mind? >> well, i think the question isn't just changing the regime, it's changing the actions of syria. the idea that you can inflict this kind of suffering and trauma and tragedy upon any human being is something that can't happen. i think there's a degree of reality that we have to understand in terms of the political reality on the ground, but we can't put up with the actions that assad has taken against his own people. there's a u.n. ban on him using chemical weapons. he violated that, and the
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president took action. when he was informed of this last tuesday by his intelligence team during his normal presidential briefing, he asked for a list of options over the course of the 48 hours that preceded that, he consulted with his national security team before ultimately giving the order to move forward with the launch of 59 tomahawk missiles. jesse: it's a very heavy obligation. what was that like behind the scenes? >> again, this started at 10:30 on tuesday, he met with his national security team, he asked for additional options, there was a deputies' meeting convened later that decade, they continued to provide the president options, on thursday aboard air force one at approximately 1:00 enroute to florida, the president again met with his national security team, those who were traveling with him and the rest by secure teleconference. they continued to provide him updates. at about 4:00 once on the ground in a secure setting, the president again was briefed by
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his national security team. he made the final order, and then was able to gather again with his national security team in a secure setting at approximately 9:00 in the evening to assess the success of the events. jesse: my question to you is we've seen this happen in the middle east before where they just ratchet it up and it slowly escalates. do you think the american public has the stomach for another war in the middle east? and you assure the american people that this won't happen again where we get bogged down in this muslim country and, you know, treasure and blood is lost? >> well, obviously, there's no outcome that we want to see american lives shed, but at the same time every human being has to look at the images that occurred in syria the other day and understand that we cannot stand by and allow that kind of carnage to continue. and the reasons the president took the decisive action that he did was because he understands that we need to have the world community stand in solidarity
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with us on this action. jesse: so what i'm hearing from you is this was mostly a humanitarian response. it's unacceptable in the 21st century for someone like this to gas innocent women and children, and the united states as the leader of the free world needed to show this person that this was unacceptable and that there are serious consequences. is that correct? >> well, that's right. that's right. i mean, we've had u.n. resolutions and a lot of talk. this was time for action. and i think the world community -- the response that you've seen on a bipartisan basis here in our own country and throughout the world is extremely supportive of the president's action because it's time that the united states showed leadership in this realm and took a very strong stance against someone who would do this to their own people. jesse: now, some of the countries that have not lined up behind this military strike -- russia and iran, obviously -- we have a message from the kremlin, we have a quote here. it says putin views the u.s. strikes on syria as aggression
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against a southern state in violation -- a sovereign state in violation of the norms of international law and on a made-up pretext. i don't know what a made-up pretext means. how do you interpret that, and what's your response to russia? >> >> well, i think our response was pretty clear last night. the president ordered the firing of 59 tomahawk missiles that all hit their target to make it very clear that the united states isn't going to sit back and allow this to occur. we spoke with one voice last night as a country, and i think the rest of the world is standing in solidarity with this president with respect to those actions. jesse: it seems just reacting in congress we've seen democrats and republicans support these strikes. but some people in your own party have said that if further action's going to be taken, the white house is going to need to seek congressional authorization. do you intend to do that if more strikes occur? >> well, article ii gives the president broad authority to conduct these kind of acts, and
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under the war powers act the president fulfilled his duties last night. we informed congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle and both chambers. they've been extremely supportive of the president's actions, so he fulfilled his obligations, and i think the authority is very clear under article ii that the president has authority to act in national security interests and this was clearly a justified and proportionate response to our national security interests in the region. jesse: it looks like the airfield was completely obliterated, and this did occur during the dinner with the chinese president. what kind of message do you think these very decisive actions send to not only russia, but to the chinese leadership vis-a-vis north korea or the iranians or any other country that is kind of looking to interpret how president trump is going to act as commander in chief? >> well, i think it sends two messages both to our own people here around the country when it
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comes to our national secured and -- national security, and, second, to the world community which is you have a decisive president that is going to act, act in our nation's interest, in humanitarian interests, and there is a new president that's very clear about asserting america's role in the world, and he's going to take decisive and to proportionate action when justified. jesse: i hate to bring politics into this, but just to finish this up, sean, what do you think this bombing does to the narrative that president trump has been colluding with the russians throughout the campaign? because, to me, looking at this he bombed syria, but, i mean, nt trumpbs the entire democratic is in cahoots with putin. if you're in cahoots with putin, you're not going to bomb his best ally in the middle east, syria. >> well, i think, again, as you point out, it's a made-up political narrative. the president's been very clear from the beginning that he has no interest in russia.
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when it came to this strike, our military team was doing, engaged in the regular course of action of deconflicting because we're both operating in the syria area of operation, so we made sure we deconflicted our military responsibilities, but there was no contact with moscow in terms of the political leadership there prior to the strike, and this is a very clear signal both to our country and around the world that this president's going to do what it takes to act in our national security interests. jesse: sean, thank you very much. i really appreciate you taking the time. >> you bet. thank you. jesse: up next, when will susan rice testify about spying on team trump, and what will she be asked? former house speaker newt gingrich answers with his advice to congress. and later, an exclusive look inside the spin stuff tour and my dressing room demands. everything i could ever ask for. fruit and cookies. wait a second, water cap's not loosened. unacceptable. ♪ ♪
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auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance. an allstate company. click or call. jesse: new questions at no time about a former obama administration national security adviser, susan rice.e. multiple sources confirm she did, in fact, know about the surveillance of team trump and was responsible for unmasking the names of american citizens for political purposes. when rice was first asked about this two weeks ago, she seemed clueless. >> i know nothing about this. i was surprised to see reports from chairman nuñes on that count today. jesse: but now that the story's out, she knows something but is still in denial. >> there were occasions when i would receive a report in which a u.s. person was referred to. name not provided, just a u.s. person. and sometimes in that context in
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order to understand the importance of the report and assess its significance, it was necessary to find out or request the information as to who that u.s. official was. jesse: president trump now taking it a step further, saying she may have committed a crime. joining me now with his take on this, former house speaker and fox news contributor newt so, mr. speaker, i find it funny because when president trump said that susan rice may have committed a crime, every headline in every newspaper -- and the same thing happened when he said he may have been wiretapped -- was citing no evidence, president trump says this.ader without any evidence, president trump says this. they never write the types of headlines when democrats make wild accusations. shouldn't the press be actually looking for evidence? >> well, they should if they were the press, but they're not. they are the opposition propaganda, and they are all totally one-sided, and i thinkio this is part of the same thing. you know, what you have is the
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electronic break-in of a transition team in which, apparently, the president's national security adviser was aware of what was going on and, in fact, apparently talked about it to some people, because you couldn't have unlocked names unless you talked about it. now, that either is a crime or it should be a crime. you know, again and again you get a one-sided news media version because it's propaganda. it is what trump calls fakes news. fake news. jesse: you were in the house, so you know how these things operate. you bring in superrice, she's under oath, and -- susan rice, he's under oath. what would you as an investigator on a house committee like this specifically ask susan rice under oath? >> i'd want to see all the documents first before i brought her in. then i'd want to see who else is involved. because i'd like to see -- talk to the lower-level people to find out, now, did you turn this over to you because she asked for it?
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was it routine to turn over things about domestic politicians to the national security adviser? and then finally, i'd want her to come in, and i would just start by reading back her own statements. this is exactly like benghazi when she went out on every single network show and lied to the american people, knowingly lied to the american people about benghazi. now she went out, and we have -- as you pointed out here a minute ago -- we have her on tape saying, oh, gosh, did that really happen? now we have her sort of saying, well, maybe it did happen. well, who's kidding who? she is once again lying to the american people. and then you want to ask the p final question which is as the national security adviser to the president of the united states in an office down the hall from the oval office, did all this really happen and barack obamama didn't know about it? jesse: maybe president obama, from that island in the south pacific, is going to say he learned about it watching the news, like he usually does. over to the history of the obama
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administration kicking surveillance on people, it happened with dianne feinstein when the obama cia looked in her computers. congressmen say their phones were tapped when they were speaking with israelis in the runup to the nuclear deal. is so when people say, you know, this could never have happened, look at the history. i don't understand why people think this is so out of this world that this could have happened. >> it is very dangerous in a free society to have the government decide that it can spy on you, it can inform selectivity certain key people. it's all outside the normal law, and it's very dangerous for all of us, i think, as we move forward. jesse: i mean, it sets a very, very dangerous precedent. do you think you're going to have hearings in the next couple weeks, and are people going to start getting up there and testifying under oath? what's your prediction? >> as you said a while ago, one never knows. i hope they're going to redefine the investigation.
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i hope they're going to broaden it to include all russian influence -- jesse: yep. >> -- and i hope they're specifically going to ask susan rice into both the house and the senate. and as i said, if this wasn't illegal, i hope they're going to introduce a bill the make it illegal. you should not be able to spy on your political opponent using the power of the united states government. that is a direct threat to our liberty. jesse: thank you very much, mr. gingrich. >> thank you. jesse: still ahead, what we just uncovered about senator elizabeth warren, and it is very, very embarrassing. and hillary clinton taking no responsibility for her loss. to who's to blame? -- so who's to blame? it is a long list, get out your pen and your paper. ♪ ♪
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jesse: hillary clinton d jesse: hillary clinton's decided to come out of the woods to blame everybody but herself, and i mean roll the tape. >> to what extent do you assign blame to bernie sanders? to the media for focusing on e-mails? >> how much time do -- [laughter] there are lots of contributing factors. it was really the weaponization of information.. something that putin has used inside russia, outside russia to great effect. i didn't fully understand how impactful that was..impa certainly, misogyny played a role. i mean, that just has to be admitted.
8:24 pm
i think it is fair the say that the outside intervention, the combination of the comey letter on october 28th, wikileaks which played a much bigger role than i think many people understandplee yet, had the determinative effect. jesse: a staff writer for the federalist, bree payton, joins us now.e: it turns out hillary's going to be writing a book in the fall about why she lost, and judging by what she just said, it's probably going to be an encyclopedia. [laughter] >> yeah. i think that hillary clinton is the perfect example of a feminist, and when i say that, i mean that she represents everything that's problematic about feminism. modern feminism tells girls if you fail, it's okay to be a sore loser, and you should cry sexism instead of take responsibility for your own failures. and i think this is exactly what she's doing now.
8:25 pm
instead of just saying, hey, maybe i don't represent the country, maybe i'm out of touch of most people, instead she's crying feminism, and at one point she even said russia hacked the election, in quotes, because putin doesn't like strong women. jesse: ooh. so putin's a sexist now. [laughter] >> yeah. that's literally what she is saying. she is going so far as to say putin is a sexist, and that's why the russians, in quotes i'm putting this, intervened in our election. yeah, it's problematic. jesse: i think one of the main t reasons also why she lost is she makes excuses. look at benghazi. remember, that was not her fault at all, it was everybody else's fault. and her secret server, that was not her fault at all, and i think the country wanted leadership, and i think they could tell a leader always makes sure or that they take the blame when they're responsible. >> yeah. jesse: someone that's not aon leader does not do that, and that is what hillary clinton is
8:26 pm
doing. >> yeah, you're exactly right. i think as a voter just looking at her saying this wasn't my fault, as you said with the e-mail server, with benghazi, with the failures of twogh presidential, failed presidential bids, i would look at that and say why is she so incompetent? why would i ever vote for her, right? i think that's another issue. it's just a level ofof incompetence that even her closest aides said and revealed in their correspondence with one another. jesse: something she's veryt competent about is securing a big money book deal, so i think she can cry all the way to the bank as she walks in the woods. speaking of the clintons, the daughter, chelsea, was on -- was it the cbs morning show, cbs this morning, and was also up against ivanka, another first daughter. i'm going to play you a video of how these two first daughters were treated by the same exact show, and you just tell me if you look and see any bias, okay? roll the tape. >> you also talk about the
8:27 pm
critics, and you have a couple that say why isn't ivanka speaking out. where is she on planned parenthood? where is she on gay rights, on the rights of women? where is she on climate change? it's like you're being held personally accountable for not speaking up. what do you say to your critics? >> i would say not to conflate lack of public denouncement with silence. >> we hear the phrase complicit, that jared and ivanka are complicit in what is happening to the white house. >> if being complicit is wanting to, is wanting to be a force for good and to make a positivegoan impact, then i'm complicit. >> is there anybody else in the clinton household thinking about running, and by anybody, i mean you? [laughter] you could take your book on the road while you're come paining, get -- campaigning. i feel like déjà vu all over with your mom again. are you running, are you running -- >> running for what?
8:28 pm
>> no.n. no, no, no. jesse: so the exact same show, same anchors, same first daughters, just a d and an r next to their name. did you notice any difference in the presentation there, bree? >> yeah. ofobviously, ivanka got a lot of questions about why she's, in quotes, complicit with her father's agenda while as they all patted chelsea clinton on the head and asked her when she was going to run, and i think the reason why is because ivanka's dad is a republican. jeff jest right. >> when chelsea clinton's mom left four americans to die in benghazi, i don't remember anyone asking chelsea, hey, why are you being complicit in your mom's failures and in her inactions and in her lying and cover-up, right? no one asked her any of those questions. jesse: right. i think dan rather is still haunting the halls over there at cbs, because unbelievable case study in bias right there. gotta run. have a great night. >> thank you.
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♪ ♪ >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm robert gray. the u.s. navy says the aircraft carrier carl vincent is now heading to waters off the korean peninsula. the carrier had previously been scheduled for a port of call in australia. the vincent strike group had taken part in annual military exercises last month with the south korean military. these new orders coming after recent provocations by north korea which has launched several
8:33 pm
missiles into the sea of japan this year. police in norway have arrested one man after discovering a bomb-like device in the capital of oslo. a large section of the street was cordon off. norway has been on a high state of alert since thursday's truck attack in sweden that killed four people and injured 15. victims of that deadly attack were honored today, swedes laying flowers and candles at the scene. i'm robert gray, now back to watters' world. jesse: syrian president asaws attacking again the same -- assad attacking again the same town he gassed and russia already making moves since president trump blew the airfield to pieces. vladimir putin livid at the military strike, but will it actually make russia reconsider helping that dictator? fox news contributor mark steyn joins me now.oi do you think assad and putin got the message that trump sent?
8:34 pm
>> yeah, i think they got -- i think the world got the message which is that the last eight years are over. and that if you happen to catch this president's eye, he's not going to put his hand on his hit and strike an attitude as president obama did, but he may well act in ways you don't want to be on the receiving end of. and i think, actually, just putting that big question mark over what he's going to do will concentrate a lot of people's minds.ovt he's g i think assad and putin and a lot of them. jesse: you always a want to have that air of unpredictability, and he used that very effectively in the campaign. >> yeah. jesse: now, we know that assad used gas to kill these civilians. >> right. jesse: where did the gas come from? because the obama administration touted this deal they brokered with russia that they were goini to get rid of all this gas and these chemical weapons. listen to what the obama team said back in the day. >> right.
8:35 pm
>> we were able to find a solution that actually removed the chemical weapons that were known from syria in a way that the use of force would never have accomplished. >> we struck a deal where we got 100% of the chemical weapons out. >> people may criticize us foror not having launched missiles against assad after chemical weapons had been used, but we didn't because they got rid of the chemical weapons. and that, in fact, was very important. jesse: well -- [laughter] so team obama's either dumb or they're liars. which one do you think it is? >> well, i'd incline to the latter because the purpose of the obama/putin deal was not to get rid of the chemical weapons, but to get rid of obama's obligation to do anything about the chemical weapons. jesse: yeah. it was a face-saving deal, that's what it was. >> that's right. he'd said there's a red line and you better not cross it, and
8:36 pm
assad crossed it, and the world was laughing at him. and putin, very generously, offered to help obama off the hook with a phony deal. and i think most people understood that. i can't honestly believe that john kerry seriously thinks that at any point 100% of chemical weapons were removed from syria, because nobody who is keeping an eye on what assad was doing thought that at all. jesse: exactly. you mentioned something earlier, something about phony baloney, they had some on msnbc the other day. listen to a theory that's been floating around on those airwaves about the attack vis-a-vis trump and vladimir putin. >> wouldn't it be nice if it was just completely, totally, absolutely impossible to suspect that vladimir putin orchestrated what happened in syria this week
8:37 pm
so that his friend in the white house could have a big night with missiles and all of the praise he's picked up over the last 24 hours? wouldn't it be so nice if you couldn't even in your wildest dreams imagine a scenario like that?n i don't know what it is, is it a 2% chance, is it a 50% chance? i don't know. but what -- i don't think it's a 0% chance, and it used to be with every other president prior to donald trump. jesse: i'm just laughing. i don't even know what to say, mark. what do you have to say about that? >> there's a conspiracy theory i could get behind. [laughter] so if you're bashar assad and putin has gone to the trouble of putting you back on your throne and said you're my number one client in the middle east,e bashar, it's great, we're partners all the way, and then the big story now is that putin has another sock puppet over in washington, and he decides to to
8:38 pm
save the washington sock puppet's hand by letting him, encouraging him to bomb his damascus sock puppet. [laughter] this is, this is brilliant. i couldn't follow the last bond film where it turns out that blowfed is secretly james bond's half brother or whatever it is. jesse: right. >> this is even better. putin and trump were twins separated at birth, and they've been planning all this since 1953. jesse: that's right. so all day on msnbc say they trump is the dumbest president of all time, but then at nighttime they come out and say he's so smart, he's orchestrated this international conspiracy behind everyone's back. i don't know what it is. >> yeah. jesse: real quickly, mark -- >> and the good news about this, jesse, is that when muten and trump go to -- putin and trump go to war, whatever side they're on, we'll be on the winning side. jesse: that's right. let's just touch on susan rice really quickly.
8:39 pm
i want to show you a screen of how the rice coverage was covered, and this was about herr unmasking these trump people. and then if you contrast that with how the nuñes story was covered, look at all those segments, that's 20, 33, over 40 segments to 0. >> right. jesse: what does that tell you? it's funny, because networks like cnn speculate for days about a missing airplane, but they don't want to speculaten't about maybe, like, the next watergate. >> no. and they wouldn't even be ablewa to cover the nuñes investigation except that nuñes is being investigated because he was investigating susan rice over investigating donald trump.ed so we really need -- i call on somebody, i call on chuck schumer to investigate the investigation into devin nuñes. jesse: right.
8:40 pm
>> he shouldn't until he get toss the bottom of it. jesse: that's about as confusing as the msnbc theory. really appreciate it. >> thanks a lot, jesse. jesse: lindsay lohan in a burkini. here's a hint, her us lammic conversion -- islamic condition version. and a behind the scenes look at the spin stops here tour with yours truly. >> let's face it, he has not nearly the talent as miller or me -- >> it's miller and i, by the way. ♪ ♪ per roll
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jesse: ever wonder what it's like on the road with bill o'reilly? you're about to find out as we take you where no one has gone before, behind the scenes of the spin stops here tour. ♪ ♪ >> getting ready. spin stops here tour coming at ya. ♪ ♪ jestiest ah, spacious -- jesse: ah, spacious. just how i like it. everything i could ever ask for. fruits and cookies.
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wait a second, water cap's not loosened. oh, look at this. ah. only the best for watters' world. just in case i want to the shower with somebody, i guess? hair's not perfect. gotta have hair perfect. oh, now it's perfect. ♪ ♪ >> so here's watters. watters goes out first because, let's face it, he has not nearly the talent of miller or me, so we get him -- >> it's miller and i, by the way. >> miller and me, that's the end of the sentence. >> end of the indirect sentence. >> aha, see what happens when you drop out of high school? [laughter] got about 12,000. ♪ ♪ >> we begin the spin stops here tour, and my question is, are you in shape for this? first, they put on a video,
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four-minute video, then we will introduce watters. heavily made up. jesse: here we go.[cheers and a] >> ladies and gentlemen, the spin stops here in the northwest, welcome jesse watters! [cheers and applause] jesse: i'm watters, and this is my world. [cheers and applause] now, o'reilly just told me backstage that if i screw this thing up, his next book is going to be called killing watters. [laughter] that'll just be another one of bill's books that i haven't read.. >> have you and bill ever argued about an expense report you've turned in after being on assignment? [laughter] jesse: thank goodness, bill doesn't do my expense reports, because if he did, he would. >> out of ten people, how manyen
8:47 pm
people have no idea what you're talking about when you ask them questions.voted jesse: 1 is. >> i can't wear my trump t-shirt or my trump or hat because i'm scared the left will beat the [bleep] out of me. so when can i do that? >> tonight! >> hillary banked on women coming out for her. i love it when they try to tell you she's a regular gal and she goes into chipotle and i'm going to have a burrito. [laughter >> i'm not participating in this. >> what's your favorite john wayne movie? >> the shootist. they changed the script so that john wayne would shoot a bad guy in the back. john wayne refused to do it. >> i hate to rain on any parade, but i did a small part in a john wayne film towards the end, and
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the [bleep] shot me in the back. >> he made an exception for miller. .laughter] >> i always like to ask you how> the book sales are going. now, killing lincoln is, it's sold so well that lincoln's corporation came out is and bought a -- corpse came out and bought a copy. [laughter] now, i'm writing a book called killing anybody who's till alive. [laughter] >> thanks for coming out to see us! we appreciate it, northwest! ♪ ♪ jesse: how to you doing? [laughter] [applause] >> going home now. four and a half hours, land at four a.m. eastern time. that's when cat terse starts to -- watters starts the party. jesse: that's right. i'm going to drink on plane. >> i'm glad. we have a parachute for you, watters. jesse: tacoma, omaha, i'll see you later. always remember one thing, i'm
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watters, and this is my world. and tickets are on sale for later shows in the year at bill o' y still to come, you all know about senator warren's self-proclaimed indian heritage, but what watters' world just uncovered is humiliatingment why are you checking i want to see if it changed. credit scores don't change that much do they? really? i'll take it! sir, your credit... is great, right? when was the last time you checked?
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yeah, i better check my credit score. here, try credit karma. it's free. alright, no more surprises. credit karma. give yourself some credit.
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♪ jesse: hypocrisy, that is the subject of tonight's watters' words. people for the ethical treatment of animals released this video. ♪ ♪ jesse: what about chocolate
8:53 pm
milk?? is that for black panthers? peta, there's no use crying over spilled mark. up next, lindsay lohan made a career out of provocative behavior and general debauchery, apparently, she's seen the light. rumors circulating the actress may have converted to islam. why? i don't know. but who am i to judging? recently while studying islam in thailand, she traded her bikini for a burr kipny. point -- burkini. anything is possible. here's another one that caught our attention. black lives matter in philadelphia bans white people from their facebook page. so let me get this straight. black lives matter, a group dedicated to fighting racism, is practicing racism? black lives matter philly, call your office. speaking of black lives matter, a student was applying to stanford, excellent school, and on the essay portion of his application black lives matter 100 times in a row, and guess what?
8:54 pm
stanford accepted him. he's an example of somebody who did it right. iowaathena whitethorpe wrote her essay the right way. she just wrote watters' world a hundred times. [laughter] just kidding. congratulations. remember the women's march? protesting donald trump's inauguration? those silly pink resistance hats shaped like a woman's anatomy? well, they're not selling very well. ebay has overstocked itself with hundreds of these pieces, originally retailing for aboutd $20, they're now selling for as low as 99 cents. seems like that's the only part of the trump economy that's not booming. first lady melania trump just posed for her official white house portrait looking very beautiful but, of course, liberals found ways to bash her. hateful comments about the dress, her hair, diana brooks in
8:55 pm
cosmopolitan sums it up, most of the essential commentary focuses on her face rather than her bling which appeared to have been heavily air brushed. this is soft lighting like only the classiest mall photo shop could offer. cosmo traffics in more air brushing than almost every other magazine out there. and for the for the record, watt alternate' world is pro-air brushing. we need all the help we can get. last and certainly not least, ready for this? elizabeth warren's female staffers made less than male staffers. the liberal massachusettsst senator and feminist icon, i might add, has a huge gender pay gap in her own office. it's actually 10% wider than the national average. women working for warren were paid just 71 cents for every dollar paid to men last year according to the washington free beacon. female staffers made 52gs a year but male staffers in her office make 73k on average.
8:56 pm
senator warren, it's time to practice what you preach. up next, kid rock's special message for china. [gunfire] ♪ ♪ >> whoo! in your face, china!
8:57 pm
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
ess president trump meeting with china's president to discuss trade. but not every singer is feeling the love like kid rock. roll the tape. >> this one is for china. in your face, china. jesse: kid rock loves china.
9:00 pm
he's just selling his own grills that are made here in america. remember i'm watters and this is my.............................. [♪] judge jeanine: right now on "justice." >> tonight i ordered a targeted military strike. judge jeanine: the military might of america is back. >> after the broken red line and weakness we have seen syria turned into a war zone. judge jeanine: syria, russia and the world are put on notice, there is a new sheriff in the white house. >> i would say this about president obama. i'm proud of him. judge jeanine: the president's main man on terrorism, sebastian gorka is here live.


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