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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 12, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> big meeting happening right now in moscow. >> we look forward to the presser. >> in minutes. we have to run. have a great wednesday. bye-bye. >> jon: a fox news alert from moscow where east is meeting west. each side lobbing accusations at the other. we're awaiting a joint news conference with rex tillerson and his russian counter part, sergey lavrov. good morning. i'm jon scott. >> i'm jenna lee. it's not just about what they say but body language here as well. >> jon: going to be fascinating. >> jenna: the top two diplomats could step to the podium any minute now. this comes after a high week of tension over syria. russia accusing the u.s. of an unlawful missile strike and the u.s.a. ledging that russia trying to cover up.
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all whi-- let's get the latest m kevin corke. >> this relationship has seen more downs than ups lately, although you've heard many leaders over the past several years talking about the importance of trying to re-establish a relationship. we're talking about two countries that have frankly had their governments accuse the other of disruptive behavior and that is making things complicated as you point out as the secretary of state makes his way to moscow. the two diplomats meeting amid rising tensions. each man says his side is committed to working towards a mutual understanding. >> our meetings today come at an important moment in the relationship so that we can further clarify areas of common objectives, areas of common interest even when our tactical approaches may be different.
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>> we see some troubling actions regarding the attack on syria. we believe it's important not to let these actions happen again in the future. >> that's the voice of the translator for sergey lavrov. the russian foreign ministry was taking to twitter believing that their website is hacked from american i.p. addresses. they said three such attacks were reported in february of this year, 2017. in washington, the furor over the, let's call it, inartful comparison between hitler and assad made by sean spicer moved into a second day. but it was also a second day that saw spicer offer a heartfelt apology. >> on a professional level, it's disappointing. i think i let the president down. so on a personal level and a professional level, that would go down as not a very good day in my history. so i would ask for folks
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forgiveness to understand that i should not have tried to make a comparison. there's no comparing atrocities. >> made a mistake, quickly owned it. apologized and prepared to move on and continue to bring the message of the president and the white house more broadly to the american people. those are the words today of sean spicer. i should ask that he was asked in that conversation at museum, you may have seen bret baier over there as well, sean was asked if he heard from the president about the gaffe yesterday. he said he had not. that would be a good indication that he's safe in his position. as well he should be. guys? >> jenna: we expect to see him in a few hours in the press briefing. thanks, kevin. >> you bet. >> jon: more on that sean spicer as kevin just told us, he's apologized over and over again for the remarks yesterday comparing syrian president assad to hitler. in his daily briefing, the white house press secretary said adolph hitler did not use
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chemical weapons in world war ii and tried to clarify it with this. >> i think when you come to sarin gas, there was no -- he was not using the gas on his own people the same way that assad is -- there was clearly -- i understand the point. thank you. i appreciate that. there was not -- he brought it into the holocaust. i understand that. the way that assad used them, where he went into towns, dropped them into innocents in the middle of towns. the use of it -- i appreciate the clarification. that was not the intent. >> jon: let's bring in jake sherman. i'm going to start the segment saying i wouldn't want sean spicer's job and take question after question for people that have been prepping for them all day and longer in some cases. the apology. does that end the discussion here? >> it probably does.
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listen, like you said, this is an incredibly difficult job. it's a very high pressure, intense situation in which he needs to answer questions on topics ranging from foreign policy to domestic policy to the president's mood, what the president says. this is a difficult job. i think the rule of thumb is don't bring up hitler in the holocaust and you'll never win on those grounds. i think sean spicer has figured that out now. >> jon: he seemed to be saying that hitler didn't use chemical weapons on the battlefield. we know what happened to the holocaust, to the millions of jews that were gassed. but that seemed to be his train of thought. >> yeah. i don't know what his train of thought was. it's baffling. obviously many jews, millions of jews were gassed in chambers and killed. so i think gas was used in the
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manner in which it was used i'm not sure is -- i'm not sure what he was trying to say about that. i do know that -- listen, he has to deal with reporters every day. i don't think reporters in washington will say they're not going to deal with him because he mid a mistake. it's embarrassing. he said it's embarrassing and he let down the president. i think he's going to move on. there's no indication that i've heard in the last 12 to 24 hours that he's going to lose his job or be fired for this. >> there are indications that steve bannon might be on thin ice at the white house. what can you tell us about that? >> the war between reince priebus and steve bannon and jared kushner is real. the people i talk to in the white house admit that. reince priebus from my sources that i've spoken to in the last 24 hours, reince priebus does seem to be set in his job. he has to keep the trains moving. someone has to in the white house. steve bannon in an interview
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with the "new york post," the president said that steve bannon is not all that important to him. he ran a whole campaign without him and he's not -- basically seems to indicate that he's not critical to the president's success. that's not something that you want to hear the president say if you're steve bannon. the other thing that raised eyebrows in the republican circumstances, president told bannon to take care of the drama or trump will take care of it for him. that is an ominous message and ominous thing for the president to say. >> jon: asked about steve bannon, the president said i like steve, but -- and went on to say that he had kind of run his own campaign and that steve bannon came on late in the campaign. not words you want to hear from the guy who is running the show. >> no. and i would never want my employer to say i like jake, but -- that's not -- i would hope there's no but in that
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situation. but steve bannon, there's always been conversation about moving him to a less high profile and more of an advisory role outside of the senior adviser role that he has. i think there's room for steve bannon from the people i talked to in the white house, there's room for him but he needs to stop the warring and get on the straight and narrow and trump will be happy with that. the big dynamic is jared kushner, the president's son-in-law that can't be fired because he's the son-in-law. if bannon can't get along with kushner, that's the problem. >> jon: and that's the word. that the two have been clashing and the president leans hard on his son-in-law for advice. >> yes, sir, he's working on tax reform, dealing with china, he's had no experience in government in his life and ran a newspaper, runs a real estate empire but never served in government.
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so yes, jared kushner is incredibly critical to the president. only time will tell how effective he is. >> jake sherman, senior writer for politico. we love having you on. >> i love being here. no butts about that. >> jon: thank you. >> jenna: the president telling maria bartiromo that he's still confident that republicans can replace and repeal obama care. >> it's been misreported that we have failed with obamacare. we haven't failed. we're continuing to negotiate. we will save perhaps $900 billion. >> his administration is at odds with house republicans on a major point. subsidies for the obamacare exchange. house republicans don't want them. the trump administration wants to keep them. peter doocy is here with more. peter? >> obamacare is still the law of the land because it's not been repealed or replaced yesterday. even though some republicans were upset enough about the part
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of obamacare pays insurance companies subsidies, that lawsuit still hasn't been resolved. until it has, these payments, the subsidies will continue. after that, hhs says they're not sure what will happen. a spokesperson said the administration is currently deciding its position on this matter. we have not been contacted by democrats to help save obamacare perhaps because they consider obamacare to be a losing cause. democrats need to help solve this failed obamacare plan. this morning the office of management and budget director, mick mulvaney said round two is going better than round one. >> i talked to members that are not in the freedom caucus about every day as do other folks. the discussions are continuing. it's more organic this time. there's good ideas filtering up. >> president trump says even
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though he wants to try for healthcare reform, it doesn't have to be the next thing that happens. >> i don't want to put deadlines. healthcare will happen at some point. if it doesn't happen fast enough, i'll start the taxes. the tax reform and the tax cuts are better if i can do healthcare first. >> the president explained he thinks it's better to do healthcare reform first because he thinks he can put money saved by repealing obamacare toward tax cuts. jenna? >> jenna: we'll see what is next. peter, thank you. >> jon: a trial date is set for the woman accused of killing her fiance in a kayaking trip in new york. the evidence a judge will allow to angelica griswold's murder tonight. and officials are calling a halt to sanctuary cities. what went wrong?
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>> jon: now for some crime stories we're following for you.
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a judge set the june trial date for a woman accused of killing her fiance in new york. the judge ruling that the defense team for angelica graswold can present the results of the psychiatric tram. an ohio man confesses to killing a former coal executive in a west verge secretary. anthony arriaga said that he was sleep deprived and on a drug binge leading up to the murder. a murder mystery unfolding in texas after police in fort worth find a 22-year-old woman strangled inside her apartment. the incident happening near the campus of texas christian university. authorities say the victim was not a student there and they don't believe the crime is connected to the school. >> jenna: immigration officials putting the brakes on a
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controversial report program that is targeting sanctuary cities. the program is supposed to show how the cities are failing to cooperate deporting illegals. but so far, there's too many errors in the reports and they're causing an issue. jonathan hunt has more. jonathan? >> coming on the same day that the attorney general was touting the success of president trump's immigration policies, this is a setback for the administration. with immigration and customs enforcement saying the number of illegals released from custody by sanctuary cities has not been accurate. the so-called decline dictator outcome report were made to be made public in a january executive order. the reports were designed to highlight local jurisdictions, new york and l.a., that refuse to cooperate isis detainee
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programs. but several sheriffs have said they're wrongly accused of not cooperating with ice. one report said travis county, texas, denied 128 detainer requests in one week. the sheriff's office there said it declined on average 1.8 reques the report was intended to pressure sanctuary cities by highlights crimes. part of the trump administration campaign highlighted by attorney general jeff sessions during a speech in arizona yesterday. >> under the president's leadership and guided by his executive orders, we will secure this border and bring the full weight of both the immigration courts and the federal enforcement and prosecutors to combat this attack on our national security and our sovereignty. >> ice says it is committed to
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accuracy in its report. it will analyze and refine its reporting methodology. in other words, the reports will be back but in the meantime, it's a black eye for the administration's immigration campaign. jenna? >> jenna: brings an interesting question. does anyone have accurate numbers on who is detained or released? do we trust the cities? do we truth the feds? do the numbers exist? >> in the current political situation, do we trust anyone anywhere when it comes to statistics? remember that old phrase, there are lies and statistics. which is worse, jenna? >> jenna: it's very interesting. who really has the numbers. jonathan, thank you. >> jon: lifeguards to the rescue, but not in the water. a trapped climber is pulled off of the rocks. and secretary of state rex tillerson meeting with his russian counter part at a time
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when tensions run high between the two governments. al member, . thanks to my go rewards credit card, every time i pay for something like this, i'm earning rewards. if you get scared big guy, cliff and i got you. cliff's been driving a boat for six months pretty solid now. para-sail-ing! here we go! open to the armed forces, the dod, veterans and their families. navy federal credit union.
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>> jon: a seaside rescue in san diego. a man stranded at the base of sunset cliff when his climbing rope snapped trapping him on the rocks. he was hoisted to safety by lifeguards and assisted on the scene by an ambulance crew. >> rex tillerson and sergey lavrov will take questions from reporters this morning. secretary tillerson on his first visit to russia as temporary sh -- tensions run high. for more now, we're joined
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michael hanlan from the brookings institute. just to be transparent, we were expecting this joint presser to start 22 minutes ago. we don't know what the delay is. we can only theorize at this points. we're looking forward to seeing both leaders step to the microphon microphones. i'd like to start with a basic question. what do we want from russia in 2017? should we be demanding from our leaders? rick, to you first. >> look, i think that russia at this point haas been used to for the last eight years of getting away with throwing around propaganda. they've been doing it throughout eastern europe. we've tried to call them out on that. we haven't been very successful. so i thought that what rex tillerson did recently was delivering a very calm but tough
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message to the russians to say that either you knew about this chemical weapons attack and looked the other way or you failed in stopping it when you told us that you would be able to control the assad regime. i thought that that moment was an amazing moment for rex tillerson because he showed that his style, his calm style was working. by the way, i just spoke to a journalist traveling with rex tillerson. i think the delay and what they think the delay is that rex tillerson has now gotten a meeting with president putin and he's on his way to meet with putin. that's what the reporters think right now. >> jenna: interesting. we'll try to confirm that with our team. frankly, communication has been difficult. mike, same question to you. what do you we want from russia? >> great question, jenna. one thing we don't want is for trump and putin to be best friends. a lot of what we heard last year
8:25 am
from president trump about how much he admired the russian strong man was verging on naive. there was an element of hopefulness that i appreciated in trump's willingness to try to turn over a new leaf and be more pragmatic dealing with president putin but there was too much expectation that these guys could get along. it's not just president trump. president obama and president bush hoped for and temporarily enjoyed better relations with putin at the beginning of their presidencies, too. i'm more interesting in getting to the tough business of finding compromises on syria and eastern european security, that both russia and the united states can live with and see the ability to have a tough-headed and not an easy diplomacy where we won't be allies, we're not going to see things in complete lockstep. but there's ways to find compromises that protect the core interests of both sides.
8:26 am
it's crucial for the stability of the regions and the safety of the world. >> jenna: why do you think russia is capable of that? what facts can you point to that say, you know what? we could get some honesty and cooperation from russia. >> well, on syria, russia wants the war to end, too. it doesn't do them any good to keep assad up while he's gassing people. most of the people is on our side and recognize that assad is a monster. when assad keeps this war up, he doesn't have the manpower to security the whole country. he's attacking sunni groups along the way. it fosters more anti-russian sentiment and that can contribute to the kind of atmosphere that of course we saw just a couple weeks ago in st. petersburg with the subway attack. making sunnis angry can increase the odds of terrorism against russia. that's one reason why russia should went an end to the war. they want an end that preserves
8:27 am
some limited role for assad temporarily and also winds this thing down and we can be clever enough to see some way to do that. >> jenna: some are saying -- this is what -- seems what michael saying as well, that we have more leverage in this moment in time. we have more leverage because of the strikes and russia might want some reconciliation where they save face. this issue in syria goes away a little bit. do you believe we're in that particular moment in time? how crucial is it for these meetings to be taking place? >> i'd like to point michael to the fact of the news of the last week or two weeks, not the news of the campaign, which he was trying to reiterate. the point is that russia -- this whole narrative that somehow donald trump was a puppet of putin has been imploded over the last two weeks.
8:28 am
we have a secretary of state who is sharply bringing the propaganda of russia and the lies of russia right to their face. that is something that john kerry and the obama administration did not do. so i would say that the media narrative of the last campaign and the transition and the first 50 days has totally imploded with rex tillerson and secretary mattis' actions of the last two weeks. i am very hopeful that this trump administration is able to look at russia and call them out. we know that they have had propaganda problems throughout eastern europe and other places for a very long time. what we have just seen is an administration willing to say to them, we'd like to get along but we only can get along if you can tell the truth and be honest with us. you haven't been honest with us and you're not honest with us now. that's a great moment. >> jenna: michael, do you have as much faith in rex tillerson's
8:29 am
actions? how do you think he's doing as secretary of state? >> i think he's had a good couple weeks as well. i would add in nikki haley. she's been excellent on being forthright and blunt vis a vis the russians. these is a necessary corrective to where things had been. i'm saying we need this kind of a period of more open-eyed and realistic assessment of what russia has been up to. my hope is we can get through it as a corrective and get pragmatic and looking for solutions. we have to avoid swinging to the other extreme and being so anti-russia that we can't imagine working with putin. we don't have that luxury either. a tough meeting, a lot of strong and blunt words. but for example, can we talk about autonomous regions in eastern and northern syria where sunnis and kurds can leave free of assad even though he's still
8:30 am
the president of the country. that's the kind of idea that i'd like to see us get through. >> jenna: michael, thanks. i want to make sure we go back to your ideas and solutions. rick, the u.s. embassy in russia has confirmed that rex tillerson is meeting with vladimir putin. this is significant because there was a big question, would this happen. i want to remind our viewer as few hours ago we got the news that as secretary of state rex tillerson is sitting down with the russian foreign admonish administer, the russian foreign minister says our policy is ambiguous and contradictory. that didn't set the stage for a kind meeting. let me ask a quick final question. we're taking more of the news as we get it. the meeting between tillerson and putin, what do you think it means? >> it's a big win for rex tillerson and rex tillerson's style. i've worked across the table from the russians for almost a decade. you need to understand that
8:31 am
there's always a public pronouncement and there's a difference in their private conversations. so i think what this shows is that for all the bluster that we're hearing for the u.s. calling the russians out, it's actually working because putin wants to meet with secretary tillerson. this is a big win for him. >> jenna: quick final thoughts for you, michael. fox news is reporting that russian bombers have been headed around the airspace of japan. that's also been happening. what do you think this meeting means? >> 30 seconds, spinning off of what you just said, there's a lot of russian miss behavior not just in the middle east. some of it is partially understandable if you view history the way they do. most of it is dangerous and unreasonable. we'll have to get to work with putin on issues on rethinking future security structures for europe, ukraine and georgia are still in a very ambiguous state.
8:32 am
we'll have to be creative on that front as well, this is a dangerous relationship. >> jenna: u.s. policy is not exactly fair. thank you, michael. a great discussion with you both. we'll have breaking news after a quick commercial.
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8:36 am
to her, andrew cuomo. this is very interesting. new york's governor often clashes with new york's mayor, bill de blasio. both are democrats. but they have very different ideas about how things should be run in this state and in this city. hillary clinton has no love lost for bill de blasio, the mayor, because although he ran her senate campaign, he sat on the fence for a long time during her latest presidential campaign and refused to endorse her. now there's talk, rumors since january, that she might want to run for mayor and run against de blasio next year. november of 2017. will she do it? a lot of people say she should not. to my knowledge, her campaign, her press people have not shot down the speculation that she might want to run for mayor of new york city. sitting next to new york's mayor that doesn't like the mayor, this is an interesting visual.
8:37 am
this is la guardia college where they're offering free tuition to the governor. if there's more hillary clinton appearances in the future, we'll let you know. >> jenna: interesting. good for her. >> jon: well, you know. >> jenna: united airlines, remember them, right? united airlines is pledging to review policies on removing passengering from overbooked flights. a passenger was dragged off by airport security guards. the ceo of united airlines parent company now describing the whole incident of truly horrific. oscar releasing a statement saying they would look at policies and the way of asking volunteers to give up their
8:38 am
seats on those flights. sounds like a good idea. >> jon: i think so. a special election going down to the wire in arkansas as republicans manage to hold on to the house seat vacated by now cia director mike pompeo. well, it was in kansas. i'm not sure what i said there. but it was in kansas. republican state treasurer ron estes narrowly defeating james thompson in a district that voted overwhelmingly for donald trump in november. the outcome leaves thompson to wonder if things could have been different with more support from his party. >> the dnc needs to be doing a 50-state strategy. >> jon: joining us now, richard fowler of fox news, also giano caldwell, a republican strategy.
8:39 am
i called it a race in arkansas. i know it's kansas. i have relatives in kansas. sorry about that. >> it's all good, jon. >> we love you, jon. >> something is happening in kansas. >> jon: something like that. >> dorothy is there. >> jon: my apologies kansas and arkansas. does this mean that the trump effect is still, you know, living on among the electorate? >> we won the race. yes. donald trump, candidate at the time won by 27 points in kansas. ron estes, two-term treasurer dialed it in. he was particularly lazy by missing candidate forums. he didn't take it too seriously. he said people would know me. that was a mistake. so if there would have been a bit more help from the democratic party, could have been maybe a different result. i kind of doubt it. it was an overwhelmingly republican direct. when you have overwhelmingly
8:40 am
republican district, voters get confident. they stay home. they don't think you need their support. >> jon: richard, do you see it differently? >> i do. here's a couple things. the republican party invested a lot in what is supposed to be a safe seat. the cook report says this is a republican plus 15 seat. democrats almost won this seat last night. he won by seven points. but ted cruz stumped for him. there was a robo call by donald trump. a robo call by mike pence and the nrc campaign arm of paul ryan spent $150,000 in this race. don't get me wrong. i do believe that democrats did fail here. i said this yesterday on this air. that we have to do a better job of investing in every race from dog catcher to president of the united states. we do. this is proof of that. beyond that point, republicans put a lot of money in what should have been a relatively safe seat. let's remember that mike pompeo
8:41 am
won this seat by 30 points six months ago. so to now come in for democrats to make up 20 some odd points in six months, that's remarkable. >> richard, let me stick with you. one of the criticisms that has been levelled of the democratic party during the obama era, they have failed to develop a bench of viable candidates. some of the blame for that was laid at the feet open president obama. the number of republican governors is up, the legislature is up. the republicans, outside of washington d.c., have been very much on the rise in this country. >> you're absolutely right. republicans are the party that rule this country right now. that means that for all -- when you're the party that is in control, all the spoils go to you, so do the defeats. democrats have to do a better job of investing in races. while obama was in office, we lost 1,000 seats. we have to stop that bleeding and that requires that our party invest in local races. with that being said,
8:42 am
republicans can't get too sort of high off the horse here and too happy. they should have -- this shouldn't have been a race at all. >> what about that? it should be a republican cake walk in a state like kansas, not arkansas. >> and for people like richard, my friend richard, make this to be indicative of a national crisis. it's wrong on many levels. the only way there's a problem with our ticket or our elections moving forward, that the freedom caucus gets involved. i have a special message for the freedom caucus. either you get on board with the team or we're going to drain you with the swamp. it's problematic on many levels. me being a republican operative for ten years, having the freedom caucus be obstructionist and develop big wins to the american people. so unless something like that becomes a systemic issue, which
8:43 am
i don't think it will be, we'll be fine and continue to win for the american people. so i think folks like my friend richard -- >> jon: sounds like you're setting up a circular firing squad in the republican party. >> truth be told, i'm an individual that's been a republican for ten years. i've lost friends, family has disowned me because i'm an african american. i drained blood, sweat and tears to making sure that republicans win elections. time and time again. now we're in a place that we have the majority, both houses and we're not going to capitulate to the demands of the freedom caucus. they need to get on board with the team. because they're putting us in a very bad light at this point, jon. >> jon: we'll see if they're listening. we have to say good-bye. richard, john. thanks. we'll get you back. >> jenna: some thieves are sly and subtle. others, let's just say, these thieves prefer a more direct approach. we'll tell you about that. texas recovers from devastating
8:44 am
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people think i'm trash. but they're wrong. today i'm just an aluminum can. but one day,
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i could be a stadium. >> jon: three thiefs knock over a florida gun store. a truck rammed through the store front. the thiefs running behind the truck, grabbing guns and ammo before fleeing. later police found the truck on fire in a wooded area nearby. the alcohol, tobacco and firearms division is offering a reward for anyone who has information leading to their a wrist. you -- leading to their arrest. and heavy rain in texas. there were about 50 water rescues and 32 more off of fort hood. adam cross has more from the fox weather center.
8:48 am
adam? >> it's a big storm system pushing off of the coast of texas and still not done for the entire day. the state will see more rounds of showers. here's what's happening right now, this is a radar loop from the last 36 hours. you're seeing the rain developing in, working offshore. so that area drying up. widespread rainfall totals up to a couple inches. we saw some areas with 8, 10, 12 inches of rain. that's when you see the flooding. eastern texas will be dry the rest of the day. we shift our focus to portions of new mexico and portions of west texas where again today we'll be talking about heavy rain. some of this could be getting up to severe levels. good news, it's not where it rained yesterday. this is still an area where we pay close attention. here's your forecast. rainfall widespread. 4-6 inches of rain coming don't in a short amount of time. enough to leave standing water. this gives us a chance of seeing
8:49 am
severe weather. tornado possible. more so we're looking at straight line winds, heavy rain and possibly hail with this as well. certainly spring. when you think spring, you think of these situations where you get big thunderstorms. we're getting that across the south today. for the rest of us, it's all about the warm temperatures. here's what we're looking at across the country. another day where it's feeling good. temperatures running close to 80 degrees. 61 is a high in chicago. take a look at new york city. running back to the middle 70s. another really necessary day for us. we'll be watching texas throughout the day. >> jenna: sounds like a good idea. thanks, adam. >> jon: while they deal with the flooding, wildfires crackle across the state. we're awaiting an update from florida as flames threaten homes and firefighters struggle with unique challenges. the governor declaring a state of emergency there. rolling out the red carpet for a new set of wheels. we'll take you to the floor of the new york auto show for the latest in american muscle. where's frank?
8:50 am
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>> jon: time to peek ahead at "out numbered." >> yeah, it's the tense show down over syria. we're awaiting a news conference with rex tillerson. >> and the p.r. of a major airline after video of a passenger being dragged off a plane goes viral. the apology from unite's and whether it's enough. >> wow! there you go. and our #oneluckyguy. he's awesome. >> jon: sounds good. we'll be watching. >> thanks. >> jenna: we're awaiting an
8:54 am
update from authorities in central florida for a pair of wild fires there. we're is north of tampa. one is 75% contained. the other getting close to homes. with wild fires breaking out across florida, governor scott declaring a state of emergency. >> we're brave to have firefighters that rush to the aid of communities. >> jenna: firefighters say the florida terrain and dry weather is making it difficult to fight the fires. >> jon: hot wheels from around the world now in the big apple from the new york international auto show. car makers and car lovers coming together to see and be seen. one set of wheels, the most powerful production car ever in the u.s. there you go. it's a demon. jeff flock live from the convention center in manhattan. jeff? >> i have to keep my voice down. we're in the midst of the most
8:55 am
sought off unveiling of today. it's the new jeep that is going to hell. it's going to a hell cat engine, which we believe what they'll announce in a moment, the head of the jeep brand there. he will announce a new jeep with a 700-plus horsepower engine. should be incredible. but you mentioned that demon? oh, baby. that was the highlight of the show thus far. 840 horsepower. made in america. faster than the fastest bugatti, the fastest porsche. the fastest car ever built as a production car. we talked to the first on a fox, the boss of dodge, to explain what it's about. >> literally pulls the front wheels off the ground. it does a wheelly. guinness book of world records has certified this is the first production car in history to pull the wheels. it finishes the quarter mile in
8:56 am
9.65 seconds at 140 miles an hour making it the fastest production car in the world. so fast, that the nhra has banned it from competition because it's too fast. they said we went too far. >> but i can buy it? >> if you have enough money. >> remember electric cars and green? fuel zippers? not happening. not at this show. they're just about to unveil it. mean you can see the background there, jon, the shadows of the new jeep trail hawk they're going to call it. they think it's going to be 700-plus horsepower. the most powerful s.u.v. ever built in the world. >> muscle is back! jeff, if you drive one of those demons to the office, i want a ride. thanks, jeff. >> jenna: 700 horsepower? a great mom car. we all need that. i like it. new in the next half, a soccer player injured when three explosions go off near a bus
8:57 am
carrying members of a german team to a quarter final match. the latest on this investigation to find the person responsible for that blast. we'll get you caught up ahead.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> still awaiting a tillerson news conference in moscow. we'll see you back here in an hour. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: fox news alert. breaking developments in moscow now, awaiting the joint news conference between secretary of state rex tillerson and his russian counterpart amid a tense showdown over what to do in syria. the secretary is meeting with russia's leader vladimir putin. russia said it wasn't originally on his schedule. now it is. i'm harris faulkner. martha maccallum, eboni williams, sandra smith, and veteran news correspondent, geraldo rivera. you'remb


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