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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  April 13, 2017 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> oh, pete, how did you do? >> i failed. i can barely breathe. short of turning into kobayashi it ain't going to happen. >> you spent a lot of time taking your time. you had to attack it. you didn't attack it. >> i sprinted out the gate. too hard too fast. >> like you were being gentle with it. >> he said i hope i'll never be afraid to fail. you tried. >> i failed. i'm a failure, sorry, guys. >> great job? pennsylvania. >> bill: good morning. breaking news, fox news alert with a big watch over north korea today. reports this morning that country may be ready for
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another nuclear test. japan's prime minister saying that pyongyang may now have technology to launch missiles equipped with sarin nerve gas. all of this coming as the north korean leader celebrates five years in power this week. senior foreign affairs correspondent is live in pyongyang. we'll talk to greg in a few minut >> it began at the white house with president trump. it continued in moscow with secretary of state rex tillerson and ended up at the united nations with nikki haley. joint press conference yesterday with nato secretary general, the president sent a message to putin by basically reversing course on nato. you recall in the campaign trump called it obsolete because he said it did not fight terrorism. yesterday all that changed. >> president trump: i complained about that a long time ago and they made a change. and now they do fight terrorism. i said it was obsolete. it's no longer obsolete. >> nato secretary general corrected mr. trump noting that nato invoked article
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heed this morning.
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>> shannon: live from the united nations with more. good morning, eric. >> good morning. there were harsh words for russia from u.s. ambassador nikki haley. it was an indictment of moscow has she questioned russia as continued support of assad and continued denial that the syrian regime used chemical weapons. for an eighth time the russian ambassador raised his hands and vetoed another syrian resolution. that
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>> he plans to introduce his own resolution. no word when that could be. shannon, back to you. >> shannon: eric sean live at the u.n. >> bill: shades of 1960 and the cold war. relationships entering a bit of a freeze. good morning, sir. cold war may be a stretch. who do you think is playing the better hand of poker right now? >> shannon: i would say the country with the 11 aircraft carrier groups and the most
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powerful and most reliable network in the history of human kind. united states. part of what's going on for president trump and his administration is coming to terms with the fact that the united states is an apex power unlike history has ever seen. russia is -- what did john mccain call it, a gas station masquerading as a country. they have a terrible economy. they don't sell anything other than energy that anybody else in the world wants. their military is not up to scratch. putin had to cut back. this is trump realizing how strong america's hand is in the world and understanding what american exceptionalism really is. >> bill: that phrase again. dr. krauthammer characterized it somewhat differently. but i think he was overall impressed with tiller son last night. >> it was beautiful unlike john kerry who would pretend
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everything was okay, the russians were listening and act right. what we had was a stone faced tillerson who what's grave and grum and said everything that was wrong which is the realize many you want. the message to the russians, the eight years of the free lunch is over. you aren't going the walk all over the west. >> bill: that's our show. summarized with brilliance there. i have think the overall point he is making when you hit a syrian airfield in the middle of the night and take the carrier group and set it off in korea that means business. it sends a signal everywhere, chris. >> also this. if you're -- i'm sure that in turtle bay the people in the u.n. were talking about the lavrov six burns on rex tillerson and sliced and dialsed and gymnastic. tillerson was there, textian tillerson was there doing a high noon impersonation saying this is what it is.
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you can say whatever you want. but this is what it really is. and i think dr. k was exactly on the point where he said fine, all of the diplomatic gymnastic of the obama era is over. the united states will say what it means and mean what it says. >> bill: thank you, sir. 10 minutes past the hour. the way they led the press conference yesterday. putin had met with tillerson for two hours. two hours is not insignificant and i had the sense they were trying to take the temperature down a little bit as soon as i heard that yesterday. we shall see. >> shannon: lavrov, they get together to say hello and demand in the opening to know what america's intentions are. like a guy showing up to pick up your daughter for a date. i need to know what's going on here. frosty. president trump speaking out on the role of the president obama's former national security advisor, susan rice. >> she said she didn't do it
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for political reasons. >> president trump: nobody believes that. >> bill: congress set to expand their investigation. remember this? >> you don't get to tell your side of the story and then not be subjected to cross examination. that's not the way it works. she waived her right to fifth amendment privilege by issuing an opening statement and she ought to stand here and answer our questions. >> bill: that was four years ago last month. the question today is whether or not justice was done. a group of republicans now asking the a.g. jeff sessions to reopen the investigation into lois learner over the irs targeting scandal. we'll tell you what that's about here. >> shannon: president trump doubling down on -- an effort to bring democrats to the negotiating table.
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>> shannon: breaking news in the so-called unmasking controversy. fox news learning both house and senate intelligence committees are expanding investigations and growing questions about former national security advisor susan rice. devin -- in an interview president trump suggested he was right about the surveillance. >> president trump: when you look at susan rice and what's
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going on and so many people are coming up to me and apologizing now saying you were right when you said that. perhaps i didn't know how right i was because nobody knew the extent of it. what they did. >> were you referring to susan rice? >> president trump: we're talking about surveillance >> shannon: let's bring in doug schoen and mollie hemingway. can there be bipartisan agreement about this that we should all be concerned about the potential use of national intelligence monitoring for political purposes? >> absolutely, shannon. look, the senate committee i think has had more success in achieving bipartisanship between senator warner than the house committee. i think both committees should seek to see how far this so-called unmasking went. certainly look at susan rice. but look to see if there were
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other unmasking. privacy is protected in the constitution. we need to see the nature and extent of what has happened. i think we're at the beginning, not the end of the investigation. >> shannon: mollie, how intelligence committee member not named told us. we'll be performing an accounting of all unmasking for political purposes. this is now a full blown investigation. do you think they get anywhere with it? do you think anyone will be held accountable? how does it play out long term? >> when nun es revealed that there were things widely disseminateed in intelligence agency. at first susan rice said she knew nothing of it. when she was one of the unmaskers the defense was this is common, routine, normal. it's not supposed to be normal to unmask information on
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american citizens. what it haps that both the house and senate intelligence committees are saying if this is a normal, typical practice of the obama administration to do something that's supposed to be rare, unmask information and what did they do with it. leaking is a criminal offense. we've had multiple week including one this week. criminal leaks of people associated with the trump team but even using that information would also just be very problematic and a violation of our surveillance powers. >> shannon: what we're told is generally the person who requests the unmasking is the one individual who gets the information but now our reporting shows 20 to 30 people were given these names and information. also we're told in some cases rather than documenting foreign intelligence they included personal information if released that could be harmful to the people involved, doug. that's a serious charge. >> not only serious, but outrageous. i come back to where you started, shannon.
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it has to be bipartisan. it has to be dutiful to understand how much was unmasked, who was unmasked, where did the information go, who was unmasked not revelations of a breathless nature every day but an independent investigation but two house panels and even the potential for an independent panel should that process not work as well as it necessarily should. >> shannon: mollie. the senate was gotten for praise for less heated and bipartisan. we have the tracks in house and senate. do you think at the end of the day people across the ideological spectrum will be satisfied with one or both of those? do you think it will take something independent like doug said to put this thing to rest? >> both the house and committees have strength. one of the things the house has is a tenacious chairman unwilling to let things go until he gets to the bottom of issues. all we need really is more information. this is a long-standing problem
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that doesn't just deal with susan rice. a year and a half ago congress was caught up in surveillance and they were concerned about that. last week people associated with trying to fight the obama administration's iran deal said they had reason to believe their communications with foreign people had been used for political purposes by the obama administration. this is something both republicans and democrats should care deeply about because republicans and democrats share power and violated by a republican as a democrat. people should take them seriously. >> shannon: everybody should be taking great notice. thank you both. >> bill: keep it a close eye on this story. troubling news on north korea. will there be another nuclear test in the coming hours or is this a big fat bluff? we're live on the ground inside pyongyang reporting on that. terrifying moment. a child slips between the train and a platform.
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say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. >> shannon: shocking video just released as a warning to parents from the transit system in sydney, australia. watch this. the video shows the moment when a little boy slips in the gap between the train and the platform. his family waves to the conductor to make sure the train stops and they're able to pull him out to safety. another video we've got as well. he is safe and sound. that has to be terrifying. another video shows a second child falling into the space between the train and platform. both incidents from last year but sydney trains putting out the video to remind parents of child safety at train stations. it always makes you a little
6:25 am
nervous. tiny people -- >> bill: they put out the video. life and death in circumstances like that. you are right about that space. if you're small enough you can fit. >> shannon: happy endings. >> bill: 25 past the hour. north korea marking five years under the regime of kim jong-un. as we learn that country might be on the verge of a new frontier in its nuclear and weapons programs. we're getting reports the north is preparing for another nuclear test. japan's prime minister says it might be capable of launching missiles tipped with deadly sarin gas. foreign affairs correspondent live in pyongyang with the latest there. >> welcome back to pyongyang where tensions between the united states and north korea over its nuclear and missile programs are real and the city appears to be really defiant. look at what we saw.
6:26 am
you're looking at thousands of citizens of pyongyang coming out in a well-organized orchestrated event opening up a new neighborhood here in the capital. the idea by the regime is to get the semblance of a functioning city despite the sanctions and problems over the nuclear and missile crisis. they say they are moving forward. they say they are functioning and this is what we're seeing. just a few hundred yards from where we were standing north korean leader kim jong-un was cutting a ribbon on the government-backed building project. officials calling it a sign of defiance against the united states and its backing of sanctions. this event is in advance of saturday's anniversary of the birth date of kim jong-un's grandfather the grandfather of
6:27 am
north korean. there are possible preps of another nuclear device by north korea. we have missiles launched around this date in the past. talk here is very tough. officials telling us they'll never give up their banned nukes or missiles. as for the other reports in the past couple of days china is cooperating more with the u.s., taking a harder line with north korea. well, officials today point to projects like the one we unveiled today. they claim that shows they don't need anyone. here is what one resident told us about the united states and sanctions. >> we don't really care and we live under the sanction of u.s. since the very first day. so we don't really give a damn. >> we must note that quote and
6:28 am
many -- much of the work we do here has government officials somewhat nearby. but there is so much to see and so much to hear and it has been five years since we have been here. a lot more to tell. stay tuned. >> bill: good to have you on the ground there, greg. he is live in the pyongyang. it's unclear to me if the north has the ability to send a missile to japan 800 to 1,000 miles which is what you would need to travel. ask jack keane about that next hour. >> shannon: is kim jong-un crazy or crazy like a fox. making him unpredictable and more dangerous and he knows what he is doing. >> bill: president trump on russia and north korea as well. on the north korea matter he said i have great confidence that china will properly deal with north korea. if they're unable to do so the u.s. and allies will. that was a moment ago from the white house. talk about them working out some sort of deal.
6:29 am
we'll see how the negotiations go between the two leaders. >> shannon: lots of thawing out to do. amid the crisis with north korea president trump is offering china a deal. >> we talked trade and a lot of things. the way you make a good trade deal is help us with north korea. >> shannon: mike pence heads to asia for a week-long trip we'll talk to his press secretary about what bargain can be in the works. >> bill: bullets shatter a window with a little girl in the line of fire. how she is doing today. more on that next. >> horrific. every parents' nightmare. >> it's shocking and ridiculous that that stuff goes on. we have a 7-month-old we're raising and we see stuff like that makes me angry. let it sink in.
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>> bill: president trump tweeted on china and russia. one of them. i have great confidence that
6:33 am
china will properly deal with north korea. if they're unable to do so the u.s. with its allies will. and then on russia, things will work out fine between the usa and russia. at the right time everyone will come to their senses and there be lasting peace. all this on top of a major reversal by the president on china despite all the campaign promises he will not label china a currency manipulator as he looks to beijing for help on dealing with north korea. marc lotter is the press secretary to vice president pence. thank you for your time this morning. first stop is south korea. give us a sense of the level of importance there is as the world looks at the peninsula right now and waits to see what happens next. >> the u.s./korean alliance is the lynch pin of peace and stability in that region. the vice president's stop there will show the president's unwavering support for that
6:34 am
alliance and we'll look to build and grow from there. >> bill: do you think that china today is willing to cooperate with the united states on north korea? >> all signs are positive but it's a long process. that's what you're seeing in the leadership of president trump and one of the reasons vice president pence is going on this 10-day trip to the asia pacific reason is to show the support of our allies but to help rally the international community. it will take an international response and reaction to be able to deal with the oning threat that is posed by north korea. >> bill: there may be another test this weekend. is that what the white house expects or do you know? >> we won't predict what they might do. what you are seeing is a strong sign by president donald trump by sending the vice president over to the asia pacific that we stand with our allies and we have an iron clad commitment with them that we'll be there with their defense and also there as an economic partner for regional stability and growth. >> bill: if there is a test
6:35 am
will the united states try to shoot that from the sky? if there is a test be it today or this weekend, will the carrier group in that area and nuclear submarines as well. will we try to shoot that missile, that rocket from the sky? >> one of the things that president trump has been very clear on is we aren't going to predict what our response would be especially if it comes into the area of the military in our national security interests. the one thing that we do know and one thing the vice president will be there reiterating throughout the trip is we have an iron clad defense and we'll be there as partners with all of our asia pacific allies and partners in the face of the threat that is posed by north korea. >> bill: south korea is the first stop. >> president trump: president xi wants to do the right thing. we had a very good bonding and good chemistry together. i think he wants to help us with north korea.
6:36 am
we talked trade, we talked a lot of things and i said the way you'll make a good trade deal is to help us with north korea. otherwise we're going to go it alone and that will be all right, too. going it alone means going it with lots of other nations. >> bill: here is what i'm trying to figure out. back channels, do you get a sense that the korean leader has heard the message from this new administration? >> the world community has been sending a very clear message to the regime for a long time that the only way to long-term peace and stability in the asia pacific is a denuclearized peninsula. we'll rally our global partners especially in the asian pacific community to work toward that goal. it's the only way to secure the long-term peace. >> bill: there were shipments of coal to china out of north korea that were turned back. what do you know about that? has that happened before? and what would that signal on
6:37 am
behalf of the chinese if they refuse that delivery? >> the one thing -- i wouldn't point to any specific example. we're seeing a growing partnership following up on the meeting last weekend between president trump and the chinese president in working together to confront the many challenges that the world community faces whether it's economic, national security basis. i would also point out that just yesterday china used its veto on a u.n. resolution that was condemning the chemical attacks in syria. that's fairly unprecedented. what we're seeing is the world community, the leadership of president trump going through the world stage and actually producing some desired results that benefits america. >> bill: one more question. you talk about a currency manipulation. that was part of his campaign. they thought the worker has been -- what does it say to those who voted for this president on behalf of that
6:38 am
issue if he backs off it? >> i would tell americans and global community, you can focus on labels. what president trump's leadership is showing we're getting results. as opposed to worrying about labeling china as a currency manipulator the president and chinese are working together along with other global partners and seeing an end to the chinese currency manipulation in the long term best interest of american companies that seek to do business overseas. >> bill: a lot of people may think it's temporary. to the supporters when they were looking for a change in policy, is this to suggest the policy is no longer going to change with regard to china, mark? >> what we're seeing and what president trump said yesterday we hope the chinese will do the right thing. the president can revisit issues as the events may change. but right now the signs are positive. we're seeing the leadership of donald trump having the desired effect on the world stage in so many areas and that's what you'll see when vice president pence goes over to asia pacific
6:39 am
this weekend. >> bill: thank you for your time. south korea stop number one and tokyo and japan and pearl harbor and hawaii to recognize the sacrifice of the second world war. we'll watch for headlines. thank you, marc. >> shannon: police in chandler, arizona releasing disturbing video. a little girl playing inside a barber shop when bullets shatter the glass pierce through the window and narrowly miss her. she is okay with minor injuries from broken glass. this is remarkable. police say two of the bullets struck the glass at what would have been head level for her. the gunfire stems from a dispute between two men that had nothing to do with that little girl. both of the suspects have been arrested and facing a number of charges. and man, i can't imagine what went through her little mind as she ran away from the scene quickly. there is a little divine
6:40 am
providence watching over here. >> bill: she was just short enough behind those chairs it might not have seen her. >> shannon: again, she is safe and sound. >> bill: potentially big break in a case of murdered patrol agent brian terry. a suspect is now in custody. details on who may have been bebehind this killing. >> shannon: president trump promising a deal will get done reforming healthcare. will the white house pull the plug on a critical part of obamacare in order to do that? >> healthcare reform is going bankrupt. there are fewer choices for the american people. premiums are going up and the infrastructure that keeps is together is crumbling.
6:41 am
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>> shannon: getting word of an interview that syrian president bashar al-assad has given. it says that he believes and is
6:44 am
stating that the chemical weapons attack in syria was a complete fabrication and it was one that was done in order to give the u.s. military justification to strike that country. he says that we're now working, quote, hand in glove with terrorists. he says his army gave up all chemical weapons in 2013. he will allow a probe into the chemical attacked but it needs to be completely impartial and says the united states isn't serious about finding a political situation to send the civil war. it's a brand-new interview from assad. >> president trump: healthcare has been going along in negotiations. it is a negotiation and it will take a little while longer but as you probably hear congress is coming along. we have great people in congress that want it to happen. we'll have no democrats, zero, that means we have to get close to 100% of the republicans. not an easy way to run a government. >> bill: reports today the white house is considering a
6:45 am
new strategy to bring congress back to the table by doing away with obamacare subsidies. it's what the president told the "wall street journal." obamacare is dead next month if it doesn't get that money. i haven't made my viewpoint clear yet. i don't want people to get hurt. what i think should happen and will happen is the democrats will start calling me and negotiating. is that the case? republican congressman pete roskam chairs the house and means committee tax policy. how are you and good morning from chicago. >> great to be with you. >> bill: get rid of subsidies. is that the way you negotiate this next? >> we would be better off to dump the current bill and actually start out and pass the bill out to which everybody aspires. past several years, myself included, we didn't do that hard work. had we done it we would have been able to pass a bill out of the house, senate over to the senate, probably subject to a
6:46 am
filibuster. then the senate can come up through their complicated rules. the notion of reconciliation and go from there. i think we're in a spot where this doesn't get any easier quickly. and my preference is to dump the current bill, move on, take a longer time frame all the way out and take more of a running start to get it done. >> bill: come back to the question. if you ditch the subsidies, would it be incentive for moderate democrats to get on board? >> basically right now everybody is playing a political game of not it. so essentially republicans are saying look, we didn't create obamacare. it is starting the fail. democrats will come right back and say well, if the subsidies don't happen that will be contributing to the failure. so this is my point of getting out of this current paradigm which is going nowhere fast in my view. dump the current bill, move forward and try and just frame this debate entirely differently. i think we're stuck for a while and it doesn't look to me like
6:47 am
we're moving quickly where we are now. >> bill: let me play a quick clip from zeke emmanuel. he said the following as a fox news contributor. >> it would be seriously destabilizing in two ways. first of all saying we aren't going the pay them would make a lot of insurance companies leave and the seckelment of destabilization is the insurance premiums would skyrocket between 10 and 20% it's estimated. >> bill: is that incentive? >> i don't think it's incentive for anybody to come to the table unfortunately. what ends up happening is you have both sides -- look, obamacare at its architecture and foundation is a failure. it's collapsing quickly. now the irony is there is a responsibility or perceived responsibility to continue a subsidy to prop up something that is failing. i keep getting back to this core idea of drop this current negotiation and essentially start over. slow it down and don't have an
6:48 am
arbitrary date. >> bill: the president also said he wants to do healthcare before tax reform. if you do healthcare first, you will get tax reform. do you agree with that logic? >> well, i think that is the aspiration to do healthcare before tax reform. it is not necessary to do healthcare before tax reform. in other words, both of these things can move through on simultaneous tracks and the notion that they are mutually exclusive from a procedure point of view is overstated. is it is preference to get one done and the other? sure. is it a necessity from a procedural point of view? i don't think so. >> bill: he was making the argument the money you save on the healthcare could go into a tax reform bill. third topic. >> i think the money you save -- quickly, i think the money you save on healthcare is largely will be spent in healthcare but i take his larger point. >> bill: lois learner four years on you want to reopen this investigation. for a quote fresh look.
6:49 am
what have you found that would justify that? >> we found absolutely nothing new but we're convinced the prior administration was completely dismissive of the referral from the congress that said we believe she committed crimes. remember, while that investigation was going on, president obama was giving an interview saying there is not a bit of wrongdoing here. what does that mean? the previous administration didn't take this seriously. we think a new administration should be looking at a couple of things. one, we're asserting the ways and means committee is asserting that lois lerner is likely to have committed a crime by targeting individuals based on their political philosophy. we're also asserting that we think she misled fund mentally the inspector general on this issue. we think a new justice department should look at this and do this review with the idea of bringing this case
6:50 am
because the notion of weaponizing the irs is so corrosive to our democracy. we shouldn't let the statute of limitations lapse. >> bill: keep the faith with the american people. the republican from illinois in chicago today. nice to have you on. >> shannon: attorneys for the doctor who was violently removed from a united flight are speaking out today. what we can expect to hear during their news conference coming up. and see you later alligator. they tell the reptile to hit the road. that's epic battle. >> bill: of course. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire.
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>> bill: here is something you don't see every day. we thought we'd share it with
6:54 am
you. this is a horse going after an alligator. oh, my. wow. like africa. a stallion spotting the gator and stomped on it. the horse possibly protecting its family, could be. the gator took off and the gator is okay to live another day. >> shannon: he got some bites in there. >> bill: the moment i'm happy to have my iphone. no one would ever believe we're watching that. that from florida. >> shannon: a horse stomp is serious business. you don't want to be bitten, either. attorneys for that man forcibly removed from a united airlines flight are speaking out today in a news conference. that video you've seen it has gone viral since sunday after airport authorities dragged dr. david dao off a chicago to louisville flight reportedly overbooked. it was sold out.
6:55 am
be it as it may we're live from chicago. in about an hour we'll get an idea for this man's response. >> david dao has hired two prominent chicago attorneys, one of which has extensive experience in airline injury cases and we expect to hear from those attorneys for the first time in about an hour and we also expect to hear from dao's daughter. if this is any indication it would seem dao is gearing up for a legal battle. a spokesperson for one of dao's attorneys tells us dao himself will not be at the press conference today. his daughter will and that his daughter will talk. we're told dao's attorneys will explain why he won't be there. dao did receive some medical treatment and was hospitalized. not clear what his exact status is this morning. >> shannon: we've seen a number of apologies from the folks at united. what's the latest on any investigation into actually what happened and how they got
6:56 am
to that point? >> the department of transportation has launched an investigation to see if united violated rules on oversealing flights and david dao himself filed an emergency bill of discovery in court to protect all video and records of the events that day. two aviation officers placed on leave. one suspended and united airlines is doing its own internal investigation. the ceo took a lot of heat for initially saying dao was reaccommodated but released a statement saying this event was horrific and all the passengers on the flight that day, shannon, have since been refunded. back to you. >> shannon: that's probably a much smaller price than they'll have to pay involving dr. dao. thank you. >> bill: moments ago word from damascus the syrian president assad claiming the chemical attack in his country has been fabricated by the united states.
6:57 am
this as the president pushes russia to back off an support of damascus. is there a break in the case of brian terry? do mexican officials have a killer in their custody?
6:58 am
6:59 am
i like russo. his on/off splits are the best here. yeah, but his offensive win shares didn't even break 4. come on, check out that stop-and-pop! what do you think? my trade-off analytics indicate no one creates more space on offense. this allows him to nail a jumper from a densely populated urban area. what you're trying to say is from way downtown? i am still learning. i can see that.
7:00 am
>> shannon: breaking news, syria lashing out at president trump and the u.s. bashar al-assad now calling last week's chemical attack, quote, a fabrication. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." >> bill: i'm bill hemmer, good morning. moments ago assad giving his first interview claiming the chemical strike on syrian civilians was fabricated in order to justify the u.s. air strikes on syria. we're covering a lot of this in washington today. leyland. let's do the latest from damascus. >> good morning to you, bill. afternoon in damascus and assad gave an interview to afp, the french news service where he
7:01 am
called the chemical attack a 100% fabrication and said his army had given up all its chemical weapons after their last chemical attack on civilians. this a quote from president assad. our impression is that the west mainly the united states is hand and glove with the terrorists. that's what assad calls anybody who doesn't like him. they meaning the united states fabricated the whole story in order to have a pretext for the attack. of course unclear if anybody, including his russian protectors believe the statement. as we've heard over the past few days the pentagon has a trove of evidence to prove it was the syrian regime and their army behind this. >> bill: he even referred to fake videos now because you can't verify the video. his words. do we know how president trump said russia may have known about this? >> made a lot of headlines yesterday during a press conference with the chief of nato. we still aren't sure why the president thinks the russians had prior knowledge of the
7:02 am
attack. the white house has not elaborated. yesterday the president's secretary of state made it clear whatever the boss might think the united states can't prove it. >> with respect to russia's complicity or knowledge of the chemical weapons attack, we have no firm information to indicate that there was any involvement by russian forces into this attack. what we do know and we have very firm and high confidence in our conclusions that the attack was planned, carried out by the regime forces at the direction of bashar al-assad. >> this is the same man who a few days ago made headlines when he charged with russians with complicity in the chemical attack. perhaps the single best piece of intelligence involving the russians is a russian drone was seen over the hospital that was
7:03 am
treating the chemical attack victims after the bombs dropped. not long after that is when the hospital itself was attacked. at least connecting the dots for a russian cover-up of their ally's chemical attack. prior knowledge or not, something the pentagon doesn't have yet. >> bill: dangerous time. thank you. shannon has more now. >> shannon: let's bring in charlie herd to talk about this more. a fox news contributor. good morning, charlie. i want to start with the new interview coming in from assad saying that the chemical weapons attack was completely fabricated and done the justify u.s. military strikes in the area and that the u.s. is working hand in glove with terrorists there now. >> obviously president assad doesn't have much credibility with us or with his own people for that matter. it does kind of underscore what a failure it was to not attack his chemical weapons depots
7:04 am
where he crossed the red line. we waited all this time allowing for diplomacy to get rid of chemical weapons which clearly were not gotten rid of. it is just setting up a real problem. we should have done it back then and when you do it now five years later, it leaves room for a guy like this to make claims like that. >> shannon: he also said they got rid of all their chemical weapons in 2013 under the deal brokered with russia involved and the guarantor of that whole thing. we saw at the u.n. russia used its veto power for the eighth time to basically back up assad and the syrian government. they wouldn't even vote for a resolution condemning the attack. what does that say to you about whether there is any potential for bridging the gap which was there yesterday between lavrov, tillerson and putin.
7:05 am
>> we've never seen in modern times relations this cold, i think. certainly not since the cold war. it is tough. but i do think that a key to all of this is the fact that the president trump was with the president of china when these bombs were dropped on syria. that's a big deal. and the fact that china on that resolution you just mentioned refused to -- abstained instead of joining russia. that's a significant detail. i think in a lot of ways when you look at the sort of balance of power, something like this, it raises all kinds of questions whether trump campaigned on the promise that we were no longer going to be the policeman of the world. that's a dangerous road for him. but the fact that he did it and the fact that he was sitting there. i'm sure president xi jing ping will never forget having dessert at mar-a-lago over a
7:06 am
large piece of chocolate cake when the president informed him he dropped 59 bombs on syria. that kind of thing does speak to the frostiness of russia/u.s. relations. it does point up a strength that the u.s. has in dealing with china and dealing with north korea. and then quite frankly dealing with other places like iran and the middle east. so there is that sort of silver lining to all of this. >> shannon: i want to play a little bit of what president trump said yesterday. his take on the current state of relations between the two countries. >> president trump: right now we're not getting along with russia at all. we may be at an all-time low in terms of relationship with russia. be a fantastic thing if we got along with putin and got along with russia. that could happen and it may not happen. it may be just the opposite. >> shannon: the tweet this morning things will work out fine between the usa and russia. everyone will come to their senses and there will be
7:07 am
lasting peace. a little whiplash. >> those are some of the most amazing i've ever heard from a president on foreign policy situation especially during a tense moment like this. it is what he said throughout the campaign. but it was harsh language. he was -- i think he is very much putting putin and russia and other adversaries on alert that diplomacy only goes so far and he is not going to -- he will be as blunt in dealing with them as he is in dealing with a lot of his other political statements, which, you know, kind of have a lot of people, you know, up in arms. >> shannon: charlie herd, good to see you. thank you very much. >> bill: reading through assad comments. even if we have chemical weapons we would not use them. we've never used our chemical arsenal in our history. this runs directly counter to what james mattis laid out two
7:08 am
days ago at the pentagon. >> shannon: if we talk about 50 plus noted use of some kind of chemical weapons, there is definitely a discrepancy. >> bill: the u.n. has an investigation saying they've used chemical weapons eight times this year alone. the u.n. concluded that already and it is only april. to the other story. might be big developments in the 2010 killing in border patrol agent brian terry. authorities in mexico have made an arrest. terry's death exposed and ended the gun running operation known as fast and furious. here is his brother's reaction to the possibility of this news. >> hopefully it's the start of closure. hopefully it's -- we finally get answers and holding those accountable for the project fast and furious and what was the purpose for it and why these people got killed. >> bill: we're live in l.a.
7:09 am
what do they have, william? >> this story is still developing and there is a reason for that. police wanted to get the suspect to a secure location in mexico before word leaked to the media. they also hoped to get this guy to roll over and provide the location of the last remaining outstanding accomplice. here is what we do know. joint u.s. mexican task force arrested the suspect yesterday at a ranch in northern mexico along the border. the task force included mexican marines, dea and u.s. marshals. the raid happened around 2:00 a.m. on wednesday. the man was turned over to the mex call attorney general and the u.s. is seeking extradition. he will be prosecuted in tucson federal court for murder by the u.s. attorney's office in san diego and faces 30 years to life. now, he is a mexican national arrested seven times in the u.s. before he was recruited into the cartel that killed agent terry in the desert south
7:10 am
of tucson back in december of 2010. terry was part of a border patrol special ops team to arrest the crew. he took a bullet beneath his vest and died at the scene. it exposed the obama administration operation fast and furious when agents found two assault-style weapons at the crime scene sold under the u.s. program where some 2,000 weapons were sold to the cartels with the knowledge and approval of the u.s. justice department. fast and furious back one of the biggest scandals and prompted congress to hold the u.s. attorney general in contempt but questions still remain. >> i hope that it opens the door for this new administration to look into this and find out who is accountable and hold them to justice in response for brian's death. this should never have happened. >> i'm told that the man is tied to the scene by dna.
7:11 am
backpack, water bottles were left there when they fled the scene. according to the others if prison for the crime he was the one that pulled the trigger that killed agent terry. >> bill: william, thank you live in l.a. on that story. >> shannon: years in the making. >> bill: it dogged the obama administration. >> shannon: the president appearing to distance himself from chief strategist steve bannon. >> he wants to make sure he is clear he won this election because of the policies he has been laying out for decades and the commitment he has had to the american worker. >> shannon: this following talks of growing tensions within the president's inner circle. are there changes in store? >> bill: the president reversing his position on nato saying it is not obsolete. what it could mean. >> shannon: the white house
7:12 am
planning a nationwide deportation force. the impact on illegal immigrants and sanctuary cities. >> there is no evidence that's opening the floodgates at all. one of the things because people heard you say that i have to answer people. >> i don't give any city benefits. what we're doing is enforcing the law. can a toothpaste do everything well?
7:13 am
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this clean was like pow! my teeth are glowing. they are so white. step 1 cleans. step 2 whitens. crest [hd]. 6x cleaning*, 6x whitening*á i would switch to crest [hd] over what i was using before. >> bill: two men from illinois now facing federal charges for conspiring to support isis. the f.b.i. arrested joseph
7:16 am
jones and edward shamente after a year long investigation. they tried to help recruit and travel to syria not knowing the men they were talking to was an informant from the f.b.i. it happens more than you think. the two men professed their devotion to isis multiple times during several meetings with the informant. if convicted they could face up to 20 years behind bars. >> the message is simple. the message is to the russians the eight years of the free lunch is over. you aren't going to walk all over the west. you aren't going the walk all over anywhere you want. you'll meet resistance. the first strike was in syria. we're ready to resist you. >> shannon: the trump administration carving out a new path on russia compared to the obama administration which critics say glaifsh vladimir putin a pass for years. let's talk about it with mike
7:17 am
huckabee. good to see you today, governor. thanks for joining us. not surprising that there would be a little bit of a change but a lot of people thought that this president was going to be too easy on a russians, they were friends. do you think that what we're seeing now is proof that was never true or do you think as some say skeptics a change in strategy to make his point? >> i'm convinced if democrats came back in another life they'd come back as chihuahuas. they'll do barking but not much bite. for months they've been saying donald trump is in bed with the russians. soft on the russians. a pal of putin and so is tillerson. it was the obama administration that had hillary pushing the reset button. the president himself patted the russian president on the leg saying i'll be more flexible when the election is over. it was the obama administration that said there would be a red line and there wasn't. russia moved in. the obama administration that
7:18 am
did nothing when russia invaded crimea. the trump administration when face evidence with chemical weapons they lit up the sky in syria and said we aren't going to tolerate it. who is it that russia is more afraid of? somebody who sends them a strongly worded letter or somebody who will send a tomahawk missile straight onto a runway? >> shannon: you saw the meetings yesterday with tillerson, secretary tillerson and his counterpart sergey lavrov. frosty. even the handshake. looks like these two couldn't wait to get away from each other. here is what sergey lavrov had to say. the russia card is being used in internal political fighting in the u.s. the white house makes statements and brings groundless statements to us. we know secretary tillerson met with president putin for a couple of hours and nothing
7:19 am
that anybody seemed to agree on whether it was allegations of interfering in the elections. syria thing was a setup. it doesn't seem like the meetings went well unless you like that there is a new level of discord between the two. >> well, look, i put it this way. i think the meeting yesterday was probably frostier than a siberian winter morning. at the same time this was an honest reflection of two countries who right now have a very different point of view. the big difference is that russia now understands they aren't dealing with a pushover country. they aren't dealing with an administration that looks the other way at whatever they do. and they are going to have to face up to realities. they won't just be able to march all over northern europe and put their foot -- feet down and expect no response. so sure, there is tension. but i also think in the long term it's a more healthy relationship. this is an honest relationship. we're letting them know we aren't tolerating aggression or you helping to supply, arm,
7:20 am
assist or look the other way when people are being murdered. we aren't going to do it. >> shannon: what do you make of the vote at the u.n., the eighth time russia refused to do something during the syria civil war as a denouncement what's going on there. we had the ab -- abstention from china. may the mar-a-lago summit did something. russia wouldn't denounce the chemical attack itself with the vote yesterday. >> it's another reason why the u.n. has become a worthless organization, rat hole that we're pouring millions of dollars down. we need to reformulate. if we have some type of international forum it has to be reformulated. the u.n. is worthless. yesterday's vote was one more good reason to remind us how worthless it really is. when you have one of the countries who can singularly veto a resolution that condemns
7:21 am
the chemical warfare and gassing of babies. houston, we've got a problem. >> shannon: we do. governor, we have many problems and glad you come here to talk about them and maybe work towards a solution. governor huckabee, thank you, good to see you. >> bill: 21 past. breaking news from damascus now. assad claims the u.s. made it all up. he says it was a total fabrication and that's not all he said. general jack keane will take that on in a moment here. >> shannon: one american city is taking is nfl to court. so what is that all about? >> bill: whoa. tech: when your windshield needs to be fixed... trust safelite autoglass. our exclusive trueseal technology means a strong, reliable bond. at safelite, we stand behind our work... because the ones you love, sit behind it. (parents whisper jingle) safelite repair, safelite replace. i ...prilosec otc 7 years ago,my doctor recommended...
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7:24 am
>> bill: new developments out of syria now. syrian leader bashar al-assad
7:25 am
telling a french news agency moments ago the chemical attack on his own people was fabricated in order to justify u.s. air strikes on syrian targets last thursday. four star general jack keane with me on this. good morning to you. i imagine you label this baghdad bob but he also is claiming the videos are fake. no evidence the people in the videos were even dead. that's been a claim that you find in different parts of the middle east going back decades. first an assad. what do you make of it? >> russia and assad are singing the same tune. they believe the more they tell the lie the likelihood it turns into some kind of fact and truth. the reality here is that we have eyewitness testimony of aircraft overhead dropping bombs from the people who were in the area or even hurt by it. that's number one. number two, we have radar tracking the airplanes from the aircraft making the bombing run over the target and returning
7:26 am
to that same runway they took off with. we have u.s. intelligence and foreign intelligence services confirming all what i just said from other sources like signals intelligence, etc. we have an overwhelming amount of evidence that pins this on the syrian regime. the terrorists have no airplanes. they don't drop bombs from airplanes. that alone is testimony plus everything else. assad is guilty and that's a fact. >> bill: president trump called him a butcher yesterday. why six years on into a war turning your way? >> that's his pattern of behavior. the arrogance and barberism. he has no more all compass. he has been focusing on killing civilians purposely. that's been his primary target from the outseat. barrel bombing, starvation, penetrating and killing hospitals, ambulances and using chemicals. that has been his purpose from the very beginning.
7:27 am
he will continue to do that. >> bill: his quote is this. we don't have any chemical weapons we gave up our arsenal a few years ago. the president was talked about nato yesterday. he ran a campaign for a year and a half talking about how nato isn't living up to its duty and then he said this. >> the secretary general and i had a productive discussion about what more nato can do in the fight against terrorism. i complained about that a long time ago and they made a change. and now they do fight terrorism. i said it was obsolete. it's no longer obsolete. >> bill: what changed? >> what happened is that nato is probably the most important political and military alliance in history in our history to be sure. but the reality is over seven countries have been attacked by isis to include the united states. over ten times and nato really never got organized to deal
7:28 am
with this. they've gone to war one time. one time only. that is as a result of the al qaeda 9/11 attack on united states and they went to war with us in afghanistan. i thought a long time ago nato should have declared war on isis given it's inspiring and directing attacks on them. why haven't they done that? they don't want to be accountable for the outcome. i do believe the criticism is valid. what they have done is organized their intelligence services to work against isis. that is a step in the right direction. i think that's what the president is talking about here. >> bill: do you think trump moved them in that direction or did obama do that before he left office? >> i believe the criticism the candidate trump leveled against nato really pin pricked them and got their attention. >> bill: interesting. rex tillerson from yesterday you watched it and you believe a star was born sitting next to sergey lavrov. i've heard others who say that
7:29 am
lavrov did better than tillerson. i thought tillerson, he was stone cold sober and straight forward. what did you think? >> a star is born. comfortable on the international stage. self-assured, collected. has a moral compass about the united states and its history and absolutely leveled russia for supporting assad, for not pulling his separate forces out of the agreement. if you don't pull the forces and your capabilities out of the ukraine and comply with the minks accord no possibility our relationship with you will improve. that's a stunning statement. so he absolutely went after russia for its behavior. the whole business with the chemicals, etc. but lavrov did better, that's an absurdity.
7:30 am
he was squirming in his chair. >> bill: two hour meeting with vladimir putin had to be a very interesting conversation. thank you for your time today. jack keane in washington good to have you. >> shannon: less than full throated endorsement from president trump for one of his top advisors. the latest on reports of growing tensions within the white house's inner circle. fact or fiction? >> voices amongst the leadership in the white house only makes the president better informed and -- because he is the only one who makes decisions in that white house.
7:31 am
7:32 am
7:33 am
>> shannon: breaking news now getting reports that a coalition air strike accidentally struck and killed allied forces. 18 people killed in southern syria. national security correspondent jennifer griffin joins us live with new details. hello, jennifer. >> fox news can confirm it was a u.s. coalition air strike that killed 18 u.s. backed
7:34 am
local fighters two days ago on the ground in northern syria. we just received a statement. the incident occurred 30 miles west of raqqa where the u.s. military airlifted hundreds of local fighters last month along with some u.s. military advisors. central command says the coalition jet was given the wrong coordinates by their partner forces a mix of kurdish and arab fighters known as the syrian democratic forces. the u.s.-backed fighters in syria are supported by a u.s. marine corps artillery battery and gun ships. the top u.s. general for u.s. forces in the middle east says he might need more artillery units to help these local syrian fighters. but as of right now the move to retake raqqa is on hold, shannon, until after the turks carry out their referendum on sunday. a referendum that should give the turkish president more
7:35 am
power. back to you. >> shannon: also can you tell us anything what we're expecting from the talks between secretary mattis and turkish counterpart at the pentagon this morning? >> this is a very important meeting here at the pentagon this morning at 11:45 eastern. turkey is a nato ally and the u.s. military uses a turkish air base not far from syria to strike against isis. we expect the move to raqqa to rack up on april 16th. the looming question ahead of the talks at the pentagon is how publicly the u.s. will partner with kurdish fighters to retake raqqa. the pentagon is weighing a decision to provide heavy weapons to the kurds. a looming decision by the united states whether to supply kurdish fighters with heavy weapons puts the trump administration in a difficult position with nato allied turkey. top u.s. military official efs say any plan to defeat isis in raqqa must include the kurds.
7:36 am
the u.s. military plans to use syrian kurdish fighters to encircle raqqa before a syrian arab force enters the city. all of that will be discussed today at the pentagon. >> shannon: big, busy important day there. thank you very much, jennifer. >> bill: there are reports of internal fighting in the west wing of the white house. steve bannon facing questions about his future after the president said the following to the "new york post" quote, i like steve but you have to remember he was not involved in my campaign until very late. i'm my own strategist. michael goodwin the post columnist and got the answerened he is with me now. good morning to you. in the context of that. how did that come up? >> as you said there were a lot of reports there was all of this infighting. most of it involved steve bannon, the chief strategist in the white house. i asked the president do you have confidence in steve bannon?
7:37 am
i think that's the central question that any chief executive confronts. when there is an issue with a personnel issue, do you have confidence in that person going forward to do their job as well as you would like it done? and i think that the president's answer was clearly telling. that right now i would say he does not have a lot of confidence in steve bannon. >> bill: you believe that. but when you asked the question whether or not he has confidence how did he answer? did he use the word confidence in his answer? >> he did not. the portion that you read was the heart of the answer. that i don't need steve bannon, i think that was the clear implication of what he said. and then he concluded by saying he is a nice guy but. the but was i told them to work it out or i will. so i think you combine those two things together and you get a sense that steve bannon right now has lost the president's confidence to a large measure. i wouldn't say it's final but i do think the president is sort of up to his eyeballs in
7:38 am
frustration with the infighting and there have been other reports about some of the things bannon has said and done including somewhere he realizes he has made some mistakes and has to pick his fights, as he said instead of fighting all the time. so look, this is not unusual for a new administration to go through some inner turmoil, people jockeying for positions, jockeying for the president's ear. there will always be shake-ups in any new administration, mayor, governor, president. we're in the midst of watching one develop right now. >> bill: let me come back to that whole question. dana was working for o'rielly last night and had sean spicer on. one former and one present talking to each other. here is how he addressed the question. >> i think the line has been blurred a little bit. he wanted to make it clear. at the same time express confidence in the team that's here and the talent that he has assembled. >> bill: he reflected what you
7:39 am
just shared here. if there is infighting where is it coming from? steve bannon against jared kushner or more than that? >> fund mentally there should be infighting in the sense there should be disagreement. i think that the difference between disagreement and infighting can be night and day. for example, you don't want everybody to say the same thing. there is an old saying if i have three assistants and they all agree with me i should fire two of them. why do you need a group think and a chorus of yes men and women? there should be disagreement. but i think when it crosses the line, when it becomes undermining. there have been reports bannon was leaking stories against the president, against jared kushner. >> bill: is that true? >> i don't know. the fact the president has seen those reports, maybe he has confronted bannon, i don't know. i think there is room for difference of opinion. there should be difference of opinion. we want the president to hear all of the option, all of the views. bannon was a very important
7:40 am
person in the campaign. yes, it's true that the president himself set the agenda and started talking about immigration from day one, long before bannon was on the team. but still the president is the president and needs a team around him serving him well and giving him confidence in their judgment so he can have confidence in his own. >> bill: not long ago you went through campaign managers in six months. a lot of people don't stick around to trump unless you're fam legal very long. do we know? >> we don't know. he is in a new situation. that's his corporate history. he needs to be comfortable with the people around him. that's so important. but at the same time he needs a diversity of ideas and opinion around him, too. those two things are almost inherently in conflict. >> bill: if someone would say the death watch on steve bannon is underway, would you say it's true or not so fast? >> i would say it is true but i wouldn't say it will happen
7:41 am
today or tomorrow. i think the president is giving him time to fix what bannon apparently has broken. i think if the president -- we'll see how much patience he has. i don't think we'll hear by 5:00 today. >> bill: thank you, michael. my pleasure. michael goodwin, "new york post." shannon, what's next. >> shannon: one sanctuary city reversing its stance on protecting illegal immigrants after threats from the trump administration to cut off funding. is the president's tough talk on immigration reform working? we'll have a fair and balanced debate. >> bill: nasa narrowing its focus for a livable planet. a system with two suns might be the key. what's that all about?
7:42 am
ray's always been different. last year, he said he was going to dig a hole to china. at&t is working with farmers to improve irrigation techniques. remote moisture sensors use a reliable network to tell them when and where to water. so that farmers like ray can compete in big ways. china. oh ... he got there. that's the power of and.
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7:44 am
>> the president said he wanted
7:45 am
to get rid of the bad ones, the criminals and rapist its, now it seems like they want to go every single undocumented worker. this idea we'll deport 10 or 11 million people, folks here building a better life i can't go along with that. >> the mayor of michigan's capital city lansing weighing in on immigration reform as there will be a nationwide deportation force. one week after the city council voted to make lansing, michigan a sanctuary city last night saying it would reverse using that phrase. they voted it out. leslie marshall. syndicated radio host and we're hearing about all kinds of new plans, more beds in the detention centers, more immigration judges and more border parole agents. do you have objections in principle to any of those things? >> absolutely. first of all, president trump
7:46 am
was elected to do two things. keep us safer and to create jobs. this mass deportation idea does neither. adding 33,000 beds to already deplorable conditions with a four-year plus backlog in the courts, the amount of people that they're looking the hire, where the funds are coming from, congress isn't necessarily going to approve it doesn't address any of that. some of these people have been here for decades. some of them are not criminal. the reality is that the majority of our crimes are by americans not by illegals that have come over the rio grande including mass shootings and terrorism. it does not address two of the a and b if you will that got this president elected. this is not -- this will be counterproductive and come back to hurt republicans in the future. >> shannon: i can hear the senator chomping at the bit. he have highlighted cases where there was violence by individuals here illegally. if they killed or murdered someone and raped someone those
7:47 am
things wouldn't have happened had those individuals not been in the country. senator, do you think he gets anywhere with this? as leslie says there is skepticism about the funding with this. it would cost a lot of money. >> i have a lot of respect for leslie and have to respectfully disagree with her. he was elected to secure our border and make sure people who are here illegally and are criminals whether they're hear without the proper documentation or not. he was elected to -- the fact that he is finally doing what many other presidents. prior precedents haven't done is a good thing. there is a lot of money in the system right now. they have to find it and shift and consolidate to get the monies immediately. i think general sessions will do a great job as well as former general kelly because as you know he was a south com
7:48 am
commander. no one knows that region and the problems associated with that region more than secretary kelly. >> shannon: leslie, tough talk from the attorney general. don't come to the border, it is not open for business. it's closed. he wants a crack down. the numbers showing an enormous drop in people coming illegally since trump has taken office. is the tough talk in a way helping to eradicate the problem of people coming here so they don't get stuck in the detention centers and in limbo for four or five years? >> i think quite frankly although the trump administration wants to pat itself on the back for that. the numbers for 10 years immigration has month-by-month by dropping largely in part due to the economy. the reason people were coming here, they were fleeing lack of
7:49 am
opportunity and jobs in mexico and somebody was dangling the carrot of opportunity and employment. this doesn't address any of that. this is not mass deportation but mass relocation to these detention centers where there are lots of problems and quite frankly there are even questions as to who profits financially from these detention centers including some with the name trump above the real estate holdings. this is problematic because one, it -- does it address the criminal element? i respect you, senator and respectfully disagree. president obama got a lot of flak from liberals but especially hispanic community here in los angeles for being the deporter in chief if you will. this does not address what the majority of americans want which is not a wall. they don't want economic opportunities taken from them and they want the criminal element deported. that's something both sides agree on. >> shannon: let me read something from the director of
7:50 am
the national immigration law center. this administration sinted in setting up the mass deportation infrastructure and creating the levers of a police state. you have more proof and evidence that they're planning to carry it out. senator, that is a characterization that scares a lot of people. >> you're right. they'll exaggerate and put all sorts of different types of labels on this. they're enforcing the law and fixing a mess that many other presidents have actually let develop. we have an opportunity to get rid of the criminals, the people that are as you referenced at the beginning of the show hurting, killing, raping citizens. other whose have broken the law using false social security numbers getting benefits they aren't entitled to. bottom line is they need to follow the law and a mechanism to address it. simple as that. >> shannon: these are cases the attorney general says he wants to see prioritized. good to see you both. >> bill: 10 minutes before the hour. in a moment could a trade war
7:51 am
be looming with mexico? why some shock waves are being sent to some western american states. we'll show you why in a moment. stay tuned, next.
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>> we're awaiting a news conference from the lawyers and family of the man dragged off the united airlines flight that has caught the nation's attention. what is his next move? the amazing story of a good samaritan who stopped to save a woman from an attack. he was shot, nearly died and now telling his story to fox news. he will be in studio this hour. see you then. >> bill: six minutes away on that. president trump's promise to redo nafta and build a southern wall has sent shock waves to states whose economy that depend on cross border trade with many fearing a possible
7:55 am
trade war. we're live with more. mexico is a big customer for american produces and why it can be tricky. >> it can be tricky. mexico buys american corn, natural gas, automobiles and parts from u.s. companies. it is now the first or second biggest export market for 28 states. colorado rancher says he voted for donald trump but is concerned about the president's strong armed approach to mexico and call to renegotiate the nafta agreement. >> fact of the matter is we represent the importance of trade, the importance of free and fair trade. and i'm hopeful that he will remember the faces of u.s. agriculture as he renegotiates some of these trade agreements. >> what we've seen before in the nafta agreement mexico got a great deal. we didn't get a good deal. now the reason to go back is to get a deal that's much more reflective of the give and take fair relationship in 2017.
7:56 am
>> shannon: of course mexico has threatened retaliatory tariffs on the u.s. if things sour with nafta and the u.s. continues try to make mexico pay for that southern border wall. also, though, bill, a trade war may be far off. as you know and you've been covering all day, the president's agenda is very full right now. renegotiation of nafta may not actually happen in the immediate future. >> bill: you're probably right about that. watch it for us in the american west. thank you. >> shannon: well the white house saying relations with russia are at an all-time low after air strikes in syria. now bashar al-assad is chiming in with stunning claims. more on that coming up.
7:57 am
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>> researchers say two star systems could be look at for
8:00 am
possible life. if the planet was situated in the right place, not only could it retain water but support life. that's a lot of ifs. i'm not going to be the experiment on that one. >> if, if and if. >> we have to go. >> have a great life on thursday. see you tomorrow, everybody. bye-bye. >> jenna: we begin with a fox news alert. the united passenger removed from an overbooked flight is taking legal action against the airline. we're awaiting the start of a news conference by his attorneys in chicago. i'm jenna lee. >> jon: it's a story captivating the country. i'm jon scott. the news conference scheduled to start at any moment now. we expect to hear from the daughter of david dao for the first time. and dao is the passenger shown on video being dragged off a plane at chicago's o'hare airport. the ceo has twice apologized to dr. dao and says the company will modify its policy on


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