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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 13, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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possible life. if the planet was situated in the right place, not only could it retain water but support life. that's a lot of ifs. i'm not going to be the experiment on that one. >> if, if and if. >> we have to go. >> have a great life on thursday. see you tomorrow, everybody. bye-bye. >> jenna: we begin with a fox news alert. the united passenger removed from an overbooked flight is taking legal action against the airline. we're awaiting the start of a news conference by his attorneys in chicago. i'm jenna lee. >> jon: it's a story captivating the country. i'm jon scott. the news conference scheduled to start at any moment now. we expect to hear from the daughter of david dao for the first time. and dao is the passenger shown on video being dragged off a plane at chicago's o'hare airport. the ceo has twice apologized to dr. dao and says the company will modify its policy on
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overbooked flights. matt finn joins us from chicago with more. matt? >> john, we got the two-minute warning for this press conference to begin about two minutes ago. it might start any minute. seems like david dao, the man stripped off the fight, is gearing up for a legal battle. he hired two attorneys, which of which with extensive history in airline injury cases. we expect to hear from the two attorneys and we expect to hear from david dao's daughter. david won't be present and they'll tell us why. david was hospitalized. it's not clear what his condition is this morning. in the wake of this, the u.s. department of transportation has launched an investigation into whether united broke any rules. i'll turn it over to the press conference. >> good morning, ladies and gentlemen. i'm tom demitrio and this is steve golen.
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and this is crystal pepper at the end. steve and i have the honor and responsibility to represent dr. dao and crystal is one of dr. dao's five children. i'm going to say a few words. crystal is going to say a few words. and then we'll open it up to any questions you might have. i would ask only that if you do ask a question, you state your name and your affiliation. so we're gathered here because of a rather disturbing video that went viral as things do in our world today. the media inquiries has been
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quite amazing, which is why we thought this might be the west way to go about answering your various questions. mr. munoz has taken to the airwaves and has given his view of things. a couple versions of it. and i thought it might be a good idea to put this video in the perspective of my world of law. here's the law. real simple. if you're going to eject a passenger under no circumstances can it be done with unreasonable force or violence. that's the law. if unreasonable force and violence is used under a set of
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circumstances, the common carrier, united airlines in this case is responsible. for each of us in this room as we bump along in a day-to-day fashion, we owe each other an ordinary care standard. i'm not to be careless and hurt you. i'm not to be negligent and hurt you. in the world of common carriers, they have the highest duty of care to provide protection and safety to its fare-paying passengers. as we all saw on the video, that was not done. that was not done in this case.
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and i would defy anyone to suggest that there was not unreasonable force and violence used to help dr. dao disembark that plane. so the laws are there for the protection of each of us. what has been extraordinary in just these few days since the event has been that the calls i have received from passengers, from employees of united, former employees of united with respect to what we all saw. the fact of the matter is, i have concluded the following:
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that for a long time airlines, united in particular, have bullied us. they have treated us less than maybe we deserve. i conclude that what -- based upon hundreds, literally hundreds of tales of woe, of mistreatment by united is that here's what we want as a society. we want fairness in how people treat us. we want respect, and we want dignity. that's it. it's not a big deal. this seems so simple. forget the law for a minute that
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requires common decency and the treatment of passengers. just treat us with respect. make us feel like you really care. and i must say, i don't believe it's limited to the airline industry. i think corporate america needs to understand that we all want to be treated in the same manner with the same respect and the same dignity that they would treat their own family members. if they do that, wouldn't it be great? so will there be a lawsuit? yeah, probably. as you may know, we have taken a step. monday there's a hearing at 10:00 in our local courthouse here in chicago to protect and
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preserve certain evidence that we're going to need down the line. it's just not a matter of throwing the video up and asking the jury, okay, who wins? so it's a process. but dr. dao, who i believe to his great credit, has come to understand that he's the guy. he's the guy to stand up for passengers going forward. yesterday mr. munoz gave an interview on national television, and he was asked point blank, did dr. dao do anything wrong? you know what he did? he hesitated. he hesitated. maybe he thought, well, where
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did that question come from? but then he regrouped and he said no. he did nothing wrong. no one should have been treated the way he was treated. stating the obvious. but he didn't state it initially. initially he backed up his people. that may be the big part of the problem. the culture. it's us against them. well, we're them. and this lawsuit among other things hopefully will create not just a national discussion but international discussion on how we're going to be treated going forward. whether it's a matter of
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overbooking -- i think perhaps that's what's going on, but if i understand what occurred last sunday here in chicago, it wasn't even a matter of overbooking. it was a matter of the last moment four employees had to get to louisville so they could go to work the next day on various flights. so we have to figure out -- united has to figure out, the airline industry has to figure out, what do we do? we take money from people, we let them sit on the airplane, seat-belted. are we really going to start taking them off then? is that what we want as a society? or maybe we keep some seats up for that emergency when a pilot
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or co-pilot, flight attendant has to get to a destination unexpectedly? maybe airlines need to started expecting the unexpected. but not at the expense, certainly not at the physical expense of its paying passengers. so our role,steve, myself, going forward, will be to just get the facts and to get them out. and we're going to be vocal about the whole subject of what we, as a society, say passengers are entitled to. are we going to just continue to be treated like cattle, bullied,
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rude treatment? we all have enough -- i don't know -- angst for flying as it is. a lot of stuff out there. but don't treat the people that help make you the corporate entity you are like dr. dao was treated. so i'm going to ask crystal to -- she wanted to address you; make any statement. and then if i haven't been clear or you have further questions, i'm happy to answer them. okay? crystal.
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>> on behalf of my dad and my entire family, i would like to express our gratitude for the huge outpouring of prayers, love and concern that we have received from all over the world these past few days. we would also like to thank the physician, the nurses and all the hospital staff that have taken care of my dad. it has been a very difficult time for our entire family, especially my dad. we are truly grateful for your support. what happens to my dad should have never happened to any human being regardless of the circumstance. we were horrified and shocked and sickened to learn what had happened to him and to see what
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had happened to him. we hope that in the future nothing like this happens again. thank you so much again for your support. >> okay. yes, sir. >> [question inaudible] >> i personally do not. i don't think this is a matter of race at all. i'll show with you an e-mail that i got late last night from actually sounds like an irishman to me on paper who suggested that dr. dao was the modern day asian rosa parks. i don't think that's the case at
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all. i think what happened to dr. dao could have happened to anyone of us. yes, sir in the green tie. can you state your name and -- >> [question inaudible] >> can you do that? feel free, crystal. if you don't want to, don't. >> like i said earlier, we were completely horrified and shocked at what had happened to my father when we learned of the incident. seeing it on video made those emotions exacerbated.
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my dad is healing right now. that's all i have to say about it. >> he's still in the hospital? >> i can tell you that he was discharged late last night. that he did in fact suffer a significant concussion as a result of disembarking that plane. and i can also tell you that he had a serious broken nose, injury to the sinuses and he's going to be undergoing shortly reconstructive surgery in that regard. there's been a lot of inquiries about did he lose teeth? yeah lost two front teeth.
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but the concussions are sort of an iffy condition. i don't know ultimately long-term -- hopefully there will not be any significant repercussions because of that. but he's -- he's shaken. yes, sir. >> yesterday oscar munoz of united said in an interview that he and others have reached out to dr. dao and have had no luck. have either of you gentlemen heard from united and spoken to munoz and his people? >> the answer is no. >> i have not heard anything either to the best of my knowledge. i have not heard it from united either. i asked crystal this morning
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whether or not her family got a voice message or something and the answer is >> yes, ma'am. >> [question inaudible] >> my parents integrated from vietnam. >> [question inaudible] >> no. >> yes, sir. >> can you talk a little bit -- a lot of us are wondering what was going through your father's mind when he was holding on to the post and saying just kill me, just kill me. you talked about -- can you talk about his mental state and what he was trying to express there? >> i can, if you don't mind.
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only because i asked him that question. here's what he told me. he said that he left vietnam in 1975 when saigon fell. he was on a boat. he said he was terrified. he said being dragged down the aisle was more horrifying and harrowing than what he experienced in leaving vietnam. that was his response to me. so i give it to you. yes, sir. i'm sorry. you are? >> [question inaudible] >> thank you. >> [question inaudible] >> real simple. the airplane is under the
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control of the pilot. the pilot controls everything. he's the boss. he's actually the captain of the ship. so mr. munoz smartly, i think, said, you know, we goofed up, united. it's our responsibility. because under the law the captain of the ship, united airlines in this case, is responsible for what occurs on that. should this forceful violence -- my word -- exercise of police power be viewed and seen by the flight crew been allowed to continue? no. shouldn't have. so were these three officers, these storm troopers for a moment, doing the right thing?
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no, not at all. this was not -- this was not a troubled passenger. this was not a nut job. this was not a threat to anybody. should he have been unceremoniously dragged out of this plane the way he was? he's a 69-year-old man. is that really the way we want to treat the >> [question inaudible] >> yes. they're employees of the city of chicago. the city of chicago is -- yeah. just because united is responsible doesn't mean the city of chicago isn't also responsible. that will all be sorted out. but it's more than one that can be responsible for a single event.
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in this situation i believe that's the case. >> is training one of the things you'll be looking at? there's several instances of acts that -- >> correct. so great question. a lot of people have asked, why don't you just sue? why are we fooling around here? because we're not ready to sue. we're doing our due diligence. when we file our lawsuit, it's going to be because every word, every preposition is in that lawsuit for a reason. we have been getting calls from people who used work for the aviation department that trained these officers. and nothing in the training as i submit will be proven, says as
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in nonconfrontational situation where other passengers are in jeopardy says this type of conduct should be utilized, force. utilized. there you go. >> is this situation isolated or -- you look at this airline as having the culture of disrespecting customers? >> well, that's a different question. there is clearly -- i've learned enough from people out there that have contacted us that yeah, i would say there's a culture of disrespect, rudeness. but what is unfortunately occurred here in dr. dao's case rudeness, bullying, customers
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has gone the next step now to physical injury. i don't know if everybody is just angry. i don't know what it is. but this is a doctor who was originally asked to buy a voucher, you know, get a free ticket, whatever. he said no, i have a practice. i have to go work tomorrow and treat patients, which is true. so he was -- he was singled out for reasons maybe we'll find out in this discovery process of the lawsuit. but i don't know what they are. i already answered what i believe they aren't. the fact of the matter is, yeah, there's a lot of angry people out there, united customers,
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united employees. so yeah, it's something that mr. munoz and his people need to look at. the public relations problems that they have aren't just limited to this video. yes, ma'am. >> [question inaudible] >> my dad is a wonderful father. he has raised with my mother five great children that have gone on to do great things and continued to do great things. he's a loving grandfather. at the end of the day, that is
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the person that who we are trying to protect and take care of. thank you. >> [question inaudible] >> my immediate family and husband are here in chicago, we are deeply affected by it. our lives are interrupted. our normalcy is not where it was on sunday morning. further more, my siblings that all have all been interrupted. some of you may know, they're in the healthcare field and they're trying their best to do their job without further interruption from local media, whomever that
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might be stepping into their lives right now. >> that handsome gentleman in the silver hair. >> [question inaudible] >> well, i think short term they need to -- i mean, mr. munoz said there will be an internal investigation and et cetera. right now all airlines need to come out and figure out this overbooking situation as it exists today. and whether that is a -- how high will they go and eventually somebody will say, yeah, i'll leave. they have to -- they have to figure out a way short term to solve what i'm calling the over-overbooking situation that we as consumers are being faced with. so i think that's the biggest problem. i don't think anybody has to
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tell any airline, any police force not to do what we all saw on the video. i think in the short term, that will never happen again. i'm hopeful. >> [question inaudible] >> that's all part of it. the elements of damages include physical injuries, mental injuries. emotional injuries. so yeah, i mean -- we don't know the extent of them. i have no clue where that will lead us as far as dr. dao goes. i stand here and i say, i hope he makes a full and complete recovery. that's the hope. the fact of the matter is, these elements of damages, the airlines need to be aware of. because if they continue to physically abuse us, that's
8:29 am
problematic. yes, ma'am. >> [question inaudible] >> i missed that altogether. >> it was stated there were some sort of security steps violated by dr. dao. you have any idea why they say that? >> that's not helping their p.r. image either, is it? no, that's ridiculous. what would his conspiracy be? conspiracy to do what? >> [question inaudible] >> i understand there's going to be in the chamber of the
8:30 am
alderman today a discussion with the aviation department people. so i have not heard a response from the city. so i don't know what their response is. i can't -- can't be good. >> there was there a points where you client would have -- >> you are. >> i'm from cbs. at a certain point where he could have supplied with the uniformed officers to get off the plane? >> could he have? sure he could have. could he have? yes, he could have. but he needed to get home. he's a physician. he had patients to see the next day. he didn't want to get up and comply, be sent home on -- i think the flight was 3:30 the next day. no, that was not good. his wife is also a physician.
8:31 am
she also had patients to see. yes, ma'am. >> [question inaudible] >> i missed your question. >> [question inaudible] >> to strike? hit? >> to strike law enforcement. >> never happened. never happened. i think many of you might have seen the second video of the 19-week pregnant woman behind dr. dao. mrs. cummings. she had her 2 1/2-year-old sitting on her lap. you can see dr. dao not striking anybody, trying to strike
8:32 am
anybody. he just wanted to go home. yes, sir. >> they couldn't believe it. they couldn't believe it. now, i noted yesterday, i guess, that united is paying each of the passengers on that plane their full fare. one wonders why they would do that. but i can tell you it's not going to keep these people quiet for what they observed. mrs. cummings herself who contacted us said it wasn't until these three guys came and violently took him away that she
8:33 am
was fearful for her own safety. when passengers see this scene, if you will, i don't know what they were thinking but i know the ones that have contacted us were concerned and worried. my word again, angst. >> [question inaudible] >> the apology? i thought it was staged. i thought it was you better get out there and correct what you said originally. i think you ought to make it sound like you mean it. i didn't get that feeling. >> besides a lawsuit, what would you like to have happen going
8:34 am
forward? what concern of person is he? what was going through his mind as he got on the floor, walk us through that. >> i think i've answered that question. i told you what he was feeling as he was being dragged down. what do we hope united does? the right thing. obviously. i think the whole culture has the change. i think -- what was the name of that movie? planes, trains, automobiles with steve martin. remember that when he has encounter with the lady at the counter. a rent-a-car person. really funny. what we want, we don't want that anymore. we want whether it's a rental care company or a grocery store or -- doesn't matter. our doctors, our healthcare providers. dr. dao has four children that are doctors.
8:35 am
okay? it's service. it's service. it should be service with a smile. it should be, as i mentioned -- i think to stop the over overbooking. they need to have more statistics to figure out, okay, how many tickets can we really overbook or how many seats do we have to keep available in case some crew members have to get somewhere else? >> [question inaudible] >> i only know what i've read. that is that each of these four individuals had from louisville flights taking them hither and yon the next morning. yes, sir. >> [question inaudible] >> yeah, we're going to keep his
8:36 am
professional life -- that's not the purpose of this conference today. >> [question inaudible] >> i won't elaborate on his professional practice as it exists today. yes, sir. >> [question inaudible] >> i don't. i hope no one gave that order. wait, andy. yes, sir. >> [question inaudible]
8:37 am
>> i do. i see a difference. as i stated, the man covered a concussion. he has zippo, nada memory of going back on to that airplane. not a lick of it. no, sir. >> a lot of federal regulations governing behavior of passengers on the plane and the staff. [inaudible] >> i don't think so. i think there has to be regulations governing -- somebody has to have control. it's got to be the pilot and the flight crew have to follow the captain's orders. so obviously we're going to
8:38 am
learn, i'm sure, the captain at some point called on the aviation department police force to come in and do that -- mr. munoz yesterday said this will never happen again. yes, ma'am. >> [question inaudible] >> no. class action lawsuits are a whole different breed and i don't believe this will be. i'm hoping that dr. dao is the only one who has ever been so physically forcefully violently removed from an airplane. i'll be shocked if someone else surface
8:39 am
surfaces. >> did the united crew make errors and what were they and should have the captain have been involved in the negotiation? >> yeah, i think -- i think airlines try to do this routinely. that is all issues of overbooking are usually done at the counter outside the jet way to the plane. so it's thankfully few and far between where actually after everybody is seated then the removal begins. so i don't know that the united employees did anything wrong. i don't know why it took until after everybody was seated for this to unfold. again, i've told you i've gotten so many inquiries from people
8:40 am
where people in first class recently, united airlines, were removed and they were -- this is what they were told. first class passengers. someone more important needs this seat. and they were kicked off the plane. first class. frequent flyer. all that stuff. red carpet club, gone. because someone more important. so i don't know -- i don't believe there's -- i think -- it's a case -- maybe it's case by case. i don't know if there's any standard procedures. we're going to get them if they exist. yes, sir. >> [question inaudible]
8:41 am
>> she doesn't know. you know, i believe that's the way it's going to pan out. someone asked -- i hope that's what happens. i hope he becomes a poster child for all of us. someone has to. you know, when we're -- >> is he prepared -- >> i hope he is. i will work with him on that. i certainly will be -- as will steve, as will his family. yeah, dad, you're the guy. someone has to do it. what i've learned is most people, yeah, they're treated
8:42 am
rudely. they're bullied. there's discourtesy all over the place. that doesn't rise to running to the courthouse and bringing a lawsuit. so it took something like this to, again, get a conversation going. it will continue. yes, sir. >> i think it was $800. >> they did not offer him that to voluntarily leave. >> no. it -- they could have offered $3,000. okay? he and his wife needed to get back. okay? so they weren't the ones. but there were -- you have to figure -- i don't know. $1, 300, yeah, i'll go -- maybe
8:43 am
somebody would have done that. we'll never know. >> something you said earlier, mr. munoz -- >> they have not reached out. i thought we were clear. i'm saying he's misspoke. i'm saying he misspoke. >> [question inaudible] >> exactly. yeah. is that clear? he did not. or did his people. so that's fine. i have no quarrel with that. i have no quarrel with that. >> do you want to hear from him? >> not really. i saw him. i saw him yesterday. >> did he call the dao family or -- >> i don't know what he would change. >> do you want him to? >> not really. i'm not looking for a telephone conversation with mr. munoz. okay? i don't believe that would be
8:44 am
fruitful. i'd rather him changing the culture of united airlines. by the way, his public apology to the family we accept with gratitude. okay? i don't need -- sir? >> you're saying he lied yesterday about communicating -- >> that wasn't my word. i said he misspoke. i don't know. maybe he thought he did. i don't know. he did not. okay. somebody who hasn't -- >> [question inaudible] >> when our investigative work is done, we will file suit. i don't really have a clue when that will be. it's true. we have two years to file it. i promise you won't be that long. but it will be filed in state court. circuit cook of cook county.
8:45 am
yes, ma'am. >> [question inaudible] >> well, i think -- yes. i guess as a couple, they were asked to do that. right. anything else. >> [question inaudible] >> i don't know how it occurred but i do know one husband and one wife would not have left each other. so -- >> [question inaudible] >> i don't have an answer for
8:46 am
you. i don't know. i'm sure -- you know. i'm sure he did. yes, sir. you got to give your name again. >> [question inaudible] >> dr. dao is in a secure location. i must tell you -- i can't tell you where he is. you guys are really good at what you do. you know, our plea is please leave the guy alone. really. let him go. >> [question inaudible] >> yes, i pledge to you that will happen, but not now.
8:47 am
okay? wait a minute. >> [question inaudible] >> "wall street journal" as i recall. >> [question inaudible] >> my dad was making a connection in chicago from a trip to california. >> for vacation? >> vacation. >> anybody over here i'm ignoring? didn't mean to. >> [question inaudible] >> yeah, i think his people, p.r. people, say we're taking a beating here. i mean, united has been taking a
8:48 am
beating, okay? that's not our role to beat them up. our role is just to let the system work. okay? they have been taking a beating and i think, yeah, he was told get out there. go out on national -- he picked "good morning america." i'm sure he would have picked charlie rose, if he could. the fact is -- >> [question inaudible] >> i'm sure. so he was sought after. he had to get out -- he had to apologize. really. think about it. look at the video. even our president last night said that was horrible. spicer said it. anybody that looks at it says it.
8:49 am
>> [question inaudible] >> because it's the right thing to do. he apologized. we accepted that. but that's not going to let him off the hook here. yes, sir. >> when dr. dao returns to kentucky, will he fly commercial? >> i'll tell you what he told me before. he had no interest of seeing an airplane. my guess is he will be driven to kentucky. okay? i don't really blame him. yes, ma'am. >> [question inaudible] >> she was on the flight. she wasn't bumped. i don't think she was bumped. >> she wasn't bumped but she was told to leave the plane once he was removed. >> what was the reason they told
8:50 am
her to leave the flight? >> i don't know. >> all right. really? yes, sir. >> i don't get its relevant but i'm 33 years old. >> you want to talk about his medical practice at the current time. [inaudible] >> speak to what now? >> [question inaudible] >> yeah, yeah. let me just -- i'll address that. yeah, does he have serious bumps in the road? yeah. he's 69 years old. i can tell you this. it's i guess because i'm a lawyer. i sort of zero in on what is the
8:51 am
law. the law is that something that remote in time is not relevant to what occurred last sunday. it's not admissible in evidence, in a court of law. so it's not for me -- as far as i'm concerned, it's not the story here. if this case goes to jury, they will never ever hear. they'll be instructed, if they have heard, to disregard it. so i'm not going to make that the issue. the issue is as we all i think know, we want to go out to o'hare field or whatever field we pick, we want to have no mistreatment along the way to our final destination. bottom line. yes, ma'am. >> [question inaudible] >> could you speak louder?
8:52 am
>> [question inaudible] >> i was not on the plane. i don't know what was said. >> [question inaudible] >> i don't know. >> okay. >> i don't know. >> [question inaudible] >> like i said, i don't know. >> [question inaudible] >> well, they were caused by his
8:53 am
removal from the airplane. so three individuals involved, i don't know their names. we've requested them. we've requested a lot of things that aren't in our control. the reason for my petition that we filed yesterday was because the citycago and united have control over things we don't have control of. believe it or not, sometimes things go missing, sometimes they disappear. i want to make sure that doesn't happen. >> [question inaudible] >> i don't know. if he was, i don't know that. >> [question inaudible]
8:54 am
. >> i don't. yes, sir. >> [question inaudible] >> i don't think so. i don't think it's -- i don't think so. yes, sir. >> [question inaudible] >> i don't know. i'm going to hope that it does. this would be egregious. i don't know. okay. yes, ma'am. >> jon: apology accepted from united airlines but get ready for legal action. that seems to be the message from tom demetrio, the attorney from david dao who will be taking legal action as a result of if video that has been all over everywhere, dr. dao being
8:55 am
dragged off of that flight. >> jenna: we learned information that we didn't have from yesterday, including extend of injuries. the lawyer said that the doctor had a concussion, broken nose, that he is out of the hospital, but maybe going -- undergoing reconstructive surgery. that is interesting. take a look at the doctor and he's bleeding from the mouth. but now getting more details as well. >> jon: going to be fascinating to see what happens in the future with regard to that case. we're going to take a short break and be back with the rest of "happening now" in just a moment.
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because the time to think about tomorrow is today. >> jenna: we learned a lot in the last hour about this story that has grown by the day. dr. dao, the united airlines passenger dragged off the plane, a few things that his lawyers touched on. this has been parts of the story. it's gone from just the video you're seeing here to questions about dr. dao's practice,
8:59 am
questions about his past, the lawyer addressing that saying they're not going to speak about it. one of dr. dao's five children spoke on his behalf thanking the public for their prayers and thoughts. again, the lawyer avoiding anything about the doctor's past and saying directly that he doesn't think that race had anything to do with it. it was brought up by some viewing video. >> it's almost never pleasant flying these days. >> i can concur with that. >> the planes are jammed, the counters are jammed. this kind of -- well, as the later said, this could have happened to anybody. this was some algorithm that led them to pick dr. dao as one of the four people to bump from this flight. seems to me if they have would have opened the offer to $1,000, $1,200, somebody said i'll get off. >> and saved themselves this.
9:00 am
hindsight is 20/20. and other passengers have reached out to express how they felt that their own safety was threatened. >> jon: we'll be back in an hour. >> jenna: "outnumbered" starts right now. >> fox news alert. tough words for russia. president trump said america's relations with the kremlin may be at an all-time low. this as he is suggesting the russians may have known about the chemical adam, this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. megan mccain, co host of "after the bell", melissa francis. republican strategist for president george w. bush, murder say -- mercedes schlapp is here and bill hemmer. >> we can never have too much hemmer. >> i appreciate


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