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tv   Watters World  FOX News  April 15, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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approve. >> well done. excellent investigative work we got to go. see you all. >> watters' world is on tonight, putin is backing a person that is truly an evil person this is an animal, so-called trump russian skaebd disintegrates, leaving left speechless,are we -- a new cold war? >> what really led to the passenger being dragged off the united airlines flight? watters' world investigates and debates you thought draining swamp in d.c. was hard we tried it in texas. oh. watters' world begins right now. welcome to watters' world news
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getting trump the subject of watters' world you hear that? that silence a sound of the trump-russia scandal a few weeks ago if you turned on collision all you heard was this collusion between trump associates and russians during the election. members of donald trump's campaign have repeated contact with russian intelligence officials, this is all a diversion, if anybody was getting played by the russians, it was the obama administration, let's take a look at the history. started with this pathetic stunt. >> we want to reset our relationship -- >> together. >> we will do it together. okay? >> hillary tried to reset he relations with russians offering a button and she misspelled the word "reset" state department give a person
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access to 20% american uranium production capacity involved a shady clinton foundation donor may be that is worth an investigation? then there was president obama himself caught on hot mic cozying up to you russian leadership. >> my last -- yes, and -- >> imagine if trump caught saying that, mitt romney labeled russia perplex's biggest geopolitical foe president obama mocked him. >> 1980s are now calling that for the foreign policy, because the cold war has been over 20 years. when putin invaded crimea half ukraine obama administration sent allies food not balanced needed weapons president obama famously bent over backwards sent russia's biggest ally iran a terrorist nation hundreds of billions of dollars that deal was sirran wouldn't nuke up president
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obama cut a friendly deal with russia's second biggestally in middle east syria to prochemica weapons with russian help president obama played again by the way, if syria lied to bob chemical weapons isn't it possible iran lied to him about their nuclear program? likely. after hillary's loss in november, the left began smearing trump as putin puppet couldn't accept detonate we heard special prosecutor treason impeachment that narrative is dead president trump wants 589 tomahawk missile into syria on russia's doorstep you don't do that if in cahoots with kremlin. >> right now we're not getting along with russia at all we may be all-time low in terms of relationship with russia.
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he had this to say about russia's stooge assad. >> putin is backing a person that is truly an evil person, this is an animal. >> secretary of state rex tillerson went to moscow read the riot act remember how rex got awarded from putin years back? putin refused to be seen with him in public. the russians blasted the trump administration, and scrambled ships off the coast of syria renowned russian expert summed it up this way. >> i am never been as worried as i am today, about the possibility of war with russia. >> with russian trump smear campaign in smoke guess what democrats have been reduced to look what congressman tweeted to follower rs lep me connect the trump russia dots submit your tips and we will follow the evidence, and post online.
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democrats are setting up hotline, congress has subpoena power investigative tools fisa, asking joe smith from are arkansas if he has any tips obviously they have nothing. but almost as if they didn't think anybody would notice the media dropped the russian attack mid battle and unleashed a new anti-trump attack roll the tape, from president trump flip-flops, here is the problem with nato obsolete, i said it was obsolete. it is no longer obsolete. >> from president trump different tone about country he previously killed a an enemy. >> president xi wants to do the right thing. >> what a when aing from candidate trump, who repeatedly used china as a punching bag. >> we can't continue to allow china to rape our country and that is what they are doing. >> right now not getting along with russia at al we may be at all-time low temperatures in
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of relationship with russia. >> not what candidate trump thought was meant to be. >> i will explain each one by one and o so media can understand donald trump campaigned on believers nato nations are not paying fare share that rhetoric effectuated he donations beginning to pony up in other due to russian, syria trump language sends a powerful signal to putin he better watch steps he will meet resistance reputenin despises nailto,in china he believes china ripping us off place games with currency frank discussions with chinese lead in mar-a-lago about that, two one a warmer chinese american relationship ices out rush two we need health in contagious north korea working china is refusing coal korea has been
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shipping there, we realize chemical tack about russian completely changed russia trump cal conclude lsu. >> in conclusion, pay attention to mainstream immediate narratives about donald trump they change quick reveal more about media man president demonstrates will always be in attack water watters' world playbook fake scandals smears flip-flop allegations president trump unlike most in washington doesn't cave when attacked take news media gets rolled over left grpg shawmen reg americans are processing syria-russia situation i hit streets of new york to see what they know. ♪ he what is happening right now in syria? >> nothing.
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>> i have no idea. >> i don't know we're going on syria -- trump over there sending -- whatever. >> what happened in syria? >> acting -- use chemical bombs against their own civilians a lot of children died. >> do you support that. >> what trump did. >> i don't like trump. >> soir okay with dictator of gag innocent civilians. >> no. so you agree with trump. >> yes. >> chemical weapon in seaworld trump committed. >> it where did you hear that facebook. >> did you know who president of syria is? >> no. >> no, no assad. >> asooed? >> yes where is sigyria in europe? africa. >> northeast? >> new england. >> on in why syria is i know where i am at. >> where are you?
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i am in new york city right now,kick -- 4 -- 42nd. >> -- ♪ russia is very angry at the united states for launching this attack against syria why is that. >> i don't know anything about money. all about money, man. >> is russia on america's side or syria's side. >> america's side. >> is trump including colluding with russia. >> a diversion the best hail mary play you will see in your life. ♪. >> does a this change your opinion of donald trump. >> -- i am not a supporter but respect what donald trump did. >> coming up new information, on the passenger dragged off united flute later, watters' world takes on the swamp.
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>> isis is make a tremendous amount of money because they have certain areas of oil they [bleep] out of them. >> donald trump, campaign promise to bomb the [bleep] out of isis on thursday. our affairs dropped "mother of all bombs"s in afghanistan at least 36 killed massive air blast moody the mother of all bombs is a largest nonnuclear weapon in compensates, built in 2003 never been used before in combat, until a few days it was built in 2003 and was never before used in combat until a few days ago. joining me is dr. sebastian gorka.
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i want to read two treats from a soldier? in afghanistan. he says i lost my legs because the government failed to use the tools we had. after losing a green were receipt, potus sent a new message towards the cowards who killed him. dr. gorka, this weapon was available for the last 10 years. why is it just being used now? >> because finally we have leadership and president, commander-in-chief, president trump who understands diplomacy without force to back it up is nothing. we have had a spineless administration for 8 years under president trump. i can tell you one thing, jesse. i met donald trump in 2015 and within five minute i knew something about this man. he is a patriot. he loves his country, and most
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all he loves our men and women in uniform. this is why he took the action he took to send a clear message not just to the taliban or isis but to everybody out there to thinks that the last 8 years is america. it's not. jesse: way hear is the previous administration is so concerned, they didn't give the commanders in the field license to use this type of weapon, and from what i know now, they take so many precautions to make sure civilian casualties don't occur, they fly multiple drones out over the targets and unleash this thing. tell me about the psychological impact this has on isis and and, and all over the world. >> you are absolutely right. from day one in the white house, a tier 1 operator told me the
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morale is incomparable. everyone knows the soldiers and marines, they are allowed to do their job now. we unleashed the military. what you talked about the last 8 years. we have declassified open source reports of people in theater, pilots who aren't allowed to even gang terrorists, isis on the ground unless somebody back in d.c. or a command center sees on the same video feed that the bad guys are down there. that's an 8,000 mile screwdriver. we didn't even do that during vietnam. you asked the delight question. what we did in the last 7-10 days, it's not about syria. it's not just about afghanistan. it's about sending a message to anybody out there who doesn't take america seriously and think they can threaten us or our allies or our partners. that's why the president is the
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master of the deal. jesse: i think isis got a message pretty clearly. if you are going to die, you don't want to die like that with your lungs pouring out of your skull. i think they will have recruitment problems after that. we have seen the tomahawks fly into syria. you see this moab over in afghanistan. describe in a few words your interpretation of president trump's grand defense strategy. >> very simply there is two members of the cabinet who come from the same marine corps division. that division has a motto and formal one. the motto is no better friend, no worse enemy. the idea that we are going to lead from behind which an oxymoron. the idea that our strategy will
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be strategic patience means doing nothing. we are saying to the world, american values, american safety, and we are going to protect and help our allies, but this isn't the bush administration. this isn't about invasion and occupation. that has not changed. it's important for your viewers to understand. donald trump on november 7 is president donald trump today. this is not a neocon administration or interventionist one. it's an american one that will stand up to evil around the world. jesse: some people on the left are very upset at the term "tomahawk" missile. the mother of all bombs they thought was sexist. funny how these people think. and i don't understand it. but dr. gorka thank you very much for appearing on "watters world." take a look at the comedian who
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jesse: the white house correspondents association announced the headliner for the annual dinner. >> donald trump is white isis. wisis.
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i want to be real. just be real. where are all the moderate white conservatives? i mean, come on. they have a responsibility to step up and speak out. every conservative isn't the same, i know. but it's easier on my brain to be irrationally afraid of an entire group of people. jesse: president trump won't thereby, but hundreds of liberal journalists will be. joining me now is the past president of the white house association, you were even the president at one time of the association. what goes into book someone like this. this guy kind of seems like a hater.
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i can't tell if he's kidding or not. ed: i ended up getting conan o'brien. he was a big name and was on a comeback. in private conversations i had with him, i thought he was somebody who was excited to get the big stage again and i thought he did a great job. jesse: you pre-interviewed conan to see if he was okay to do the gig. ed: you don't want to censor. but it was clear conan understood there is a balance there. you are going to take some shots at the president. but this year's pick, there won't be balance. it will be 100% bash trump. he's not there to defend himself, but that's his own decision. you will be in store for a night that's non-top hitting the president. jesse: it will be a lame dinner
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if the president is but you will be there so i guess you will make up for it. ed: i look forward to seeing you. jesse: i won't be there. i'm not sure if i'm allowed back. sean spicer got into a little trouble and had to clean it up. >> we didn't use chemical weapons in world war ii. you had someone as despicable as hitler who didn't even sink to using chemical weapons. he brought them into the holocaust center. i understand that. but in the way assad used them and dropped them into the middle of town. jesse: the press secretary apologized and clarified. you used to sit in the chairs where you lobbed questions at the press secretary. what is it like being in the room when you can feel a gaffe unfolding in real-time?
8:26 pm
ed: i remember being in the room when president obama said what are you going to do about isis. and the president said we don't have a strategy to deal with isis yet. in real-time, did he really just say that? that was on the democratic side. now the republican side. the first clip you played, it was shocking enough that sean spicer was trying to say hitler didn't do these things. but then to talk about holocaust centers like they are rest stops on the jersey turnpike. i think they were concentration camps, not holocaust centers. sean spicer admitted quickly he maid -- he made a horrible mistake. you will see some piling on and piling on, even though apologized.
8:27 pm
jesse: it's a feeding frenzy. i want to show you a clip of chris matthews saying the exact same thing. roll this. >> don't use chemical weapons. we didn't use them in world war ii. hitler didn't use them. we don't use chemical weapons. it's no deal. jesse: there wasn't the same outrage when matthews said that as spicer. i started reading the book on the flight, your jackie robinson book, i recommend it to everybody. it's a great read. there it is. ed: you said i could barely read, you didn't know i would write. but now that you said you love the book, i'm okay again. jesse: later in the show, "watters world" talking politics in the swamp. up next, new information that may change your mind about the united airlines scandal.
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fail missile launch by north korea u.s. military, says missile exploded on almost immediately launching on the east coast, secretary mattis said the president is aware of the situation and will have no further comment. the failed launch following a huge parade 105th birthday of north korea founder north koreans showing off a number of intercontinental missiles a four spyings pacific visit expected to land there in within next few hours will meet with country's top leaders. in syria at least one believe killed by suicide bomber near aleppo went off as thousands were being evacuated in bus convoy, now back to watters'
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world. [♪] jesse: we have all seen this viral video showing dr. david dao dragged off a united airlines flight. there are many questions surrounding what led up to this infamous event. the flight was scheduled to take off from chicago at 5:40 p.m. during the boarding process passengers were told the flight wasover booked and they were looking for passengers to give their seat for a $400 voucher and an overnight stay in a hotel. then they were told four passengers had to get off.
8:33 pm
they upped the offer to $800 and an overnight stay. the supervisor says four people would be randomly selected to leave. it's done by computer. one couple and a woman were chosen and left. then dr. dao was selected and according to witnesses became quote very upset. two security officers from the chicago department aviation were brought in to assist. >> i am not going. i am not going. i don't go. i don't go. jess report officers yanked dao out of his seat hitting his head on an armrest. they then drug his limp body
8:34 pm
count aisle. he then returned to the plane and ran to the rear, his face very bloody. a medical crew attended to dao and the plane was cleaned before taking off. monday evening. united ceo sent a letter to employees saying they followed followed procedures, even calling dao disruptive and belligerent. there was a lot of backlash on social media and the company stock limited $1.4 billion. then munoz is change his tune. >> do you think he's at fall in any way? >> no. he can't be. he was a paying passenger sitting on our seat in our aircraft. and no one should be treated
8:35 pm
that way, period. jesse: thursday we heard from david dao's side. >> united airlines in this case is responsible. >> what happened to my dad shouldn't happen to any human being regardless of the circumstance. jesse: ? 2004 the doctor was convicted of obtaining drugs by fraud or deceit. he was trading prescription pain killers for sex. he was sentenced to five years probation and lost his medical license. however he got it back in 2016. joining me to tackle all of this is commercial airline pilot. and arthur wok. if this guy doesn't leave and you are saying get out of here, you have got to go, what do you supposed to do if he's not going
8:36 pm
to cash in on some of these vouchers? >> you nighted airlines had no right to remove him from the airplane. there is a contract of carriage that most people don't know about it's 50 pages long. in that contract of carriage united had no justification to remove him. he was a lawful passenger who paid for his ticket. he was seated. the flight was not oversold. e was not denied boarding. he was board. he purchased a ticket from chicago to louisville, not from chicago to a hospital. united airlines had no right to remove him. jesse: i guess the aviation security dies ar -- security gue not exactly hostage negotiators. kathleen, is there anything fishy about this guy snow runs back on the plane.
8:37 pm
he refuels to comply with orders from aviation security officials. we have some stuff in his back history that may or may not have anything to do with that. what's your take on his character even if it doesn't matter. >> if he said okay under duress i'll get off this airplane. he was heard saying i'm going to sue united airlines. that's before everything escalated. if he student and said under duress and protest i will step off this airplane and went forward with a lawsuit, it would be interesting to see if he would have his day in courted. there is a contract of carriage. and so if an airplane has to due to stlaib, they had to get this
8:38 pm
crew in position for their flight the next day to kentucky. it would be interesting to see if he would have won. they obviously would have blown any case they would have had. jesse: arthur, respond to that point kathleen just made. if there is language that says if you have got to get your guys to louisville for work, you can eject a passenger. how do you respond to that? >> there is no such slang tbhaijt contract. the section the lady is referring to talks about strikes. that's the only labor issue. there was an american airlines flight from chicago to louisville leaving one hour later. they could have put the crew on that flight. they could have put 0 members on the flight deck itself in the jump seats. there are two jump seats on the airplane, and in the form of everything else, because they loaded the airplane with their
8:39 pm
passengers, they could have put them in a limo it's a four-hour ride from chicago to louisville. a limo could have taken everybody necessary to louisville. jesse: let me ask you this. this guy kinds of strikes me as a litigious guy. will we see him in his next public appearance all wrapped up in bandsages like a mummy, ready to launch some $10 million salute against these people? what do you think? or is the customer always right? >> what i think is the public -- once great about this is they will get an education. a few years ago we got passengers bill of rights because they were held hostage on tarmacs. so that's been addressed. congress is looking into this. but the public needs to understand, technically though
8:40 pm
this is united airlines, it's a wholly separate airline is republic airlines. a different set of pilots with a different set of rules. jesse: is that a russian? that could be another whole scandal we could be looking into. gotta run. i love delta airlines. all right? still to come within "watters world" -- "watters world" heads to texas to drain the swamp one rat at a time. >> we have some great designs coming in. i think the wall is going to my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but dad, you've got... with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands.
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>> i think the wall is going to start very soon. we had almost 200 bidders to build the wall. we have great pricing coming in. i think the wall will start very soon. jesse: will you pick the design for the wall? >> i'll be have much involved. when it comes to design i'm good at that kind of stuff. building on time, on budget, that's what i do. jesse: that was from my interview with president trump
8:45 pm
last month where he says the what else ahead of schedule. but arizona democratic congressman is suing the department of homeland security to stop the construction of the wall because indangerred species such as jaguars and osolets don't observe international boundaries. someone from the president's own party, paul ryan, is taking heat for suggesting most of the funding for the wall tbhoant this year's budget. many people believe paul ryan isn't interested in building the wall at all and is using delay tactics. >> when i'm in charge of the fence, we'll have a fence. 20 feet high with barbed wire on the top. it will be electrified. there will be a sign on the other side that says it will
8:46 pm
kill you. jesse: joining me now, herman cain. you wanted to electrocute jaguars and os, olots? >> this whole pushback on the wall, jesse is -- they don't want trump to succeed at fulfilling another campaign promise. the only endangered species is the american citizen being hurt by illegals. that's what this is about. they don't want to fulfill another campaign promise just like you showed earlier. they jumped all over him modifying his position and saying he was a flip-flopper. no, he was listening. he did what you do as a leader.
8:47 pm
if you have to modify it at that point when you have all the information, you are not a flip-flopper. you are a leader. the wall is going to be built. jesse: do you believe paul ryan doesn't want president trump to succeed in building the wall? or do you just think games are being played here? >> i just think games are being played. i don't believe paul ryan doesn't want the wall to be built. there is a lot of speculation. you know that because of what you do. what happens is you get some of the people that are against it and they can take one word and one phrase and speculate that that means he doesn't want the wall to be built. secondly when they talk about the money is not going to be there. i think also that that's something they have come up with to fit the narrative to try and kill the idea of the wall. but it's not going anywhere. jesse: do you think president trump is getting involved in the design details for the wall or
8:48 pm
do you think that's showmanship, thinking he's going to put a big t on every brick? >> i think that he will be involved in the final selection. but he doesn't have time to dot thicss and cross the ts. but the final selection i believe he will be involved in because that's what he has done for many of the big prongs he has done for his business over the years. jesse: i think if you pony up some dough, you get a special section that trump wall that's electrified. we can start zapping things as they try to cross. thank you very much as always. >> i just want the sign to be put up on the other side. we'll kill you if you cross this wall. jesse: i think that will send a clear message. happy easter on that n per roll
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jesse: remember this campaign promise from the *? >> when we win on november 8, we are going to washington d.c. and we are going to drain the swamp. jesse: i teamed up with t. roy from of "swamp people" fame to try to drain the swamp and it's harder than it looks. t. roy, how you doing? >> nice to meet you, ma'am. jesse: you don't like my shirt? >> no, not at all.
8:53 pm
jesse: you ready to drain the swamp? >> sure. jesse: let's do it. maybe i what feel more manly if i didn't have pink ear muffs. we get out there -- it's because of politicians. we have problems in our swamp too. the swamp in washington is just like the swamp here. trump is going to get rid of all the swamp vermin. jesse: what kind of creatures are we expecting to see out here today? >> allocators, snakes, but all of these creatures are nothing compared to the creatures that
8:54 pm
live up in your neck of the woods. jesse: that's true. this neck of the woods voted heavily for donald trump. >> absolutely. jesse: these people understand donald trump's message. it seems like the rest of the country doesn't understand the people down here. >> you hear he didn't win the popular vote. when you take the middle america and working class people, we are the ones who built this country. it's the first time in my life i was proud of the man i voted for support. when you go up for the trump sticker. they figure out the swamp guy. >> if you ever came up to new york, do you think you can handle it? >> i can handle anything. can i bring my gun? jesse: i don't know if deblasio will allow that. do you have anything to eat here? >> depend on what you can shoot.
8:55 pm
jess i got him. i got him. >> you can pick it up. jesse: with my hands? >> yes, with your hand. jesse: i can't do it. oh, ahh! okay. ahh. let's do it, let's do it. you guys are disgusting. >> we are going fishing. we are starting over. my daughter, don't tell her i let you use it. what are we trying to catch out there? my little girl could probably show you a few pointers.
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jesse: i'll try not to take offense to that. oh, oh! you are a professional fishermen and we caught zero fish. that was a piece of trash. >> hey, watters. i'm t roy and this is my world. growing up, we were german. we danced in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. when i first got on ancestry i was really surprised that i wasn't finding all of these germans in my tree. i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. the big surprise was we're not german at all. 52% of my dna comes from scotland and ireland. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story.
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"watters world" on every night, please, only because you said please. that's all for us tonight. be sure to follow us on


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