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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  April 15, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> the worst spammers in the world. spamhaus. the top 10 worst spammers in the world. 7 out of the 10 of them are u.s.a., u.s.a. spamming spamware. criminal spam operations. criminal spam kingpins.
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greg: what does that remind me of. greg: we were sitting at the table. we just finished dinner. we are now having dessert. >> i was sitting at the table, we were having dessert. and we had the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you had seen. it i said mr. president let me explain something to you. this is dessert. we just fired 59 missiles.
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all of hit, by the way, about unbelievably hurpz ndreds of mis away. >> fun yoer if lady finingers bombed syria massive bomb a really big bomb ask media. conventional bomb u.s. has ever used, u.s. bomb two big for bomber to carry being a
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like the apocalypse it was was not him who dropped it but plaib more than a bomb. it is a message, to the rest of the world, i think it has to do with new sheriff. >> there is a new sheriff in town there is a new sheriff in town, new sheriff in town for
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better or worse new sheriff in town willing to kick your dog. >> okay, one thing you got to know about the media, it is if someone says it once you know it has been said at least 10 times before. we are sheep. the message is clear, guy means what he says he says what he means. it could be a movie. we have efl that lurks around the corner. >> when evil lurks around the corner people that we are going against give away forms enemy wears no uniforms, these are bad people no how do you fight them. >> they are sneaky dirty rats. >> broken promises one man couldn't his word. would i bomb the [bleep] out of them.
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>> -- presents, "mad dog mattis", his fate -- executive action justice. >> only gets better, not everyone was wowed by explosives there were outrages to expose. president facing some major test past few weeks, add this one white house -- this is considered the biggest social event held at 1600 pennsylvania avenue tradition more than 100 years, here is the problem. as of earlier this week key vendors schools say they haven't heard a people about it whole event flop and what does it say about this administration? >> what does it say? >> he easter egg hunt in general what will we do? may be relax who knows this
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could be another example of mr. trump trying to get us in a deal those wooden eggs do not come cheap where why should trump agree to old terms, a tough negotiate, he is so nice at meetings. going around introduce ourselves, okay, do this first. >> i am honored to welcome all of the many truckers in the trucking industry leaders, around the table just introduce yourself. >> maybe we can go around the the room introduce. >> i don't know why, but i love that. we don't have a new sheriff in town, we have a really polite darth vader. >> meetings -- meetings, make introduction make friends, about the world stage not afraid to make our enemies nervous this is good. whim on subway there is a crazy person, the first thing i do i start talking to
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myself, and really allowed, this creates the crazy person immunity action crazy guy said he is weird i don't need the headache, that is how trump is dealing with north korea. not a bad strategy, although some feel differently. >> change % as quickly as donald trump. >> -- oh. >> that is -- you are concern. >> no, call child molester. >> okay, you are a child molester. [applause] let's welcome the guest shall we, smarter than your dad twice as handsome rob long executive producer heaven can wait. arms week outlook -- look at
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that. >> funny like a clowns obituary writer comedienne chris reed --. >> all right. rob. good as always what do you make of trump's week so far in the media response to all this i feel like, it -- this only helps him. >> yeah help him adult baffled a perfect strategy kind of strategy you use on everybody else on north koreans too drive them crazy starting with president of première china said this is your problem, you solve it or we are going to solve it in a as in way guess what happened, said china is going to solve pretentiouses their problem solved even walking reset buttons, i think that is, you know, i was not a fan not a fan you got to the
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guy credit everyone has to learn ever everyone has to learn things true even if donald trump says true. >> amazing. >> hard to admit but true. >> i think donald trump treats surveyo adversaries the way you treat birthdays. >> he is trying to make people go away i am not trying to do that but it does have that effect. unfortunately. i am a little pessimistic about this, because think about it remember we said we take out saddam hussein we will be good remember the libya thing remember libya. you have to be careful someone getting involved can have ununtended consequences i just mean that in with a look happened before way. >> i know, but you know what history has a way of not
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repeating itself nobody ever said that before, i thought it would do that. chris what do you make of this situation? >> something known -- said before new sheriff in town. um --, i didn't know talking about just want to use that. >> you did. >> that will go into reel. >> my main concern with whole global comment in the elephant in the korean images, right now is the leg kicks they do matching, i feel like grandfather maybe would not -- i don't know where it starting but like i know they like american culture i don't know if a broadway influence or like, you know wanted to launch rocks, and trump scared them i think he hired the rockets. with applause. all right you know every time they cover trump i feel like,
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it is like a twitter trend look to see, jack nicholson trending oh, my gosh he died you click on no had something to say about jeffersnnifer lawre you think a big story look at it never that big. >> they have if -- make it big you are is to -- invested in inttrump he does thing not antithey being stuck why he he dropped a bomb that big rally big bomb so big. you know hp how big was it. >> thank you. >> it was so big. you know and the story was he took out a major infrastructure isis literally infrastructure underground tunnels no as i havians killed good job -- thst can't do it can't do it. >> you know they are go-to yes
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if is he doing this because of russia? >> yeah, that is -- >> legitimatelied girl friend you reconnected with no matter what you say brings up old stuff why you don't go back. >> i have to learn this. >> yeah. >> when you kill 100 ices fighters never a bad thing it is a great thing times 100. >> coming up, a story on donald trump, another story on donald trump, what we do here.
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than crooked ihop media caught him saying things on issues this week, like russians, since syria acted up, china a little nicer to them north korea acted up, and nato used to think obsolete, now this week saying changed mind on that made media lose theirs. >> why flip-flops now. >> past few days braeth taking amount of 180 degree policy departures. >> last 24 hours major
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reversely from president trump world reeling from budgetary of what some call flip-flops from president trump. >> isn't that nice media couldn't stand trump's positions of about now can't stand that maybe he is coming around. . so accusation that he flip-flopped just a cro.c.? >> so -- >> there is no doubt he is changing his stance flip-flopping? isn't it more like evolving? or flip-flopping? or is it evolving? ♪ ♪ stop it! all right chris, is he evolving flip-flops does it matter you shouldn't be happy that he is willing to be flexible? i mean there is a new sheriff in town. no, i think people -- people
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have put him in the position, they trust that he is a businessman, you know over a politician his mind said he don't you care about blue n red stuff always thinking for each situation look at it change a little bit deal with it china money things i don't think he is forgetting about it they are going to so they are going to -- blow up north korea or something be like whoa we did it yo, about that money get back to the -- stuff. >> what do you think rob i think trump did what he said what he had to say to win. and that is supporters really don't mind except maybe one or two issues. >> well that is not true in -- things like that. >> a beautiful -- in terms of -- big beautiful -- >> the chinese thing not flip-flop he realized he was wrong, what he was saying was campaign trail absolutely wrong, and realized that changed his mind, media guys
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they assist, what they think is flip-flopper the people who supported him will think of him as flip-flopper forget voted for donald trump aren't watching those shows. >> exactly. >> not watching that. , now i am happy -- right? i -- china manipulator very important all things were true so i am glad that he is you know had -- i don't think evolved i don't think flip-flopped i sympathy met reality comes to meet in you white house every day, you can't get out of it. >> my view he has grown. >> yes. >> not always the way he wanted to grow. >> yes, dna. >> i is in a political -- climate that things change to have you make decisions it is called a job, it is all a fact of life politics and real life are very different. and i think he is finding out that being a president
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sometimes, when you get the real information my go what were you you told me six months this is how it really is being in the position that he is in, whatever you believe in willing to say i did to the know that do this because if he was like sticking to the script, no, then you are going to have a whole lot of problems because you have to do you need to be able to adjust different between him previous presidents he says publicly -- not flip-flopper making decisions presidents make decisions every day affects millions of peeples' lives. >> you are a -- you are a inclining to liberate tractorism like a weather blanket i don't know why weather strength in -- is it kind of nice, that that there is somebody there, that is kind of says okay, it is dangerous to completely adhere
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to ideology because in the end ideology is -- >> no, us about first of all, this is not we're not discovering this about trump, he is used to be support signel payers than obamacare worst thing single payer candidate trump different than citizen trump candidate different than when elected being a candidate like digit of dating someone first like dating, meeting you, first, we only matter then you catch him late nig late night to mato. >> all right, nato? >> -- you know, as you know, russian foreign fifrz minutes lavrov had a by these week with rex tillerson. but still found time to act my
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favorite reality show -- >> coming up this season on drag race a special guest judge heats up the panel. >> a girl i love you -- because the cream always rises to the top, now saturahash aye y i think you look like kitties i am sorry my dear i am sending you both home net one showed me fire it takes to fail. tyra -- next week one of you will be crowned the next drag super star. i don't want to end up dead a story hardly anyone talked about this week something about this week something about united airlines
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marianne: this is a fox news alert. i'm marianne rafferty. vice president mike mike pence s expected to land in asia in an hour. north korea failed to launch a missile. it blew up as it was launched from the country's east coast. north korea celebrated the
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would-be 105th birthday of the country's founder. satellite images suggest the country may be preparing for a nuclear test. kim jong-un telling crowds a missile is almost ready for launch. there were arrests during protests in berkeley calling for president trump to release his tax returns. president trump said he doesn't careac about his taxes. i'm marianne rafferty. "the greg gutfield show" ♪ no one is delighted, with united. this video spread like pinkeye and day care this week. showing passenger dr. being forcibly removed badly bloody in a flight lat weekend co -- two statements, they are --
10:28 pm
pretty bad day, on the other, united dropped 250 million dollars, in market value, some members of congress were calling for investigation so yientdz realized plain wrong. in the future, no one voluntarily decides to movie from a plane based on amount of money. >> not putting a law enforcement official to take them off. >> never come on one of your planes. >> to remove a -- a booked, paid seating passenger we can't do that. >> any, thursday, the attorney held a press concerns said this about weather he thought the matter had anything do with race. >> i don't think this is a matter of race at all. i share with you a -- e-mail i got actually late last night suggested that dr. dow is the
10:29 pm
more than day asian rosa parks. i don't think that is the case at all. i think what happened to the doctor could have happened to any, anyone of us. >> pretty refreshing. so do you think this case will change how passengers are treated on flights? we got exclusive tape on training protocols for airport security, dealing with noncompliant passengers. >> -- ♪. >> all right. i am -- i got to go to -- i spent a week you know, a lot of people outraged over the story the way was treated i think guy was treated badly whatever decision they made
10:30 pm
was wrong but i know that is about to hit me you disagree about to explode. >> rosa parks? , please, okay. you might not like this i am going to truth number one video is bloody you understand by time it got to the police having to come on, he had already been offered practice -- opportunity to leave other people on plane given -- what happened united had issue aviation said we need four workers to get to networks airport to help another airline delta -- people missing flights a big deal at the bottom of your ticket that you buy it says, the airline reserves the right for any all reasons to remove your seat, or change your flight. you bought it you accepted it. cool; right? he said no, i am not going. they were forced to call the police for you that maintenance if sitting in a chair greg stays i am leaving,
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no i ain't going to call police police came on, this is when they turned on video camera when they got to point said you have to come off the plane, this is not the time and place being asked removed don't have to take me off. >> took him off punk got messed up because he did that to himself, like my four-year-old didn't want to lessen dragged across the room to get out of mcdonald's. this man is not a hero -- i'm sorry -- he said rosa parks. >> they didn't arrest him take him to jail took him off the plane gave him chance what did he doed ran back on plane messed up more dragged off this man does not deserve one dime he broke the law. period. okay. i came take meksz kwhi fly
10:32 pm
causes me to fall asleep on plane when if someone work me up said irchosen to leave the plan i don't want to be dragged through aisles i think there could have been another way. >> there is especially in this case because i think this is this story is about travel vetting, and if they -- [laughter] -- i am afraid. no -- because if they would you know if they had some knowledge on his background what had come out la how he was -- you know he got caught trading drugs for -- >> a long time ago. >> we all have pasts. >> that is true in this presence, all i am saying they probably could have offered something else would have went for it. >> he it wasn't off the table, interesting perspective. mr. freed.
10:33 pm
all right, rob, i don't -- i don't know where you stand on this, i mean i still think that i mean he has a case. beaten up. >> but i am -- mileage premier gold -- feel like i am like i have a stake in it also a bunch of us saw that news story about -- there is a word group one. look, really good point you don't you have are civil rights on a plane you know that, conversation for a few minutes listen to this you know try to convince you if they have -- water landing we are all going to slide off that slide, the -- smile and put -- not going to happen. >> it is not. >> i get up step on people. >> yeah. right. >> already in fantasiland on
10:34 pm
plane the guy should have gotten off that plane. >> there is no complaints -- a tough panel that is tough panel. you are -- you can't agree this guy deserving it i don't think that is what you are saying. >> i am going to provide a perspective that i only i can provide as a financial analyst united anything would have been choorp could have offered 100 grand to someone to take seat would have been cheaper in what world is weather right belong blah blah i don't think right even if i want to was what world is that cheaper in the world of slon cameras may be used to be able to solve problems in a quick cheap way beating someone up these days no kicking is free the world seize it not erthly not god either arely lawyers. >> a good point. i pay to get my ass kicked
10:35 pm
specifically not filmed i don't want that out there i want a job, are there jobs left where people can't film you ruin you? >> no. >> okay -- oh. all right. coming up mtv making a change for awards perhaps going to make it new bike? yeah, 'cause i got allstate. if you total your new bike, they replace it with a brand new one. that's cool. i got a new helmet. we know steve. it's good to be in (good hands). click (male announcer) hit escape with great deals on great gear.
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to the beat of 'staying alive' until help arrives. ♪ ah, ah, ah, ah ♪ stayin' alive ♪ ah, ah, ah, ah ♪ stayin' alive ♪ ah, ah, ah, ah ♪ stayin' alive . >> going gender neutral fruitful i think of the mtv movie and tv awards eliminating separator categories for male and female perform atrophyies given to best actor in a movie and best
10:40 pm
actor in a show explains mtv president we have to constantly be pushing ourselves to not only respond to culture you have gone a great job without culture toilet in reverse, not surprised i sound like old man there. sound cranky man. got to get a -- bigger ceremonies like emmys oscars follow suit? who knows can't even hand out the right envelopes, we caught up with one of the most well-known hollywood producers for comment. i will take it. make that noise you cannot not laugh, in hollywood producer fancy hollywood friends fancy hollywood drugs fancy hollywood prostitutes.
10:41 pm
>> my weekend. exactly, an hour of your life is is this inevitable cross all shows. >> no. >> really. >> everybody gets a trophy an award. you don't have fewer wards you have more. come up with, best actor best this best that may be gender neutral more awards. every one is going to get an award. it is hollywood. >> you know i have never won an award, i am not going to say would it be nice to be nominated. >> no, i actually would like to win, screw i don't want to be nominated skip that. okay. let's say in garnered neutral world that men win more awards, that first year. they will have to get rid of it so that will never happen, the women will win more to say you were right. >> i think that all women are going to win, every won voting so scared that is going to happen okay we will take the girl take the girl if even one
10:42 pm
man wins, there is going to be a lot of pieces about how the female was robbed, because of the -- it is a grease thing for internet absolutely have that option, but the big plus is will make it shorter. >> that is true. yes. >> too long they are too long, do i look forward to the political statements people hate them i love them. >> how i form all views. >> i just like to limited tension experience trying to pull off, this false act appearing meaningful when they do it how good they feel exhausted but -- unscripted so hired i got to lie down 5e sentences. all right chris where do you wand on this do you think a good idea. >> if i happen to land on award i would identify female. also -- already, you are
10:43 pm
there. >> but it will come to an end because you know once they get to the music awards there is a problem because if everyone is in same category, beyoncé beats kanye world war ii war iii. >> you can't like this idea or above new sheriff in town. >> he has no gender it will just showing same bathroom give out same awards. >> i'm sorry, watched mtv stopped videos i checked out -- it is -- extension so much publicity over the bathroom stuff, mtv trying to get viewership one gender six people ought to get it so the same, going to push movies petition their self kumbaya, it is people like you that
10:44 pm
white house is the way it is keep doing what you are doing pistephen schwarzman off regular people working for a living don't want to play those games one gender. >> i am on it often. all right, coming up amazing essay got one kid to - i never wanted to be associated with heart disease.
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>> why show knowledge to get into college attention graduating high school seniors, if you are plying to a tony college, you may not have to apply at all make a political statement, that matches the assumption stanford university, ask on application what matters to you and why. high school sr., ahmed reapplied writing harbor "black lives matter" 100 times, and ep was accepted! -- you got to give him credit this appeals in comparison what i had to do to get into college. ♪
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. >> i -- i dn get into college but dean called me coffee i don't remember this is kind of a genius, right. >> completely genius figured it out. first of all, you know going to fit into stanford knows how to parrot, weird stupidest hash hashs whatever if politically correct culture it orchestrated his essay if they say no to him by their own standards makes them racist. >> turn him down, that is the way it works also he already displayed a complete ability to out think outsmart grownups who run that place who better to be at stanford, you know earn a his spot. >> i wrote he identified the
10:50 pm
terror of the politically correct that was the open window climbed through i think he made fools of all of them, is this a slap in the face to all kids who right essays. >> and people call themselves activists unapologetic by doing this the purpose of activism to enact change nobody didn't support "black lives matter" going to support it because of what he did very bad for the world because everybody knows you need evidence to support assertions can you imagine a cop could take you throw in you car what did i do you are arrested hashtag you are arrested hashtag you are arrested, that would be totally fine the cop would go to stanford. >> great you didn't do this what digit. >> under grade for sales
10:51 pm
masters from harvard. >> really wow. >> i was going to make fun of you now i can't what did i ask you are standup comedian now. >> yes. >> leads to my answer of i thought this was amazingly brave, and i wrote it 100 times, harbor brave the reasoning is because i am procuring a care procuring a career in entertainment would like a job where i am going to leave it very good. yes, show on fox you said something that would come back to haunt you never happens to anybody. >> i was on a show on fox. there you go. you applaud or the opposite of applaud. >> just write whatever man i am glad i am out graduating because i remember having a stress over essays take time to write stuff, look at it do
10:52 pm
like -- a first draft, like that, and i remember s.a.t., actgrade apparently wry hashtag on there a guy going to look at it well this guy gets it got to bring him in that is going to work when he has his first you know, chemistry it have the. >> he did it again this guy is -- >> everything -- goes -- you know like sir -- >> architectural plan thesis, "black lives matter." >> yeah. >> amazing. >> graduate in 16 minutes. >> get into a writing course at berkeley, i submission i entered one sentence about with a dog i didn't get in --.
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>> on monday white house will hold annual easter egg roll i wasn't invited for obviousness reasons -- the featured guest as also a william due vain i wish it would be the easter bunny but we investigate may be characters as deserving to be the face of this holiday. >> easter bunny we know him as fluffy figure known to bring candy and eggs to chin dates back centuries, but to me,
10:58 pm
something always was off about him. >> like, why the symbol for this great holiday is the animal that better known for doing stuff like this. >> running up -- >> no there -- taking off -- >> teaching our children it is okay to eat candy homes by a stranger in the middle of the night for answers i turned to the best legal mind i know. easter bunny operation is about entering your house middle of the night. even over -- doesn't take anything isn't that a felony. >> absolutely, breaking and entering. >> what if we kwet sick from candy at your house. >> hope you get sued -- you got to decide change the fact easter bunny calling card is eggs, eggs, merely redistributed there is a word for that socialism is easter
10:59 pm
bunny a socialist he redistributes them. >> doesn't matter a job creator consider that last year candy, two plus 4 billion dollars. >> -- what you are saying is that all a scam, to benefit big deficits. >> you didn't hear that from me. >> there -- that am i explain how bunnies have previously landed big time deals with tricks energizer playboy, meanwhile, the true producer of eggs is left out in the cold. i can only see one solution, that will put a stop to the easter bunny antichicken agenda. >> the san diego chicken. >> san diego chicken should be new easter bunny i think president reagan would
11:00 pm
approve. >> well done. excellent investigative work we got to daughters 7 back to back. i'm julie banderas. "watters world" starts now. jesse: tonight ... >> putin is backing a person that's truly an evil person. this an animal. jesse: the so-called trump-russia scandal disintegrates, leaving the left speechless. but are we facing a new cold war? what really led to a passenger being dragged off a united airlines flight. "watters world" investigates and debates. you thought draining the swamp in d.c. was hard, and we tried it in texas. "watters world" begins right now.


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