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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  April 16, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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approve. >> well done. excellent investigative work we got to atatatatatatatatatata. eric: bernie's journey. that was the name of the special flavor they had for him. >> north korea celebrating while flexing its military muscles as pressure mounts with the u.s. i'm julie banderas. good evening. they are rolling out a huge display of tanks, missiles and ballistics in a parade in north korea. it is a celebration of their late founder, the current leaders grandfather. all of this as we learn the regime could be close to carrying out a sixth nuclear test. right now mike pence is in route to asia as the white house tries to bring american allies into the fold to help diffuse the situation.
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mr. pencil left joint base andrews today and will be making the first of several visits tomorrow in south korea. doug begins our coverage of this developing story from washingt washington. so doug, tell us more about the missiles that were displayed in today's parade. >> we just heard from the pentagon producer that north korea attempted another missile launch as far as the display goes, there appears to be missiles that can be launched from submarine and another one that was never seen, and intercontinental ballistic missile or at least a mockup. they are solid fuel missiles and they require less time and pose
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more risk. kim jong-un was escorted into a huge ovation today. he did not speak but the vice minister did speak. >> when north korea gets the capability to drop in icbm with a nuclear warhead in the united states, ron will have it the next day for the right price. reporter: that is why, in part, the battle group reversed course and is headed toward the korean peninsula. that coupled with the trump administration launch of 60 cruise missiles in syria, the use of the gigantic bomb in
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afghanistan and mr. trump's support of nato which all point to a reemergence of world leadership. it urged china's president to urge a cooling down. they are engaging in tit-for-tat with swords drawn and bows bent. we urge all parties to refrain from inflammatory or threatening statements or deeds. tough words from him. julie: we are also hearing words for congress to cut short it's easter recess. >> given the tensions, nancy pelosi is urging speaker paul ryan to do that. in a statement she said speaker ryan must call congress back to session for classified briefings and debate. congress must do its duty and
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honor our responsibility to the constitution. he made no indication that he plans to do so. another attempted missile launch by north korea, one that failed within the last few moments. back to you. julie: thank you. our coverage of the celebrations in north korea and the tensions brewing with the west continue from the capital city. our senior foreign affairs correspondent is on the ground getting a firsthand look. that is still had on the fox report. in the meantime, afghan officials now assessing the impact of the largest non- nuclear bomb ever used by the u.s. they now say the so-called mother of all bombs dropped near the country's border with pakistan. it has killed 94 isis fighters. david lee muller has the very latest. reporter: julie, afghan officials say at least 94 isis fighters were killed during third thursday's airstrike in afghanistan. the mounting death toll caused by the largest non- nuclear bomb ever used by the u.s. in combat.
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afghanistan's president said close cooperation between the pentagon and his government help prevent any civilian casualties. ground operations are still underway to assess the damage caused by the massive ordnance air blast. it is nicknamed the mother of all bombs. the strike targeted the complex tunnels of caves near the pakistan border. a at least four killed were said to be isis leaders. u.s. officials estimate there up to 800 isis fighters in afghanistan. the u.s. general in charge of operations said the group was terrorizing the local populati population, even attacking people in mosques and hospitals. many who live near the area hit near the the airstrikes call for more a attacks. >> we are very happy and these kind of bombs should be used in the future as well.
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isis needs to be booted out of here. there was no other options for this operation but to use this bomb. the national army tried many times but it didn't work. now it is going successfully and we request the government to not stop here. >> not all afghans thought the use of this weapon was such a good idea. the country's former president accused the current president of treason for allowing the use of a weapon that he said violated the country's savagery. >> david lee muller in the middle east bureau. julie: tempers flaring in california. at least 13 people are in handcuffs. it happened in downtown berkeley during a rally calling for president trump to release his tax return. this was just one of hundreds of text a rally's take taking place nationwide. here is the scene in new york city. >> we pay our taxes in this town. get up, get down.
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we pay our taxes in this town. julie: many people carrying signs and marching through the streets of manhattan to show the president they do care about his tax return despite the president saying they do not. brian joins me now in studio. why do protesters care whether or not the president releases his tax returns, especially now considering he's already been elected. >> we heard a wide variety of reasons. some say transparency, emphasizing every president since jimmy carter has released their tax returns. others say because they want to know more about the potential business dealings with foreign countries. today's tax day march is planned and someone hundred 50 cities nationwide. they were organized by much of the same 70 organizations that organized the women's marches in january. protest took place in washington d.c. past the irs building and in chicago and florida.
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we were there today in midtown manhattan as thousands rallied and marched toward trump tower. organizers say the tax day march was fueled by white house counselor kellyanne conway who said in january that president trump would not release his tax return because he won the election without doing so and people don't care. anti- trump supporters say it is proof he is hiding something. >> he could be hiding a lot of things. he could be hiding associations and entanglements with the russians. i'm not the only one thinking that. a lot of people know a lot more than i do and say why don't you come clean. >> can you trust a president who doesn't release his tax returns on tax reform. >> no. if you want to run for office, release your tax return. >> no word from the white house on today's march but they have said they are not releasing tax returns because they are under audit. though the irs has also set an
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audit does not prevent someone from releasing their returns. >> what do we know about the violence in berkeley california because it looks like to sides have clashed. reporter: it looked like it was going to be bad from the start. a couple pro trump rallies were planned in colorado springs and in berkeley california. the rally in berkeley turned violent. the radical left group or the antifascist group showed up to the pro trump rally and several fights broke out before the rally even started. someone fired pepper spray into the crowd, bottles and objects were thrown and 13 people have been arrested. it looked like both sides were ready for a fight. julie: thank you very much. attorney general jeff sessions taking aim at illegal immigrants and cities that give them sanctuary. sitting down with judge jeanine, they insist they are putting federal funding at risk by continuing century city policies. here is a preview of the
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interview. >> why would any city want to say no you can't remove these people. they get to stay in our community. it makes no sense. first, the voters of these cities need to hold their city councils and mayors to account. the police come up if a police works for the mayor sometimes will support the mayor but police officers think this is crazy. >> we've got to keep the pressure up and look at these grant programs but if you're not cooperating with the federal government, you are going to lose grant money. we will battle on them every step of the way. we will put pressure on the cities and it's just important for america and the people in the cities. >> here more of the interview with attorney general jeff sessions tonight on justice with judge janine, 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news. right now republicans are gearing up for a second crack at health care reform. president trump explained why it is still a priority.
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>> we have to do healthcare first to pick up additional money so we can have great tax reform. we are going to have a phenomenal tax reform, but i have to do healthcare first. i want to do first to really do it right. >> coming up why one house republicans thanks his party will get it done this time around. plus this. >> in the northern suburb of atlanta, democrats think they have a chance of turning a red district blue. i will have the story coming up easter weekend is now officially underway. here is a live look at a midnight mass in moscow's christ the savior cathedral. we will have more from around the world, just ahead
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a certified diabetes educator if you qualify. this is a fox news alert. the associated press is reporting that north korea has attempted to launch a missile but failed. that is according to south korean media. north korea attempted a launch on its east coast. it is believed to have failed. this attempted missile launch comes one day after the north held a military parade in the capital marking the anniversary of the state founder with what appeared to be new ballistic missiles displayed. of course, this is a direct reaction to the tough stance that our president is putting on north korea. the pressure this country is putting on their leader kim jong-un as they celebrate this
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milestone anniversary. in fact, this comes also at the heels of our president meeting with the president of china. of course, trying to put pressure on north korea to suspend its nuclear weapons program. this is something the united states has been struggling to come to an agreement with for over 60 years. even while navy vessels are positioned in the area, in fact, he has warned the president that if we were to take a preemptive strike, they would be ready to strike the united states. in order to show that and the world that they are going to stand firm and not actually take the pressure off their north korea and the nuclear program. this is a slap in the face to all world leaders in north korea as a failed missile launch. the joint chief of staff has said they fired an unidentified missile. the test has failed. we will have more from north korea. we will be going live with more
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breaking details as we get it. meantime, democrats are looking to cut into the republican majority in the house. a special election is planning to be held in the atlanta suburb and to fill tom price old seat. he left the seat after being confirmed of secretary of health and human services. jonathan is in sandy springs georgia with more. >> the affluent and highly educated suburbs that make up georgia's sixth district. donald trump won the district by just one and a half percentage point in 2016 >> you have 11 republicans in the contest. some are running as trump loyalist and others are barely mentioning his name. you have others who are running what he called the make trump furious campaign.
2:18 am
[inaudible] while democrats seem to be rallying around him a field of 18 candidates include a crowd of republicans trying to stand out as their party's frontrunner to build the seat vacated by health and human services secretary tom price >> , we had enough of politicians talking the big game >> these republicans have been feuding with each other >> big spending career politicians we can't trust with our money >> it's going to be hard for republicans to consolidate around one candidate >> transportation, education, infrastructure improvement, putting people back to work
2:19 am
>> i kept hearing we needed to put money here and there from both sides but i didn't hear anybody saying where this money comes from >> this country is so divided, i think it would be great to see someone who works across the aisle >> political analyst say it's unlikely but not impossible for the democrat to reach the 50% plus one majority required to win tuesday's election outright. if no candidate surpasses this threshold, the two leading vote getters will face one another in a runoff election scheduled for june 20. sandy springs georgia, fox news. julie: will have more had in the breaking news coming out of north korea. we have a reporter who will join us live. he will join us next. stay tuned as breaking details are coming in. also, this comes of the heels at the nation celebrates its past. we are live as the regime shows love among the citizens and hatred for the u.s. let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. -sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor?
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this is a fox news alert. the associated press reporting north korea has attempted and failed to launch another muscle. the reports saying the launch was the captain on north korea's east coast, a day after a parade in the capital city featured military hardware including possible ballistic missiles. they are celebrating the late founder grandfather. tensions growing between our two nations as trump talks tough. he is working to engage american allies to keep kim jong-un ambitions at bay.
2:24 am
earlier today i sat down with kevin, a former prime minister of australia. >> the key question is not what they say because they're always belligerent. it goes up and comes down but it's mainly up and getting higher. but we have observed there technical progress. it's about missile range and accuracy, ability to minimize the material >> the ability to go transit continental with a missile >> even their medium range missiles >> as these high stake developments play out, our senior foreign affair is on the ground with the very latest. >> hi julie, breaking development, i have to say in the past ten minutes we have been getting word about this failed missile coming from north korea. we have not heard it from north
2:25 am
korean government yet. i have been here on the ground in the past. they have tried launches where they have failed and frankly, it takes a day or two to get the government here to admit that it has happened, but as you've been reporting, other agencies in ap quoting the south korean government, the security council they are saying they have detected a missile going off or trying to be launched from one of their launching sites on the east coast of this peninsula, and failing. they call it a ballistic missile. i would have to say it was launched from that site it was probably an intermediate range missile and not a long-range missile. usually launch sites there into the sea of japan in the direction of japan would get the japanese nervous and the united states never spread we have 35000 service members in japan, and they could be targeted as well, but it does not appear to be the we don't have confirmation, a long-range
2:26 am
missile. we expected something like this around the state. we were expecting all sorts of things around this time. there was heightened interest in the possibility of a sixth nuclear device being detonated around this time or maybe a longer-range intercontinental ballistic style missile being launched as well. that did not occur. we figured kim jong-un, the young leader of this country was going to do but his rhetoric, let his rhetoric to the firing rather than his missiles, but in fact now we see there was an attempt according to south korean government, to make some trouble on the east coast of this country and in this region. that is the big concern that they do have an icbm or will
2:27 am
have an icbm missile that could be tipped with a nuclear warhead that could reach the united states according to several experts that we been speaking too. that possibility could be within the next three years, within the first term of president trumps time in office. that is exactly why he and his officials are going so hard to try to rein in the regime here in north korea. i will give you a little bit of taste of what we saw on saturday because it relates to what we are talking about here. first, let me show you how close we got to the young leader of this country. then we will talk a little bit about what we saw yesterday in that parade. take a look. >> north korean leader residing over a most unusual combination parade.
2:28 am
military, civilian and nationals, perhaps because this government is in a most unusual situation, in a standoff the united states over nuclear and missile programs. the leader is looking to the crowd for rockets, perhaps highly orchestrated support. >> now in that parade julie, this is very interesting, we and experts know a lot about this stuff and were looking at the hardware that was rolling by us, and yes, they start to intermediate range missiles of the type that might have been launched this morning that was on display to the public, one was a submarine launched missile, another a land launched missile, and even more alarming is that they saw at least prototypes being rolled by on trucks of a possible intercontinental ballistic missile, new types of missiles, missiles perhaps using different types of fuel and that has gone
2:29 am
people concerned. other than what we saw on the ground, we also heard a lot of strong rhetoric, the right hand man to kim jong-il and, we did not hear in fact from him and that his words, this country would defiantly confront the united states in a full out war including nuclear strikes. we even got a shout out to president trump in the official government yesterday, the state media saying it was in fact president trump causing all the problems with his military hysteria and they call that dangerous and that it would be no longer tolerated. this was a failure according to south korean officials. they attempted to launch a missile medium range emma we don't have a confirmation on that, it came, it appears early
2:30 am
this morning, i'm looking at my watch where we are just going before 8:00 a.m. here on a sunday morning. it came at least a day or two later than we expected but it came around the time of the most important date in their calendar, the anniversary, the founder >> that was great reporting, unfortunately our satellite cut short but he was reporting live in north korea. he was talking about the 105th anniversary of his grandfather and his regime threatening to provoke a response from the u.s. by testing missiles or other missiles, and this just in, our u.s. military is confirming that indeed a failed ballistic missile, unidentified missile was tested, it was launched, it blew up almost immediately. is not clear exactly what kind
2:31 am
of missile this could have been. greg reporting a mid range missile. let me just clarify about missile technology. there are type o dong one and type o dong too. back in 2006 on another a federal day in the united states on the fourth of july, kim jong-un testfired seven missiles. some were the long range missiles, some of the most dangerous kind. north korea, obviously provoking a response by the u.s. we are waiting a response from the white house. this is very much in response to how heavily handed our administration, the trump administration is handling this situation in north korea that has gone on way too long. currently north korea issuing a response to the deployment of a
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response to the deployment of a
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founder, the military sang u.s. specific command detected and tracked what a north korean missile launch, the missile blew up almost immediately. the type of missile is being assessed. for more on this go to kristin fisher live from palm beach florida where the president is spending his easter weekend. we did hear warnings this week that something was going to happen this weekend. it is not much of a surprise considering this is the kind of rhetoric you get out of north korea, especially when they are celebrating a specific event. what is the latest from there and has the white house issued any comment? >> we are still awaiting an official response from the white house, but president trump has been notified about this failed missile launch. as for the type of missile, a u.s. official tells me this is
2:37 am
not a new type of missile like one of the ones they were showing off in the big parade. this is a type of missile they have tested before. just to put this into context, the fact that north korea has fired off a missile that they've already tested, and that it failed, that is a big blow to north korea's leader kim jong-un and i imagine whoever is responsible for it is probably in a lot of trouble in north korea. this is all happening as vice president mike pence is on his way. he is in the air to south korea. he had just stopped in anchorage alaska to refuel. on the flight there his press secretary posted this picture on his twitter account. you can see the big mountains of alaska out the window. they told us on the plane they had started planning this trip two months ago. any notion that the vice president or the white house was hesitant to stick to the schedule given how hot the
2:38 am
tensions are in the region, the press secretary said that notion is completely inaccurate. they never, for a second intended to not go on this trip. the vice president was met on the tarmac in anchorage. they were only on the ground for about an hour and a half because they have a long trip ahead for this is an 11 day trip covering more than 22000 nautical miles. they will spend 53 hours in the air. his first stop as i mentioned is south korea. he will be meeting with the country's acting president. at the moment no plans to go to the dnc. out the engine at the border and will be heading to japan and indonesia, australia and hawaii and julie, the whole point of this trip is to reassure all of our allies in the region that the u.s. is prepared to stand behind them in the face of this growing nuclear threat from north korea and the fact that they just testfired another ballistic missile, even though it failed goes to show you how hot tensions are right now in
2:39 am
the region. >> north korea's vice foreign minister sent a chilling warning yesterday. the threat came on good friday, a christian holiday right before the easter weekend. certainly, setting off what we all believe to be a potentially interesting easter weekend. they had come out and said president donald trump's tweets are adding fuel to what they call a vicious cycle of tension on the korean peninsula. talk a little bit about how north korea has responded to president trump in particular and his stance on north korea and how public he has been on how he feels about what needs to be done. >> julie, i think it is pretty notable that so far president trump has not tweeted at all since this failed missile launch. in the past some of his tweets have caused north korea to get very upset and say, factor that
2:40 am
in with the aggression, the military action that president trump has taken over the last few weeks. north korea was saying those were aggressive, vicious military actions so behind-the-scenes you have president trump here at my lago and this is supposed to be a fairly quiet easter weekend, spending it mostly with his family. he didn't come down here with any members of his senior staff. behind-the-scenes, president trump has been briefed by his national security council, not only on this north korean threat but we imagine he is being briefed on that right now. we are still awaiting an official statement from the white house on that, but you also have to factor in the ongoing fallout from the decision to strike syria last week and the u.s. military decision to drop the big bomb on the isis fighters in afghanist afghanistan. neither of those countries, afghanistan nor syria are nuclear powers. north korea is a nuclear power
2:41 am
with a very dangerous, very unpredictable leader. the big question now is how will trump react to this failed missile launch. we are waiting to find out, we should be getting a statement any minute now. >> as soon as we do we will bring it to our viewers. we will come back to you as news warrants. thank you very much. >> we will have much more as this breaking news development. also had, the state of arkansas is appealing a federal court ruling that is blocking the execution of several inmates. coming up, why even some celebrities are fighting the controversial plan (microphone feedback) listen up, heart disease. you too, unnecessary er visits. and hey, unmanaged depression, don't get too comfortable. we're talking to you, cost inefficiencies and data without insights.
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our finest grass seed plus quick-start fertilizer and natural super- absorbent mulch grow grass anywhere. the very first time, guaranteed. bare spots be gone. this is a scotts yard.
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the state of arkansas asking an appeal court to overturn federal judge ruling that blocks the execution of several inmates. they are trying to fast-track executions before one of the drugs used in fetal and injection process expires at the end of the month. if it proceeds it could mark a turning point regard to legal challenges against lethal injection. while the state is one of several that keeps drug sources secret, information that was once public. will carr is live. what happens now? reporter: at this point the executions have been blocked as the case works its way through the federal appeals process. the clock is taking due to a drug that puts inmates asleep before they are killed. it expires at the end of the month. they say the state has to act now.
2:46 am
>> there has been a 25 year nightmare for the victims that have had to deal with this and now it's time for that justice to be carried out >> arkansas and at least a dozen other states have been secretly collecting the drugs they used to kill that mate inmates. it has created controversy because manufacturers can objective their kids drugs are used in the execution. it is one of a number of issues that is getting a lot of attention this week in arkansas. >> the danger of having eight executions in such a short period of time, or even seven executions is that if something goes wrong with one, there is no time to figure out what the problem was and to make adjustments later on. critics have called arkansas the assembly line of death. we have heard from actor johnny
2:47 am
depp, he spoke out along with damien echols, they have spent nearly two decades on death row before being proclaimed innocent >> these guys, if they're getting ready to execute, the politicians tell you are irredeemably evil and can be saved or redeemed, these are the people who showed more kindness and compassion and generosity than any of the good people that are trying to kill them ever d did. >> in a ruling the federal judge said the eighth amendment which involves cruel and unusual punishment is the reason for the injunction before what is the largest number of inmates executed in a single month '90s when it executed eight people. they did that twice. arkansas is executed 27 people since the supreme court reinstated the death penalty back in 1973. it is only one of four states that executed multiple people on the same day. texas is included in that group as well.
2:48 am
julie: thank you. easter celebration is getting scaled back in egypt following the deadly bombings at two coptic christian churches. the attack is getting attention around the world. next is the author, god is a living reality. she joins me next to talk about she joins me next to talk about keeping the if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts,
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or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. side effects may include diarrhea, nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you.
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christians on edge in egypt. celebrating easter mass today. it was taking place under heavy security. police officers checking pedestrians and blocking access to roads to shore up the area. it follows to attack on christian churches in egypt last week. at least 45 people were killed
2:52 am
in the bombing. isis has claimed responsibility >> the united states remains home to more christians than any other country in the world. my next guest is the author of let's have faith, the living reality in a world. she joins me now. lorne greene. >> thank you so much for talking to us. it is true that christians are among the most persecuted group >> actually, as of 2016 that have risen to the rank of the most persecuted religion in the world. that is an unbelievable kind of number. 90000 have been killed each year for the past ten years. it's almost a million. you have a situation in iraq where there are 1.4 million christians in 2003. right now there are about 275,000. they have been systematically almost eradicated out of the middle east. egypt basically is the last hold
2:53 am
of isis because they have been marginalized in syria and iraq. it's a good target to go after and that's why they've gone after them in egypt >> this is a very holy week and that is when christians, in particular are the most vulnerable >> it is not only the holiest week of could christianity, but it's the holiest week because both the orthodox and protestants are having easter at the same time. normally one of them has easter a little bit later, this year it was a huge weekend for christians. as the rise and isis has increasingly become a problem over the past eight years, tens of thousands more isis fighters, this radical muslim hatred toward christianity's only grows which is why it is now the number one group. let's talk about what country
2:54 am
christians are most persecuted in >> the irony here is that even though there were 50 top countries where christians are [inaudible] north korea is number one. it's a totalitarian regime where it's illegal to be christian. they throw christians in prison camps, entire families are put there. they are brutally beaten. it's illegal to be a christian and it is mandatory that the north korean [inaudible] what's also very interesting, right to the south and south korea, christianity is growing by leaps and bounds. they have ten of the largest christian congregations in the world and south korea which is probably why the north koreans are a little bit wary of christianity
2:55 am
>> this does speak volumes when you talk about how the united states has such a large group of christians. the hatred that north korea feels toward the united states and this is nothing new. for years and years. it has hated the united states. it makes it almost impossible for the united states to come up with some kind of resolution when we talk about testing nuclear weapon >> one of the debates is whether as a christian nation, the world sees them as western christianity. it is growing in places like africa, and even in china it's growing. china will be the largest christian nation in 2060. christianity is associated with the western world, and particularly the united states. particularly the united states. >> thank you v z2bjiz zvpz
2:56 am
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...and it may take longer than usual for bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots. plus had less major bleeding. both made eliquis the right treatment for me. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. julie: north korea attempted to launch a missile and it blew up immediately. it's not clear what kinds of missile. we should note it has not yet tested a long-range interballistic missile capable of hitting the mainland.
2:58 am
stay tuned to fox news for all the breaking developments. before i let you know go. it's easter weekend, a holy week for all. a time to celebrate with our families and to celebrate joy. i wanted to leave you on a light note. some photos i took with my family. this time the easter bunny decided to hop in the pictures. that's my baby boy who is about to turn 1 year old and my
2:59 am
3:00 am
>> breaking tonight, north korea attempts but fails at a missile launch. president trump has been briefed on the situation. >> this is a guy we have to take seriously. he's seriously delusional and seriously crazy and would seriously use whatever weapons he can get his hands on. >> he starts to yell and make noise and try to intimidate people. he's not going to intimidate this president. >> iran can buy from north korea the next day whatever no


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