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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 18, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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video when they went to visit their heffers. >> jenna: 150 head of cattle enthralled with the marching. you're either a leader or follower in this life. >> jon: and this beaver was leading. thanks for joining us. >> jenna: "america's news hq" starts now. >> sandra: the man hunt for the cleveland facebook killer is over. hello everyone. i'm sandra smith. police announcing just hours ago that steve stephens killed himself in erie, pennsylvania, today after a short police chase and mark zuckerberg weighing in on the tragedy in which his company played a key role. >> we have a lot more to do here. we're reminded of this this week by the tragedy in cleveland. and our hearts go out to the family and friends of robert godwin senior.
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and we have a lot of work and we will keep doing all we can to prevent tragedies like this from happening. >> sandra: following this breaking story for us from cleveland. matt? >> reporter: sandra it turns out the cell phone did ping in erie, pennsylvania. around 11:00 a.m., someone called in a tip that they saw that white ford fusion he was driving around. a short while after police pursued him, they say there was a short chase and then he stopped. when an officer approached the car, he shot himself. now, we are in the neighborhood where stephens grew up, his childhood home behind me. a short while ago his mother came loam. she told us she find out her son died on the radio and then said she's not surprised this happened because her son stephens came to her last weekend before easter sunday and said that he was involved in a relationship that ended, that he had an extreme gambling problem, and that this was likely going to be the last time they saw each other.
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basically telling his mother good-bye. she said that she expected him to do something extreme, but did not expect him to commit murder. take a listen. >> he came over here the day before and told me, mama, i want to come see you. mom, this will be the last time you see me. is there anything you want to say to me? he said he had broke up with that girl, joy lane. he said that's it. i just wanted to see you for one last time. i said whatever, steve, whatever you're thinking, i love you, don't go out here and do nothing stupid. please don't go do nothing stupid. because the way he was saying it, like he was going to hurt somebody. but i didn't know it was this serious. >> reporter: we also spoke to some neighbors who have mixed opinions about stephens. some say he was a bit odd growing up. others say it was a shock. one neighbor said he was afraid to go in his house for fear
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stephens was hiding in there. right now police are saying if you saw the killer, stephens in the area over the past 48 or 72 hours, please turn that tip in because they're still trying to piece together the timeline which is very important in this case. >> sandra: interesting to hear from mark zuckerberg, facebook's founder, on there's a lot more work to do in terms of monitoring this criminal activity on facebook. matt, thank you. a fox news alert. vice president mike pence in tokyo reassuring our ally, japan, of america's commitment to reign in north korea's nuclear ambition. this as north korea vowing to continue regular missile and nuclear testing. we are awaiting president trump top land in wisconsin where he'll give a speech on buying and hiring american. we've got fox team coverage for you with jim walsh, an international security expert at the m.i.t. security studies
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program standing by. but first let's bring in john roberts. hey, john. >> reporter: good afternoon to you, sandra. the vice president mike pence continuing his tour of the pacific rim, meeting with the japanese prime minister in tokyo today, at which meeting the vice president had more tough talk toward north korea. the vice president basically saying that almost for decades now, really, successive administrations here at the white house have tried to reach out to north korea, to get it to stand down with its nuclear program, cutting deals only to watch north korea cheat on those deals and make demands for even sweeter deals. pence insisting the obama era policy is strategic patience, to watch what north korea is doing and wait until it's over, but downplaying any imminent military action. successive white houses have never found any viable military options. neither the vice president nor the press secretary are taking
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military action off the table. here's the vice president and then sean spicer. listen here. >> under president trump, the united states will continue to work with japan with all our allies in the region, including south korea, to confront the most ominous threat posing this region of the world. the regime in north korea. and let me be clear. our commitment is unwaivering and our resolve could not be stronger. >> does this president believe that there are viable military options for dealing with north korea? >> i understand that. i think taking anything on or off the table is in itself limiting your options to some degree, so i'm not going to even discuss that. >> reporter: now, bringing diplomatic and economic pressure against north korea is nothing new. it's been done many, many times in the past. but president trump does believe he has a firm commitment to china's president after the meeting in mar a-lago. don't forget, this has been
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done, sandra, many times in the past. remember back in 2007 when china was at the table in the six-party talks. north korea agreed to dismantle its pyongyang nuclear facility. they even blew up one of the cooling towers. not so long after that decided they wanted to restart the nuclear program. it's been a litany of cut deals, only to watch north korea cheat. this president wants to interrupt that cycle. >> sandra: all right. john roberts, thank you. for more on this, let's bring in jim walsh, senior research associate at the m.i.t. security studies program. thanks for being here. >> good to be with you. >> sandra: a lot to goat. first let's get to the comments on this. he's keeping his comments close to the vest, saying he doesn't want to telegraph his plans. is that a good strategy for us? >> well, i think on the one hand, you don't want to tell everyone everything you know. you also want to be clear in your messaging. you want to be able to communicate to north korea, to
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china and your own allies some messages that they hear, receive and take seriously. >> sandra: are we doing that? >> i think we're in early days. we're just after the summit. it seems to have some legs. it may be paying off for the president. and it is a very delicate situation. you never know, if it's monday, will the north koreans test on tuesday or friday? so i think it's wise that he doesn't box himself in. i don't think he should be out there saying, well, if you do this, we're gonna strike militarily because then, if they do test and you don't respond and your bluff has been called, then you're in a weaker position. >> sandra: jerry side wrote a piece in "the wall street journal" saying the key question in all of this is china serious about working with the u.s. to crank up the pressure on pyongyang? what is your response to that? >> well, i think we're going to have to wait and see. i would say the early signs are good. north korea did not conduct a nuclear test. i and many of my colleagues
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thought that might happen over the weekend. that didn't happen. one has to wonder whether china's indirect threat of cutting off oil supplies if the north were to test might have had an influence there. and, so i think we're in early days. but if we're going to get out of this action/reaction cycle that we've been in for more than 15 years, this is an opportunity to do it, to try to put it on a different track, to work with china. now, china has its own interest. it's not going to squeeze north korea to the point of collapse. it doesen want a failed nuclear weapons state on its quarter. but they can move to it a more stable, less threatening situation. >> sandra: because trade is such a big deal when talking about north korea and china, do those economic threats like you mentioned, oil and trade, do they work? >> well, i would say oil could be a potentially very powerful weapon. trade, less powerful. there's no running a country without energy. and the north koreans are
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dependent on that chinese oil. so i think that really is a lever. as far as trade more generally, we have sanctioned that and sanctioned that. my partner and i went and interviewed north korean defectors to say how are you beating the sanctions? we finally got a view on that. sort of the big picture is, they're innovative. they react. they take counter measures, and we keep doing the same thing over and over again. so our sanctions, even though in name have been tougher, in effect they really haven't slowed the north koreans down. >> sandra: he went on to write, here's a real less obvious test of whether china is serious about working with president trump to reel in north korea. will china stop resisting the insulation of a new missile defense system in south korea? >> yeah, i just disagree with that whole premise. whether it's powerful international countries or a husband and wife in a marriage, you don't have a relationship in which one party gets everything and the other party gets
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nothing. now, trump and xi had a good summit. it seems like xi is stepping up to the plate and trying to do something about north korea. but if we turn around and give them nothing, that's gonna be a short lived relationship. and the two things china wants, vis a vis north korea, they want a beginning again of the six-party talks or some sort of discussion. i think that's a good idea. hold your friends close, your enemies closer. talk to them so that we don't have an accidental war. so i think that's a good idea. and the other thing they want, they want to slow play in missile defense system that's being introduced in the south korea. frankly, we shouldn't be doing that until the south koreans have their own election in may. let's not take away strategic patience and instead shoot for strategic haste. let's take our time and do it right. >> sandra: got it. jim walsh, thank for weighing in. >> thank you. >> sandra: president trump arriving in wisconsin right now where he will make remarks
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shortly about the hire american, buy american executive order that he is signing today and what it could mean for american workers and american business. plus, a live look in georgia where voting is under way in a key election being watched closely by democrats and republicans. why the battle for this seat could have serious implications for the trump white house. and many lawmakers on both sides of the aisle not getting the relaxing recess they probably wanted. facing angry voters at home.
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>> sandra: fox news alert. the president has arrived in wisconsin, in milwaukee. from there he will be heading to snap-on tools.
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this is a company based in wisconsin, part of speaker paul ryan's congressional district. he's going to be making remarks on the hire american, buy american executive order that he will be signing today. and talking about what that means for american workers and american business. all right. democrats hoping to score a big upset in a special election in georgia today. voters casting their ballots to elect a new congressman that usually runs republican. jonathan siri is live in sandy springs, georgia. how's today's turnout, jonathan? >> reporter: it's been pretty steady when you consider this is a special election with only one race on the ballot. it was steady during early voting as well. both parties have been giving this race a lot of national attention. on the democrats side, democrats have really been rallying around the 30-year-old documentary filmmaker and former congressional aide has raised more than $8 million and with
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the republican field splintered among 11 candidates, democrats are hoping to win this special primary outright and avoid a june runoff. >> a runoff will be a challenge. i think everything that we've done this far has been leading up to not just end on april 18th. that's what it comes to. we need to push past that. we're very capable to do so. >> right now the energy is with the democratic party. that being said, i still think this is a republican district. when it does get to a nine-week runoff, hopefully on tuesday evening i like our chances in a one on one race. >> reporter: sandra, they call this a jungle primary because all 18 candidates, democrats, republicans, independents, are listed on the same ballot. and if no candidate is able to get 50% of the vote, the two leading vote getters will face each other in a runoff election on june 20th.
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sandra? >> sandra: good information, jonathan. what factor is president trump playing in this race? >> reporter: trump is certainly getting involved. this morning mr. trump tweeted republicans must get out today and vote in georgia 6. force runoff and easy win. yesterday this robot call went out to 6 district voters. >> this is president donald trump. liberal democrats from outside of georgia are spending millions and millions of dollars trying to take your republican congressional seat away from you. don't let them do it. >> reporter: georgia's 6th congressional district favors establishment republicans. donald trump carried it in november by less than a 2% margin. while republicans try to leverage their conservative advantage in this affluent and educated atlanta suburb, democrats are trying to appeal to moderate voters who may not be 100% on board with the trump administration. sandra? >> sandra: president trump has been urging those georgia
11:18 am
republicans, go out and vote. jonathan, thank you. president trump's touching down, as we mentioned, just moments ago in the state of wisconsin to give a speech and sign a new executive order. we'll talk to charles payne about how it could change the american work force. plus, as tensions with north korea escalate, a lawmaker in one vulnerable state wants to take a first look at disaster prep that hasn't been updated in 30 years. aleve with direct therapy tens device, a relief from lower back pain. i put it on my back. i feel this electrical pulse grabbing at my muscles. it was more powerful than i was expecting it to be. it worked. i believe aleve. learn more and read reviews at
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i'm ricardo, a sales and service consultant here at the xfinity store in bellevue, washington. here at the store, we offer internet, tv, phone, customer service, home security. every situation is a little different. it could be about billing, simple questions like changing the phone number. sometimes, they want to upgrade, downgrade, but at the end of the day, you want to take care of the customer. one of the great things about comcast, there's always room to move up. of course, it depends on you, how hard you work. ♪ >> sandra: a live look for you.
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president trump arriving in wisconsin. waving to those receiving him there. he will be stopping by the snap-on tools plant before signing that new executive order that directs the review of buy american, hire american practices. something he promised many times on the campaign trail. kevin cork joins us live from where the president will be making those remarks. we are expecting those remarks shortly. we will be listening. what should we expect? >> reporter: well, first of all, i must say it is an exciting day for the folks here. the white house will tell you that this is just the latest example, frankly, of a promise kept. the president was on the campaign trail, he did promise that he would act on immigration reform even if he needed to do so ahead of congress. part of this hire american and buy american rollout is aimed at that. of course, as you point out, the president is here today at snap-on. this is a major employer here in the area. keep in mind this buy american hire american executive order is
11:23 am
part of this stunning sweep. part of the country where stormed to victory. he won in iowa, and pennsylvania. here at snap on they are the premiere makers of shop equipment products, automotive diagnostic tools and repair information solutions. as for the order itself, it frankly tightens the waivers that companies use to get around procurement laws that favor american made goods. as for the h1-b portion it is aimed at getting highly skilled immigrants here to fill the gaps where americans aren't there. they don't want them taking jobs away from americans with the same skill set. the white house said one of the major components here that the president will talk about is how this will impact the manufacturing sector. there are a number of american companies that would like to have that level playing field, frankly, sandra, and what they want is to get in the game without some of the loopholes that keep them out. we expect the president to talk about that when he makes his way
11:24 am
here. for now back to you. >> sandra: kevin, thank you. the president making his way around milwaukee. he'll be heading to that snap-on facility. charles payne joins us. host of "making money" on the fox business network. this is a big day, charles. this was really one of the pillars of his campaign and his campaign promises to hire american, buy american. here he is honoring that pledge. he will be signing that executive order today. >> absolutely. the h1-b visa program is one of these things where it might have been created with the best of intentions, but it was hijacked. it was hijacked by silicon valley. it's a lottery thing now. they throw in as many names as possible and gain the system to the point of 80% of the folks picked from this end up making less than the median average
11:25 am
wage in this industry. lot of people say silicon valley found way to gain the system for cheap labor at the expense of americans who could be doing those same jobs. >> sandra: interesting that he's visiting the snap-on facility in the area that falls under paul ryan's congressional district. you look at the people of wisconsin. they have been badly burned when it comes to manufacturing jobs and losing those jobs overseas. do you expect this to work in the way people are hoping? are there any draw backs to this? >> there are no draw backs. the only thing i would say, wisconsin is one of thaoe states where enthusiasm has gone through the roof. the only thing people will have to be more patient. a week ago small business association put out their optimism index. this thing has been on fire since president trump was elected. but the uncertainty, second highest level ever. so people are exciteded an enthusiastic, perhaps a little
11:26 am
too impatient. i think it will have to be another component besides executive orders and even legislation. something will have to be a ground swell within america itself going back to perhaps you don't remember lee iacocca. >> sandra: i do. >> you're too young. he saved chrysler with that pro america thing. even going back forward, they used to have commercials, look for the union label. sort of an american first enthusiasm has to bleed from america into the pores of the country. >> sandra: is there any fear that this could initially raise their cost? businesses like to do things the way that's going to be best for their bottom line. does this force them into anything -- do you know where i'm going with this? are american businesses excited about it? >> for me as a capitalist, i'm torn on this. i worry about businesses getting too much of president trump's more air like keeping the xm banquet corporate welfare. by the same token small
11:27 am
businesses need to be able to try to compete on a more level playing field. i think it's up to the american consumer ultimately to say, hey, we're willing to pay a little more for american quality and american workers. that's the only way, i think, in the long run this works. >> sandra: the executive order will donate the commerce department to comprehensive assess the procurement provisions of trade agreements. this has been a huge point that he continues to make which allows foreign companies to bid on u.s. government contracts to come up with obviously that. >> it gets very, very complicated. that's why it's taken 220 days, but it is a first step for a promise made. >> sandra: so much there. the president has just landed in wisconsin. charles payne, thank you. >> you got it. >> sandra: a new show of russian aggression and the u.s. air force jets after two capable bombers were spotted uncomfortably close to american soil. we are live at the pentagon. plus, lawmakers home for their spring recess are getting an
11:28 am
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11:32 am
and now new saber rattling from russia. jennifer griffin joins us live from the pentagon. jennifer, first, what is the pentagon saying today about the latest north korean test? >> reporter: well, we've learned, sandra, the u.s. intelligence community is scouring video from the north korean parade for evidence that some of those missiles on display could be fake. defense secretary mattis spoke about the test in route to saudi arabia. >> the leader of north korea again recklessly tried to provoke something by launching a missile. it was not an intercontinental ballistic missile. it failed on launch. >> reporter: the missile exploded four seconds after launch. u.s. officials are calling it a kn-17, a new designation for a type of scud missile. the pentagon is not calling it a carrier killer, pointing out that targeting ships is a hard
11:33 am
technology to perfect, but noting that that is certainly pyongyang's aaspiration. i'm told this is a single stage liquid fueled missile. the uss carl vinson aircraft carrier strike group is not yet in the sea of japan, but should be there by april 25th. the crisis is far from over on the korean peninsula. looming on the horizon is another key date for the north koreans. april 25th marks the anniversary of the founding of the country's military. another date that kim jong-un likes to mark with dramatic tests. the good news is the uss vinson will be near there by then. >> sandra: there's been another incidence of russian bomber jets coming close to the u.s. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: that's right. two russian bear bombers flew near alaska monday night, coming as close as 100 miles from kodiak island. it's the first time since president trump took office that moscow has sent bombers this
11:34 am
close to the united states. the nuclear capable bombers flew within the u.s. air defense identification zone monday night. the u.s. air force was forced to scramble two f-22 stealth fighter jets and a radar plane to intercept the russian bombers. the american jets flew along the russian bombers for 12 minutes before the russians reversed course and headed home. last weekend in moscow rex tillerson u.s./russian relations were at an all time low. it is not clear how these bomber flights helped those relations. >> sandra: all right jennifer griffin, thank you. both sides of the aisle feeling the heat in town halls as they meet with voters back home during the break. >> can we go to the next question? [ crowd noise ] >> go to the next question.
11:35 am
>> sandra: voters hammering diane feinstein in san francisco. voters demanding she take more forceful action to oppose the trump administration. republican senator tom cotton also under fire with voters coming at him on a wide range of topics including the repeal of . >> i disagree that if we repeal the affordable care act that that's gonna happen. you know, part of my problems with the bill that was introduced into congress last month though is that it could have had that result and it was moving too fast. i didn't think it got it right. it was better to slow down and get it right rather than to get it fast. >> sandra: simon rosenburg president and founder of the new democratic network and former clinton campaign adviser. adam sigfried is here. adam, senator feinstein, not going after trump enough, tom
11:36 am
cotton, it was obamacare. you have some rough crowds they're facing. >> yes. the san francisco crowd senator feinstein is facing is rough and left of even main stream democrats. i think you're seeing them want to have senator feinstein literally drag president trump out of the white house by force and arrest him for some unknown crime that they only know of in their head. at the same time, senator cotton is facing not only people who are concerned citizens, but people who are being put out by local democratic parties and are being told go voice your concerns about healthcare. they want to have a moment where senator cotton or other republican office holders have an oops moment that will wind up on you tube and be used in a future campaign attack ad where they can say look, this guy is out of touch, he doesn't share your value. >> sandra: look what happened, simon, when a young maine democrat, claire cummings, she introduced the new dnc chair. watch what happens here.
11:37 am
[ crowd chanting ] >> you guys, they still have two minutes left. all right. come on. so maybe you came though because you're curious about the new dnc chairman and the future of the democratic party. >> sandra: to be clear, simon, what we heard and saw there was that cheering was for bernie sanders. the booing was for the new dnc chairman. democrats appear to still have a big problem. >> it's not a big problem. that event with tom perez and bernie sanders together, right, traveling around the country showing that there's a unified democratic party. but there still are some bad feelings. let's be very clear about what that was. there's still very bad feelings toward the way debbie wasserman schultz ran the dnc. there's so many democrats still
11:38 am
resentful about that. i think for good reason. that's why tom perez is working so hard in his travels to bring the party together. i applaud bernie sanders for doing this trip with him. it's a good sign of unity for the democrats. >> sandra: and what could be a sign of what's happening with both parties is this special georgia election happening. what is it going to tell us about republicans and democrats? >> well, it's gonna tell us very little. these races are not canaries in the coal mine. last week's kansas. the south carolina, montana or any other special election. what happens with these is we're seeing democrats and republicans in a battle for the narrative going into 2018. these races themselves won't make a difference. in 2010 democrats won three special elections and said we're going to be fine in the midterm elections. of course they lost 63 streets. this is for the narrative. democrats want to win so they can have some media and
11:39 am
everybody else have the preconceived notion that they are doing very well and that every republican's in trouble. >> sandra: all right. simon, last to you. the georgia special election. any predictions? >> look, i think what we now know, there have been three special elections. democrats performed better than they did in the last election. we'll take that. if that ends up being the case in the fall next year, we'll win the house back. we're excited ab what we're seeing. we know we have a lot to do. it won't be easy to take out paul ryan and the republicans. but for tows have a democrat leading in the race, a newt gingrich district, we'll take that. >> sandra: simon, evan, thank you. >> thank you. >> sandra: the president visits america's heartland to keep a major campaign promise about preserving and creating american jobs. and will facebook and other social media sites be forced to re-evaluate their policies after this man's brutal and senseless murder was broadcast to the world?
11:40 am
>> killed my daddy for no reason.
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>> president trump set to speak just minutes from now at a tool company in wisconsin. we'll listen live as he science an executive order to get u.s. businesses to try to hire more american workers. that's live in the next hour on fox news channel. we'll see you then. >> sandra: america breaths a sigh of relief now that the manhundred for the cleveland facebook killer is over. but now a new conversation begins. in an age where anyone can broadcast anything on the internet. even the random murder of an innocent man on easter sunday. how responsible are companies like facebook for their users' content? >> something that's on the radar maybe some of our political
11:44 am
leaders now federal state leaders out here to have those conversations, not just with facebook, with all social media. >> sandra: joining us now attorney and fox news anchor gregg jarrett. great to see you. did anything illegal happen here with facebook? >> facebook and other platforms like them are not responsible legally, civilly, for third party content under the communications act. so the penalty here in a lawsuit would prevail. criminally, they were not complicit. once they learned about it, they went immediately to law enforcement and provided full cooperation. the other thing you have to remember is facebook is the only website really that is created an alliance with attorneys generals in more than 20 states to help them monitor and operate and manage websites. you cannot criticize facebook here. >> sandra: we just heard from
11:45 am
mark zuckerberg. one of the questions being asked, did they move quickly enough? we know it took over two minutes. it was 11:09 a.m. when the first video of intent to murder. it was uploaded. it was not reported to facebook at that point. the second video of the shooting that was uploaded. that was two minutes later. then 11:22 the suspect confesses to murder while using live. it is live for five minutes at that point. 11:27 a.m., live ends, live video reported shortly after. it was at 12:59 p.m. the video of the shooting is first reported. lot of time has gone by at that point. 1:22 suspect account is disabled, video no longer visible to the public. short two hours, about two hours it took for this to finally pop up. >> you have to break it down. it took facebook 23 minutes to shut it down once it was first
11:46 am
reported to them. they were alerted to it. 23 minutes. all right. that's pretty swift in the scheme of things. maybe not fast enough, but it wouldn't have changed anything if they shut it down within one minute. one grandfather would still be dead. what's disturbing, it took a full 1:48 for anybody who saw it to report it to facebook or law enforcement. that is not a crime to witness in failing to report it. look, facebook has 2 billion users almost. they have a billion downloads almost every day. to their credit, they have hired thousands of human monitors beyond that. they also have an automated monitoring program. sort of like human intelligence. it is not perfect, but they do take down about 50,000 profiles and posts a day as a consequence. so they're moving in the right direction. it's not perfect.
11:47 am
but technology is not perfect. >> sandra: zuckerberg acknowledged that. he said we have a lot to do here. one of the big questions and concerns, are acts like this going to inspire more criminal acts like this? >> there's no imperical evidence that the internet inspires violence. what is known is that criminals crave attention. they always have. jack the ripper used to taunt london detectives with letters. here in the united states, the zodiac killer, btk, the uni bomber, even the washington snipers left notes behind because they want attention. today the modern equivalent to the mail service is the internet. but you can't shoot the messenger 'cause you don't like the message. >> sandra: you're left thinking there's something more that can be done. thank you. all right. in case, just in case of nuclear attack, hawaii lawmakers want to
11:48 am
be prepared. what they're doing amid the rising tensions with north korea to try to update their emergency preparedness plan. plus, president trump making good on a campaign promise as he's set to sign the buy american hire american executive order. how it could bring more jobs to america, just ahead.
11:49 am
11:50 am
11:51 am
>> sandra: as tensions rise between the u.s. and north korea, how prepared is hawaii in the event of a nuclear attack? that question came up during the white house press briefing yesterday. >> there are military contingency plans for almost every scenario. i think the president made clear, we're aware of the activities that they've engaged in and we're monitoring them and the national security team continues to keep him up to date. >> sandra: a senior fellow at the east/west center and here's
11:52 am
what he thinks. >> i don't have any doubt that north koreans are aware that if they use the nuclear weapon in anger that it would mean the extinction of the regime, and north korea would be a separate country. having said that, i have to emphasize, there's no good reason for the north koreans to use their nuclear weapon since it would be suicidal. >> sandra: joining me to discuss is representative matthew lopresi. can you tell me, what is it exactly that you're trying to do to prepare for this type of event? >> well, thank you for having me. this resolution that we've introduced simply asks the state to prepare. no one's running around here saying the sky's falling or anything like that, but it's simply about updating our plans. the latest shelter plan that we have is from 1985. i was 11 years old, a kid during the cold war.
11:53 am
when we heard that some experts were saying that north korea has or may soon have nuclear strike capability, we began to ask, where are those shelters again? they're not identified much anymore. they're certainly not stocked. our population has shifted dramatically. so we need to prepare. >> sandra: let's go through some of the things you're proposing in this legislation. again, plans haven't been updated since 1985, as you mentioned. one, the hawaii department of defense you're asking to update its disasterredness plan, identify locations, as you just mentioned, for usable fallout shelters, up grade outdated fallout shelters, update signage, markings, public awareness. also developing state lands that would implement structure for shipping containers as well as identify ports out side of the island that may be used in case ports are disabled in the case of disaster.
11:54 am
>> yes. but this isn't simply about nuclear fallout or nuclear strikes. hawaii, as an island state, is in the middle of the largest ocean on the planet, as you know. so we're always looking at disaster preparedness. that includes hurricanes, tsunamis and with 11 military bases, we naturally have to think we are a strategic target. part of this resolution asks us to look at having a long term alternate harbor instead of honolulu harbor. >> sandra: representative, what sort of response are you getting to these requests? >> lot of people are grateful that people in government are actually taking this seriously enough to prepare. some people suggest that, you know, if there's a nuclear strike, then the game's over. but it's not that simple. the 15, 20kiloton war head that north koreans may now or may in the near future may have is much
11:55 am
smaller than the mega ton that say russia or china might be able to use. so we're looking at a two to three mile radius, and that means hundreds of thousand of survivors. it's our burden in government to prepare for worst case scenarios, however unlikely. >> sandra: what do you hear from residents there as you're looking to increase this preparedness level, take these precautions against the worst? is this sort of raising fears of the threat that we see coming from there? >> no. i think people have mature understanding of what the reality is. we have an unstable dictator in north korea. we have an unpredictable president with a new foreign policy. you combine these things and people worry, naturally. i think people are a little confused about bomb shelters versus fallout shelters. there are no civilian bomb shelters that i know of. sean spicer had mentioned that the military has contingency plans. i'm sure they do. but the civilian plans haven't
11:56 am
been updated since 1985. so people, i think, appreciate the fact that we really do need to take this seriously because if it's not now, at least at some point we need to have a plan. if we don't, then we are the people. >> sandra: you're trying to do your part. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> sandra: it takes an eager beaver to herd cattle, at least at this ranch.
11:57 am
managing blood sugar is not a marathon. it's a series of smart choices. and when you replace one meal or snack a day with glucerna made with carbsteady to help minimize blood sugar spikes you can really feel it. glucerna. everyday progress.
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>> fox news alert. president trump set to arrive in wisconsin where he's set to hire the buy american hire american executive order any moment. leave it to beaver. a ranch owner in candy noticing something strange with their cattle while checking on the herd. they were being led around by a beaver. the cows were enchanted by the critter and followed him everywhere. the ranch owner describing it as
12:00 pm
a very canadian moment. all right. we're waiting the president any moment now in kenosha for buy american hire american. for more, i'm sandra smith. here's shepard smith. >> shepard: it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast. lots of news ahead in a jam-packed hour from fox news. let's get to it. and good afternoon from the fox news deck. i'm shepard smith in new york. here's what's happening. the man that talked so tough as he murdered and innocent man shot and killed himself. the facebook killer as he's come to be known, steve stephens took his own life as cops closed in on him. minutes ago, we learned they found him after a tip from a drive-thru worker at this mcdonald's in erie county,


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