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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 18, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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wise words from wise man. thanks for watching everyone. i martha maccallum. see you back here tomorrow night at seven. have a good night. ♪ >> dana: hi, i'm dana perino in for bill o'reilly who is on vacation. thanks for watching us tonight. breaking story, a shooting spree on the streets of fresno, california, that saw three people dead. police say the suspect is an ex-con who had expressed hatred toward white people and the government. and yelled be ten as he was being taken into custody. while both the fbi and fresno police are saying it's too soon to call this terrorism, the fresno report said the suspect social media account quoted the phrase "allahu akbar" in a tweet. speak one of our officers was traveling eastbound on to visit
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her at holton when he saw a black male running southbound on fulton. immediately upon that individual scene, the officer, he literally dove onto the ground and was taken into custody. as he was taken into custody, he yelled out "allahu akbar" ." >> dana: a suspect, 39-year-old cory ali muhammad was wanted in the deadly shooting of a security guard outside of a motel six in fresno last thursday. joining us now from los angeles, fox news chief correspondent jonathan hunt and from washington jim hansen, executive vice president for a gritty policy. take us to the day. what time does happen and what did they know who the suspect was ahead of the linking to that shooting from last week? >> first of all, this all happened in one terrifying minute this morning. local time on the streets of downtown fresno. those three victims all white
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men shot and very quick succession. they have this technology in fresno called the shot spotter, monitors that are set up around the downtown area and alert police to the sound of a gunshot. that's why cops were on the scene so quickly and according to the police chief, that is why more people weren't hurt or killed in this incident. tying him to the previous murder last thursday at a local motel six, they had video evidence from security cameras of that killing of a security guard who by the way was also white, so they knew the identity of whom they were looking for in that incident and as soon as they took this man into custody after today's shootings, they realized he was one and the same. 39-year-old cory ali muhammad. >> dana: jim, the fbi and fresno are both exercising caution. saying this isn't terrorism
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per se, but what is the line? when did they decide that it's terrorism or not? >> it's up to their agencies when they decide to call it terrorism but of course is terrorism. the only question is which particular strain, and in this case, it seems like there are two. we have radical islamic terrorism, witches " and we alsk nationalism. and those two often are combined imprison with this guy spent a considerable amount of time. we don't know that's where he converted yet and we don't know if that's where he learned this kind of hatred, but it certainly is the place where it metastasize is and this is a situation where those things combine is even more deadly. >> dana: would be considered a hate crime then at the very least. >> a hate crime is a miniature form of terrorism. this guy was looking to create a black state. he was looking to kill white people, and he was doing so in the name of aloe. if you combine those things
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together, i don't care what particular terms you use, it is most certainly a form of terrorism and something that the police know the rest of our national security agencies hopefully under president trump can now take their handcuffs and blindfolds off and take a good look at and try to keep safe from. >> dana: we know that all the victims were white. we also as i understand knew they were all random and anonymous to him. whilst we know about the victims tonight? >> they were all white men chosen according to the police chief entirely at random by cory ali muhammad page just to pick up on his point on this man's criminal background, we know that he has a criminal record involving weapons charges, drugs charges, false imprisonment, and making with the police chief called quote terroristic threats in the past week. we also know that he has a history of mental illness.
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according to court records with a quote substantial degree of paranoia and while obviously police are very interested in him saying those words "allahu akbar," it's worth pointing out he wouldn't be the first person to invoke the name of god while carrying out a killing spree. >> dana: can i ask about the police force because as i recall last fall before the election, there is a poll taken by pew that asked americans if they were worried that they might either be a victim of a terrorist attack or know somebody who was before the end of their lifetime and in the number was higher than at any time since 9/11, especially in smaller towns and if you look at a place like san bernardino or fresno, what are these local law enforcement officers need in order to help deal with these random assaults but if you see something on twitter, can it
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trigger anything that is law law enforcement officers to take any sort of preemptive action to protect people? i'm assuming not. >> i think we need to go ahead and allow our law enforcement agencies to look where they know the bad guys are. andy mccarthy coined and used a great phrase called willful blindness where we avoid actually looking at what we know the problem is. it is islamic terror. it is black nationalism. in this case, this guy was upset with black lives matter and the other grievance mongering groups that have pushed this narrative that the police are slaughtering black men in massive numbers. the facts don't bear it out. so we need to look where people are telling ghost stories and radicalizing people. we need to look at which mosques are preaching hate and we need to allow our national security agencies to do their jobs as opposed to pretending this isn't the actual problem. >> dana: what's next then and fresno that you hear from the local law enforcement? >> obviously, they are questioning this man right now. the police chief said that they
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will learn a lot more from that as you mentioned earlier and as we've been mentioning throughout this, the police chief and the fbi have said that it is too early, in the case of the fbi, they said at this point they are simply not calling it a terrorist incident, but they want to find out more. they will as jim was saying want to go through all of this man's motivations, the black nationalism expressed on his facebook page, the fact that he did indeed shout "allahu akbar," which as we know is a phrase commonly used by islamic terrorists, so they will want to dig deep into all of that. it also want to look obviously into his mental state because as i say, court records to show he has a history of mental illness, all of those things will play into this and all of those will be issues that the police now as they interview him want to dig much deeper into before they give a definitive answer on whether they believe and i get
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jim points, whether they believe this is an act of terror. >> dana: i said that they are talking to his family including grandmother so maybe we'll know more by the morning. gentlemen, thank you. coming up next, we go live to georgia for the latest on today's high-stakes special election with big implications for president trump and the republican-controlled congress. go away.
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>> dana: and impact segment tonight, today's special congressional election in georgia. the race to fill the house seat of tom price. he's now the secretary of health and human services is being fiercely contested by both sides and viewed as a key test of president trump's performance so far. for the latest, we go to fox news correspondent jonathan serrie at the headquarters of democratic candidate john ossoff in dunwoody georgia where the polls closed a little more than an hour ago. jonathan? >> there is a sense of conscience and optimism here
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whom. what's of supporters hoping that he will be named an outright winner in today's special election but if not, at the very least he will be among the two contenders in a runoff election that will be rescheduled for june 20th. >> dana: jonathan, i see some dancing in the background. is that because they have any insight? the polls close an hour ago, they have any indication of what the results might be or are they just hopeful? >> no, they are just hopeful. they haven't gotten any results just yet. what you see going on behind me is just a spontaneous outburst of dancing but an indication of the cautious optimism that ossoff supporters are experiencing here. the democrats have a bit of an advantage in the sense that even though there are five democrats running in this race, democrats really rallied behind ossoff, who raised a record amount of money in this campaign, for more
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than any of the other candidates, more than $8 million, the backing of some a-list hollywood celebrities. it really throwing a lot of attention. compare that to rural republicans who have some well-known names running this race, but they have 12 candidates so in addition to attacking the democrats, they've also been attacking each other. so the democrats are hoping to avoid a runoff and decide the election once and for all tonight. republican strategists say they actually prefer going into a runoff where it would be just be a two candidate race presumably a republican and a democrat but no guarantees. in that case, they would not bear much. >> dana: keep us updated. thank you so much. and joining us now with more on the implications from all this, i'm so excited to have you in studio tonight because this is like that little snack that you get in between meals of your big election. the special election that keeps
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your appetite wetted. >> i go for a buffet so my appetite is always wetted. this is fascinating to me because this is a tough district for donald trump. >> dana: why? >> it's a better educated suburban district, it's a place he did not do as well as met romney did. intellectually, ideologically, it's perfect for trump in terms of where people stand. second is that you have democrats all across the country actively participating but. one held last night and congressman jeff dunham's district in california, very close to her that shooting happened and they've come to protest, not come to ask questions but come to essentially disrupt and third is that so much money is flowing into this district that it almost feels like a presidential race even though it's an off year election. you have it high turnout, a lot of advertising, a lot of people involved, i do think it's a legitimate bellringer for it's going to happen. >> dana: does it matter at all that he does not live in the district? he grew up in the district, he lives near the district, and all
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this money has come from outside. is it really helped him that hollywood is behind it? >> as you just put it, no. this is going to be an ad against him, i can just imagine 30 seconds are going to use against him. in the election, it doesn't matter. what matters is he's got his name, he is young, he's articulate them, and he is the contrast of the democrats are looking for. he's also talking about issues. i don't think the democrats nationwide have done an effective job at challenging donald trump. it's been all negative, there's been no sense of real policy. but in this district, he said the opportunity and has been able to do the advertising thanks to the hollywood money. >> dana: what's the issue that he's pushing? >> he's talking about health care and republicans ought to be nervous because obamacare had significant opposition right up to the election. it's actually at its highest level of support ever today.
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that indicates that the republicans are not indicating effectively what their alternative is and the democrats have been very effective in trying to politicize the issue. >> dana: could the alternative be true? they've raised expectations so high on this and, if he doesn't get to 50%, they go to runoff, the democrats basically have egg on their face. >> fair point. they can't win here in addition to trump only won by 1.5%, where are they going to win in this off year election? in 1993, republicans won everything. governorships, house races, mayor ships, they want everything. that was a clear indication of what was going to happen in 1994 to the democrats. if they want those dominoes to fall, they have to win here. >> dana: president trump got involved saturday and over the weekend and has been tweeting that helped generate and get out the base, did a robo call trying to generate some enthusiasm because a lot of people don't turn out for special elections. how engaged is president trump need to be in this race or the
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one it's coming up in montana and ordered to hold the seat? >> it's important that he is engaged but he has to start earlier. as the same thing with health care. you cannot engage in the last two weeks or the last two weeks and expect to have the same kind of impact. barack obama was not just a commander-in-chief, he was a container in chief. he got involved in races like this months and weeks earlier. if he wants to really leverage that grassroots support which is unprecedented, he starts earlier in the process. >> dana: for house republicans, might be kind of concerned about their races in 18 months, if they hold off ossoff to the republican end, does it give the republicans a little more confidence like we should get behind president trump's agenda? we have to get some points on the board and do so with a little more confidence that they're not going to be either primary or lose the race to a democrat? >> that's the point, they have to work together. you have to repeal obamacare where the base will stay home. you have to get tax reform. and frankly, i brought the
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talking points, they have to challenge these protesters. they are showing up on their own, not being paid to show up, but being organized by people who are paid. >> dana: nothing wrong with organizing. >> this is just strict. yelling at him, these are the official talking points. you're not done. since when do we not call a congressman or congressperson by that title? remember when bob the boxer said i worked a long time to earn the title of senator. >> dana: you'll call me by that title. >> now the protesters are so disrespectful, and i think that's going to backfire against the democrats and help the republicans because in the end, the american people wanting you to get the job done. >> dana: zoom out and talk to me a little bit about the bigger picture demographic changes in the suburban districts because of elections are won in the suburbs, what kind of changes are republicans and democrats looking at in the next -- i don't want to talk about 2018, i'm thinking maybe five to ten years from now.
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>> it's whoever can get the working class and the middle class to go for the same candidate wins. what has happened with the democrats is they get the multimillionaires. that doesn't take them to 50%. republicans can only maintain a majority if they can keep those people who voted for mccain and romney as well as those people who voted for trump. and that is getting people between 35,000 a year and 125,000 a year voting republican with about a five or six-point advantage over the democrats. they have created a working majority for the long term if they keep those people voting together. i will tell you that budgets matter to them, national security matters to them, and health care matters to them. >> dana: how was recruitment for the democrats and republicans connect ossoff as a young guy, 30 years old and sticking his neck out pretty early. >> he turned out to be a very good candidate because he speaks well, he communicates well. i'm not looking for the governors to run for the senate. i'm not looking for the state legislators to run for the
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house. in looking for people who know how to communicate. explain to the american people where they stand. >> dana: sound like someone we know. >> who? >> dana: president trump. >> got it. what i'm glad that i pass the test. thank you so much. it was great to see you. secretary of homeland security reveals his biggest fear about where and new terror attack in the u.s. could come from. right back with that.
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>> dana: and the unresolved problems segment, tonight president trump making good on his promise to put america first. today, he signed a double-barreled executive order marketed as buy american, higher american. it had restrictions to the visa program for skilled workers and would require government agencies to buy more u.s.-made products.
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>> this historic action declares that the policy of our government is to aggressively promote and use american made goods. and to ensure that american labor is hired to do the job. it's america first. you better believe it. first, we will fully monitor up, uphold, and enforced, our buy american laws which we haven't done. secondly, we are going to enforce the higher american rules that are designed to protect jobs and wages of workers in the united states. >> dana: in keeping with the president's goal to crack down on immigration abuses, the president also praises homeland security secretary. >> secretary kelly, dhs, he has a message to a legal group to enact immigrants pretty said a single dui can get you kicked out of the country. do you agree with that stance? speak on letting him run it. he was a tremendously successful
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general and i'm letting him run it but i will tell you, we've gotten tremendous criminals out of this country and i'm talking about illegal immigrants that were here that cause tremendous crime, that of murdered people, ripped people, horrible things have happened. they're getting the hill out where they're going to prison. so many towns and cities are thanking me because we have gotten rid of a burden that you would not believe. it is a serious problem and we never did anything about it. now are doing some thing about it. >> dana: house serious is the problem of our southern border? does listen to what homeland security john kelly said earlier today. >> when there is another terrorist attack in our country, if it comes from outside the country up until 90 days ago, i would say that the individual as we do the forensics on it, that individual get into the ad states to the southwest border. i'm staying up late at night every night to try to prevent that from happening. that's what keeps me up awake at night. >> dana: joining us not to
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analyze from washington, fox news contributor lisa boothe and from los angeles, radio talk show host ethan bierman. if i could start with you because as i understand it, you think the executive order on by american higher american today even more than the right. >> originally, that's the case. the opposition to donald trump, our president of course has changed some of that but of course protecting american jobs is what the labor movement, the union movement for a very long time was pushing. we have the obama administration, the bush administration, not doing that, i fully support president trump, particular on this issue of the h1bv visa program which has ben so abjectly abused here in the united states, putting americans out of work, damaging their ability to make a living. so this is one thing i can finally say i actually support the president on. >> dana: can you give me an example of some of those abuses? you've written a book and talked a little bit about this. what are some examples of the people watching at home can
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understand? >> so literally in the information technology industry as wages went up to let say $80,000 a year, the company didn't want to pay that anymore. they leverage the h1b visa program to reach out to other countries in the world, whether it's china, pakistan, india, belarus, and they would advertise for the job and hire someone at $35,000 year saying that the american worker didn't want the job. that is an abuse of a system they were supposed to pay market rates for the job and they didn't and it hurt americans. >> dana: the u.s. chamber today sort of pushed back on it basically saying it would be a mistake to close the door on high skilled workers from around the world who can contribute to american business growth and expansion and this would be your typical or old-school republican way of looking at things, but republican party under president trump doesn't want to see any ground on workers and it was one of the reasons that he was able to slip the states of
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wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania. what do you think? >> i don't think that he is closing the door on highly skilled workers, all he's really doing is asking a few different agencies to essentially do a 220 day review to make sure that these visas are given to higher paid and highly educated and highly salaried applicants. that's what he's doing. let's see what they come up with her, and that 220 day window, you're actually right. this is the kind of message like wisconsin, pennsylvania, and michigan. you work at communications pretty look at the headlines across the country today, particularly in kenosha, wisconsin, a county that he took from democrats controlled by 238 votes, a county that is traditionally gone democrat in the previous elections. at a factory snap-on tool which is the wisconsin factory. this is great messaging, a messaging that got him in the white house, so i think it's a net positive to the administration today.
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>> dana: you know i gave him an a for marketing for a buy american, higher american. >> i knew you would. >> dana: the democrats hated it that. it was called the clear skies act. secretary kelly's comments, i did think listening to a secretary in the cabinet, what keeps them awake at night and he says it's the southern border and that if there is a terrorist attack, it would come from mitigating across that southern border. what you think? >> that does not keep me up at night. we have 700 miles of fencing and walls already. we need to implement technology, not build a 20 plus billion dollar wall that won't actually work because here in california even where things are walled off, the cartels use boats and land on our shores all the way up the central coast of california. so building a wall, ceiling off the border is in the queue thing. plus it also happens to ignore the millennium interior attacks
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that were thwarted thankfully by our law enforcement agencies. this came down from canada to attack lax. they didn't come up from mexico. >> dana: i'll let you comment on that but also wanted to get your take on the plea that secretary kelly has had in the last two days which to tell congress if you don't like the laws, then change the laws because my job is to enforce the law. let me just get your last word on that. >> that's smart and that's right. and all the administration is doing is following the laws in the book so if congress doesn't like it, they need to change the law. in regards to ethan's point with all due respect, secretary kelly was general of the southern command so this is the guy who's intimately familiar with the threats along the southern border. so i trust his judgment in this and there has been reports that texas top law enforcement agency, warning texas lawmakers about the fact that individuals with known terrorist ties were apprehended at the southern border according to the department of homeland security, a report that they issued. thousands of individuals at the
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southern border that had ties to countries that were state park playback sponsors of terrors. this is absolutely a time of threat where terrorism is rampant and heise's has been growing foothold around the world. >> dana: last question to you, one of the things that secretary kelly pleaded with people was to say that congress, you pass the laws, not asking you to support our people. do you a sense that democrats understand that the mood in the country is to support law enforcement, to support these border patrol agents and eyes agents and what they have to do or do you think that democrats will want to maybe come forward and suggest changes to the laws that they don't like? >> i think if they even suggest changes to the law, doesn't mean anything with the republicans have total control in both the house and the senate. but let's be blunt. americans are for the most part happy to secure our borders. but what is happening under president trump and secretary kelly is a deportation force. that's what's going on
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especially in the state of california. we have i.c.e. agents posing as police, arresting people when they're dropping their kids off at school, breaking up families. that's not securing the border. >> dana: i think the administration would dispute that and i'm sure lisa, you would too if we had time. you so much. next on the rundown, a bombshell new book pulls back the curtain on the downfall of hillary clinton's presidential campaign. plus more palace intrigue at the trump white house. what will happen to the embattled stephen bannon. henry has a story in just a moment.
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get more out of your water. get zerowater. >> dana: and the personal story segment tonight, new developments around stephen bannon standing in the white house and a shocking boat released today about how hillary clinton's failed presidential campaign. correspondent ed henry author of the book, the rest of the jackie robinson story.
5:33 pm
congratulations on the book. there's another book that's out today, tell me a little bit about it because i've been waiting to say this. >> shattered, about the hillary clinton campaign. this just in, a lot of advisors fighting. a bad messaging. >> dana: no one could tell why she was running. >> email server that was a disaster. in all seriousness, i do think there is a lot in this book that we already knew frankly because of wikileaks in real time. emails were coming out from john podesta which showed us that they were fighting, they didn't know what division was. but i do think there are some new information that to gillooly about election night. it's pretty juicy stuff when reporters come in when president obama called the first time and said where are we? you're going to concede. and hillary clinton dug in and wouldn't concede. and he meanwhile was saying it looks like bugs that read this is real. which shows you that this really was coming at them as a big shock. better than hillary clinton was saying earlier in this whole deal, he got to talk to the
5:34 pm
white working-class voters. this could be bad. >> dana: i thought that that was interesting in the book. this is by jonathan allen and amy parsons, and they basically talk to people on background sot their identities would be protected, but they got some pretty blunt talk and i thought it was interesting to hear how many people were willing to say on that campaign that bill clinton was trying to make the case that they needed to do something different but the people in brooklyn were like oh, no, we've got this. we know exactly what we're doing pretty >> he was ahead of the curve but then on election night he's basically saying this is bs it. this is real. and that's interesting because donald trump was saying throughout the campaign this is going to be brags it to point out. i think it's fascinating as well is then president obama calls the second time to hillary clinton. where are we here. every member that john podesta, the campaign chairman was sent out decrying people saying were going to fight another day. this isn't over. and in private, president obama was saying and this is over.
5:35 pm
and her reaction to him was fascinating. according to the book, he says i'm sorry mr. president about your legacy. >> dana: i'm not surprised by that because that must be the first thing i would've said to. >> i'm not surprised but it's interesting to me that her concern at that moment was about his legacy and him. wasn't this about the american people connect >> dana: a president who really pulled out all the stops. they really did. and it is true that whoever succeeds you will temporarily hold your legacy until history is able to deal with it. >> >> that night she probably assumed okay, obamacare is going to be repealed and replaced, but not yet. >> dana: i thought it was interesting that someone on the campaign wanted her to give her campaign, her first speech in wisconsin, in the badger state and she gets overruled and she never goes to wisconsin, lost by less than 2%. >> people and mocked the advisors, give all that bad advice, but there was good advice. >> dana: that she didn't take. the current white house, last week stephen bannon seem to be
5:36 pm
on thin ice. this week, he's on more solid ground. what do you know? >> what i'm hearing is in palm beach over the weekend, the president spent a lot of time doing what he loves to do, dinner, and golf and all that in asking people what you think? what you think about sean spicer? what he think about brian previous? i came away from that reporting out from some of the president's advisors that he wants to keep stephen bannon. thanks that he is a critical part of the team but is very angry that ben has allowed -- has indirectly done all a lot of the credit to go to him and that he was particularly upset about that "time" magazine cover that he was the great architect, called him up great manipulator. >> dana: i felt bad for bannon about that because he didn't come up with the headline and the media was egging that on. speaking have to decide that as an advisor and you know you've been there where they are going to cooperate with some of these prone files, feed these narratives. >> dana: that was the best advice i ever got dan bartlett, don't cooperate when they're doing a profile of you.
5:37 pm
it's good to be quiet. have your friends talk for you. can i call you? anyone in the future? >> i will stand up for you. >> dana: said the my way, i will speak well about you for sure. thank you so much. directly ahead, north korea unleashing new threats against the united states. can a crisis be brought back from the brink? moments away.
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>> dana: things for staying with us, i'm dana perino in for laura riley, , and an effective follow-up segment tonight, the showdown with north korea. the rogue state is turning up the temperature once agains the vice foreign minister keeps conducting missile tests on a weekly basis. as you know, the missile they tested over the weekend failed and in an interview that held earlier today, fox and friends ainsley earhardt asked the president of the u.s. had anything to do with that failur
5:40 pm
failure. >> did we sabotage the north korean strike? >> i don't want to comment on this. >> what happens if north korea launches another missile? >> will find out. >> dana: joining us not to analyze from los angeles, former spokesman to the u.n. and gillian turner, former staffer on the national security council. the weekend is behind us and the missile failed to fire and you have comments from the vice president, what is north korea's play next? what you think based on your experience that they will do in the coming day? >> first of all, they're looking at 175,000 troops on their border. chinese troops. so they've gotten the message very loud and clear that something is different, something has changed. i've to go back to that meeting between president trump and president xi jinping at mar-a-lago because to me that was a game changer. we saw president xi jinping leave that meeting, go back to
5:41 pm
china, and really create action, put those troops right on the border. we haven't seen that in a very long time. we haven't seen diplomacy work that fast and while there's a whole bunch more that needs to be done, i see that as an amazing moment where he finally have china understanding when they look at president trump that this is a credible threat of military action. this is an the threat of military action, this is incredibly credible. >> dana: julien, there have been some changes but you see some things that kind of look similar. what would that be? >> i sometimes like to be a steadying hand and calm people down a bit. we've definitely reached a kind of rhetorical apex on this issue over the last few days. but tensions between the u.s. and north korea as you know are not new. over there missile defense program. this is really something that's been on the slow burn and
5:42 pm
ultimately kind of boiling and simmering for the better part of three and a half years now. there's been this kind of covert war going on between the two countries. we haven't heard about all the time during president obama's second term i think on purpose. he didn't want to be the focus of its foreign policy by any stretch. but he was the one who really started this program targeting this electronic cyber warfare program targeting the missiles at home. i think we are releasing a continuation of that is what we're seeing. >> dana: what about behind the scenes at the united nations? what kind of communication with a be having because obviously there's been a lot of activity with the bombing, the tomahawk missiles in syria, the moab and afghanistan, the activity that happened all in quick succession. i want to ask you both about the fact that we're even talking about our cyber warfare capability to me seems -- i understand that ensley had to ask question absolutely but maybe we shouldn't be talking about this at all?
5:43 pm
>> i think journalists are going to ask, but certainly u.s. government officials should not be talking about it and i think the trump administration has deferred to comments. >> dana: they shut it down. >> they shut it down. to go tear point about the u.n. and julian's point, it's a slow burn and all the resolutions at the u.n. that have been happening for more than three and a half years, we've had security council action on north korea for a long time. none of that has worked. the six party talks have been a total failure. so while all the diplomats have been kind of talking and putting us on a slow burn for the obama administration, the north koreans put a rocket into orbit. what that means is for us here in los angeles, there's a very real possibility that if they could just get the other piece is right, which they're testing, they could get all three pieces together, they're going to hit the west coast where they can hit the west coast. that's a scary thought.
5:44 pm
i thing we have to take it seriously and we need to pressure china to really do something for once. >> dana: it's not just china that is being more cooperative you could say, but what about the rest of our allies, japan and south korea? what you healing to the? >> it's interesting that he mentioned the six party talks because as much as that seems kind of like a passe thing, dredging up old foreign policies from the bush administrations, it seems like that's very much in play. his language was very reminiscent of that. he was talking about working in concert with japan and south korea and china to hedge against the north nuclear ambitions. this is all language we've heard before. it was kind of interesting to see that in the midst of these very dramatic shows of military force over the last week in syria and afghanistan, the degree to which i think the trump administration is leaning on diplomacy here because they
5:45 pm
realize obviously the nuclear capabilities, everything is very essential. >> dana: if i could throw last question to you, ben rose the former deputy national security advisor for president obama tweeted this today. every day, the obama demonstration makes clear how preferable it is to have the iran deal in place. what he think of that? >> wow. it's a crazy analogy to think that somehow the north koreans are going to all of a sudden give up their ambitions just simply because were going to give them something. they make so many promises and broken so many promises in the past, this is some of us not even remotely the same.
5:46 pm
>> dana: is what i thought you might say. rick, julian, thank you so much and a quick reminder. bill's new book, old school life in the same line is currently number one on "the new york times" best seller list and you can get it for free. sign up to become a premium member and you get old school or any of bill's other big best-selling books as a free gift. when we come back, the supreme court ready to hear opening arguments on a landmark religious freedom case. could neil gorsuch tip the balance? will have a preview after this.
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5:48 pm
>> dana: in the second personal story segment tonight, two huge issues under review by the supreme court tomorrow, the high court will hear oral arguments in the crucial case of religious freedom and admit that, a major controversy over state executions in arkansas has fallen at the court's doorstep. in joining us now with more, our in-house supreme court expert is in the house. >> expert, i like that. >> dana: i've been following the arkansas stories but can you sum up what happening? they want executions but there's court delays and conversations about the actual lethal injection themselves.
5:49 pm
>> there are eight execution scheduled for an 11 day period and washington. why the rush? there is a cocktail of drugs that they used to carry out these lethal injections at executions and one of the drugs and set to expire by the end of april. so they can't use the drug after that. it's very hard to get your hands on it and that has been a very smart move by those opposing the anti-death penalty. they've got these drug manufacturers, they should be using these drugs for that. the companies have gotten for that. they argue for other things and treating other things. without those drugs, they can't carry out the execution. >> dana: in many states, there's been a trend away from the death penalty. >> there has been. not in arkansas though. there's got eight of these guys, and their cases are horrific. were talking about heinous crimes, they convicted some of them multiple times. had multiple appeals. the folks there in a law enforcement community, the governor and attorney general, they're saying this is about
5:50 pm
justice for these families waiting years and years. it's on the defendants haven't had ample time to defend themselves. but there are several different federal and state rulings that are blocking some or all of these. >> dana: one was from the supreme court itself. did you read into anything that when justice relates that federal order, there is no comment about it? they were referring to the lower court. >> usually don't do that in these cases unless there's a decision that they make. and a lot of these cases, no-go directly to a particular justice and they can say they'll decide it alone or defer to the whole court which is what they did in this case. without any explanation, they'll say we've denied it or we've granted it is all the explanation we know. >> dana: will keep looking at that. tomorrow, there is a religious freedom case being heard and that will be one of the big first cases that neil gorsuch hears. because this is one of the things that the supporters of justice gorsuch wanted him to be on the bench for this case because his been favorable to claims about religious liberty
5:51 pm
like hobby lobby when he was a lower court judge read and this basically gets down to this. missouri grants state grants to spray schools and schools that want to resurface their playgrounds and make them safer. the whole state interest is to have safer playgrounds. but you can't get those grants if you're a religious school and there's a school that's run by a church, a preschool but because they're in connection to the church, they can't get the money to resurface the playground. >> dana: that's ridiculous. >> lower courts and other rulings -- go >> dana: i do understand. i remember the faith initiative during the demonstration. is because there are programs, they should have access to the federal money just like other schools. that will be one of them. how have neil gorsuch's entree bennett to the supreme court? >> he is not shy. on day one, he has 22 questions in the first round of arguments and that's a lot for rookie justice. >> dana: other justice is giving him the side eye, why are you talking so much? >> i can only rely on our producer in the courtroom who said people were surprised that he was so chatty. he was very competent.
5:52 pm
he did do a lot of unglamorous things. >> dana: 's or hazing that goes on? >> you get assigned to the cafeteria committee. that's a real thing. you do have to go to the monthly meetings. you're just it's sitting there at the monthly meetings. justice brought in these self-serve frozen yogurt machine with a full topping bar. this was going to be hard for him to top that unless he gets hot cookies or something brought in. >> dana: i don't think that he would do what you had tonight, which was the vegan. >> ahead of vegan gluten-free delicious meal. i think we agree delicious is not the word. when you have to take me there some other time. >> i will. >> dana: at the start of the next diet. thank you. straight ahead, did innocent bystanders get beat up by our anarchist during a tightrope protest? plus pc madness over college protest. they're here to sound off. don't go away.
5:53 pm
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5:55 pm
>> dana: in the back of the book segment tonight, what the heck just hadn't? pc insanity is consuming commencement addresses and arizona state university is giving students unbelievable excuse to get out of final exams. first on this tax day. anarchists are pump ling anti-trump protests berkeley this weekend. here with their thoughts greg gutfeld and bernard mcguirk. gutfeld, you went to berkeley. >> i did. >> dana: did you ever get caught up in something like. this i was a wild radical in my day. white guy are dread locks. i had many, many tattoos. this is history lesson for everybody. violent rioters mug and beat up those who seek to row romanticessing. just want your wallet and maybe your daughter. >> dana: does anyone ever get in trouble for this? you are not going to get me in trouble on this show, greg. does anyone ever get in trouble for this, greg? does the left ever say
5:56 pm
enough is enough and you are going to be expelled or something worse? >> you don't have leaders on the left speaking out against any of this nonsense. you don't hear that at all, especially during the campaign whenever it was and the same traveling band of misdegree yents used to show up at trump campaign rallies and do the same thing. they showed up on inaugural weekend. you don't hear the hillary clintons, bernie sanders and elizabeth warrens condemning them and telling them to stop. the idea of political rallies, it's a beautiful saturday. it's easter eve, i mean, what is this 1930s europe? the election is long over. everybody sit back and let the process take its course. and relax. i don't understand. >> dana: you live in california. enjoy it. meanwhile at arizona state university this story caught everyone's eye. so, there is a human rights class. and the professor gives the students a choice. they can take a test or do a group activity. of course they chose group activity and they happened to throw an anti-trump protest, greg. what do you think of this?
5:57 pm
learning anything here? >> arizona state used to be known as a party school. i guess it's communist party school. by the way, how do you grade a protest? do you get. >> dana: outfits. >> bongo plane? lack of hygiene? tantrums? i believe there should be red and blue schools. blue colleges you learn how to excel and -- no, i'm sorry, red colleges you learn who excel. blue you learn to obey. this is like a sheep farm you don't even get the benefit of wool. >> dana: trump person in that class i guess you have to go along so you can pass. >> exactly right. i have my daughter graduating end of next month. that's what they do go along to get along to get a good grade. the parents of these kids took out a big ass loan to go to arizona state university. pardon my french. this is ridiculous. sign up for a class called global politics of human rights with an angry ache at this vis professor who encourages kids to have a chip on thoulder.
5:58 pm
then they are going to go out in the world and end up deflated, unemployed, heavily indebted snowflakes stalking in their parent's basement. >> dana: you are not going to hire them. >> the professor that donald dough. >> commencement addresses to be had. conservatives, greg, shut out. >> it should be a badge of honor. they are the most -- commencement addresses are the most overrated event. they are predictable, they are trutare trite. hemorrhoid of public speaking. everyone squirms. the truth. they never approach the truth. they never say grow up or else be a waiter for the rest of your life. if you are going to participate in these stupid little rallies you are going to be a waiter. by the way i love my waiters. >> dana: of course you do. they bring you everything you need your wine and your steaks.
5:59 pm
what do you think think are looking for at college campuses? just like the safe commencement speaker that won't cause any problems. ideological purity. >> they claim to love diversity except diversity of view us. they have the same -- howard dean and elizabeth war learns show up. >> dana: don't forget john kerry. crowd favorite. >> i will be giving the commencement address this year at rikers island. >> dana: okay. >> what's your message. >> don't ask. >> you don't know. >> dana: greg, what would be your number one piece of advise if you got to give commencement address? >> get a job. any job. take it and work your butt off. >> go to trade school after this. that's what you have to do. that would be my message. >> don't get into stripping. there is no way out. >> dana: good advice. won't get that from anywhere else here on the factor from greg and bernard. thanks for watching us. i'm dana perino in fort vacationing bill o'reilly.
6:00 pm
please remember the spin stops here because we are looking out for you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> well, good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. after spending several weeks focusing on crisis in syria and north korea. the president is going on another immigration offensive. this morning the administration announced intention to crack down on gangs like m.s.-13 whose gang has been fueled by illegal immigration. >> they are getting the hell out or they're going to prison. so many towns and cities are thanking me because we have gotten rid of a burden that you would not believe. i mean, it is a serious problem and we never did anything about it. and now we're doing something about it. >> tucker: just a minute we will talk to the point man on this question attorney general jeff sessions about his p