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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 18, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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hillary clinton turns out to t be true which is often the way it is. that's about it for us tonight. stay with fox all night for live updates on a lot that's going on. see you tomorrow at 9:00. see you tomorrow at 9:00. "hannity" is next. resulting in the district john alsop with a commanding lean but not big enough to win back the seat operate. who is helping us with that seat vacated by tom price who resigned to become president health secretary. without a majority of the book, he will not face the topic of domestic republican vote getter on a runoff on june 20th. president trump was quick to send out a tweet feeling the runoff as a victory tweeting this...
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and for insight into tonight's election, results out of georgia's sixth congressional district lawyer joint on the phone by brad, former deputy assistant to president george w. bush. good evening, brad. >> good evening. >> some tasty maxi tonight vote -- what's the take away from tonight for you? >> i think the president had it right. i think this was more like a primary than a general election. nobody got more than 50% means it's going to be a runoff and it will be in effect a general election between a democrat and a republican. and i think this seat will not flip. a lot of money was put into this race because democrats coalesced around an interloper, a carpetbagger, who is not even a resident of the sixth district. in a general type of election, i believe he will be soundly defeated. democrats were wishing that they
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were going to take this away from republicans and have a runoff. obviously, that's not going to happen. it wasn't expected to happen, even though there were some in the media who wish to do so. >> you did bring up a great point about an interview with jon ossoff had within anchor from cnn today about how he actually doesn't live in the district he was about 10 minutes out of the district with his girlfriend, who is finishing up college there. how does that even work if he doesn't live in the district? >> and allows for someone to represent a district even though they don't live in the district. he did something that was completely aboveboard. the problem with the democrats couldn't even find somebody who lived in the district. that tells you everything you need to know about the next cycle of the selection. >> why do you think a 30-year-old with very little experience, he was a former congressional staffer, why is he
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making such big waves there and that districts that has been dominated by republicans for 40 years? >> i think it's the only person they could find. this guy, to his credit, has? had a good showing tonight and it's not going to be enough in a general type of election to take it away from republicans. remember, there were a lot of republicans running in the selection today. the vote was split amongst 12 people. there is no doubt that republicans are going to call lusk against him and he should do quite well. i think she will win handily. >> some democrats are saying that this cast a shadow on present trends first 100 days. what would you say about that? >> i think that's hogwash, it's not true. not at all. the fact that he wasn't even close to taking the selection because of the division within
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the republican field. the next election was going to come in june, which will be the decisive election. republicans are not going to coalesce against their candidate. this is more a primary than it was a general election. so if democrats want to coalesce with the -- behind one democrat, it didn't work slow. >> let's talk a little bit about the special elections. someday if a republican is going to take a dominated seat by a democrat or vice versa, the special elections are really the time to do it. can you talk a little bit more about the special elections and why people think this right here could actually have a chance? i know you don't think he has a chance at all, but why do people think he has a chance in this election. >> a special election are special. they are not elections that happen on a regular cycle. this is a one off. you are not running in the steel.
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not running with the governor. a u.s. center, or even a president. this happens to be an anomaly where everything comes down to getting out the vote. your side giving out the vote. historically, we know that over four years it's been a republican district. in my opinion, it's going to stay that way. when you get to the general type of election, then the party coalesces, one person as opposed to 11. all the power of the party no is not going to be instituted behind handy. democrats don't have that kind of infrastructure but what they are going to do is have foreign money, what i call foreign money, money outside the district, come in third party, and try and upset the election. this is going to be good money spent after bad because they
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just don't have the organization or more importantly they don't have the registration. >> i am curious. president trump actually just issued a tweet right after this news came out. he's been very vocal today about the selection. do you think that had anything to do with the outcome tonight? >> it didn't hurt, that's for sure. the fact is that the president, when he speaks and when he tweets mean something. he has the power. i don't think they will laugh at him in the special election because i think it may even see inside that district in the coming week. >> i think your executor. brad, thank you so much for being with your tonight. we are joined on the phone for former democratic congressman, dennis. thank you so much for being here. what you take away from tonight election here in the run-up that we will see now on june 20th?
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>> having been on the ballot many times myself, i can tell you what somebody said 48% in a field of 18, that is absolutely extraordinary. understand that the republican field was split, but still, that is really astonishing. the other thing was cuts back quite surprising was that the democratic candidate race over $8 million with the help --dash that's a spark? special hi mary election and almost us absurd amount of mone money. i think in the general election, it will be a very tough road for jon ossoff, no matter how good a campaign he ran in the primary. he has some demographic cannot
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do back odds and political odds against him. it's going to be a very, very tough climb because he needed to pull off this in the primary. the field was split, the democrats rallied around him, and it was really amazing. this is a republican district. it signals to democrats across the country that the base of the party is beginning to organize and its active and the selection, the political realities in georgia stick straight stick is a republic district. >> romney won this district by 23 points back in 2012. president trump in 2016 won by less than two points. that kind of go see your point there. maybe things are changing and what was once a predominantly republican district for 40 some
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odd years is now changing. >> here's the thing though. donald trump republicans credential have been in question two no his political positions as of late seem to be more aligned with the establishment republican party which elected them. in the next round, in georgia, i think that the white house will be totally -- the fundraising will start already. it will be probably an unprecedented effort, and it's going to be very difficult since tom price held that district for so many years and newt gingrich. you're looking at eight district that is very difficult for anyone but a republican to crack it. it's an impossible -- it's not impossible but the odds have
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become larger but you have to give jon ossoff credit. what an amazing run at the primaries to take over 48% and almost pull off a close striking distance. pull up 50% of the vote in a field of 18 candidates. that is amazing. >> what you think it is about this 30-year-old that doesn't have a lot of experience that he ran such a campaign for these results to come up like they did tonight? what you think it is about him? >> we have to keep in mind that it is still not settled as some might think. we've got three presidential election about five months ago. the fact of the matter is that the tides that brought in barack obama, the ties they continue to build the
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unfulfilled promise that barack obama developed in the election of donald trump, there is movement going on in american policy. it could result in a shape up in 2018 or 2020 that would make the electoral map totally different than what it is today. there is no need -- nothing is guaranteed in american politics anymore. and they keep making it interesting and it means there will be more pressure on washington because people are not going to be satisfied with the same old same old. they will not be promised one thing one day and another thing the next day. this is the political strength continues to be shaping up. >> what you think brought up the voters today with immigration, national security, health care? what the main thing? >> grassroots campaigning. for jon ossoff, his people knocking on doors, mobilizing
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people. i think among democrats, there still a dissatisfaction with the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. there's a lot of boiling going on in washington right now with immigration. >> we will definitely see where this takes us, but we appreciate you being here with us, dennis. the associated press particularly arrived in the georgia special election which will be on june 20th. of course we will continue to follow the story and bring all the updates. now go back to regular . that cause nasal congestion and itchy, watery eyes. for relief beyond the nose. flonase.
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>> hello this is a fox news alert i am checking up on his in your purity associated press projecting there be a runoff in the chortle special election results of the sixth congressional the democrat john? jon ossoff with commanding lead but not big enough to win back the cra. they're hoping to flip the seat vacated by tom price resigned to become president trump health secretary. without a majority of the post, he will now face the top republican vote who is karen handel and a runoff on june 20th. president trump was quick to send out a healing victory tweeting...
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i am checking up on yes, now back to "hannity" ." for all of your headlines, you can always log onto you're watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." since the day he announced he was running for president, donald trump vowed to bring jobs back to america. and today he took yetmp another step to keep that promise and that is tonight's mini monologue: all right, the president traveled to kenosha, wisconsin earlier today. he toured the snap-on tools. after he toured the facility he addressed the crowd and signed executive order about buying american and hiringcu american. watch this. >> together, we're going to do everything in our power
10:18 pm
to make sure thatt more products are stamped with those wonderful words "made in the u.s.a." with this order, i'm directing every single agency in our government to strictly uphold our buy american laws, to minimize the use of waivers and to maximize made in america content in all federal projects. in america we honor work. we honor grit. we honor craftsmanship. we honor the men and women who turn dreams into reality with their own two hands. >> sean: do you know a what? it's about time. why shouldn't we put american companies first. why shouldn't we try and hire american workers as much as possible and, yes, buy american products as much as we can? it seems like a no-brainer. of course the left are going to try to tear this executive order to sheds like past executive orders. to me, it's my own feel. i prefer to keep americanas factories going. that's why i have only been purchasing american cars for
10:19 pm
all my adult life. so i applaud the president's decision today. it's nice having a commander-in-chief that, a, keeps his promises, who is looking out for the american worker for once. joining us now for reaction executive vice president of the trump organization donald trump jr. is joiningvi us >> sick of winning yet?at >> sean: no. >> me neither. >> sean: i am tired, have you got the speed of your father and then have you got the speed of congress. here.ere versus >> two very different paceses obviously. >> sean: it's frustrating. >> it's going to take some time to get use to his pace. he has set the pace in life and business. keep doing things makes sense for america. it's great to watch.h. as an american i have seen more done in two months than m i have in the prior two administrations. a actual >> sean: i put it up in the screen in the last segment. he has accomplished all of this. now it's time to repeal and replace obamacare. now it's time legislatively o to get his economic agenda
10:20 pm
through because we do have 95,000 americans out out of the labor force. that's what the election was about to me. >> it's time to do that certainly. by the way, if i were him, i would say let it collapse. but he is not that kind of guy. going to let all those people. >> sean: you really would? you wouldn't. >> maybe i wouldn't. but, you know what? he won't. i know he won't. he made a promise. is he going to fix this for the hard working men and women. we can't bankrupt the middle class of this country to give them insurance in name only. that's what this is.he they have insurance. you don't really have insurance when i speak to a h family of four making 50't grand a year paying 1800 asu month in premiums and have $10,000 deductible. that's not insurance, sean. we have to get something that's actually affordable. stop all the people have dropping out of exchanges. have to be age to have real competition there stop the premiums going up. >> sean: i talked to mark meadows of the freedomom caucus. now on board with health e.
10:21 pm
healthcare. they should be able to vote on it should pass the house. b apparently the senate parliamentarian. it's not reconciliation issue anymore. you are right. that has to happen. there is a group america. first. they came out with this add about obamacare. let me play the add and get your reaction to it. >> obamacare is a disaster. policeman yums up. care down. americans forced into plans we don't want and can't f afford.nd and it's going to get worse. that's why congressman gary palmer is taking on nancy pelosi, standing firm opposing obamacare. keeping his promise to the voters to repeal obamacare. call congressman palmer. thank him for his courage and for standing with president trump to repeal obamacare now. >> sean: so this is sort of complimentary as a pac that's supporting your father's agenda. i know katie walsh is a part of it. >> kate i can't understands brad's, basically the people
10:22 pm
part of the campaign.. this is what we are going to do to support the president's agenda. i'm not involved. i'm involved on the side. where i see his promises and where they can be delivered and turned over the finish line i will lend myself to it it's important. these are the promises we made to the american people. weave made this when we everywhere a part of the campaign. now it's my father's agenda.e is he going to do that. it makes sense. it's about putting people back work it. making sure americans are taken care of before ourur adversaries abroad. >> it's funny because early in the campaign you were the first to say this to me and i have known your father for a couple of decades being in the new york media. you said my dad is a blue collar billionaire. >> i gout a lot of heat for that but he is that's out big difference for this campaign he can actually speak to real, hard working blue collar americans. not speak at them. with them. they hate him for it when you look at our opponent there was zero relatability. even if you crafted the perfect statement you couldn't deliver it.
10:23 pm
he really can communicate to those people. d.c. hates him for it c because is he probably more at home with those people than he is with the d.c. elite without question. >> sean: do you know what's funny because when the d afl-cio guys came to meet with your dad like so many small business people and business owners union guys, have you guys ever been in the oval office? this was a group that was beholden lock step with the democratic party.en they have never been in the oval office. your dad took them in. >> they know but they also know that their constituency. they can't get away with like years past union boreshe tell what you to do. their constituents are these people who came out in droves for frump. you saw loot of that they weren't supporting the other campaign. now they are realizing trump's train fracture plan. >> sean: buy american, hire american. >> for their base. >> sean: did he that in new york with every building he was building. >> of course. >> sean: when you watch
10:24 pm
media, probably short of mee i think i'm an island unto myself on the media these days. does did anger you? because he this are going hard and heavy every single day like the russian conspiracy. 8 months later no proof. no evidence. >> you know, listen, it does anger me because i know the truth. i know what's there i was a part of it for so long. that it is very frustrating. it's hard to believe for me as an american, that so many people basically rallyop against what makes sense for america u of what the american people voted into office. all those red counties basically the entiremate of the imhats other than morning and l.a. what all those people want they vogted for this.t they are going against it because they want to protect their own trs and that's scary. >> sean: private conversation i probably shouldn't bring to public but i'm going to. i thought you should have went with your dad to the white house. think of all the kids in a lot of ways you are most father.r am i right? >> listen, i think we are in many respects.
10:25 pm
you know. i think that can create clashes. i have think he has a great team jardz and ivanka. >> sean: i'm not saying not anyone else but in additionn to. >> you have to be able to sell and speak to the president. i probably don't do that as well as others. it just depends. there can be clashes of personality there. >> sean: in other words, i think you can be like yourf dad on twitter. >> i think i have some of the savagery. so there is some component of that south lawn sean you make up nicknames for people, too? >> oh, yeah. >> sean: don't each tell me. >> no. but, listen, i think what's going on there is great. for me as a citizen and k concerned american and father of five kids who are going to grow up in this country i'm going to get out there as a citizen andt support the people that make sense, support the people that are going to help him get his agenda through. that's what really america is about.y >> sean: you are going to montana into. by the way if you want to see don jr. you can go to the website.ou
10:26 pm
>> we will put it up on the screen. we thanks for coming back. >> thanks, sean. >> sean: coming up next tonight. >> one of my problems with president obama for eight years, he had a tendency to minimize the actual threat and beings sagger rate our performance against a threats in the world. >> sean: general jack keane than calling out out obama administration for down playing the threat north korea poses to the world. he is here to explain. also tonight. >> as i speak the words, the fbi e. has called for open the investigation. since 2013, is there have been 37 isis linked plots to attack our country. >> sean: general john kelly. reaction on this busy newso night tonight here on "hannity." ♪ [student] i can just quit school and get a job.
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>> one of my problems with president obama for eight years he had a tendency to minimize the actual threat and exsasse sagger rate our performance against threats in the world. i think they purposefully minimized this north korean threat. >> sean: that was jack keane discussing the foreign policy failures of the obama administration last nighttha ma. he joins us now with more. all right. here's my take. i tried to lay this out. it was during the clinton years, clinton gave the north koreans kim jong il at the time $4 billion and promised the american people this is a great deal for us that this will stop their nuclear program. he was wrong. they got nuclear weapons and they got the money on top of it, same thing, obama believed the red line in the t sand resulted in assad getting rid of chemical weapons. i also will predict with certainty tonight that this bad iranian deal with l. end with the iran getting nuclear weapons. why does the left constantly make this mistakes can
10:32 pm
appease despots and dictators. >> that's absolutely it. they believe diplomatic efforts should always trump any other kind of option. d and they believe that that end state that they are trying to achieve that t diplomatic objective end state is always within reach. the truth of the matter is they are putting it out of reach. witness what happened here in north korea. we have had obama policy of strategic patience. translate that for our viewing audience that means do nothing. do not push back on them. during this period of time, there has been three rulers of north korea. this current ruler has accelerated racing the development of ballistic system for weapons system for nuclear weapons. is he moving at incredible speed. >> sean: okay. taking the vice president's comments and mcmaster's comments general mcmaster, it says they are going to stop this containment that philosophy policy.
10:33 pm
okay. they have nuclear weapons. we don't believe they have icbm capability. the question is how far would this administration be willing to go in terms of stopping icbm capability without risking millions dying in sowell and potentially millions dieing in japan? what do we do?ll how do you stop that? >> they have already done it they have declared and put back on the table that the military option if required they would exercise it i think north korea and china and now south korea because that's what we are doing there, we are reassuring them and japan believe it what does ha has that already done for that. secretary mattis went there two days after he was on the job as secretary of defense. secretary tillerson followed shortly thereafter. now we have vice president pence out there, all reassuring our allies and letting north korea and china know that we are dead serious. as a result of the mar-a-lago talks, the chinese president calls back
10:34 pm
last wednesday and starts t talking to president trump about exercising some leverage over north korea for the first time. and his foreign minister calls secretary tillerson sunday echoing the samed thing and going a little bit further. so what has happened here is that the military option, which was never on the table with the obama administration, everybody knew it, trump puts it on the table.t and it strength thens our diplomatic hand. we don't know if china is gaming us for the time beingng so can get some other advantages over us dealing with trade and et cetera and is not really going to do much with north korea. they are moving in the right direction for the first time in 20-plus years. that would never have happened if trump did not put the military option back on the table u. >> sean: all right. good to see you, general. thank you. very tough situation. we will continue to monitor.
10:35 pm
up next, right here on "hannity." >> as i speak these words, the fbi has open terrorism investigations in all of our 50 states.n and since 2013, there have been 37 isis-linked plots to attack our country. s >> sean: the homeland security secretary john kelly warning about the dangers that radical islamists pose to america. up next, we get reaction from dr. sebastian goreca. and also tonight. >> his motives and his. actions are contemptible. and i will fight every day until he is impeached. >> sean: liberal snowflakes spiraling way out of control. larry elder will weigh in. we will show you the video and much more. more. ♪ once there was a little pig that had built his house out of straw. one day a big bad wolf huffed and he puffed and blew the house down. luckily the geico insurance agency had helped the pig with homeowners insurance.
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where he stands in an instant. ahhh...that's a profit. which gave him the idea to spend a little cash on some brilliant marketing! ha, clever. wow, look at all these new students! way to grow, rodney! know where you stand instantly. visit >> live from america's news headquarters, i am checking up on his in new york. a real nail-biter for voters in georgia. they went to the polls today to elect a new representative for the conservative sixth district near atlanta. the leading candidate, janet mack democrat jon ossoff failed to garner the majority vote setting a stage for a runoff election against karen handel in june. does the alchemist could be a parameter to the 2018 election. the state of the iran nuclear deal may be in question. secretary state rex tillerson tells congress that the white house in agreement with to evaluate the sanctions in the
10:40 pm
national interest. tillerson notes that iran main sleep meeting sponsored terrorism. 2015 deal was spearheaded by the u.s. in an effort to curb iran's nuclear program. i am jack ibanez. now back to "hannity" ." >> sean: now back to "hannity."ep according to a disturbing report, the vice president of iraq believe that isis and al qaeda are actually negotiating a potential alliance. meanwhile, earlier today, homeland security secretary p john kelly issued a very stern warning about the constant and imminent threat of global terror. pay attention to this.t >> as i speak these words, the fbi has open terrorism investigations in all of our 50 states. and since 2013, there have been 37 isis-linked plots to attack our country. the past 12 months alone there have been 36 homegrown c terrorist cases opened in 18 states. we are under attack from terrorism both within and
10:41 pm
outside of our borders. these men and women are without conscience and they operate without rules. they despise the united states because we are a nation of rights, of laws, and of freedoms. they have a single mission. and that is our destruction.s and i tell you withoutut exaggeration they tried to carry out this mission d each and every day, each and every night. >> sean: joining us now deputy assistant to the president dr. sebastian gorka is with us. let's start with a possible alliance al qaeda and isis and what it would mean in terms of the terror network. >> well, this is very fresh news the white house doesn't have anything official to respond. but if we look at the fact that isis was part of al qaeda, it was al qaeda in iraq, we know they come from the same ideological gene pool.. so, that is not necessarily something that would rule out this kind of alliance.
10:42 pm
but, right now we have one report in its early days as to whether or not this is, in fact, a factual representation of something new. >> sean: all right. but there is the potential of not only emerging news alliance and the president got along according to every report very well with the president of china, but more importantly, he recently met with king abdullah of jordan. he met with president elsie is i of egypt. evidence met with the prime minister of saudi arabia and in israel later in the week. because of obama and his seemingly awful judgment onn the iranian deal, there t seems to be an opportunity for a brand new coalition emerging in the middle east and those sunni nations aligning with israel is a game changer, especially because of the u.s. interaction with all those countries. thoughts? >> absolutely, sean. t so if you look at the last 8 years, we taught the good sunnies of the region, the people who wanted to work with us not to trust us. they didn't trust the obama white house.e. just look at the iran deal.
10:43 pm
look at our response as o a nation, as a government to the so-called arab spring. they supported the muslim brotherhood the grandfather of all of these juwaad groups. so, no, this is where we go from having a fake smoke in mirrors coalition under the last administration to having a real one. and it's people like president cici and abdullah. we are not going to fight this war against isis on ourselves. not on the front line. the president is clear we are going to help our friends like the jordanians and egyptians and iraqis fight their own war for themselves. we are going to be a very good friend to those nations. >> sean: i have got to ask this. t if we have investigations, isis, radical islamic>> investigations in all 50 states, all these incidents that we could talk, about
10:44 pm
orlando, fort hood, san bernardino, fort hood. how does america root this out? it's like okay where is it coming from? some people are inspired online and we have sympathizers. some people might try to get into the country and lie their way in. how do you possibly judge when you're taking in people from countries that have values that directly contradict our constitutional values? how do you ever know or can you ever know? >> absolutely. how do we win this war withh incredibly serious individuals like secretary kelly and attorney general sessions. look at the cabinet president trump has gathered. incredibly serious men and women. and if anybody knows how to win this war here in america, it's the attorney general and it's the new secretary of home land security. we're going to focus on not the absurdities of the obama administration, who said it's white supremacists and
10:45 pm
returning iraqi veterans primary threat to america. we're going to focus on the radicalizing individuals, the people that are recruiting here in and we're going to start using human intelligence tools again like the nypd developed in new york. >> sean: all right. we got to run but we appreciate your insight, input. thank you so much, dr. gorka.ut >> thanks, sean. y >> sean: coming up tonight on this busy news night here on hannity. >> his motives and his actions are contemptible, and i will fight every day until he is impeached. >> sean: congresswoman maxine watters calling for donald trump's impeachment yet again. will the liberal snowflakes ever leton up? ahead. yet again. will the liberal snowflakes ever let up? ahead.
10:46 pm
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>> his motives >> his motives and his actions are contemptible. and i will fight every day until he is impeached. impeach 45. impeach 45. [chanting impeach 45]
10:50 pm
>> don't forget who he is. >> sean: democratic congresswoman maxine watters once again calling for president trump to be impeached. now, watters was taking part in many of the tax protests held over the weekend where all these liberal snowflakes were out in full force. p now, in case you were too busy, too sane to attend onen of these two.e here is what was going >> we want to see his taxes and we want to see them now. >> a liar, a cheat, a climate change denier.on >> there is a con man in the oval office with deep ties to organized crime who has just discovered he likes bombs and he may be a russian asset. >> sean: joining us with reaction radio syndicated
10:51 pm
nationally syndicated talk show host larry elder is with us. i don't even know how to react to this but what's worse is the media believes these conspiracy theories. do you think this is effective? because from my perspective, donald trump keeps his promises. he runs into re-election. thoughts? >> right. where do you start,on sean, with maxine watters? s if maxine watters were aax white male republican the media would be using words like irresponsible, over the top, questionable ethics,, this is a woman who once defended a former black panther who was convicted of murdering a new jersey state trooper, fled to cuba, maxine watters writes a letter to fidel castro, calls her a freedom fighter, compares her to martin luther king. this is a woman who said george herbert walker bush thought that the left liked called him a racist. this woman got a meeting with the former secretary treasury did not tell him she had a minority interest
10:52 pm
in a bank she got there bailout for.l was investigated by the house ethics committee for ethical violations. of course, maxine watts played the race card in the investigation went away. you don't want to getpl caught between maxine watters and a race card.d. >> sean:n: whoa. >> if ronald reagan was teflon, she makes ronald reagan look like fly paper it doesn't marina seem to matter what she does or what she f f says she gets reelected. it's amazing. >> sean: let me go to one of my favorite highlights of the snowflakes. imagine if similar things were said and it was during obama's pets. this is madonna and ashley judd. watch this. >> okay. >> to our detractors, that insist that this march will never add up to anything, [bleep] you. yes, i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. >> i am a nasty woman. b
10:53 pm
[cheers] >> i'm not as nasty as a man who looks like he bathes in cheetoh dust. i am not as nasty as your own daughter being your favorite sex symbol. like your wet dreams infused with your own genes, we are here to be nasty. [cheers] >> i'm nasty like my bloodstains on my bed sheets. >> sean: i don't even know what to say to that. i don't know how to react to that except that if larry elder talked about blowing up the obama white house, i expect handcuffs, mug shots, perp walk, jail time, hannity bailing you out with a file and a cake. >> you know, the left loves throwing around this word fascism. fascism is when the government tells private owners what to do with theirsc
10:54 pm
business. there is only one presidentva who has confer compelledo every man, woman and child to purchase a product whether they want to, a whether they can afford it, and whether they need it. that's obama and obamacare.he where are the songs? where are the protest songsba where are the rally he is talking about hell no, we won't go. i won't do something that i don't want to.o. whatever happened to i'm not going to be pushed around. donald trump is a these people are unbelievable. they are unhinged. >> sean: always unhinged. larry elder, thank you for helping us break down insanity before our very eyes it's very helpful. >> you got it. >> sean: when we come back we need your help on important question of the day. apparently not so nice messages left on the hannity hotline. that's straight ahead.he the hay hotline. that's straight ahead. ♪ diabetes can be a daily struggle, even if you're trying your best. along with diet and exercise, once-daily toujeo® may help you control your blood sugar. get into a daily groove. ♪ let's groove tonight.
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10:59 pm
agenda., @seanhannity on twitter. hit me with your best shot. >> sean: not smart, not cool. my hair is horrible and i throw like a girl. have anything else nice you want to say? call the number on your screen. we will play anything. 877-225-8587. that's all the time we have left this evening. the reason i don't throw the real football is because i break
11:00 pm
the lights and it cost me a fortune. that's the truth. we will see you tomorrow night. thanks for being with us.stststt