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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 19, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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night. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: corey lewandowski come austan goolsbee, sara carter, herman cain, they will all join us tonight, but first of the alt radical left, the destroyed trump propaganda media, hollywood at snowflakes, they are now joining forces into doing everything they can do to undermine and hurt president trump and help his opponents. that's tonight's opening monologue. this anti-trump movement are now coalescing to try and damage the new administration. it's start with the ultra radical left propaganda destroyed trump media. after months and months of endlessly pushing for, but as
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our new conspiracy theories about trump colluding with russia, despite no evidence whatsoever that the president did this, now the partisan press is launching a new wave of attacks. take a look at the latest example from mr. throw up his leg, mr. obama lover chris matthews. >> it's supposed to be a positive make america great guy, it's all this whining about the job he took. he knew obama was president, he knew he was coming in after obama and was actually quite successful. now he blames it all on the conditions of the job. >> sean: all right, matthews all these other partisan hacks masquerading as journalists ignoring real facts that president trump did inherent a massive, huge, colossal mess from barack obama both here at home and of course abroad. they refused to report the truth about how he is trying to fix all of this and of course they have the tax day protests so this past weekend, they were
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spewing all kinds of nonsense. watch democratic congresswoman maxine waters unhinged, leading a chance to impeach president trump. >> his motives and his actions are contemptible and i will fight every day until he is impeached. impeach 45. impeach 45. don't forget who he is. >> sean: not even 100 days and then the insanity in the left showed up in berkeley, california, over the weekend where a near riot broke out during a tax day protests after violent clashes between left-wing agitators and trump supporters. 20 people ended up being arrested there, finally last night we saw a massive effort from the left in georgia's sixth congressional district and their special election. they came together to pump up
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who doesn't even live in the district, they still came up short. now that race is heading for a runoff on june 20th. the radical left in this case raised $8 million for their chosen candidate and according to their atlanta journal-constitution, 95% of the money came from outside of the state to help a guy who doesn't live in the district. on top of the outcome that trump hating hollywood snowflakes people like samuel l. jackson and chelsea handler, they of course through their support behind the left-winger jon ossoff. the destroyed trump media heaping mounds of praise on the democratic candidate. they are not biased at all, watch this. >> tonight at the eyes of the political world are on a congressional district in georgia were an upstart democrat is trying to win a special election and what has been a republican held district a four-year spread >> he's drawn volunteers from all over the country into big-name celebrities. he's been attacked by name by president trump. >> millions of dollars have
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flooded into the race from around the country to help a little known democrats. >> as voters here decide to night people on the blue team far away from georgia are praying that this special election north of atlanta turns into a revenge vote against the president. >> that was jon jon ossoff they tight race down in atlanta, am i the only one who sounded like barack obama? does not sound like barack obam barack obama? where are we listening to jon ossoff or barack obama? i'm not the only one who thought that as well. >> sean: the destroyed trump media, they are not biased at all, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ultimate left the propaganda media and this extreme bias they have. we have evidence, a new study from the media research center, a whopping 89% of coverage during abc, nbc, "cbs evening news" cast has all been negative toward the president, toward president trump. what we're seeing playoff now is the ultimate radical left taking
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all of this unhinged hatred to a whole new level and they are teaming up to attack the president on all fronts. it tonight, i'm telling you it's only going to get worse, it's only going to get more intense. republicans need to do their job and also be ready to fight back. you've got the ultra left, they cannot stand this president especially as he checks off his list, continues to fulfill his promises and enact the agenda that he one on. the opposition will get worse every day, it will get more intense because they really want him gone. that's how bad it is coming here with reaction, the host of michelle malkin investigates, it's very interesting if you put a little historical perspective it let's look at recent history. they never abetted obama radical extremism and his radical friends. they never told the american people after eight years he doubled the debt, more people out of work and in the 1970s out of the labor force, they
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never told the american people 13 million more were on food stamps and 8 million more were in poverty. they never told the story that obama fails. they'll will say nothing good about the president and they just team up together and it's like a circular firing squad and trump us in the middle, how does he deal with this? >> yeah, it is a barnum & bailey circus every single day, sean, we've got the hollywood media, plex, be clowning itself time and time again. we have eight years of obama's ideological cancer metastasizing in this country it's going to take a lot more than 100 days to undo it all, during that dark. matt, we have these lapdogs in the press to lay dormant. hibernation until trump took office and all of a sudden they awoke, the sleeping beasts of rose they've refashioned themselves, these zealous
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guardians of democracy. they think that the longer and louder they bark at trump and his team, the more credibility they will have in reality of course, they've exposed themselves for the clear partisan shills that they are and always were. >> sean: if there was ever any doubt about media bias, that should be a thing of the past for anybody who has any sense of intellectual honesty. to me, with all the noise we have going on and now even the fights breaking out and the media completely co-opted by the left and colluding with hillary clinton's campaign, it all comes down for this for me. if trump follows up, makes the country safer, more secure, builds the wall, gets executive orders for vetting, millions of jobs, mixes energy independent, sense education back to the
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states, he gets reelected? none of this is going to be a think about if he breaks away from his agenda, that's where i think he risks losing or he is co-opted by the swamp in some way. he's doing his job, congress is pathetically slow, they are inefficient, some of them may be even the president. >> no question about it, i think he can say without equivocation that you have people within the republican party establishment, as the hollywood media complex. you're talking about substantive issues which is something that the liberal media establishment has a huge allergy to. that's why as we have these assessments now, you'll see a ramp-up of noise. you are right, you are absolutely right, president trump has to ignore the noise and to stay on messag
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message. it's interesting, he cited the media research center new very enlightening study on media bias over the last 100 days. the most negative bulk of attacks have been focused on the temporary travel ban because it fits into this patent narrative that trump is a bigot, a scene afloat, he hates immigrants that's why again when we talk about liberal bias, it's not just liberal bias, its confirmation bias. if these people have a warped sense of reality, they pick and choose what they deliver as news to the public and they don't want to talk about all the ways in which the refugee resettlement racket has endangered people, all the ways in which open borders have endangered people and of course they will never put headline news, all the incredibly significant ways in which this administration is making america safer. what do they want to do? they want to make america obama again, they want to make america clinton again and that's all
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they could talk about. >> sean: with all their collusion they still can't help hillary get over the finish lin line. keep to the agenda, that's the message i would send to anybody in washington that includes lazy republicans on vacation right now. appreciate it. when we come back on this busy news night tonight the "hannity "hannity." >> it's stupid, they call their budget a skinny budget, i called their budget a [bleep] budget because it doesn't t well. >> sean: and that's the new dnc chairman spewing nasty, vicious vial about republicans. it also later tonight. >> the united states of america will always seek peace, under president trump, the shield stands guard. and the sword stands ready. >> sean: very strong words from the vice president of mike pence aboard the uss ronald reagan tonight, will get reaction, how do we deal with
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity," dnc chairman continues to spew his nasty hateful rhetoric about republicans, watch what he said
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about the g.o.p. budget while on the dnc's unity tour. watch this. >> it's stupid, they call their budget skinny budget, it doesn't treat people well. >> sean: he echoed his familiar profanity against the president and the republicans, what a nice guy, take a look. >> he wants to rent everything, trump steak knives, jumpsuits, the trump hotel. he didn't want the affordable care act branded him, i don't know what to call it, trump care? i'll tell you what i'd call it, i don't care because those republican leaders and president trump don't give a [bleep] about the people they were trying to hurt. that's what i say. a spill in here with reaction we have former trump campaign manager, former obama economic advisor austan goolsbee.
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you're a fair guy, this is the factor, the facts are simple. number one, the average cost of the average american family didn't save $2500 per year as promised but they pay $5,400 more per year since obamacare took place, millions lost their plans, millions lost their doctors. trump doesn't support a failed system and it states like arizona this year alone it's going up another hundred 17%. what is he defending her? >> you just change the whole subject? he is not wrong about the republican budget, we can go through that if you want, it is a kind of massacre budget that contradicts a whole bunch of the things that trump promised in the campaign. >> sean: is he going to double the debt like your ability obama did? 9 billion in debt was on responsible and patriotic and that he doubled it and took more
7:17 pm
debts than every president before him combined. >> as you know, those big deficits were when we were in the worst recession of our lifetimes which he inherited after the recession ended he cuts. donald trump is going to do that, that's exactly what his budget will do. >> sean: cory, here's the thing, these promises were made about obamacare, promises were never delivered. obama took on more debt than 43 presidents combined, he said that in $9 trillion in debt was irresponsible and patriotic. i don't know how you could do much worse than that. >> you can't. what we know is time and time again the previous administration likes to the american people, you can't keep your doctor you can't keep your plan, we are now a country that has 20 $20 trillion of debt, ie never spent another dime just brought on the money it would take us five years of income it
7:18 pm
just to get coal again. it's unsustainable, it's all because the previous administration's priorities are wrong. what we've seen in this administration priorities are increasing money to the military so that our men and women who put on the uniform have the best resources necessary to protect us against all enemies both foreign and domestic. as the priority of this administration, making sure that the people protecting us have the tools necessary, that is a complete dichotomy for the what the previous administration was. >> sean: here's a very simple question, i know you can do this math. you don't need an abacus, you don't even need a calculator on your iphone, you can do this in your head. when obama was a candidate he said $9 trillion in debt, that's irresponsible. if that's unpatriotic he leaves in this 20 trillion, he accumulates more debts than any other president before him combined. let me concede that the first two years, some of that debt was because of the conditions that he encouraged.
7:19 pm
at what point do you say he is responsible for the other $8 trillion in debt? >> at what point? you're asking -- >> sean: eight years to fix the economy, the lowest labor participation ever. >> the only reason i'm puzzled is are you giving him no credit for cutting the deficit more than half by the end of his first term? >> now were playing word games. it >> sean: i'm just looking at the numbers. in the eight years of obama, he accumulate more debt than every president before him combined, you want to say but he cut the deficit in half. >> you've had that conversation, you can't compare debt from
7:20 pm
1776. >> sean: i'm comparing it from 2,007. >> the deficits have been cut in half. donald trump promised to eliminate the debt. he he doubled the debts because we had the biggest recession of our lifetimes. that makes the yearly deficit bigger. >> sean: we go from $9 trillion, 220, that's not cutting it in half. >> they always like to blame bush for everything that went wrong in the obama investors and the fact is we have $20 trillion in debt, that's not the number when george w. bush left office, i went to a public school i'm not great at math, 20 trillion is 9 trillion, there is no reduction there, there's $11 trillion in debt. it's $20 trillion in debt that
7:21 pm
this administration. >> is not the same thing. >> sean: i figure i'm going to go get a drink as soon as the show was done. up next tonight on this busy news night on "hannity" ." >> the united states of america will always seek peace under president trump, the shield stands guard. the sword stands ready. >> sean: vice president mike pence aboard the uss ronald reagan saying that america always wants peace, the trump administration will also be ready to act. also later tonight. >> if lawmakers do not like the laws that reinforce, that we are sworn to enforce, they should have the courage and the skill to change those laws. >> sean: homeland security secretary kelly showing that a very strong rebuke to critics of the department that he leads. lisa boothe, jay sekulow respond, herman cain is here with much more as weas continue.
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>> good evening and live from america's news headquarters and jackie ibanez in new york, new york. russia now helping syria protect its aircraft. u.s. officials telling fox news that dictator bashar al-assad has been allowed to move his aircraft to a russian air base, it follows a u.s. missile assault that took out nearly two dozen jets, that strike was in response to a chemical attack that killed more than 80 people. another provocation from russia, its military flu nuclear capable bombers off the coast of alaska for the second straight night tuesday. at this time coming just 36 miles off the aleutian islands. a surprise announcement from utah congressman jason chaffetz, he says he won't run for reelection or any other office in 2018, he had been rumored as a possible candidate for senator or governor. i'm jackie yvonne yes, now back to "hannity" for all of your headlines, log on to fox
7:27 pm
>> the united states of america will always seek peace, but under president trump, the shield stands guard and of the stands ready. rest assured, under president trump's leadership, the united states will continue to protect our people and our allies, and strengthen the bonds between us today, tomorrow, and every day that follows. >> sean: that was vice president mike pence aboard the uss ronald reagan reassuring american allies, tonight korean peninsula is not the only region of the world it's experiencing heightened tensions, the trump administration is also addressing many difficult situations in the middle east. now the president has ordered a review of the iranian nuclear deal. starting tomorrow, i will be reporting from the region, i will be in israel where we will cover the very latest. joining is now former spokesman rick grenell and from certain
7:28 pm
news sara carter. let me start with you, we look at the korean peninsula and obviously the proximity when you have two japan to china and south korea, when the vice president is stating that this containment strategy is no longer going to exist, we know they have nukes, we know they want icbms. how do you stop somebody from getting the icbms knowing they have the nukes and they may use them? >> this is why it's such a complex issue for president trump and vice president pence delivered a very direct and decisive message to what we need to look at is they've had these capabilities for a long time. the u.s. is out of patience with them. they are continuously threatening the u.s. and our allies. they tried to proliferate their nuclear capabilities to syrian 2007. we know that china and give them
7:29 pm
at least three fourths according to u.s. intelligence of their economies and supported by china. i think this is why president trump is reaching out to china and saying look, you want us to work with you, you want to work with us, you need to put pressure on north korea. you need to do something or were going to do something about that. >> sean: sarah, it seems like the president is bearing some fruit here. he did say during the campaign that he would label them a currency manipulator. the currency issues have shifted since he became president, that's issue one. they put 150,000 troops on the border that shows a sign of strength, they have sent coal shipments from north korea back to north korea that were headed to china and now they're importing american pole. the third thing is they've said publicly that they themselves through their own state-run newspaper, they may take out north korea's sites, and they are willing to open new trade negotiations with america, that
7:30 pm
seems to be bearing a lot of fruit right now and a potential alliance that nobody anticipate anticipated. >> absolutely and i think this is something president trump can work on. the chinese are smart. they are not stupid, they understand that kim jong boone is a threat. they're gorgeous he said, this is how the chinese operate, they are going to say what is best for china? how do we make this relationship work, how do we continue to put pressure on north korea and get what we need from the united states? china needs us too. this is a very complicated issue but it's one that i think president trump is playing very well right now and that's why we're going to wait and see what the response from north korea will be. kim jong un is out of options. he can continue to make these threats, we know for a fact right now his missile tests have
7:31 pm
been failures he knows he's cornered. what he decides to do next will be up to him but i think china is going to play a huge will in that. >> sean: let's look at these emerging new alliances, it looks like we had a real breakthrough with china when the president met at mar-a-lago. similarly, this president has already met with the crown prince of saudi arabia, the prime minister of israel who i will be seeing tomorrow. he's met with general el sisi of egypt and king abdul of jordan. the saudi's, the israelis, the jordan's stomach the jordanians, and the united states, there's an opportunity that may exist nw that didn't exist before, want to make know if changing alliances? >> one thing as a diplomat i can tell you, the increased dramatic diplomatic activity between president trump and vice president pence has been
7:32 pm
enormous. backed up by the fact that there is a credible threat of military action behind that's diplomacy. diplomats succeed when they have behind them a credible threat of military action. that did not exist in the obama administration. it's no wonder our diplomacy fails. one thing we can see, it's already benefited us, you suggested and showed us how the chinese went back and immediately put 150,000, possibly 175,000 troops on the border, the north koreans see that. now we see vice president pence go to the region he's meeting with the japanese, the south koreans, the australians, and others. i can tell you that diplomats love this. they see a plan, they see a credible threat of military action and what they are saying right now is the united states as a leader. >> sean: it seems like this is leading from front, this is not
7:33 pm
leading from behind, this is a big difference. i've got to imagine if america can create the alliance with the jordanians, the egyptians, the saudi's, and the israelis, that would be a dramatic shift and create more potential to prevent iranian hegemony in that region. if we get the chinese working with us on the north korean problem, that helps south korea, that helps the japanese and american relations with the chinese. >> there's no question our allies are dying to see an action plan. they are hungry for u.s. leadership and that's what they're getting. trump is not getting enough credit for the diplomatic side. everyone is focusing on the military action that is taking place. his increased diplomacy is amazing and that's what should be applauded. >> sean: that's the art of the deal, will give you the leftwar leftward. >> i think that iran is getting this message loud and clear.
7:34 pm
this is something that we know they have violated the sanction sanctions, he is sending a message to them as well with the review of these sanctions. i think the rest of the world is basically watching to see what their next move is going to be. >> will be watching closely, thank you both. we'll be in tomorrow, up next right tonight on "hannity" ." >> if lawmakers do not like the laws that reinforce that we are charged to enforce that we are sworn to enforce, they should have the courage and the skill to change those laws. >> secretary kelly with some strong words for the critics of the dhs, jay sekulow and lisa both will join us with reaction and also later tonight. >> president trump: were also working with congress on tax performance amplification. and we are on time if we get that health care approval. press every one of your congressman, press everybody because we want to get that approval. >> sean: the president is not
7:35 pm
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7:39 pm
laws that we are charged to enforce, they should have the courage and the skill to change those laws. otherwise they should shut up and support the men and women on the front lines. >> joining us now with reaction, fox news contributor lisa boothe and jay sekulow, for all these years, we didn't enforce the law of the land. why do i believe that either lisa or you, if you were aiding and abetting lawbreaking, you might get in trouble? all these years, the president was aiding and abetting lawbreaking, meaning president obama. how come there's no consequences in that case? >> you're absolutely correct that the laws were on the books. it's is president obama using, prosecutorial discretion, decided not to prosecute and not go after illegal immigration, he talked about how high his
7:40 pm
deportation rates were but the fact is and this is very clear the number of violent actions done by those who were illegally in the united states was on an increase and we had horrible examples of it, i don't have to reverse those terrible stories about terrance losing kids in this kind of violence. if not you've got the head of homeland security saying here's the wall and guess what? there is literally a new sheriff in town and were going to enforce that law. if some of the left are complaining about the law, you can change it but you've got to do that through the process you don't get to change it on your own, he's going to enforce the law and i think that's a good move for the country. >> sean: you look for the numbers, they speak for themselves, 60% building the wall at this particular point would probably bring it down to zero. >> 17 year drop and leading up to the election in october we saw numbers that mirrored that one summer in 2014 where we saw that huge surge of illegality on
7:41 pm
the border, i wonder why because there is a new sheriff in town and it's not just the enforcement, it's also the rhetoric the president chooses to use. if illegal immigrants are second guessing the idea of trying to cross the border when they know that our laws are actually going to be enforced. i absolutely love that statement from secretary kelly. the shot across the bow to congress who are complaining about the administration simply enforcing the laws. democrats had their chance, they had ample opportunity when they controlled both bodies of congress and obama in the white house and they failed to do it because they didn't care enough to pass immigration reform. >> sean: let me ask this because in the 2006 bill it was supposed to fund a 700 miles of fencing. there were last week on the republicans move into the budget phase if they can ever get the health care bill replaced, the freedom caucus says they've got a deal. can they still continue to deny
7:42 pm
funds? do you think the republicans would die the president of the on building the wall with its being one of the prime promises to the american people? >> i think that would be entering into a suicide pact, frankly. the idea that president ran on securing our borders, i think everybody would have to acknowledge that we need security on our borders, look at the world we live in. for the republicans in congress saying were not good to give you those funds, allocated in 2006, were not going to do that not only does that cut against the president has strongly said but i will tell you that the challenging this president isn't not a great idea for the republicans right now. i think what the president has shown by the confirmation of judge gore such an effect that health care is not off the table and a deal may be struck in the next week or ten days, don't underestimate the power of the presidency and the power of this president to put forward his agenda.
7:43 pm
i believe leadership has to mov move. >> sean: at leadership has to move and they have been very inefficient and i think ineffective in terms of advancing the simple bill of repealing and replacing obamacare and everything after that is predicated on the trillion dollar savings for the president's economic plan. >> i think a lot of politicians continue to underestimate the american people's desire for law enforcement and desire to get this problem under control. president trump presented himself as the law enforcement candidate and that's precisely what the american people wanted to. they wanted to get a handle on this and if you've mentioned the 2006 secure fence act. the same democrats decrying the presidents action voted and made that awful, senator feinstein had talked about the need to secure our border and the fact that democrats are behind border
7:44 pm
enforcement. i do think there's a danger for democrats there. it's all politics, absolutely. >> sean: good to see you both, thank you as always. up next, tonight, on "hannity" " speaker we are also working with congress on tax reform and a simplification. we are on time if we get that health care approval. press every one of your congressmen, press everybody. we want to get that approval. >> sean: time to get congress to get moving, president trump vowing to work on that bill to repeal and replace obamacare, one of they going to get their act together? will check in with herman cain on that and much more on this busy newsnight, straightahead hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster.
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>> president trump: we are also working with congress on tax reform and a simplification and we are on time if we get that health care approval. press every one of your congressmen, press everybody, we want to get that approval. it makes the text reform easier and makes it better. were making big investments and repairing our badly depleted infrastructure. that will happen soon also. infrastructure, they get in for structure bill, probably use it
7:49 pm
with something else that's a little bit harder to get approved in order to get that approved, but infrastructure is coming and it's coming fast. >> sean: that was president trump showing you that he intends to keep his prevalences on tax reform, health care income infrastructure, now it's time for republicans to get their act together. here with reaction, former presidential candidate herman cain. how many companies review the ceo of in the course of your career? >> probably about four five. something like that. i lost count. >> sean: godfather's pizza come on 999, coca-cola, some of the biggest corporations in america you ran. maybe you can help me, maybe i'm missing something from the days i was a paperboy, dishwasher cook, busboy, waiter, bartender, house painter, paper hanger, tile layer, i was framer, and a
7:50 pm
roofer, i always headed to work with a sense of urgency, the light goes on on radio, i've got to get to work. it goes on tv, time to get to work. why am i so frustrated that after eight years repeal replace, repeal replace, it's 100 days and they cannot get their act together? there's no leadership, there is no consensus, there's no urgency to get the job done so we can then get to the economy. i'm so beyond frustrated i can't even express it properly. >> let me help you, my son. here's why. because we have been frustrated for eight years, we wanted to happen now. the reality of getting something through congress, getting all of the facts together especially relevant to repeal, replace will take a little longer than we thought. here's the good news,
7:51 pm
president trump is learning from this experience and he's listening. so he and his secretary of the treasury have already said august was too aggressive in terms of a time frame for tax cuts and tax reform. they're going to let that play out before the end of the year or before. the reason that you are so frustrated is the same reason that a lot of people are frustrated, for eight years, nothing happened, you want to happen now, it's coming. >> sean: maybe it's not the way i roll, let me explain. for eight years if you say repeal and replace and then you get the presidency after you one of the house and senate, you got that. then they don't work on the bill, they don't build consensus, nobody sees the bill ahead of time. everybody is fighting publicly about the bill because they didn't work on it together behind the scenes, that is inefficient bordering on
7:52 pm
incompetent and to me inexcusable considering this was one of their main promises. i think, maybe i'm really overstating my abilities in life that i think i could've worked a lot faster, the freedom caucus in the tuesday group and the study group and these moderate groups did it on their own there seem to be no leadership in the separate, none. >> here again, you are very skilled, here's what i know that isn't making the nightly news or some of the news programs. i have talked directly with a member of the freedom caucus who says that the factions are closer now than way before they tried to -- >> sean: i've been talking to them every day, since the bill was signed i talk to them. >> i am confident that they are going to have a bill. what i'm saying is i understand your frustration. calm down, pack your patience as
7:53 pm
i say, i am convinced that before the end of the year, we are going to have health care legislation coming out of the house and we are going to have tax cuts and tax reform legislation coming out of the house. here's the thing that a lot of people are missing. president trump is learning on the job and he's learning quickly. >> sean: it's not trump's problem his job. >> no, no, no, work with me her here. he is listening and realizing what you are trying to move legislation to the house it's like hurting 435 cats. that's what this is problem, . about. >> they should have had a plan ready they should have moved faster. if i'm working at godfather's pizza and i'll say herman, i'll get the pizza cooked in 89 days
7:54 pm
because i'm making the perfect pizza, you're going to give me a swift kick it that you know what and tell me to get moving or throw me out and fire me. they can move faster than this. if they're not working hard enough. >> i would simply fire you but we can't fire them every two years. >> sean: who gets two weeks vacation for easter? >> pack your patience, work with me here. >> sean: enter the nose come out to the mouth come i'm going to give it my best shot, up the next couple we need your help a very important question of the day, some of the hate "hannity" hotline, some of the it's been . next . ith the water in your body to hydrate and soften. unblocking your system naturally. miralax. bp developed new, industry-leading software to monitor drilling operations in real-time,
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>> welcome back to "hannity." time for question of the day do you think tom perez should apologize for his vicious nasty remarks.
7:59 pm
go to and by the way time it play some of the messages, some not so nice you left for me on the hannity hot line. >> mr. hannity, big fan of yours. i listen as much as i can and listen as much as i can. been watching a long time i've been watching and you need to be wearing some tan and some light blue shirts, or at least grey suit. >> you've been a great job leading the way. stay on them and keep them on their promises and get congress to do something because they're doing nothing worthwhile at the moment. >> it's not black, number one, it's blue. anyway, i guess i can't do anything right in terms of looks but i don't pay that much attention to be honest. i have jeans on. have something you want to say call the number 877-225-8587. that's all the time we have left
8:00 pm
this evening. quick programming note. set your dvr you never miss an episode and we'll see you tomorrow night. we're heading to the middle east. we're heading to israel with a special report you don't want to miss. we hope you'll join us. >> hi, i'm dana parino. thanks for watching us before we get to this stories of the day we want to address a situation many of you know of. bill o'reilly who hosted this program for 20 years is leaving the fox news channels. we know you the viewers will have feelings about this and will talk about it later in the program. first the trump administration firing a shot over iran. rex tillerson making clear the administration's tolerance of iran's belligerence and provocation is growing thin. >> ira