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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  April 20, 2017 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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book "shattered" and james rosin who i've never talked to before. >> why don't you start running? you run from the tv to radio. >> that's thursday, we'll see you back here. >> on friday. >> bill: good morning, everybody. president trump facing a global tinderbox. new developments on russia, north korea and on iran, tensions rising as the commander-in-chief weighs words of war from overseas, good morning, everybody. thursday here, edition of america's newsroom. how are you doing, shannon? >> shannon: i'm shannon bream. new acts of provocation from russia and president vladimir putin. russians bombers buzzing the alaskan coast in two days. north korea talking about a preemptive strike turning america to ashes, saying don't mess with us. >> bill: the vice president and mike pence traveling in asia
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speaking out about challenges head-on. >> the menace and reality of global terrorism threatens all our nations. under president trump, we'll continue to support increasing information sharing and security efforts to protect our people and our way of life. across this region and across the wider world. >> bill: we have team fox coverage from around the world. benjamin hall reporting in london today. chris stirewalt in washington we begin at the white house with john roberts. what is the white house saying about the array of international matters they face as of this morning? >> it's something that is keeping them busy. in an ironic way it is putting wind in the president's sails after being siem -- stymied so many times. the vice president has been talking tough against north korea. today paul ryan in london on a tour of nato countries saying it's not to be tolerated for
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north korea to get a long-range nuclear missile that could hit the united states. and again, this idea north korea rattling the saber saying it's preparing for a preemptive strike against the united states. speaker of the house saying the pressure of the world has to be brought to bear against north korea's leaders to rein in their nuclear program. >> that's not an acceptable outcome. we have to do whatever it is we can do to prevent that from happening. all options need to be on the table. i'm encouraged with the engagement with the chinese. i heard that coal ships were being turned back. >> the united states is turning its sights toward iran. in a letter from rex tillerson to congress saying iran is currently in compliance with the joint comprehensive plan of action, the iran deal, but the u.s. is launching an interagency review of whether
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to lift sanctions. there was some talk on the campaign trail that the president was going to renegotiate the deal or at least changes the terms of the deal and now talk he may cancel it all together. the iranian foreign minister responding on twitter this morning to rex tillerson saying quote worn out u.s. accusations can't mask its admission of iran's compliance obligating the u.s. to change course and fulfill its own commitment. the former u.n. weapons inspector saying iran is testing a new type of centrifuge that doesn't have any kind of civilian applications, it is too expensive, if you were to be developing a nuclear program you could justify spending the money on that sort of thing. another provocation from russia yesterday when a pair of long range bombers were off the coast of alaska. they were in between the aleutian islands and mainland
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36 miles off. we sent up a plane to look at the situation. unlike the last time russia buzzed the alaskan coach we didn't send up interceptors. >> bill: where is the uss vinson. >> apparently the whereabouts of the uss carl vinson are unknown to folks at the white house for a few days. you might remember last tuesday in an interview the president said we're sending an armada to the sea of japan, a guided missile cruiser and destroyer and sub march ins. the vinson was headed to the indian ocean for exercises with the australian navy. we're told by the pentagon and white house the vinson completed the exercises and will be off the coast of the korean peninsula by mid next week. we plan to ask questions of the presidents today. he will appear in a joint press
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conference with the italian prime minister who is visiting today. we also heard confirmation from vice president pence today that the president will be traveling to east asia, not near north korea but close by, at least in the region he will be in the philippines for a couple of asian summits and as well will be in vietnam for the annual apec conference. >> bill: john roberts from the north lawn today. >> shannon: north korea is issuing a new threat to the u.s. warning of a super mighty preemptive strike coming after secretary of state rex tillerson said they will put more pressure on the regime. this is a constantly developing story. what's the latest? >> you're right, there is a lot
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of back and forth at the moment as the u.s. and allies say the north korean regime must change its ways. the regime continues to threat en attacks. as you say today they've threatened a super mighty preemptive strike saying they could immediately wipe out u.s. forces and reduce things to ashes. secretary tillerson, his response was as measured as ever. >> we're reviewing all the status of north korea both in terms of state sponterrorism as other ways in which we can bring pressure to bear on the regime in pyongyang. >> no let-up from north korea but continued pressure from the administration to try to solve this awful problem. >> shannon: china is a key player here, the president talked a lot about our growing role with them, his chemistry with their top leader. what does that country have to say about how this is playing out? >> shannon, there has been mixed signals from them.
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of course china has a relationship with north korea and have for some time. that won't change overnight but they're getting frustrated with the regime. the u.s. has a good relationship with china on this at the moment but the chinese say they're opposed to any u.s. sanctions and action in korea and said at the moment they continue normal relations including normal business contacts with the rogue state. the u.s. and south korea continued exercises as tensions mount. 100 aircraft took part in the drills aimed at checking the air force's air battle and surgical strike capabilities in an emergency situation. the u.s. still saying the era of strategic patience is over. all options remain on the table, shannon. >> shannon: we'll see how they're used. >> bill: analysis with chris stirewalt now, our digital politics editor. good morning to you.
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throw a dart at the globe. start with putin buzzing alaska. >> putin is of a piece with north korea both need to distract their domestic politics. they need to keep the people of their countries eyes off the ball. russia is a failing state. north korea is a failed state. they need the enemy of the united states as the bad guy to rally around that putin can tell the russian people we're under the threat from america, you have to do what i say. you have to be afraid and there is this enormous geopolitical threat from america and we have to stand up and it's the same but on a smaller and more intense version with north korea. >> bill: moved to north korea. is that country backing down or getting the attention it so deeply desires, chris? >> that he so deeply desires to
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keep his people enslaved. this is -- when i say failed state we talk about 20 million starving brain washed human beings. it's a humanitarian crisis waiting to happen. as the list of possible military options, they ain't good. there are not a lot of good things to do. and for our allies in south korea the anxiety level grows. this is not like you can do one surgical strike. this is not like you can do one thing in one day to make it go away. >> bill: talk about team truck and the politics of this. i see rex tillerson and james mattis being more public at this point than ever before and they're making headlines by the day, chris. >> the deference with which the president is treating these individuals is a remarkable change from the previous administration. in the previous administration the white house ran foreign policy. in the previous administration they tried to run the pentagon
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and ran through a bunch of secretaries of defense. you see this president a more regular role. letting these individuals and their agencies run the game on how the military is deployed, on how foreign policy proceeds. that's the american norm. >> bill: good to have you, chris stirewalt in washington, d.c. we'll get a press conference later today. some topics will come up. what a president said the other day to north korea, two word answer, better behave. >> shannon: an interesting piece with a defector from north korea. she believes kim jong-un is crazy enough. if he thinks the regime will be toppled, he won't hesitate to use the weapons. team trump getting tougher with tehran. >> strategic patience is a failed approach. the comprehensive iran policy requires we address all threats posed by iran. it is clear there are many.
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>> shannon: what top lawmakers say the white house should warn iran there is a new sheriff in town and he isn't honoring the old dealers. >> bill: a dreamer suing the government claiming he was deported illegally. the federal judge who will hear that case it is a familiar face to the white house and president trump. >> part of it is an ugly stew of racism. part of it is donald trump anger. he got that people are deep lianger. >> bill: elizabeth warren saying racism won the white house. what the republicans say in response. we'll debate it fair and balanced.
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>> shannon: getting word of another potential shake-up on the supreme court. senator chuck grassley predicting president will be making an appointment to the court very soon saying he thinks one of the justices will retire this summer. ginsberg and kennedy are in their 80s, breyer is 78. they would need a simple majority to confirm the president's pick. they changed the precedent to get justice neil gorsuch. for months the rumor has been justice kennedy is ready to possibly retire. he will be 81 this summer.
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working very hard. you would be replacing someone on the right side of the bench with another person. it wouldn't flip the court but you would get maybe another 30 years, a young pup in there. >> bill: do you think it's weeks away? >> shannon: we could know within weeks. there is a 50/50 on whether he stays another year or goes this june. >> bill: we'll watch it. back to the steps we go. here we go, rex tillerson. >> this deal represents the same failed approach of the past that brought us to the current imminent threat we face from north korea. the trump administration has no intention of passing the buck to a future administration on iran. the evidence is clear, iran's provocative actions threat en the united states, the region and the world. >> bill: they don't like this deal. harsh words on iran describing the nuclear deal signed by the previous administration as a failure. former arkansas governor mike huckabee live in florida today. good morning to you. tillerson says the deal only
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delays their goal of becoming a nuclear state. i know you do not disagree with that. i think it leads to the question. >> i do not. >> bill: what can this administration do about it? >> donald trump needs to tear up the deal and start over. we can't trust iran. for 38 years they have never not one time, bill, kept a promise, kept a commitment. they have murdered their own people in the streets for protesting them. they've continued to sponsor terrorism through hezbollah as well as through hamas. they're the world's leading sponsor of state terrorism. this was a stupid deal. this is like unlocking the liquor cabinet and leaving the key in the hands of an unreformed alcoholic and saying you can sit next to it, we hope you'll behave well. he won't. this is why this iranian deal can't just be revised. it needs to be totally reversed. >> bill: marco rubio had the following about the legality of this agreement or otherwise
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when he said this to bret last night. >> i still in fact we should say that was a deal made by a previous administration. it is not legally binding, never submitted to the congress for approval. it is not a treaty. a political agreement with the previous administration. there is a new administration. >> bill: what to do now. bob corker travels all the time overseas. he said secretary tillerson made clear take regardless of iran's technical compliance the with deal we're not under any illusion from the threat from tehran and working with congress to push back. would you expect action now out of washington >> i sure hope so. the big question is why did the previous administration ever make this deal in the first place? it was irrational at the time. the only reason that makes sense is there was a whole lot of money that was being frozen and a lot of pressure from big multi-national corporations and other governments who wanted their money back but still it
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is not a financial issue when you put at risk the safety and security not just of the middle east but bill, the entire globe. these are people who have sponsored terrorism around the world. they've taken americans hostage. they've killed americans. they've imprisoned americans falsely. why on earth would we have anything to do with them and have any trust. let me point out. it is not just they treated other people this way, the persian culture and iranian people, beautiful, wonderful, delightful people and culture that goes back thousands of years and this radical regime has done everything they can to destroy any semblance of the antiquities and the very culture they inheristed. >> bill: tillerson says we've already seen the pattern. it's north korea. you delay and you acquire and he says that's the case with iran today. last word on that. >> well, i think there is a
6:20 am
great parallel. north korea, iran. one has nuclear weapons. both of them are crazy enough to use them. the world is crazy if it doesn't stop them because we can stop them now before they light the candle or we can regret that we didn't and try to hit it before it hits us while it's in the air on the way to a target. >> bill: thank you for your time. thank you, sir, as always. appreciate it. >> thank you, bill. >> shannon: sailing through space any minute docking at the international space station. we'll have a live look as the spacecraft actually arrives. >> bill: we may have a showdown here. ann coulter isn't backing down after uc berkeley cancelled her appearance. coulter says this one ain't over, folks. >> i am giving the speech. i don't know, what are they going to do, arrest me?
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>> bill: want to share with you a live look now international space station where the spacecraft is set to dock this hour. it took off from earth at 3:00 this morning. arriving at the space station about six hours later. that's a road trip, folks. they are carrying two new crew members. the lab is for research and discovery and all that good stuff. >> i agreed to all their demands and wake up this morning and they send out a letter saying how much they love the first amendment and freedom of speech and they're so committed to it but we're canceling her anyway. >> what does it mean they're canceling? not allowing you to speak the
6:25 am
supporters of the first amendment? >> well, we'll find out if they arrest me when i show up to give my speech. >> shannon: defiant ann coulter saying she plans to speak at uc berkeley next week despite the school cancelling it citing safety concerns. is it more about the content of her conservative message? jonathan hunt is live from los angeles. what else are we hearing from miss coulter about her plans? >> ann coulter's position is very simple, really, shannon, it is that no school that accepts public funs in any way can or should ban free speech. >> this is a taxpayer funded institution. not to mention lots of kids getting federal money to be there. attorney general jeff sessions should be looking at this. >> uc berkeley officials say it's not about free speech,
6:26 am
it's about the safety of students on campus and it is about proper planning. listen here. >> if we had had adequate time to work with the berkeley college republicans to work with the event. locate the venue. let the police do the security assessment they needed to do i'm confident this event would have been happening on april 27. >> ms. coulter says it will happen april 27 whether uc likes it or not. >> shannon: all right. for a university known as the home of the free speech movement, berkeley has been shutting down a lot of speakers recently, right? >> yeah. of course, most notoriously in february when the young and very controversial conservative commentator was forced to pull out among violent protests, left wing activists considered it a major victory. others consider it a major blow
6:27 am
to free speech and to the principle that anyone should be allowed to speak on any college campus. of course, as recently as this past weekend, pro and anti-trump demonstrators fought violent ain a berkeley park. part of the city of berkeley, not on campus. the bottom line on the ann coulter situation is this, she says she will speak. college republicans say they will find an off-campus venue and there are winners and losers in this. the left wing activists are winners getting a lot of publicity for their cause, whichever way it goes, ann coulter is probably a winner because she will sell a lot more books thanks to this publicity. the only real loser in this you have to say is uc berkeley and the long fought-for reputation for being a bastion of free speech. it seems to be dispeering
6:28 am
quickly. >> bill: those anarchists weren't necessarily from campus. >> shannon: first amendment is all about protecting speech you don't like. the easy stuff doesn't need protection. >> bill: elizabeth warren slamming president trump saying he was propelled to victory in part by racism. our panel is here to react. >> shannon: the bombshell book on the 2016 campaign prompting a search for leakers within the clinton's inner circle. >> bill: update on a dreamer suing the trump team. the judge presiding over his case has a history with the president. how could this play out as the attorney general jeff sessions issues a warning. >> if people are here unlawfully they're subject to being deported. our priority is clear. our priority is to end the lawlessness at the border. so i immediately picked out the biggest guy in there.
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>> bill: new developments in the case of juan man well
6:32 am
montez, 23 years old brought to the u.s. as a child illegally in mexico at the moment and in a lawsuit is the first dreamer to face deportation. administration saying he was not actually deported. the judge will be an obama pointy judge -- the same judge who handled a trump university matter and repeatedly attacked by mr. trump during the campaign. what will give here? we're watching the story in l.a. is he or is he not a dreamer? >> a dreamer first of all is undocumented immigrant brought to the u.s. by their parents as a child. president obama created the dacha program five years ago to allow kids to go to school or work without deportation. the permit must be renewed every two years and you can't
6:33 am
leave the country. montez claims in a lawsuit he was having lunch with a friend on the u.s. side when he was stopped by the border patrol. when he couldn't produce his dacha i.d. he had had it, he was deported. homeland security says that is not accurate. saying quote there are no records or evidence to support his claim that he was detained or taken to the port of entry on february 18th. what they do say and montez admits, one day later he tried to enter illegally by climbing the border's fence, caught and deported. dhs says he made no mention of his dacha status. it wouldn't matter anyway. the permit was violated when he went to mexico. >> bill: why is this being made a big deal? because it's the first one or not? >> it's kind of the second. the facts of the case are in dispute in terms of was he taken off the street and
6:34 am
deported or was he caught coming over. there are 750,000 dreamers. president trump said he would not deport them. critics have been looking for a case to highlight trump's inhumane policies. durbin called it alarming. montez's attorneys filed a lawsuit. they believe he was deported illegally that first time. jeff sessions addressed the case yesterday. >> dacha enrollees are not being targeted. i don't know why this individual was picked up. everybody in the country illegally is subject to being deported. so people come here and they stay here a few years and somehow they think that they aren't subject to being deported. well, they are. >> the judge in the case handled the trump university case as you recall. candidate trump said he couldn't be objective because of mexican heritage even though he was born in indiana. the facts are still in dispute in this case.
6:35 am
>> bill: more later tonight. martha talks with the dhs secretary john kelly and the a.g. jeff sessions about all this. first 100 days continue 7:00 eastern time here on fox. check it out. >> it's an ugly stew of racism. part of it is trump tapping into anger. he got that people are deeply angry and people are right to be angry but donald trump said it's their fault, those other people, the people who don't worship like you or don't look like you or aren't the same color. that was a big part. he told a story. it's just the wrong story. >> shannon: massachusetts senators elizabeth warren citing racism and anger for president trump's victory over clinton. shouldn't it fall on her and her campaign.
6:36 am
we have two fox news contributors here today. all right, doug, racism and anger. i also, though, thought it was sexism. maybe it's all theisms, what say you? >> it was certainly anger. there was legitimate anger at the pace and direction of the economy, the loss of jobs, immigration, it's impact on the economy. that's what donald trump tapped into. but to call it racism i think is a terrible mistake especially in light, as you alluded to, shannon, the very real and clear mistakes that the hillary clinton campaign made as documented in the new book sht shattered." i chose twice not to work for hillary clinton and clear to me i made the right decision both times. >> shannon: why did you do that? did you think, as the book says, she didn't have a vision to articulate? why do you make the choice professionally? >> same reason. i was up close and personal in
6:37 am
the white house between 1994 and 2001. i had occasion to interact with the first lady then. ultimately senator from new york. and secretary of state. i did not believe that her leadership style was going to be one that would be taken well on the national stage. so i just opted out. and the book confirms what i saw myself many years ago. >> shannon: okay. so now there is a lot of reaction to the book from her inner circle. i want to read a little bit what we're hearing from the "new york post." they say the knives are out to find the people who spoke about the campaign to the authors of this book. dennis asking who talked. he is on a witch hunt to find who they talked throwing hillary and her campaign manager under the bus. the top campaign staffers will have a get together farewell party april 27th. wouldn't you love to be there?
6:38 am
>> i think everybody would love to be there. like doug, i didn't support hillary clinton, either. i supported donald trump and i did so because i thought he was the best man for the job with his vision on immigration and getting our economy moving and addressing all the things that we discuss on a daily basis. the real thing. i have to disagree with the senator, it is not racism, it is the reagan democrats. the blue dog democrats and others disenfranchised by the democratic party looking to label and split and divide the country. i look at all those people as good americans who finally got back into the game and we have an opportunity to continue that in the next upcoming georgia special election but moving forward in 18. >> shannon: the senator talks about the divisiveness and putting people into groups. once hillary clinton made that deplorable comment people loved it and wore it as a badge of honor and with pride. so sometimes the vision has a
6:39 am
blowback or different impact than you thought. so ultimately did sort of that attitude about the people who were voting for donald trump and supporting him and the distain and distaste that her campaign clearly communicated end up being her undoing in part? >> in a word yes, you're absolutely right. i was one of those who got bill clinton to move to the center to focus on the working class and mainstream democratic voters he had ignored in his first team and hillary clinton ignored twice. and candidly if she had listened to my former partner mark penn and president bill clinton hillary clinton might have done well enough to have been elected. but senator brown is right. there is legitimate anger, people have been left out and the clinton campaign ignored those people at their ultimate peril. >> shannon: back to these leaks in the book and who helped put it together, it is very detailed, exhaustively researched all kinds of quotes
6:40 am
and multiple sources. do you think they get to the bottom of who from the inner circle may have betrayed the former secretary? do you think it's time to let it go or do you think in politics people are always keeping score and they'll catch up with you at some point? >> people always keep score. politics is a blood sport as we all know. that being said, yes, i'm sure they'll ultimately find out but i don't know why it matters. the election is over. they don't want it to be over. they are still trying to get people fired up and obviously the democrats need a victory because they lost in kansas, they lost, i think, in georgia and ultimately will lose. so you have to find a way to keep the base kind of fired up and then you throw racism, sexism, bigotry out there and it gets people excited. that's sad. we're americans first. we have to work together. we have real foreign policy and economic challenges and we have an opportunity to be the best of the best and i think we're kind of blowing it a little bit.
6:41 am
>> shannon: there is a partisan divide on the hill, no doubt about that. good to see you both. >> bill: 20 minutes now before the hour. congressman jason chaffetz urging his colleagues and the republican party to seize the moment. >> i was critical of the democrats when they had the house, senate and presidency and critical under bush. i thought they blew it. two main objectives. repeal and replace obamacare and engage in tax reform. >> bill: if that's the future, what does that special election in georgia tell both parties? we'll make that case coming up. >> shannon: dramatic video showing the moment a firefighter catches a baby thrown to safety from a burning building. what the firefighters told the baby's father minutes before that happened. tomorrow is not a given.
6:42 am
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>> shannon: a georgia firefighter making a lifesaving
6:45 am
catch on the job. look at the moment that hero catches a baby. thrown from the second floor of that burning apartment building. the firefighter was one of the first to arrive on the scene. he told that father you have to drop the baby. i promise you i will catch him and he did. listen, they do heroic things everyday. sometimes they're caught on camera. >> bill: awesome story. well done, men, good job. democrats and republicans trying to read the tea leaves in 2018 as a special election from georgia now heads to a runoff. democrats hoping the race kick starts a nationwide referendum on president trump. according to karl rove, they've got a long way to go. he writes "wall street journal" this. it's undeniable both party are in trouble. public disgust for politicians is getting worse. maybe next year it will be known as the lesser than two
6:46 am
evils mid-term. the president of citizens united, david. >> seeing that firefighter catch that baby is an amazing thing. >> bill: is rove right? did both sides have some concern here? >> i think karl's article in the "wall street journal" is on point. he is making a lot of smart points in that piece. i will say that i believe the democrats have a lot further to go because it's hard to just be the party of opposition and really anger and hate against president trump and his leadership and what he is doing to change america's view around the world. i think that we have -- we saw on tuesday in georgia results that were good for the republicans. we had 11 republicans get a total of 52% of the vote. really, the democrat candidate really his ceiling is 48. that's what he got. i think with voter intensity going to be down in june on the
6:47 am
election day in june will be down somewhat. i think we're going to be able to win that election. >> bill: he performed a point better than hillary clinton did in november and spent $10 million in a congressional district. the fact he was 1 point, 3 points better than november. is that something that we're hanging on with too high a level of -- >> it is. i'll be honest. i think it will go away on election day. the intensity was incredible on tuesday. two months from now they won't be able to keep that intensity up and we'll win other races. we'll win south carolina in two weeks as well. 10 da as well. they aren't going to be able to get there. i think it's a good omen for president trump's agenda. >> bill: republicans are inclined to give president
6:48 am
trump good grades on his performance in office so far. democrats are tougher, mostly ds and fs. it's arguing basically that the partisan sides will see it the way they want to see it. how do you score the first 100 days as we approach that? >> bill, i think the president has done an amazing job. look, just at what the president has done on leadership and on american prestige around the world. what he has done is put america back on the map. he has firmly planted the american flag and america first policies as his priorities. i have to tell you, it's having impact around the world. it is having impact here at home. what he did in syria, not leading from behind but being a leader of the free world and showing the free world you've -- >> bill: you have the two big ones hanging out there, right? you have healthcare and tax reform. >> we do. >> bill: what is it day 93 today? i'm not saying you change the country in 93 days but you have
6:49 am
to get one, if not both, very soon. what is your feeling on that? >> i've never been a fan of the 100 day mark. i believe next week we make headway. congressional leadership will get their act together and help the white house get the obamacare repeal and replace done. that puts tax reform very important tax reform for the president to bring jobs home to america, to make companies hire again here in america back on the forefront to get done this summer or early fall. >> bill: you know something that we don't on healthcare? >> i talk to a lot of people. you talk to a lot of people on the hill and at the white house. i have to tell you, i think they're very close to a deal and i hope that will come to fruition next week. >> bill: heard that before, right? >> we've heard it many times. i can tell you from the folks i'm talking to, i feel pretty darn optimistic about it.
6:50 am
>> bill: david thank you for your time. come back soon in washington, d.c. >> shannon: there are new questions one day after the apparent suicide of former nfl star and convicted killer aaron hernandez. what his family is now saying as some wonder if there may be more to his death. >> it's possible it might not be a suicide. i would just say as the senator representing this prison, there are people who are committing suicide five, six, seven people within this facility every couple years. tech: when your windshield needs to be fixed... trust safelite autoglass. our exclusive trueseal technology means a strong, reliable bond. at safelite, we stand behind our work... because the ones you love, sit behind it.
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6:53 am
>> shannon: new details in the death of aaron hernandez. new reports he was found with a biblical verse written on his face. family and friends pushing for a thorough investigation into
6:54 am
exactly what happened. we are joined live by molly. what is the word we're getting from hernandez's attorney. >> they've expressed extreme shock at the death of aaron hernandez who was found hanging in his prison cell yesterday morning. corrections officials saying various items were used to block the door. the attorney that represented aaron hernandez in his recent trial that he gained an acquittal last week saying there were no conversations or correspondence or legal team that would have indicated anything like this was possible. aaron was looking forward to an opportunity for a second chance to prove his innocence. those who love and care about him are heartbroken and determined to find the truth surrounding his untimely death. law firm reports it will conduct its own examination of its tragic event and specifically requesting that authorities conduct a transparent and thorough investigation. >> shannon: any word regarding why this happened now?
6:55 am
>> there is no word that any sort of suicide note was found that would give us some sort of insight into what aaron hernandez was thinking. you mentioned something off the top. there are multiple reports that he had scrawled the numbers of the bible verse john 3:16 on his forehead and also in a bible open to that specific page. here is the verse. for god so loved the world that he gave his only begot en son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. the timing of all of this has struck some people as odd because of the most recent acquittal in this case the jury declared him not guilty in the murder of the drive-by shooting of two men in 2012 and appealing his 2015 murder conviction for the killing of lloyd, the murder conviction that had placed him in prison when he was serving the life sentence. >> shannon: thank you very much, molly. >> bill: what do you make of this? >> shannon: you had brought up
6:56 am
the fact he had seen his daughter and a lot of people say he was sort of hopeful about seeing her. but maybe there was despair over the fact he wouldn't be with her growing up. >> bill: it is a tragedy all the way around when you think about the opportunity he had in the nfl and so many opportunities in life and to throw it away like that. that's tough to watch. >> shannon: no good end. >> bill: the search on for a traitor inside the cia. the feds hunting a manhunt for a mole. latest on that. rex tillerson slamming the nuclear deal with iran comparing it to years of talks with pyongyang that only produced a nuclear north korea. we're live at the state department on that next.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> shannon: this is a fox news alert. the c.i.a. and f.b.i. launching a manhunt for a traitor inside the spy agency. who leaked thousands of top secret documents. welcome to a busy hour of america's newsroom. i'm shannon bream. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer.
7:00 am
wikileaks published the information a month ago. deep in the shadows it's cloak and dagger, the largest breach in c.i.a. history exposing how the agency can hack your phone, laptop and any electronic device. >> shannon: chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington with more. >> the f.b.i. is running a counter intelligence investigation one of the most highly classified and sensitive probes that can be launched by the bureau. they're exploring whether an insider at the agency was responsible for the theft of thousands of documents revealing the c.i.a.'s most sensitive cyber tools. the records were posted by wikileaks alleging the c.i.a. has the ability to explore weaknesses in iphones and smart appliances turning them into recording and eavesdropping devices. without commenting on the authenticity of these records posted by wikileaks mike pompeo called out the website for damaging national security.
7:01 am
>> wikileaks walks and talks like a hostile intelligence service. it has encouraged followers to find jobs at the c.i.a. in order intelligence. it's time to call out wikileaks for what it really is. a non-state hostile intelligence services embedded with state actors like rush yas. >> he emphasized these tools aren't used at targets inside the u.s. wikileaks got the records because of bad cyber hygiene and implied an insider was involved. >> shannon: a former c.i.a. case officer is making a plea to president trump. was that about? >> case office is speaking out about her decade long ordeal after an italian court convicted her and others connected with the 2003 u.s. government sanctioned kidnapping of omar.
7:02 am
he was snatched from italy and flown to egypt where he claimed to be tortured. omar was released but susa is living a legal nightmare. the trump administration is february and mike pompeo intervened and her sentence was reduced but says she must still return to italy and likely testify before their government. >> several members have been pushing the italian intelligence services for release and declassification of documents related to this case. >> will that be damaging? >> damaging for both countries. at this point right now italy, the previous prime minister, asserted state secrets over everything italian and in the u.s. everything is classified. >> sthe is asking the president to raise the issue later today at his meeting with the italian prime minister. she says it sets a dangerous precedent when c.i.a. officers and diplomats are prosecuted
7:03 am
for doing what they've been directed by the u.s. government when they're overseas, shannon. >> shannon: the latest from washington thank you. >> bill: meanwhile the secretary of state rex tillerson now slamming the iran deal with the iran nuclear deal in tehran saying it will send the rogue nation down the same path north korea has gone. >> an unchecked iran has the potential to travel the same path as north korea and take the world along with it. the united states is keen to avoid a second piece of evidence that strategic patience is a failed approach. the comprehensive iran policy requires we address all of the threats posed by iran and it is clear there are many. >> bill: washington correspondent rich edson live at the state department. what does it mean for the iran nuclear deal? >> this is the strongest condemnation and indictment yet that the trump administration has offered on the iran nuclear
7:04 am
agreement. secretary of state rex tillerson saying it doesn't do anything to forestall the eventual reality of iran becoming a nuclear state. he said iran is in compliance with the agreement, it is the same approach the united states took to north korea, a country that now has a nuclear weapon and continues to develop its program. the trump administration initiated a review of the agreement whether or not it will continue it. the problem for the u.s. here is first off iran has been the beneficiary of billion else of dollars of unfrozen assets already as part of that agreement and to reinstate it would also involve getting other countries to ramp up sanctions that have been relieved, which is difficult to get other countries on board. >> bill: i addressed americans being held in iran. >> he said there are several americans held in iran now unjustly. two of them are a father and son iranian americans.
7:05 am
the president actually tweeted about them before he was president. then candidate donald trump wrote iran has done it again, taken two of our people and asking for a fortune for their release. this doesn't happen if i'm president and now his family is asking the trump administration to follow through on that promise. >> i would like to implore president trump to hold true to his promise. it really heartened me when i learned of his personal interest in my family's case and i would expect he will spare no efforts to secure the release of my family. >> his father is in poor health and time is of the essence for the administration. >> bill: rich edson from the state department. thank you. >> shannon: for more on all of our issues with iran steve hayes, good to see you this morning, steve. let's start with the fact that we have said that iran is in compliance with the iran nuclear deal even though the
7:06 am
administration says it will launch a review of the whole thing and they won't make a pronouncement on future actions. here is what iran's foreign minister tweeted out. so is compliance more about they're good actors and they're doing the right things or the way this deal was written they happen to be in compliance with the strictures of it. >> it's much more the latter although i think there are questions about whether they're even in compliance at all. part of the problem and rich edson alluded to it is the way the deal was set up is that iran got many of the benefits on the deal on the front end and they have to comply with certain aspects of the deal as we move forward. they've gotten the rewards in a sense. the trump administration reviewing this deal rather than ripping it up that's what you would hear from the white house and state department. one of the things that i think
7:07 am
was a positive in tillerson's comments is he once again surfaced this iran sponsorship of terror. it was an issue that disappeared by the obama administration for eight years. it's important to include it. the obama administration had a formal policy of decoupling iran's nuclear program and talks on the one hand and behavior in the region and terrorism on the other. this administration has made a full change on that approach to iran. >> shannon: secretary tillerson said iran spent its treasure and time disrupting peace and grave risks to international peace and security. in that deal we gave them 1.7 billion of untraceable cash to use as they will? >> they reaped tons of rewards in addition to just the fact that they were the ones able to dictate the terms of the agreement. the obama administration let them write the agreement and signed it and didn't disclose parts of that agreement to the u.s. congress and to the u.s.
7:08 am
public. mike pompeo current c.i.a. director was one of two members of congress including tom cotton who discovered those side deals and sought to have them publicized for the american people. having mike pompeo at the c.i.a. will bring renewed focus on the threat that iran presents. >> shannon: you've got a piece that talks about experts looking at what we can tell about iran's nuclear program and saying it doesn't line up with what you expect for civilian nuclear needs program. if so a colossal waste of money and hints towards a weapons-based program. >> very interesting reporter at the weekly standard that we just posted. she talks to david albright who is one of the leading nuclear experts really in the world and who has been following the iranian nuclear program for years. he told her it's just not consistent, what they're doing is not consistent with a peaceful civilian nuclear program. more consistent with a nuclear weapons program. that's a pretty big deal to
7:09 am
have that kind of assessment come from somebody with the stature of david albright. >> shannon: we have that and the tough talk with secretary tillerson and a full review of the deal. we'll see where it goes. >> bill: a lot of the trump team didn't like the deal, it was front loaded to get iran to say yes. how you claw that back now is a real international mystery. >> shannon: you still have a sanctions issues. those can play out. the 1.7 billion untraceable cash. >> bill: let's see what move they make next. shades of the cold war? russian jets into u.s. territory. second time in as many days. what is putin up to now? we'll talk to general jack keane about this. then there is this. >> president trump: secretary mnuchin is working to make our industry more competitive and also to provide a level playing field for our workers. we don't have a level playing field, believe me.
7:10 am
>> shannon: president trump saying his tax reform plan is right on track but some actually saying it is on thin ice. we'll get both sides coming up. >> bill: also, reports of the death of healthcare reform. is that premature? according to paul ryan. will we see it come back to life? big question in washington now. >> it's difficult to do. we are very good. make good on the promises that were made. we want to have a system in america where everyone has affordable access to good health insurance, good healthcare coverage including people with pre-existing conditions.
7:11 am
7:12 am
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7:14 am
>> bill: moscow yet again casting doubt on testing it found victims of the chemical attack in syria were exposed to sarin gas. they question the conclusions released yesterday by an international chemical weapons watchdog. military spokesman demanding an explanation how the samples were collected and analysis done so quickly. many nations have accused the syrian government. dozens of people died in that attack. >> we're in the midst of the negotiating finishing touches. our members want to make sure we lower premiums. that a person who is buying health insurance has a lot of choices and actually has transparency and that they know what things will cost before they buy them. that's one of the big problems
7:15 am
we have in healthcare. >> shannon: paul ryan breathing new life into the promise of healthcare reform saying gop lawmakers are hammering out the final details for a bill to repeal and replace obamacare once and for all. a columnist for the washington news and fellow of the american interprice institute, good to see you this morning, mark. they have a lot of different coalitions to make happy. they only had 10 or 12 votes they were short last time. how do you pull in the conservatives and keep the moderates happy. congressman tom mcarthur one of the co-chairs of the tuesday group who at one point said would not take any calls anymore from the freedom caucus. he said they have worked out measures that will bridge the gap. what could those be? >> first of all, thank god for paul ryan he isn't giving up on
7:16 am
this. if republicans don't do something about obamacare it has to get done. they were really only 10 to 12 votes short last time around. it was a small number of people as you describe the tuesday group, the sentist group and a group of people in the freedom caucus. it's like squeezing a toothpaste tube. if you make changes on one end and you lose people on the other. they have to find a way to get the two sides together to keep all the toothpaste in the tube and pass this thing. the big issue is focused on the issue of covering people with pre-existing conditions and keeping premiums low. the freedom caucus wanted to get the central health benefits, requirement in obamacare you have to cover certain things and something called a community rating. a complicated way of saying in a particular area everybody gets covered at the same price. you can't take into consideration whether they were pre-existing conditions or not. if you get of those two things without anything else to
7:17 am
replace them premiums will go up for older people and people with pre-existing conditions will lose their coverage. let's say you have cancer and the law says you have to provide coverage for people with cancer. you don't have a pre-existing condition covered. they're coming up with a solution to make sure those people with pre-existing conditions get insurance called high-risk pools. taxpayer subsidized coverage for those people who are high risk and keeping the premiums low. if they can do that they can pass this thing. >> shannon: some of it is allowing states to apply for waivers and show they can meet conditions they can get some of these obamacare mandates. it was appealing to house freedom caucus. it worried the moderates. if it's the states that have to get the waiver and get approval from the federal government do you think the framework will work for both ends of the toothpaste tube? >> i think it will. what -- the states all the pre-existing and community rating requirements will remain-in-law but states can
7:18 am
apply for a waiver if they have a high-risk pool. that's -- you take all the people who are not healthy and who have pre-existing or chronic conditions and put them in a pool with taxpayer subsidized cover and it lowers premiums for everybody else who is healthy because they aren't expensive to ensure. if you can create that situation you solve that problem. >> shannon: what do you make as speaker ryan saying it is important for tax reform, that is the next big thing they'll get done. much easier to healthcare reform done first. they may vote as early as next week. >> two reasons why it's important to tax reform. momentum. politics is like sports, a game of momentum and if you don't have momentum, it is hard to score the next goal, right? the failure to pass obamacare was a momentum killer for the republicans and made it harder to pass anything else. if they can get it done they can get momentum back and the issue of revenues.
7:19 am
there are a trillion dollars in obamacare taxes that have to be repealed in the house bill. you need that repeal to be able to do tax reform. because if you don't have it, it makes tax reform much more expensive to do. they need to do obamacare. the reason they took that on first they needed to lower the baseline to get tax reform done. >> shannon: doon this next week? >> no, they shouldn't. >> shannon: we'll put you down for no and watch and see when they come back to washington and get to work. >> bill: might be something else if they do, right? russia is buzzing the coast of alaska. second time in two days. uc berkeley canceling and appearance by ann coulter. she is not backing down. >> that is a taxpayer funded institution, not to mention lots of kids getting federal money to be there. attorney general jeff sessions should be looking at this.
7:20 am
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7:23 am
>> shannon: ever been furious after getting a park being ticket? this driver made things worse. he got into an argument with a transit officer and rammed his red convertible into the officer's vehicle knocking it over with the person inside. he got an attorney. >> bill: second time in two days russia flying two nuclear capable bombers off the coast of alaska. the bombers coming within 36 miles of the mainland. radar spotting them at 5:00 yesterday. bring in jack keane and good day to you. let's start with russia here. in a way, what is this all
7:24 am
about? don't forget about us? here we are over here and we have jets to fly also? >> that's part of it. they're trying to grab a headline here and demonstrate they're a world power, that should be respected. you have to consider the propaganda and how they approach the russian people. they cast the united states as an aggressor that's uncontrollable and they show themselves to the russian people that we're attempting to control the united states aggression. so spy ships on the east coast, bombers, that's all part of this strategy to inform the russian people that russia is a world power and doing its best to promote peace and stability in the world. it's all poppycock and propaganda to be sure and that's what's happening. >> bill: a week ago the president sent out the tweet. things will work out fine between the u.s. and russia. at the right time everyone will come the their senses and there will be lasting peace. do you agree?
7:25 am
>> i agree with the policy of the trump administration that has emerged so far, that is reassure our allies, get behind their backs as happened in europe and the middle east and far east and also put the military option on the table as a credible option. i think we are moving now in the right direction because america is back on the world stage again exercising responsible, serious decisive and moral leadership like we should be. >> bill: on iran. the administration does not like this deal and rex tillerson had tough words about it yesterday. what can they do at this point? >> yeah, we're in kind of a tough spot. it's a deal our audience knows will eventually permit iran to have nuclear weapons. the very thing we were negotiating not to have. but that's what the deal does. and iran, as of now, is
7:26 am
complying with it. but most of us are skeptical about that. they are complying with it. what i like about tillerson's statement is that he wants to deal with the whole issue of iran, not just nuclear weapons, their desire for nuclear weapons but their aggressive assertiveness in the region and trampling on u.s. and allied interests in iraq, syria, yemen and their desire to dominate and control the middle east. that's their number one objective. they'll review how to deal with iran. the answers that come out will be very different than the obama administration. the obama administration thought they would join the international community of nations and behave with this deal. it won't happen. this administration will take a tough stand. >> bill: the trump team thinks iran will be nuclear and a question of when.
7:27 am
>> u.s. policy should be that iran should never have nuclear weapons and i'm hoping out of the review comes a policy along those lines. we'll put a military option back on the table to stop iran from having a nuclear weapon. if iran has a nuclear weapon, the middle east goes nuclear in terms of the sunni arab states we risk the first nuclear exchange in mankind. that makes no sense at all. we have to stop iran from having a nuclear weapon. >> bill: thank you for your time, general. jack keane there in washington thank you, sir. >> shannon: could it be a supreme court showdown take two? a key senator hinting the president may have another supreme court vacancy to fill soon. >> bill: these popular headphones do a lot more than that according to what people are saying. call the spy team.
7:28 am
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7:31 am
>> shannon: senator grassley thinks there will be another seat on the supreme court. a rumored retirement on the way but declining to mention which justice he thinks it will be. peter doocy is live in d.c. how confident is the senator there is about to be an opening on the high court? >> pretty confident? he said i would expect a resignation this summer. grassley went further saying that president trump's next nominee will probably come from the list that gorsuch was part of that candidate trump released during the campaign to assure conservative voters he would choose from a list of respected conservative judges. grassley is in the know about all this as chairman of the senate judiciary committee. the leader of the confirmation
7:32 am
process in the congress. orrin hatch said the next fight will be armageddon. that could be the one that changes the direction of the court because gorsuch known as a conservative replaced a conservative justice in scalia. if a more liberal justice leaves or independent minded justice leaves and replaced by a conservative the impact on decisions could last for decades, shannon. >> shannon: that's true. we know what happened this last time around. next time would republicans be able to use the nuclear option to confirm yet another justice? >> yes, as long as they're still in control of the senate they'll need 51 votes to confirm a supreme court justice. the process changed the precedent of the upper changer for high court nominees. that means it will be the way that all supreme court justices are confirmed unless somebody changes that precedent again. >> shannon: all right, peter doocy live in washington
7:33 am
thank you so much. >> president trump: we don't have a level playing field. we'll have one very soon. our tax reform and tax plan is coming along very well and will be out soon. >> bill: president trump saying a win on tax reform is around the former. some pundits wonder if it's in jeopardy. the "new york post" says we're more worried now that steve mnuchin has admitted congress won't get the job done before august. how many deadlines will they miss? a few more and the delays may add up to failure. the president for americans for tax reform is here with me today. i know you want this done. what is your sense as to whether or not the post's opinion is correct on this? >> i understand their concern and everyone should always be concerned that congress can delay things. it's structured to do that.
7:34 am
but look at the agreement that you have between the trump campaign, the trump administration, the republicans in the house and senate. the big items, the big lines in the sand on tax reform are all agreed to. the president wants to take the corporate rate 35%, which is about the highest in the world in the industrial world down to 20% which makes us competitive with the european average of 22%. that's a big step in making american more competitive. small businesses pass through sub chapter ss they come from 40 to 25%. not often talked about but very important to a lot of smaller businesses, newer businesses that pay their taxes through the individual tax even though it's business income. >> bill: you are making the case the sides are growing closer together. >> yes. >> bill: that would give a sense of optimism, correct? >> and this is already cooked.
7:35 am
the understanding that this will happen, that's in the stock market today. if that were to unravel, things would get very problematic. so the pressure -- >> bill: the pressure is there. you also argue that healthcare must come first. >> yes. >> bill: because of the taxes built into obamacare. that's a big speed bump. >> it is. both the tuesday group and the freedom caucus have sat down and appear to have come to some agreements. i wish they had shown up to do their homework a couple months ago instead of waiting until the bill was written and decided to edit it. we'll get there. this would have been nice to be three weeks ahead of where we are. but it appears that there is an agreement which could have been done five months ago on some things. and that we will get the trillion dollars in tax reduction, the block granting of medicaid, and the savings of
7:36 am
over $1.2 trillion in spending. all of those make tax reform infinitely easier to do and that when they get done, tax reform and the obamacare repeal will be permanent, unlike the bush tax cuts which lapsed in year 11. >> bill: you are talking about a massive movement on behalf of the government. this isn't easy to get done. >> it's not. >> bill: our colleagues at fox businesses, maria was on with us and a guest on that said if you don't get healthcare and tax reform done this year, you will go into recession. you've thought about that. do you see that as a possibility? >> that's not impossible because obama left us with the weakest recovery in recent history. less than 2%. reagan's was more than 4%. there is a reason there are 12 million people out of work who would have been employed if we had had reagan levels of growth. the economy right now is
7:37 am
fragile. it has been given tremendous hope with a supreme court judge, with new people at the ftc and fcc and fda that are deregulating whole industries, permits for pipelines. those are all great. we need obamacare fixed and we need tax rates down. the president can't do it all with appointments. >> bill: thank you for your time. hope you come back. >> tomorrow. >> bill: let's see about that. grover norquist is washington, d.c. >> shannon: president trump welcoming the super bowl champion new england patriots to the white house hosting the along with five super bowl trophies. rob gronkowski showing up everywhere these days. check this out. >> can i just -- >> need some help? >> i think i've got this but -- maybe. all right, thanks, man. i'll see you in a minute. [laughter] that was cool.
7:38 am
>> shannon: having seen him in action maybe you shouldn't have so quickly turned down the offer for help. >> bill: if you put spicer up to gronkowski, big difference there. there is a new crew racing into space full steam ahead. have you seen it? >> engines firing. building up the flight speed and lift-off. >> bill: this is an electrifying nine minute orbit. conservative ann coulter isn't welcome at berkeley. why administrators cancelled plans for her to speak on campus but is it over yet? >> on what grounds? what was their justification? >> lots of words, words, words because i called their bluff and they didn't have another reason to cancel me.
7:39 am
this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at
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7:42 am
>> bill: good news for you. scott brown, fox news contributor has been nominated to be the next ambassador in new zealand. that's a great gig. >> shannon: isn't that your dream ambassador location? >> bill: you can scan the world. the south island of new zealand is one of the most magical places on the entire planet. good gig. if he needs travel partners we could escort him down there. >> shannon: we could do the show from there. we're offering. >> bill: right now that's the nomination. >> shannon: interesting nomination, congratulations. >> i am giving the speech. what will they do, arrest me? they can put me in the birmingham jail. no, i'm definitely giving the speech. >> shannon: ann coulter refusing to be silenced of uc berkeley canceled her speech for next week on campus.
7:43 am
university leaders point to riots in february saying they can't keep her safe. >> if we had time to plan for this event. to locate a venue, let the police do the security assessment they needed to do i'm pretty confident this event would have been happening april 27th. >> shannon: president of the eagle forum fund and chairman of the missouri state republican party and emily tisch sussman is with the action fund. good to see you both today. we all remember this images and showed some of them there. what has happened in earlier situations where a conservative speaker showed up on campus and people weren't happy about it and the school has had a lot of people were from outside the campus. the result was the same. their excuse is that they can't guarantee her safety, don't these people win in silencing her. if they show up and be violent no conservative will ever speak at campus again? >> she certainly is getting a
7:44 am
platform. we're talking about it now. a national platform she never would have gotten otherwise. the issue in berkeley now they do currently are dealing with riots all over the city and including campus. last weekend there were 20 arrests of a clash between white supremeists and anarchists. the campus doesn't have way to adequately secure her and the students it feels like priority number one. if she wants to go ahead and there is violence she should own responsibility for that. >> shannon: this is what she said. >> i agreed to all their demand and wake up this morning and they send out a letter saying how much they love the first amendment and freedom of speech and they're so committed to it but we're canceling her anyway. >> shannon: a lot of taxpayer money that flows to that school like many universities in many different channels. >> thanks, shannon. look, i think you put your
7:45 am
finger on it. it is a public school. they have their own police department at berkeley. they have a police chief. they have had months to figure out how to keep the campus safe. if they admit they can't keep the campus safe when a speaker comes they must admit they can't keep people safe. as a matter of public safety shut down the university completely until they figure out how to keep people safe. berkeley we have a lawless place. they don't want to enforce immigration laws, want to be a sanctuary city. don't allow the first amendment. what's next? is berkeley going to decide they don't want to enforce civil rights laws, contracts, what is it? berkeley has descended into a car -- you'll see america will rise up. nobody wants berkeley to do this to speakers. >> shannon: berkeley has portrayed itself as free speech, one of the defenders of
7:46 am
free speech through the 60s and 70s especially. what does it say now that they aren't willing or able to have somebody controversial on campus and be able to make sure that person's voice is heard whether they like it or not? >> i don't think we need to jump what berkeley as a city is or is not or make the -- >> answer the question, emily. answer the question. >> i'm prepared to. >> is the university supposed to be able to allow the first amendment? berkeley is famous supposedly for that. answer the question, why won't you say they should allow free speech? why won't you do it? can't they do it or not? >> they should. they should be doing if we aren't prepared to have a safe situation right now, i do not think any parent, any citizen, anyone would be okay with the university putting the students and the law enforcement in an unsafe situation which is what they have right now. what i think they should do and every campus should do is allow
7:47 am
students to vote with their feet. allow people to speak. if students don't want to go they don't need to go. if they can't hold it at a time where it's safe they should reschedule her in the future. they're p en to do it if the problem is safety. >> shannon: with that in mind ann coulter says i'll show up and we'll find a forum where i can speak. emily's point, is there is resulting violence will she bear any of the blame? how should the responsibility be assigned in that case. she knows she is controversial. >> wait a second. so are lots of people. trump and obama and clinton are controversial. wait, wait, wait. emily -- we agree cal berkeley should allow the first amendment to reign here. jerry brown --
7:48 am
>> shannon: should she hold responsibility? >> and the chief of police are supposed -- their job is public safety. so if they can't do it they all should resign right up the line. if they can't keep the peace they should tell donald trump can you please bring someone in to keep the peace because we can't do our jobs. it's their job to keep people safe. >> shannon: emily, a word. >> she should be thinking about all -- everyone's safety. if this is a real factor which we see it is currently today. she is putting law enforcement and students at risk by continuing to speak. >> shannon: if a college campus is receiving millions in federal funding maybe they can make sure that people across the spectrum can share with all students safely so all can hear opposing views. >> bill: you can listen with your headphones. are they listening to you as well?
7:49 am
allegations of spying inside your head next.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
>> shannon: a high speed police chase came to a sudden end. the suspect in a stolen car lost control, crashed into an oncoming vehicle. father and son in the vehicle that was hit were able to hop out. police officers pulled the suspect out of the stolen car and he was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition. the father and son weren't injured. >> bill: lawsuit claims that speaker and sound company bose is spying on users and collecting your information. fox news headlines 24/7 with me now on the story.
7:53 am
excellent job cooking earlier today. shannon and i are waiting to get a bite of what you did. >> i feel like martha stewart. if you're concerned about privacy you'll want to hear a little bit more about this. there was a class action lawsuit filed in chicago that essentially accuses bose of collecting information on what you are listening to and sharing that info with third parties without your permission. a guy named kyle zach filed this complaint. at the center of the lawsuit is the bose connect app. that app is supposed to help you adjust the audio levels in headphones and cool features, but zach is accusing bose saying that it does those things but it also collects the file names of the songs that you are listening to or the podcasts you're listening to and sharing them with other companies. >> bill: they can watch you and distribute the information. in part he writes this.
7:54 am
one's personal audio selections provide insight into his or her personality, political views and personal identity. i get that. why should we be concerned? >> that's the ticket. say you're listening to a favorite song. you won't care, but what if you listen to a political podcast or you have a disease and you are listening to some information related to your illness, do you want that information in another company's hands without your permission? that's the big question. is this an overreach, an over share of information with you knowing? >> bill: these are good speakers and they aren't cheap. they get better every year. bose has a pair, sony has a new pair out. they're the top of the line. >> bose hasn't responded to the lawsuit yet but the connect app licensing agreement says it can collect your data. it does not specifically
7:55 am
mention the collection of the audio files. the devil is in the details here. the lawsuit says it has to be in the fine print. >> bill: do you have a problem with this? >> i assume somebody is watching you no matter what you're doing. it doesn't specifically bother me. for people concerned about their privacy, i could see them really being up in arms over this. how about you? >> we're changing a little bit. two years ago it would have bothered me. i'm over that nou. i agree. i think we're always being watched and that information is always available. the thing that i would caution people is when you make a purchase in a store and they ask you for personal information like your cell phone number or your email, i always decline. >> they sometimes put the pressure on you to give it to them. the interesting thing is when you are listening to music, why do you music through headphones? you think it's a private experience. is it really that private? we're not so sure anymore. are other people listening to what you're listening to at the same time without you knowing.
7:56 am
i understand why. >> bill: back to the kitchen we go. carly, great to see you. >> shannon: she spends as much time in the kitchen as i do. white house faces growing global threats. how the trump administration is responding just ahead. th. so if you're on medicare or will be soon, you may want more than parts a and b here's why. medicare only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. you might want to consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like any medicare supplement insurance plan, these help pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay. and, these plans let you choose any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients.
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>> scary moment for a pet owner in phoenix when her dog got a hold of and e-cigarette. the puppy is okay, just startled. the living room got the worst of it. the owner and her boyfriend had fallen asleep on the couch. it woke up that fireworks show. that is not a chew toy. >> that dog is smoking! >> literally. he might want to quit now.
8:00 am
>> i have an awesome, awesome thursday and we'll see you again tomorrow. >> it's friday tomorrow. >> "happening now" starts now. >> jenna: tough talk from the trump administration on widening global threats. hello everybody i'm jenna lee. >> jon: i'm jon scott. leaders in washington reacting to concerns over north korea, and russia. we could get comments on all of this from the commander-in-chief when he holds a news conference just a few hours from now. our chief white house correspondents john roberts is live with all of it. >> the president will be meeting with


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