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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 20, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> i have an awesome, awesome thursday and we'll see you again tomorrow. >> it's friday tomorrow. >> "happening now" starts now. >> jenna: tough talk from the trump administration on widening global threats. hello everybody i'm jenna lee. >> jon: i'm jon scott. leaders in washington reacting to concerns over north korea, and russia. we could get comments on all of this from the commander-in-chief when he holds a news conference just a few hours from now. our chief white house correspondents john roberts is live with all of it. >> the president will be meeting with the hr investigator.
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that's ahead of his meeting with the prime minister. no official statements from north korean leaders, but certainly in publication, a statement and publication promising a supermassive strike against the united states. north korea is saying it will completely and immediately wipe out not only u.s. invasion forces in south korea and its surrounding areas, but the u.s. mainland and reduce them to ashes. no capability to hit the united states with any significant weapon though it appears to be heading in that direction and that is what is driving all of this. in the past few days, it has been the vice president warning north korea not to launch any type of strike. today, it was the speaker of the house, paul ryan, visiting england to set up that morning. also indicating good cooperation
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from china on the north korea issue. listen here. >> racing toward the ability to deliver a long-range new peer weapon, that is not an acceptable outcome. we have to do whatever it is we can do to prevent that from happening in all options need to be on the table. we are encouraged with engagement with the chinese, i've heard that coal ships are being turned back. >> coal ships being turned back from north korea. the white house has one eye on north korea and the other on iran. rex tillerson certified yesterday that iran is in compliance with the terms of the iran deal. the so-called gc poa. they are suggesting the iran deal may be heading for the scrap pile. >> it is another example of buying off a power who has nuclear ambition, we buy them off for a short period of time and then someone has to deal with it later.
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we just don't see that that's a prudent way to be dealing with iran, surely not in the context of the present. >> the president will be asked about all this when he holds a press conference. typically, you only get two questions per side, so we won't be able to go into too much depth about that unless of course he expands it, which i would encourage the president to do. >> jon: i'm sure he will listen to your suggestions. john roberts, chief white house correspondent, thank you. >> jenna: the pressure on north korea, the rogue regime is also upping the ante and what will happen if the u.s. doesn't back off. benjamin hall joins us live from london. >> still a lot of back and forth between these two countries. the u.s. as allies assaying the north korean regime must change, north korea is continuing to
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threaten and attack. as we heard, they have now threatened a super mighty preemptive strike is saying they will wipe out u.s. forces in south korea and they could hit the u.s. mainland. their provocations do seem to be racing up, but secretary tiller's and's response is as big as ever. >> we are reviewing all the status of north korea as well as all the other ways that we can bring pressure on the regime in pyongyang. >> no letter from a dictator, but continuing questions about his relationship with china. china have also set in no uncertain terms that they are opposed to any u.s. lateral sanctions in north korea and at the moment, they continue normal relations including normal business contacts with the rogue state. meanwhile, the u.s. and south korea continue joint
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exercises to serve as a determinants as tensions mount. tensions still high on the korean peninsula, but officials are saying this area of strategic patients is over. all options remain on the table. >> jenna: thank you. >> jon: president trump site to sign a new executive order in the next hour, directing the commerce department to determine whether steel imports should be blocked on national security grounds. what's this all about? let's ask john bussey, editor for "the wall street journal." we know of the white house has been concerned for a long time about chinese steel being dumped dumped on the u.s. and so forth, but the big steel exporters to the united states or countries like canada, mexico, brazil, even south korea. what's going on here? >> it's not just china, it is
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south korea but i think the president will be looking at. this law dates back decades, and it allows a president to go to the commerce department and say, for national security reasons, we need to apply sanctions on this or that product coming into the united states. it is threatening our national security and one way or the other. still, you could argue, it's over produced in, as it has been and it drives down prices, which is what has been happening. you run steel companies out of business and the united states, where they are to be an emergency down the road, with the u.s. have the capacity to build steel? that's the president's objective here, it's very interesting. he's getting tough on trade again, similar to some of his language during the campaign. after a few weeks of going light on trade, saying to china, we are willing to not press you on trade issues if you help us with north korea, not calling china a
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currency manipulator. now it's getting a little tougher. >> jon: and an article your paper carried, despite the some symbolic significance -- it is also unclear whether he will have both sanctions. this might be a symbolic move to let steel importers, still exporters i guess know that we are watching? >> yes. this is, in part, a negotiating tactic, it will signal to your negotiating partner, i'm willing to go tough on this. i'm willing to attempt to invoke this law. that begins the discussion.
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this has been threatened in the past. it has not been deployed, but last year, about 18 months ago, the obama administration was pressuring china as well on this matter. china said will throttle back on some of our production. mind you, it's a process. he'll have to go to the commerce department, there is a bureau within the commerce department that says we agree with you, we can apply sanctions. this has been tried before in 1999 on oil imports, 2001 on iron and steel imports, and the commerce department ended up saying no, we don't think of the argument is sufficient for there to be sanctions under this particular law. >> jon: one of the reasons the united states and allies won world war ii was because we were so quickly able to ramp up production of ships and tanks and airplanes and things like that. this seems like the president might be somewhat worried that our steel production is lacking and if there were an urgent need to need to all of a sudden crank out a bunch of steel, we might
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not have the ability. >> yeah, the arsenal of democracy, that's what the united states was called during world war ii and that's because it could build the planes and ships and tanks. he has come out that the argument. i think it's going to be a little bit tougher to make that argument because there are so many sources of steel and we still have a steel industry in the united states. it would signal to a trading partner that the u.s. believes this can be a problem and it's going to deploy various mechanisms to try to rectify the problem, and the problem being, the perceived dumping of steel by china and global markets, not just in the united states. whether or not this is symbolic, whether or not and may lead to retaliation by china or south korea, we don't know. we also don't know whether the commerce department will agree
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to it yet, but it's definitely signaling a ration upon the trade front, similar to the president's pronouncement over the last couple of days that the u.s. government is going to focus on buying american when it comes to its government procurement process. >> jon: a lot of people happy to hear that. we'll hear from the president we expect in about an hour, maybe less, when he is expected to sign that document, charging the commerce department with the investigation. john bussey, thank you. >> jenna: a woman accused of claiming her 10-year-old son had a terminal illness and died just so she could get money from fundraisers. even more information emerging. plus new development in a series of lawsuits against president trump. what his legal team is saying about immunity. that is next
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>> jenna: right now, some crime stories where following. the family of a california mother gunned down in the li area now -- judy solorio was shot late saturday night after neighbors heard her arguing with someone. family says she had no known enemies. in the meantime, he is the one who is found guilty of sexually assaulting a classmate at a new hampshire prep school. the judge ruled that they made a reasonable and strategic decisions. in the meantime, a nevada woman falsely claimed her 10-year-old son was sick and died so she could get money from fundraiser fundraisers. she even told her little boy he was dying from leukemia. sheets facing 20 years behind bars if she is convicted on the charge. those include child abuse and obtaining money under false pretenses.
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>> jon: there is some legal action directed at the white house, developments surrounding president trump with a new lawsuit about his wiretap wiretaps. claiming he violated the constitution. the president's legal team argues he has blanket immunity and at least two other cases. let's bring in gregg jarrett, he's a fox news correspondent and an attorney. this latest suit is going after president trump to prove that tweet that he sent out about being wiretapped. >> a liberal group that says you guys ignored our foia request. there are nine specific exclusions to the foia request in one of them is requested documents. surely, a lot of the prove or disprove of the wiretap claim would be classified and a judge
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does not have the authority to order the disclosure of classified information, because most judges don't have security clearance to look at themselves. it's an uphill climb here for this liberal group and two, the president could always claim executive privilege. bottom line, you don't always get to look at what you want to see in the way of government document every time the president says something provocative. >> jon: this other lawsuit alleges that president trump is violent in the constitution because he has hotels that do business with foreign governmen government. >> another different little group is suing here, sued the moment he took office, but they never had a good plaintiff that was harmed. they finally found these restaurant hotel workers, they have just now joined this lawsuit saying this violates the clause of the constitution. it basically says you cannot use your office to confer, benefit a
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foreign government in exchange for money and other words bribery. here, the supreme court has set on three occasions that ordinary business transactions are not emoluments and all of this business predates his taking office. so at the clause doesn't apply. >> jon: kind of curious that a restaurant workers union would be complaining about doing business at his restaurant. is that good for them? >> these workers don't work at trump enterprises, so they are saying that's taking away from our business. good luck proving that. some trump businesses are being hurt by his being president of the united states. >> jon: doesn't the president enjoy blanket immunity from these suits? it was designed that way so the president doesn't get hassled. >> he's gone to court with his lawyers and in two cases of sexual harassment, he claimed
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immunity. he's wrong about that. he doesn't get immunity. yes, you have immunity according to the supreme court for actions you take as president, not criminal immunity. but here, these two cases with the president is saying he's immune, they were actions that took place before he was sworn in, so he does not have immunity. these cases against him are going forward. >> jon: interesting. gregg jarrett, thanks for that. >> he had 50 lawsuits filed against him in the first ten days and there have been dozens and dozens more. >> jon: keep us updated. thanks very much. >> jenna: a russian bomber is buzzing around and coming dangerously close to u.s. air space. plus a potential breakthrough in the fight against super buzz.
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how komodo dragons could hold the key. wait until you hear this
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>> jon: russian bombers, a little too close for comfort to u.s. shores. two nuclear capable bear bombers, as they're called, like this one, spent about 40 miles off the coast of alaska. the same thing happened 24 hours earlier. these close encounters come at a time when tensions are running high between washington and moscow. matthew is the director of the canon institute. what's going on here?
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some people surmise that the russians are testing president trump. >> thanks for having me. i have good news and bad news. the good news is, and you hear this and comments from official spokespeople in our department, what the russians are doing is not out of the ordinary. think about if you go out in traffic on a crowded interstate almost any day of the week in the united states, you're going to say behaviors by people who are very upsetting that our risking life and limb, but most of the time, you do it anyway and it's understood that those the rules of the game, that's the risk you take when you get on the interstate. that's the reality of being international overflights. we're doing it all the time, the russians are doing it, every other airpower is doing it. that's the good news. the bad news is very serious, which is the state of our military and military dialogue need improvement. we had two meetings between the chiefs of general staff on our
8:24 am
side and on the russian side which is going to jumpstart things. at the same thing, mattis has said it's a very early to be talking about military cooperation from syria. the isolation policy shut down all communications with the russians and it's a very dangerous situation. two countries that cannot afford to go to war with one another. those bombers are nuclear capable, we each have thousands of missiles, we haven't been talking to each other about these problems. >> jon: was as a provocative act on part of the russians or are you suggesting that it's routine for them to be controlling 36 miles off of alaska? >> i would call it a routine provocation. that was true of the ship that went on the east coast of the united states and its true of things like this that happen all the time that we don't hear about. and a moment of high tension, i think we are at one of those times where we've been in a very dangerous zone ever since the
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conflicts in the ukraine and syria, which in effect, these are proxy conflicts like we saw in the cold war. they have got their troops, their aircraft, their weapons in the combat zone and we do as well. we support the other side of conflict, sometimes not one against the other, it's parallel, it's kind of messy. these are proxy conflicts. when you engage in a proxy conflicts, if you have a provocative action, even if it's routine, even if it's an accident on the interstate, that can really explode. >> jon: on monday, the u.s. sent out a couple fighter jets to intercept and escort the russians and say we know you're here. on tuesday night, they came a little close to american soil, they sent out one of the early warning plans, basically to say we know you're here, but we are not all that excited about it. as of the right approach? >> that's exactly the point.
8:26 am
the russians are testing. there's a famous saying by vladimir lenin and that you stick your bayonet in and if you hit the soft tissue, you keep pushing and if you hit still, you stop. that's the message that the u.s. and nato has been and has continued to say, you're going to meet steel. if you continue to take these provocative actions, even on their routine, even old they're coming sooner or later, we're going to meet them every time. the russians have responded in a similar way. this is the balance of mutually assured destruction that we are in with the russians. on the other hand, the less communication may have, and that was a problem for the last several years, we literally were not talking to each other. the higher the risk that something will be misinterpreted. let me give you an example. the russians are going to do, later this year, a major military exercise called west, which is basically on the border of nato member states. when they do that, it is vitally important that we are crystal
8:27 am
clear, what they're going to put where. otherwise, we're going to have some very nervous allies in europe. >> jon: they are still making trouble in crimea and the re- re-cane -- ukraine. thanks for coming on. >> jenna: brand-new poll giving president trump a boost. is he doing enough as the 100 day mark approaches? will debate it fair and balanced. plus a shocking -- who ordered that attack that killed dozens of civilians last month ns. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love.
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>> jon: a fox news alert. a little bit of good news out of phoenix, arizona. if you're in a single engine aircraft and you lose your end and for whatever reason, you'll be on flat ground and that is generally what happens. at the pilot set it down there on the edge of some kind of a field, as you can see. also some irrigation gutters, which may have gotten in the way. the pilot did walk away, as we understand it. no word on what caused him or her to set down there, but a good day if you can walk away from an incident like this. the pilot is, we are told, safe. >> jenna: that is good news. now a quick look at what's happening on the next hour of happening now. police are finding a trio of arson suspects after surveillance videos cap some firebombing this home.
8:32 am
a new tool in the fight against bacteria. strange, i might call it awesome. would you believe dragon blood is the key to all of this? plus, more questions after former nfl star and convicted murderer, aaron hernandez, was found hanged in his prison cell. more on that ahead. >> jon: some breaking details now unserious but a civil war. israeli defense officials saying the assad regime still has up to 3 tons of chemical weapons as an international watchdog group says they can confirm the victims of the april 4th chemical attacks were exposed to syrian nerve gas or a similar tocsin. conor powell with more on that. >> in 2013, the obama administration announced a deal that would see the assad regime give up its chemical weapons. it was a lot of skepticism here in israel. israeli officials never believed of the assad regime give up all
8:33 am
of their chemical weapons. i believe that he had that all done to some of them. yesterday, and a meeting with journalists here in jerusalem, is really officials saying they believe the assad regime still have somewhere between one and . a lot of them potentially searing gases. this comes after 90 people or so were killed in an attack three weeks ago. investigators say that was carried out by the assad regime, most likely use using sarin ga. a few planes were hit, their bunkers and runways were also hit. there was minimal damage done to the assad airbase. the trump administration gave a warning to russia about an hour or so before the missiles were fired. syria is also, and preparation for a possible, and another
8:34 am
missile strike, they've moved their planes to a russian airbase, mixing russian and syrian planes the same place with the assumption that the u.s. would not strike against russia if they were to carry out another attack. this is part of a plan by the assad regime to maintain their airpower and to protect themselves with the protection of russia. there is a lot of concern that there could be more chemical weapon attacks in syria by the assad regime, particularly by the israelis who say that the assad regime maintains this stockpile. as we've seen, they are very willing to use them. >> jon: even though they told the world they had gotten rid of all that stuff. thank you. >> jenna: some more politics. president trump is seeing a bounce in his approval rating. 52% of americans disapprove of the job he's doing.
8:35 am
let's bring in lawrence jones and don calloway. great to have you both. let's address the elephant in the room here because the polls were so wrong, i wonder how much we can trust them now. what do you think about that? >> i think the 40% is a substantial uptake from what we've seen over the course of the first 100 days and that's a natural and very patriotic response to the mother of all bombs in afghanistan. after we see these patriotic militaries uptake subside in the next month or so, we'll probably be back in a 30-35% range. however, even in the new 40% plateaued at the present has reached, it's nowhere near our president should be in his early honeymoon phase. >> jenna: or in the past. we've been pulling for the first
8:36 am
100 days for a few presidents in the past. will take the 40% for what it is. do you agree that we can trust that 40% and is because of these recent actions of the president has taken? >> no, i think part of it is because the president is leading a special unit comes in the military and defeating isis. as part of his campaign promise. we look at businesses and jobs being brought to america, we see an excitement and america. i was just talking at my local barbershop. i think they're seeing the change in america, specifically with the military because we are seeing this fight against isis. >> jenna: your hair looks great, by the way. i know what that's like. you have to get looking straight on television, let's be real. what do you think about that feeling that lawrence is describing?
8:37 am
the feeling that there -- what about what feels like momentum to some? >> i don't really know that these two things are connected. again, i think the president should have an approval rating and direct response to the military action. we will see the approval rating will likely subside and then we'll get back to the present having to push a real agenda through congress and that's very, very tough to do when you're lingering in the 30-35%. >> jenna: do you feel like there's not a real agenda? >> i think he has mapped out a real agenda, but the constant infighting in the white house and that consistent -- you talked about the small businesses, we all need tax reform to keep this country's business sector going, but that's difficult to do and requires congressional action which you can't push through with a very unpopular president. >> jenna: you wanted to talk a little bit about that because you are also working at the
8:38 am
white house. >> the president wants results and he uses a lot of political capital when it comes to the military campaign. and a lot of it is because of paul ryan. he put a lot of weight behind the health care system. we're going to see some shake up with white house. we have seen some of the advisors advise them on planned parenthood. the president has people and place that are doing their job. the political struggles within the white house -- i think this has been very good considering we haven't hit 100 days yet. >> jenna: let's take a big step back and think about the next 100 days. putting politics aside just for a moment, if you both could get a helpful critique to this president, what does he need to do to make the next 100 days better than the past, whether or not you think the past 100 days
8:39 am
were good or not? >> i'm a democrat, so fundamentally, i'm going to disagree with all of the president's policy, however, if you support him, this is what you elected him to do. the president needs to focus on making sure that the things that come out of his mouth, as well as the things that come out of his phone on twitter, have veracity. i think the faith of the american people regardless of policy, the faith in the president will substantially increase if he was more thoughtful and deliberate about making sure that what he says is true. >> jenna: we almost got through an entire segment without twitter. lawrence, go ahead. >> i don't think anybody cares about twitter or the president says. i think people are pretty much used to that. what they want to see his tax reform, they want to secure the border. if the president can do that, protect the second amendment, secure the border and tax
8:40 am
reform, i think he may have a great first term leading into reelection already. >> the only problem there is, yes, we need tax reform, but the president needs to have popularity of support of the american people to push that agenda through congress. >> your critique was his twitter and what he says. the make and people have artie said they don't care about that, they want action. >> jenna: i look forward to having you both back. thank you. >> jon: scary stuff here. the hunt is on for three suspects in a fire bomb attack. the clues that investigators have to go on. plus, komodo dragons, the drug derived from dragon blood. next. if you have medicare
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>> jon: right now investigators in texas are looking for three suspects who firebombed a home. surveillance cameras capture the trio leaving the scene in a dark colored suv. crime stoppers is offering up to $5,000 for anyone with information that could lead to the arrest of the arsonists. tipsters are encouraged to call or you can text. all tips will remain anonymous. >> jenna: it right now, we humbly returned to the cooler segment of the day. at some new information could be a ground breaking discovery based on dragon blood. after scientists isolated a substance in the blood of a komodo dragon that seems to have amazing powers. we have a lot to talk about, barney. dragon blood, i never thought would be talking about it, but here we are and i'm glad we are. to this idea come from? why do we start looking at dragon blood? >> animals such as komodo
8:45 am
dragons and alligators and crocodiles have evolved robust immune systems to fight against infection. we are looking at the community which is that front line of defense to the molecules that could provide leads and templates to new antibiotics. we identified the peptide which is a small protein which led us to create a synthetic version that shows very promising wound healing antibacterial propertie properties. >> jenna: we've talked about this quite a bit on the show, being resistant to antibiotics, that being a big problem of the medical community would like to be able to solve. there is a connection here to the military, isn't that right? >> yes. they would do this to perfect --
8:46 am
as well as bio threat agents, such as anthrax. dragon one, the subject is paper, it was particularly effective at wound healing. >> jenna: how effective was a question mark we are seeing video of komodo dragons and the like. what exactly did you find? >> on the komodo dragon itself, we found a complex mixture of peptides which are all -- we selected a handful of those peptides to test. the key thing here is that we are analyzing the plasma, identifying the peptides and making it chemically in a laboratory. we don't require very much blood for this analysis. we're using about as much plasma as you have of the tip of the pencil. in identifying these peptides and one of those peptides turned
8:47 am
out to have very promising properties. we made modifications to that to give us our new synthetic peptide called dragon one. >> jenna: is that someone -- something someone would take a pill form? >> our primary focus in the application here is to have it as an ointment or cream to the site of the wound. >> jenna: we're showing some more pictures. the komodo dragon, there were some questions about how you would get from a komodo dragon because they may not like that. talk us through that process as well. >> komodo dragons are endangered and they are very protected and those dues are protective of their animals. we went out and asked a lot of zoos that they would be interested in helping us and that st. augustine alligator farm down in florida and of the
8:48 am
department of biology at the university of florida were eager to help us. they were very enthusiastic to promote research and these reptiles as well as alligators and crocodiles and they were willing to collect the blood from the dragon. i said were off the bat, no dragons were harmed in this research. they were taken great care of. >> jenna: it is the world's largest lizard, it can be 10 feet long. it's a very big animal which presents a whole other adventure. the hope is that you could find the power and it because reptiles and general survive in dirty environments. even if they lose a limb. what makes them so powerful? is it possible that you were able to take their's research and as you mention, develop something that is more synthetic that you wouldn't have to take
8:49 am
directly from the lizard or dragon -- the komodo dragon in particular, to make it available to the public? >> exactly. dragon one is that. that's the name we've given two hours synthetic peptide. it is not the peptide that came out of the dragon. we've modified it. >> jenna: if you get a paper cut and try a little bit on it -- go speak out we haven't got that protocol through yet. >> jenna: and what you have seen, can you describe to our viewers how dramatic it is to see the power of this? is there a way to describe it to those who have injuries and put the antibiotic ointment on it and see it he'll? >> and our animal studies, and comparing infected wounds, dragon one is about 20%-30%
8:50 am
faster. it promotes healing faster than other peptides. it's very effective. >> jenna: if you ever get the paper cut study approved, i'm in. just so you know. >> all make sure to let you know. >> jenna: it's amazing research. thank you so much, it's been fun talking about it, and congratulations. >> thank you for having me here. >> jon: cool stuff. sleeping? well, you are not alone. new survey finds most of the country suffers from insomnia. i'm next, the reason why americans are losing sleep. plus, new details and the apparent suicide of disgraced nfl star, aaron hernandez. why his family says prison officials are not telling the whole story numbers: 4 out of 5 people who have a stroke, their first symptom... is a stroke.
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>> jon: 6 minutes away from the top of the hour, that means outnumbered, sandra and megan, what do you have? >> sandra: don't mess with us, that's a message for north korea after secretary tillotson says the u.s. may put the regime back on the list of state sponsors of terror. it is at the right approach? >> meghan: and elizabeth warren is ramping up on president trump claiming his win was in part a result of an ugly stew of racism. is she calling from voters racist? >> sandra: we will certainly discuss that, all of that plus our #oneluckyguy. >> jenna: new information about the shocking death of notorious nfl star, aaron hernandez. the convicted murderer was found hanging from his bed sheet in his prison cell early wednesday morning, reportedly with a biblical verse on his forehead.
8:55 am
prison officials say it was suicide, but his attorney is saying there something more to this. molly joins us live from boston. >> with family and legal team have expressed nothing but shock and surprise over the death of aaron hernandez who was found hanging in his early yesterday morning with various objects popped against the door, trying to block that cell door from being able to be opened according to corrections officials. the attorney that has most recently represented herein hernandez and gains an acquittal just last week released a statement saying there were no conversations or correspondence from hernandez to his family or his legal team that would have indicated anything this was possible. he's calling on authorities to conduct a transparent and thorough investigation. here's a part of that statement. aaron was looking forward to an opportunity for a second chance to prove his innocence. those who love and care about him are heartbroken and
8:56 am
determined to find the truth surrounding his untimely death. investigators have not found a suicide note, but there are multiple reports that hernandez had sprawled the numbers for the bible verse john three: make 16 across forehead. and a bible in the room was open to that page. the verse reads, for god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him, should not perish, but have eternal life. the timing of this have struck a lot of people as odd, given the fact that he had just gained the not guilty verdict from the jury last week and this trial, stemming from the 2012 murder of two men in boston. he was also appealing his murder conviction in the killing of odin lloyd. that was a friend who had been dating his fiancee sister. there are multiple things still being worked on the legal pipeline, so this struck a lot of people as odd timing. >> jenna: molly, thank you very much. we'll be right back with more happening now.
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>> jon: we told you the president is expected to sign that order and have the commerce department investigate steel imports, that's coming up any second. >> jenna: will watch for that and see you back here in an hour. >> jon: outnumbered starts right now >> meghan: north korea is bowing to wipe out the united states and reduce it to ashes. after rex tillerson says he's looking at measures to bring its regime in line. this is outnumbered. i meghan mccain. here today, sandra smith, abby huntsman, former state department spokeswoman, speethree nine, and today's #oneluckyguy, kevin jackson. your outnumbered. >> kevin: , that's my gang sign. >> meghan: we had a little pre-outnumbered. >> kevin: i know the dirt on the girls


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