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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 20, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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we are the show there is a sworn enemy of wine, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. next week will be at 8:00 eastern time. "hannity" is next. sean is in jerusalem. don't miss that. have a great night. ♪ * * * * * * * >> sean: this is a brought back fox's alert and we are broadcasting from jerusalem. my opening monologue is coming up in the next segment but first we have a lot of breaking news all over the world tonight. north korea nowia through state run media issued a new warning to the united states, threatening to launch a super mighty preemptive strike that would reduce america and south korea to ashes. joining us down with more on the rising tensions between the u.s. and north korea from the pentagon as our own jennifer griffin. jennifer. >> sean, they are really in a watch and wait mode here at the pentagon. no real developments on the peninsula today, but all eyes are on that nuclear site or
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satellite images show the north koreans have for the past three weeks been making preparations for what would be a sixth nuclear test. we know from u.s. defense sources that water has been pumped out of the underground site, cables are t seen going underground that are consistent with preparations for a nuclear test, and perhaps the strangest of all, north korean workers have been seen playing volleyball there, as though they are on standby. the north koreans are very angry that the u.s. and south korea began a new joint military air exercise today that will last through april 28th. this is viewed by pyongyang as a provocation and a threat to the regime and frankly could be misunderstood with tensions so high in the region. separately, senior u.s. defense official says they have seen greater amounts of comp activity in china, but it is not clear what the so-called activity means. u.s. officials are not seeing more bomber flights, but china
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has put its pilots on increased alert status. u.s. officials tell us north korea warned china about a possible nuclear test they would take place on april 20th, but deadline seems to have passed and is now april 21st in pyongyang and the next important anniversary for north korea is april 25th 1 is some worry that kim jong-un would try to mark the founding of the north korean army with either a nuclear test or another missile test. the u.s. and china are trying to prevent sean. >> sean: jennifer, thank you tonight. joining me now at the very latest on the continuing crisis in syria our own david lee miller who is with us in jerusalem today.t. david. >> sean, it's really essential officials that syria has as much as 3 tons of chemical weapons, this despite a 2013 international agreement that it would give up its chemical weapons arsenal. syria denies any responsibility for a chemical weapons attack in northern part of the country earlier this month.
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they killed as many as 90 people and -- much of the international community said syria is to blame. israeli authorities believe bashar al-assad knew it was going to happen. international watchdog group, the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons, which is investigating the incident, said results from four laboratories indicates the use of sarin gas or like substance. the head of the organization says the analytical results obtained are incontrovertible. assad said's political enemies are trying to frame his government. syrianme allie russells which cause the carnage. russian officials also question the legitimacy of the tests that reveal the use of chemical weapons. the russian military wants to know how those samples were collected and how the analysis can take place so quickly. meanwhile, france's foreign minister said his country is soon going to produce proof in a manner of days that syria was
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responsible for launching this chemical attacks. as a preventive measure, syria has now moved all of its operational aircraft to an air base in that country that is under rebel control. that move is in response to a u.s. air strike that destroyed about two dozen syrian jets. pentagon officials say that 59 tomahawk missiles were fired at serious shayrat air base because it was used in the chemical weapons attack. a senior u.s. defense official says serious decision to relocate its aircraft underscores a clear sense of paranoia. the russianas base with a syrian jets and helicopters h were movd to is also used for russian aircraft and has advanced air defense systems. and lastly tonight, the president of syria is now saying he wants the united nations to intervene in this ongoing conflict. bashar al-assad saying that he would like you and experts on the ground in his country. he says once they are there investigating the use of chemical weapons, they they will
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see the reports blaming syria, he believes, will be proven to be "always." sean. >> sean: david lee miller j with us in jerusalem tonight. thank you. earlier today at the united nations security council, ambassador nikki haley talked about the threat thatbo iran is posing to israel and the rest of the lease being joining us from new york.en >> the u.n. ambassador nikki haley clearly not satisfied with the statusfi trying to check up the security council during her one month tenure as president. we saw during the regular scheduled quarterly debate on the middle east, which for the past 17 years has focused on the palestinian quest for an and defendant state, that's an israeli bashing session according to the ambassador. she has the 15 matters of the council to focus instead on state-sponsored terrorism is a greater threat to pace and stability in the region, singling out iran support for hezbollah blame for oil attacks and civility in many countries.
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>> we are speaking honestly about conflict in the middle east, we need to start with the chief culprit, iran and its partner militia, hezbollah. iran and hezbollah conspired together to destabilize and their actions are expanding. >> let me state it clearly, there is one country which has the dangerous skills to out the middle east. it is tear, it is complete list regard for human life, it is iran. >> israel and the u.k. were among the scores of hailey's directive. china, russia, and he wants to criticize. >> by blaming all others, the u.s. seeks to erase the question other than addressing it. >> the session lasted more than six hours and at least half a dozen speakers did expand beyond the israeli-palestinian conflict but there was no real surprises
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tour the sean and nikki haley's tenure and intense days. we want rick leventhal in new york tonight. earlier today, president trump held a joint news conference with the italian prime minister and joining us now with the latest from the white house is our own john roberts. john. >> the press conference this afternoon, sean, president trump and the italian prime minister took a couple of questions apiece. ace grand total of four which ia bit of a shame because it was so much to talk about today. i got one of the questions i managed to ask. we did get some good groundcovers today. i asked about the suspected terrorist attack on the champs elysees in paris where policeman was shot dead. to that the president responded that he saw just as he is coming into the press conference at terrible thinge and looks like another terrorist attack. what can you say? it just never ends. terrorism deftly was a big topic of between the president and the italian prime minister. they also spoke about north korea, the u.s. carl vincent now steered towards the
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sea of japan. he is also very pleased with the cooperation he's getting from china. telling us some very interesting things are happening at the moment that we will hear about very soon. one of the main concerns has been unlike his father kim jong-un ill and kim il-sung, the grandfather, kim jong-un it might not be the sort of leader you can reason with because a lot of people believe he may be mentally unstable, and a person you can't negotiate with. i asked the president about that and here's what he told me. >> as far as north korea is concerned, we are in a very good shape. i can't answer your question on stability. i hope the answer is a positive one, not a negative one. i hope that will be something that gets taken care of. >> of course because he is a very close to the recent and other big topic of conversation with the italian premise or was iran and whether or not they are living up to the terms of the
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joint comprehensive plan. the jcpoa, the infamous iran deal. i asked the president about that today, particularly in light of the fact that his secretary of state rex tillerson a couple of daysf ago certified that iran is in compliance with the terms of the jcpoa, but there are lots of suspicion here at the white house that youha want is t least playing fast and loose with the rules. that's where the president has ordered an inter-agency review of whether the sanctions should be listed or whether they should stay in place. here is what the president has to say in response to my question about whether or not he thought iran is actually cheating on the deal. >> they are not living up to the spirit of the agreement, i can tell youan that. and we are analyzing it very, very carefully and will have something to say about it in the not-too-distant future. iran has not lived up to the spirit of the agreement. and they have to do that. they have to do that.
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>> course on the campaign trail a lotic of the republican candidates among them mark overby and chet cruz said that what he would do of president on day one is be to rip up thate deal, president trump was a little bit more circumspect about it saying he didn't like the deal, he thought itit was oe of the worst things i had ever been negotiated, but that he was seeking to change it. if there is some talk among some people here at the white house that it may be is time to rip up that deal. at the moment it looks like it will stayl. in place but clearly the president is very suspicious about what iran is actually up to. >> sean: and coming up next from jerusalem tonight here on "hannity" ." >> iran has not lived up to the spirit of the agreements. and they have to do that. >> sean: president trump calling out the rogue regime in tehran come up the wall is on edge tonight and needs american leadership now more than ever. i will explain why in my opening monologue coming up next. dr. sebastian gorka will be here with reaction.
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later tonight... speak out this council has played too little attention to this growing menace. the united states will not. we are going to speak up about iran and has blood and we are going to act against their lawlessness. >> sean: ambassador nikki haley slamming iran at the united nations. dore gold will be in the studio area with jerusalem. that and more as we continue from israel tonight. of engineering... it's a performance machine. with this degree of intelligence... it's a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. the 2017 e-class. it's everything you need it to be...and more. lease the e300 for $549 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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>> sean: and welcome back to hannity. and we are in jerusalem where i sean: welcome back to hannity. we are in jerusalem, israel, tonight as the world iso on edg. the growing threat from north korea and iran and terrorist groups in the middle east but the world needs now more than ever is bold and decisive american leadership. and that is tonight monologue. now president trump is signaling to the world and the enemy is that the united states of america is back and that we will be leading from the front to deal with foreign policy challenges. the commander-in-chief is also showing that he will not be repeating the mistakes of his predecessor when it comes to the rogue regime in north korea and iran. earlier today, pyongyang through state media threatened a super mighty preemptive strike that will reduce america's military to ashes.
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this comes as north korea is now facing new pressure from president trump over their country's nuclear ambitions. after secretary of state rex tillerson announced yesterday that america is in fact conducting a review of his policies toward iran, including the disastrous obama era nuclear deal. earlier today, president trump slammed tehran for breaking the agreement. watch this. >> they are not living up to the spirit of the agreement, i can tell you that. we are analyzing it very, very carefully and will have something to say about it in the not-too-distant future. iran has not picked up to the spirit of the agreement. and they have to do that. >> sean: my message could not be more clear. these rogue regimes must never, ever be allowed to develop or acquire nuclear weapons. letting them do so would put tens of millions of lives in immediate danger. north korea, like we sought to date routinely threaten
10:17 pm
south korea and america with their nuclear attacks. the iranians were repeatedly called for the destruction of america, israel, they say they want to wipe israel off the map. president trump is nowe being forced to face all of these threats after years of timid and completely naive appeasement policies of the bill clinton and barack obama. for example, back in the 1990s, the clinton administration struck a deal with the north koreans giving them $4 billion in energy aid in exchange for what they said was a promise that pyongyang would eventually end of their nuclear program. and you remember that bill clinton was praising this agreement, take a look. >> this is a good deal for the united states. north koreae will freeze and dismantle its nuclear program. south korea and our other allies will be better protected. the entire world will be safer as we slow the spread of nuclear weapons. >> sean: now obviously, this deal was completely flawed and it didn't work because of the
10:18 pm
situation we now find ourselves in. then you have barack obama, now a set of learning from clinton's massive mistake, he in fact secretly brokered a deal with iran to be the number one state sponsor of terror $150 billion while still allowing them to spend their centrifuges. now take a look at obama promising this back in 2015, a that he said would prevent iran from ever getting nuclear weapon. i don't buy it. take a look. speak out today, the united states together with our allies and partners, has reached historic understandings of iran. it fully implemented quilt prevented from obtaining nuclear weapons. thisis framework would cut off every pathway that iran could take to develop a nuclear weapo weapon. iran will face strict limitations on this program and iran was also agreed to the most robust and intrusive inspections and a transparency ever negotiated for any nuclear
10:19 pm
program in history. >> sean: oh, that sort of like saying the line in the sand, the red light in the sand stopped assad from ever using chemical weapons again. even saying it for years on this program and of the secretary of state tillerson is now making it clear that iran nuclear deal does nothing to stop iran from ever developing a nuclear weapon. tehran is also testing ballistic missiles, which could one day potentially carry a nuclear warhead about maybe even to the continental united states. president trump understands that when dealing with countries like north korea and iran, you've got to speak from a position of strength because any time weakness is shown, they will exploit it to their own advantage. if you want a perfect example of why america needs to lead from the front of the world stage, all you have to do is take a look at israel. israel shares a border with lebanon, which is the home of the terrorist group hezbollah and assyria which is engaged in
10:20 pm
a brutal civil war. and where isis is headquartered. it's next door to iraq or the islamic state trolls large l portions of land and that's close to iran, a country that calls for israel's destruction. unlike america, by the way, israel is not protected by thousands of miles of oceans. this country is in fact surrounded by enemies and complete chaos. that's what it is so critically important to listen to the warning of israelide leaders because they c see and it deal with these threats up close and personal every single day. herewith reaction is the deputy assistant to president trump, dr. sebastian gorka. you see the world and all that's going on tonight, not a good situation. your reaction to what's going on in north korea, your reaction to iran, the threat that now and goals of this region of the world and of course syria. >> i think you indicated in your monologue what changed. the bad actors will always be
10:21 pm
out there. for the last eight years, they have been mollified, they've been assisted, they've been facilitated by the foreign policy of the obama white house. for two reasons, number one, the people that made theic decisions believe that america was the problem. secondly, they thought that all use of force is bad. that has changed. donald trumpna understands, as e commander in chief, as the president, that bad actors often only understand one thing. the use of force. secondly, he believes in america and this whole administration does. we are not going to allow people to define d themselves according to values that are antithetical to the founding of the station, we are not going to let them get away with what they got away with during the last eight year years. >> sean: all right, dr. gorka, this is really important because we have a history now of getting
10:22 pm
a lot wrong here. let's start with the $4 billion that president clinton gave to $ north korea and he got an empty promise that never developed nuclear weapons.we they got the money, they develop the t weapons. we had susan rice, john kerry, president obama all saying they are redlined in the sand in syria would prevent them from ever getting or using chemical weapons again. that proved to be false. what is the likelihood that the $150 billion that obama gave to it i iran and the right to spin centrifuges without real inspections,nswh what did that n into? did that turn into the number one state sponsor of terror in the world? getting $150 billion and nuclear weapons? >> even secretary carey admitted that some of that money would probably end up being used in the terror attacks. that's why we are not going to follow these policies. it's very, very important to understand that president trump is a pragmatist and he understands what president reagan said.
10:23 pm
when you deal with dictatorships, when you deal with authoritarian regimes, you cannotca trust them. that's because they are dictatorships, that's because there authoritarian regimes. that was a great phrase. trust but verify. that'stt the kind of attitude we will have today and nobody is going to treat us the way that the obama white house was treated. >> sean: we certainly inherited a mess, there's no doubt about it. those policies are coming back to haunt us. dr. gorka, thank you for being with up next, from israel tonight on "hannity" ." >>pa while this council has paid too little attention to this growing menace, the united states will not. we are going to speak up about iran and hezbollah and we are going to act against the lawlessness. >> sean: thatas was u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley earlier today talking about the threats that are opposed by the rogue nation of iran. when we come back, dore gold is with us in jerusalem. later tonight, ann coulter
10:24 pm
refusing to back down after a speech at berkeley, california, was canceled after security was concerned. by the way, they now reverse themselves. she will respond. that and more on "hannity" as we continue from jerusalem. bp developed new, industry-leading software to monitor drilling operations in real-time, so our engineers can solve problems with the most precise data at their fingertips. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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"how to win at business." step one: point decisively with the arm of your glasses. abracadabra. the stage is yours. step two: choose la quinta. the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly and win at business. >> live from america's news headquarters, i am jackie ibanez and new york. we are learning more about the paris attack he remains under high alert right now after a terrorist open fire on police officers with an automatic weapon. he killed one and wounded two others. a third person, a taurus, was also wounded in the hail of bullets. police returning fire killing the suspect. we are trying to determine if he had any help. isis quickly claiming responsibility for the attack. the fox news channel, arkansas executes its birth to death row inmates in 2005. u.s. supreme court rejecting all the quest for a stay of
10:29 pm
execution. he has been on death row since 1993. eight inmates are on death row in arkansas. state said they needed to carry out all the executions before the end of april. that's when one of the lethal drugs expires. i am jackie ibanez, not back to a special edition of "hannity" and israel. >> if we are speaking honestly about conflict in the middle east, we need to start with the chief culprit, iran in its partner militia, hezbollah. iran and hezbollah's job boys together tos destabilize and their actions are expanding. for decades, they committed terrorist acts across the region. while this counsel has played too little attention to this growingd menace, the united states will not. we are going to speak up about iran and hezbollah and act against their lawlessness. >> sean:do that was the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley during today's u.n.
10:30 pm
security council meeting, strongly criticizing the role that the iranians were playing in the continuing conflict here in the middle east. yesterday, the secretary of state rex tillerson warned about the unchecked iran. this. >> iran is the world? leading state sponsor of terrorism and is responsible for intensifying multiple conflicts and underminingmi u.s. interest. in countries such as syria, yemen, iraq, and lebanon. and continuing to support attacks against israel. and unchecked iran has a potential to travel thel same path as north korea. and it take the world along with it. >> sean: n joining us now it's reaction is the president of the jerusalem center for public affairs, dore gold. good to see you. great to to to be back in youre country. let's get your reaction. the united nations, constantly,
10:31 pm
and of the american anti-semitic on display again today. nikki haley tried to drive the discussion back to the number one statee sponsor of terror. the irani and hezbollah, they are fermenting all these proxy wars. your reaction. >> it's clear, if you want to create order in the world,se security in the world, you have to distinguish between those who are attacking and those who are defending. the u.n. confuses it. they attack israel, which is defending itself, and they ignore the aggression of iran, which is attacking not just israel but all the countries of the region. >> sean: implementing tear an ad creating proxy wars. >> back in 2011, at the terror reached united states for the capital, washington, d.c. they teamed up with a mexican drug cartel. >> sean: also killing american soldiers during american-iraq war as well. the head of the plo is going to be meeting with president trump.
10:32 pm
i would think for any peace dea deal, he doesn't recognize israel's right to exist. we still know that terrorists are rewarded with honor and families are given rewards, if, in fact, they are family members are killed killing israelis. how did it begin a discussion about peace when that is their stated policy? >> you have an american hero in taylor force who was in -- next to tel aviv walking along, the man had fought in afghanistan and was a west point graduate. he had fought and iraq and he was killed by palestinian terrorism. those killers were praised by the palestinian authority. they will rewarded that the families of the terrorists were awarded by palestinian authorities. there is palestinian a law that the palestinian authority's. >> sean: palestinian law requires them to give money if they kill israelis. >> correct. >> sean: pretty insane.s.
10:33 pm
recently, he also said after an israeli was killed that something to the effect of it's a good thing to see israeli bloodshed. >> there was a quote that he mentioned about blood in jerusalem because we had all of these nice things going on in jerusalem. he was praised with the blood that was spilled. this has to stop. >> sean: are you upset that the president is meeting with this guy? >> united states is a global power, we understand that, but there's two things i have to come out of thisut meeting. one, the palestinians have to stop giving money to the families of terrorists who engage in terrorism. >> sean: let me show it to our audience here. wewe have the mother of a kill palestinian terrorists celebrating "martyrdom hope" and throws out a knife that threatens her own attack on israel and we will show you a clip of a preschool girl holding
10:34 pm
a night saying she wants to "stab a." watch this. [speaking foreign language] >> sean: so by law, the plo, by law, has to give that mother of a terrorist money. >> correct. >> sean: the head of the plo was going to be the present.
10:35 pm
that is a preschool girl talking about how she is going to stab jews. how do you make people's -- and give money by a lots of people o those they kill? >> you just can't come to washington and some place inside a priest treaty. have to change this. this is going to take time. we are ready to work with the palestinians to make thingss better. this is intolerable. >> sean: doesn't the law have to be changed first? don't you have to first recognize israel's right to exist before heou can even begia conversation? >> and welfare in the united states, the welfare programpr determines the amountf money someone gets according to their needs. here you determine the amount of money it palestinians families get by the number of israelis they are killed. this is ridiculous, it has to change, it can continue. >> sean: if they continue to indoctrinate, continue to award tear and they don't recognize
10:36 pm
your right to exist, i hope that when the president does meet with him that they come up because we have a lot more. we will have the prime minister on the program tomorrow and will be showing a lot more of the state to our audience. good to see you, sir. also coming up tonight. uc-berkeley now reverse its decision. they will now let ann coulter finally speak at this illiberal campus, a so-called home of freedom of speech. and is here tonight exclusively withcl reaction. and tel aviv that was rocked last year by a terror attack. at that and more as we continue in a jerusalem. we. are in israel tonight. don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. flonase allergy relief delivers more complete relief. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause all your symptoms, including nasal congestion and itchy, watery eyes. flonase is an allergy nasal spray that works even beyond the nose.
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>> sean: welcome back to hannity. >> sean: and welcome back to "hannity" as we continue broadcasting. we are in jerusalem, israel tonight but back in america, we have seen freedom of speech under assault. conservative author ann coulter, she appears to have scored a huge victory in her battle with uc-berkeley. according to "the washington post," culture speech on the liberal campus which was canceled yesterday over security concerns have now beenri rescheduled or made a second. running is now the author of the best-selling book "in trump we trust." ann coulter. i have known you for all these years. one of the things i have always loved about you is your courage. the factt that you are insane enough to want to go out there in the first place speaks volumes about you and that you
10:41 pm
confront these liberals are on campusse the time and what is yr action about it being canceled and being rescheduled? >> well i think berkley just wants -- for one thing they are so insulated obviously. they were stung by all these lefties in the country saying even though you are a university campus and you seem to have advantage all constitutional rights are all concepts as free speech, you have to let people speak. you can't just discriminate them against them on the basis of viewpoint. you cannot impose arbitrary and harassing restrictions on the exercise of a constitutional right. ii don't happen to be available on may 2nd. moreover, there's a lot of great reporters in san francisco, i to askhey might want janet napolitano this, is she willing to have a even if this were possible, to pay the hundreds of thousands of dollars and rescheduled, rebooked hotel rooms, flights for me, my
10:42 pm
security, my guess. woodfin sent a fax required to reschedule randomly when they -- theyed was in labor and rescheduled for september and now they just pick another date out of the hat. none of this has to do with security. after exceeding two all of the requirements, which were also arbitrary and silly, and they claimed it was on the basis of safety, i suggested two measures that would actually allow free speech to exist on berkley if they wanted it to. that was one thing to announce that any student caught engaging in violence, mayhem, or disrupting an invited speaker speech would be its belt and number two, to have a little talk with the berkley chief of police who is allowing these riots to go on whenever a conservative speaker speaks. this is a form of anarchy when you are only enforcing the law in order to allow liberals to
10:43 pm
speak. but no, we will let these mass riders show up with weapons and a start -- they are all little beta males but even a beta male couldn't do some damage with a weapon and especially to 99-pound girl, to have them stepping in. those private individuals, according to courts, are acting underor color of state law. and for the police to refuse to protect even offensive speech, and by the way, and the author of 12 "new york times" bestsellers. this doesn't damage my reputation but i'm goingy to be acting like i'm david duke out theree but courts have found evn somebody out burning an american flag, thend police cannot standy and let skinheads beat them up. that is the viewpoint discrimination. they are all liable. >> sean: let me ask you this. i, in the sense, know that if you did go out and speak, it would be that group of people, probably the loudest, that would try and shut you down, which is happen to you in theen past. this is supposed to be of the
10:44 pm
home off free speech movement. >> sean: i guess it'sue ironic that it's the home of the free speech movement. in any public space, american citizens have constitutional rights and just note i have never been shut down speaking from anywhere in this country. this will be a first, this is california public space, these polite liberals who have pains to free speech. no, they are enabling the fascistwi thugs showing up with weapons and wearingng mass, it's againstns the law to conspire, o violate some constitutional rights with wearing a mask. at a press conference that, he seems to be unaware of the law. it's quite shocking how the police are conspiring with the fascist thugs, how the berkley administration isst conspiring with the fascist thugs. these are the people who were
10:45 pm
against strip. these are the people that are behind princeton putting out a pamphlet on what pronouns can be used and young men being falsely accused of rape rate by these witches on college campuses. we love free speech and we still expect that a college institution. they are enabling these fascist thugs. we want ann coulter thank you for being with us. i got a tour earlier today in the market of tel aviv that was rocked by a terror attacked just one year ago. two palestinian government open fire thated killed four innocent people and injured many others. that's coming up next as we continue from jerusalem tonight, "hannity" on the road. try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster.
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>> welcome back to hannity. we are >> sean: welcome back to "hannity" and we are broadcasting tonight from jerusalem. we are and israel were of course the people of this country live under the constant threat of terrorism. last a year in the city of tel aviv two palestinian terrorists open fire in a crowded market killing four innocent people, wounding 16 others. earlier today, i visited the site of the brutal attack with prime minister yet and yahoo david keyes and the president of the jerusalem center for public affairs dore gold. i asked them about the dangers that israelis are facing every single day surrounded by a lot
10:50 pm
of enemies. take a look. >> one of the things looking will the president will be meeting with the palestinian president. from my -- he claims he wants -- what is he really say in public, what is he -- of the public persona versus the truth that maybe would help the president. >> s unfortunately, there's something going on, which is simply outrageous that president trump can change. he is allowing the system to grow that is rewarding those who engage in terrorism, rewarding their families. you have a young kid -- and he goes ahead and he shoots an israeli. he will get payments from the palestinian authorities, he will get a guaranteed job in the future and if you kill somebody, that's more money. >> sean: that's going on today? >> that's going out today.
10:51 pm
>> sean: killing an israeli endon to get money? >> and its palestinian law. i have two very simple messages for him. stop the payments and change the law. he should not leave washington without having made that commitment. the real stumbling block for making peace is the culture of hatred, the palestinian authority has built. >> sean: let's play a hypothetical game and asked thi this. if he was able to go and meet the president, if he recognizes israel's right to exist, if he stops making the payments to those that kill israelis, if they get rid of those squares and statues honoring killers of israelis, where you begin the peace process from that point? obviously that has to be a basic simple starting point to get any negotiation moving forward, right? >> first you have to understand what is vital interests of both
10:52 pm
sides. you look at those vital interests and you go do i have a virtual field, do i have a deal for the whole process or maybe i can start with something more limited. the worst thing you can do to an american president is to put him into a process, which is going to fail, which is going to be like to go two locomotives colliding. that is bad for the president, is back for the reputation of the united states. >> sean: explainin specifically if president trump is watching the show right now, at the trap is wet for him and what does he need to understand and negotiate to get the outcome that would be beneficial for israel for the palestinians and the world and united states. >> first of all i want president trump to succeed. we all deserve it. for that to happen, we have to design a process where we can work on the things that are printable. but not trying to throw a hail mary pass each time.
10:53 pm
that's what's been happening. >> sean: what's the hail mary that you think theyg.g. will do what? >> that the think we will -- the white house will want to shake hands an end is really part of selling conflict. there are conflicts that you can address, but sometimes the gaps are too wide. joining us now, david keyes, spokesman for prime minister netanyahu come up with this. it was in june of last year. we had a prime location. it was a terrore attack.k. tell us what happen. > right behind us, a few tabs back, to terrorist came in andde they ordered brownies, they were dressed in suits, they tried to blend in. average people were sitting at these at at the tables drinking coffee with these families, they set up and murder four people in cold blood. >> sean: what is it that drove these people to stand up in short back start shooting people? >>ta what is it that drives peoe in the streets to stab average israelis connect the one i put it on my tv and radio show.
10:54 pm
the indoctrination of young children into hating israel, hating from a very young age. >> the prime minister spoke at the u.n. about a 13-year-old boy. he said imagine he wakes up in the morning and he goes to soccer practice but his soccer team is named after a man who murdered about 37 israelis and on his way to school he passes the statue, a reference to a mass murderer who killed 15 people in jerusalem. and when he gets to school, there's a palestinian education seminar honoring a man who boarded a bus and stabbed three israelis on a bus. and then when he turns on the television, he cedes the president saying we welcome every drop of blood spilled in jerusalem. that's a direct quote. and when he turns on twitter or thebook he will see president senior advisors quoted in the original arabic that is something that your viewers deserve to know. this advisor said "wherever you
10:55 pm
find an israeli, slit their throat" everyone in this region deserve to liveiv in peace and there's nobody that would want peace more than the israelili people. in the israeli premise are. every time i have a real partner, israel's actually worked out details. peace is actually a table that requires the number one fundamental acceptance of a jewish state. >> sean: we come back on what we need your help with a very important question of the day as we continue tonight, we are in jerusalem, we are in a drill. will continue. didn't recognize our grandson. (woman 2 vo) that's when moderate alzheimer's made me a caregiver. (avo) if their alzheimer's is getting worse, ask about once-a-day namzaric. namzaric is approved for moderate to severe alzheimer's disease in patients who are taking donepezil. it may improve cognition and overall function, and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. namzaric does not change the underlying disease progression. don't take if allergic to memantine, donepezil, piperidine, or any of the ingredients in namzaric.
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>> welcome book to hannity. we continue from jerusalem. how big a threat do you think north korea and iran is now to the world. with all the news breaking out today. we want to hear from you. go to hannity. that's all the time we have left this evening. quick programming note, we hope you tune in tornado as we
11:00 pm
continue from jerusalem 10:00 p.m. eastern. my interview with the prime minster from israel benjamin netanyahu. we'll see you back >> martha: we are covering breaking news tonight. nearly 1:00 a.m. now as terror strikes the heart of france again. a police officer killed two others, gravely wounded near the same champs-élysees, isis quickly claiming responsibility for this attack. french officials say that it was a war weapon that was used in this attack. waiting for more details on that. they have withstood attacks in nice, charlie had no characters, at the nightclub, and now, once again, and france, they are under attack. getting ready for a big election come sunday. one candidate has called for a postponement in light of this. more news from france as we get throughout the evening. also, breaking tonight, the president once said