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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 21, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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huge list including terrorists, the guy who perpetrated this attack who is now dead. when the president said it looks like we are going down the road of terror, looks like terror, instead of focusing on the terror, the most famous city, possibly the first ally, focusing on donald trump, why draw the conclusion this is terror? >> he said i give my condolences to the french people and look like another terror attack, it
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just never ends. >> associated press tweeted the out this. paris police have not announced a motive. they had to admit maybe he was right. french prosecutors opened the terrorism investigation, the same debate happening on ms nbc where they believe the president would say it looks like terror when it looks like terror. >> donald trump said right off the bat, a terrorist attack in france, not comfortable to call it that or report that. >> i am with you. the only thing with what is going on paris. always a dangerous time getting ahead of the facts.
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the president was referring to what he saw on television and you wonder were people going to take what he said as some idea that he knows something more than someone else does. and just saw that as i was walking out. >> indications are it was irresponsible. let's use some logic here. he knows about threats happening overseas. in the country known for tight done laws, and ak-47, one thing leads to another, a state of emergency, terror problem, the capital, he says it looks like terror. why can't they give him respect, 1998 when usama bin laden told everybody what to do. and go out of his way to cut him
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down. >> that what he ran on in the campaign. and what about people that live in the country and do the right thing? >> you could be a terror attack with a different agenda, from a rival nation. didn't say this was isis, al qaeda, and argument to say that, islamic extremism. out of your way to be critical of the most powerful man in the country is over the line. >> don't you think viewers want the facts. if there's an attack in paris you want to know the attack -- the fact is why they think donald trump said this or that, i just want to know the fact.
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>> it looks like that. something else on radar this morning is jeff sessions, john kelly, down in el paso, and the southern border, it is essential to build the wall and move forward at the end of the summer, jeff sessions talking about if coming to this country illegally come up with a better plan. >> if they think they can violate the laws and enter the country illegally, that will be very clear, don't come, please don't come. for those who committed crimes, crimes and gang affiliated, and be prosecuted. and it is that simple.
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and lawful system of immigration. should do what 1 million people do each year and wait their turn and come lawfully to the united states. >> and addressed that dreamer, talking secretary kelly, he broke and was involved in illegal actions in this country, licensed, shoplifting, left the united states, and the status, and broke a bunch of rules. >> to go to the areas, trouble spots and san diego, jeff sessions, people out there who know sarah palin is a republican, general kelly, to see politics, that is a law and order guy says i care about drugs, and terror and legitimate
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reason for that, this is how to get it done. if you have criticism, fix the law or stop whining about it and wipes out before you don't like hispanics argument for you do like hispanics argument, and for the last we 10 years, forget about that law. >> when you talk about thugs who play football in the nfl, so many high schoolers have the opportunity, they waste it. like this guy. an opportunity to come to this great country, gave him a work permit to go to college and this guy and use it, didn't follow the rules, he's out of the country, let someone in but wants to be here and will follow the rules. >> to get back --
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>> over and over. >> that is part of the store you haven't heard. it is 11 minutes after the top of the hour and abby is missing. abby: i have headlines you breaking overnight, the state of arkansas executing its first inmate in more than a decade, pronounced dead just before midnight executed for beating his neighbor to death in 1993, the death sentence carried out in a heated legal battle under punishment. the state under fire for attempting eight expectations in 11 days before their lethal injection drug expired. two more are scheduled for monday. three police officers recovering after being shot in seattle. one suspect died, two others in custody. one hit on the face by a bullet
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in serious but stable condition and a female officer struck in the stomach saved, another officer grazed by a bullet, both were released. george hw bush getting a special visit in the hospital, george w. bush making the trip to houston tweeting this photo, quote, being a morale boost from a high-level delegation, no father has ever been more blessed or prouder, the former president under observation as he covered from a mild case of pneumonia. they are such a great family. >> she is a republican, daughter of immigrants, she is taking on sanctuary city stands of new york's mayor. >> individuals here legally, putting their citizenry first and foremost. >> that is not the only challenge she is thinking about.
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you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. ♪ brian: republican daughter of immigrants now challenging the sanctuary stance of new york mayor de blasio and making illegal immigration her platform. >> why would you protect individuals here illegally committing these crimes instead of putting your
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citizenry first and foremost in making -- ensuring the federal funding we need? >> maintaining the working relationship between immigrant communities and police is foundational to public safety, will make us all less safe, that's the police structure we are working from. brian: does he disand it's illegal immigrants and citizenry. she could now be considering a potential mayoral run. she joins us now. this someone of your issues. you have had a chance to bring it up to the mayor many times. if you are here illegally that's one thing. if ice wants you to detain a citizen for crimes they could have committed, this mayor says i'm not even doing that. >> that's the important distinction here. we are not even talking about people in the country illegally. we are talking about people committing crimes either against other immigrants or against citizens of our -- of new york or our country. and this mayor has gone so far to say if someone commits crime like grand larceny, sex
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abuse, patronizing a minor for prostitution, identity theft, welfare fraud, these are among the list of crimes and i have identified 447 of them in which this city will not comply with the request and turn people over. again, let's remember that federal government only issues a detainer request if an individual is a public threat, if they are considered perhaps someone who may cause harm, terrorism, or they have been convicted of a crime previously. brian: so this bothers you like the whole country is seeing this because president trump has brought that front and center. this bothers you. you brought this up before. when did you first start confronting this mayor with this. >> in 2014 when this law was enacted. every mayor up until him has protected the status of immigrants. brian: republicans and democrats. >> ed koch. the city is not going to ask you immigration status. this is to protect victims of crime from coming forward to report if they have been a victim of a vim. now, this mayor took it to all
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new level in 2014 by pass allege law that not only kicked immigration officials out of rikers island to comply with the request. this goes back to president trump even before president obama. we only comply with 32 out of 584 detainer request. only if an individual has been a threat to the public and convicted of a crime that the federal government looks to get them removed from the country. brian brian as assembly woman you had a chance to bring this up to him repeatedly and the press. has the mayor given you satisfactory answer. >> he has kicked the can down the road i'm looking at it i'm addressing this with my attorneys. we're taking a look at it he has not come forward. this has been since february of this year. that clip was from. we have written him letters since then. every time the press questions him oh we'll continue to look at it we mack may look at
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adding more crimes to the list. bottom line he is putting people committing crimes against the very citizens that elected him to keep them safe. brian: president as motivated as you are with this could mean billions of dollars to the city. thank you for joining us. but when family members forget, trust angie's list to help. [ barks ] visit today.
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♪ ♪ steve: all right. time for "fox & friends" headlines for this friday. first up, an egyptian american prisoner held in cairo for three years returns to the united states overnight thanks to president trump. mr. trump's aids striking a deal with the egyptian president to free aya hijazi her husband and four other charity workers. her lawyer who handled the case will join us next hour to discuss it.
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and president trump will be signing an executive order today to help ease our country's tax burden. the order will require the treasury department to identify tax regulations initiated last year and badly need reform. and that is some of the news. meanwhile, two new movies landing in theaters today but are they worth your box office big bucks? ainsley: that's a good question. why don't we ask the question. the founder of nerd kevin mccarty the guy who knows everything about movies gets paid to watch them. hello, kevin. steve: what a job. ainsley, i'm going to take that audio and put that as my ring tone for my phone. thank you for that. good morning to you guys. steve: good morning. >> i'm out here in l.a. for guardians of the galaxy 2 and the cast there as well. this morning i'm interviewing goldie hawn. but the movie you are referring to the movie called unforgettable new film starting today katherine heigl.
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trying to ruin her ex-husband's new relationship. engaged to a character played by rosario dawson. cheesy, over the top. ridiculous at times. one of the films that doesn't find a consistent tone. do you find yourself being scared at times and thrilled at times. but sometimes you're laughing at the movie and not with the movie. steve: sure. >> it is one of those films that works for entertainment purposes good for matinee. katherine heigl is good in this. rosario dawson is grade. i love seeing cheryl ladd in the role. fantastic in the. know her from charlie's angels. steve: we know cheryl ladd from the green room. been on this program many times and probably watching from i believe down in texas these days. >> yeah. i was so excited about. this again, i had no idea that she was a fan of the show. i walk in the room to do the press junket and i'm interviewing katherine heigl and rosario dawson. i walk in cheryl ladd's room
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and sits down and says i'm a big fan of your movie reviews and she watches "fox & friends" from texas. steve: yeah. >> that was the first time i have ever had an actor do the opposite and geek out on me versus me geeing out on them. ainsley: you know who i am? >> i'm like how do you know who i am? it was a cool moment. shout out to cheryl ladd you are awesome. you are one of the charlie's angels. brian: did you get her number to keep in touch? do you think we will keep in touch? >> we did a selfie. here's the thing i'm taking it one step at a time, brian. ainsley: not too fast. >> i'm waiting for the follow back and we will see what happens from there. steve: she is not officially one of kevin's angels yet. >> not yet. steve: now about the promise you give it four out of five stars. it must be great. >> yeah. this is a film that's very important. it's a tough movie. it's about the armenian genocide. one of the things about this film i found fascinating is it reportedly 100-million-dollar budget independently financed. the producers are actually
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giving 100 percent of the box office proceeds to charity. nonprofit. steve: wow. >> i spoke to christian bale about this. he confirmed tonight interview and. so charity that the money will be going to. watch this. >> it is remarkable that these guys have genuinely given 100% of proceeds, absolutely they are doing that. reported yesterday they started out the promise foundation for human rights ucla become a real hub, educational resource for collecting data on human rights and also genocide and abuses and holding people accountable. they are giving 100 percent of the proceeds to charities like the enough project. century, which is run by john pren gas and a amity international. things relatable to the film. ainsley: i don't know he had that accent. >> i know. it's amazing. he is also batman. batman can do anything.
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christian bale is often. the movie is four out of five. tough subject matter. the only problem with the film the script is a little thin sometimes but the important subject matter. oscar isaac is great. christian bale was amazing. his best role was american psycho. i love that movie so much. ainsley: yeah. >> that's the reason why i listen to phil collins. the studio one of my favorite songs because of that movie. i love american psycho. brian: thanks a lot. appreciate it, kevin. thanks for the insight. ainsley: thank you, search. have great weekend. >> love you guys. have great day. ainsley: have a great day. say i love you back. brian: i don't feel comfortable if i love him yet. steve: we love phil collins too because it's phil collins. brian: i like him because he plays so many instruments. rare to play that well and play the drums because you have to sing over your pounding. steve: i have never heard that before. ainsley: if you are a drummer singing over you are pounding. brian: pounding away and
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singing at the same time. almost like a bet. ainsley: you have to wear a microphone because you can't hear the singing because of the pounding. >> the monkeys. brian: the monkeys, lasted a year. phil collins has been with us 30 years. ainsley: supreme court finally has nine justices once again. pictures but one senator says not for long. he predicts one justice will resign this summer. who could it be? and who should be on entrepreneurship's short list? brian: chicago already a sanctuary city now mayor rahm emanuel is taking it one step further putting illegals before his own citizens. steve: first happy birthday to queen elizabeth the ii. the queen has 91 candles on a beautiful cake today. brian: wake up and put on your crown. it's a new day ♪ royal ♪ that kind of love just ain't for us ♪ we crave a different kind of buzz ♪ let me be you're ruler ♪ ruler.
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♪ my baby love ♪ my baby love. ainsley: we all love babies especially when they are joining the fox family. that's meghan in the red sitting down. she used to produce for our show. then she was "fox & friends first." now she is on the five. she is a senior producer on the five. we were showering her yesterday. her baby is due soon. her momma is standing right behind her and then a lot of these faces -- we see at love these producers they are all over the news channel. kimberly guilfoyle on the right. he cheryl casone next to her. me, dana perino. on the other side suzanne scott on the left. boss amazing person. jen roche. she was a producer here now
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producing for jesse watters show. jesse dunn in the back producer for "fox & friends first." kelly kramer is right there. jill. who else is on there? anyway great group. all these people we love and we were so excited to shower meghan because this is how devoted she is. she said i can't get pregnant until after the election. steve: there you go. ainsley: this is how committed she is to her job. she is a friend of ours. and we were just so thrilled. brian: that was yesterday afternoon. a great restaurant called b.g. they went above and beyond for us. it was wonderful. steve: fantastic. looks like a nice day. great shower for great. brian: producers make great moms they noe how to plan things. fantastic. ainsley: tiffany was there one of sean hannity's producers. amanda, rebecca. yeah, it was fun. steve: all right. great. ainsley: congratulations, meghan. we are happy for you. she doesn't know if she is
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having a boy or girl. brian: abby you did a great job at 5:00 a.m. abby: good luck to meghan. i hope everything goes well. i do want to bring you headlines happening overnight. u.s. meeting with top middle east ally israel secretary of defense james mattis meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who praised president trump's stand against chemical weapons. listen. >> this has been appreciated around the world and in our region-think this is a welcome change, a strategic change of american leadership and american policy. >> the week before holocaust remembrance, i think it's important that we remind ourselves that if good people don't band together, then bad people can do a lot of damage in this world. abby: mattis warning the assad regime against using weapons again after killing nearly 100 of its own civilians earlier this month. sanctuary city of chicago approving a new plan to hide
3:37 am
illegal immigrants from the feds plus give them access to city services and american jobs. city leaders are proving a new system that mirrors san francisco. giving illegals and other groups like ex-cons ids like this. liberal mayor rahm emanuel says they need them to get jobs while promising to keep applicant's personal information hidden from the federal government. a close call for a police officer nearly hit by an out-of-control car. watch this. [explosion] abby: you could see there. dash cam video shows a texas cop during routine traffic stop. another car slams into cruiser missing her ands other car by just inches. luckily no one was hurt. also, in this morning, the "new york times" releasing embarrassing apology for blatantly biased tweet implying that the turnout for the patriots 2015 visit with president obama was bigger than this week's visit with president trump. the patriots immediately
3:38 am
calling foul on that pointing out that the staff members were sitting on the south lawn this year instead of standing on the stairs. the "new york times" sports editor jason stallman now releasing in apology saying, quote terrible we did the, i wish i could say it's complicated but no, this one is pretty straightforward. i'm an idiot. leave it there toss it back over to you guys. brian: this is extremely exciting for me in particular. i was able to research 20 years george washington's spy ring and also talked about one of the major things about the spy ring so incredible the invincible ink they used back then. this famous letter for the first time has been seen for the first time in over 100 years now in the public. george washington came one spy ring is asking in this letter james j. whose brother john j. brought the invincible ink for the spy ring. is he asking for more liquid. we haven't seen this in public since teddy roosevelt was president and nathan has brought that out with rab collections.
3:39 am
>> thank you for having me. brian: you wrote me telling me this might be something of interesting. >> incredibly exciting find. war relating to espionage in the hand of george washington. 1780 he signed g. washington as did he all his letters. and he is looking for a way to communicate with his spy ring to find intelligence on the british where they are, how many troops there are without them knowing that is he doing. this and he has this intricate network but he needs this invincible ink. brian: it's like gold. dear sir the liquid doesn't say individually, the liquid which you were so obliging to furnish for private correspondents is exhaustive. as i find it very useful i take the liberty to request you will favor me with a further supply. i have still a sufficiency of the material for the counterparts on hand should you not have by you the necessary ingredients if they are to be procured at any of the hospitals within your reach. what does he mean by hospitals? >> incredible letter.
3:40 am
so this guy it wasn't like they had secret laboratories back then he could call up and say make me more invincible ink or go on amazon. they had to create this whole network from scratch. the guy who created this invincible ink was a doctor. he was also like a chemist on the side. he had access to these chemicals at this hospita steve: ultimately washington divided too complicated to rely on him we have to brew up our own laboratory. >> actually he said not only that i want you to come in and run this laboratory. james j. writes back and says listen, you want all this stuff, i'm working out of of my house, my basement. my wife is getting on my case. have you got to build me like a proper laboratory. ainsley: what's so great about this. brian talks about this and actually seeing you. steve: money about k. buy this for $65,000. ainsley: if someone is interested where they do they go raab brian: spy rings they knew these guys how valuable it was
3:41 am
and abraham was working on it his sister doesn't know he is a spy. walks in the room answered knocks over the invincible ink stain. what you do is write invincible ink almost impossible. then have you got to pour the stain on top of it and then it comes to life and then have you got to tear up the letter. ainsley: if you spill the stain and don't have any more you can't read the letter. brian: they all have to share it the whole ring. he spills it and then you see why it's so valuable as you see washington begging for it. steve: so complicated nau we just have encryption on our smart phone. brian: now we have text messages. steve: people interested how do they find it online? >> raab brian: they have a whole bunch of great american his industry stuff. sings washington is not writing any more letters i imagine it's a good investment. >> incredible. how often do you see a letter from george washington about espionage. ainsley: where can they buy your book, brian? brian: it's all over the place. george washington secret six.
3:42 am
ainsley: thank you so much. he refused to stand for the national anthem and now he can't get a job in the nfl but colin kaepernick just made another roster. steve: we will tell you about that the supreme court has nine justices again. one u.s. senator says one of these justice also retire. ainsley: not gorsuch. steve: probably not. david brody is on deck who say who should be on the president's short list. brian: good picture of him. kind of an action shot ♪ dance all night ♪ dance all night ♪ go all night ♪
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brian, i just need to know if the customer app will be live monday. can we at least analyze customer traffic? can we push the offer online? brian, i just had a quick question. brian? brian... legacy technology can handcuff any company. but "yes" is here. you're saying the new app will go live monday?! yeah. with help from hpe, we can finally work the way we want to. with the right mix of hybrid it, everything computes.
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when you have a digital notebook to capture investing ideas that instantly gives you stock prices, earnings, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score... and $4.95 online u.s. equity trades... you realize the smartest investing idea, isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. ♪ ♪ ainsley: some quick headlines for you. disgraced nfl quarterback collin kaepernick is named one of "time" magazine's most 100 influential people. the profile written by his former 49ers head coach praises him for refusing to stand for the national anthem
3:46 am
last season. kaepernick remains unemployed. clinton eastwood is bringing another tale of american heros to the big screen. set to direct a movie about the three americans thwarted a terror attack on a train while they were traveling in europe. they overpowered isis gunman who ak 47 and enough ammo to kill hundreds of people. production on that film is expected to start later this year. steve: mean while, there could be a vacancy opening up on the u.s. supreme court. iowa senator chuck grassley expects it to happen this summer but is he not sure who might be leaving. >> i can speak to the point but i have no way of knowing who it is. it's just a very general rumor for the last six months around washington, d.c. and i assume it's somebody in their late 70's or early 80's and there is probably three people that fall into that category. it could be any one of those three. it could be somebody else. steve: who should be on president trump's short list
3:47 am
and will that shift the balance of the court? ideologically? white house correspondent for cbn news david brody joins us right now from washington. good morning. >> hey, steve. steve: it could be rbg ruth bader ginsburg or justice kennedy who would retire. that's not the real important question for a lot of people who like donald trump. the real question is who might he appoint or nominate to the highest court in the land? >> a lot of unanswered questions. i will say, this steve. if it's ruth bader ginsburg the sense is that donald trump would go with a woman, female replacement which puts diane sycks right there at the top of the list. he has talked about her publicly before. she is from wisconsin. seventh circuit of appeals and highly recommended by the federalist society. many other conservative organizations. one issue with diane cycles though is that there was a ruling at one point where she basically sided with planned parenthood. uh-oh. buzzer, alarms.
3:48 am
that may be potential issue. otherwise, pretty solid. steve: another name that we heard during the first round was thomas hard map. one of the reasons people mentioned him is he actually works with the president's sister. >> yeah. kind of a good connection, you know. steve: yeah. that. >> would always potentially work. hardiman, let's also remember a blue collar guy. not a harvey league guy. first one in his family to go to college. donald trump likes the life story it plays well with donald trump blue collar narrative for sure. i have think that's a possibility. and also don't forget don will let, the texas supreme court justice, too. he is a guy to think about and bill pryor. have you a supreme court story and you hear bill pryor's name all the time. the bottom line here, steve, is that donald trump at this point, with the nuclear option already invoked could pretty much nominate anybody -- hey, sean hannity could get through. they do have to worry the trump and white house has to worry about moderates like
3:49 am
susan collins and little is a murkowski and make sure all republicans are on board. steve: sure. ultimately this next tip is going to tip the balance to the right politically most probably and given the fact that the democrats who were threatening to filibuster they screwed up and now we have the nuclear option. he can put anybody. >> he can put anybody. basically democrats wasted it on gorsuch. pruch clear sailing for donald trump. then the question becomes does donald trump and this brings up the age question, diane sycks is 58 years old. looking at maybe 20, 25 years there. or does he go with someone a little younger, 50, 48, somewhere in there apparently donald trump has thought about this quite a bit about hey maybe we need 30 plus years not 20 plus years. steve: exit question, how big a fight will it be over the next one you? know it was moderate with gorsuch, obviously. although they did threaten to filibuster. but the next fight would be on a scale of 1 to 10?
3:50 am
>> it could have been a 10 if it wasn't for the nuclear option. now with the nuclear option being invoked, like i said, this could just be relatively smooth sailing even though this would be the biggest supreme court decision to come down or supreme court nominee to come down in a very long time. steve: no kidding. david, thank you very much for washington today. all right. meanwhile, coming up on this friday, berkeley changes course about ann coulter. now okay for her to speak on campus again. but is she going to show up on their date or her date? are your head phones spying on you? might be. kurt the cyberguy is up next how your personal information may be at risk and how you can protect yourself. ♪ that's where i felt relief. we're the rivera family, and we will be with usaa for life.
3:51 am
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ainsley: are your head phones spying on you? a new lawsuit filed in illinois claims that is exactly what's happening with mows bose head phones. specifically the app. on your phone that you download to use them. brian: here is more is kurt the cyberguy. it sounds fictional and funny way to start a segment. that's exactly what people are worried about. >> when i first heard this i thought the same thing. is this honestly true? that's the allegation that's coming out. good morning to you. we are talking about something something that was in the news yesterday. but boy, that t. is now something a lawsuit filed in the chicago area, illinois. affecting the list of the country potentially. this is the app. we're talking about. bose is the company. they are in massachusetts. they have come out with a variety of -- you know the products are actually phenomenal. frequent fliers, you see them using these. have you a pair in your hand. those are at the center of the debate. a guy who purchased those in march who is now suing bose saying wait a minute, these
3:55 am
wireless headsets combined with this app. called bose connect that anyone can download is spying on me. that's what is he saying. steve: what does spying mean? does it mean it can tell what you are talking about or simply know what you are listening to. >> it knows the choices of what you are listening to. steve: how is that bad? >> how could that be bad? it's associating with you and then that's shared with god knows who. because nothing afternoons to be disclosed. except bose has come out with a statement overnight. steve: they have. it says in the bose connect app. we don't wiretap your communications. we don't sell your information and we don't use anything we collect to identify you or anyone else by name. >> by name. however, let's suppose that i listen to a lot of clips of "fox & friends" and myself and you. steve: okay. >> and then i also happen to love, i don't know, muslim music. and then that gets shared with
3:56 am
somebody who says well, that might be the cyberguy and that might be. should we put him on the watch list? so i don't know. there's a possibility. brian: you don't know there is a link between the bose communications and law enforcement, right? >> but that's the whole thing. brian: if law enforcement wanted to get information could they? >> of course, of course. with any subpoena they're going to have to hand over this information. the fact is though, that's what's really going on. we don't know. we don't know and the according to the lawsuit not clear on how they are using this data. and the lawsuit alleges that, in fact, they never even said they are going to be using this data and sharing it. steve: all about the app. that controls your head phones. >> here's the answer if you have got these products, they are great. don't use the app. with them if this is your concern. can you get bose is going to have a bigger response. ainsley: if you are worried that you listen to country music, brian. brian: boom box can a cassette player. dare to you listen.
3:57 am
>> in either way bring you a pickup truck. ainsley: and a dog. brian: straight ahead? ainsley: geraldo rivera, judge jeanine, stuart varney as well as the former miss u.s.a. they are all here live. hey. pass please. i'm here to fix the elevator. nothing's wrong with the elevator. right. but you want to fix it. right. so who sent you? new guy. what new guy? watson. my analysis of sensor and maintenance data
3:58 am
indicates elevator 3 will malfunction in 2 days. there you go. you still need a pass.
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wipe that smile off your face. we're coming for you, too. for those who won't rest until the world is healthier, neither will we. optum. how well gets done. steve: terror strikes paris again. brian: isis taking responsibility almost immediately. >> latest reminder isis can strike anywhere. >> we have to be strong and vigilant. >> for those who seek to violate our laws. let me be clear, don't come. >> secretary of defense james mattis meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> if people good people don't band band together. then bad people can do a lot of damage. >> we'll get tax reform done. it will be significant and it will create a lot -- >> george h.w. bush getting a special visit during his time in the hospital his son. brian: this letter has been
4:01 am
seen for the first time in 100 years on air to the public. >> espionage george washington looking for a way to communicate with his spy ring without him knowing that he is doing this and he has this intricate network but he needs this invincible ink ♪ i'm so excited ♪ and i can't just hide it ♪ i'm about to lose control ♪ and i think i like it ♪ i'm so excited. brian: it is raining right now forced one of our demos inside. staying inside still going to be able to do it. give you a hint. it could save tackle football as we know it we will be able to demonstrate it on the inside but that's because we don't have another suit. have to change outfits if we go outside. ainsley: i love that song. i'm so excited because it's friday and i can't hide it. brian: we're not asking you to. ainsley: thank you. steve: thank you very much for joining us we join you today on this friday from a rainy new york city. we start by talking about paris. it was yesterday when a gunman
4:02 am
with an assault rifle killed a police officer on the champs elysesse. police officer killed and two others wounded president tweeted out another terrorist attack. people in france will not take more of this. will have effect on presidential election. the first round of the presidential election is this sunday and suddenly marine la pen the far right candidate she has been all about the borders, all about security. she could actually see a surge. brian: see says france first. she is concerned about the borders and french people and not so concerned about being politically correct. i cannot do her definitive biography. i can't do any of these french candidates definitive biography. know this. this is very reminiscent of our election and who represents what philosophy
4:03 am
with key ally. steve: she has been compared to president trump. ainsley: that's why president obama with backing. steve: he made a phone call to him. ainsley: is he not supporting the one who resembles president trump. steve: he, yesterday, apparent live called emanuel that krohn who is macron who is a centris. president trump was available yesterday white house along with the italian prime minister. our own john roberts asked him about the attack in paris. here is the president taking about how it looked like terrorism, which he was right. >> well, first of all, our con 2k08 lenses from our country to the people of france. again, it's happening, it seems. i just saw it as i was walking in. so that's a terrible thing. it's a very, very terrible thing that's going on in the world today. but it looks like another terrorist attack and what can you say? just never ends.
4:04 am
we have to be strong and we have to be vigilant and i have been say it for along time. brian: france has been on safety emergency since 2015 with brutal terror attacks besieging that great city, hurting terrorism, making people think twice before they go outside. this is definitely not going to help things. on top of that you have a candidate in la pen who says i'm not thrilled with the european union. i'm really france first. donald trump praised brexit who says uk i will cut you a separate trade deal we don't need eu trade deal. ainsley: what happened could tip the vote. it starts on sunday. let's bring in jim hanson. i know you have said president trump was criticized by the mainstream media because he was saying it looks like terrorism. they were all over him. i can't believe he is calling it terrorism before we know all the facts. he said it looks like terrorism. he was on the campaign trail saying i will call it when i see it people thought that was refreshing. you say it looks like terrorism to you, too. you agree with him, right?
4:05 am
>> i don't think there is any question it's terrorism. when a muslim guy with ak 47 opens fire in a crowded shopping area, you don't have to go out on the last limb of the last tree to know what that is. president trump is a welcomed change from the past 8 years where they tried to yiewsm yo ym this away. know what it is. steve: how will this attack reverberate on sunday with the people of france fro and the el? >> it reverberated here in the united states when the american people decided they wanted a strong leader, they wanted a commander-in-chief who knows hot enemy is and who takes the fight to him and so we elected president trump. i think there is a very good chance and the polls seem to show that the french are sick of this as well. they are sick of the appeasement. sick of the capitulation. sick of the open borders allowing tons of people in who don't share their values. i think they may go with someone who is strong on terrorism as well. brian: i remember when
4:06 am
president obama decided to watch football rather than show up and have a show of unity after the first big terror attack with prime minister hol hollande. we will see what happens now. my sense is as we pick up the pace with isis, what is left of the islamic state, there will be these surges that will start squirting out in places like paris because they don't go down without a fight. in fact, they want to be killed in the fight. >> you're absolutely right. i think this is quite possibly an isis directed attack rather than just an isis inspired attack. steve: wow. >> the speed with which they came out with the name and responsibility in multiple languages is not the same as the other situations where there have been truck attract tacks and other things that i think they were being opportunistic. we don't know for sure but this might have been something they planned or knew about in advance. ainsley: wow. brian: other point is so many names on their terror list french authorities knew this guy. when catherine herrige reports yesterday like there are thousands of people on that
4:07 am
list, you might as well not have a list if that's that big. am i correct, jim? >> at some point you have to decide what is the standard for getting yourself on a list that matters? and that list should be getting thrown in jail or thrown out of the country. so just having a list oh, everybody who might be a bad guy is not helpful. let's lower the standard for it let's make sure that someone who is doing things that lead to terrorism gets stopped before they slaughter a bunch of innocent people. steve: indeed. jim hanson, executive vice president center for policy -- security policy down in d.c. jim, thank you very much. ainsley: thanks, jim. >> you're welcome. ainsley: let's hand it over to be a by has headlines for us. abby: good morning. i do have headlines for you. breaking overnight the state of arkansas executing first inmate in more than a decade. ladel lee pronounced dead just before midnight executed for beating his neighbor to death back in 1993. the state currently under fire for attempting eight executions in 11 days before
4:08 am
their i will lethal injection drugs expire. three police officers recovering this morning after being shoat during a botched robbery in seattle. one suspect died from gunshot wounds. two others are in custody. one officer hit in the face by a bullet. he is in serious, but stable condition. a female officer struck in the stomach saved by her bullet proof vest. another cop grazed by a bullet. both were treated and released. and tearing jeff sessions and dhs secretary john kelly headed back to the border today. of the two will be in san diego a day after touring texas. they are claiming big progress is stopping the flow of illegal immigrants pinning the success on the president's message. >> this credit goes to president trump. it's his message that this border is no longer open. if you want to come to america, apply. do it lawfully. don't do it illegally. let's do it legally. abby: the two emphasizing support for the border wall which the president hopes to
4:09 am
have built in less than two years. those are some of your headlines this morning. back to you. ainsley: all right. thanks, abby. steve: thank you very much. let's talk a little bits about ann coulter. ainsley: ann coulter was supposed to go speak at berkeley and the school cancelled it because they said they were protecting her and her safety and the kids' safety because of all the riots when a conservative comes there to speak. she was fewer use about this. the school has since reversed their decision. they are now saying, ann, you can come back and speak. brian: right there. is a problem with that first here is the uc berkeley chancellor talking about the change in philosophy. change in decision. >> miss coulter's announcement that she intends to come to this campus on april 27th without regard for the fact that we do not have protectable venue available on that date is of grave concern. last night, i asked my staff to look beyond the usual venues we use for large public gatherings. fortunately, that expanded
4:10 am
search identified an appropriate, protectable venue that is available on the afternoon of may 2nd. brian: ann coulter has a problem with the date. she is like wait a second, that's not good with me. i want the original date. you pay for my change of hotel. you pay for my change of ticket. how do you know i'm free that day? steve: if they can figure out a safe place on may the 2nd. they can figure out one the day she is actually going to show up. ainsley: gives less time for protesters to israelite troops. steve: besides, it's a college campus. she should be protected if she is going to talk. berkeley famous for the free speech effort. ainsley: i will say good for them for reversing the decision for free speech. brian: good for ann for turning up the pressure. ainsley: i know. steve: trying to turn it to dead week when everybody is actually studying and probably wouldn't be available. what's interesting is there was a "new york times" reporter, former reporter who insinuated free speech defenders should not defender ann coulter's right to speak. howard dean tweeted back that person and said.
4:11 am
this he said hate speech is not protected by the first amendment. ainsley: first amendment protects all americans except the ones he disagrees with. >> ya! brian: good to see howard dean is still tweeting. add a lot to the conversation. steve: her conversation is not hate speech. i would pay money to watch a debate with howard dean and ann coulter. ainsley: i was going to say. steve: that would be an event out at uc berkeley they need the stadium. ainsley: that would be so good. they would sell so many tickets. have you to be a students to go hear her speak. i'm sure the auditorium will be full after all controversy. steve: to recap, uc berkeley wants her to show up on may 2nd when they say they can protect her. she says i already got my tickets. i'm coming on the 27th. brian: satisfactory all my penalties. steve: 7:11. a fox news alert. american charity worker wrongly jailed in egypt for over three years is finally
4:12 am
heading home and the trump administration helped set her free. her lawyer joins us live next. brian: then it is the future of football. this tackling dummy is helping players stay safe on the field. what'contact say on game day? coming out on our studio. you don't want to miss this. that's no dummy ♪ i get knocked down ♪ i get up again ♪ you're never going to keep me down ♪ i get thok knocked down ♪ but i get up again ♪ you're never going to keep me down ♪ i get knocked down ♪ i get up again ♪ you're never going to keep me down ♪ if you've tried every pill on the shelf to treat your tough nasal allergies... ...listen up. unlike pills that don't treat congestion,
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tbut with lightning fast shifts instant. and dynamic track-tuned suspension, what the road demands, the gs delivers. experience high performance through high technology,
4:16 am
in the lexus gs 350 and gs turbo. experience amazing. steve: a fox news alert. a family now rejoicing after three years of agony. an egyptian-american prisoner aya hijazi, her husband and four other charity workers touching down in the united states overnight after being wrongfully held in an egyptian prison. ainsley: the release coming after president trump and his team intervenes striking a deal with the egyptiant. brian: timing does matter. that's egyptian president elsie is i. joining us now the attorney who handled the case wayne mcmullen. when the president came here you saw.
4:17 am
what role did that play in expediting the release. >> the human rights organization i have been working for has been working with the trump administration forever lath several weeks in advance of presidency is i's visit. that provided a critical moment coming just 10 days before the when the case was set to be handed down. no doubt played a critical role in ensuring that the judge had the free political space to issue a full acquittal of all the charges of all the defendants. ainsley: i know they are humanitarians. what exactly when were they doing in cairo or in egypt and why were they incarcerated? >> so aya mohammed founded an organization called the balati organization. back in late 2013. what they he wanted to do was pick an issue that everybody could get behind. so, what they did was in cairo, there is a luge problem with children who live on the street. they started this foundation to help these street children find a better way of life. now, why were they targeted? it's still a huge question
4:18 am
that remains to be unanswered. what we do know is once they were arrested, all of the news reports started claiming this big victory for the egyptian police who were under a lot of criticism at the time for cracking down on, this quote, human trafficking ring, which was completely absurd. and quickly the prosecution found out that they had no case. they had no evidence. so, for years, two and a half years, in fact, they just delayed, and delayed, and delayed. steve: so, wade, so for, you know, finally sprung after three years, by president trump and the trump administration, clearly bogus charges; why couldn't the obama administration string him? >> so, the timing of the case is very curious. so last fall, the family reached out to the obama administration, who issued a really strong public statement for the first time saying that aya hijazi should be released and charges dropped.
4:19 am
steve: was that just a statement or were people picking up phones talking to peenchts the obama administration was engaging at high levels. after that a new judge was appointed to the case. this judge back in november, once he came to be in charge of the case, finally started the trial and conducted it and moved it forward. that trial was first set to hand down its decision in march 23rd. and it was delayed. it was delayed until after president ceci's visit in washington. president trump's meetings with the egyptians at that time came at critical juncture to ensure this judge could hand down an innocent verdict. we also need to give kudos to the egyptian legal team who advocated the case before the courts and assured there was a full acquittal. ainsley: what is she saying about president trump and him helping her? >> you know, i was with the family last night.
4:20 am
they are extremely grateful. grateful for president's trump involvement in the case. they know his personal engagement was critical to getting a positive resolution here. steve: wade mcmullen managing attorney at the kennedy human rights foundation. thank you very much. brian: can you exhale now; did you your job. ainsley: they are home. brian: who used to take care of our vets? -- we used to take care of our vets for free when they came home from war that is now there might be a fee. we will give you details next. steve: it's a big fee. ainsley: plus it's the drink taking starbucks by storm. we tasted it the other day. one barista is having a total meltdown over the unicorn frappuccino. >> please don't get it. i have never made so many frappuccinos in my entire life. if you love us as baristas,
4:21 am
don't order it. no matter how dusty the room or how high the pollen count, flonase allergy relief keeps your eyes and nose clear. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause nasal congestion and itchy, watery eyes. for relief beyond the nose. flonase.
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♪ steve: now it's time for news by the numbers on this friday. first, 10,000. that's the average amount of deportation case an officer gets assigned in just one day. what? a new hsa report shows agents just can't keep up with the surge, forcing them to leave illegals on the street. that's a lot. next 136, that's how many public college campuses in california could soon be required to be sanctuaries for illegals. a new bill there would shield students from any ice investigation. and finally, 21. that's how many non-u.s.
4:25 am
citizens voted illegally in the 2016 federal election in nevada. state officials say the voters registered at the dmv after they showed their green cards. and investigations now underway. all right. ainsley? brian? ainsley: okay. thanks, steve. our nation's veterans, obviously they are putting their lives on the line for this great country. it's just one of the reasons that we pay for their education when they come home. brian: yeah. but soon that could change to a degree and they may have to pay for those benefits or pay into them. kind of like the g.i. bill. ainsley: here with veterans perspective retired staff sergeant johnny joey jones. thanks for joining us. good to see you. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning. all right. what do you think about this where veterans have to pay in let's say 100 bucks a month so they can go to college and they do that for two years? >> well, first off, let me say that the biggest issue bar none affecting our veterans today is transition. it's not just the injuries. it's not just, you know, post-traumatic stress or
4:26 am
physical injury. i'm an amputee. biggest issue in veteran community is transitioning. spend three months teaching them tore be a service member. six month six month deployment training. we spend 7 to 14 days training them to be a civilian again. that's where we need to focus. the goal here should be to help veterans transition into the civilian sector successfully. and we're not going to cut our way to a balanced budgets with $2,400 on every service member that finds their way into college. with that i will say too many service members are using the gi bill as a band-aid fix to an income problem because they didn't save to get out of the military. too many service members are using the gi bill for the stipend not focused on getting education. we need to look at the gi bill to make changes. $100 a month for already too low paycheck for first two years of service doesn't make sense at all. brian: this new tact is absurd
4:27 am
ensuring veterans are able to transition back to civilian life after military life is after military service is a cost of war and not a fee that congress can just pass along to the troops. but, on the other hand, students vets of america says. this infinitely more difficult to get rid of or cut the gi bill if troops have paid into that benefit. this is about how we can make the gi bill protected and buffered against budget bites for years to come. they are worried about cut backs coming. and if they could show a fiscal responsibility before it, it will make it impervious to the cut. i think that's the interpretation. >> listen, i think it's highly irresponsible to go about this and say it's all about preserving the gi bill. we spend more than 2 $2,400 almost a month on some of these students on a stipend. we need to support veterans in their transition. the gi bill is this large fix to a much more specific problem. there are service members who don't need to go to a four year state school. they need to go learn how to weld or have the training they
4:28 am
had in service certified in civilian stech tore there is a lot they can too at the house veterans affairs committee to propose ways to take care of our veterans and get them transitioning and this tax on the gi bill isn't it. ainsley: only problem is they say they can't afford it it's costing more than $3 billion. so they are saying if these veterans if they opt into the gi bill and they want to go to college they just have to pay $100 a month. granted, that can be a lot of money that can be several bills paid with $100 a month. especially like you said our veterans aren't making enough money. they do make a valid point saying if you want to protect, this if you want to keep it then have you got to pay something. >> if you want to protect it make sure it's being used properly and veterans are protected five or 10 years after you use it you are not going to give an argument with me we have more waste fraud and abuse with every other government program like social security disability than we
4:29 am
will ever pay on gi recipients. ainsley: i agree. find the 3 billion elsewhere. brian: gallup posts 78% of veterans are satisfied with the gi bill. 16% dissatisfied: thank you so much. ainsley: god bless you for serving our country. brian: coming up straight ahead. ains age take a look at this. wait until you see how this one ends. brian: this is no ordinary dumby. revolutionize the game of football. it already is keeping our players safer and on the field. guess what. those dummies are moving on their own. down goes the dumby. ainsley: i was not expecting that. brian: details okay. details how this can help your team next ♪ hit me with your best shot ♪ fire away ♪ glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day.
4:30 am
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4:33 am
♪ brian: all right your shot of the morning. big night at the white house. ted nugent. kid rock and former governor of alaska sarah palin over for dinner with president trump at the white house. ainsley: palin got the original invite and took the rock stars with her as her guest. why? she says it's because jesus was already booked for the night. brian: he couldn't do it. steve: group had dinner end of the night with sarah palin baked alaska. ted nugent actually did an interview with the "new york times." and when asked what they talked about, they talked about health, fitness, food, rock and roll, chuck berry, bow diddly. guns, bullets, bows, arrows, north korea, russia and about a half a dozennible other things. brian: cover a lot of things with the leader of the free world. steve: apparently they did.
4:34 am
brian: abby huntsman you have the latest breaking news we didn't cover. abby: i would go there with kid rock as well he is one of my favorites. steve: absolutely. abby: tip bringing police to missing teen ending a nearly 16 week nationwide manhunt. she has been found safe. former teacher tad couple minutes arrested. a cab owner spotted his vehicles and alerting investigators to the northern part of northern california. that is more than 2,000 miles from where they originally disappeared in tennessee. police finding two loaded guns in the cabins. he faces possible kidnapping charges that could land him in prison for more than a decade. the teen expected to arrive home today. so glad she's safe. and stop and watch this incredible video. a tire flies off of a car sending it soaring through an open door, hitting two unlucky guys in turkey. the entire incident captured on surveillance video. accident apparently causing the tire to break free, hitting a tree and flying in that pharmacy.
4:35 am
luckily, no one was seriously hurt. supposed to be magical. driving one starbucks barista to an entire meltdown. watch this. >> police don't get it. i have never made so many frappuccinos in my entire life. if you love us as baristas, don't order it. abby: starbucks says they will talk to that texas barista about how to make his experience a little bit better making frappuccinos. earlier this week we tasted that drink for ourselves. >> it's supposed to change color and flavor as we drink it. so what do you think? >> i'm thinking little girls will love. this they love pink and purple and turquoise and drink my little girl would love. steve: tastes my little pony. >> tastes like it looks a unicorn. unicorn frap is only available until sunday. that's good news for that ba his attachment those are some of your headlines this
4:36 am
morning. over to you brian and ainsley. brian: thank you very much. we are very excited over here. ainsley: you know the song i wear my tight pants. you wear a tight jersey. brian: thank you very much. no tight pants. thank you. this could save the game of football. parents, if your kids play contact sports like football. listen up. the number of reported concussions has more than doubled over the last 10 years and put the game in peril. ainsley: that's exactly right. for whose who get them playing football, 46% of concussions happen, actually, during the practices. not the games. and that's where the mvp drive or mobile virtual player comes. in it was invented by engineers at dartmouth, university. and now it is right here in our studio just in time for the nfl draft. brian: here to show you how it works if you have not seen it yet is fascinating. stephens and former coach at louisiana monroe safety justin back going to be drafted this year and general managers of rogers athletic robert mccloud.
4:37 am
welcome to all of you. >> glad to be here. brian: describe what we see in this video. >> practice regularly with 'this piece. hone the skills tackling skills without edge injuring someone else: dartmouth football player will never tackle another football player. ainsley: have you seen injuries go down. >> about 80%. brian: a mind of their own? you are controlling these? >> yeah, just standard remote control. you would find with rc car. ainsley: that's awesome. brian: do you need a coach work with these and move in formation. >> manager signed drills it operates effectively. brian: can you hurt these dumbies? >> it's never been to the training room. ainsley: i don't know how you guys play football. it's so impressive. how do you feel about these as a player. does it keep you safer? >> it actually does and teaches a lot of great technique. obviously throughout practice we do need to work on
4:38 am
tackling. we obviously don't want to get our players hurt because they are our teammates. so with this you get advantage of being able to have great technique. instead to have more tackling. brian: coach this has resulted in victories and less injuries. this has spread to how many nfl teams and college teams. >> half the nfl teams have it more to come in probably 15 college teams and about 15 high school teams. brian: all right. so you do technique. first off, go offer proper tackling how to demonstrate and do proper speed. first off you are controlling it? >> i have got it. brian: you will send this dummy at each other? >> yeah. you ready? brian: just go through it, tackle. >> you want to step on it, grip and explode. brian: you could go over on it. >> can go right over it. brian: real speed in practice. you are doing 7 on 7 scrimmage or 11 on 11 and moving these around? >> more individual stuff.
4:39 am
twos, threes, fours and fives. ainsley: i'm going to slide over here. brian: maybe the raiders are watching right now or giants and want to see what your tackling technique is like. can we see it? >> yes, sir. brian: all right. brian: it pops right back up. one more time, justin. all right. brian: you see these nonstop. how many people do you need to work them. >> one off right now. five of them and five different people working, managers and direct them to drills. linebackers, secondary. ainsley: coaches, do you have moms all over the country coming up and saying thank you for saving my son from injury. >> huge advantage. ainsley: should our kids play football? this might change that attitude for a lot of the parents. will you let your sons play? >> yes. brian: one more time, justin, go ahead. >> yes, sir. brian: nice. not bad. could i try, this coach? proper technique, i put my
4:40 am
head through and geography over it. >> keep your head out and strike with the shoulder and run with the legs. brian: land on it ains are you nervous? [laughter] brian: justice. >> you got to follow on three. brian: if you could do this and work in tandem this could save the sport. how much could would it cost plea to invest in my program. >> $8,450 for one unit. ainsley: this night man when my daughter was born he sent me dartmouth onesie. my father went to dartmouth and they're good friends. and you have already accepted her, right? >> absolutely. brian: got to get the sats up. ainsley: thank you so much. congratulations on the success. brian: congratulations on everything. ainsley: wish you the best. god bless you. wonderful career and stay safe. the numbers are going to shock you. more millennials are living
4:41 am
with their parents than with their spouses. what can parents do to move them out in the pit bull of personal development larry winge. >> it is going to sign off on that next. brian: jesse watters is here to react. when you have a digital notebook to capture investing ideas that instantly gives you stock prices, earnings, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score... and $4.95 online u.s. equity trades... you realize the smartest investing idea, isn't just what you invest in,
4:42 am
but who you invest with. ♪
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4:44 am
steve: well, call it failure to launch. u.s. census data shows the number of 18 to 24-year-olds who live at home with their parents instead of moving in with a significant other, has skyrocketed since 1975.
4:45 am
so what can parents do to get the kids to move out? here to sound off the world's one and only irterrible irritatl speaker larry winget who as you can see is joining us from las vegas. larry, good morning to you. >> good morning, thanks for having me. steve: you bet. what do you make of this. almost 9 of 10 young people living in their parents home a decade ago still living there what does that say to you about the state of the american family. >> first of all we have a tendency and lots of stories about millennials. we have lots of blame millennials. while they are adults. this is a mommy and daddy problem. this is a parenting problem. this these parents didn't understand that they had one goal, just one goal. and that was to get their kids to grow up and go away. and they failed at that one goal. so now they have to reset and go back and do what they
4:46 am
should have done to begin with. steve: what happens, larry, let's say your kid is just out of high school or out of college, they don't have any job prospects. they can't afford an apartment. here in new york city if you -- an apartment can cost 2, 3, 4, $5,000. some kid doesn't have that. do you give them a pass for living in the basement? >> i don't give anybody a pass. you know, i wrote a book called "your kids are your own fault." parents need to take responsibility. they also need a little wake-up call to understand that they are sacrificing their own independence and maybe their retirement to take care of these adults kids. what they need is a plan. first of all, they need to draw up a contract with their children. this is what you're going to do and when you're going to do it. and these are my expectations and these are the consequences for not meeting my expectations. now, if the kid and i hate to call them kids. these are grown men and women. if the kid is not willing to live up to that.
4:47 am
well then you have to figure out something else. and these kids also need to remember, as well as the parents, the military is an excellent option. if you are not going to school and you can't find a job, the military is a great option. it's a great way for a kid to become responsible, earn a living and then come out with college education on the back side. steve: okay. well, you know what? i think the idea of a contract is a good one if not written down at least verbal. hey, this is the deal, this is what you are going to do. ultimately, if the kid decides, you know what? they are my parents, they are not going to do anything, i'm born free. how do you impose consequences? >> well, you said it might be okay if it's verbal. it's not. written contracts and people. steve: i'm talking about that's what the kid thinks. >> written contracts are the way to go. that way it's all in black and white. you can go back and check off that list. this is what we agreed to. this is what you said you
4:48 am
would do, and you are not holding up your end of the bargain. it also has to be imposed daily with time frames and say today you are going to look for a job. today you are going to clean up your room and acted like an adult. take a shower. shave,do what it takes to get out on the streets, knock on doors and find gainful employment. if you're not willing to do that that means there will be consequences. we have to remember and this sort of sums it all up is that good parents impose consequences. bad parents look for excuses not to. and that's what we have a lot of. we have a lot of parents who are looking for excuses. they say tuition is high. they say rent is high. they say that the government is to blame. we want to blame society, whoever that might be for the fact that we haven't done our jobs as parents and given our kids the skills it takes to go out and be independent on their own. steve: yeah. larry, next time you are on, we want to bring your children
4:49 am
on as well so that can you make your point and then we can ask them what it was like growing one larry winget as their dad. >> you know, my kids, they listen to me and they wrote a chapter in my book your kids are your own fault on what it was like to be my kid. steve: i remember that it was memorable. larry winget the world's only irritational speaker pit bull of responsibility telling the kids to move out of basement. >> thank you for having me. steve: what do you think of that email us at geraldo rivera joins us as he always does on friday. stuart varney, judge jeanine pirro and look at that man right there in the skinny suit it's jesse watters with his iced coffee from dunkin' donuts ♪ life in the fast lane ♪ surely make you lose your mind ♪ life in the fast lane ♪
4:50 am
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i'm ricardo, a sales and service consultant here at the xfinity store in bellevue, washington. here at the store, we offer internet, tv, phone, customer service, home security. every situation is a little different. it could be about billing, simple questions like changing the phone number. sometimes, they want to upgrade, downgrade, but at the end of the day, you want to take care of the customer. one of the great things about comcast, there's always room to move up. of course, it depends on you, how hard you work. ♪
4:53 am
♪ ♪ steve: who can forget that infamous moment during the presidential campaign when hillary clinton called donald trump supporters deplorable. well, senator elizabeth warren may have just one-upped her. >> part of it is an ugly stew of racism. part of it is donald trump tapped into anger. he got that people are deeply angry. and people are right to be angry. but donald trump said it's their fault, those other people. those people who don't worship like you. those people who don't look like you. those people that aren't the same color as you. that was a big part. he told a story. it's just the wrong story.
4:54 am
brian: here to discuss the host of "watters' world" jesse watters. wrong story, huh? >> yeah. she is obviously playing the race card. she is not playing from a full deck. you can run for president and you can't call half a billion people racist. the country ♪ racist. i was outside of a county in pittsburgh the other day, they voted for president obama 2 to 1 over romney and mccain and then flipped and voted for trump 2 to 1 over hillary. that county didn't just become racist. she has a big problem. and for someone to call other people racist and then lie about her race doesn't really sit well with me. so i think she is in a little bit of hot mess over there. steve: there you go. all right. speaking of traveling. you talk to the brand new energy secretary governor perry, didn't you? >> yes. secretary of energy rick perry sat down for an exclusive with "watters' world," which is going to air this weekend at 8:00. here appears little taste. >> you, during of the campaign, had some rough words
4:55 am
for donald trump back then. now you are in the cabinet. any message for republicans about becoming united? >> well, listen. i'm a big believer that our vision is the right vision for america. i have said some harsh things about the president. he is a very forgiving man. brian: visa versa. he said some harsh things about the governor, too. >> what he sore about the governor is he wore glasses to make himself look smarter. he called trump back then a cancer for the heart of the republican party and now they are in the same cabinet. kum ba yah. brian: some people he does not get over. president trump will not forget. others he just no problem. ted cruz, for example, they're good buddies now. ainsley: lindsey graham. brian: constant visits, lindsey graham as well as rand paul. >> mccain? steve: not yet. what about al gore? >> we wanted to talk about al
4:56 am
gore because everybody loves al we have the secretary of energy so you i asked the secretary about al. >> what would you tell al gore. >> i don't argue that the climate is changing. i don't argue that man is having an impact on it. but you can't have economic growth and clean up your environment. al gore and i probably disagree that government has all the answers. ainsley: jesse, you are like the hardest working man now. have you got this 8:00 show on saturdays and now you will be joining the 5:00 moving to 9:00 p.m. you will be sitting where eric bolling is because is he moving to 5:00 p.m. all these changes. >> carry the torch for eric. 9:00 "the five." ainsley: when do you start is that. >> monday night making the debut on "the five." very honored to be there. steve: great that you join us. have great weekend thinking up what to say on monday. >> thank you very much. it's going to take time. ainsley: i always love to hear your opinions.
4:57 am
you will be perfect for that show. brian: i'm fully in support, too. [laughter] steve: coming up, he is out in the hall. geraldo rivera come on next, you are live next on "fox & friends" from new york city ♪ she told me to walk this way ♪ walk this wayeb ♪ or get the outlander l, starting at $5,499. visit your local dealer for details. can-am. the ride says it all. find fast relief behind the counter allergies with nasal congestion? with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ] strut past that aisle for the allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes and contains the best oral decongestant. live claritin clear, with claritin-d. but first things first -me call trugreen,. america's #1 professional lawn care company. millions of homeowners like you trust us to give them a lawn they can live on. and tailored care plans ensure their lawns get exactly what they need to thrive. guaranteed. that means you can do more of this, this, and this.
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like at a comfort inn? yep. free waffles, can't go wrong. i like it. promote that guy. get the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed. when you book direct at book now. ♪ >> terror strikes paris again. brian: isis taking responsibility almost immediately. >> just the latest remind they're terrorism can strike anywhere. >> we have to be strong, we have to be vigilant. >> a muslim guy with ak-47 opens fire you don't know have to go out on the last limb of tree to know what that is. >> this credit goes to president trump. >> the state of arkansas executing its first inmate in more than a decade. he was pronounced dead before midnight. >> veterans could have to start paying g.i. bill benefits. >> $100 a month from already too low paycheck doesn't make any
5:01 am
sense. steve: charity worker jailed for three years is finally heading home. >> thankful for president trump's engagement on their case. they his engagement was critical. brian: this is the future of football. this tackling dummy is helping kids to stay safe on the field. ♪ steve: it is friday. you're looking at our world headquarters from 1211 avenue of the americas. as you know every friday, geraldo rivera, our traveling correspondent. we fall in love. ainsley: did you see the video of brian tackling. >> i actually like that idea where kids don't get broken -- brian: genius. soccer lacrosse, because with
5:02 am
soccer, you used to play soccer, do you knock heads? if you're going traffic with a dummy coming at you can't get hurt but learning the technique. >> you know what my favorite part was? ainsley saying i have a 3-year-old looking to get into dartmouth. ainsley: he accepted her. he accepted her. steve: never start too early. >> when i resigned from the yale fellowship they changed name because of political correctness and i thought it was appropriate. my wife said, we're so going to go. you better not resign anything from harvard. ainsley: geraldo, we watched you when the terrorist attack, your daughter was over there in france. there was another terrorist attack. president trump called it terrorism. it looks like terrorism. got backlash from the mainstream media. steve: president trump tweeted out another terrorist attack in paris.
5:03 am
people of france will not take much more of this. it will have big effect of on the election. gunman with ak-47, killed a cop and gunman killed as well. donald trump during the press availability. john roberts about the attack. looks like terror. mainstream media said he can't say that until it is official. >> mainstream media and president of the united states have a bitter, hostile relationship, very little you truth, very little light is shed. president was absolutely right. going back to whattance sy said, as soon as i heard it was paris, it is so personal. a year ago my middle daughter, simone, year abroad, caught in stadium in paris, two colleagues
5:04 am
tried to use their bombs to penetrate the stadium. the big soccer game between germany and france. brian: turns out one lost their nerve. it could have been worse. >> brian, beginning with "charlie hebdo" which i also covered it is something made france almost a personal thing. now people like us that live in manhattan or people who work in manhattan, we remember 9/11 as almost a personal insult and it is a mass grave of our friends and families downtown. i feel similar, obviously smaller way because simone did suffer that personal threat from terrorism in paris, the president was absolutely right. i mean at some point when you have, now, i think that unlike the fresno, california, black nationalist guy who shot and killed three people -- only white people, has a history of black nationalism, only in the back of the police car did he use words "allahu akbar!," was this terrorism, this was a
5:05 am
deranged racist, that is a fair question. when donald trump assessed the evidence as i did, remember i'm talking in real time, i thought it was clear it was a terrorist attack. i also thought, what in the world is this going to be, what impact will this have on the french elections? because will this propel -- tell you very quick story. in 2004 i was at the opening of the clinton library in little rock. john kerry had been just defeated by george w. bush, talking not even two weeks after the election. rainy day in little rock. in a room together. he was very morose, john kerry, you would think he would be very more rose. he had little regard for george bush. you know why i lost? i lost because of the terror attack, during the week. i lost because of that terror at tock over the weekend. i had it up until that terror attack because i lost people don't like changing horses in midstream. they like conservative, like the person who will fight terrorism. i really that this will help
5:06 am
marine le pen, the hard right nationalist in france if she plays her cards right. she also talked so much about immigration. i'm not sure this is an immigrant. this may be a french-born suspect, but he was on the extremist watch list in france. president trump was right to use the "t" word. it was terrorism. i think it will, if things are played out right, help marine le pen. i would even heed calls as they did after 9/11 to postpone the mayoral race here long ago. i would heed a call to hold off on the president's race in france to let the things simmer down. brian: here's why, geraldo, 2015 multiple attacks, state of emergency. who would stop another attack in between? i'm saying how many times do we hear about an attack we find out this guy was on somebody's list and being surveiled, they didn't
5:07 am
have enough evidence for him. when it comes down to it, fundamentally we elect leaders to keep us safe the best they can. this political correctness is playing a role in every sector. >> i get that. the only defense i would make for france that unlike here, we have 10 people on the watch list. they have like 10,000 people. steve: it is not a watch list. ainsley: you know why? you know why? >> we watch list. we wish we could watch. ainsley: open borders. you can travel freely. that is what the president is saying he wants to prevent. we have jeff sessions, the attorney general and general kelly, department of homeland security down there on the border yesterday talking about this very thing, saying it is not just about drug cartels, keeping them out of our country, it is keeping terrorists out so that doesn't happen here. >> i absolutely agree with you ainsley. france received tens of thousands of refugees due to the war in the middle east. borders in the united states are
5:08 am
a real issue this time around. you could argue, correctly, donald trump would not be president today but for this issue. now we hear from the president and kelly and so forth, that there have been far more apprehensions on the border. that fewer people are trying our border. steve: good. >> i say good. i say god bless. i want an orderly border but if this tough talk is working to cut, i saw illegal penetrations of the southern border by 70%? i heard 40. 40 to 70%, you start thinking do we need the wall? free wall, 25 billion minimum. brian: combination of both. combination of both. you won't always have that general there. steve: the general said yesterday it is essential to build the wall and we will build the wall moving forward by end of the summer. also yesterday -- >> how are we going to fund it? brian: that is going to be key in the mex couple weeks.
5:09 am
steve: political left are talking about these republicans are so heartless. look at a case after, 23-year-old, by juan montez, if you have daca status, he did and you can't be deported. general kelly was on last night with martha mack on the first 100 days and she asked him about him. it turns out this guy has trouble in his past. listen. >> you wouldn't expect some one here under the daca rules to be extra special cautious in terms of getting crosswise with our laws. he didn't. so he's gone. steve: he went on to say in a press conference the illegal actions, apparently had several convictions. driving without a driver's license, shoplifting. he left the united states without permission. that is when he got caught, climbing fence in southern california to come back in. >> come back in.
5:10 am
i have to say i urge my friend, the president, to tread lightly when it comes to the d.r.e.a.m.ers. this guy was a shoplifter. i don't know, did you ever shoplift, ladies and gentlemen, people here in this studio, shoplift, one time? ainsley: maybe when you were two years old. >> you go through it. you get that. steve: if you're a, there are special requirements. you have to follow the law. he did not. >> contrast this. you got that kid there,, now you have this controversial issue. so you will leave the d.r.e.a.m.ers alone, touching d.r.e.a.m.ers, focus your attention on ms-13. it is so brilliant. steve: they are. >> brian's town in long island, couple of kids, four kids murdered. you have these people with tattoos on their faces. you know who ms-13 is. use conspiracy laws. steve: they're going after those guys. they're going after felons. >> use r.i.c.o. laws. use our vaunted surveillance to go after organized criminals.
5:11 am
with tough talk on the border you cut down on the avocado picker and homemaker, home cleaner that cross. they say i'm not going to try this. that is a great recipe. then you go after the real hard-nosed people everybody wants out. brian: would you recommend, president said exactly what you said, every once in a while there will be something somewhat controversial we're talking about with one guy. for most part dreamers can say, and conservatives are angry about that. >> i would love to hear it come out of the president's mouth. brian: dreamers are hardest thing to. ainsley: only is deported. because -- >> i haven't raised hell about it. steve: headline is if you are in this country and you have daca status, don't break the laws and you'll be fine. >> don't break the laws. consider it a privilege. thank the president for it.
5:12 am
keep your nose clean, straight-and-narrow. work hard. brian: guess what is happening, geraldo, slowly incrementally we're getting immigration form done. hardest thing is done first, bolster the borders. we'll have debate, half the debate shoved because the president made the hard decision. the general, apolitical figure looking like law and order thing, not a political issue. >> i love the way you frame the issue. now you avoid only practical obstacle of funding the wall. will government shut down by a deficit funding of the wall. steve: schumer says yes. >> i have to say, the republicans have to rally, if they believe in this wall. rally and give the president enough so, enough authorization to fund it. that is are with the rubber meets the road. do you have the money to build this wall or not. steve: that will be the big story next week.
5:13 am
ainsley: did you shoplift? that is the headline i'm walking away what. steve: 10 secondses. >> 10 seconds. my dad called me to the police station in suffolk county. '55 oldsmobile my cops had. there was the '55 oldsmobile. we tried to take them off the car and put them on our car. they didn't knit. steve: stealing tires? that is not shoplifting. >> my dad looked at me, you have embarrassed rivera name. i was so hurt, embarrassed humiliated i never committed another crime. brian: he was glad you picked wrong size tires? >> you pick 14-inch when it should have been a 15? [laughter] steve: grand theft auto tires, mr. geraldo rivera. >> i go to the shrink every
5:14 am
friday. steve: no kidding. if you're an uber driver, don't come pick him up. you might end up with no tires. ainsley: according to geraldo, everyone shoplifts. we'll hear from stuart varney. brian: have one ready. >> and smoked pot. ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka seltzer heartburn relief chews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmmmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka seltzer heartburn relief chews. enjoy the relief.
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5:18 am
>> this week you find out about profits. that's the story of the week. profits had better be up sharply from the previous year. if not, watch out for that trump rally. i think profits will be up very strongly. steve: that was monday when stuart varney made some bold predictions on "fox & friends." how did he do? let's grade him. the host of "varney & company" on the fox business network joins us live. >> i did okay. steve: you did okay. >> the president had a very good week economically and politically. those profits did indeed come through pretty strong. no complaints. steve: any particular corporations? >> pick on visa and american express. that is very important two companies, because we are spending, we are going to the credit cards. we are juicing the economy. now this is the time of year when the big companies tell everybody, how much money did we make? how much money up or down did we make? 70% of the those reporting have made more than expected.
5:19 am
steve: that's great. absolutely. what about the fabulous five? >> those are the five big american technology companies. facebook, amazon, microsoft, alphabet and apple. they dominate the world and they're doing extremely well. all of their stock prices are at or near all-time record highs. taken together, those five companies are worth nearly $3 trillion. remarkable. steve: i was talking to my friend, todd the car guy. he is in business. i asked him how do you think the president is doing? he likes the fact he is a businessman. he has the sensibilities and so many business leaders in there. he also said the message we're sending around the world with trump's, you know, his foreign policy, nobody will walk on us anymore. >> yes, america first. he is projecting american power as opposed to retreating with american power. that is on the international front. on the domestic front i thought he scored a huge hit with his
5:20 am
visit to snap-on tools. he went right down there to try to pump up, talk about the dignity of work, work with your hands. he have wants more vocational schools. he is appealing right to the base. i think that message got through. steve: sounds like there is movement on health care, something could get done next week. then it sound like taxes we've heard it's on, it's off, it's on, it's off, it is on again for this year. >> two things. president suggested he might get something on health care this week. republicans are on a big conference call this weekend to discuss something next week. then treasury secretary mnuchin you get a tax deal this year. that was very big news. steve: they like to work it all in the first 100 days. he needs something else to do the next 3 1/2 years. >> that's right. steve: stuart, thank you very much we'll watch that man on the fox business channel in 40 minutes, thank you. >> thank you. steve: mainstream media pushing
5:21 am
that this is deported being blocked from this country. judge jeanine pirro is next. uc berkeley is saying ann coulter can speak but she is calling that fake news. ♪ "how to win at business." step one: point decisively with the arm of your glasses. abracadabra. the stage is yours. step two: choose la quinta. the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly and win at business. kevin, meet yourkeviner. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin
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5:23 am
or are prone to infections. needles. fine for some. but for you, one pill a day may provide symptom relief. ask your doctor about xeljanz xr. an "unjection™".
5:24 am
ainsley: back with quick headlines and a fox news alert. we just learned more russian bombers and spyplanes flying near alaska again, making it four nights in a row. last night a pair of nuclear-capable bombers approached the coast and a pair of jets came within 36 miles on wednesday. those planes did stay within international airspace. both incidents the u.s. did not scramble any fighter jets. later today president trump will sign an executive order to help ease our country's tax burden. the order will require the
5:25 am
treasury department identify tax regulations initiated last year that badly need reform. over to you, steve. brian: immigration advocates are in an uproar after border agents prevent ad "dreamer" from reentering the country. we've been talking about. ainsley: john kelly defending his agent actions. >> you wouldn't expect some one here under the daca rules to be extra special cautious in terms of getting crosswise with our laws. he didn't. so he's gone. ainsley: he didn't follow the ruse so he is gone. here to react host of "justice" judge jeanine pirro. steve: i figure you don't agree with geraldo rivera. >> all of sudden the laws, if they apply to someone that you have a, feeling, affection for,
5:26 am
the law shouldn't apply to them. here is the bottom line. daca is not an absolute protection. if you violate the conditions of daca, deferred action on childhood arrivals, you are subject to being deported. you do knot have an absolute right to be here. you have a privilege that we have granted you. if you violate the conditions of the privilege, a la, leaving the country. steve: shoplifting. >> shoplifting, driving without a license that other stuff, but i digress, that is the not issue. the issue is this. the individual montes, climbs over a fence to get back into the country. now, he alleges that he was thrown over the fence in a catch-and-release. here is a bottom line. there is no more catch-and-release. if border patrol finds someone they will not throw them back into mexico. they are going to keep him and bring him in and identify him and prosecute him. if he were thrown over that fence into mexico by border
5:27 am
patrol, he would have said in a very articulate way, since he was raised in this country, i can speak english. i went to high school. i am talkca. you can not do this to me. so, what has happened here is he is now demanding that homeland security provide evidence of his being thrown back into mexico. well you can not prove a negative. you can not prove something that didn't happen. you prove that you didn't violate the chain, leave the country without permission and climb back illegally. how do you know how to do it? brian: the judge in the past, the president clashed with this judge in the past. >> look, i believe that curiel is a judge with certain amount of integrity. he will think as a human, boy this guy doesn't like me, i could react. he has dignity. this man has a great deal of experience. he will reach into his inner judge and he will decide based on the facts. by the way he is only deciding the freedom of information issue.
5:28 am
he is not deciding the deportation issue. they are seeking information of records of which there are none, because the kid is alleging, i get to come back here because you threw me out, except we didn't throw him out. he left the country without permission. ainsley: uc berkeley they have invited ann coulter to come back. they're saying now you can speak on our campus. what are your thoughts about that. >> i have been speaking on campuses too. there are certain conditions that i require. ann and i have spoken about this. i don't know what the latest is with ann, but here is the bottom line. if someone will break the law and prevent her from speaking, not by preventing her from speaking do what they did with mile yiannopoulos and coming in with wretches, you can't telescopes stand down. if someone disrupted, remove them and let me speak. they wint give that assurance. steve: berkeley uninvited you can't be secure.
5:29 am
i'm coming anyway. come may 2nd. i have tickets for april 27th. that is when i will come there. >> good for ann. steve: howard dean heard about ann coweller's situation, essentially what she would present. hate speech is not protected by the first amendment. howard dean says is something he doesn't agree with. >> this is just the beginning, you mark my words. this is just the beginning, where the left is now too silence the rate. they have been silencing the right in so many ways. they are now going to say if you say things that we don't like, it is not protected by the first amendment. this is just the beginning. understand this is a agenda to shut down the right from saying what they want. if they don't yell you down, and prevent you from saying it, what they will do now is create some kind of a limit. look, the only thing that is outlawed, you can not yell fire in a crowded theater. things like that. but we are free in this country, and it what's we're all about,
5:30 am
to speak whatever we speak. hate speech is protected speech. you can say whatever you want as long as it is not something that is criminalized. and by howard dean saying that, they are changing the paradigm, they are changing the first amendment, the founding fathers are twisting in their graves. steve: there you go. watch her tomorrow and this weekend. ainsley: 9:00. thanks, judge. brian: thanks, judge. hey, coming up in the next 30 minutes. he couldn't be bothered to stand for our national anthem but colin kaepernick is being honored as one of "time" magazine's most influential people of the year. what do you think about that? ainsley: the first military member to win the title miss usa. she is about to pass on her crown, before joining us live, miss usa 2016, is here. ♪ when did you see the sign? when i needed to jumpstart sales.
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and visit to learn more. ♪ steve: shot of the morning, police officer playing a good old-fashioned game of hopscotch with a little girl down in texas. ainsley: that is so cute. detective lyle gensler was on his lunch break. he spotted little girl playing by herself. instead of driving away, he joined her on all the fun. brian: working for the grand prairie police department, he is former marine. you're never a former marine. you're always a marine. that girl is a taunting little kid, she went through it so quickly and easily and
5:35 am
gracefullys. reminds you how old you are, and cop goes through and is a little stiff. he has to bend over. ainsley: when you're little, you don't have far to bend over it is easy. when you're an adult, standing on one leg bending over, not so much. brian: children are limber. they're bendable. steve: because they're children. brian: that's true. >> steve: hats off to the officer. thank you very much. 25 minutes before the top of the hour, this friday, abby has a fox news alert. >> that was my favorite game, hopscotch. i know it's the best. want to bring us a fox news alert. an egyptian-american held in cairo for three years returns to the u.s. overnight thanks to president trump. the president's aides striking a deal with the egyptian president to free her and her husband and four other charity workers. the lawyer who handled her case joined us earlier telling house how thenful she is to the president. >> the main thing they're saying they're extremely grateful, extremely greatful for president
5:36 am
trump's personal engagement on her case. they know his personal engagement was crucial getting a positive resolution. resolution -- >> she plans to visit white house to personally thank president trump. doj is planning to press charges against the julian assange. he has been in a bitter feud with cia director mike pompeo over the document dumps which cia claims damages national security. assange has been in asylum in he can door wan embassy since 2012. disgraced quarterback colin kaepernick has been one of the most influential people by "time" magazine. it read this is in part. his willingness to take a position at personal cost is now part of our american story. despite the accolades kaepernick remains unemployed in the nfl.
5:37 am
a lot of mixed reaction to that on twitter. brian: here are some of the responses. >> we asked you at home what you thought about this. fa-zell writes, no, many others were far more influential. he disrespected his country for the publicity and it back hired. brian: he made an impact. athletes are fake heroes. honor emts, firefighters, police officers, and rescue people. you pay a lot of money to them. >> absolutely not mark writes. he disrespects men and women who gave their lives. brian: all about the criteria. impact he belongs on it. if it is positive impact i don't think he does. ainsley: as if the problems at the va hospitals are not bad enough, now vets might have to start paying for their g.i. bill benefits. steve: legislation is proposed to charge our nation's heroes $2400 for the benefits of the g.i. bill. brian: shouldn't we give people
5:38 am
incentives to join instead of charging them? our next guest is the first-ever member of our military to win miss usa. ainsley: army reserve captain, miss usa 2016 deshauna barber joins us again. good to see you. >> hi, good morning, everyone. ainsley: you have had quite a year. >> i have. it is coming to an end. brian: get your life back. >> yeah, yeah. steve: we'll talk about the pageant in a moment. what do you think about this idea, this g.i. bill proposal where they deduct $100 a month for two years from servicemembers pay and what it would do, it would bring in $3 billion over the next 10 years. it would help defray the costs of higher education? >> yeah. i, one thing i've been doing throughout my years advocates for our veterans. i don't know if i necessarily agree with this. i think the question for me where is the $3 billion going? is it going into a different area that benefits our veterans? that is the main question for me. brian: good point.
5:39 am
they also lean on other areas of the pentagon, instead of taking money we know benefits people as opposed money goes into the abyss sometimes. >> right, correct. i think right now, those are the questions that need to be answered. i know a lot of veterans that are definitely not happy with this. my father, mother, sister, brother, all served. all of them used the g.i. bill. i think it is something that we need to answer those questions. ainsley: deshauna, i was shocked to hear about this i assumed, you join, enlist, get college for free. >> correct. ainsley: that is no the case, $2400. a lot of people, get four-year education for $2400. when you're serving our country, asking you to go out and risk everything, i feel we need to give y'all so much. i wish your salaries could be more. wish you got to go to college for free. >> i think we're making enough sacrifices already as veterans. this is important to definitely answer those questions where is this $3 billion is going to. i know a lot of servicemembers not happy with this. brian: deshauna, what is
5:40 am
happening on fox on may 14th? >> miss usa 2017. i'm being replaced. brian: how dare they. make it two years in a row. >> apparently not. they kp ing me that. i keep something for one-year extension. they haven't agreed to it. miss usa will be crowned and excited to see who the young lady will be how has it changed your life? >> i had a year advocating on veterans for posttraumatic stress disorder. anything to do to benefit soldiers returning from deployment. i feel so blessed and honored. steve: you're the first person who has won that award with the military sensibility. your friend in the military, obviously you're still in the military, your military family, what do they make of this big to do about this? >> they love it. i go to my unit next week. i've been going to them consistently once a month, still serving with my soldiers.
5:41 am
steve: when you walk in do they start humming miss usa pageant? >> they do a couple things. guys, stop. treating me like celebrity. give me a selfie. we have to get to work. ainsley: what do you do when it is over, giving up the crown? >> i'm going into motivational speaking which i'm excited. i will speaking at the goodwill summit to discuss american heroes, what our corporations can do to benefit veterans. i'm existed to go to houston, texas tonight to hang out with some of the people. brian: the thing you will take away stood out during this past year? >> i think what i'm going to take away, love your civil. focus on whatever you can do to benefit this country you but also focus on what you can do to benefit yourself. anything that you can do to love yourself and love what you're doing in life is very important to be happy. ainsley: how many siblings do you have? >> i have four. ainsley: all of y'all are in the military? >> three are in the military. ainsley: real quickly, most of us are raising kids.
5:42 am
what advice do you give as parent? seems like your parent did an amazing job. >> that is a good question, what would i give in terms of advice? i would tell them, no matter what you ned to do, make sure you're preparing for the future. i think that is one thing that, young people forget about is that we make decisions that are focused on short-term goals. we should be focused on our long-term goals. joining the military what helped me do that. steve: you have been a great miss usa good luck to deshauna barber. >> thank you very much. ainsley: always a pleasure. she is so cute. brian: short-term go is to go to a commercial. ainsley: take a picture. we have to pay your paycheck. brian: radio, the big picture. steve: next up on the run-down, the number will stun you. some immigration agent handle 10,000 cases per day. how this deportation overload puts your safety at risk. we'll explain next. brian: want to have the best lawn on the block? the host of "to catch a
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brian: quick headlines now. deportation overload. new department of homeland security report revealing immigration officers are assigned on an average 10,000 cases per day! the surge forcing them to leave many illegals on the streets. jailbreak bust. two virginia inmates try to scale a razor wire fence with a bench but run out of time and energy. the first man couldn't get quite get over, all while security cameras are rolling. the men were so exhausted from failing. they sat down, waited to be
5:47 am
caught by security guards. steve: i give up. brian: so a lot of prisoners watch us. keep that in mind. don't escape. ainsley: new developments in suicide of nfl star and convicted killer aaron hernandez. steve: the brain of the former new england patriot is being checked for the degenerative disease known as cte. brian: fox 25 catherine piroda join us from boston with the latest. hey, catherine. reporter: good morning. and that brain was sort of a point of contention yesterday, in terms of the defense attorney and also medical examiner's office. the defense attorney, jose baez says the medical examiner was planning not to release the brain. as we mentioned here the family does want that brain sent to boston university to be sent fof traumatic brain injury. the medical examiner said that is not the case. they had a bit more analysis to do.
5:48 am
after that was done they would release the brain to the family. that brain bank in boston university was founded in 2008. they have studied 2,000 brains. this is a specialized work they do. the defense attorney wanted it to be sent there as part of the investigation. as part of that the independent investigation being run by the defense time. jenkins hernandez field a order in court on behalf of hernandez's daughter asking certain evidence from the prison be reserved. any writings or evidence from his cell. life in water town, massachusetts. catherine parroda. back to you. steve: what does that suggest? if the brain is found to be damaged, they might blame the nfl? brian: maybe try to get in on the lawsuits. a lot of families are suing the nfl, brain injuries, not reporting results of studies that happened years ago. maybe they want to get on that. nobody can explain that gangster behavior. steve: want the best lawn on the block?
5:49 am
the host of "to catch a contractor," sketch bedell is here. he has a lawn mower, you don't have to push. you just have to aim. ainsley: here is shannon. happy friday. >> it is a busy day from iran to north korea. attempts to restart a health care overhaul. avoiding a government shutdown. the trump administration has a lot on its plate. kellyanne conway joins us live to talk about all that and more. plus the paris attack ahead of the french presidential election. we'll break that down. plantings artificial intelligence into your own brain? some mornings you might need it. bill and i have it covered. top of the hour. at panera, a salad is so much more than one thing. more than one flavor, or texture, or color. a good clean salad is so much more than green. and with panera catering, more for your event. panera. food as it should be.
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steve: go fly a kite. >> april showers brings mayflowers. steve: time to get your lawn ready to be green again. brian: you can hear the tulips breaking through the earth. home remodeling expert, host of "to catch a contractor," skip bed he dell. >> thanks for having me back again. steve: we thank home depot for all those products. first up the mower. >> this mower, ego, this brand is phenomenal. they have at 56-volt reclarkable lithium battery. this is all electric. you don't even have to push it anymore. watch this. this is self-propelled. the mower will push itself. >> you have to steer it. >> still have to do something, teach. 56-volt battery. reclarkable. battery usable on the all the tools like the great blower. i talked to you guys last year about this 500 -- steve: i bought it. >> hold on to that. this thing is amazing.
5:54 am
right here. brian: there is my messy lawn. those kids in the neighborhood, when will this stop, honey. >> hit them. do it. yeah! 130 csms, brian. check it out. right now -- [laughter] that will definitely get the job done. we have newest version. this is backpack 600 cfm. this is the big brother on steroids. >> turn it around to see it. >> this thing is unbelievable. this will clear all brush and leaves everything on your lawn. ainsley: we need more paper. >> much more powerful, watch out, brian! ainsley: drop it. >> oh, yeah! that's what i'm talking about. both these products are fantastic. 56-volt battery. self-propelled mower. make as job really easy. ainsley: do my hair. >> are you ready for this? ainsley: i don't know. [laughter]
5:55 am
>> brian, let me hit you. steve: it might actually fly off. >> making job easier. the whole thing is doing it cordless. no gas, no fumes. brian: i thought i was on "baywatch" for a second. ainsley: felt like i was j.lo. >> they have a line of battery-operated tools. no more gas mowers. they're quiet. dewalt string trimmer. 20-volt. great tools from milwaukee like a hedge trimmer and their blowers. all those products are cordless. that is the big thing. everybody getting away from gas motors. they're quiet, lightweight. no more gas and oil. brian: extension cords, leave them in the shed. >> everything is rechargeable battery. they run for so long. you don't need gas for motors. >> with trimmers i have cut the cord. >> this is great because you have no cord. steve: making the lawn green. >> absolutely, once you get everything cleared off, the debris and brush, get down to the lawn. you want to do fertilizer and seed.
5:56 am
scotts turf builder lawn food. this is a great product. basically give the lawn all the nutrients, everything it needs to grow strong, deep roots to with stand the heat. after that time to seed the grass. this is scott's grass seed turf builder. allows to absorb more water. this is sun and shade mix. put it anywhere in your lawn, with shady areas or sunlight. if you want to get away from standard brands, go with the organic brands. a lot of people want to use natural products. dr. earth, this is a great brand. supernatural products, all pure and natural. brian: skip, that is all we have. sick around, okay? >> i will be here. brian: skip will do blowing when we get back. more "fox & friends" in a moment. steve: thank you, home depot for all the stuff. ♪ luckily there's powerful, 24-hour, non-drowsy claritin. it provides relief of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 different allergens.
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6:00 am
>> this is how ainsley looked and where i was hiding a short time ago. thanks to home depot. >> all cordless, have a great weekend. >> bill: that's funny stuff. good morning on a friday. new developments now as terror strikes paris again. we're learning new details about the gunman who opened fire on one of the most iconic boulevard in the world. days before trance goes back to the polls to pick a new president. good morning on a friday. busy day here as always. i'm bill hemmer, welcome to "america's newsroom." >> shannon: it's good friday. i'm shannon bream. we're learning the terror gunman was questioned as recently as two months ago and was considered a risk to public safety. isis now taking responsibility after the gunman was killed by police in a wild shoot-out. president trump and vice president pence saying the


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