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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 21, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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risky behavior. we're taking steps to make our economy more fair and prosperous for all. as part of our broader financial strategy, we're working to open up lending to small businesses and entrepreneurs, including our incredible women entrepreneurs who are doing better and better and better. we want an opportunity for everyone and in every single part of our country. secretary mnuchin and my entire administration are working around the clock to help struggling americans achieve their financial dreams, earn a great paycheck, have a job that they love going to every single day and have real confidence in the future. together we will restore prosperity to this nation, a nation that we so dearly love and to bring people who call this home into a great, great
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way of living and a great way of life. they're going to be thrilled, we're going to be thrilled and you're going to see some very, very major charnges. you've already seen them. but if you look at the optimism indexes just coming out, manufacturing in particular where it's up to the highest point it's ever been. 93%. it was at 27% increase over the past, over the last one. so i just want to thank everybody for being here. this is such a privilege for me to sign. this is really the beginning of a whole new way of life that this country hasn't seen in really many, many years. i want to thank you and i want to god bless america. thank you, thank everybody.
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so this is identifying and are deucing tax regulatory burdens. that covers a lot of territory. believe me. senator, how about you get the first one. can you handle that? >> i'll give it to my son. >> that's even better. >> this is the subject of financial stability, the
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oversight council. very important. this is orderly liquidation authority. this doesn't sound like much, but it is. that's a biggie. doesn't sound good but it is.
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we'll be having a big announcement wednesday have to do with tax reform. it's begun a long time ago but it formally begins wednesday. thanks very much, everybody. thank you for being here. >> a whole new way of life. the president signing two memorandum there in washington d.c. i'm bill hemmer. good friday afternoon. in for shepard smith. president trump trying to erase -- to make accomplishments before the end of his 100 days that mark hits, by the way, in about a week's team. officially next saturday. the president taking that executive action today targeting financial regulations and taxes. many things that he talked about during the campaign. signing the executive orders and two presidential memos at the treasury department. that executive order calls for
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the department of review taxes the bomb administration issued a year ago and determined whether or not they imposed too much of a burden on taxpayers. president trump saying he will release a tax plan next week. officially he just said wednesday. that will include a massive tax in his words for individuals and businesses. he says he believes the cuts will be bigger than any other tax cut. his words again. the president has promised historic tax reform, but it's taken a back seat on the hill to what goes there. the white house and republicans gearing up now for round two on healthcare and they say they're serious. a show down to avoid a possible government shut down. all that happening next week. it's a crowded calendar. yesterday president trump said he believes congress will vote on both issues in about a week's team and republicans argue they're closer to a deal on health care than ever before. the president saying i think we're in good shape when it
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comes to avoiding a shut down before the government's current spending bill expires a week from today. so far the president has failed to enact a major piece of legislation and he's blaming the media for down playing a number of his achievements. tweeting this earlier today. "no matter how much i accomplish in the ridiculous standard of the first 100 days, it's been a lot including supreme court, media will kill." president trump in wisconsin this week saying no other administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days. with that as a backdrop, john roberts starts our coverage on the north line. good day to you. let's talk about the target on these executive actions. what are they? >> good afternoon, bill. if i'm correct, that's 25 executive orders that the president has signed since taking office with another week yet to go before he hits the 100th day. the big issue is dodd-frank
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legislation, which the president made no secret of. he doesn't like them and wants to inwind that as much as he can. a couple of presidential memorandum regarding the unwinding of companies that are too big to fail and also financial stability regulations and the other one that targets regulations for the obama administration. one aimed at preventing inversions. that is when an american company moves its head quarters overseas. the president doesn't like onerous tax burdens on them. he would rather give them tax incentives to stay with the caveat if they're headquarters and the move their manufacturing overseas only to sell goods in the united states, he wants to punish them for that. the president in an interview today confirmed to fox news, he plans on rolling out his tax
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reform package wednesday or soon after with an emphasis on the "or soon after" just in case it's not fully cooked by wednesday of next week. the president in wasting no time trying to roll out his signature tax reform legislation. that's what he campaigned on, bill, in the repeal and replace of obamacare. he wants to get the tax cut down a get healthcare done to get the bigger pot of the money. >> a trillion dollars burying that bill. you talked with white house officials. what did they tell you about repealing and replacing obamacare next year? are they closer than they've been or not? >> i quoted it once before, but it bears quoting again. remember that billy crystal in "the princess bride" said between dead and mostly dead. looked like the healthcare bill was mostly dead because it seems to be coming back to life again.
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and this by virtual of negotiations that have been going on between these two people, the chairman of the tuesday group, tom mcarthur, republican of new jersey and congressman mark meadows from the house freedom caucus of north carolina. they have agreed in principle on a deal that would provide for these essential health benefits to stay in the american healthcare act. those are provisions that were instituted on obamacare the conservatives hate. they're ty bone to conservatives. states would get unlimited waivers so they could open out of these essential benefits provisions. also something called community rating and guaranteed issues, which guarantees that people don't pay more money than others if they're sicker and make sure that people get coverage for pre-existing conditions. it's a different process this time. it's like something i said last hour. the language that is being worked up in the house in this amendment which we have not seen
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yet is being washed through the senate. prewashed through the senate to make sure that it passes what is called the bird rule, which limits the amount of changes that you can make in a bill through the reconciliation process. i said the senate budget committee is writing the regulations. they're looking at them, signing off on them to make sure they don't get a big surprise. in potentially next week too, bill. >> well. there's room for one more here. that is government shut downthe debate the new spending bill. how likely is it or not? >> i spend some time with mick mulvaney who says he is confident that they will get a deal on a spending bill to keep the government open. it runs out of money on the 29th. we have to get something done by friday. it would be in the form of a spending bill or a continuing
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resolution. he's confident the government is not going to shut down. still though understand statute as the omb has to do, they had sent out a notice, a just in case notice. that the shut down remains low. they required an updated plan to be submitted for omb to be submitted. the take-away, the administration does not believe a lapse in funding should or will occur, reiterating again the risk of an actual shut down appears to be low. the omb director telling us he's confident that there will be no shut down. here's the big question. it's going to be a heavy lift next week. they have the spending bill, the president wants the healthcare done. he said yesterday in this press conference, he wants them both done. we'll see if they can, bill. >> john roberts at the white house. sounds like a busy sunday for chris wallace. in a moment, tax reform and
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healthcare. the first 100 days. chris wallace is on deck on what i call the trump pace. it's back. that's coming up on the fox news deck when we continue.
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jack got full replacement and now has new pants he ordered from banana republic. visit and see how affordable renters insurance can be. >> the president signed the new executive order of the department of the treasury. after that, he made comments to reporters on his way back to the white house. we're awaiting the video.
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a lot to talk about. healthcare, government funding. great topics for chris wallace in washington d.c., anchor of "fox news sunday." how are you, chris? >> business is good, bill. sunday we'll have an exclusive interview with mick mulvaney. a lot to talk about. >> we might be interrupted if that tape comes out. >> okay. >> we call at this time trump pace. he's talking about the tax can, the healthcare and the spending bill. how is this going to go. >> it's so interesting. let's review the last 15 minutes on your show. you had the trump tweet where he said this ridiculous standard of
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100 days and i know the media will kill me. if it's so ridiculous why is he racing so hard to get this jammed in this week? the only thing that has to be done is to keep the government running. let me tell you, that is awfully important not just for the obvious reasons because you have a republican government a republican house, a republican senate. if you have a government shut down a week from today on the 100th day of the trump presidency, it's a disaster. why would you risk anything to allow that to happen. he's talking about obamacare repeal and replace. there's no way that will get through the house and the senate. it could conceivably get through the house. let's say it gets through the house. you need democratic votes to pass the government spending. you think they'll be favorable to a comprise if they kill their legislative come acome -- accomplishment of the last eight years.
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overload? >> more power to him. >> this is his pace. we'll see how much goes forward. kellyanne conway was here with us earlier as you were as well. she said, listen, don't overlook the fact that neil gorsuch is on the supreme court. when you examine the first 100 days and you figure out, no major piece of legislation. we're talking big things here. listen to newt gingrich explain how he was able to do this in the late 80s and early 90s. sometimes this takes 18 months time. what he's suggesting in the tweet is the ridiculous standard that you place on the first 100 days. i get all that. but how much of a priority right now can health care be when congress hasn't been in town for 1 1/2 weeks? >> that's right. they're going to come in tuesday night. a lot of them -- there's no legislative language at this point. they're not going to have read the language.
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the cbo won't score the bill to see the impact on deficit or how many more for fewer people are going to have health insurance coverage. i mean, isn't this what republicans railed about on obamacare in 2010? the idea that, you know, they had this 2,000 page bill and you had to read it to find out what's in it? maybe they can pull it off. it would be a high-wire act. at a time when, you know -- look, if the 100 days isn't go great, get to the 101st day. >> pull on your history here. think about barack obama in 2009, the financial collapse. loss of jobs everywhere. significant financial sector hits. think about george bush in january 2001. the bruising battle in tallahassee. think about bill clinton, january 1993. the three-way race that he prevails over. did they'd apply the first 100 days in the same way that we're
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looking at it now? or have we in 2017 given this more attention than it warrants? >> no. look, you can argue we give it more attention than it warrants, but it's been the same for every president since f.d.r. he made it big because of the stimulus. it's my first 100 days and we're addressing the depression. so presidents have used it since then to get things through. so take the example of barack obama. in his first month as president, he passed the big economic stimulus passage, passed a bill to pay equity in the workplace and also the expansion of the children's health insurance program. so it's not unfair to donald trump to say what have you done for us. kellyanne conway. nominating an confirming pa supreme court justice.
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but in terms of legislative bills, the president doesn't have a single one. he will be marked down on that. but on the other hand, it seems to me -- it is a ridiculous standard but it doesn't matter. if the president gets it done in the 107th day, more power to him. >> chris, looking forward to seeing you sunday. thank you, this weekend's show, chris will talk with mick mulvaney talking about the budget coming up. and that's this sunday on your local fox station. check the tv listings for the time in your area. i mentioned the videotape play-out on behalf of the president's comments that he made while leaving the department of treasury. we're told about 60 seconds or less. we'll see that. we want to hang here for a
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moment. see what was on reporter's minds there. chris, i thank you. i want to bring you back as we wait on this, i have the sense that this is a white house in some ways that keeps one eye on the stock market and one eye on its policies. as you have seen the market bump up after the election, a lot of what is priced into that market bump, the trump bump is the expectation that you will get a crack down on regulations or a cut down, i should say and a tax cut as well. i think the president pointedly week after week has brought up tax reform to say this is my intention, we're going to get it done and the markets have reacted accordingly. >> there's no question about that. for this president, you can talk about immigration and other things. but getting the economy going
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again creating more american jobs, protecting more american jobs. taxes, trade, regulation. niece the sweet spot and the key to the success or failure of the trump presidency, whether he can boost the economy and protect american jobs. that's what a lot of the blue collar and rural voters of america voted for when they supported him over hillary clinton. >> here we go. this is taped play leaving the steps of the department of treasury. let's see what they said. >> you're going to do healthcare and tax reform? >> we'll see what happens. no particular rush, but we'll see what happens. healthcare is coming along well. government is coming along really well. a lot of good things are happening. thank you, folks. >> you're going to get a
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healthcare vote next week? >> doesn't matter. >> are you going to do dodd-frank reform this year? >> we're doing very well on dodd-frank. believe me. thank you. >> that's it. it was short and sweet. chris, i here a hedge in that answer. doesn't have to be next week after all. nonetheless, we're taking about it. >> for my two cents, i'm glad he reasoned to me. it doesn't have to be. doesn't matter. better to get it right. the key thing that he's going to be judged on next week, forget the headlines about 100 days, keep the government running. that's the key. if he can get $1.5 billion for the border wall, so much the better. >> see you sunday. >> you bet. >> chris wallace in washington d.c. let's move overseas right now. conflicting reports about whether moscow is building up forces against north korea. russian bombers buzzed by alaskan airspace. heavy russian weaponry has been making the rounds on social
12:24 pm
media this week. there's been reports that russia is sending troops to bolster the border with north korea. a russian defense movement said it was all preplanned. there's a russian news agency quoting a middlitary commander saying the equipment was on its way. >> the issue of deployment and redeployment of troops inside the country does not fall into public affairs. >> in other words, none of your business. keep in mind this comes after we learned that the syrian government moved nearly all of its operational aircraft to a russian air base. officials say it's for protection in case of new u.s. middle sill strikes there. also today, more russian meddling off the american coastline. officials telling us here at fox
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on wednesday night, two russian spy planes flew near the aleutian islands. last night, officials say two long range and nuclear capable bombers flew by alaska and the canada coastline. those two incidents come after similar ones on monday and on tuesday of this week. so four nights and four fly-byes from the russians. jennifer griffin with us. what do officials make of these fly-byes? >> they're trying to test the response time of the u.s. air force. a pair of bear bombers flew near alaska and canada staying in both countries air defense zones for several hours, we're told. on april 19th, a pair of rush spy planes flew near the aleutian islands staying in the
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air defense zone a few hours before departing. wednesday the u.s. did note scramble any planes. last night two f-22 stealth fighter jet were intercepted the bear bombers. the jets in both incidents remained in international airspace. it's not known how close they came to mainland alaska. >> on syria, switching over that topic what are we hearing from the pentagon that we need to know about this? >> that tempt to retack raqqa, the isis capitol is ramping up along with pressure on the assad regime. at a press conference, jim mattis had a message about assad's chemical weapons. >> there's no doubt in the international community's mind that syria has retained chemical weapons in violation of its agreement. and its statement that it removed them all.
12:27 pm
there's no longer any doubt. the amount of it i don't want to get into. we don't reveal some of that detail because we don't want to reveal how we're finding out. >> meantime, fox has learned from senior u.s. defense officials that the isis capitol raqqa has been surrounded by u.s.-backed troops. isis fighters cannot escape raqqa north of the euphrates river. there's a small corridor that others are using. fox has learned that isis moved its capitol and two months ago, isis leaders set up the bureaucratic government in an outside town where centcom killed a mid-level associate of the isis leader. he was killed in a u.s. air strike. >> isis on the run.
12:28 pm
thank you, jennifer griffin. quickly, lieutenant colonel michael waltz and a former counter terrorism adviser. thanks for your day. start with russia, the flyovers. with a spy plane what can you see in the islands of alaska? >> they can see a number of things. they can test our radar signatures, the range of them, how quickly they respond when they're painting the birds, they absorb our signatures to see what type and how strong they are. they can see a few things there. bill, i'm not that worried about these bomber tests or these over-flights. this is a lot of russian saber rattling. these build in the 50s. they are no match for our latest fifth jenngeneration fighter je. the thing about russia, what they're doing about proxies on
12:29 pm
the ground whether the taliban in afghanistan or syria, what they're doing through the propaganda machine and as we've talked about, their cyber capabilities. >> you wonder how it's being reported to the russian people in moscow. sometimes the suggestion all of this is done for headlines. i think what jennifer just reported on isis fascinating. if raqqa is surrounding and military leaders want that to happen two years ago and they're moving their capitol to a further eastern portion of the desert in eastern syria, that says something, michael. >> it does. look, the days of the islamic state are numbered. that's something that president trump campaigned on and yes, the campaign was started under president obama, but i think he's accelerated it. now the hard question is what do we do between the turks, the kurds, the arabs, iran, russia. how do we win the day after.
12:30 pm
i know the white house is working hard, the pentagon is working hard on that strategy. that's a key piece. military isis' days are numbers. >> are they close to reaching that day then based on the strategy and the coordination? are we going to come across a headline within a month that says just that? >> i think you're going to -- within months you'll see from a military standpoint that both raqqa and mosul have fallen. again, who occupies them? the turks have been very clear that it can't be the kurds. they backed a number of arab forces. it's that piece -- i don't know that we want a large number of u.s. boots on the ground. so it's who occupies and who keeps the peace post the fall of isis. >> terrific analysis. thank you, colonel. we'll look for that headline. michael waltz in washington. coming up, how president and the white house helped make a handshake happen.
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an attack on police in paris days before a national election. how the latest violence can affect france and what this might mean for the u.s. and the european union. all of that on this friday afternoon.
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>> bill: a fox report now. police say a cop is in serious and stable condition after a suspected robber shot him in downtown seattle. police say the suspect was robbing a 7-11 with two other people that eventually got into a shootout with police. police saying
12:34 pm
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and social with the real one. sargento will always stand for 100% real, natural cheese. every table tells a story, we're happy to have a seat at yours. sargento. we're real cheese people. >> what a moment this was today. president trump meeting an american egyptian charity worker who white house officials say he helped free from prison in egypt. "the washington post" first reporting that the woman and her husband landed at joint base andrews last night after the trump team had a u.s. aircraft fly them in from cairo. the woman met with ivanka trump and her husband, jared kushner, who were keeping tabs on her detainment. officials say that president trump negotiated her release with president al sisi.
12:37 pm
activists have accused al sisi of human rights violations including torturing his own people. he's holding tens of thousands of political prisoners. for more on that, trace gallagher with the news. why was she detained in the first place? >> a few years ago, bill, during the arab spring, she started a foundation with her husband that affected as a safe haven and rehabilitation center for homeless children in egypt. in may of 2014, she and her husband were arrested and charged with child abuse and child trafficking. now, u.s. officials and human rights groups dismissed the charges apartment bogus saying the egyptian government presented no evidence and postponed hearings and trials for now reason. experts say hijazi became the face of egyptians crackdown of
12:38 pm
civil society. there was little if any movement on winning hijazi's freedom until the trump administration got involved. >> bill: what do we know about negotiations for her release? >> the president state department accused sisi of human rights violations. but president trump made the release of hijazi an important goal during the early days of his administration. three weeks ago, trump envieded alsisi to the white house. trump administration said there was no quid pro quo for hijazi's release. but they were assured that despite the outcome of her trial she would be in the u.s.. last sunday she and her husband were acquitted of all charges. today when president trump welcomed hijazi to the white
12:39 pm
house, she showed great strength in her ordeal. while the white house paints this as a key foreign achievement, activists are calling on the egyptian government to release thousands of political prisoners. she looked elated. thanks, trace. a major piece of news coming up. more about the new healthcare bill and whether or not all republicans will be on board this time. fair and balanced debate on that next.
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we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges. >> bill: as we reported, the white house appears to be optimistic about reaching a deal on healthcare next week. a senior administration official telling fox news that the senate budget committee is working to draft language on the latest amendment. that official says they expect to have the wording finalized later today or tomorrow.
12:43 pm
i would to bring in our democratic strategist to chuck schumer, michael good to have you here with us. and from politico, sarah is here. good day. >> thank you. >> bill: is this time for real? >> thanks. this healthcare vote, i don't think so. i think -- yes, several things to consider here. first off, the white house can't force a vote on this health care legislation. the house republicans are going to have to schedule the vote. as you know, congress is still in presays. they're not back from recess until tuesday. and then assuming they have their legislative text, which like you said won't be released till tonight tomorrow, they'll
12:44 pm
see if they have the 216 votes if they need. from what i hear, there's a major divide between the house freedom caucus and the tuesday group on pre-existing conditions. so there's a lot to contend with. >> let me get to michael here. do you think any democrats would support repeal an replace? >> no. i believe not one. no democrat campaigned on repealing the aca. this is a republican crisis mentality that is in search of a problem to fix. >> bill: even you agree some of the criticisms are valid? >> i do. insurance is about spreading risk. it's not about a payment mechanism that has led to shifts and people losing coverage. was that an intended consequence? probably not.
12:45 pm
there's valid that repeal is just going to be a repeal. this some of the criticism are valid and it's a disservice. it's politics. >> bill: and if it goes this way, depends on how good your governor is. he or she has to work hard in their respective states to make it successful. >> it does. the sad irony is in many states where people are benefitting the most are republican states governors banging their head on the table and supporting repeal and replace or just repeal. >> bill: the support is for reform and you have to serve well and serve the office well. >> that's politics. >> bill: let me get to sarah and talk about the divide. you mentioned it. wh is in the way of bringing in the more conservative members of the house togher with more moderates? >> again, there's a divide on
12:46 pm
the pre-existing limits. states would be able to apply for an unlimited waiver the pre-existing conditions. if they accept that, the state would be obligated to set up a risk-sharing program. so we don't have the details. i know it comes down to the tuesday group, the moderate republicans saying we will not -- there must be -- we must comfortable people with pre-existing conditions. that has to be there. the how freedom caucus doesn't feel the same way. >> bill: you heard the president say yesterday, he says the plans gets better and better. does it appear that's the case? >> i don't know. we haven't seen the text. we haven't seen the words. we haven't seen what -- we'll see it tonight or tomorrow i gud through and see
12:47 pm
what the difference is. then it's a massive lobbying effort by the president and the administration again next week to make sure they've got the 216 votes and that they get at least 15 to 20 of the former nos of the how freedom caucus to a yes. >> bill: michael, you know what this campaign is about. do you have any doubt whether it's next month, six months from now that a republican majority with a republican president will repeal and replace? >> i think whether you call it the freedom caucus or the tuesday group or moderates ultimately especially house republicans serve their constituents first and foremost. that is their exclusive and only priority. for those that understand that repealing this or amending it in a reckless way that leaves it up to the market will do a disservice to their constituents. >> bill: that wasn't the question though. do you think they do it whether it's now or six months from now?
12:48 pm
>> no. i answered the question i wanted to answer. >> bill: do you think republicans will get this done? >> i think they'll get there. whether it's next friday, which is what the president suggested hen't whatted is a different story. they have to get there. i was here in denver last week. representative kauffman had a grouping, a gathering and people -- >> bill: town hall. >> pay were livid. they want this done. so i think representatives from all over the country will have to figure this out. >> bill: thank you, sarah. >> thank you. >> bill: sarah lenti in denver. michael tobman in new york city. see you soon. we'll get an update on the deadly terror shooting targeting police in paris. president trump commented earlier today saying the attack could help one of the more conservative candidates. that's coming up on the fox news deck as we roll along on a friday afternoon.
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>> bill: we're learning more about what led to the attacks on police officers in busy champs-elysees in paris. this was the scene today in the area near where that happened. you can see a memorial has been set up with lots of people leaving flowers and candles. neighbors telling local media that the shooter had a longstanding problem with police. isis claiming responsibility for the shooting that killed one officer yesterday and injured two others, a german tourist also injured according to a french official there. greg palkot spoke to a witness about the attack. >> we saw the shooter with the gun. he started shooting bullets in the air. the police were in the street. it was a terrifying moment.
12:53 pm
>> had he shot the police officer already? >> we saw a man go down. >> bill: meanwhile, president trump says he thinks yesterday's attack will help one of the most conservative candidates in that election. trump telling the associated press that marine le upon is the strongest candidate on border. she's campaigned on that. trump also tweeting this earlier today. another terrorist attack in paris. the people of france will not take much more of this. it will have a big effect on the presidential election. and france holds the first round on sunday. if no candidates get the majority of the vote, there will be a run-off. le pen has drawn the most attention. she's taken a hard stance of immigration in her country.
12:54 pm
rich edson has more. this has a lot of implications for the united states, rich. in what way? >> it will. there's a substantial security relationship between the united states and france. this could redefine the way france interacts with the united states, with the european union and redefine what europe is. the state department said that france and the united states work together to counter isis on the iran nuclear deal. france is a permanent member of the u.n. security council, a member of nato, the north atlantic treaty organization and nuclear armed. of the top four candidates in france right now, two have openly discussed redefining or talking about the relationship with the european union, france's relationship with nato. two of the four want a stronger french military so they don't have to rely on nato and the u.s. military. three are talking about a closer relationship with russia and opposing sanctions against
12:55 pm
russ russia. so what happens, you could have major ramifications. >> bill: and could have an impact on the u.s. economy. >> it can. you look at the u.s. relationship with france. it's the third largest european trading partner. $30 billion worth of european goods go there. $35 billion of french goods. you have two of the candidates, one on the far left, one on the far right talking about leaving the european union. one analyst said that could have major economic consequences. >> they advocate a deep renegotiation of the european union and default on debts, which would have a financial crisis bigger than what we saw in 2008. >> while president trump is
12:56 pm
talking about marine la pen, president obama spoke to the center candidate, macron. he said it was not an endorse him but to discuss liberal values in europe. >> bill: thanks. and the space needle went up on this day in history in seattle. the road can change in an instant. but with lightning fast shifts and dynamic track-tuned suspension, what the road demands, the gs delivers. experience high performance through high technology, in the lexus gs 350 and gs turbo. experience amazing.
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1:00 pm
iconic landmark after it made its debut 55 years ago today. now you know. stocks reacting to the trump bump. neil has the low down. have a great weekend. >> we'll be having a big announcement wednesday having to do with tax reform. the process has begun long ago but formally begins wednesday. let's do it. thank you very much. >> neil: all right. that's called let's get big with it. when the president indicated it was coming and wouldn't be delayed, his part a plan out of the white house, the markets like that. the markets have been waiting for this. down on the day, up for the week. if charlie gasparino, he's right, looking for more than just markets. what are you hearing, charlie? >> i hearing