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tv   Watters World  FOX News  April 22, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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jesse: welcome to "watters world." this week in paris a french national shot two police officers. killing him on the champs-elysees. >> our condolences from our country to the people of france, again it's happening it seems. i just say the is a was walking in. i would say it's a terrible thing going on in the world today, but it looks like another terrorist attack. jesse: the mainstream media was upset by that pronounce for some reason. >> president trump said right off the bat in the attack in paris. >> the coverage is getting ahead of the fact. the president was referring to
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what he was watching on television. you do wonder, are people going to take what he said as some idea that he knows something more than what anybody else does. jesse: don't you think the commander-in-chief knows a little bit more about a break international security incident than two desk taken cores. the cia and defense department are briefing him 24/7. would they have preferred that he blamed it on a video like obama did. >> we had a video released by somebody who lives here, sort of a shadowy character who has an extremely offensive video direct at mohammad and islam, making fun of the prophet mohammad. this caused great offense in much of the muslim world. jesse: what happened just hours
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after the paris shooting? isis claimed responsibility and the french opened up a terror investigation. once again the president was wrong and the media was wrong. in express know, a gunman killed three people while allegedly shouting allahu akbar. but the media said he shouted "god is great." they were forced to correct their reporting. they failed to say he said it in arabic. too little, too late. the media double standard continues ignoring two gaffes by elizabeth warren where she had a dough morables moment.
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you look at donald trump -- a deplorables moment. you look at donald trump and particularly at working poor white vote, and people who probably have the most to lose from him, very strongly voted in his direction. now do you explain the difference between those times of outcomes you are describing. how people can intelligently perceive their ownself-interests and the way people -- their own self-interests. >> part of this is a stew of racists. jesse: insulting half the country is un-american. half tn forbid hill -- heaven foar --heaven forbid hillary lot because of her policies. ironic that a woman who lied about her race claiming she is native american to get into
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harvard is calling millions of other americans racist. but we could finds no mainstream coverage of elizabeth's flub. i wonder why. and she did it again on the view. she compared president trump to a murderous dictator. >> we know's an unstable man who has nuclear weapons. >> you are talking about trump now. [cheers and applause] >> about to deal with an unstable man who has nuclear weapons. what could possibly go wrong. jesse: she compared the american president to a genocidal dictator. according to the media research center analysis president trump has received by tart most hostile press treatment of any incoming president.
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broadcast coverage of trump has been 89% negative. in contrast 8 years ago in the coverage of president trump -- of president obama's first 100 days. one of the men fighting back is dadan scovino. >> when the media is not telling the truth regarding president trump and the administration, the steam, all the infighting going on, that's all i ever hear about. 85% of it is false it's fake news. hashtag fake news. we watch that from inside in the west wing and we laugh. we literally laugh because it's not true.
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i'm not going to say none of it is true, but i would say 85% -- we'll get to the 85% trending on twitter. 85% is not true. it's fake news. jesse: how would you say the media is covering the president so far? >> there are certain outlets fair to the president such as fox news. am i going to get a violation for perverting fox news. when you speak you are afraid to say anything when you are working for the government. jesse: do you think because the president's twitter account is driving the liberals crazy, does that mean it's working? >> yes. any staffer that works at the white house. all their twitter accounts is driving the liberals insane. jesse: when liberals say the president has to stop tweeting so much, what do you say about
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that. >> let trump be trump. let him deliver his message to the american people unfiltered. jesse: social media controversial under trump. >> i don't look at it as controversial. he's delivering his message to the american people web's delivering his message to 100 million people on all his platforms. he's in the white house today because of social media. it's what won him the white house. and he will just keep tweeting and delivering his message to the american people. i have known the president since i was 16 years old in high school. caddie for him. worked in the bag room. i get the rap for being the caddie who runs the social media campaign. but people tend to forget certain individuals who for 15 years prior i had a professional
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career. jesse: when did you first realize how powerful the president's twitter account was? >> pretty much immediately. it was always powerful. he always delivered a message with millions of followers. i would say within the first week. jesse: when you are with the president, how does he tweet? does he do it with his own fingers? how does that work? >> top secret information. president trump does tweet on his own. with his own fingers and send it. he will dictate to me when we are on the road. but verbatim they are his words. everything you see on his twitter account @realdonaldtrumpis his.
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we like to say bing. that's 100% him in the evenings and mornings. jesse: you are not there at 4:00 a.m. when he's tweeting. >> i'm not there but i get alerts on my phone. jesse: what do you think the president's most infamous treats were the last two or three years? >> there are serve that stand out. the most infamous tweet i would have to go with the taco bowl. jes. jesse: mine is happy new year to all my enemies and those who fought me and lost so badly they don't know what to do. i have one small request. could president trump follow jesse watters on twitter? >> i'll see him in the white house in a few minutes and we'll see what happens.
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i can't say yes for him. jesse: very good job. jesse: dan is a man of his word. president trump now following jesse watters on twitter. thank you very much. the book that has the clinton campaign freak out, ex prosing what really happened during the campaign. rick perry, the new secretary of energy sit down for his first interview exclusively with "watters world." jesse: you had rough word for donald trump during the campaign. any message for
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>> did you white server? >> what, like with a cloth or something? >> her campaign went silent before saying she was overheated.
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>> it's good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge law in our country. >> because you would be in jail. >> this is not outcome we wanted or worked so hard for. i'm sorry we did not win this election. jesse: remember that? she also wishes no one wrote a book about the dysfunction. it's sending shock waves through the clinton camp. inside "shattered." amy, take me through that last evening where hillary realized she was going to lose pretty badly. there were a few phone calls being made. >> there were some phone calls. they started seeing early in the evening that florida wasn't going their way. there were calls made to people on the ground and reports back were it didn't look good. that's when they started holding
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out hope for north carolina and pennsylvania and other states. when they started seeing those falling, there was a call placed by the white house to inside the peninsula hotel in new york where clinton and her aides huddled. there was pressure the white house to concede. and there was a debate in the room. there were some aides who wanted to carry this on to the next day to see if some votes would come in eventually. jesse: at what point in the night were the calls coming in from the white house for clinton to concede. >> there was one call by president obama and another by his top political aide urging them to concede that night. they did not want to drag this out until morning. they wanted a smooth transition. so secretary clinton asked for a phone, she said let me call him.
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she says the words she never thought she would say, congratulations, donald. jesse: she dragged that out after blasting trump for saying he wouldn't abide by the result of the election immediately afterwards. there is also a juicy nugget and i commend this book it's a well-written book about in 2008 after she lost, she goes back and she actually digs in and spies on old emails from her former campaign after. is that actually true? >> she wanted a postmortem done on how she lost the campaign it was unexpected. this was part of a long autopsy where she called in aides and advisers in that summer to find out what went wrong. she also asked a couple of aides to go through emails and see who was leaking to whom. jesse: pretty shocking.
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>> the big story line of 2016 was email and she couldn't escape that cloud of email. jesse: this book of yours is causing so much conner nation within the clinton world. according to the "new york post" page 6 she is trying to find the leakers, because someone must have leaked some of this stuff to you. she is worried about leaks now which is ironic. judging by the tone of the book about hillary, it seems like she is having a hard time throughout the campaign coming to grips with the country. i want to put up some words on the screen here. here is a quote from hillary. i don't understand what's happening with the country. i can't get my arms around it. that really sums up a lot of the clinton campaign. wouldn't you agree? >> it seems like they were struggling with that.
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they saw the rights of populism, the rights of bernie sanders, a man they never saw coming. they basically eked out a win in iowa, but they lost terribly in new hampshire. there is a scene in the book where she is flying with a friend and saying i don't understand what's happening. and that basically speaks to the fact that she couldn't quite wrap her find around what was going on. that followed her into the general election where donald trump was attracting big crowds. there was excitement behind his candidacy. that was the story line that haunted her from the primary into the general election. jesse: it's a very good read. fascinating stuff in there about huma abedin and anthony worn and bill clinton losing his temper throughout the campaign. it's a good read. so thank you very much.
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jesse: despite could be assistant threats that our planet is at the point of no return. it only warped .8 degrees in 150 years.
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we love a clean earth. and "watters world" supports the earth. dennis miller has a thing he does. ezekiel digs a hole and hold a candle in the hole to judge the temperature off of. millennials are very concerned about their future. 59% worry how their actions affect the planet. do. but do they even know why? what is day? do you worship mother earth? >> yes. jesse: how did you get here. >> we had one of our friend drive us. jesse: you drove? jesse: there is litter on day.
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are we going to let that sit there? >> no. jesse: let's pick it up. no littering on day. what do you think is a bigger threat to the united states. climate change or terrorism. >> climate change. >> climate change at the moment. >> i would go with climate change. jesse: a lot more people died because of terrorism. >> i'm not a people person. jesse: over the last 15 years how much has the's temperature increased. >> it's caused by god bringing judgment. jesse: how much do you think the earth has warmed the last 15 years. >> 3.75 degrees. >> 100 and something degrees. jesse: then we would be cooking on the sidewalk. .11.
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i thought there was global warming. what happened? how are you personally helping the environment? >> i recycle and drive an efficient car. >> i don't litter. jesse: you are like al gore. he was the vice president, the big green guy. jesse watters fox news, how are you? >> i don't like ambush journalism. why don't you come on the show. are you embarrassed about climate gate? >> i'm not doing an interview right now. jesse: do you stand to make any money from cap and trade? jesse: al gore won't talk but energy secretary rick perry will. north korea threatening to turn the u.s. to ashes.
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what's it really like inside kim jong-un's world? it's all fake news. wait until you find out what's
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marine le pen has a slight advantage. that wraps it up. now back to "watters world." >> i worked in the coal mines 37 years. a man who wants to working finds work in a coal mine. they are said and done with coal. nobody will be able to afford to live. we all work for a living down here. it's like work kicked to the side. i mean, makes you feel like a piece of dirt, it's what it makes me feel like. jesse: that was one of west virginia's coal miners who president trump promised to put back to work. earlier this week i had the honor of sitting down with rick perry for his first interview since becoming secretary of
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energy. well come to "watters world." >> i made it. jesse: the regulations you were con frojts when you came on board. tell me about those what you have done to loosen the reins and let capitalism flow. >> the governor of the 123th largest economy in the woorltd. if tough free people from overtaxation, overregulation and have a skilled workforce, they will you are in i and they will come to where that occurs. that's what donald trump wants to see for america. he wants to see predicts built. he wants to cut taxes so people get to keep more of what they work for. and it's not rocket science. it just takes the political will. the previous administration wanted to regulate. they felt like washington centric regulation would be the
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key to putting their world vine to place. donald trump doesn't believe in that. he believes in a world view where people get to keep more of what they work for. free people from overregulation. that's not to say he's not for keeping the environment safe. he's not for making sure that america and her citizens are economically sounds and this country safe. absolutely. but he knows it can happen, and it will happen when you free americans from overtaxation and overregulation. >> is the wash on coal over? >> it is from the trump administration standpoints. i'm sure there are some who don't share our world view that will say coal is a bad thing. i think they are becoming myopic when it comes to allowing inowe vision. just like there was a peek oil ideology back 15 years ago.
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we found all the fossil fuel. but because of innovation, we found out there is a lot of fuels there that we'll have the ability to use. jesse: when you were in texas as a governor, texas had a lot of the wind power. is that something the trump administration is looking to generate as well? >> the trump administration is for all of the above. we'll let the market drive from where that comes from and how it's done. states will play a significant role. jesse: what would you tell al gore who says global warming is a crisis and you guys are doing all these things? >> i don't argue the climate is change and i don't argue mainls having an impact on it. but you can't have economic growth and clean up your environment. they have a world view that you have got to get rid of coal and move away from fossil fuels and
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it all has to be renewables. we are supporters of remewables. the president is for the all of the above strategy. al gore and i probably disagree government has all the answers. that government regulations -- globally we are now seeing this leveling off of our emissions, co2, and america and china are the countries that have led that charge. so we are making some good progress here. we happen to believe that you can't have jobs -- 12th largest economy in the world, i'm talking about texas here. we saw economic growth, wealth creation, quality of life increasing at the same time to
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clean up the air. it can happen. it is happening. and, you know, i hope our friends around the world will join us in that. there is probably some lessons they can learn from the united states. jesse: you were put into the national security council, is that because the department of energy oversees the nuclear programs. >> there is probably a lot of reasons the secretary of energy needs to be sitting at that table when decisions are made. there are myriad tent kalts that go deep and broad out of the department of energy that affect the security our country. jesse: you during the campaign had rough words for donald trump back then. >> donald trump's candidacy is a cancer on conservatism and it must be clearly diagnosed, exielsd, and discarded. >> donald trump does not have the character, nor does he have
11:37 pm
the temperament to be the commander-in-chief. that incendiary rhetoric you hear out of donald trump whether it's the immigrants population or our veterans point's unacceptable. jesse: now you are in the cabinet. any question about republicans becoming united? >> i'm a big believer that our vision is the right vision for america. i said some harsh things about the president. he's a very forgiving man, and he's proven that. but we are on a team. i hope all people who share this vision that america can be strong economically, that we can use our energy resources will recognize that we may not get everything we want. as a governor, one of the things learned. i would rather have a half a
11:38 pm
love man no love. jesse: i was in your neck of the woods and i learned one thing, don't mess with texas. >> that's "watters world." jesse: big news for "watters world" and my colleagues at fox news. i will explain. what it's like inside north korea.
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jesse: this week north korea threatened to quote turn the u.s. to ashes as president trump slams the country as a menace and teams up with china. as fars concerned. we are in very good shape. we are building our military rapidly. a lot of things have happened over a short period of time. i have great respect for the president of china. i said you will get a much better deal on trade if you get rid of this menace north korea. jesse: what is it like on the
11:43 pm
inside? michael malice has been there. and the author of "dear reared." you were there a few years back. you were inside a bookstore in north korea. what did you learn from being inside a store like that? >> when you are in a book store the on books there are written by or about kim jong-un and his father. these are the only people who exist in their mythology. regular human beings don't matter. jesse: no selection just books about the leader and books written by the leader. you were a computer lab. do they have the internet? >> they have the intranet. most people in the country don't have electricity. but increasingly they are
11:44 pm
getting memory sticks from the south in china and finding out what's going on in the rest of the world. jesse: do they get beat weren't sticks afterwards? you were in a hospital. how is the healthcare? >> during the 90s, kim jong-il refused aid so they saw the return of polio. they boast doctors donate their skin for skin grafts, and people donate parts of their own body to help their countrymen. jesse: are there con accumulator systems there? >> they had sun beds. someone there and there were computers in the hall, but they weren't plugged in. you would walk into the labs and people are look in their microscopes. if you are work and people walk
11:45 pm
in you will glance up. jesse: these are props for you. >> whenever you go to north korea you are given a guided tour of the nation. but everything in north korea has something wrong with it. there is a crack in every wall. jesse: everything is decaying and they can't afford to maintain it? is that the deal, because they don't have enough many? >> the mobby is going toward the military and keeping the regime in power. jesse: what was your interaction with the people like? did you engage with them? >> i got in their face and waved because i knew their resks would be sincere. what people need to understand is they are quote normal people. grandmas deeght over their grandchildren. and the teenaged girls giggle. they are trying to have a human
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life in the most inhumane country in earth. jesse: some people say when you even gang with people in north korea you are dealing with actors. >> we saw elementary school class out in the parks and all the kids were look over their shoulders at us genuinely curious. these weren't child across toirs. jesse: when you look at the newspaper over there, what does it say on the front page of the newspaper. >> there is only one airline. they would give you the newspaper, but the paper is three years old. by the doesn't matter because it has the same headline. the monotony is a subtle form of
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brainwashing to keep the people caring only about their leaders. jesse: we make jokes about fake news here but that's real fake news. >> they are taught that we start the korean war. when they learn that kim il-sung started the war, it's analogous to you and i discovering the u.s. bombed the japanese at pearl harbor.
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ess super bowl champions visited president trump at the white house. the patriots tweeted out these photos lack context. in 2015, 40 football staff were on the stairs. in 2017 he were seated on the south lawn. he was forced to apologize it was my idea, my execution, my blunder. i made a decision in about four minutes. once we learned more we tried to fix it pass quickly as possible.
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i just needed to own it. at least he owned it. joining me now former nfl quarterback. these guys win championships and get to go to the white house no matter who is president. what's the mindset of the player? did politics get involved? >> unfortunately politics get involved. remember the goalie for the boston bruins decided he didn't want to go to the white house with president obama there. i scold him on the radio. i always say no matter who is occupying the white house. it's not his house or our house. it's the house of the people. you should go there and be like gronk. don't wander around crashing
11:53 pm
press conferences. >> can i just -- i think i got this. but thank you. maybe. all right. thanks, i'll see you in a minute. that was cool. >> i love that. he's apolitical. but he had fun at the white house. that's what it should be. it should be an experience most of us never had because we didn't win championships. so it's unfortunate that it has become as political as it is. jesse: also speaking of patriots tide ends. former tight end for the patriots aaron hernandez, he was convicted of an execution-style killing. on trial for aa double homicide.
11:54 pm
acquitted, but then found dead in his jail cell. i guess it's suicide. but one of his people saying it could be foul play. what's the situation? >> it's suicide. he wrote john 3:16 across his forehead and left three notes. at the end of the day we are better off because he's no longer with us. i didn't want to waste that much time talking about him his week. the interesting aspect of this is why would he kill himself. what is the incentive. there is some incentive. that's to protect his estate from civil litigation. once he kills himself and because he did not go through the entire legal procession. there is an arcane law in massachusetts that basically vacates the initial sentence. jesse: so he's trying to do the right thing for his family. >> for his daughter.
11:55 pm
i think a -- the family is also donating his brain for cte research. jesse: are they saying because he took so much hits to the head, that's why he committed these acts? >> they could be look for money to his estate from the nfl. there is a portion of the patriot contract that could go to his estate. there is legal wrangling going on here. i think he has done himself a fave and everybody else a favor that has anything to do with him. jesse: sorry for playing the nfl fox jingle in the open. i know you are a cbs guy. but i felt you could take it. >> we are kind of long island guys together. i know you moved to long island. i grew up in long island. but i'll gift to you this time. jesse: big changes at fox news.
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details up next.
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jesse: many of you know bill o'reilly is no longer with fox news. change is hard and i'm very grateful for my time on the fact eastern learned so much. i also have. >> announcements to make. i'll be co-hosting the five which is moving to 9:00 p.m. eastern. eric bolling will stay at 5:00 p.m. to be part of the news show there. "watters world" will continue to stay at saturday night at 8:00 eastern. so now you will be getting watters all week starting monday. it may be too much, but you have been warned. that's all for tonight. follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter.
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"justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember i'm watters and this is judge jeanine: right now on "justice." >> it's anarchy when you are only enforcing the law to allow liberals to speak. judge jeanine: ann coulter is of the left's attempt to silence the right. 100 days we have ever seene in a president. judge jeanine: democrats and the mainstream media attack as


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