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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 25, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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syria. i think the tomahawk missiles were quite a statement. >> i don't think that's sufficient. >> melissa: okay. we got to go. we hear you. thanks to both of you. i'm melissa francis. here's >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in d.c. where the president lost a round on his border wall. last year the cry was fund it now. today it will wait. we'll explain the reality of what happened and what is yet to come. booed in berlin. ivanka trump handling tough questions about her role in the white house and what she thinks of her father's attitude toward women. that brought scattered hisses and boos but she stood strong and poised. and michael flynn, the president's now fired national security adviser may have committed a crime. republican and democratic leaders of a key committee say
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it looks like flynn did indeed break the law and could face prosecution. now the white house is accused of withholding documents. today the search for the truth. let's get to it. first from the fox news deck, it appears there was a crime and that now the white house will not help investigators uncover it. that is the bottom line from a stunning news conference today by republican and democratic leaders of a congressional investigation. they have now concluded the president's fired national security adviser michael flynn appears to have broken the law by keeping the feds in the dark about some $600,000 that he received from foreign governments or groups. some of it while he was advising candidate trump on the campaign trail. those further assert that the
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white house is refusing to cooperate. the white house says the committee has asked for documents and information that they do not possess or cannot gather. now the republican jay sen chaffetz and elijah cummings say flynn could face prosecution. >> personally i so no information or data to support the notion that general flynn complied with the law. he was supposed to seek permission and receive permission from both the secretary of state and the secretary of the army prior to going to russian and accept the payments and engaging in that activity. i see no evidence he did that. >> i agree with the chairman. he was supposed to get permission and supposed to report it. he didn't. period. there's no evidence of it. >> shepard: congressman cummings added because general flynn failed to report the russian payment when he requested security clearance, he could face felony charges.
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flynn's lawyer said that his client was up front about his business in russia and the payment from r.t. the statement reads in party "general flynn briefed the intelligence agency extensively regarding the r.t. speaking event trip both before and after the trip. he answered any questions that were posed by the director -- by the d.i.a. concerning the trip during those briefings. remember, president trump fired flynn in february just a month after giving him the national security gig after it turned out, according to the white house, flynn misled the vice president about conversations with russia's ambassador to the united states. as for white house documents that could reveal truths here, representatives chaffetz and cummings say they can't get them. they report the -- i should say the house oversight committee made not one but six separate requests last month related to this case. they say in each and every case the white house refused to
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comply. the question is, why. why did mike flynn not report his russian money? why did the white house not dismiss him when they first learned of it? why is the white house refusing to help the truth come out? catherine herridge is live in washington. catherine, what law is general flynn accused of break something. >> the chairman and ranking members spent about an hour in a secure facility on capitol hill reviewing the classified records. both men concluded that flynn likely violated the stat up with 8 usc 1001 for knowingly and willfully making an unlawful statement. committee democrats want the white house records of flynn public because they believe the 2015 moscow trip and the payments associated with that trip were probably not declared either. with new reports that russia sharpened their skills and now
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trying to interfere with the european election, the problem is much bigger than flynn. >> what we saw raises more questions. there's smoke. i've called on the an independent investigation. this only reinforces my belief that we need one. >> that congressional request for the white house records, sean spicer said that he felt it was overly broad and unreasonable to ask for those records from the white house when it had not taken the oath on the 20th. >> shepard: we've learned that sally yates will testify on capitol hill. she told the white house in january that flynn had misled people about his contact with the russian ambassador and who the president fired over an unrelated issue. what might sally yates contribute here? >> this morning we got confirmation that they'll have this hearing and it will be led by the republican senator
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lindsey graham and that will be on monday, may 8. there will be public testimony from yates as well as a former director of national intelligence, james clapper what is not clear right now is whether this will be the pair's first or second appearance on capitol hill because they're also supposed to testify before the house intelligence committee sometime in early may and then these congressional turf wars, often the intelligence committees take precedence over the judiciary committee. sally yates, all of the unmasking was done at the fbi and the justice department level and she will have a lot of insight into the apparent inconsistencies between what flynn said to investigators, what they knew from the transcripts and what the white house was saying publicly about this russia contact. >> thank you, catherine. the situation is unprecedented. never in american history a man so close to the president, on his cabinet, been accused of
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committing a crime by taking money from a foreign entity. the conversation dominated the white house proofing today. john roberts was there. what else is the white house saying about the documents? >> the white house is saying they did everything the committee on oversight and government reform asked them to do. they wanted to know, jason chaffetz and elijah cummings, what general flynn said when he filled out fs 86 for his national security clearance. while that documents resides with the defense intelligence agency who did the background check and the committee went over there and apparently they did get access to that. as to the other requests, they asked for documents, payments that lieutenant general michael flynn had prior to january 20th. in a letter to the committee, the head of the legislative affairs division here said we don't have many of those documents. and then they said with documents post dating january the 20th, a lot of those that
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would include meetings and phone calls that general flynn had with foreign leaders would likely be classified and sensitive in nature. and they wrote also, it's unclear who the documents would mean, talking about flynn's disclosure to payments in 2015-16, prior to his service at the white house. why would those documents have any relevance on what happened before. so we're not going to provide you with those. i talked to sean spicer about this. here's what he told us at the briefing. listen here. >> i don't know what he filled out and what he did or did not do. they all happened -- he filled that out prior to coming here. it will be up to the committee and other authorities to look at that. with respect to the letter, they asked for three 86, which was in the position of dia. my understanding through reports is that have obtained that. then they asked for documents
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prior to january 20th. as you know, we didn't assume the white house until january 20th at noon so we don't have documents prior to assuming the white house. the third is they listed for every call and contact that he made. >> when it comes to this form, sf 86, another white house staffer, jared kushner, who had difficulty filling it out. he did not fully fill out section 19 about contacts with foreign officials even though he spoke to a number of them. he went back and filled that out. we don't know because we don't have access to general flynn's fs-86 what he put down there the documents. according to jason chaffetz, 127 pages long, that would indicate that he disclosed the payments. >> shepard: john, at the core of this is, the russians interfered with our election. general flynn received money through an entity that was from
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the russians. what they want to know is, was there collusion. the white house at least is giving the appearance, according to these congress leaders, of a lack of cooperation, which could give an overall appearance that they're trying to cover something up. why not quit with all of the semitic juggling and stuff and get to the bottom of this as quickly as possible to get it off their plate? >> that is a good question and a question we've been asking for a long time. why didn't you just dump everything that there is out there and try to just get it off the table? i asked that question of white house officials back in probably the middle of february. they just -- they didn't want to drop everything out there. the reason for which wasn't particularly clear. but if they do have the possession of documents, somebody at the transition office has got those. not sure where they reside now and they do have documents after
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he was there on the 20th. but you know, many white houses are reluctant to give out the documents and that's the case here, even though the white house said they complied for the requests in the letter. even though replying with one of them was a refusal to give over some documents. >> shepard: thanks, john. actions have consequences. there are a lot of different strategies to be employed here. the one that they have taken at the white house, how dangerous is it? if at all. a.b. stoddard is here with here take next. ♪ fun in art class. come close, come close. [ music stops suddenly ] ah. when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. awww. try this. for minor arthritis pain, only aleve can stop pain for up to 12 straight hours with just one pill. thank you.
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>> shepard: rare bipartisan agreement in washington. in this case, at the highest level in congress. the republican and democrat leading the investigation into russian meddling in our presidential election both say that it appears the president's now fired national security adviser committed a crime. and at its core is russian money. on the white house, bipartisan agreement. the white house is not cooperating. a.b. stoddard is here from the appearance according to them is that the white house is not cooperating. what does that do? >> well, the documents that the oversight chairman and ranking member reviewed today came from
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the pentagon and their military documents led them to believe that nothing in this process of michael flynn, renewing his security clearance or getting one or becoming national security adviser provided the necessary documentation that he had actually received these payments and had this activity with russians or even with turkey. the problem is that if there is that documentation and that could exonerate flynn, then the white house, we would think, would provide it. so in their response saying we answered these questions, ridiculous to ask, plus it was during the transition, nobody has those records, they're building more smoke in an already smokey situation looking like they're stone walling. they should come as clean as they can. there's already complaints from democrats. first on the house side, now on the senate investigation that things are not moving quickly
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enough. it doesn't help the white house to look like it's partisan stone walling. over at the white house, if they don't provide documents that congress is asking for, they look like they're stonewalling as well. >> shepard: what they want to know is, did the white house know these things that they now know. that is that he took money from an entity that was being funded by r.t., the propaganda wing of the kremlin. did they know that. if they knew it, why did they let it happen. if they did not know it and they have documents to prove it, why wouldn't you give the documents? to do anything else seems like it would be russian roulettish. >> right. a couple questions here. do they vet people that will be put in the highest positions of consequential power like the nsa. do they know this in which they have colluded. the third question is, talking about building pressure from democrating and opponents of the trump administration and
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skeptics. their indifference into the entire russian meddling has worried people all along. that's why republicans like senator marco rubio and senator lindsey graham say we should be concerned. why do republicans look away from this when it should be a bipartisan concern? so if you combine that in difference with the fact that now they look like they're stonewalling, it's more of a headache making the investigation more consequential and bring more heat, drag it out through the months when he's trying to accomplish big ticket items. he's exacerbating a situation that maybe he colluded and he's trying to cover it up but if he didn't, it's time to come clean. >> shepard: so you're saying maybe they colluded and they're trying to cover it up. if that's the case, we're in a different place. >> if that's the case, they're going to be found out, as we know.
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the fbi is looking to the russia connection for almost a year now. and the congress is looking into this. the congress knows all about michael flynn. former deputy attorney general sally yates is going to come in a few days and testify in open session in congress. she's the one that went to the trump administration and said we believe that michael flynn, your national security adviser is vulnerable to russian blackmail and you need to know this. this man asked for immunity. so if the white house team didn't know what flynn was up to, they need to make that very clear as soon as possible. >> shepard: a.b. stoddard, thanks very much. the wall must be built. and congress must pay for it at least until mexico pays us back. and it must be funded in this putting, and that's that. remember that? it was a long time ago that that was said. like friday.
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>> shepard: the border wall. it was central to donald trump's campaign. build the wall! the big beautiful wall. consistently and for months and as recently as last week, the white house was insisting publicly that the new budget agreement from the congress must contain money to get the wall started. more than $2.5 billion to start. now we know that it's not going to happen. the trust is the handwriting was on the wall. democrats are and have been in lock step against it. many republicans say they simply can't justify the money. and of the 17 senators and
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congress members representing residents of the southwest border, none stepped forward to support it. not one. in addition, the majority of americans are against it on moral or financial or other grounds. most importantly, had the president held to his public position, the government would likely have shut down this weekend on day 99 of his first 100 days. so the white house caved. officially the word is that the president is willing to delay funding for the wall until september. that's new. and a complete departure from a, mexico will pay for it and b, taxpayers will fund it and mexico will pay them back and c, congress must fund it in this budget, period. campaigns are one thing. government in washington is quite another. but at the trump white house, the narrative for the base matters and it at least is consistent. today the president tweeted,
12:24 pm
don't let the fake media tell you that i changed my position on the wall. it will get built and help stop drugs, human trafficking, et cetera. the truth is as far as we can find, no reported he changed his position. what has been reported here and elsewhere is that opposition in washington means his demand that the congress opportunity his budget is and it's not happening. enter the counselor to the president, kellyanne conway. >> building the wal see other smart technology and other resources and tools being used toward border security. >> that's true. $1.5 million. building the wall she said important priority. that is not true in congress. it's not true among representatives in border states or according to the polls, among the vast majority of the american people. until some of that changes,
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especially the money part, priority or not, it won't happen. the white house press secretary sean spicer tells abc news that president trump has not given up. now a pivot. new focus. tax reform. specifically corporate tax reform. the president has long claimed back to the campaign days that he wants the corporate tax rate caught to 15%. so the president said he plans to make a big announcement tomorrow. a senior administration official tells the associated press, president trump plans to call for a corporate tax cut from 35 to 15%. moments ago, the "wall street journal" reported of a plan to do the same for owner-operated businesses. the journal reports those businesses include small firms and large ones like the trump organization. again, the president has a problem with this. again is his own party. republican leaders insist cutting the corporate rate to 15% is too much of a cut.
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because they insist the republican leaders, that a cut that big would create a $2 trillion budget shortfall over a decade. the tax cut will pay for itself by revving up the economy. republican leaders say it will not. campaigning is one thing. governing in washington is another. insiders say a corporate tax rate of 15% is dead on arrival killed by republicans. back to john roberts on the north lawn. what else is the white house saying about the border fund something. >> let's start with the wall. we have lots to say about both. chuck schumer is saying he's the one that killed the wall. saying mitch mcconnell wanted to negotiate the wall and there's no wall. they say they're going to come back in september when they negotiate the budget for fiscal
12:27 pm
year 2018. we got about a 40 minute briefing on topics today. the president is asking for money for border security and in that money for border security, there will be money to repair and replace existing sections of fence in addition to putting in some new fence. when talking about bricks and mortar of a concrete wall. sean spicer said the goal of the president is building the wall. here he is. >> the president made it very clear, his priorities have not changed. there will be a wall built. it's important to prevent human trafficking, gangs like ms 13 from coming in, the flow of drugs and illegal immigration. there's a national economic safety issue by having a wall that ensures our safety, a lot of planning can be do in fy-17. our priorities are clear going into the remainder of the year and we'll ask for more in fy-18.
12:28 pm
>> even if he were to build some sections of wall. it's not like there's a wall stretching from sea to sea. along the rio grande, you can't build a wall because you'd be cutting off access or build it down the middle of the river which would be impossible or convince mexico to put it on their side, which won't happen. you might get some sections through arizona and parts of the westernmost texas and maybe in california but it won't be a huge wall. also looking more like it's fencing anyway because i'm told that the border patrol doesn't want a concrete barrier that they can't see through. they like the idea of something that speaks through, which comes to the idea of a fence that democrat s approved in the bush administration. >> shepard: all true knew and during the campaign and still now money for it.
12:29 pm
what about the president's plan for corporate tax reform? >> we're hearing it's 15%. he said 15% on the campaign trail. in the transition, he said maybe 15 or 20%, which is the amount for a corporate tax cut that is in the house republican plan. so could be 15% when he comes out with it tomorrow is an opening bid. it is when you're crafting the art of a deal. you ask for as much or you ask for more than you want to settle for and settle for what you want to settle for. the president has mentioned 20%. there's some people on capitol hill like debby stabenow said if in is about a corporate tax cut, he won't get my support. small business tax cuts, he says maybe i'll think about it. he was in the campaign trail and on the website talking about applying the corporate tax rate to s corporations, pass throughs and people working freelance, contract employees, people like that. so it's quite possible, shep that tomorrow when he unveils this 15% tax cut, that will be
12:30 pm
an opening position and put -- apply to more than corporations. but look what happens to the stock market today. back up over 21,000. corporations definitely like what the president is selling. >> shepard: they do. the nasdaq above 6,000 for the first time ever. john roberts, thank you. ahead more on the trump tax initiative, including a live report from capitol hill where peter doocy asked the president about the resistance he could face. you'll hear how ivanka trump handled questions and a few boos about her father during a ceremony in germany. that's coming up as we reached the bottom of the hour. next, the top of the news.
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>> shepard: news coming now from the white house. play-back of the president just coming in as he's signing an executive order regarding agriculture and rules and regulations to help the agricultural sector. let's listen in. >> the white house is a special
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place for america's farmers and ranchers. i want to congratulate secretary sonny purdue who was just sworn in as the secretary of agriculture. [applause] supported by justice thomas. he was -- it was a beautiful ceremony and we're going to celebrate a little later. that's great. we're very happy. you had a good vote, too. >> yes, sir. >> you didn't have one of those 51-49. a very big vote. thanks to justice thomas. great man, great person. america's noble farming tradition stretches back to its earliest days. farmers led the way across great plains and put down roots from coast-to-coast. today america's farmers feed not only the nation but millions around the world.
12:34 pm
we're going to open that up much more for you folks. it's not totally open to put it mildly. we learned that yesterday in canada, wisconsin, upstate new york, a lot of border states are not able to sell their dairy products into canada. this has been going on for a while. we're not going to put up with it. separately, we put a very big tax -- putting a big tariff on lumber and timber coming into our country. people don't realize canada being rough on the united states. i love canada, but they have outsmarted our politicians for many years. you people understand that. so we did institute a very big tariff. we announced it yesterday. we're going to take care of our dairy farmers in wisconsin and upstate new york and other places. so i think you people all probably agree with that, right? wouldn't you agree with that?
12:35 pm
>> i would. >> you better believe it. our farmers deserve a government that serves their interests and empowers them to do the hard work that they love to do so much. that's what today's executive order is all about. with this order, i'm directing secretary purdue to work with other members of my cabinet to identify and eliminate unnecessary regulations that hurt our nation's farmers and rural communities. sonny, i signed a lot of regulations and terminations that really help the farmer a lot. you know what i'm talking about. but we have some left and you'll identify them. we've gotten rid of the biggest ones. that was a big help, right? you are all ready. they won't tell you about it, but big numbers and they'll mean a lot to the farmers. this order establishes the interagency task force on agriculture and rural prosperity to be led by secretary purdue.
12:36 pm
i just want to tell you that it's an honor to be with you because among many other things with this order, we continue a very relentless effort to make life better for hard-working americans and that includes the farmers and all of the people gathered around this table, including our ranchers, rural community folks. we're having a very, very big impact. it's already started. sonny is now going to identify additional areas where we can get rid of unnecessary regulations. you people will be very prosperous and hire more people than currently work for you and that will make me very happy. okay? i want to thank you very much. do we have the executive order, please? thanks. so this is promoting agriculture and rural prosperity in america. now there's a lot of words i
12:37 pm
worth bother reading everything. we don't want to be taken advantage of by other countries and that's stopping. that's stopping fast. thank you. perhaps she should give this pen to sonny purdue. what do you think? [applause] >> mr. president, do you fear a trade war with canada? >> no, not at all. >> why not? >> they have a tremendous surplus with the united states. when they have a surplus, i have no fear. by the way, virtually every country has a surplus with the united states. we have massive trade deficits. so when we're the country with the deficits, we have no fear.
12:38 pm
>> what is your honest opinion of the 100-day mark? >> what do you say about the wall? >> the wall will get built and the wall is going to stop drugs and it's going to stop a lot of people from coming in that shouldn't be here and it's going to have a huge effect on human trafficking, which is a tremendous problem in this world that nobody talks about but a problem probably worse at any time in the history of this world. human trafficking, what's going on. the wall is going to be built. we're setting record numbers in terms of stopping people from coming in and stopping drugs from coming in. you can see the numbers down 73, 74%. i will say secretary kelly, formerly general kelly, is doing an incredible job. i was just with him a little while ago. he said we definitely december -- desperately need the wall.
12:39 pm
i watch these shows and the pundits in the morning, i don't know what they're talking about. the wall gets built 100%. >> when, sir? when, mr. president? when? when will the wall get built? >> i'm sorry. soon. we're already preparing, doing plans and specifications. we're doing a lot of work on the wall. >> in your first term? >> the wall is very, very important. >> in your first term? >> well, it's -- yeah, yeah. plenty of time. a lot of time. >> thank you, mr. president. >> shepard: of course last week the demand was money for the wall come out of this budget. that won't ask. he asked for $2.5 billion. congress in essence has rejected it as they backed off push that would have caused potential at least and most likely a government shut down. the matter at hand was on soft -- was on lumber coming in from canada. this is a longstanding thing on
12:40 pm
soft wood lumber between canada and the united states. goes back to the 19th century. most recently heated up in 1982. the heart of it is, in the united states basically the lumber companies own the land where the lumber is grown. in canada, the government owns that land. so the president wants to tax 20% on canadian lumber, which will it start a trade war? you should know there was a study done last year that showed 15% tax on this lumber, tariff on this lumber would make home prices go up 4.2% and would cost 4,600 jobs in the united states. no question that a tariff is not absorbed by the government. it's passed on to the consumers. a tariff on canadian soft wood means the cost of homes will go up. that is inescapable. let's bring in chain -- shane
12:41 pm
from politico. is this a nod to big business, a nod to the owners of the land where the wood is grown and is this in some way a detriment to people that want to build houses and work on houses, jobs and costs? jobs go down and costs go up? >> i mean, it's certainly a nod to the voters that voted for him that said we're getting screwed on a trade deals. he talked about ripping up nafta. he's not taken that step but this is the closest he's come picking a key ally and say we're going to impose something on one of your imports. he's trying to send a message. trump and the white house have been focused on this 100-day deadline. this is one thing he can say. i've made some progress on this front. yes, costs are likely to go up as a result of this, be u.t. people that voted because they're unhappy with the current setup, this is a signal to this
12:42 pm
that he's listening. >> the costs are likely to go up part is the part that was left out. i think some of the -- even those that support him, those within the republican party said yes, this is what he promised. they're also aware that later, if houses prices go up and housing jobs go down, that he runs a risk at least, correct me if i'm wrong, i'm getting blamed for that. >> and for the republican party, this is typically been the pro trade party. you know, he became the republican nominee, but not on the republican plank on trade. paul ryan in most congressional republicans ran on free trade. that i were supportive of nafta and these kind of expansion of free trade agreements. it's interesting politics here. on some issues trump has aligned with the democrats. these are the kind of voters he won to win key midwestern states. >> shepard: talk about lack of alignment with the republicans. that's the same with the cost of the border wall. the republicans say we cannot go
12:43 pm
into further debt. we cannot have further deficits. the president said we have another way. we have another way, mexico will pay for it. when they said they won't pay for it and mexico won't pay for it, no other alternative came along. >> everything this week, tax renorm. he wants to lowter corporate tax rate down to 15%. that's lower than paul ryan's plan and the trump administration said economic growth is going to pay for, this house republicans that ran on cutting the deficit and cutting the debt say hold on a second. we're not talking about running up deficits by cutting taxes. we want offsets. paul ryan has a plan for offsets to corporate rates. trump is saying and his tres surery secretary says we're going to cut the, that -- cut the taxes and the economy will grow. >> thanks, shane. >> thank you. >> shepard: the first daughter, ivanka trump getting years from an audience while speaking about
12:44 pm
her father. details on that and how she handled up. that's coming up on "shepard smith reporting."
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>> shepard: the first daughter, ivanka trump facing questions and defending her daughter in germany here today. listen to how the crowd reacted here. >> he's been a tremendous champion of supporting families and enabling them to thrive. the new reality of -- >> you hear the reaction from the audience. >> shepard: that was in berlin at a women's summit. according to the observer, wasn't everyone in the room here and rippled across the room. the moderator pressed her on sexual harassment claims about her father. the first daughter said the media perpetuated the accusations and that got a snicker. afterwards, ivanka trump was unphased and poised. she told reporters it's important to talk to people with different viewpoints without
12:48 pm
being ostracized or feared. >> ivanka trump did a follow up interview with nbc. she was asked about the idea that she could be a moderating influence on her father. she took issue with the point of that question implying that she doesn't feel that he needs a moderating influence. then she paid tribute to the manner in which she says that her father reaches decisions. >> one of the things i value about my father as first a business man and how as the leader of our country is that he carries ideas and he likes to hear from people with divergent viewpoints. that's not always true in politics. it's seldom true. >> that's unlikely to end the question, shep, about how much influence ivanka trump has in the white house. among all the voices he listens to, hers is first among equals.
12:49 pm
>> shepard: she talked about her roles on advising the president on the missile strike in syria. >> yeah, of course. we all remember the attack in syria's northern providence april 4. that was the chemical weapons attack carried out by the syrian government. dozens were killed, children among them. ivanka trump was horrified by the pictures that emerged and she urged a strong response. two days later, the president urged dozens of cruise missiles to be launched. ivanka trump was asked about her role in that decision and she said i think it would be very hard as a human being to see the images we saw and not react and not be very shaken to the core. that said and while i express that sentiment as a leader of a country, you can't make decisions based on emotion alone and his, meaning trumps,
12:50 pm
decision was well-informed and advised at every level and i'm proud of the action he took. bottom line in this and the other times that we heard ivanka speak since her father became president, she continues to say that she's proud of the way her father makes decisions and indeed of the decisions themselves. shep? >> shepard: john hunt, thank you. word of a new concern as bloody protests rage in venezuela. deadly military grade weapons that could wind up in the wrong hands. plus, the end of a nascar dynasty. junior, say it ain't so! we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today,
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12:53 pm
. >> criminals and terrorists could get their hands on military grade weapons in venezuela amid that country's
12:54 pm
political unrest. that's the warning from policy makers. last week, nicholas maduro promised a gun to everyone that would protect his government. now there's a concern that people can get their hands on the russian surface to air missiles. 26 people have died and 46 injured in weeks of violations and demonstrations. we have pictures in our slide show. they built a fire wall. anti-government demonstrators here wearing gas masks in the capitol yesterday. anti-maduro demonstrators building a barricade of fire during a demonstration. this firefighter trying to put out flames here. you can see a few dozen cops on motorcycles. finally, more demonstrators fighting through the tear gas in the streets. venezuela is falling apart. at home, one of nascar's most popular drivers announced he's
12:55 pm
retiring from racing. dale earnhardt jr. missed half the year last year because of a concussion. >> i wanted the opportunity to go out on my own terms. i missed a few races. i had to face the realization that my driving career may have ended without me getting a vote at the table. >> shepard: junior is the son of dale earnhardt who died after a crash on the final lap of the daytona 500 back in the year 2001. want to get away from it all? problems with your neighbors? problems with city hall? really, there's no problem. buy your own town and declare yourself the mayor. i actually watched a television show like that. it's called blank creek. it's very good. >> if you want to create it -- >> shepard: you don't want to recreate that. >> it's in a remote part of southwest oregon.
12:56 pm
it's for sale. it will continue you $3.5 million. this is an aerial view of the team. you get over 250 acres of land, includes a general store, gas station, you have to pay extra but you can get the school. has a basketball court and classrooms. now, a disclaimer, the associated press says you have to drive about 30 minutes out of town to get cell phone service. probably a deal breaker for a lot. an anonymous person has put in an offer. >> shepard: do we know how much? >> no. but they're asking $3.5 million. i don't know how much the offer was made for. they might have tried to low ball them. >> shepard: wonder how that would go on the resale market. >> i don't know. you'd have to spruce it up. >> shepard: probably a bit. lillian, thank you. the dow, should i show them that? it's surging today. look at the big wall over there. up 248 points on the session. up a percent yesterday, more
12:57 pm
than a percent today. neil cavuto will break it down for us after this quick commercial break.
12:58 pm
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>> neil: all right. it was big news here when our charlie gasparino broke it. we will be going to him in a second. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto and you are watching "your world." barack obama receiving $400,000 fee for upcoming speech wall street brokerage power house. no, sir the biggest but big player nonetheless. we are thinking that's big news. this is a president who railed against wall street. i couldn't wait to pick up my papers this morning to figure out how much coverage they were getting. here we go. the "new york times," nothing. "the washington post,