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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 27, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> nobody said mars is going to be cheap. have a great thursday, we'll catch you tomorrow. happening now starts now. have a great thursday. >> jenna: the president making major headway on health care and taxes according to some, as mr. trump prepares to mark 100 days in office. welcome to "happening now" ." >> jon: the administration getting a big boost on repeal and replacement of obamacare after the conservative freedom caucus in the house through its support behind the g.o.p. health care plan. we are awaiting a news conference by house speaker, paul ryan, who could address the timing on a vote. in the meantime, the president is getting praise for the overhaul of a tax code as he prepares to welcome the president of argentina to the white house moments from now. peter doocy's on capitol hill, but we begin with john roberts on the north lawn.
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>> it looks like there some movement on health care. white house officials telling me they are optimistic and that they'll be hearing from capitol hill that there could soon be a vote as early as two. thomas dominic the white house has been letting these two sides work things out between the two of them. they are cautiously optimistic that they might get a vote by the end of the week, but they're pretty confident that it could happen by the end of next week. the chief of staff at the white house was on special report with brad baer last night and he said he doesn't want to rush this bill. they will have a vote on it when they know they have 260 members supported. >> we don't want to put an artificial deadline on this, so we just want to keep this in a better place and we think we will get a vote soon or next week. however we decide, will be
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excited about it. >> trade is going to be high on the agenda in their brief meeting. trade is going to be a big part of the white house agenda and the next few weeks, including a renegotiation of nafta after the white house was positioning itself yesterday to announce that it was going to pull out of nafta, but the president spoke last night with the mexican president and canada's prime minister and agreed to renegotiate nafta, rather than pull out. the president tweeting "i received calls from the president of mexico asking to renegotiate nafta rather than terminate. i agree. subject to the fact that we do not reach a fair deal for all, we will then terminate nafta. relationships are good, deal very possible." the president also laying down a marker on negotiations that are going on this week on his spending bill that will keep the government funded through the end of the fiscal year which is the end of september, accusing democrats of attaching unrelated
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writers to the spending bill to fulfill their agenda. the president of short time ago, the democrats want to shut down government if we don't bail out puerto rico and give billions to their insurance companies. no. the president also added i promised to secure our border, democrats want to start on the government politics. congress is expected to pass a temporary spending measure which would keep the government operating for a week. that could happen either later on today, more likely tomorrow and then they'll continue negotiations on the bigger spending bill, which then takes place in september and the fight over the fiscal year 2018 budget which will include a lot of money for the wall. >> jon: the fighting never ends in that building behind you. john roberts, thank you. >> jenna: we continue now with fast moving of elements on health care. peter doocy is live on capitol hill with more.
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>> the pendulum has really swung. the first on republican leaders try to repeal and replace obamacare, moderates were on board, conservatives, not so much. now moderates are skeptical, but the american health care act has been endorsed by the very conservatives house freedom caucus. >> the makeup of the house right now, we believe this is the best belly can get out of the house, or he wouldn't be supporting it. if we give those to get the waiver, we will send a message of look how much premiums are coming down. that was in a message to the rest of the states. >> very late last night, house republicans spoke to a handful -- the house rules committee set parameters for eventual votes on the full house floor, but because republican leadership has long said when they have the vote, though at a vote, and there's no vote scheduled, they're obviously still trying to bring more moderate members of their party
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on board and the moderate member helping top residue that is our rissman tom macarthur, cochair of the moderate tuesday group. >> this is a very human issue. this affects people and we have to make this about people, not politics. and every hand, we have to remind ourselves of that. this is real people's lives that are in the balance. >> remember, even if the american health care act is passed in the house in the next day or the next week, then it has to go to the senate where in all likelihood, the republicans are going to make some changes there. >> jenna: peter, thank you. >> jon: for more on this, let's bring in cara lee, white house correspondent from the white house journal. a number of presidents have looked to revise the tax code in past years, does this president stand a chance of the plan has put forward? >> we don't know, but it's been one of his most clear directives to congress that we've seen on his major legislative agenda.
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there are things that still need to be negotiated, there is number of questions that have been had been answered, it's a broad outline of principles of how he would like to see tax reform tackled. there are some disagreements between this plan and a house republican plan, those things we need to be worked out and they would also need to try to win some democratic support. certainly, the white house feels like there is more momentum towards tax reform than there has been in recent days or weeks before. >> jon: speaker of the house, paul ryan, suggests that he likes what he is hearing. he hasn't pooh-poohed it at any rate. he said they're getting on the same page with regard to tax reform, even though there are a lot of policy expert to say this will blow a hole in the budget. are you surprised that paul ryan seems to be on board? >> no, only because the speaker and the president both have the same goals, getting toward tax
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reform. the big question is the deficit question, whether this is going to be something that republicans traditionally have likely to find ways to pay for things like tax cuts and that's always been the issue in these debates, and the white house arguments is that these tax cuts will raise up revenue to pay for themselves and that's something that a lot of republicans are not necessarily on board with so that we have been worked out. >> jon: the white house is saying that if you lower tax rates, you will then be able to tax and the tax cut will pay for itself. >> those are unknowns, you can't really known for sure how it's going to play out. a lot of republicans are necessarily comfortable with that and they would rather see things like tax cuts be offset with pay for us, and that's where this comes under debate.
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>> jon: one of the things that has not been answered is at what income levels do these various tax rates kick in for the sake of argument. this is a stretch, but to make the math easy, let's say you pay 10% up to $100,000 in income. that's $10,000 in taxes he would owe. all of a sudden, you make 101,000, 90 jump to the next tax bracket which is 25%, which you are paying 15,000 extra dollars in taxes. that seems kind of crazy and the white house hasn't laid out where the numbers are going to fall, have they? >> no, they haven't. this is what the white house put forward yesterday with a broad outline. what they're trying to do is reduce the number of bracket and simplify things like tax return returns. there is really not a lot of detail or a plan.
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it's really just a framework or some ideas of the direction the president want to see tax reform go and all of these details are going to be what makes it questionable of how this will wind up in the end. >> jon: you talk about republicans being perhaps less bothered by the prospect of deficit spending, what about the democrats? that's traditionally a topic that hasn't bothered them much at all. >> right, than there are other kinds of tax cuts that democrats will be tougher to get on board with like reducing the corporate rate, democrats -- there's traditionally a broad disagreement on ways in which you would cut taxes between the two parties and that's going to be -- first they're going to have to get the republican party unified around a plan and then will have to get democrats on board. we are in the very early stages here. it's fun to take a lot of time. >> jon: very quickly, i get the sense that they're
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optimistic. >> the feeling here now is generally better than we've seen in recent weeks. as a president approaches is is what her day mark, there's a lot of angst about what he accomplished? what did he show for his first 100 days in office and i think they feel the health care bill moving along with the tax framework put forward that they are in a better position to say he's made some advances on these key promises that he made as a candidate. >> jon: puts wind in their sales. thank you. >> jenna: not far from the white house, we are expecting house bigger paul ryan to take the podium in just a few moments row for his weekly news conference as the critical deadline approaches to keep the government up and running. plus, lawmakers brief on north korea describe the information shared as sobering. we'll talk to one senator who attended that briefing next as we hear this from one of our top military leaders in the region. >> as president trump and second
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mattis have made clear, all options on the table. we want to bring kim jong-un to his senses, not to his knees.
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>> jenna: a quick fox news alert for you now as we wait speaker ryan and his weekly press conference that he holds normally on thursday morning. a lot of big topics as the speaker is expected to address including the funding of the government, health care, tax reform, these are really big topics, so we'll be waiting and watching for speaker ryan. also want to point out that house members often receive a briefing about north korea yesterday which leads us to our next segment, north korea being one of big stories of the day as well. >> jon: a fox news alert and brand-new video released by north korea's state media of what pyongyang calls the nation's largest live fire drill ever. this comes as the commander of
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u.s. forces in the pacific warns as hawaii defenses need beefing up. as we are getting new reaction from lawmakers who were bused to a secure location at the white house yesterday to be briefed by the president's national security team. one senator who attended that briefing joins us now. colorado senator joins on both the foreign relations and budget committees. it was an astounding thing, virtually the entire u.s. senate got bussed over to the white house for this secure briefing, i'm sure you can't disclose the details of what you heard, but give us a sense of the overall tone of the meeting. >> i think the fact that we had a bipartisan group of senators at the white house for this briefing highlights the importance and the grave situation that we are faced with an north korea. it's clear after the briefing of the situation on the peninsula is at its most unstable point since the armistice and it's clear that the united states has to do more to bear pressure on
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the north korean regime, as well as nations like china so we can eventually lead to a peaceful denuclearization of kim jong-un regime. >> jon: other senators in the room say they were expecting big policy pronouncements from the white house and they didn't really hear anything like that. is that your take? are you disappointed? >> i think over the past several weeks we've seen some big policy development. we seen an abandonment of the failed strategic patients doctrine, that was the doctrine that led to the situation we are in today with the testing of multiple nuclear bombs and what we heard was additional pressure being brought to bear on the regime itself. also, standing up to china. china plays -- they have a huge opportunity here to play more in this denuclearization effort. >> jon: is a member of the foreign relations committee, you introduce legislation to tide to reign in north korea, what would that involve?
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>> it requires for the first time ever, mandatory sanctions on north korean regime for the proliferation activities, activities that would lead to propping up their nuclear activities to further their violations of human rights, but it also goes further. i think it's important to know what the legislation does. bipartisan support for this bill, it would require mandatory sanctions on the companies, entities, individuals come outside of north korea. these are entities that could be in china or indonesia, anywhere around the globe that violate our sanctions. we would sanction those businesses who are propping up the kim jong-un regime. that's important. why is an important? is important because we know that china plays such a critical role in the north korean economy that if we start targeting these companies in china that are violating our sanctions, we can actually do more to push the regime away from nuclear weapons. >> jon: singh since i've been effect on the north koreans for years and there's been little effect. this would be a broader set of sanctions? >> is a much broader set of
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sanctions, there mandatory and they're not just on the regime itself, but there are sanctions outside of north korea who are doing business with the north korean government and the people. there was an article recently by a former obama administration official, somebody who is involved with terrorist financing issues who said we are far from sanctioning out north korea and what we actually ought to do a start targeting financial institutions to do business from china with north korea and other businesses that may be accepting coal or other imports for north korea that sends money back into the regime, allowing them to proliferate and spend more money on militarization. >> jon: the president has talked tough about north korea, but beyond that, there's been very little change from what the previous administration has tried, except for a rejection of the documents as you said. do you get the impression that this administration is about to do something or is willing to do something more muscular?
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>> it's clear that all options are met on the table, but i think what they're doing, you've seen it and china's activities. over the last couple of weeks, they've taken steps that we haven't seen before. they've agreed to stop importing call. there may be an envoy and north korea now that china is in negotiations purely for people in north korea talking about this. i think he's making and setting the task for china to actually show the world that they are going to do something to help this effort, to bring peace and peaceful gene authorization to north korea. that something we hadn't accomplished over the last eight years, quite friendly, it hasn't been accomplished before that. we are new territory, but we have to see more from china and this administration has to continue that pressure. >> jon: when identified in public and senator told "the washington post" that he felt the purpose of the meeting or one purpose of the meeting was to prepare you and the senate for the idea that this, meaning korean situation, could
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escalate quickly. did you come away with that feeling? >> absolutely not. i came away from this meeting thinking that planning was underway to make that north korea cannot develop a muscle system that strikes the homeland of the united states. they're preparing for that, we have too. that's our obligation. most important, i heard from second mattis, i heard from secretary tiller sent that we are preparing for diplomacy first and making sure we are rationing of the pressure on the north korean regime, where rationing up the pressure around the globe, nations to cut off trade with north korea, to stop importing slave labor from north korea. these wages are earned in a foreign country to prop up the kim jong-un regime. we've heard about additional plans and needs for equipment and certainly, the needs to strengthen our alliance between south korea, japan, and the united states. that trilateral alliance is key. as you heard from admiral harriet's at the beginning of the segment, the idea is not to regime change, the idea is to
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change the way the regime is behaving and d nuclear rise. >> jon: senator gardner, republican of colorado. good to have you on. thank you >> jenna: we're live at the white house where any minute now, president trump will be giving the president of argentina. ambassador nikki haley is excited to collect russia for blatantly lying about the nature of the syrian chemical attack by the assad regime. we're watching that life. we'll be right back with more
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this is tape joe shot moments ago. they will also hold a working luncheon, trade expected to be a very big issue. they're probably together in the oval office right now. these are live pictures there as they head into the white house for this working luncheon. wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall for that one? >> jenna: the pentagon now saying to u.s. army soldiers have been killed in afghanistan, a third injured. there were a part of forces fighting isis in the same province where we dropped the so called mother of all bombs earlier this month. their names have not yet been released, and fact we just received a statement from the pentagon and the top commander there and afghanistan on this. 18 isis militants were killed in that fire fight. joining us now, general jack keane.
8:26 am
here's part of the statement from general nicholson. the fight against isis is important for the world, but sadly it is not without sacrifice. i guess that's true. >> we've been at this almost 16 years now and afghanistan. in that way, afghanistan is sort of a forgotten war. president obama chose to never talk about it. he never said why we really there. what's going on there is isis has a bona fide safe haven there. whenever they have safe havens where they group and they protect themselves, we've got to crush it. it was a major lesson coming out of 9/11 that we did not crush the al qaeda safe haven in afghanistan we knew it existed there and we got 9/11 as a result. whenever that forms, we've got to deal with it and that's what we're doing here. >> jenna: why did the mother of all bombs do that? >> it killed most of them, but probably not all of them.
8:27 am
we have to go back in that area to get them out of there. i don't know who these soldiers are, whether they were advisors or whether this was a special operations raid, but certainly the afghan army bears the brunt of the task to take it that safe haven down we've got to stick with it. if isis forms, that is not a threat to the region, it's also a threat to the united states. >> jenna: do you think is current and administration is doing enough to talk about afghanistan and explain our priorities there as a nation? >> i think what's happening, that's a great question, is general mcmaster, the national security advisor and general mattis were just there in the last few weeks. i think what's happening right now is afghanistan's on the table, they're going through the options. sadly, we're not winning this war. the taliban had the initiative, they had the momentum operationally. it's a stalemate in the sense that tehran cannot take over the
8:28 am
government, but the government cannot take over the tele- band. >> jenna: i don't know why i'm feeling this way, but i have to ask the question, let's go drop 100 bombs in an area were all these guys are hiding out, where we know where they are, we know that they're bad, we know there's not a lot of civilians and let's do it once and for all. why are we doing that? >> i think they would if they could. if it makes sense tactically. obviously, nicholson had a heck of a problem on his hands. they tried putting soldiers in there. he asked the air force if they had a solution for him and they gave him a solution. i suspect they are out of that immediate area because they know they're going to get in our bomb. >> jenna: we have to point out that a soldier was killed in this area. it would be curious to see what is the actor a fact after this news. general nicholson is the same
8:29 am
one who is requesting more soldiers to go into afghanistan. that's being considered by second mattis, is that a good idea? >> he requested and were advisors, but that will not be decisive. to change what's happening on the ground, will have to get the army, we stripped them of all of the helicopters. we're talking thousands more, but not tens of thousands. as we've spoken before, and pakistan are two sanctuaries that the afghan taliban -- >> jenna: we know where the bad guys are. and to question of political will to go in this area and get them out. it's frustrating to underscore, but i want to underscore that for our viewers. also at the u.n. right now, is not connected directly to this, but russia is connected to a lot of different things. we know about russian mischief
8:30 am
in the region, particularly in afghanistan and in this sense, where watching ambassador nikki haley directing russians denial. what are your takes on what's happening at the u.n.? >> nikki haley is an absolute rising star in the trump administration. i'm so impressed with her. she calls out the u.n. when they're trampling on human interest, she calls out the russians for the war criminals that they are in backing aside. she calls them out. the call that the russians have to come after us over this syrian strike we made that somehow, there was something wrong with that strike they have systematically and purposely targeted civilians. the major air campaign -- they
8:31 am
are the only people in syria who have the bombs to do that. these people are what we have always said they are, putin is a thug, he's a killer, and he is also criminal. our politician may not want to say that, but it's the truth of it. >> jenna: it's good to chat a little light. thank you very much. >> jon: taking out capitol hill, speaker paul ryan is holding his regular weekly news conference. lots of topics to talk about. let's listen in. >> very cool. i digress. later today, the president will sign an executive order to improve accountability at the va. under the obama administration, not nearly enough was done to hold bureaucrats accountable for failing veterans and veterans affairs. despite promises to clean things up, only a smattering of people were removed out of their jobs, only a smattering of people were
8:32 am
held accountable. last month, the house passed the va accountability act to make it easier to bring the kind of study leadership that va medical centers so desperately need. lastly, the president signed legislation to reduce out-of-pocket costs for veterans and promote better access to care. these are all very positive steps to deliver the kind of fundamental reform that is needed at the va. this adds to a z already been an active 100 days. under the president's leadership, we have cut red tape at record levels, cutting red tape saves families dollars, it saves businesses jobs. in fact, we have saved families and businesses more than $67 billion just already. yesterday, the administered and put out its sensible for tax reform. that's the next step for overhauling our tax code and we continued to make real progress in our work to repeal her place obamacare. as you saw, we posted an amendment to the health care act yesterday. this amendment was a result of
8:33 am
constructive conversations among our members the focus on how we can do more to lower costs for everyone. what this amendment does is it gives states more flexibility and tools to reduce premiums and increase choices and it does this while maintaining and preserving protections from people with pre-existing conditions. this is the important point. those productions remain in the books, even as we add new ones. the goal here is to give states greater flexibility if they want it lower premiums. we've not met it made any decisions on a vote, but this is more progress and we will continue our progress and our work to repeal and replace obamacare. i'm certain some of you have questions. joining young people have questions? [laughter] all right, all right. anyone else have any questions? >> reporter: how close are you on obamacare and what are your
8:34 am
reassurances for people who are worried about the new one? >> we are making very good progress. we're going to go and we have the votes. something tells me i'll be the first to know when that happens. i would argue that this is a bill that a moderate one more want to support. some people were concerned about ehb's. they were taken out of the bill, essential health benefits. there in the federal law and estate would have to find a waiver for essential health benefits. every state is a little different. in wisconsin, we had a high risk pool that worked really well and we can be given the kind of flexibility should tailor our markets that worked for us in wisconsin because in wisconsin, the health care system is different than the new york health care system.
8:35 am
if you have a health care problem and you have health insurance, you can't be denied health care costs. if a switch to another plan, the same protections apply, even if your state gets a waiver. the more important point is why this amendment i think is a step in the right direction, we believe the smarter way to go on getting premiums down and protecting people with pre-existing conditions is to have federal and state support for people who are sick. support that catastrophic illness with greater subsidies so that everybody else doesn't have to bear those costs and their insurance pools. 1% of the people in the of individual market dropped 23% of the costs. if we directly support that catastrophic coverage, it is lowering everyone else's prices. you make it easier for people to afford quality health insurance and your guaranteeing that that person who has catastrophic health care costs, that person
8:36 am
who had a pre-existing condition or gets really sick gets the coverage that they need. we think it's really good step in the right direction. we having very productive conversations with our members and we feel like round the right track and will announce who may have a vote. [inaudible question] >> this has been a very organic bottom up process. it takes time to do that. we're doing big things. i've talked about 200 days because of the agenda were trying to put together here, overhauling health care, overhauling the tax system, rebuilding our military, securing the border, those take more than just a few months. they take a long time, at least a year, that's why we're working on the path to get it right and not constrain it to some artificial deadline. nancy. [inaudible comment/question]
8:37 am
>> this will add federal funding to it. think of high-risk pools. they had reassurance. none of them had federal funding to it. none of them had federal resources. this takes that idea and adds federal resources to it to make sure it works even better and hhs will coordinate with those states to make sure they have good mechanisms in place. we have seen states. wyoming, utah, washington state, maine, we had a good one, they worked. now they'll be adding federal funding to it, it will work even better and you'll be able to lower prices even more. [inaudible] >> the whole goal here is to make it easier -- the problem with obamacare is people get one choice, at best, and a third of all the counties in america. five states, you have one plate to choose from. that's not very good to have a monopoly giving you health
8:38 am
insurance. our job here is to mix that people get more choices and by getting more choices, you can get battery better quality heah insurance. that's the goal of this bill, that's what this bill achieves and we think it's going to be a big improvement on the status quo which is collapsing before us. i was repeating what she was saying. [inaudible] >> reporter: what your reaction to that and can you pass the bill? >> i would be shocked if they wanted to see a government shutdown. let's take a step back. the reason that this government funding bill is not ready is because democrats have been dragging their feet. periodically they haven't even
8:39 am
been showing up for negotiations. the reason we need an extension in the first place is because democrats are dragging their feet. even if get an agreement in 10 minutes, we simply can't process the paperwork that long and we have a three day rule. people need to be able to read the bill. inevitably, under any scenario in circumstance, it requires a short-term extension and i'm confident we'll be able to pass a short-term extension. i'd be shocked if the democrats would want to create a government shutdown because they have been dragging their feet. [inaudible question] >> it's his amendment. i don't know if that's the case. i would say tom macarthur, who actually has an entire career working in insurance understanding the math and the
8:40 am
mechanics and the science of insurance has come up with a very innovative amendment that we think works really well. it gets to where we all want to go. we want to bring down costs, want to preserve protection for people with pre-existing conditions, they want to respect the fact that states have different issues, different health care marketplaces, and we want to get states greater flexibility so they can get the maximum and policies and premiums so we can get the best possible health care system. what we've learned as a cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all health care system doesn't work for america. it's a diverse country. different states have different roles in different systems. we need to respect that and that's what this amendment does. he is a leading moderate. he's a lead chair of the tuesday group. sorry, it was a good shot. that was pretty cool. he's a leading member of the tuesday group so this is a coalescing thing.
8:41 am
people are at risk if they don't do what we said they should do. we all campaigned on repealing and replacing this law that is collapsing. the american health care system is in parable right now. we have a moral obligation to prevent people from getting hurt, to stop they went from being continued and we promised that we would do this. if you violate your promise, if you commit the sin of hypocrisy and politics, thus the greater risk to a person's seat. dude in the back. [inaudible] >> we are in litigation, so i won't go into the details of that only because it's a difference of the separation of powers.
8:42 am
we are an existing litigation and the white house has been making those payments while that is pending, which is still pending. i think the white house has already made comments on this and i'll leave it at that. i won't speculate. i don't know what the outcome is going to be. i'll go back to you next. >> reporter: you talked about going -- i'm wondering, do you believe he may have broken the law? are you concerned about the white house actually hiring him? >> i don't know whether he did or not, that's why we have an investigation. this is part of our ongoing investigation and will find the answer to that question through an investigation. i'm not going to prejudge the conclusion. yeah? [inaudible question]
8:43 am
>> i do believe that these health benefits should be extended. i'm not going to insert myself into ongoing negotiations of the appropriators are having at the length of that. [inaudible question] >> reporter: i'm curious as to the rising debt -- >> i think u, interest rates will occur. the question is did they go above their normal rates or do they go higher because of debt and deficits crowding out investments? i do believe that we have to have physical discipline in
8:44 am
addition to economic growth. you know me well, that means reforming our entitlement programs. i think passing this health care bill, which helps go at lowering the cost of health care, is extremely important if you're going to lower fiscal exposure. one of the biggest drivers of our debt is a cost of health care and inflation. were going to have a health care system that is restored and reviving the individual market, that's one of the greatest things we can do to bring down health care costs and close the debt and deficit. you do have to have competence of entitlement reforms along with tax reform to get the best of both worlds which is getting the debt under control, getting people back to work, and getting fast recognition. it's my turn to ask the question, how many gin reporters do we have today question work including photographers. okay, why don't we all get a photo? is this where nancy did it over
8:45 am
here? [laughter] >> jon: it is take your child to workday all across the country and certainly there on capitol hill. a bunch of the reporters were in the room covering the speaker of the house brought their children and that's what you see there. mr. ryan is getting a class photo taken with all of the junior reporters who are there in the room, watching their parents cover the speaker. let's talk about what he just said and especially about presidents tax reform plan. jessica is a democratic strategist. ron meyer is editor of red alert politics. jessica, the speaker sounds pretty enthused about the prospects for repealing and replacing obamacare. i want to touch on that first because that's what he touched on mostly. talking about high-risk pools at the state level. do you like the sound of that?
8:46 am
>> no, i don't like the sound of that. the majority of americans don't like the sound of that and i would ask that the speaker does seem more upbeat than a few weeks ago and has plans are crushed, but for him to go out there and say moderates are going to get behind this, even with the macarthur amendment, we know the plan, 24 million people would lose their insurance. this would slash medicaid by $800 billion. it would also get rid of standards for what health insurance has to cover. when he says people with praises and conditions are not being affected, he's living up to the state and you know as well as i do that there are states that will not work to protect people with pre-existing conditions. >> jon: ron, what do you think about that? that seems pretty pessimistic. >> what you want from me? >> i work in local government as well for red alert politics and i'll tell you, governments close to the people usually know their needs better than the federal government. the second thing i'll say is
8:47 am
this needs to make health insurance costs go down. we have to do something on these risk pools are doing something and that's the funny thing. i read it was because dominic -- everyone is criticizing because it would and lower costs. this will lower costs for health care. >> ron, there is no scoring yet. i'm hopeful that i will. i would love obamacare to get fixed, i would love to have purchasing premiums to go the overall cost of health care has gone down over the last ten years. you need to accept that. >> jon: we're getting some breaking news. we have to get the segment short. we'll get you both back another time to talk tax reform. thank you both. >> jenna: this fox news alert, new video just moments ago a president trump making remarks on mapped out during his oval office meeting what the
8:48 am
president of argentina. here's what we have. >> it's a mess. i was going to terminate nafta as of two or three days from now. the president of mexico who i have a very good relationship with called me and also the prime minister of canada, who i have a very good relationship and i like both of these gentlemen very much. they called me and they said rather than terminating nafta, could you please renegotiate? i like them very much, i respect their countries very much, the relationship is very special and i said, i will hold on the termination, let's see if we can make it a fair deal because nafta has been a horrible deal for the united states. it's been very good for canada and mexico, but it's been horrible for the united states. if you check my campaign, any of my speeches, i said, i'll either
8:49 am
negotiate or terminate. they asked me to renegotiate, i will. i think will be successful in the renegotiation, which frankly would be good because it would be much simpler. we have to make a deal that's fair for the united states. they understand that. i decided rather than terminating nafta, which would be a pretty big shock to the system, we will renegotiate. if i'm unable to make a fair deal, if i'm unable to make a fair deal for the united states, meaning a fair deal for our workers and our companies, i will terminate nafta. but we're going to give renegotiation a good strong shot. thank you very much everybody. thank you very much. >> jon: president trump they are in the oval office meeting with the president of argentina, saying that he will renegotiate nafta, wants to give it a good
8:50 am
strong shot if an renegotiate doesn't go well, he'll pull the plug on the whole thing. we are back with more in just a moment. >> i think the crisis on the korean peninsula israel, is the worst i've seen. i'm not a student of the cuban missile crisis, but what i know of it is it seems that we are faced with a threat and a leader who is intent on achieving his goal and nuclear capability against the united states. >> jenna: admiral harris with a sobering warning that there is no doubt in his mind that north korea will pursue ways to strike the u.s. with nuclear weapons. he says it's a matter of when. the question is what we do about this?
8:51 am
again, it's nice to have on the program. we caught you frequently because you're a voice in foreign policy. what do you think of this is not an issue of f, but when they will strike the united states? >> they will have the capabilities. if they were to strike, that would be the end of north korea. on the one hand, is unacceptable, but we've dealt with unexceptional threats from other countries. there's a reason why both the bush and obama administrations chose not to make this a priority and it's because it's hard because we don't have a lot of leverage. we could ignore it, we could continue to, but the fact is, yes, they're getting much closer to having that strike capability on the u.s. continent. i think that would happen over the course of the trump administration if they are allowed to continue. furthermore, we also see them developing their cyber capabilities. you may not remember the attack
8:52 am
on the central bank and bangladesh. $81 million that they were able to steal. they came close to a billion, that was organized by the north koreans. these are criminal activities that this rogue regime is engaging in and not many countries have shown much capacity to stop them from actually doing it. >> jenna: as you mention, it's an issue that has baffled republicans and democrats. at sub's perfect a fair and balanced foreign policy issue. it's plagued multiple leaders in multiple ways. there's a question at the center of our foreign policy quite often and that's whether or not we are advocating for regime change or not. when it comes to north korea, what do you think should be the priority? >> i think regime change with a country with the capability of devastating a core ally of ours if we were to try it is almost off the table. if you saw the parade they show just a few weeks ago, they were very clear, they want to show that even if we had a strike
8:53 am
which is able to take out the leadership and their kill a key have submarine launched missiles, they want to show that even if he were to try regime change, they could destroy every soul in south korea. >> jenna: interestingly enough enough, republican governor gardner was on our program. >> the idea is to change the way the regime is behaving and 2d nuclear rise the peninsula. >> jenna: that almost seems harder. how do you change their behavior in some way to make them less of a threat? >> you need to change their behavior. the two things that trump has done, first was to show the chinese, we are serious, that
8:54 am
includes military possibilities, so you have to help us here. by the way, we'll link you helping us to our trade dealings with you because this is important and it's not like it's two completely different bosses. we have a relationship, let's make it more cooperative. the chinese have already cut off air china flights from beijing to pyongyang. that's a success. the thing trump wasn't doing was saying were not going to talk to them. and the last 24 hours, they've said some talks and negotiations could be on the table. you can't get the north koreans to step back from the nuclear programs without a deal. >> jenna: we have negotiated in the past. going back several administrations. we haven't received the results that we want. why would we do the same thing again or how would we do it differently? >> what we've seen so far as ignoring the problem doesn't make it go away.
8:55 am
all carrot, no stick hasn't seemed to work. i'll stick, no-caret probably doesn't get you anywhere. one thing you haven't tried before is a stick and carrot at the same time. i think it's a reason as a problem, but it's possible. the obama administration on north korea was not as credible with the possible mentally strike. on iran, the iranians knew, but they weren't sure about the israelis. the obama administration give them a carrot. if there hadn't been a nuclear deal -- i'm saying we're not going to get an amazing deal of north korea. >> jenna: i hope to have this conversation with you on a lighter note, the image that comes to mind is dennis rodman and north korea.
8:56 am
>> you think about dennis rodman, you send trump. if there is a possibility of a deal, trump was a guy during the election to say i'd have a hamburger with him. who's the person most like rodman and this administration? donald trump. >> jenna: that's an interesting question. again, great to have you on set. thank you so much. spew a new next hour on happening now. the fight for our country, they protect our freedom, no new help for our troops when they come home with a new executive order involving veterans. what the president is doing. plus, president trump's tax overhaul plans. some are calling at the return of voodoo economics. on this busy news day, we are winning the white house daily briefing where we could learn more about where we stand on health care reform. all this as a president gets ready to mark 100 days in office
8:57 am
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>> jon: we expect to see you back here in an hour, but there is a press conference scheduled for 1:00 p.m. >> jenna: "outnumbered" starts now. >> sandra: republicans appear to have braved new life. a top priority for president trump as he gets sent to mark his first 100 days in office. we can see a big movement in the house as soon as today. after a revised plan got backed by a group of conservatives. will the party's moderates on board? i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, meghan mccain, fox news legal analyst, judge jeanine pirro is here and today's #oneluckyguy, the former chief strategist, he is the host of the upcoming fox news show, the next


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