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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 9, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> how would you react? start jumping around like that. good morning, you are watching "fox and friends" first tuesday morning. >> thanks for starting your tuesday with us. a total hoax is the message from donald trump as hearings on alleged russian election interference tracks on. >> sally 8 and james clapper leaked classified information. >> what to expect today. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump lashing out an investigation into ties between campaign russian meddling in the election, taking to twitter writing, quote, the russia trump collusion story is a total hoax. when will the taxpayer-funded charade end? that as sally yates who was fired for refusing to carry out the president's traveled and testified before the senate panel, director of national
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intelligence james clapper warning national security adviser michael flynn could be blackmailed by the russians for misleading the administration. >> the russians also knew that general flynn had misled the vice president and others, normally do we believe the russians knew this but likely head proof of this information. and that created a compromise situation. >> yates and clapper viewing unmask trump communications and sharing information when pressed by senator grassley. >> whatever requested the unmasking of donald trump or associates or any member of congress. could have discussed it with my deputy or general counsel. >> other members of the intel community. >> both denied leaking classified information to the press but the story is far from
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over. into the russian influence, just a few hours, mike rogers testified the senate armed services committee, it will be the first time we hear from him publicly on the unmasking. we hear more from donald trump on twitter. >> you can count on that. losing ground, one of the senators in adhering. >> classified information leaked to the media, not to be ignored. >> this is important to know, the unmasking of the conversation tween ambassador and general flynn. someone leaked at the washington post and you cannot allow intelligence to be politicized. there is a small universe of people that can ask the intelligence community to give them conversations between a foreign agent and american citizen. i talked to for leaders all the time. i am very much concerned that we
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have a system in place where you can capture conversations between american citizens, political leaders and somebody with a political bent can take that information and use it in political fashion like leaking it to the washington post. >> texas suing the city of austin for refusing to abide by a new law banning a legal safe havens, the governor claims it keeps criminal illegals of the streets but critics say it puts politics over public safety. >> reporter: the day after senate bill 4 signed into law the attorney general filing a lawsuit before it even gets into effect calling out several lawmakers by name including sally hernandez, mayor steve adler and city council members, all openly outspoken against a law that allows officers to ask a person's immigration status during routine stops. san antonio police chief william mcmanus slamming the rule
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claiming it is the nation's most anti-immigrant law since an arizona crackdown in 2010. >> in my opinion there is nothing positive this bill does in the community law enforcement. >> governor abbott refuting that claim saying it protects our borders and ensures illegals can be prosecuted. >> this is a mechanism such that when someone has a criminal record wanted by ice will be held and detained and turned over to ice. if you're here regardless of status and not committed a crime that makes you subject to an ice detainer you have no problems whatsoever. >> critics worry the law could create a chilling effect causing distrust of people leading to people not reporting crimes. >> i think it instill the level of fear in the community which we didn't want to happen to begin with.
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we don't want people to go flying to the radar. >> deep division in the heart of texas, protesters fighting back from month saying the law tramples on people's rights. the aclu and latino rights groups pledging to fight. the law takes effect in september. clayton: bill diblasio voicing opposition to governor abbott's bill and twitter having a field day over it, bill diblasio saying this will not make texas safer. governor abbott is wrong. we had the safest april in new york city history thanks to growing partnership between police and communities. twitter users jumping on that. john saying and forcing the law doesn't work, tom tweets work on new york city and let texas take care of at all. rocky says texas doesn't really care how you feel, good for
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them. >> hundreds of passengers demanding answers after spirit headlines captured 9 flights at fort lauderdale airport. stepping in when travelers started pounding the counter and it all broke out. unbelievable, several people taken into custody, spirit canceling 300 flights in the last week as pilots negotiate contracts. >> new details about the double murder of engaged doctors. next convict pleading not guilty from this hospital bed in boston, accused of slitting throats of doctor richard fields and doctor lena and writing a message on the wall. police broke into the couplets nearly $2 million condo where he used to work as a security guard. sending a frantic text message
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telling a friend. >> it alerted the friend that doctor field was very concerned there was an intruder in the home. that friend contacted the boston police. >> police finding the suspect in a dark hallway in the condo shooting three times, a backpack filled with jewelry and a replica of a gun. the suspect with a lengthy criminal record was released from jail in april after robbing a bank. the city of phoenix breathing a sigh of relief after a man accused of serial killing spree finally behind bars, police linking 23-year-old aaron to nine murders and a dozen shootings between august 2015 and july of 2016, the gunman selecting most of his victims at random, investigators credit the community for the break in the case. >> they are the ones who should fear us, not the other way around. help us bring this to a closure. >> molecular behind in a series
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of freeway shootings. >> mandatory evacuations as out-of-control wildfires have seen 130,000 acres, hundreds of people refusing to leave their homes. in georgia high temperatures and low humidity intensifying flames ignited by a lightning strike last month, the inferno expected to rage through the weekend, so heated near the florida georgia line, you can see smoke billowing from space. clayton: it is maybe it feels like march at this hour. >> janice dean tracking cooler temperatures. >> we will be complaining about the heat and we go back to this videotape and show you. we have a trough across the northeast bringing a cooler air mass for the next several days into the weekend, 47 in new
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york, 36 in pittsburgh, it is called enough for a little bit of snow in upstate new york, freeze warnings and affect ongoing throughout the work week overnight and there is your satellite radar, a little snow to the great lakes, it does happen this time of year but people want springtime temperatures, i don't we will get that until next week. the west as well dealing with unsettled weather and a trough here, threat for severe storms as low-pressure moves into the high plains, large hail damaging winds, isolated tornadoes and ongoing front not only today but tomorrow for the central us. this area of low pressure across the west, area of low pressure across the northeast and in between the high-pressure we call that an omega block, things are the way they are over the next couple days and you see
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where it is warm. if you would like to move to the central plains that is where you will find it. the omega block and the trough, high-pressure. chris back and give me some spring. >> always complaining too hot, too cold, i am used to it. 10 minutes after the hour a brand-new -- changes at the tsa. >> death threat against police spray-painted on this college campus but that is not what has these two triggers here. ainsley: breaking news from country music, a huge announcement from jason bill dean. ♪ get this thing started ♪ it is my kind of party ♪ the process through usaa is so effortless, that you feel like you're a part of the family.
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clayton: welcome back, 13 minutes after the hour, former acting attorney general sally eighth grilled for her decision to not support the immigration order, louisiana senator john kennedy taking her to task during her testimony on capitol hill yesterday. >> statute for an executive order become unconstitutional. is it some a priori determination? who appointed you to the supreme court? that determined the final jurisdiction what is constitutional or not. are and most acts of congress presumed constitutional? >> they are not always constitutional. >> yates was fired for not defending the executive order. >> reporter: college student demand control over cops
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accusing officers of having, quote, implicit bias. at the university of wisconsin a major bust on campus. a black student arrested for spray painting things like death to pigs on school property. the student government once the police chief for the accountability board. and with the ability to hire and fire cops. >> criminals on your side, outrage boiling over in one major us city where taxpayers being forced to pay legal fees were illegal immigrants. >> todd starnes joins us. >> reporter: the sacramento city council will give taxpayer money to illegal aliens with immigration problems, setting aside $300,000 to help illegals with their legal issues and beefed up their status as a sanctuary city so it is illegal for city employees to ask about someone's immigration status.
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one set of rules for law-abiding americans and another set of rules for the illegals was one resident said the plan was disgusting saying the money should be spent caring for the homeless. university in georgia announced a plan to pay 100% of the financial needs were illegals to law-abiding american students must pay for their education, international students who came here legally but not those who came here illegally. there was a time when millions of people crossing the border into one country without permission was considered an act of war. they used to fight wars over stuff like that but this day they call it a democratic voter registration drive. back to you guys. clayton: a major fight to crack a terrorist iphone after a deadly rampage in san bernardino. now we know the price tag for
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♪ i say hey ♪ around the city ♪ >> life look outside the studio on sixth avenue, 20 after the hour, an urgent warning to
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chicago police, guns powerful enough to pierce body armor, the updates a week after two city officers were shot and wounded in attacks and after three people were gunned down in gang violence 1000 people have been shot in chicago so far this year. >> top democrat on the judiciary committee under fire for revealing classified information, senator dianne feinstein exposing the fbi, spent $1 billion to hack into the terrorist's cell phone. >> the fbi had to spend $900,000 to hack it open and as i subsequently learned of some of the reasons there were good reasons to get into that device. >> it was revealed toward james comey, the agency came, the third party to unlock the phone
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after apple refused. >> the tsa issuing security guidelines in terror attacks. >> cheryl casone here with the framework. steve: framework is what we have and that is good when talking about airport security, tsa issuing a framework of security at airports. with airports, and the gun coming into a baggage claim, people check in for their flights. and technology in airport surveillance, not giving more specifics but that is a good reason for security. clayton: one of our favorite breakfast foods, chicken sauce
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and plastic. >> i am not a fan of plastic either. recall from purdue. organic chicken sausages, pieces of blue plastic, the massive recall, you want to look for this specific brand of organic chicken sausage, in your fridge throw it out. >> i went independent kate spade back. >> maybe you are on to something. kate spade, we know they have been up for sale, $2.4 billion deal, this is going to be a big move, positive as it tries to get the younger demographic, teen shoppers, this is good news. >> canada figuring out how to do
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that. never underestimate the power of a donut, and they are donut holes. and 24 donut holes. the company says all mothers, as sweet as they are. >> a good idea. >> james clapper and sally eighth grilled on the hill over russia meddling in the 2016 election, what did we really learn. >> show it to me. the hearing was the same old story. >> a murder mystery. >> on this day in 1930 a
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all set. thanks. they have snickerdoodles! [team member whispers] i love snickerdoodles. [customer] thanks! ♪ get up ♪ get up ♪ it is a good morning ♪ a beautiful day ♪ >> new york city on this tuesday, good morning, you are watching "fox and friends" first. clayton: 28 minutes after the hour, chris jenkins, donald trump taking aim at hearings on russian interference in the presidential election. >> sally eighth and james clapper over leaked communications.
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clayton: good morning. >> reporter: what a day, sally eighth fired for refusing to carry out the president's travel ban testified for judiciary committee alongside director of national intelligence james clapper warning national security adviser michael flynn could be blackmailed for misleading the administration. >> the russians also knew the general flynn had misled the vice president and others. not only do we believe the russians knew this but had proof of this. that created a compromise situation. >> reporter: they admitted viewing trump communications ensuring information when pressed that denied leaking the information to the press. >> either of you ever been an anonymous source in a news report about matters related to donald trump, his associates or
2:30 am
russians attempt to meddle in the election? >> no. >> absolutely not. >> reporter: after the hearing donald trump lashed out and investigations into alleged ties with the campaign and russian meddling writing, quote, russia trump collusion story is a total hoax was when will this tax funded charade end? the story is far from over. this was the first of multiple probes into the russian influence. in a few hours, 9:30, mike rogers testifies before the senate armed services committee, the first time we hear from him publicly on the unmasking and possible leaking. clayton: even after yates was grilled for hours, charles krauthammer says we have no new evidence to support allegations of russian collusion.
2:31 am
>> there are several storylines, hours of hearing advanced, not one of them, we learn nothing today we didn't know yesterday. classic case of a video event, not to add to our found of knowledge, show me any evidence of what you have got, people involved, you get the russians involved in the election without a shred of evidence connecting them so continue, it is a concussion by the democrats. show it to me. >> texas suing the city of austin for refusing to abide by a new law banning illegal safe havens, kelly right here, good morning. >> reporter: deep in the heart of texas there is a deep division over a ban on sanctuary cities, governor greg abbott signed the ban into law sunday and the city of boston is being
2:32 am
sued for not following the rules even before it goes into effect. appearing on "fox and friends" governor abbott explains why he believes the law is necessary for prosecuting illegal immigrants who commit crimes. >> if someone is apprehended, taken to jail, what is done is a request is run through a computer system to find out if there is an ice detainer requests pending, communication has to be made with ice. if there is not, nothing else happens other than the usual local law enforcement process. clayton: the law known as sb 4 calls for cooperation among federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to work with each other to protect texans. some cities and law enforcement personnel are refusing to adhere to the new law claiming it is unconstitutional. san antonio police chief william mc matus is against the law. >> to have it dumped on us by
2:33 am
austin is a bad idea especially in light of the fact that major city police chiefs across texas have all objected to it. >> the dallas county sheriff issued a statement that says we hope the passing of senate bill 4 won't damage our existing relationship with citizens of dallas county. our department does not want the community to doubt local law enforcement and not report crimes due to fear. some police chief and sheriffs are disagreeing with the new law the state attorney general has already filed a lawsuit seeking federal court to uphold the law. clayton: airports, a team from fight club. >> hundreds of passengers demanding answers after spirit airlines canceled flights. clayton: at fort lauderdale
2:34 am
airport, people are down there to relax. >> reporter: this airport is more laid-back compared to others in the area but imagine spending a wonderful vacation, ready to go home. some folks have to go home, get back to work, they find out they can't go home. nine flights were canceled and you are looking at the results. when folks learned these 9 flights were canceled they were demanding questions, they wanted to know why can't we go home. looking at the frustration from dozens of passengers, all of it on cell phone video, people who had to stay overnight, not able to get home, tense moment. these passengers were in the middle of labor negotiations, spirit airlines canceled 9
2:35 am
flights, they had been in labor negotiations with the pilots association. the pilots association had been demanding a pay increase, they want better benefits compared to bigger airlines like delta, american and united but spirit is reminding the pilots association because of better deals, they have not been able to come to an agreement and according to spirit airlines pilots have been calling in sick, not picking up shifts, they are having to cancel flights. listen to a passenger's frustration. >> real rowdy over there, a hand on a counter. >> reporter: we are waiting to confirm the number of arrests three people were taken into custody. we are live in fort lauderdale,
2:36 am
back to you. >> two boat captains capturing video, lingering 10 feet from shore in long beach, california. energetic advisory for beachgoers to stay away, safety officials emphasizing the massive beast, not showing any aggressive behavior. >> if you are having a bad week, uber is gearing up for a special and cute delivery. the ridesharing service bringing puppies, the anti-cruelty society celebrating national debt week but 14 minutes for a job with the option to adopt them. >> it is made but feels like march around here. >> janice dean in the weather center tracking cooler
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temperatures. >> reporter: it is cooler than average, low-pressure, the trough in the northeast is not budging, temperatures in the 30s, it is cool out west, the drought across the southeast in florida is where we have high fire danger again today, sinking air, drying air, warming air, wildfire danger, the worst wildfire seasons in florida history and looking at the forecast, not getting a lot of rainfall over the next 7 days. we have potential for showers and thunderstorms across the high plains, cooler temperatures in the northeast, warm over the south, back to you. 37 after the hour, why it could cost more to cut the cord and go with streaming for your tv.
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>> a serious dose of reality, new diet tips that will make trump supporters nauseous. ♪
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>> 41 after the hour, lawyers for donald trump and the american civil liberties union squaring core issue, a statement by donald trump on the campaign action as president, forced to admit the order is protected under the constitution. >> some candidate had won the
2:42 am
election, and executive ordinance before us. >> in that case it could be constitutional. >> the revised order, from 6 muslim majority countries for 90 days due to national security, 3 judges appointed by bill clinton will hear the executive order challenge next week. membership is on the rise, the service offers patients unlimited doctors visits and 24/7 access for a monthly fee, the middle man. doctors say if you have this coverage, the catastrophic insurance plan in case there's emergency. >> as high-stakes showdown over replacing obamacare faces its next test, healthcare premiums rising 20% across the country. is the healthcare act exactly what we need right now. our next guest, the counter --
2:43 am
the founder of you write in this opinion piece although it is not perfect, a big step in the right direction. >> this is putting us on the right track, it needs some work in the senate, reforms healthcare, preserves medicaid for millennials, under obamacare, so expensive. i have an obamacare plan, and lost my doctor when i shifted to an obamacare plan. what this is going to do, republican proposal is putting us on track for an affordable healthcare system. >> haven't been talking about rising premiums at all and outraged at donald trump for what they say people with preexisting conditions are going to suffer, the elderly are going to suffer, where were they two
2:44 am
months ago. >> they don't talk about it with affected middle income families facing double-digit increases in their premiums. they like to make themselves feel good and say 11 million people will be losing their insurance, these were not good health insurance plans, not plans making people's lives better but painting over the problem. what this building is is give real health insurance that will make life better. >> one big issue for obamacare was banking on the idea of millennial signing up for healthcare, young and vivacious, we don't need a healthcare plan. it was banking on those millennials lining up to make it feasible, that didn't happen. >> a lot of people took a hit because a penalty rather than signing up for a plan overloaded with things they didn't need to be paying for, they said i will do the cost-benefit analysis and opt out so what happened was people getting into these plans, people who had to sign up, had
2:45 am
kids, had health insurance, saw your premiums skyrocket and the fact that as we know insurance pulling out of the exchanges, it was not cost-effective even though the congressional budget office said it would be profitable for health insurance plans, off-base. clayton: you say in your piece, quote, there was not perfect broadly speaking, what is not perfect about this? >> it is rigid on tax cuts, a flat nominal rate. should be differentiated on the marketplace in terms of the profile, or kayak or websites where you can pick your health insurance plan to be where you are. we don't have that under the current plan. clayton: we heard from republicans they don't want a 1-size-fits-all approach. this has a 1-size-fits-all approach.
2:46 am
>> healthcare advisor for many candidates, we need to be more tailored in terms of the tax approach. >> where will we go from the senate? will we see a watered-down version of this? >> i hope it is improved, mitch mcconnell is making sure this is going to pass. democrats say there is no way this will happen because it is the senate, we will see some improvements, i hope we see improvements on the tax credit front. i also think republicans will reconcile this because they know they have to keep the promise they made to the american people to repeal and replace obamacare with something better. chris neck let's check with brian kill me for "fox and friends". >> haven't been called bold in a long time.
2:47 am
colorado teacher suspended, the mom who exposed the story on facebook which is a social media site and student in the class joins us live, paul ryan, one of the most powerful people in washington joining us live on the couch, does he have a response for jimmy kimmel's attack last night? and talking with texas attorney general how they are taking on austin, texas on sanctuary cities? confused? unit maybe only if you watch "fox and friends," can't wait to see who comes out. ainsley: you mentioned a new social media site, the facebook? >> reporter: facebook. a lot of kids are using it and others are using it. clayton: i think my grandmother is on facebook now. facebook was the cool place to hang out. we are the cool kids. >> i have never been cool, you have always been cool.
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♪ ♪ and you can't stop. >> the sun comes up over the swamp. >> i don't know if donald trump goes to bed. >> could cost more to go streaming for your favorite tv
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shows. >> good morning. >> let's talk taxes, fine subject, you may not look that closely at your cable tv bill but there are utility taxes included in that bill. as more americans cut the cord that cuts tax revenue for local government, they are not happy with it. industry analysts tell cable and satellite companies, 3 quarters of 1 million subscribers in the first 1:45,017, 5 times more than losses in the first two months, so in lyndale, california the city debating the idea of taxing streaming video, controversial land successful idea, they say streaming videos should not be treated like water and gas and local governments are overstepping because opening up pandora's box giving too much overreach, pennsylvania added a 6% tax on digital downloads to close a $1.3 billion budget gap,
2:53 am
alabama, illinois, louisiana considering the idea as a state. another california city planning tax streaming services and 80 other cities considering such a move. whether it is the city you live in, the state you live in might be coming for your netflix. clayton: keep your hands off my netflix. antonio's about a junior, the former melrose place star taking on california representative and democrat julia brownlee, outspoken republican national convention speaker saying the commander-in-chief inspired him to run for office. >> bill clinton and best-selling novelist james patterson teaming up to write a new thriller, the president is missing will be released in june of next year, the publisher giving a preview what to expect calling it a unique amalgam of intrigue with
2:54 am
global drama from the highest quarters of power informed by details that only a president can no. a lot to say. clayton: lena dunham's politically charged diet tips sparking outrage with donald trump's supported online, posting a snap of herself on instagram along with sarcastic weight loss strategies including an election that reveals the true depth of american misogyny, planned parenthood, pbs threatened by mustache twirling villain, worrying about the health and safety of women. >> twitter having a field day with real body bottles, unveiling a new package designed to emulate shapes and sizes of women, and if she asked you to pick this up from the store it is a trap.
2:55 am
ray rights body shaming is all over. clayton: singer jason alldean. ♪ georgia playing ♪ bottom of the real country ♪ clayton: the country star posting this picture of a bun in the oven to tell the world his wife is pregnant. >> it is 55 after the hour, 5 minutes till the top of the hour. docs through a storm drain, you have to see. >> you can add divorce to the list. ♪ four words, badda book. badda boom... let it sink in. shouldn't we say we have the lowest price? nope, badda book. badda boom.
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♪ clayton: first up the good,ed bad, and the ugly. first up the good. hero responders say 8 ducklings stuck in a storm drain. using a net to scoop up the babes. all the duck lynns are safe waddling away with mom. jackie: amazon worker is caught on surveillance video hurling two packages. there it goes. home in miami. the homeowner says she didn't even wait for him to answer the doorbell. amazon agrees that delivery was bad. turns out that delivery was just pillows. love may not be enough to overcome political
3:00 am
differences. >> it's a tough time. there is a lot of brexit, you know, you're a new president. clayton: don't put that on me. 22% of americans know a couple negatively impacted by president trump's election. he is responsible for divorce now. jackie: "fox & friends" starts right now. have great day. >> did either of you ever review classified documents in which mr. trump and his associates had been unmasked? >> oh, yes. >> can you give us details here? >> no, i can't. >> ms. yates, have you? >> yes, i have. and no i can't give you details. >> you cannot allow intelligence to be politicized. i want to give the bottom line of who did that. >> we learned nothing today that we didn't know yesterday. >> it didn't advance the ball very much on the unmasking and didn't advance the ball at all on collusion between russia and the trump team. >> undertaking a


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