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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 10, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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but without a trial. a textbook example of what federal prosecutors and agents are taught not to do. those words from rod rosenstein. waiting for the vice president. don't >> jon: what a day on capitol hill. just hours after the firing of the fbi director by the president. now vice president mike pence makes an unannounced visit to his former colleagues on capitol hill. what is he about to say, what is he about to do, we don't know. >> jenna: while this is happening on capitol hill, we have the vice president, something is happening behind closed doors on the white house and estimating between president trump and the russian foreign minister who is in d.c. one that is highly anticipated
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with the news cycle. how the timing of the firing could relate or not relate into the ongoing investigation into russia's meddling in our election. here is vice president pence who we weren't expecting at all. >> jon: some democrats are complaining about the firing of the fbi director, the tier with the vice president has to say. the >> yesterday president donald trump provided strong and decisive leadership to restore the trust and confidence of the american people and the federal bureau of investigation. i'm grateful for the action the president has taken and i'm confident as we go forward that the president will choose an individual who will be able to restore the confidence of our nation and our leading law enforcement agency. president trump made the right decision at the right time.
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to accept the recommendation of the deputy attorney general and the attorney general, to ask for the termination, to support the termination of the fbi was simply the right decision. now we go forward and may go forward with confidence at the president, as he's done so many times in this administration, he will select that individual who will be able to lead that agency and all the outstanding men and women of the fbi back to a place where that agency can enjoy the confidence of the american people. [indistinct] >> as you know very clearly, the president has been told and it is been stated, he's not under investigation. former director klapper said, there is no evidence of
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collusion between our campaign and any russian officials. [indistinct] >> that's not what this was about. the president took strong and decisive leadership here to put the safety and security of the american people first by accepting the recommendation of the deputy attorney general to remove director comey as the head of the fbi. the american people have to have confidence in the federal bureau of investigation. because of the actions of the deputy attorney general outlined to the president that were endorsed and agreed with, the president made the right decision at the right time and now we look forward to finding an individual who can lead that agency and the outstanding women and men of the fbi back to a place where we move past the
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difficult politics of the last year that have swirled around director comey's leader and we can move back to a place where every american can no that the fbi is able to do its job to enforce our laws and protect our nation. report back what about the president's dissatisfaction with the russian probe? >> let me be very clear that the president's decision to accept the recommendation of the deputy attorney general and the attorney general to remove director comey as a head of the fbi was based solely and exclusively on his commitment to the best interest of the american people and to ensuring that the fbi has the trust and confidence of the people of this nation. the president's leadership here i think represents the kind of strong leadership that the american people were expect.
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they expect the president to act on the recommendations of those within the administration who are charged with oversight. in this case, the deputy attorney general provides the oversight to the federal bureau of investigations. the deputy attorney general was confirmed just a few short weeks ago by the united states senate. when he brought the recommendation to the president that the director of the fbi should be removed, president trump provided strong and decisive leadership that the american people have come to be a custom two from him. now already this morning, the president is in the process of evaluating individuals who will be able to fill that spot, lead the fbi, and restore the confidence of the american people. that's why this was the right decision a time. >> reporter: what about the bipartisan concern we've seen over the last 24 hours? why not support an independent panel?
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>> the facts that are in public today are very clear. the former director of national intelligence has said there is no evidence of collusion. the president and i remain confident that the committees in the house in the senate who are looking into every aspect of issues that arise that they will be able to do their work. the president and i were informed several times by the director of the fbi that he himself was not under investigation. the simple fact is director comey had lost the confidence of the american people. the support that i heard from members of the senate today when i was over by the senate chamber. the support for the president's decision that's being expressed in this capitol building and around the country, i think is reflective of the fact that it's time for a fresh start at the fbi.
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i think the president did as he's done in so many other cases, he took decisive action, he provided strong leadership, and to act on the recommendation of the deputy attorney general and i think the american people love that and as president trump has done some eight times before, he will take the time necessary to find an individual great experience and integrity to lead the nation's law enforcement agency at the fbi and i like forward to being a part of that process. >> reporter: has he asked the deputy attorney general to conduct a review? >> the new deputy attorney general who is just just sworn in two weeks ago and confirmed by the fbi, came to work, he is a man of extraordinary independence and integrity, and a reputation in both political parties of great
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character. he came to work, sat down, he allowed the fbi to do its job and they would need to leadership. he brought the recommendation to the president. the attorney general concurred with that recommendation and i personally am grateful that we have a president who is willing to provide the kind of decisive and strong leadership to take the recommendation of the deputy attorney general and the attorney general and to remove and fbi director who had lost the confidence in the american people. that being said, i'll be very clear. we have some great men and women who serve in the federal bureau of investigation every day. they make enormous sacrifices for the people of this country and i'm very confident that the president will go through a process and he will choose an individual who will be able to lead the fbi, not only back to credibility, to restore their trust and confidence of the american people, but leave the
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fbi to even greater heights to ensure that it does its job in enforcing our laws. [indistinct] >> jon: there you heard it from the vice president, saying that he is applauding the leadership of the vice president same and he exercised strong and decisive leadership and accepting the recommendation from a new deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein. he was just confirmed by the senate on a 94-6 vote. he has served on the department of justice. he is considered not a partisan and it was his decision, we are told, the director of the fbi, james comey, needed to go when he made that extraordinary news conference suggesting that hillary clinton had done all kinds of things wrong in setting up her private email server which was ultimately hacked, but
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also saying that no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case against her. that supposedly angered a great many fbi agents who spent a great deal of time investigating her. that is probably in all likelihood the heart the reason that james comey is now looking for work. we will continue covering matt. >> jenna: it's a big story, that new reaction. vice president mike pence calling it the right decision at the right time. he also said it's for the safety of the america people. welcome to "happening now," i'm jenna lee. >> jon: i'm jon scott. all of this as chuck schumer earlier reiterated his call for a special prosecutor into russian meddling in our presidential election. and possible collusion between the kremlin and trump campaign associates. those calls coming fast and
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furious from democrats and even a few republicans on capitol hill. other republicans sensed some hypocrisy in the democratic outrage. >> i simply said to him, mr. president, all due respect, you are making a very big mistake. he didn't really answer, and i have said from the get-go that i think a special prosecutor is the way to go. but now, with what's happened, the only way i can go. the only way to go to restore the american people's faith. are people going to suspect cover up? absolutely. >> my messages suck it up and move on. >> who we face a looming constitutional crisis. very much like happened in 1973, the midnight massacre, this episode has very much to feel of that chapter in our history, one that we should not repeat. this bill's fast-moving events coming as president trump is
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meeting with sergey lavrov at the white house. the first face-to-face contact between the president and a senior official of the russian government. we are also expecting foreign minister lab ramp to hold a news conference and that should be interesting. >> jenna: catherine herridge is live at fbi headquarters, but first let's go to chief white house correspondent, john roberts on the north lawn. >> good morning to you. attending that meeting with sergey lavrov is also served a kiss the echo is a ambassador to the united states who is at the center of the controversy surrounding michael flynn. the most underling thing he said is that comey's firing had nothing to do with the russian investigation because there is a growing narrative coming out of capitol hill that the reason that the president got rid of comey's because he is trying to put the kibosh by getting rid of the guy who was in charge of leading it. the president taking to twitter
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last night and this morning, fiercely fighting back against criticism saying "comey lost the confidence of almost everyone in washington, republican or democrat alike. when things calm down, they will be thanking me." also saying "crying chuck schumer stated recently, i do not have confidence in him any longer. then he acts so indignant." also taking aim at democrats in general saying the democrats have said some of the worst things about james comey, including the fact that he should be fired, but now they played so sad." promising a worthy successor to comey, he will be replaced by someone who will do a far better job, bring about the spirit and prestige of the fbi." it's unclear when comey's tenure became a problem for the president. last july, he said the system is rigged. when he reopened the
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investigation, he praised him. and their first face-to-face meeting, look at this, warm handshake, cap on her shoulder, whispering the air, you're doing a good job. last week, this tweet in response to comey's testimony. "fbi director comey was the best thing to happen to hillary clinton and he gave her a free pass for many bad deeds." he said it was really the deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein, who was comey's immediate boss who made the recommendation and the determination that comey should go. last night, it was said that a lot of people share that opinion. >> director comey has lost the confidence of the fbi. he lost the confidence from members of both sides, republicans and democrats in the house and the senate, and frankly, most importantly, he lost the confidence of the american people.
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>> is no secret that the frustration continues to swirl and perhaps blaming the fbi director for not being more forthcoming and what he knew about the president and whether or not there was in a collusion between the trump campaign and russia because in the determination letter that he wrote to james comey, he said "i greatly appreciate you informing on three separate occasions that i am not under investigation." ironically , john mentioned all the calls on capitol hill to appoint a special prosecutor, but lindsey graham who is well worst and issues of national security, the senator from south carolina said you can't afford a special prosecutor here. this is not a criminal investigation. at some intelligence operation. we'll see where all of this goes, will have a briefing this afternoon. sean spicer up to enable reserve duty today, so sarah huckabee sanders will be front and center this afternoon.
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>> jenna: allowed to watch between now and then. thank you. >> jon: more life oxime coverage now. catherine herridge is live outside fbi headquarters in washington. you heard the vice president make those remarks and side the capital just now. what jumps out at you? >> what the vice president's comments, there seems to be an effort to distance the white house from his dramatic decision to terminate the fbi director. he made the decision with the new deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. let me give you context because rosenstein is in a very special position. he works for democratic and republican administrations and he's the one person who is really clean hands here. he was the one charged with overseeing the russian investigation after his boss, attorney general jeff sessions, took himself out of it because he had contact with the russian ambassador, survey kiss the act when rosenstein came in, he was
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tasked with doing this review of the fbi director's conduct in 2016. what rosenstein concluded is at the fbi director had essentially colored outside the lines. he was the nation's premier investigator and he put on a prosecutor's hat when he made a public statement in july, recommending charges against hillary clinton in the email probe. the other nail on the coffin came last week. when he said, i will do it all over again. i stand behind this decision. what rosenstein wrote is at the fbi director failed to admit the errors that he had made in 2016. we have the white house, the vice president, squarely placing the decision on this recommendation from a career justice department official. >> jon: catherine herridge,
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there were the fbi. it's going to be an interesting day in a building behind you. thank you. >> jenna: certainly will have a lot more with catherine herridge throughout the day. in the meantime, lawmakers on capitol hill are weighing in. we are bringing in now alabama senator , a former alabama attorney general who replaced jeff sessions. you have a great background, legal background and also, your new to this community on capitol hill. i'm very curious about your reaction to the news of james comey's firing. >> thank you for having me on. i do have a perspective of a former prosecutor, a long-term attorney general and alabama. i have the utmost confidence in general sessions. rob rosenstein, who i just had
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the pleasure of being confirmed with, was tasked with the job of evaluating the fbi's performanc performance. i agree with the recommendation he made, i think he was well within his rights to do it. my focus now, particularly someone who is very much focused on getting the right law-enforcement people and places who will be the next officer. >> jenna: what do you make of the timing of it? we know there's an ongoing investigation into russia and their meddling in our election, you have the russian foreign minister meeting with the president right now as we are speaking, why now? what about the timing? >> that's a good question and i'll leave that to the trump administration. it doesn't bother me because the confidence level between the deputy attorney general and the director of the fbi has to be very high in order for them to
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function. with regard to the investigation, i want to point out that we have a bipartisan intelligence committee investigation ongoing there. i have great confidence that they will do well with wherever it leads. >> jenna: there's a lot more work to be done. let me ask you more about the will of the attorney general. the president mentioned that the recommendation to fire james comey came from the attorney general as well as the deputy attorney general. we know that james comey was leading the investigation into russia and our election and at the attorney general had recused himself from that investigation. is it appropriate for the attorney general to recommend the firing of a man who is leading in the investigation to recuse himself? >> i think so. i support general sessions. it was incumbent upon them and they did. they reached their conclusion.
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again, you're talking about investigation with a lot of professional investigators and prosecutors involved and i have total confidence that they will pick up the ball and run with i it. i suspect it will be someone who supports both republicans and democrats. >> jenna: ever take a commercial break but i love to talk to on the other side of it about who the replacement might be. americans are hearing lots of different things from lawmakers. quick commercial break, back with senator strange and just a moment
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>> jenna: a fox news alert and
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new reaction from alabama senator lucas strange. he was nice enough to join us. we deter from the vice president and that was unexpected and he had a few things to say about the actions by the president. he said he was grateful for the actions by president trump, that he made the right decision, but he also went further and said he took strong decisive leadership for the safety of the american people first. why are we safer without james comey? >> i'm not sure what the context of that comment was. to get back to your question -- co->> jenna: we safer? we are trying to figure out why he's no longer the head of the fbi, we don't know who will lead the fbi and the vice president is saying that the safety of the american people as part of this decision. do you believe that we are safer without james comey? >> i'm not familiar with the context of that statement.
8:26 am
i wouldn't want to comment on that without knowing more of what we was referring to. i was referring to what his decision would be to replace him in the process that went into that. >> jenna: do you think we were in some sort of danger with james comey leading fbi? >> not to my knowledge, but i don't have all the information. >> jenna: it was an interesting comment that stuck out to me. we'll get that sound and talk a little bit more about it. as we talked about before the break, there are some that are saying we are on the verge of a constitutional crisis, especially our friends of the other side of the aisle, what do you think about that? are we? >> i don't believe that. i think the process worked the way it was supposed to work. rob rosenstein was confirmed by 94 senators so we can affirm that the attorney general was totally respected by all specters.
8:27 am
i'm confident just based on that that we will find an fbi director will restore confidence and give comfort to all of those who are concerned. >> jenna: if the goal of the russians as to cause discourse in the american public and discord and distrust of the american government, are the russians winning? >> i don't think the russians are winning, but i don't doubt for one minute that they are trying to cause discord. again, i have great confidence in the way the system works. i'm confident based on the people that the president has nominated that he will find an absolute star performer to take over the fbi and i look forward to that happening sooner rather than later. >> jenna: great to have you back on the program, thank you so much. >> many thanks.
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>> director comey was leaning an investigation into whether the trump campaign colluded with the russians, a serious offense. were those investigations getting too close to home to the president? the dismissal of director comey establishes a very troubling pattern. >> our democratic colleagues complain about the removal of an fbi director who made themselves repeatedly and sharply criticized. their removal being done by a man, rob rosenstein who they praised. >> jon: leading senate republican there in the democrat before him phasing off this morning of the firing of a free eye, james comey. reaction has been mixed and not all republicans are on board. guy benson, political editor at and a fox news contributor. simon rosenberg's president and founder of the democrat network and a former campaign advisor for president clinton.
8:29 am
president clinton fired an fbi director over questions about his use of a private aircraft. what concerns do you have, simon, about the sudden dismissal of james comey? >> there is obvious reasons to be concerned. he was leading an investigation into the president and his team at a time when a looks like there's been a dramatic escalation in that investigation. what we've learned in the last 24 hours is that there is a grand jury, the grand jury issued subpoenas over the last several weeks, there's now a criminal process in place being run out of the fbi through the grand jury and to mike flynn and his circle and a senate intelligence committee yesterday asked for financial records from donald trump and his family. they're looking to see if there are financial nexus between him and russia. these are huge escalations. to me, it looks like the president is doing everything within his power to shut this down before it goes into him himself. i don't think he'll be able to
8:30 am
do it. i think these investigations will continue. there will be a new fbi director and justice will have its course. >> jon: let me ask you this though, simon. a lot of democrats blame jim comey for hillary clinton's loss and president trump, the vice president said essentially the handling of the clinton matter as much of the reason for comey's dismissal. >> is the most ridiculous thing i've heard come out of this white house since donald trump became president. >> jon: interesting. all right. guy, let's get your take. jim comey has been a controversial fbi director, especially since he said this over the summer. >> although we did not find clear evidence that secretary clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information. our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. >> jon: there you go.
8:31 am
actually careless, but no charges were brought. >> i think letting her off the hook was the wrong decision. if we set aside the blizzard of hypocrisy on both sides when it comes to jim comey, they love him, they hate him depending on the new cycle. i think there are reasonable questions to ask about the timing of this dismissal and the rationale offered by the white house, but i also think there is a legitimate case to be made that the president made the right decision. she must continue unabated and unchanged. that is important. the president really has to pick someone to replace comey who is unimpeachable when it comes to the reputation to professionalism and independenc independence. this person has to have cross partisan appeal. i think of trump does both of those things, this is fine. if either or both of those do
8:32 am
not and some of the hysteria we are seeing, it's more reasonable and justified. >> jon: the white house has said that director comey assured them that the president and the white house were not the target of this investigation. they've been cleared, do you accept that? >> we don't know. so far, and has been clear that president trump himself is not the target or subject of the investigation. some people in his orbit have been tied to the russian meddling case, but not the president. that might change based on new evidence, i think we need to let the process play itself out. it is an important investigation, but i think to jump to the conclusion immediately but this is why the firing occurred and with comey gone, the doj investigation completely falls apart and loses its focus, i think it's premature and irresponsible to leaps those conclusions. >> jon: simon, chuck schumer did say that jim comey should be fired and now chuck schumer is lamenting the firing of jim
8:33 am
comey. how do you ask when that? >> i would feel a lot better about all this if donald trump is morning wasn't meeting with vladimir putin's top aide and the person who supposedly helped run the interference campaign in the american campaign and the spymaster for the russian government and the united states. the optics of this, a private meeting with no photographs, somebody who -- right now, donald trump is morning met with the guy who is considered to be the intelligence chief for the russian government and the united states, allowed him into the inner sanctum of the white house. i wish that donald trump had done more to assure people like me, i don't know what happened. i have no idea. i'm relying on these investigations. i wished on the timing of this, lab rob this morning was asked, did you know that comey got fired and he made this big joke. i didn't know he got fired. the russians are mocking us in our own government building. this is unacceptable. we have to get answers on this as quick as possible. i for one am not for an
8:34 am
independent prosecutor because i could take 2-3 years. this is urgent, we need resolution of this as soon as possible. i hope the new fbi director can bring that about in the coming weeks. >> jon: what's your take? are you concerned about the timing? >> i agree that the optics look bad. it's almost too stupid for the trump people to have done this. we did your beating and fired >> , let's meet. everyone knows their meeting. it's not on its face a problem for high-ranking government officials in the united states to me with their counterparts and high-ranking officials in russia mike given what happened, i understand -- here's a smoking gun, i don't think it's a smoking gun even a looks not great. >> jon: all right. guy benson and simon rosenberg, we are continuing to follow all the ins and out of the story, thanks for your opinions. >> jenna: a fox news alert and we are awaiting a news conference by the russian foreign minister after his meeting with president trump in the oval office. i want to pause here for a
8:35 am
moment and tell you a little bit about what's transpiring. we're waiting to hear from lavrov. and the meantime, when there is a meeting between the president and some high-ranking official, a leader from another country, the press is invited in and there is a photographs that are taken. we all share the same photographs and we share some of the same video and that's the way it works. right now, there are no photos of the meeting that happened in the oval office between president trump and the foreign minister who are waiting. there were photos taken by the russians. those photos are now part of public consumption. their online, we are choosing not to show them because as part of the press here in the united states, we think it's important that the press have access to official photos from the white house, which we don't, so we won't show them. you'll probably see them online. here's the russian foreign minister, the man of the hour with some comments. we will listen and hear. rich rich edson is standing by.
8:36 am
let's listen in here. >> today we've had a meeting with rex tillerson and the state department and we have just been given a chance to meet with him. despite all difficulties, we can and should contribute in international affairs. regarding the de-escalation areas, i have two comment regarding that that should be --
8:37 am
to achieve political based on the resolution. we agree to work together. we appreciated the constructive contribution. the process is supposed to resume next week. we hope that all the participants of those talks will be constructive, but the government and all position groups. we also discussed many other issues and challenges, we could turn the tide and improve the
8:38 am
situation. we mentioned the issue of afghanistan as well as the compliance of the korean regarding the ukrainian supplement. we agreed to continue our work to ensure the conversion. we bent over backwards to undermine the full foundation of our elections. right now, we have to start from a low level. we understand that the russian and american people want to be able to comfort each other and
8:39 am
our task is to remove all the barriers. together with rex tillerson, we discussed the meeting of our deputies. that took place yesterday were they reviewed the state of our relations. i believe we won't be able to address all of the problems overnight. there is a desire to move in the direction of a settlement. president trump clearly stated his interest to build a business relationship with russia.
8:40 am
it was extremely important that we reach concrete results and help the moving problems from the international agenda. that is what i wanted to talk to you about. any questions? please use the mic. have you discussed the issue of sanctions? >> jenna: we are going to break away from us for just a moment as we are awaiting video from the white house. president trump had an unexpected meeting with henry kissinger in the white house and we don't actually know if henry kissinger was present during the meeting with the man who was just on our screen. henry kissinger was not anywhere on the president schedule. it's unique that we are seeing
8:41 am
someone. if anything, we are expecting to see the meeting between president trump and foreign minister sergey lavrov. the president did have something to say about james comey that i would like to show you all for yourself. you can actually see it. he did address some of the questions about james comey. let's listen. >> president trump: for a long time, thank you very much for being here. appreciate it. report back what did you fire director comey? >> president trump: he wasn't doing a good job. he was not doing a good job. >> reporter: did affect her meeting with the russians today? >> president trump: no. >> reporter: will the new director be in charge of the russian investigation? >> thank you. thank you. thank you.
8:42 am
>> jenna: all the more reason why the white house press briefing came up during our sho show. what it henry kissinger come from? why was he at the white house at this very moment? what can we learn about the meeting? between and the russian foreign minister? will go back to sergey lavrov. >> all our partners are aware of our position. we wouldn't want to use this right and we hope you will be able to settle the situation. [speaking russian]
8:43 am
>> jenna: we will continue to monitor this press conference. if there's any news with that comes out of it that we think is particularly important, we'll bring it to you. the firing of james comey continues to be the head story. spend the russians are masters of propaganda. i think it is worth mentioning that. some of the friendly questions the russian media are directing at sergey lavrov, the russian foreign minister who as we mentioned, met this morning with president trump in the oval office. some democrats are calling the timing of director comey's dismissal troubling as the new calls for a special prosecutor to oversee the russian investigation.
8:44 am
gregg jarrett thinks the president should appoint not one, but two prosecutors. an explosion on that next. >> the president wouldn't have to take the advice of rosenstei rosenstein, but obviously, the president ought to have a good reason for not taking it when that guy that supervises the fbi felt that he was bad what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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8:48 am
there still can be some faith that we can get to the bottom of this if there is a special prosecutor, if not, everyone will suspect cover-up. >> jon: that's chuck schumer reacting to the firing of fbi director james comey. this morning on the senate floor, he renewed his call for an independent special prosecutor in the russian investigation. he also called for in all senate briefing on comey's firing. gregg jarrett, fox news anchor and attorney is joining us. ironic that in the past, gender schumer himself has called for jim comey's firing. >> hypocrisy in washington is endemic and memories are fleeting. yes, several months ago, schumer denounced james comey for reopening the hillary clinton investigation case just before the election. schumer said he lost all confidence in comey.
8:49 am
now fast forward a few months and call me is fired and chuck schumer is outraged. this is the kind of frenzy and delirium and partisan politics that americans are quite sick of. >> jon: senator schumer is saying to get a special counsel appointed here or an independent investigation. how does that happen? >> of the statute expired so now the attorney general can appoint a special counsel, and this case, it would be the deputy ag because of sessions recused himself. it would be an autonomous independent investigation and of president trump feels at sweetly confident that he and his associates did nothing wrong, there was no collusion with russia, then he should welcome a special counsel. however, given the reasons for firing comey, that he did mishandled the clinton email scandal investigation, there
8:50 am
should also be a special counsel appointed to re-examine the evidence in the hillary clinton case and decide a new weather she violated the law. look at the statute, he looked at her conduct and it appears she flagrantly violated the espionage act. leave it to a special counsel to now decide and in the end, perhaps a jury will decide perhaps hillary quinn to be billings behind bars. >> jon: thank you, greg. >> jenna: we are waiting for the first white house news briefing since the firing of james comey. we will take you there live at the white house as soon as it starts. also, a few other news items, devastating wildfire going over to states. more on that in just a moment s e important to me than my vacation. so when i need to book a hotel room, i want someone that makes it easy to find what i want.
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this bill must check out what's coming up on "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. >> harris: be ready for some hump day sizzle. fast-moving development on the top stories. the president's firing of james comey. democrats are questioning the president's motive. >> kennedy: the mainstream media getting in their shots as well. one anchor comparing the president to a fifth grader and giving white house officials and some on roles. is there a double standard at work here? >> harris: plus our #oneluckyguy. "outnumbered" on the top of the hour. >> jon: we'll see you then. thanks. >> jenna: a fox news alert. a wildfire going through south georgia today now threatening to jump the state line into florida. more than 140,000 acres burned so far in the fire and only 12%
8:55 am
contained. residents are urged to evacuate is about 700 firefighters -- go >> this is the biggest wildfire in the country and the u.s. forest services -- it's also allowing aircraft to come in and drop off flame retardant chemicals, helicopters are scooping up water from the local lakes to dump on the plains. this area is sparsely populated, but that's little comfort to residents who live here, some have chosen to protect their livestock's and property. >> we are in conditions right now that were absolutely bone dry, 100% ignition, unpredictable weather. people need to get out when they're asked to get out. >> you think of this as a swamp,
8:56 am
but it's under severe drought conditions exposing a lot of dry vegetation here. at 6:00 tonight, the u.s. forest service and authorities are going to be meeting to answer questions and address concerns among local residents. >> jenna: thank you. it's going to next hour "happening now," the latest reaction to the firestorm over the firing of james comey. "the new york times" now reporting comey had asked for more resources into the investigation of russia just days before he was fired. will be joined by senator john barrasso, chairman of the senator revoking policy. will his dismissal be a distraction for congress? also, will beginning the first white house daily briefing in the wake of the comey controversy. that's scheduled for 1:30 eastern time. you will not want to miss it
8:57 am
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>> jon: you said in earlier, the white house briefing
9:00 am
scheduled for about an hour and a half from now and that's going to be interesting television. we will see you back here for that and one hour. >> jenna: is "outnumbered" now now. >> harris: fox news alert, the president said you are fired and that is sending shock waves throughout washington. president trump's sudden dismissal of fbi director, james comey. the white house as he was fired for his handling of the hillary clinton email investigation. democrats are calling them of smithsonian -- nixonian. this is outnumbered. here today, meghan mccain, kennedy, calista fox and friends weekend, abby huntsman and today's #oneluckyguy, the chairman of gopac and veteran republic strategist david avella. this is a big day, there've been some money, but particularly glad to have your expertise. >> david: i'm glad to be here. as one who lives in a house full of women and an office mainly


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