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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  May 15, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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through that press briefing. another exciting one. we will be back here tomorrow. join us then as well. i'm melissa francis. coming up next here's >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 in d.c. where we're watching new fallout over the firing of the fbi director, james comey. now some republicans are refusing to defend president trump or call him out. lawmakers talking about who they want running the bureau next. a professional, not a politician. also, new accusations that the syrian dictator bashar al-assad is carrying outs executions and has built a crematorium to hide evidence. and north korea marks a dangerous and new milestone with its largest ballistic missile flight so far. the north koreans claim this thing can carry a nuke.
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let's get to it. first from the fox news deck on this busy monday, the white house still will neither confirm nor deny that president trump has tapes of his conversations with the former fbi director james comey. analysts say that is making the white house's effort to respond to criticism of his firing even more difficult. the search is on for a new fbi director. here's what the president said about it when speaking with the crown prince of abu-dhabi. >> thank you all very much. thank you. >> shepard: that's today. friday president trump warned james cocmey not the speak out
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about his firing. it's worth noting the president put tapes in quotes there, similar to when he put "wires tapped" in march when he made his unfounded claim that president obama ordered surveillance at trump tower. the president said the use of quotes opened the phrase to a broad definition of surveillance. the president used "tap" not in quotes. so far the white house has not said what the president meant when he tweeted about tapes. sean spicer said the president had nothing further on that issue. the republican said at the judiciary committee members, lindsey graham called the president's tweet inappropriate and the republicans need to have comey testify before the panel. >> i would advise the president not the tweet about the investigation as we go forward. the russians interfered in our election. i don't think they changed the
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outcome but the president needs to back off here and let the investigation go forward. we need to call comey and got to the bet tom of this. >> shepard: senator graham says he does not believe that the president is the target of an investigation involving possible collusion between the trump campaign and russian officials. on the president's suggestion that tapes may exist of his conversations with james comey, another republican on the senate judiciary committee says history shows us respects recording their conversations is not necessarily the best idea. here's what senator mike lee of utah told chris wallace on "fox news sunday." >> if that's true, you think the president should turn over any relevant tapes to this investigation to the congress? >> i think it's probably inevitable, if there are such recordings. they will be subpoenaed and probably have to turn them over. >> shepard: when it comes to the firing of james comey, nikki
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haley told abc's "this week" president trump is a president of action. >> the president is a ceo of the country. he can fire and fire whoever he wants. whether you agree with it or not, it's the true. he's trying to find his own team. were there better ways to do that? that's for everybody else to decide. >> nikki haley. as for the potential tapes, she said she's assumes she's being taped everywhere. james comey has declined an invitation to testify behind closed doors tomorrow before the senate intelligence committee. but "the new york times" and others are reporting he's willing to testify as long as it's out in public for everybody to see. one key issue is a white house dinner between james comey and president trump just days after the inauguration. the. has one story. he says he thought james comey arranged the dinner and that comey told him the fbi was not investigating him.
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the "new york times" and others report that president trump invited james comey and the president asked repeatedly whether the fbi director would pledge a loyalty to him. according to the times, director comey declined. our chief white house correspondence john roberts is live at the white house. what is the white hou saying about these potential tapes if anything at all? >> as you pointed out, shep, they're not saying a lot. about all of the reporting going on about tapes, people are saying was there an oval office recording mechanism much like in the nixon administration when he recorded private conversations of everybody that came in. even if there was an oval office system, probably wouldn't pertain to the comey meeting because he would have had meeting dinner in the room off the oval office and more likely either in the residence or in one of the official rooms in the main mansion here at the white house. so that would imply that the president had some sort of recording system that was
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available throughout mansion. it's not known at this point when the president says "tapes" are talking about a recording device or other conversation or merely trying to play with the media there and james comey saying maybe there are tapes. here's what sean spicer said about it at the briefing a short time ago. >> is the white house intending to furnish that information as requested in writing? >> the president has nothing further on that. >> does that mean the president will deny -- >> i was very clear that the president would have nothing further on that last week. >> is the situation with the legislative branch -- >> listen, i made it clear what the president's position is on that issue. hunter? >> so the president and the press secretary saying nothing, shep, whether or not there are tapes and whether or not the tapes would be provided to congress because there are indications that a lot of people up there on capitol hill would
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like to hear them if there are tapes. i would pause it, shep, it's unlikely there would be tapes of a dinner unless somebody had a recording device nearby. the two phone calls are a different story. all of the president's phone calls are logged and some of them are transcribed, shep. >> what about this matter of discussion of a possible special prosecutor? ken starr, the one that comes to mind for most people. they end up expanding investigations. there's republicans on board? >> the special prosecutor statute as applied to ken starr is no longer in existence. a special prosecutor would have to be provided and named by the department of justice. there's been a lot of complaints from democrats about the need for a special prosecutor over the weekend. some democrats said they would refuse to consider the name of the nominee in confirmation hearings until a special prosecutor is appointed. i asked sean spicer.
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here's how he responded. >> there's frankly no need for a special prosecutor. you have two senate committees looking into this, the fbi is conducting their own review. and i think if you even look at what acting director mccabe said, they have the resources they need. >> one thing that didn't come up at the briefing, records of a massive staff shakeup. i'm toll a massive staff shakeup is "nonsense." there's some talk there may be changes to the communications shop after what happened with the comey firing last tuesday. also told that the white house chief of staff reince priebus who has been in a lot of reporting "on the bubble" since january also may not hold the complete favor of the president at this moment in time. shep, we've heard this before and nothing happened. could be another case of that.
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>> shepard: john roberts at the white house. thank you. let's go to josh gersstein. any new news? >> i thought it was interesting, shep, during the briefing that sean spicer tried to put together another rationale for the firing of james comey saying the president thought that firing comey would be difficult for the president and would hurt him in some way. but suggesting again that maybe didn't have anything to do with the russian investigation. so spicer trying to stir up some dust over that issue again. >> shepard: is there any agreement now on how this thing should go forward? is it separated completely along partisan lines? >> well, there seems to be some indication that some republicans might be open to a special prosecutor at a certain point. marco rubio said maybe we'll get to a point that that would be
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appropriate. the issue is muddled together with this question of replacement of the fbi director with democrats as we discussed earlier saying they wouldn't vote to confirm anyone until a special prosecutor is in place. that leaves open the question of how the white house will get somebody confirmed for the fbi's director job. those votes for director con formation votes over the last 45, 50 years have been unanimous. 98-0. 93-1 unanimous consent. so to have a party line vote on confirming an fbi director would be an extraordinary departure from what's go on in the recent decades. >> shepard: on the list of potential candidates, a number of people, politicians and judges. this idea of a politician as the fbi director, it's a new one and doesn't seem to be faring well. >> it doesn't. the white house will have to step apart from some of those possibilities like we heard
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senator john cornyn was one of those interviewed as i was representative mike rogers. i think they're both held in highest steam in the congress. you've had senator lindsey graham and some others suggest that this is not the time to set a new precedent of having a politician as fbi director. it would be wiser to pick somebody from the fbi's ranks or a long-term prosecutor as we've seen, deputy attorney general, maybe has the criminal division at the justice department. those are a greater possibility than a politician. >> shepard: regarding the issues that we hear from people dale live. we did friday, we have today. then we hear the talk of people having great concern behind the scenes. could you give us what you though about this sort of sentiment? >> well, there's nervousness as we heard in the briefing about the tape recording system and
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whether there is one or isn't one. it was just like a flat out nonresponse from the white house today. this is an administration that i think has struggled to find people to join its ranks. some because some people were not willing to do so. in other cases because they may have made statements that were seen as disloyal to president trump. they were scratched from the list. you look at that pool again when you can't get assurances that you're not being recorded in your private conversations in the white house. >> josh gerstein from politco. thanks. >> thanks, shep. >> shepard: republicans and democrats don't agree on much of anything but when it comes to the search of the next head of the fbi, they have seemed to find common ground. ahead what senators of both sides are requesting. we'll look at some of the top potential candidates, including merrick garland, the judge
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>> shepard: lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are urging president trump to avoid picking a politician to replace james comey in the fbi. republicans senator lindsey graham said the president should pick somebody within the fbi ranks. the minority leader, chuck
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schumer, said the new fbi director should be someone of not a partisan background. former president obama's supreme court nominee, merrick garland is in the mix. the former aid to mitch mcconnell said the senate majority leader supports the idea of merrick garland as the next fbi director. even though he and other republicans refuse to hold hearings for him as a supreme court justice. catherine herridge has more. catherine? >> merrick garland, is that a name the president would possibly consider in the move to name the new fbi director? >> the search for a new fbi director is being handled by the department of justice. my expectation would be as they conduct that search, they'll present names to the president. they're the ones leading the
12:17 pm
effort. >> a senate republican that sits on the committee that will handle the hearings for the next fbi director said sunday that garland is an inspired choice. >> it's a great suggestion. absolutely serious about it. this is a very different post than the supreme court of the united states. if president trump were to nominate merrick garland, his nomination would be welcomed by people on both sides of the aisle in the senate. >> the administration source told fox news the interviews over the weekend were strong and impressive. they included fran townsend and alice fisher that served under the bush administration as a senior justice department official overseeing the criminal division. the significance of nominating the first woman as the fbi director is not lost on the decision team. >> shepard: some of the other candidates are former fbiers,
12:18 pm
themselves, veterans. >> other candidates are adam lee. the special agent in charge of the richmond virginia office, andrew mccabe, the acting director and michael j. garcia, former prosecutor and associate judge on new york's highest court. john cornyn, a former texas attorney general was interviewed against long with mike rogers and also on the short list, a bush appointee, henry e. hudson. over the weekend, republicans and democrats urged the president to avoid a partisan choice. >> whoever the future director should be is a future law enforcement professional. i hope the president won't choose a political nominee. >> it's time to pick somebody within the ranks or such a reputation that has no political
12:19 pm
background at all that can go into the job on day one. >> today brad sherman of california told fox news that he backs a special counsel and could not what say what senate tactic might get them there. the republicans have the majority, shep. >> shepard: thanks, catherine. a new legal showdown over the president's travel ban. the order that would suspend the refugee program and temporarily prevent new visas for anybody from iran, libya, somalia, sudan, syria and yemen. all pro dominantly muslim countries. a three-judge panel of the ninth u.s. circuit court heard argument. the unusual thing about this, it was streaming live and a lot of news channels took it. the trump administration trying to persuade the court to reinstate the ban. the real issue is whether president trump's comments before he took office about banning muslims from the country
12:20 pm
and about muslim bans in paperwork that they had put together including website provide in totality a legal ground to rule his order unconstitutional. supporters say it would increase national security and others say it discriminates against religion. sean spicer said the order is law ful and will be upheld. the white house announcing a global cyber attack affected more people than we knew. coming up, the incredible scope of this attack and how you can protect yourself. all finished.
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you heard about over the weekend that so far hit more than 300,000 computers around the world. still happening. the white house is reporting on it now. homeland security adviser tom bossert. the attack called problems for more than 150 countries including the u.s. it freezes your computer and rather than stealing your files, it holds them hostage and requires you to pay a ransom to get your own access to your own feels. investigators are still trying to figure out who is behind this. cold to malware tech, a group that monitors this sort of thing, the dots on this map show where the so-called wanna cry virus -- that's what they call it -- where it's hit in the last 24 hours. it started this time friday and has been going through the weekend. a lot of people got hit today after the weekend.
12:25 pm
there it is. bossert does confirm it's hit american issues. fed ex reported issues friday. affected britain's national health services and russian's foreign ministry. now the sun newspaper, which is a corporate cousin of ours, reports that the russian president vladimir putin is blaming the united states government. the hackers used vulnerability from leaked nsa documents. here's a look at what people saw if it hit. a scream demanding payment in bitcoin. it's a digital currency not regulated by any one company. pay hundreds of dollars and you get your file back. trace gallagher with more. trace? >> the way this works, the ransomware that is malicious software is pretty effective exploiting microsoft systems.
12:26 pm
once clicked on, locks you out and demanding money. sure enough when workers logged on this morning, the virus started spreading, especially in china where 40,000 organizations got hit and 11 internet security companies had to stop trading because the stock jumped 10%, which is the one-day maximum in china. europe was on high alert for a second wave based on copycat malware. the white house homeland security adviser said paying the ransom is a waste of money. listen to him. >> we're not aware of payments that have led to any data recovery. >> yeah, your data is still locked up. the goal was to not attack any certain company but to make as much money as possible. >> shepard: what if people want to protect themselves from something like this?
12:27 pm
>> the european cyber crimes center says these types attacks have a few things in common. they attend to go after older software that hackers have learned to exploit. so update your software and only install anti-virus software. if you browse software, make sure it's from a trusted source. you should not click on banners and links and don't install mobile ans from unknown users. this is all common sense stuff, shep. we all tend to click on that compelling banner from time to time and it ends us getting in trouble. >> thanks, trace. >> shepard: the russian president vladimir putin showing off his musical skills. we're somewhat accustomed to pictures like this one, right? he's shirtless with a hunting rifle. check him out in a recent visit
12:28 pm
to china. ♪ extraordinary. putin showing off his piano skills while waiting for the chinese president. reporters asked him what songs he would play with president trump. meet first and then talk and choose the tune to match. no date for that meeting yet. while putin yukked it up with china, russia is says syria is sinking to a new low. they're hiding war crimes by burning bodies. in north korea, they launched another missile test.
12:29 pm
i know you heard. another north korea missile test. whatever. in one ear, out the other. this one is different. this one is very disturbing. this one tops the news at the bottom of the hour next. we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. will you be ready when the moment turns romantic? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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>> i'm lea gabrielle with the fox report. more of today's headlines. a charter business filled with children flipped over on a guardrail and injured more than 25 people. happened this morning on a stretch of 95 north of baltimore. our fox station reports police on a different bus saw the crash and stopped to help. a woman has died after a fire at a high rise building in pittsburgh. investigators say the fire started on the sixth florida and forced 100 people to evacuate. crews treated four people and arson team is investigating.
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you need smarter ways to save people money. we know what you want from a financial company and we'll stop at... nothing to make sure you get it. one, two... and we mean nothing. ♪ ♪ >> shepard: north korea took a step forward with a successful missile test over the weekend. first successful one in a long time. one that has raised a lot of you brows. kim jong-un said the new-type of medium range ballistic missile rocket can carry a nuclear warhead and he claims they could hit the u.s. mainland. analysts are not sure but this missile could hit alaska or hawaii. this is the first successful test of its kind after three failed attempts last month. they tell fox news that the
12:35 pm
missile flew four minutes longer than any other and higher and further. it took off here in the western part of the country. landed in the sea between north korea and japan. not far off the coast of russia. you can see russia to the north there, 60 miles. the white house released a statement saying with the missile so close to russia's soil, the president cannot imagine that russia is pleased. greg palkot live with more. greg? >> shep, one of our most trusted experts on north korea told us a short time ago that this is the most significant missile launch to come out of north korea yet. let's further break down what he means. it stayed aloft over this weekend some 30 minutes. the longest ever any kind of
12:36 pm
projectile like that has stayed up there. in add the ex-to going 500 miles down range, went up 1,300 miles high. if it went on a strategic trajectory of 2,500 miles. that could hit the base on the island of guam and then some. the north korean leader said was to be ecstatic. kim jong-un monitoring the proceedings and that the missile could carry a heavy nuclear program. no confirmation of that. but shep, experts tell me they're close to that. the biggest news to come out of this launch is this kind of missile is a precursor to an intercontinental ballistic missile.
12:37 pm
the kinds of missiles that we saw at a military parade last month very similar to that. we saw athem. the white house very strong again over the weekend about this. they call it a flagrant menace and we heard from sean spicer for the white house a short while ago calling on all countries to gang up on north korea. take a listen. >> i think there's no question that north korea continues to threaten the united states and our allies and its neighbors and china and russia. we are calling on all of those folks in the region, particularly shine and russia to do everything they can in terms of sanctions to help resolve the situation and bring stability to the peninsula. >> a big threat. meeting tomorrow at the u.n. security council. >> shepard: thanks, greg. and president of the plow shares fund working to reduce and eliminate the dangers posed by nuclear weapons and the author
12:38 pm
of "nuclear nightmares." joe, nice to see you. >> pleasure, shep. >> shepard: where are we in the long arm of troubles with north korea? >> in is a major step forward to north korea. the most dangerous test they have done yet. >> shepard: why? >> demonstrating new capabilities. it didn't travel very far but that's because it took a lofted trajectory. went straight up and came straight down. it traveled about 500 miles, the distance from maine to washington d.c., if you flatten that out. you get to it 2,500 miles and the width of the united states and could travel that in about 30 minutes. what is significant about this, why it took the trajectory. they retested a re-entry vehicle. we've talked about this before. one of the obstacles is not only getting something in space but bring it back down and survive the heat.
12:39 pm
this test mimicked what it would be like in icbm range, the heat and stress of reentry and they apparently had a successful test of their reentry vehicle technology. finally, a stepping stone on the way to that longer missile. very similar to the way the chinese developed their long range missile. they had a missile like this called the dx 3. went about this long. a few years later, they followed by the 4 and used that as the first stage of their intercontinental ballistic missile. that is what we think north korea is up to. >> shepard: we need dees calatin here. are the chinese a partner in that? >> they're definitely a partner. they won't take care of the problem for us. they will put on more sanctions and more pressure. they and russia, as putin affirmed today, don't want to
12:40 pm
see a nuclear armed north korea continuing to test like this, but they're not going to put sanctions on to cause the north korean regime to collapse. that is sending millions of refugees into china destabilizing it, creating chaos. they want the united states to meet with north korea to negotiate some agreement. that is the compromise. pressure plus engagement could stop the program. >> thanks, joe. >> shepard: thanks. and sean spicer said that assad's regime is murdering thousands and burning bodies to cover it up apparently with support from russia and iran. they released the pictures of the prison with the crematorium.
12:41 pm
officials say syrians are hanging as many as 50 people a day there. this is about a 45 minute drive from damascus. the state department is appalled by the atrocities like this. after last month's gas attacks that killed dozens, the air force bombed a syrian air base. rich edson is at the state don't. rich? >> the administration points to three photos taken over a four-year period. the state department showed that they demonstrate what they say is a crematorium of buildings on the western edge of the complex. the u.s. claims the photos show a probable air intake, fire wall and discharge stack. one final photo shows melting snow on the roof of this building likely, according to the administration, from the heat of a crematorium burning victims. u.s. officials say they cannot rule out the heat is from another source and cannot say for certain that it's a
12:42 pm
crematorium. all those they're using the pictures and intelligence. the state department citing reports that the assad regime has abducted more than 100,000 and puts 70 in a prisoners designed for five. amnesty international says between 5,000 and 13,000 people have been killed in this facility from 2011-15, shep. >> shepard: not brand new information, rich. i wonder if there's anything to make of the timing of this. >> it's all too pressure russia. last week, sergey lavrov was at the white house. the white house wants the russians to reign in the assad regime. this is a way of publicly pressuring russia. part of the administration is saying russia cannot allow the atrocities to continue and they want russia to lead on the assad regime to stop it. >> shepard: thanks, rich. from the same airline that
12:43 pm
brought us scorpions on plains and men dragged off planes, not cockpit security codes posts online. how united airlines is responding this time next. at angie's list, we believe
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>> shepard: 14 minutes before the hour right now. united airlines recorded their cockpits are secure. though a flight attendant did post security codes for the cockpits online. whoops. united utilizes a number of measures to keep safe. in the interim, this protocol assures our cockpits remain security. it's been a tough couple months for united. there's been scorpions on planes and security officers dragged a passenger off of another flight. the fox business network's gerri
12:47 pm
willis is here. what are we getted from united? >> they say the information was shared inadvertently but not a breach. i don't know why we're supposed to be assured by this. either way, it's not good. you don't want this information in the public domain. we think it's a breach, that somebody probably stole the information. but that didn't happen. it was a united employee. a call for more protection from the pilot's union saying they've been advocating for the installation of secondary barriers for 16 years. >> shepard: secondary barriers. >> another step that would keep people from getting through that door. there's some stuff that are like that. there's chimes that pilots can use to find out who is coming in. they can stop somebody that has the right code from coming in. there are barriers. but pilots think it's not enough. >> is united been fully forthcoming on this matter?
12:48 pm
>> no. i have a lot of questions. you probably do, too. where was this stuff published? it was on a website somewhere, inadvertent. we don't know what website. has a united employee been grounded or suspended? punished? we don't know. how inadvertently -- how do you do that? inadvertently post something. united nations about you but i can barely sign on to my computer. >> but it's fine. don't worry about it. if you didn't need it, why was it there in the first place? >> a great question, not answered. >> get the scorpions -- >> don't forget about the bunny. >> shepard: frightening almost. very large. frightening in its scope. >> special and big. >> shepard: it won't be the same. >> i know. >> shepard: thank you, gerri willis. here in new york city, a lot of people don't own cars. most people i know don't. they get around with the subway
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>> lot of change in ten years. a decade ago, we didn't have the iphone. by the end of the next decade, we may not own cars. that's according to a group affiliated with stanford university. rethink x predicts this. by the year 2030, the vast
12:53 pm
majority of us will order self-driving cars like these on demand. best part, those rides could be free. kennedy is here host of "kennedy" on the fox business network. i like a free ride. >> the future is now. there's no longer futurests. they're presentists because for decades and generation, that's when we would see the shift in the massive paradigms in transportation. what would have thought that when the automobile came to be how many people who own horse would be like no one will ever give up their horse. it turns out, they were wrong. you don't see too many ferriers nowadays. >> not like five or ten years ago. >> that's right. >> shepard: the idea here is this happens really fast. because these big companies come in and change the way we move around. save us money that we can spend on other things. changes the oil industry, the auto industry.
12:54 pm
>> yes. they autonomous vehicles will be powered by the sun and power plants which will be mostly solar in 10, 15, 20 years. that means the automobile industry as we know it as well as the energy industry as we know it will have to change drastically. these companies are going to have to get a move on. they have to understand and see these changes in advance in order to survive. blockbuster didn't survive. netflix became a vertically integrated studio and they're still alive today. who will be alive when the next major shift happens in automotive production? >> shepard: sounds like everybody but me. >> i still love a car. i think in 20 years i'll be in the minority. a great driver, shep. >> shepard: why would the ride be free? >> that's wishful thinking on the future ist riders parts.
12:55 pm
i think the government will subsidize the aev. but when government gets involved, it stifles innovation. we want flying cars. >> shepard: we can't have flying cars. >> i think we can. i'm an optimist. i embrace or robot over-lords and any form they take, especially one winged. >> shepard: it's hard to imagine that this system will change that quickly. that they're actually going to change everything about the way we wandered hither and fro for all of these years. >> if you think how fast your phone is compared to the first and laptop you got, it's mind blowing. think about the access you have to contend, music and movies and everything else and how that has moved so quickly. technological advance will be
12:56 pm
exponential. >> shepard: fascinating. we'll hear more about it from "kennedy." we'll be right back. >> so much it hurts. that means, i'll get it from here. yeah okay so. i can just quit school and get a job. it's ok. daddy's here. daddy. hey. hi. hey buddy hey dad i think we can do this. really? adam baily. adam baily.
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>> shepard: breaking news on fox news channel. a plane crash outside new york city at teterboro. it's where all the small corporate jets come in and out of. this is a video that we have of the plane. we believe it was coming in for a landing. it sounds as if from the early records on scene, sounds like this was a leer jet, make a leer 35. an older jet. two people on board. this is live pictures that are coming in to us from teterboro. just across the river from new york city in new jersey. there's no express highway to get there. you have to kind of go on the main roadways.
1:00 pm
it's not easy to get there. a full ground stop at teterboro right now which means ground traffic in new york city is a mess. should news break out, we'll break in. "your world" with neil cavuto starts right now. >> neil: all right. we're on top of the plane crash. meantime, where were you 20 years ago today? it's a curious birthday. bill clinton was president and newt gingrich was speaker of the house. and amazon was just getting started. it was start of the dot-com boom. >> a lot going on today. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. >> internet book seller was a big seller on the first day of public trading. they