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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 19, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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some lessons. >> anyway, i just wanted to say happy, happy graduation. >> episode of the 5, great frieo >> sean: thanks so much friends on "the five" another great show. traveling for his first overseas trip as commander-in-chief. we'll check in with dr. sebastian gorka. he'll have reaction. juan williams, jay sekulow, byron york. joe concha, lisa boothe and au austtan goolsbee all coming up. the past two weeks, they've been nothing like we've ever seen before in american history. president trump has been attacked with andlis innuendo, breathless hyperventilating reporting. i'm going to explain what the president is up against. this is important. we put it altogether in tonight's opening monologue.
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this week we're telling you about the five groups that want to destroy president trump. they want to undermine the will of the american people. these are the threats we're facing. one, the deep state. they're going after president trump, collectively leaking information. look at the disgruntled fired former f.b.i. director james comey. he's using the press to carry out his own personal vendetta against president trump. number two the destroy trump media. these rigid, left-wing, hillary-supporting idealogues pushing their tin foyle hat conspiracy theories night after night, breathlessly hyping everything up, one fake news scandal after fake news scandal. number three, the democrats, really sore losers, obstructio obstructionists. they refused to accept the results you gave thus election season. you have weak establishment republicans. feckless, no backbone. know spine. they're a threat to the president. number five, never trumpers,
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holier than thou, weekly standard, they want vindication. they want relevance. the last two with weeks, a new pattern of attack is emerging. this is what i want you to pay close attention to. the "new york times" and "washington post" constantly using anonymous sources, sources outside of the white house, dropping one huge bombshell report just before the national newscast every night at 6:30 p.m. then, of course, cable coverage right after. then there's been breathless coverage from the destroy trump media. their democratic allies now calling day after day for president trump's impeachment. listen to this from earlier this week. you cannot make this stuff up. >> i rise today, mr. speaker, to call for the impeachment of the president of the united states of america. for obstruction of justice. >> are we getting closer and closer to the possibility of yet another impeachment process? >> after watching the clinton
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impeachment, i thought i'd never see another one. i think we're in impeachment territory for the first time. >> we're well on our way to impeachment, because i think there's a clear set of facts that show obstruction of justice. >> this is heading toward the end, right? it has to be, right? it feels that way. >> sean: here's what they're not telling you, destroy trump media and the democrats aren't going to tell you -- many of the stories you've heard in the last two weeks they're using to destroy president trump and hyperventilate every night have now been proven totally false. let's start with the trump-hating "washington post". last week, "the post" reported that rod rosenstein threatened to quit because of comey's firing. big alarms that night. guess what? rosenstein quickly shot the it down. someone in the press actually asked him. he sat on camera on -- camera for an interview saying he's not
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quitting. never threatened to quit. on the same day, "the washington post" alleges that before james comey was fired, he requested for resources for the russian investigation. that's why he got fired. big surprise, "the washington post" wrong again, because the acting f.b.i. director, andrew mccade testified the next day he never heard such a request. earlier this week, yeah, "the post" is back, they thought they failed president trump. they ran a story claiming the president leaked classified information to the russians during last week's oval office visit but people that were actually in the room, now, they cited people outside of the white house, they said the people in the room it never happened. also the "new york times" -- they're trying to keep up -- and they've been spearing trump from day one with. earlier this week, the paper of record cited a memo from james comey which claims that president trump asked the now f.b.i. director to end the investigation into retired lieutenant general michael flynn that sent himself a memo. the president and the white house have strongly denied this ever happened and then, of
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course, there's a fact that the reporter who wrote the story never even saw the so-called memo. this is fascinating. watch this! >> why is it the "times" has this story but not the memo? >> well, um, we -- we've been working -- i've been working on a story for the past few days about the fact that comey had written these. we thought that was pretty significant in and of itself. then in the process of pushing on those doors this morning, i learned more about one of these memos and someone that had seen them recounted details to me. >> sean: as we pointed out and we've reported on this program, now in january, if, in fact, they had a memo and he said that president trump was trying to encourage him to obstruct justice, well, guess what? that would have been two felonies that james comey would have committed, because james comey has a legal obligation to report that immediately to the justice department, which, by the way, he didn't do, and then he testified in may, and he said "guess what? no one ever tried to get me to obstruct justice!" whoops!
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tonight, the "new york times" is at it again -- you can't make it up -- and they're claiming president trump called james comey, "a nut job" but go back to the memo. the "times" eluding. the president, trying to get the f.b.i. to back away from flynn. by law, he would have had to report this immediately to the justice department. he was so alarmed, why didn't he say it immediately? why didn't he report it immediately? by not doing so, comey may have broken the two laws we're discussing. they're up there on the side of your screen. take a look at them. then there's the fact that when comey appeared before congress on may 3rd, well, remember he was asked about the potential for interference with an f.b.i. investigation? well, did that ever happen? wouldn't it be big if it happened? this is what he said. >> so if the attorney general or senior officials at the department of justice opposes a specific investigation, can they halt that f.b.i. investigation? >> in theory, yes. >> as it happened? >> not in my experience -- has it happened? >> not in my experience, because it would be a big deal to tell
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the f.b.i. to stop doing something without appropriate purpose, meaning we're oftentimes they give us opinions that we don't see a case there so you ought to stop investing resources in it but i'm talking about a situation where we were told to stop something for a political reason that'll be a very big deal. it's not happened in my experience. >> not happened. president trump did ask james comey to stop looking into michael flynn. wouldn't that have been the perfect time to bring it up? he said it never happened. remember, that meeting was in january. this is in may when he testified. and last week during a congressional hearing, the acting f.b.i. director, andrew mccade, he said there's been no efforts to impede the russian investigation in spite of everything your friends in the news media that lie to you every night are telling you. >> i think the american people want to know have the dismissal of mr. comey in any way impeded, interrupted, stopped or negatively impacted any of the work any investigation or any ongoing projects at the federal
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bureau of investigations? >> the work of the men and women of the f.b.i. continues despite any changes in circumstance, any discussions -- any decisions, so there's been no effort to impede our investigation today. >> sean: well, what you're seeing play out here is a well orchestrated, well organized attack. they want to take down a sitting u.s. president. democrats, propaganda media are throwing everything they have at president trump and the deep state and now instead of working on making the country a better place and acting on their agenda the president is now forced to spend the majority of his time defending the lies, smears and conspiracy theories. here is what everyone is missing the left. it's successful because they've been able to slow down his agenda dramatically. that's a win for them, because they're not thinking about you and what you voted for this election, the economy, creating jobs, fixing health care, foreign policy, no. they want to create chaos, because they think that brings them back into power.
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that's what is at stake here. here with reaction from the american center for law and justice, jay sekulow. also byron york. james comey if in fact he thought the president was obstructing justice and didn't report it, the two felonies i put up, do they play out for him? would he have violated the law? >> sure, he had an affirmative obligation at the that point to go to the officials within the department of justice and report a crime had been committed or at least an attempted crime had been committed and he didn't do that i would add one other thing james comey is not exactly a credible witness. this is a guy that had to correct his testimony to congress on multiple occasions, the most recent time was just a few days before he was fired, and you also had -- you played the statement by rod rosenstein about regarding -- all the rumors about him threatening to quit and he was also asked
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to -- in fact yesterday -- he was asked if he stood by his recommendation that james comey be fired. he said yes. the handling of the hillary clinton email scandal was a basis upon which james comey should be fired. >> sean: there you have it. no scandal. that's the law. >> he also laid out felony after felony that hillary committed. and that goes to the email server scandal. didn't investigate the foundation and we know releasing intelligence like they did on michael flynn, we know that violates the espionage act. when a story comes out and it turns out not to be true like in this particular case, you know, how does the media get away with that and they keep making -- as "the washington post" made -- three mistakes in a week? >> wow, wow. you think they made a mistake. i'm not sure they think they made a mistake. let's look back at your monologue, sean. i was really impressed. >> sean: thank you. >> you blame the weekly standards, the national review and the establishment republicans. you really think everyone's
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against donald trump. i'm surprised you didn't mention obama. >> sean: wait a minute, obama hates him, too. he's a threat to the swamp. those five components of what i'm arguing is the swamp. and he threatens -- he's an exstential threat to all of those groups. the republicans, weak republicans and never trumpers hated him from day one. >> well, i think there are people who don't like donald trump. i don't think there's any question. i think you were on target when you said the democrats still haven't gotten over the election. i agree with you on that, but drant swamp? goldman sachs all over the place? i don't think so. i don't think that in fact the people that you point out elected donald trump think that he's gone in, replaced and repealed obamacare effectively, done something to spur job growth in our country. i just don't see it, sean. >> yeah, i mean, first of all, you got right now a media filibuster going on. that's what they're doing.
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they're utilizing the media to stock any agenda moving forward. but i had the opportunity to visit with the president yesterday. i will tell you despite what you're seeing -- hearing, there's a lot of work being done. let's not forget neil gorsuch confirmed. the repeal of obamacare went through the house of representatives. yesterday, syrian force forces -- regulations rolled back. also, by the way, on abortion funding which for a lot of people -- including me that are pro life, it's a big deal on national funding -- that executive order was signed. so there's been success, but it's a media filibuster. >> sean: let me ask you both, all of this, and both claper and admiral rogers have both said that there's no evidence as it relates to russian collusion. all the narrative and hysteria in the media seems to surround this. i want to ask you this question. i'm not backing off asking questions even though there's an effort that no one talk about seth rich. now, i've interviewed julian assange on radio and tv many times and i've asked him about
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where those wikileaks, dnc e-mails came from that resulted in debbie wasserman schultz firing. this kid got shot in the back. they said it was a robbery, yet he had his watch, wallet and phone. i don't believe it was a robbery. i asked julian, it was the russians? listen to what julian said in an interview? >> did russia give you this information or anyone associated with russia? >> the answer for our interactions is no. >> whistle-blower is going to significant efforts to get us material and often at very significant risks. 27-year-old that works for the dnc was shot in the back, murdered two weeks ago for unknown reasons as he was walking down the street in washington, so -- >> that was just a robbery i believe, wasn't it? >> no. there's no finding, so -- >> what are you suggesting? >> i'm suggesting that our sources take risks and they
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become concerned to see things occurring like that. >> was he one of your sources then? >> we don't comment on our outsources. >> sean: my thoughts and prayers go out to this family. jay sekulow. then i want juan williams to respond. if he says it's not russia and he sounds -- he comes so close to the lying thing, it was this kid, let's put the kid out of it for a minute. i feel sorry for his family. but what if it was someone who was so disgruntled in the dnc on how they cheated bernie and how the fix was in, if that turned out to be true that someone did that, wouldn't that completely wipe out the entire russia lie we've heard for months and months? >> of course, and by the way, not only would it wipe that out but dianne feinstein, senator from california, when asked about evidence involving russia collusion, she says she's seen to date none. we've got the clapper, finestein
10:15 pm
sallie yates, the entire -- no one had -- this is a fake story, and the fact is -- i understand why the media likes to deal with this, but the reality is that the leaks, information, wherever the source was for wikileaks, wherever that source was, whether that person is alive or not, the fact is he was the e-mails themselves that caused hillary clinton the problem, not the fact they were leaked. what was in it was the problem. that's the problem. >> sean: juan, when you listen to julian deny russia, talk about one individual, but let's put aside the individual, knowing that bernie was cheated and they stole it from him, they colluded, does that not raise eyebrows this whole thing could be a lie to you? >> well, what did kevin mccarthy the majority whip say earlier? he said, somebody -- he thinks putin's paying trump. that was before wikileaks. that was before anyone. >> juan, doable that? doable that vladimir putin is paying trump?
10:16 pm
>> yes, apparently -- >> juan, you're a smart guy. do you believe vladamir putin paid donald trump, the president of the united states? >> remember, he won't release his tax returns. we don't know exactly what was being funded by other people. we don't know, so i don't want to believe that, and i don't have any evidence of it, so -- >> let me ask a question, last question. >> i'm just telling you, when you ask me about is this evidence that russia had nothing to do with it, i would say to you, come on, guys! they're cutouts we don't know what cutouts were used to feel that information to assange and why would you trust assange when i've heard sean hannity and jay sekulow say this is guy is a traitor to the united states. >> sean: president trump traveling to saudi arabia for his first overseas trip as commander-in-chief. will he go on an apology tour? up next, dr. sebastian gorka and
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also tonight. >> mike pence, vice president of the united states, is either a sucker and a dupe for donald trump, being set up that way to go out and lie and lie and lie again or he's a liar. >> sean: the destroy trump media continues with their biased, abusively biased reporting. we get reaction, joe concha and byron york and plus anthony weiner facing years behind bars after pleading guilty to sexting with a teen. we'll check in on that on this busy news night straight ahead. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe?
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and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." tonight, president trump is traveling to saudi arabia on the first stop on his first foreign trip. now this morning the president tweeted "getting ready for my big foreign trip. we'll be strongly protecting america's interests. that's what i like to do." while in saudi arabia, the president expected to give a major speech on the need to confront radical islam. joining us now the deputy assistant to the president president, dr. sebastian gorkda -- gorka. i keep talking about the cycle, the breathless reporting, all of the phony stories "new york times", "washington post", i mentioned them in the last segment and here's the president he had a great relationship, connection with the chinese president that is bearing fruit. vis-a-vis troops on the bored
10:22 pm
we're north korea, beef -- border with north korea, beef industry is being helped out. nice connection. he met with the saudi prince, king of jordan and president of egypt. he's making a lot of progress. he's taking on terror in as we know in syria and elsewhere. all people want to talk about is they gave secrets away because someone outside the white house who wasn't in the room said so. is it hard for the president to governor with all of this garbage that's going on? >> not at all, sean. not at all. we know this for what it is. you used the word yourself earlier this week. it's not news. it's not reporting. it's just propaganda and we have a mission that we had approved by the american people and we're executing it. look, if you had any idea -- and i'm sure you do, because you know these people -- the feelings in the middle east in these countries that the president is going to visit, finally there's american leadership. finally we're going to treat our friends like friends after eight years of our allies and partners
10:23 pm
being shunned and we're going to be victorious against groups like isis and al qaeda, so, yeah there's -- you know, there's -- there's -- what the media says and then there's reality and we live in the world of reality, sean. the president and his team. >> sean: you know, dr. gorka, you wrote a book about that we can defeat radical islam is there this new emerging allian alliance? israel? saudis? jordanians? maybe the emirates emerging that could be a force and take on radical islam and isis all at the same time and actually win? >> absolute the! look at part of the trip is going to include the closing of 110 billion dollar deal for saudi arabia that will help push back on iranian influence, that will help secure the region. we can't talk about it here openly but the relationship between israel and key arab muslim nations of the region has
10:24 pm
changed dramatically in the last 16 weeks. why? because now they know with american help, with american leadership, we could secure that region and we can eradicate -- remember what the president said, we're going obliterate and eradicate these groups and finally we have a commander-in-chief that will make that possible. >> sean: you know, one of the things i think i'm most concerned about as i didn't like rex tillerson's comments about -- he seemed to be sort of using as a negotiating chip the idea of moving the capital to jerusalem. i'm not sure if i agree with that. the second thing is is it possible to have any peace with the palestinians? israelis if they continue to pay terrorists and their families large sums of money, hundreds of millions of dollars after they kill innocent men, women and children? israelis and americans? i don't see how it's possible. >> look, sir, first things first. there's no final decision on the capital, but you heard it from the vice president's mouth on
10:25 pm
the day of national independence for israel. the president is very, very seriously looking at this issue, but there's the broader question of the larger deal and this is related to it. to your second point, yeah, there has to be a fundamental change there has to be behavior modification if we're going to have peace in a deal brokered by this administration. it's not going to be another piece of paper. it's not going to be a nice summit somewhere. if this happens, it's going to happen for real, because we have the world's best deal maker, but it has to happen only after certain things change with regards to exactly those issues you discussed, with regards to terrorism, payment of terrorist families and other key issues. >> sean: one thing i know is not going to be happening, dr. gorka this won't be an apology tour. that'll be refreshing. good to see you. coming up on this busy, breaking friday news night here on "hannity." >> there's been a couple who's been perhaps treated more unfairly or as unfairly.
10:26 pm
let's talk about -- i don't know barack obama. >> sean: "the view's" whoopi goldberg says the president was treated unfairly or just as much as donald trump. we'll get reaction from byron york and joe concha. also on this busy friday night. >> when you saw him absolutely calling hillary "crooked" the "lock her up, lock her up," all of that was developed, i think that was developed strategically with people from the kremlin. >> sean: slad peer -- vladamir putin did it. lisa boothe and richard grenell weighing in. anthony weiner could spend years behind bars. that's straight ahead. brand new one. so, kinda like your second husband. kinda.
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york. air force 1 will touch down in riyadh sadie arabia an hour from now. we'll have that for you live at 2:50 eastern time. it's the first stop on president trump's first overseas trip since taking offices. he's set to visit -- deliver a speech to arab leaders on sunday which will reportedly stress unity in the fight against radical islam. the president and first lady making stops in israel, italy, vat vatican and belgium during the next week. in the meantime, president's former f.b.i. director agreeing to testify in open session before the senate intelligence committee after memorial day. its chairman, north carolina senator richard burr, says he hopes some of comey's testimony will cover questions that have come up since his abrunt firing of the president. no specific date has been set. i'm jackie ibanez, now back to "hannity." >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." tonight, time for the fake news raund round up. over the past 24 hours, the
10:32 pm
mainstream media's coverage has been downright vicious. you can't make this stuff up. it's every single hour of every day. >> there are echoes of watergate here in your mind with this type of response by the president's combativeness over this? >> there certain t are. >> the obvious parallel is with president nixon and his late days. >> even his allies see him as a 70-year-old impulsive, needy adolescent who doesn'tny know his job and has no -- doesn't know his job and has no sense of strategy. >> donald trump sounding far less articulate than the president of colombia who actually seems to speak our language much better than donald trump. >> mike pence, vice president of the united states, is either a sucker and a dupe for donald trump, he's being set up that way to go out and lie and lie and lie again or he's a liar. there's no middle ground. >> sean: now, i want to you keep that montage in mind when you listen to this clip from the
10:33 pm
"view's" whoopi goldberg who recently said that president obama was treated much worse than donald trump. really? watch this. >> i did want to point ou out -- there's been a couple who's been perhaps treated more unfairly or as unfairly. let's talk about, i don't know, barack obama. this guy went for it for eight years and came out still a man i'm proud, whether you like what he did, i'm proud of him. >> sean: maybe whoopi didn't see the new harvard study. it found trump's coverage during his first 100 days set a new standard for negativity. in fact, the study shows a whooping 80% of president trump's media coverage has been negative compared to just 41% for obama. joining us now, byron york and from the hill joe concha. all right, joe, we know it we see it, it's every night. but one thing you can't measure
10:34 pm
is the breathless intensity that also goes along with the coverage. >> oh, tone is definitely a factor here, sean, no question about it, but peal the onion off the study. it's fascinating. as a media reporter, i love really digging into this let me just make three quick points here. immigration coverage was 96% negative. and i get that the temporary ban travel ban wasn't rolled out well, but then the reason why that number so far in the negative direction is because border crossings being down 70% is rarely reported, so that's why you get a number like that. number two, foreign policy and defense. you would have to argue that probably the biggest event that happened during the first 100 days of trump was the bombing of the syrian airfield after the chemical attack by assad's forces that killed women and children. that was even applauded by democrats. 82% negative. with a team of tillerson, maddon and mcmaster, that's the negativity you're getting even in that area. but economy, sean, economy, where most people would say trump is doing a good job,
10:35 pm
because when when you look at unemployment rate at a 10-year low, manufacturing, constructi construction's booming, you know jobless claims at a 28-year low, on and on, i could go on and on, most of the economic numbers are good, and even there, sean -- . >> sean: economic numbers are good. >> even there, sean, president trump's negative, even when numbers that you can't spin are being spun any way,. >> sean: joe, they can spin anything. they lie. that's part of their strategy. byron? >> well, you know, in addition to that 80% figure that you said at the top, which is the overall figure 80% negative, if you look at some of the individual outlets, the numbers are really pretty amazing. cnn and nbc were both 93% negative. cbs 91% negative. "new york times" 87% negative. "washington post", 83%. "wall street journal" a little more fair, 70% negative and fox news, 52% negative.
10:36 pm
48% positive, roughly balanced there, but some of these, some of these negative numbers were just through the roof! >> sean: well, i agree with that you know, joe, you have your colleagues in the media, i notice you're a little separate and apart from a lot of them, especially on twitter where they are like, you tweet my story and i'll tweet your story is there a group think that is almost impen trable now? >> -- impenetrable now? >> i look back to matt lauer, if you'll remember it was a commander-in-chief forum on the intrepid here in new york. lauer did a great job. he asked bombed trump twice as many questions as hillary. -- he asked donald trump twice as many questions as hillary. but he was ostracized from the hamptons. that set a tone right there that if you're not overwhelmingly negative, not even so much toward trump but his surrogates that go on the air, we'll really ream you on social media. no question.
10:37 pm
>> sean: last word, byron? >> back in the pre-cable era, abc, cbs and nbc newscasts, the producers basically read the "new york times" and just illustrated it later in the day. i think we're kind of returning to those days where we're seeing a real set of group think and a sort of echo chamber of stories that appear in a couple of outlets that then spread throughout a number of other outlets. >> sean: look, there was a funny story in the "business insider." journalists drink too much are bad at managing emotions and operate at a lower level than average acording to a new study. you know, they hate me so what do i know. >> that's not an explanation. >> sean: that's true. it's not. that's not an excuse for their sloppyness and their propaganda. up next tonight on this busy friday breaking news tonight. >> -- night. >> when you saw him absolutely calling hillary crooked, the "locker up, lock her up" all of that was developed, i think that was developed strategically with people from the kremlin.
10:38 pm
>> sean: democratic congresswoman maxine waters continues to say, well and expand on bizarre conspiracy theories. also tonight, creepy former democratic congressman anthony weiner could go to jail after pleading guilty today to sexting with a teen. we'll get reaction, lisa boothe, and richard grenell. for 10 years my tempur-pedic has adapted to my weight and shape. so i sleep deeply and wake up ready to perform. now through june 11th, save $600 when you buy select tempur-pedic adjustable mattress sets. find your exclusive retailer at ♪
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10:41 pm
>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." maxine watters is at it again.
10:42 pm
she's floating one of the most bizarre conspiracy theories coming from the democratic side of the aisle. this is a great one. watch this! >> i really do believe that much of what you saw coming out of trump's mouth was a play from putin's playbook. i think that when you saw him absolutely calling hillary "crooked", the "lock her up, lock her up" all of that was developed. i think that was developed strategically with people from the kremlin, with putin. >> sean: now, congresswoman waters didn't stop there, naturally. she went onto predict donald trump's impeachment all while admitting she's got no evidence to back up her accusations. take a look. >> to be clear, there's been no actual evidence yet. >> no, there has not been. no, there has not -- and i want you to know every time i've talked about impeachment, i've said, we've got to deck the dots. we've got to -- we've got connect the dots. we've got to get the facts and do the investigation.
10:43 pm
that's what leads to impeachment. i have also said it trump will lead us right there. >> sean: another sad development today. anthony weiner plead guilty today to one count of sending obscene messages to a minor. as part ever a plea deal for sexting an underaged girl, earlier in court, wiener sobbed as he was intirg his plea telling the judge, "i've got a sickness but no excuse." wiener faces multiple years in prison and will have to register as a sex offender. lisa boothe is joining us now. rick grenell is joining us now as well. i didn't think it could get any better than dan rather saying that donald trump is now the hunted by the media. i think maxine waters got pretty close with the "lock her up" came from putin. >> absolutely, sean. i hate to be mean here, sean, but there's a little bit of a humor in maxine waters talking about connecting dots because this is a woman who on an interview just recently couldn't
10:44 pm
explain what the democratic party stood for outside of the resistance to president president trump. this is a woman who had also previously said that comey had zero credibility but in an interview struggled to explain why someone would with no credibility shouldn't be fire fired -- someone with no credibility shouldn't be fired. there's humor for her to talk about connecting the dots when she's not exactly known for having credibility herself here. but, you're right, sean, we should be dealing with facts and i think the media has largely been interested in search of a narrative instead of the facts. >> sean: i don't even know, vladamir gave trump, his audience at a townhall "lock her up." really, rick? i don't even know what zone we're entering here anymore. it's gotten so bizarre. >> look, it's a by-product of anonymous leaks. no one should be surprised that the public or congress or 68 members of congress who didn't show up for the inauguration somehow are believing these anonymous leaks.
10:45 pm
look, i think the leaks are a very serious problem because they're not whistle-blowers, these leakers. they're not speaking truth to power. this is politics. this is about 2020 and we have a major problem when intelligence officials are politicizing their work in order to further some political partisan goal. i think they need to be fired. you need to fine them and fire them. sean anne -- . >> sean: agree. >> every single leaker is not helping america. they may think they are. they may think they're a which iser blower, -- a whistle-blow whistle-blower. and the media is never going to tell white house this person is or what their position is we don't even know if they're inside the government, sean. >> sean: i would imagine they are in the deep state. that's my deeply-held suspicion. think about it, dan rather, i can't believe these words are flying out of my mouth, he's kind of right. they are hunting the president. he's the hunted. and it's the deep state, it's the democrats and the media.
10:46 pm
they're hunting him. >> and, sean, i think it's really sad because there's not a lot of credibility there left with the media. they have gotten so much wrong even just with the firing of james comey recently in stayin staying -- there were the reports he was fired because there weren't enough resources. we know that's not to be true because the acting f.b.i. director, andrew mccabe, told us so under sworn testimony. there's also reports that the acting a.g. in regard to the russia case, rod rosenstein, was going to ask or resign. when that ended up not being true either -- there's so much false reporting, it's sad. americans don't know what to believe. >> sean: rick, last word. >> look, i think we must find each and every leaker, because it's really doing a disservice to democracy. we had an election. we have a lot of reporters who aren't doing journalism. they're getting handed anonymous leaks. that's not journalism. we have to get back to journalism. we have to get back to the fact
10:47 pm
that we had an election. reporters who are upset about the election or individuals inside the intelligence community who don't like the outcome must be stopped. this cannot continue. democrats, i urge them to think about this. this is just the slippery slope. if it happens to trump, it'll happen forever and our country's at risk. we have to stop this! >> sean: well with, these unnamed deep state bureaucrats, they'll decide, not the people. that's scary. thank you, both. when we come back, president trump set to unveil his budget proposal next week. the prior administration left him with a complete mess. one-on-one me and former economic adviser for obama, austtan goolsbee straight ahead. click (male announcer) hit escape with great deals on great gear. like our best selling fish fryer for under $30. only at bass pro shops. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night,blind. and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." president trump's first budget will be released next week. we're getting a sneak peak on what it will include. according to reports, the president is planning to propose $200 billion in infrastructure spending over 10 years. there'll be substantial cuts to food stamps and other programs. president obamla -- obama left president trump with a mess. this is one step to clean it up. whether -- will it work? former obama economic adviser austan goolsbee joins us now. there was a report out last week and i thought of you, because we're such good friends. we never had a sitting president ever reach 3% gdp growth ever in
10:52 pm
the history of the country for a single year. we might have 4% growth next month alone! i'm sure that would make you feel very happy in the trump -- and the trump effect would make you very fleefl. >> sean -- gleeful. >> sean, in that sentence, you've confused two numbers. the president obama hit 3% on a quarterly basis which i predict donald trump probably will in the next quarter. it was less than 1% last quart quarter. >> sean: he's the only president in the history of the country ever to hit 3% growth in the whole year. >> for the whole year? >> sean: that's correct! >> yes, donald trump had less than 1% in the first quarter. now, if he gets a single quarter above 3%, obama did that! >> sean: what's the date donald trump became president? i know you know history. >> it's one of the darkest days in our recent memory. january 20th! >> sean: ha-ha. but the bottom line is that would be obama's month and
10:53 pm
obama's quarter. if you look down the list, i think there was one quarter in eight years, maybe two that he got the 3%. that's it! the rest under 2%. that's a fact! >> sean, sean, sean, you're a believer. that's one of your most endearing qualities, but even -- . >> sean: are you going to pat me on the head and patronize me? go ahead, pat me on the head. >> even as a believer, it's ok for to you admit that donald trump has disappointed you and you had falsely placed -- >>. >> sean: not at all. hang on one second. we've argued on this program for years, and i've kind of playfully admonished you as being the architect of let's see the lowest labor participation rate since the 70's, 13 million nor food stamps, 8 million nor poverty. lowest homeownership rate in 51 years. you kind of want to flip it on me because you supported doubling the debt which is irresponsible and unpatriotic
10:54 pm
according to come. >> all i want to do is take out the bush recession and start it from that, but continue. >> you know what i'd like to do? i would like to take out the encourageable years that the police took me home to my mother but that's not the way life works. that's not the way history loo looks. >> that was two years ago. >> sean: my mother's been gone a long time. rest her soul, so, look -- >> rest her soul. >> sean: i'll never win this argument. it's an old argument between us. >> i agree with you on that, you won't. . >> sean: because i do win, facts say a lot of things, but i guess the thing is i would hope that you think that america needs what the president is offering. not so sure i love all the infrastructure but i do love the tax cuts. i love repatriation. i love energy independence and the jobs that could be created in the process of getting there. are those things we can agree on? >> i think we can agree that we want to get the growth rate higher for sure. i would love it if we could have
10:55 pm
a sustained growth rate that was above 3%, not just for one year, but for 10 years. that'll be wonderful. >> sean: right. obama couldn't do it. >> i've got problems with some of the things that trump is proposing to do, because i think they're redistributive, nonsensical, don't agree with the growth rate, but if he did some solid infrastructure, that'd be good. if he had decent tax reform, that'd be good. >> the infrastructure, what i like about it, they'll do private/public partnerships. all right, austan, i still like you. >> always have a good time, man. >> sean: all right, my friend, thank you. when we come back, a very important friday question of the day. stay with us. what if we pull customer insights from the data in real time?
10:56 pm
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>> sean: time for our question of the day on this busy friday night. so what do you think president trump will accomplish during his first overseas trip? i know it's not about russia really. go to
11:00 pm
thank you for being with us. see you back here monday. have a great weekend. tucker carlson is up next. >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the news media are liberal. if you grew up in this country, you probably know that for quite a while. it's obvious in the stories they choose, may be even more evident in the ones they ignore. the only people who deny widespread media bias these days are the people directly benefiting from it. that would include progressive activists posing as reporters and the democratic politicians who's water they carry. but exactly how liberal and biased is the price? the answer to that, we have to go to social science. for the first time in a while, we actually have real data. a new stu