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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  May 20, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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julie: fox news alert. president trump afforded saudi arabia highest civilian honor. just hours after touching down in the first half of his first international tour since taking office. president trump and first mate lady taking part in reception and banquet at the saudi arabia oil company. hello, good afternoon. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's youth headquarters. i'm julie. kelly: and i'm kelly. one of the first orders of business today was to sign an
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historic 110 billion-dollar defense agreement cementing the alliance between us and saudi arabia. tomorrow president trump is set to deliver a major address spoken on terrorism, radical ideology and islam. chief white house correspondent john roberts is life in riyadh saudi arabia. the president is calling is a tremendous date, john. reporter: yeah, it was a pretty good day. right up until the sand storm blew in. you'll forgive us if for blowing around a little bit. it's been back in north carolina during a hurricane coverage. let's take a look at where the president is tonight. he's in trend 504 palace indies at a dinner banquet with into tonight. on the way and we saw a is ordinary seen as dozens of studies including the president, commerce secretary, rex tillerson, secretary of state, all dancing the traditional dance of war which isn't used much to prepare for battle as much as it is to celebrate weddings and big events like the dinner tonight.
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it's starting out here in the saudi arabia which really is pretty significant. particularly, when you look at the criticism that he's received over the last 18 months for his approach to islam. you can also bet that the welcome he got here in saudi arabia was a wealth of relief for the controversy and scandals that have been dogging him back in washington when he touched down in air force one earlier this morning about ten minutes to ten in riyadh he was greeted on the tarmac at a red carpet by king salman and you may remember that when president obama was here back in may of 2014, picking was king abdullah at the time, and did not greet him. the president also today saying that the reason why it was so successful so far was because in a ceremony this afternoon he said a hundred and $10 billion agreement as well as the exchange of several export licenses for many american companies, both military and
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economic that will result in an expenditure by saudi arabia in the united states of some $350 billion over ten years. the president talking about it for coming out the back this is a tremendous day. i want to thank everybody. tremendous investment to the united states and our military community is very happy. we want to thank you and saudi arabia. hundreds of billions of dollars in investments including the united states in jobs, jobs, jobs. reporter: tomorrow is a very important day for president trump. you mentioned this at the top, kelly, will be giving a speech to the arab, islamic, american summit. if the leaders from arabic leaders around the world will be talking about terrorism and talking about islam. talking about the importance of rooting out radicalism and extremism, saying this could be
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the dawn of a new chapter in the middle east if all of these countries get together. it's interesting, kelly, that after spending 18 months on the campaign trail and in office, pictures of the president leading the banquet tonight after seeing how important it was to acknowledge that there is radical islamic terrorism that is plaguing the world and those words will not be in the president's speech. according to a draft. it is still a number of hours before he delivers at the beach and it could change but at the moment those words, radical islamic terrorism, which is so important to translate are not in a speech five as we are watching the vehicle leave their golf carts and from overseeing right now, it looks like president trump may be one of those golf carts, the second one as they leave. four palace. bill be going to a tour of the national museum, as i understand, john. reporter: yes. they just had a jampacked
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schedule. the president will be right at home in a golf court. most of the time when he's in a golf court he's in the sand and the bunkers. most of the time and in the bunker. it's a little different for him. i have to tell you that this trip for president trump, at least, the saudi arabia part of it, he still get to go to israel and vatican and brussels and sicily for the g7 intern mina but this trip cannot started out better for this president. he went from being literally besieged by scandal in washington dc to a country where they rolled out the red carpet for him, really appreciate the fact that he recognizes that iran is an accidental threat to many arab nations, many of our arab allies with how the parties and other neighbors in this region like the varieties and jordanians, bahrain, other
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countries like that felt like this for a long time. they do believe here in saudi arabia that after eight years of the obama ministry, kelly, you have a powerful ally on their site five john roberts, reporting live from saudi arabia. we thank you as always for your stellar reporting in telling us about all of the facts of this trip. julie: president trump is the only american president to make saudi arabia his first stop overseas. making history today with israel next on the itinerary. it is a sign of the present trump desire is a strong to side with provisional american allies in the region. what does that signal to ron james is a fellow with the foreign policy initiative correspondence with that daily and author of the end of europe. thank you for talking with us. how could it trump visit balance of power affect this region, sunni arab allies, certainly israel over the past several years of the obama demonstration felt they were really getting
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the short end of the stick and that the iranians were allowed to increase their influence and power and hegemony across the region. the saudis, as you can tell, from that report you aired are very happy to have donald trump and they want to make a good impression on him and they want a return of what they would like to see as a traditional american foreign policy in the region. mainly, the sunni arab states, and egypt, the saudis in israel. they are all united in seeing iran as the major threat in the region. julie: absolutely. you read my mind. he has made a very historic trip. not only is this is very first trip overseas but he's also the first american president to actually make his first stop in saudi arabia and that is sending a clear message to many muslim countries particularly, what message is ascending to iran.
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>> the message is certainly that the united states use them as an adversary but it needs to be a speech and it needs to be more than visits. president trump on the campaign trail routinely said that the deal with iran, iran nuclear deal that the obama illustration was the worst you'll ever and then is unclear if as president he will do anything to undo that deal. i think the saudis and the israelis will want to see action on containing iran. that will have to be in syria as well with the iranians propping up the regime of assad. certainly, the trump administration has taken action in syria which the obama demonstration never did but it is unclear whether there will be any real further follow-through on this. julie: is also very important to note the significance of president trump's decision to make saudi arabia his first stop. this visit to saudi arabia says something to the muslim world.
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as everyone knows, during his campaign president trump was harshly criticized for what a lot of his opponents and critics called his anti- muslim campaign rhetoric. how will he prove to the world that he will not allow that to interfere with us policy? back a lot will depend on the speech he gets 12. during the campaign, he said some very offensive things, he called for banning all muslims from entering the united states and he hasn't implemented that as president but he has really inflamed opinions in the muslim world. in this speech tomorrow, he needs to lay out that there is a distinction that we make between the vast majority of muslim people, who are peaceful and want nothing to do with terrorism, and the small number who are radicals and extremists and who are the enemies of saudi arabia and enemies of israel and enemies of the united states. it's very important that he make this sanction in his speech tomorrow.
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a lot of people are need to be convinced. julie: we need to first of all remind that travel ban that got so much criticism not only in this country but among many countries iran, was among the list. saudi arabia was not on the list. nonetheless, that travel ban flopped. he tried to revisit it, every judge basically had this bill across their desk and decided to reject it. i know that this president is trying to break with president obama and he has done a good job and basically doing the opposite of what president obama would have done. do you think his trip to riyadh and jerusalem will pose any difficulty on how trump will handle iran with its formal national security advisor, michael flynn, putting to run on notice for testing a ballistic missile and what does that mean in a practice? >> it means we need to rely on the use of force. not necessarily using force but the notion that these threats of
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military force needs to be on the table. we need to be able to be assured in that sense. there's a huge military deal going through with the saudi's that the president just announced, selling them planes, weapons, what not. the israelis are going to want some assurances that if the iranians break the nuclear deal that they have and if they move in a direction towards trying to get nuclear weapons that the word of the united states was firm and that the united states will stop that by all means necessary. i don't think that when barack obama was president our enemies really feared the united states. i think donald trump has an opportunity, whether or not he will fulfill it, it remains to be seen but he has an opportunity to restore credibility of the united states in the region. julie: he also has an opportunity strengthen relationships with america's allies like israel, arab palestinian state. how does this further isolate iran while doing that by sealing
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the deal, if you will, with our allies. >> visiting, participating in these ceremonies, that we see. the dancing a couple moments ago. really expressing american support for the aims that all of our allies have which is we want to have stability and peace in the middle east. the main threat to that, right now, and has been for many years, is the revolutionary regime in iran. it does not like the status quo. it is involved in yemen, it is involved in libya, is involved in a civil war in syria, it is involved in iraq, over the past several years they been able to expand their influence across the region and it is disrupting the american-led security order. a trend that we've established for decades. i think, visiting our allies, telling that america's back in the region and we will contain iran, that's the best he can do. julie: how much this type might remind president trump or will
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it that russia is not an ally in the middle east? you're talking about theory, russia is a backer of the assad regime in syria and they are not an ally. >> this is absolutely true. it's been disheartening over the past two weeks something was happening in washington with russia and these revelations. the accusations that the president gave top-secret information to the russians that could have led to an ally intelligence as it's been exposed in syria. president seems to have this notion that russia and the united states have the same aims in syria. and that we can cooperate have the same goals in syria. by the way, this is the policy that the obama ministration had. john terry i lost track about the times he went to minute to meet with the vain hope that the united states and russia to work together in syria. we have fundamentally different names. they want to maintain assad in power. they are not interested,
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primarily, inviting ices. most of the russian military maneuvers in syria have not been targeting isis. they been targeting the moderate population that's fighting assad. i hope that during this trip in the region, particularly, in saudi arabia, it made clear to donald trump that russia is not on the same page as the united states in syria. julie: i'm glad we got that out there. that's a lesson that we will be spoken about on this trip. also, i mentioned to president trump first president obama and one of president trump key goals has been to systematically reverse the policies of his predecessor. how other ways can he do that while he's on this overseas trip back i mentioned the iran deal earlier. this will be difficult because it's been agreed to not just by united states and iran but many european countries and the chinese, and russians were involved too. when donald trump said on the
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campaign trail i'm going to rip this up and get rid of it, it's a lot harder to do that in practice than when your campaign. i also don't necessarily know if the best thing to do. there are provisions in the iran deal that if we follow them scrupulously and we follow them to the letter of the law, and we make sure that the iranians don't violate them, then we could actually have a successful outcome. i think, on this point it's important that this administration scrupulously follow the terms of the iranian nuclear deal so that we are absolutely clear to the iranians that you cannot violate these terms, you cannot enrich uranium to produce a nuclear bomb. this will be very important. i'm sure he will be told this both in his israel and saudi arabia. julie: king salman will be giving president trump and the first lady a tour of the first museum. to go for his itinerary while he's in riyadh will be meeting with the king and be attending a royal banquet, hold meetings
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with the king in the conference and the deputy crown prince. will also be meeting with leaders of the gulf corporation counsel and then deliver that very important speech. i want you to talk more about what we should expect from that speech. radical ideology and his hope for peaceful islam. this will be incredibly important. >> is unclear. there's conflicting reports coming out melania they are walking, right now, into the national museum and being greeted there. >> there's always conflict airport coming out about what will be in the speech. who is writing it and whether the expression, radical islamic terrorism will be in the speech. i think the details of this are less important than the broader message. as i said before many people in the muslim world, not just all around the world, this impression that the president has a problem with
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islam or wants to wage war on the muslim world because of the rhetoric he expressed during his campaign and on the campaign trail. this is a really important opportunity for him to make clear that the united states does not view the islamic religion itself as an enemy. there's over a billion muslims, we can't afford to make an enemy out of the muslim faith. you want to make a crucial distinction between the vast majority of muslims, the islamic faith, and those you said for nefarious purposes, to cause violence. i anticipate that this is what he will try to do. i can't say what he'll try to do. i hope this is what he will try to do tomorrow. there is a lot riding on it. kelly: kelly here and to key your point, foreign minister of saudi arabia adel al-jubeir said that this is indicative of change the partnership from amity to friendship so the president will likely have to
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expound upon that and expand that and broaden that. and he will even have to deepen our relationship with saudi arabia and its arab allies in moving forward to vanquish isis as well as al qaeda and its importance that adel al-jubeir pointed out that the change in partnership from amity to friendship the saudis really got the cold shoulder at the end of the obama invitation. not just the saudis but a many of our sunni arab allies. they were happy to see barack obama leave the white house. they felt the united states was privileging his relationship with the iranians and then he wanted to basically reshape the entire balance of political and security order in the middle east. that we were going to bring about some equilibrium between iran and the sunni powers. they didn't want this for understandable reasons.
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they believe, and i agree with them, the iranians are interested in a balance of power. they believe in resistance against the american-led security order. they want to destabilize american allies, weather saudi arabia, jordan, lebanon and let's not forget, beasley, their rhetoric against israel which you constantly see them pledging to destroy in supporting terrorist groups like hamas and hezbollah. they support all kinds of terrorist groups across the region. there's a lot of hope on the trump administration. with all the chaos going on in washington right now, i am not sure how effectively he can really lead on these issues. i think it's important. kelly: we are watching the president's motorcade leave the area and we will continue to watch those moments. as you were saying, i want to point out here that adel al-jubeir pointed out that they had problems over there dealing with isis and hezbollah fighters
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and in yemen which are backed by iran. >> yes, you look at the iranian reach and its increased hermetically over the past several years. whether it's in yemen, whether it's in lebanon where they've had hezbollah for decades and southern lebanon would also influential positions in the lebanese government, hamas obviously in the gaza strip, iraqi government which is shiite led and has close relations with iran and there is, of course, syria with the assad regime which is being sponsored by the iranians and the iranians are popping up with the help of the russians. the iranians are deafly on the move, on the march, across the region and they been emboldened by the iranian nuclear deal. so, there's a lot of hope writing with president trump that he can reverse this, if it's not too late. julie: i want to ask you with
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regard to terrorism. president trump and kenneth trump campaigned very hard about the fact that he will defeat isis. so far, he has certainly done a magnificent job in taking such a strong stance in syria where isis has eventually been allowed the opportunity to grow by the tens of thousands because of that whole no boots on the ground policy that our former president obama had implemented and by not growing there on the ground many military officials would argue that that essentially gave isis time to grow. in this trip, while in riyadh, he, the president will be attending the inauguration of the global counter extremism terrorism center. what can he learn from that visit? >> what he needs to learn in syria, in particular, is the assad regime that has been fueling the rise of isis. it is the brutality of the assad
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regime in just killing hundreds of thousands of syrians, primarily sunnis, that is driven people, so many sunnis into the arms of isis. julie: i'm sorry, i didn't mean to cut you off there. i wanted to let you finish a thought, i have to let you go. our new cast is a bit fluid. james, thank you. we appreciate you coming on. kelly: vice president mike pence is at the air force base just outside in ohio speaking to honor the us armed forces. let's listen in. >> to all the men and women of the united states air force and your families. it is an honor to be here with all of you today. my wife was born on an air force base and you'll be glad to know
12:23 pm
that as her father served in uniform. we are so proud of you all and grateful to be here. on this special day, in the special place, really, as i said before, i'm here on president trump's behalf. he's on the other side of the world simply to say thank you. the good book tells us that respect and respect. today is merely one more installment on behalf of the american people on a debt of honor and the debt of gratitude that will never be able to fully repay to all of you serve. i can't think of a better place to celebrate armed forces day than here. just two days from now, i'm told, right field will celebrate its 100 birthday and since 1948, air force base has been crucial to the united states security and national defense.
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in fact, today the research and development and testing that happened here in insurers that on question dominance of the united states air force in the skies across the world. right path, thank you. thanks to all those who are stationed here. 5200 active duty service members and 1900 reservists and today is your day. since 1950, the third saturday in the month of may has been set aside and at the time for all americans to join together to show the profound gratitude that we all feel, each and every day, for the men and women of our armed forces. president trump is proud to continue that tradition this year. in honor of our enforcement day the president issued a proclamation in his words, to pro, salute the bravery of those
12:25 pm
who defend our nation's peace and security and salute you we do. today in communities large and small on main streets and meeting halls, in homes and in hearts, and in gatherings at military bases across the nation, the american people are taking a moment to pause, to say thank you, to you here is to protect our freedom, our families and our very way of life. every american that is looking on, i say, you see a member of our armed forces on armed forces day, make sure you reach out your hand and say those most deserving of words to this all volunteer military-thank you for your service to the united states of america. [applause] you are part of a quart of service that stretches back into the midst of american history.
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in every generation the sons and daughters of liberty from every corner of the country have answered the call of duty and answered it with courage and self-sacrifice and commitment. their service and sacrifice kept the flame of freedom alive in their time and now, you have stepped up and stepped forward to defend our freedom in your time. you are among the rest of us, but make no mistake about it, you are the best of us. so, are all your brothers and sisters stationed around the wider world. to date nearly 1.3 million americans are serving in active duty in the united states army, air force, navy, marines, card. another 800,000 americans stand ready in our reserves and wherever they are, home or abroad, the men and women of the armed forces of the united states stand tall and stand
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together. you form the unbreakable backbone of american freedom. [applause] today we recognize what you do every day. but we also recognize that you do not in many cases serve alone and so allow me to take a moment to say thank you to the family members who serve beside you, stand behind you, let us give thanks to the families of our armed forces, especially those are with us today. [applause] the truth is that while our servicemembers into the family
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that serves, isn't it mark's family that makes the sacrifices. we know today that family members who are here, spouses, children, grandchildren, you have the gratitude of our commander-in-chief. my wife and i know a little bit about what it's like to be in a military family. while neither of us wore the uniform, our fathers both served in the military and with a proud parents of a united states marine who happens to be an aviator. so that is close to the air force, right i couldn't be more grateful as the proud parents of a parent of our military was serving a president so dedicated to the men and women of our military, veterans and families. i want to assure you president donald trump is fighting tirelessly, every day, and we will rebuild our military, restore our arsenal of democracy
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and we will once again as a nation give our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, coast guard the resources and training you deserve to accomplish your mission and come home safe. [applause] with the strong support of president trump and our armed forces, we will give you the resources to accomplish that paramount mission of combating and defeating the terrorist threat to our nation and isis. today, because of our armed forces i am pleased to report isis is on the run and we will not rest, we will not relent until we hunt down and destroy isis and its source. you can eliminate the threat to our nation and to our allies in the years ahead.
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[applause] you know, you will be glad to know as members of our armed forces, earlier this month president trump signed a 21 billion-dollar increase in funding for our armed forces. it was the biggest investment in military readiness and nearly ten years. president trump is worked with leaders in congress like those who are gathered here today and in the coming budget there will be unveiled this next week we are going to propose the largest increase in defense spending since the days of ronald reagan. [applause] with the strong support that you all deserve and receive in the congress of the united states, our president is going to make the strongest fighting force in
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history, even stronger still. with renewed american strength, president trump is standing with our allies and standing up to our enemies. at this very moment, president trump is overseas renewing america's role as leader of the free world. as we speak today, the president is in saudi arabia, strengthening our alliances across the arab world. just a few days, he'll be in israel, he'll close out his trip in europe where our president will reaffirm america's commitment to our treaty allies in nato. president trump has no higher priority than the safety and security of the american people and i know in my heart that serving with him as i do, every day, president donald trump will be the best friend the armed forces of america will have ever had in the white house. [applause]
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he will faithfully support you just as you have basically stepped forward to defend our nation and the precious gift of freedom. today, all of america celebrates the men and women of our armed forces. you are patriots, all. you are heroes. not just for your families and communities but to every american frankly you are the pride of the american people the best among us and we are grateful, one in all. to wear the uniform of the united states of america, plain and simple, is to earn the internal appreciation and the prayers of the american people and be confident of this, on this armed forces day your commander-in-chief and every american who lives under the protection that you provide, will stand up this day and
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simply offer a word of thanks and we salute you for your service. we pray today god's protection on you as you serve and defend this nation. may god bless you as you serve this, the greatest nation on earth, and may god bless your families and may god bless the united states of america. thank you all and happy armed forces day. [applause] kelly: that is a vice-president pence at the air force base in ohio and he is addressing and saluting the men and women who served in the armed forces thanking them for their valuable efforts and valiant effort to vanquish our enemies and also protect our freedoms and safeguard our national security. joining me now, republican congressman from arizona he's a member of the house judiciary committee and he's joining me now. congress meant, i want to ask you right now, your reaction to
12:34 pm
his thanking the men and women who served in our armed forces. i agree with him entirely. we depend on these men and women for the sacrifices they make to protect and preserve our nation. i'm grateful for them and i'm grateful that he was conveying a message five he had a strong message. he gave a little bit of news right there that the president of the united states will likely try to expand upon the budget for the armed forces. he talked about the alien dollar investment already done but talking about the new budget. what are your comments on that. >> i'm interested to see what they have planned. art military has been decimated over the last eight years and we are fine pieces, parts in some instances. we are depleted and the navy as well. i'm looking forward to that. kelly: he served on the judiciary committee. there's so much fluid news right now today. where dvd to talking about the
12:35 pm
wedding, vice president and the president of the united states within saudi arabia beginning his first foreign tour and the remarkable job over there and being heralded and celebrated by the saudi's your reaction to the business that you've seen so f far. >> i'm very uplifted by the. i think what we are seen happening is a reset of the mideast balance that is the way will have peace in the mideast. that is what we need to get a real balance there we can have more stability and more peace. i'm pleased that the way president trump was received by the saudi's and i think he's done a great job watching this week i've been watching it today as well and trying to get a feel for it. mostly early this morning. i'm very excited by what i see. kelly: that's certainly a departure from what the president has been encountering here at home. let's go right to the point of former fbi director james comey says he's going to testify
12:36 pm
publicly and what is your reaction to him testifying? should he be testifying before your committee? >> well, he'll be testifying in the senate and that is good. the judiciary committee, we all signed a letter saying please send the evidence that you would introduce in the senate and house intelligence committees and i'm looking forward. i'm not sure the house judiciary committee is necessary, will he be duplicate it, probably but let's wait and see what he has to say. he's still a couple weeks for help testify in the senate. then let's see what he says and if we need to expand on that, let's bring them to the house judiciary committee if we need to. kelly: at the core of all of this, the media has written a lot of stories about the present and a lot of coverage on the present. a lot of it based on anonymous sources and now we have the former director of the fbi, james comey, coming forward and
12:37 pm
what are you hoping -- will this put a rest to any possible collusion that so far no one has shown any evidence of? >> i truly believe that were ten months into the investigation over that dnc hacking and we've seen no indictments, we heard james clapper say there is no pollution, and yet, you can do a committee hearing on anything in the house of representatives without hearing about russian collusion and whether it's dnc hacking, whatever, i just don't know that those who want to undermine the trump presidency are ever going to be satisfied with any amount of testimony or evidence that fails to prove collusion five congressman, serving thing that most people have artist people on the streets are saying what is going on within the leadership of the american, congressman is not getting along and yet you're trying to pursue an ambitious
12:38 pm
agenda that the president himself has tried to enact and then you have a lot of distractions with regard to the investigation going on about russia and yet, there are some smoke there. i is the, you want to see if there's fire their. >> well, i would say, have you ever tried to light what would you get a lot of smoke. it doesn't mean you ever have fire. that's really what i think is going on here. it provides a distraction. it we've seen some amazing things happen already. president trump assigned more bills than either the last two or three presents. we've done some great work on reining in the regulatory state to the extent that what you're seeing is literally billions of dollars and millions of labor hours are being saved already. we know that with just the internal enforcement of immigration laws, you are seeing an incredible reduction in illegal.
12:39 pm
kelly: we thank you, there's a lot of things that we can discuss and thanks for tap dancing with me to talk about these different issues. again, thanks for joining us. julie: president trump touching down in saudi arabia today. as you been watching our life coverage here on fox. pump and circumstance and it's been an exciting day. he wants to unite the middle east against terrorism. how much can he accomplish in tomorrow's much anticipated will take a much closer look at that next from the makers of lantus®, ♪ we're gonna groove tonight. toujeo® provides blood sugar-lowering activity for 24 hours and beyond, proven blood sugar control all day and all night, and significant a1c reduction. toujeo® is used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes.
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julie: president trump is due to meet with 50 muslim meters across the region during a stop in saudi arabia tomorrow. he will be making remarks on terrorism and islam. he insists he will use top language to help quote, unite the civilized world against terrorism. mr. trump views on iran in the global nuclear agreement are a key part of the diplomatic
12:44 pm
equation. john mccormick is a senior writer for the weekly standard. john, thank you for talking with us. how will president trump's words tomorrow differ, do you believe from how past presidents have addressed the topic of radical islam? back is not entirely clear. there been conflicting reports about that. i think president trump, if i bet, it would be closer to more previous presidents that actually said about uniting the civilized world against bands of extremists. he may say the phrase radical islam would be a departure from previous presidents. julie: such as president obama. >> even president obama thought, president bush thought it was a semantic disagreement and i'm not sure exactly how important that is. his goal is about restoring confidence. it's about restoring confidence with our allies and it was lost in the at last administration whether it was pulling out of the rack all of our troops, not
12:45 pm
leaving behind a follow along force which allowed the rise of isis, whether it was setting the redline in syria by using chemical weapons to enforce the redline, there's a lot of lost confidence among our allies and i would say that he's about storing competence here in home. confident that he had lost over the last two back weeks. he gained up until then with the story after story about erratic behavior, firing james comey, his meeting with the russians in which information was discussed, i think, his goal here is to restore confidence among our allies and american people. julie: i think when you say, it may not be that important for him to differentiate between islam or just talk radical islam, i think, for president trump many criticized him for his anti- muslim rhetoric when he was on the campaign trail and i do believe, he does use the term radical islam, it's important extremely important to make an extreme differentiation
12:46 pm
between these two, specifically, because he'll have an audience of 50 muslim leaders. he has a global stage to voice that difference. that difference is what essentially leads number one mission and that is to defeat isis, it's a perfect example, the worst example of radical islam. how does he send that message tomorrow? this will pay much backup that promise that he made on the campaign. >> to that point, many people have argued that you can't defeat the enemy if you are unable to name or understand the enemy. that is important. you can make that argument and what you want to do is make a distinction between that he did follow through on some of his harsher rhetoric and harsher proposals about the man. to be talking to a group of about 50 leaders of arab or muslim nations and the fact that a very small number of them are actually affected by his so-called travel ban which is gummed up in the courts right now, that shows that he didn't actually follow through on that and that he is more in line with
12:47 pm
previous administrations trying to take the fight against the small group of extremists will use violence. julie: it wasn't due to a lack of effort. he did try to establish a travel ban and we want to make clear, it was call a traveling band not a muslim man. a lot of people wanted to call it a muslim man but he didn't silly say he wanted to ban all muslims or that wouldn't have been the case in the list of countries that were included in that. saudi arabia is a muslim country and it was not on the list. that is all the time we had. thank you very much. we appreciate you coming on, john mccormick. de kelly: as we have been talking, president trump is making his first trip overseas. today's agenda including the signing of a huge 110 billion-dollar arms deal with saudi arabia. what does that mean for the war on terror?
12:48 pm
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kelly: the white house is slamming the media with an unnamed official saying recent reports from the washington post and the new york times seem to be quote coordinated attack on the president and reports drop new information on the ongoing investigation of possible collusion between the trump campaign and russia earlier this week. twenty is now is robin biro a former obama campaign regional field director and a radio
12:52 pm
talkshow host and boxes there. thank you for joining us. tammy, will begin with you. coordinate attack? this is not just now and not just about donald trump. we've seen this for a generation. most americans will remember in 2007 the exposure of journalists which was this google private google group of journalists that many of the major outlets would discuss approaches of how to deal with republican, they complain about conservatives when it was exposed it was finally close down. we've seen that actual direct collusion in a way but it's not even that obvious, kelly. the new york times has acted for two generations perhaps media around the country as an assignment desk. they take the tone, the approach, the stories that are covered and follow-up in that regard. when i was on the left, we knew how to manage that kind of
12:53 pm
network and you had to start with the new york times. this is not unusual, not new, and it's not just because of trump. it's known and the difference is whether or not the white house has a system, communications department that can confront it appropriately and get the information out the benefits president. kelly: i what's the reaction to the report coming out. >> i'm glad to hear tammy say this has been going on for more than a generation because this is nothing new. what is new is this war against the independent free press that donald trump is waiting. he's literally said that the free press is the enemy and he's basically side to trust him and him alone are busy, that sounds like an orthography to me. so, basically to allude that there's some mass conspiracy from the media is just ridiculous to me. the thought of people saying there's this giant conspiracy
12:54 pm
from the media that they can acknowledge that but they can't acknowledge that the fbi has already said that we've had collusion, excuse me, russian meddling. kelly: let me put this question to both of you. it's one thing for a reporter to do their job but it's another thing for reporters to perhaps have a bent that explains or actually gives credence to their own ideology and that could color the facts and then it becomes what many people are saying, think news instead of the truth. i want to see where both of you square on that issue. tammy back we've seen it when it comes to the massive coverage. were dealing with differentiate between gossip and insinuation and innuendo. this is what we've got with whether it's the comey memo or what was said during a meeting with the russians or what donald
12:55 pm
trump said or whatever. it's like someone coming up in whispering in your ear that somebody has done ask and walks away and then you can never see them again. were supposed to take that aspect. the problem is that can be opinion or gossip. kelly: as opposed to fact. >> but it presented as a news framework. there is a big difference between the two and now you have the times, washington post, presenting gossip and news. it's like, guys. kelly: i have to jump in. robin has to get the last word in. were getting ready to go here. robin, your comments as well and your actions what he me to send. >> i agree. we had a plethora of big news. i want to correct one earlier statement about. kelly: which is. >> clever, corrected itself on msnbc and said there was no coordinated attempt, excuse me, there was no coordinated attempt to have voter fraud in the state
12:56 pm
themselves not that there was no collusion from russia. he did correct that. i heard the congressman with all due respect say something that has been corrected on national news five the american people deserve to have the facts. they deserve to have the truth and the tube should be told and if there's any collusion at all going on within the media that we need to examine ourselves and stop it. >> this conversation is key. kelly: tammy, we have to go. robin, tammy, thank you for joining us on this great day of a lot of fluid news going on. is not been adult couple hours. julie: no, never. kelly: the news continues at the top of the hour. greg and ralph. julie: of you back at the top of the hour
12:57 pm
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>> hello, i'm jerry for erica sean. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news workers. >> a busy day of meetings, deals and ceremonies were present. on day one of his first official trip overseas we are alive in saudi arabia. >> james coney agreed to return to capitol hill to testify on the reston investigation in a public hearing after new details emerged from the president's oval office meeting with russian