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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  May 20, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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kennedy: jesse will be back for a special live show tomorrow night. it's "watters world." judge jeanine: right now on "justice." >> present investment in the united states and our military. the community is very happy and i want to thank you and saudi arabia. judge jeanine: the president signs an historic deal with saudi arabia on his first day of his overseas trip. and a speech on terror tomorrow. kellyanne conway is here with the details. wait until you hear what this congressman says why saudi arabia is rolling out the red
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tape for president trump when they virtually ignored president obama. find out what people want the president to do for them. a jam packed justice starts now. president trump wrapping up the first dave his historic trip abroad with saudi arabia laying out the red carpet. welcome to justice. i'm jeanine pirro. president trump hours away from what many predict will be an historic speech on terror. today after a series of banquets, receptions and ceremonies, the president who was awarded the highest civilian honor signed an historic arms
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deal solidifying the alliance between the united states and muslim saudi arabia. for all of you who think president trump is a muslim hater, saudi arabia, the most religious muslim state in the world, home to the hole holiest of muslim sites is giving our president a welcome that we haven't seen for a president in years. quite a reception that the president has gotten. lavish welcome gaining get, ceremonies, dances. what does this say about america and saudi arabia and the muslim world? >> it's an historic trip.
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most presidents go to canada or mexico first. this president begins in the seat of the muslim world where the holy places in the muslim religion are in this country. tomorrow he will deliver an historic speech in front of those representing 50 muslim countries. and he will call to action everyone to come together in unity to defeat terrorism and extremism. you see the reception he got today from these leaders. these are people who want to cooperate. the deal that was done today, when it finished. the $110 billion arms deal, the largest of it kind in u.s. history. this allows saudi arabia to push back extremism and terrorism. they are facing that there. iran is a threat to everyone including our friend israel.
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he will go on to the vatican and israel and the g-and nato in brussels. it's not just symbolic, it's substantive. these investments that were made today are investments in american jobs and infrastructure. and the idea that you have got the media on this side of the atlantic ocean arguing about whether the president should even remain in office is so ridiculous when you come birth to what he's doing as president of the united states. judge jeanine: what is the significance of the president on his first international trip selecting saudi arabia as his first stop. >> he wants to go into the heart of the muslim world and pushback terrorism. every country wants evil and
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tear relationship out of its way. this trip is significant because it reestablishes america's dominance as a global leader. and we continue to build a relationship with allies around the globe and we are looking for cooperation in what the president has said from practically day one of his campaign. he's gone to soundy arabia -- judge jeanine: i understand president el-sisi and the leaders of other countries will be there. is this a new chapter in the middle east where the youth is realigning with its former allies? is this significant in terms of the repudiation of obama pant iran deal? >> i haven't heard anyone mention obama thinking about
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this trip. the on time i heard him mentions is when people on tv talk about how saudi arabia and other allies had to suffer through 8 years of not showing cooperation and not having a strong relationship and cooperation toward defeating terrorism and extremism. it also means that we are looking towards building relationships and alliances across the globe. iran was delivered piles of cash during the obama administration within made a terrible deal even some democratic senators were critical of. instead we are talking about iran now as a leading if not the leading state sponsor of terrorism. judge jeanine: what is the significance of the first lady being on this trip. she has been in new york with barron, now she is with the
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president now that school is over. but her being with him, what signal does that send? >> it's not a signal as much as the substance of it. we have a brilliant first lady who is an immigrant herself who understands the rich diversity of the globe. she speaks five languages. i know everyone will focus on how elegant and poitds and dig need she is, all of which is true. but we should look at who she is in terms of her partnership with her husband and president of the united states and how important she is to him on a daily basis, and how she is representing this country in a beautiful and elegant and dig need way. we should be proud she is the first lady. i personally as the mother of four school-aged children think so highly of the first lady
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putting motherhood first saying publicly their son needs one of his parents with him at all times. judge jeanine: one of the things reference is people talk about how elegant she is. we'll talk about that later in the show. but tomorrow, what can we expect from the speech and it's kinds of interesting because we had president obama's first speech, it was an apology for being an american. i suspect will be different tomorrow from the *. >> it will be different. we are not there to impose our customs and values on the rest of the world. america first does not mean america alone. building relationships and cooperative attitude and the cooperative action together to push back on the growing threat around the globe, including in the east in. against radical terrorists and
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extremism. this is something the president of the united states believes all children, muslim children, atheist children, christian children ought to live in peace and pursue their dreams as well. judge jeanine: last question. there is a lot of question as to whether he will use the term islamic terrorism tomorrow. do you know? >> i won't get ahead of the president's speech. it has been previewed to the press. and the previews are consistent with what i said tonight. this president has been clear about his view and he's been clear about his willingness to go to the middle east and share those views and finds some cooperation. judge jeanine: thanks so much for being with us tonight. joining me with more reaction to president trump's historic trip, congressman ron dean derks sant.
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this dancing and the king almost running down the red carpet when the president landed. when you juxtapose that against the reception of president obama which there was really none, you have to draw some conclusions. what conclusions do you draw? >> it was amazing, like trumpr tower sand box edition. saudi arabia realized iran has gained a huge amount of power the last 8 years. they see the disaster of the nuclear deal and all the money that's gone into iran. what they see with president trump. someone who articulated the danger posed to the middle east by iran. and the president will stands
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with our allies to reduce iranian influence. but this is a culmination of a lot of good work he has done since he has taken office. they have a good relationship with president el-sisi of egypt. king abdullah of jordan. you have a broad coalition that can push back against iranian aggression, and fighting isis. when you talk about sunni-arab parts of iraq. if they see the united states like the was under obama groflg towards iran, they don't want to be dominated by a shiia power. judge jeanine: isn't saudi arabia and iran historical enemies? >> it's a sunni-shiia divide. saudi is the heart of sufficient any islam. iran is the heart of shiia
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islam. and there is a natural fighting going on between them. judge jeanine: how do you have think israel is looking at the fact the president has chosen saudi arabia as a first visit or is there a real alignment in terms of is rail and sophomore moderate arab countries? >> a lot of the moderate arab countries work with them behind the scenes because they realize it's within their interests to join with israel, share intelligence because they recognize the threat iran poses. from israel's perspective they have to be pleads with the posture this administration has taken. netanyahu came to congress. i was there raising the dangers with if the nuke deal. obama didn't listen to him. now they have a partner in addition to this coalition on
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the same page recognizing the iranian threat. judge jeanine: i can't get you go without asking about the special counsel that was appointed this week by the department of justice it's interesting. for all the obama years, special counsel, and independent prosecutors, no one ever recused themselves or got an independent prosecutor. how do you look at the department of justice in leave it what's gone on in if the first four or five months? >> you had the irs targeting scandal, the hillary scandal that deserved special counsel and it did not happen. the order that was signed by the deputy a.g. referenced comey's testimony in march where he talked about a koirnlts intelligence operation.
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the regulations require a criminal matter before you have do a special counsel. i'm not sure the regulation was satisfied in this case. what is the criminal offense they are investigating? nobody is able to articulate that because the links or coordination in and of itself isn't a crime in has to be a criminal object than noistlesd of a crime. judge jeanine: joining me now, pulitzer prize winning reporter and fox news country imriewrt, judith miller. this your area of expertise. what do you have think of the reception our president has received in the middle east? >> donald trump may be under fire at home, but he received the royal treatment in the kingdom today. i have seen a lot of presidents come and visit. i have never seen a reception like this.
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the 81-year-old king meeting donald trump at the edge of the red carpet. everybody gathered there. this is an effort to reset a relationship that is crucial to the national security our country which has been ignored for the past 8 years by the obama administration. and they showed gratitude today for that. judge jeanine: the president could have chosen any country as his first stop on his first international trip. why saudi arabia? >> because you are fighting isis and trying to counter iranian aggressions and ambition in the region. you want to be in the arab country which is the custodian of the two holy mosques, the sim bol of sunni islam to get the world's largest oil producer on your side. that's what he did. the israelis were a little bit uncomfortable.
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but they understood it. they are second. this is a very important moment and a very important decision. judge jeanine: what do you think of the fact the first lady melania trump did notwear any head covering. is that relevant? what does it say? >> i don't think it is. any shell obama did not wear head covering. under sunni islam foreign women who are not -- do not have their to cover their hair or wear a veil. when i worked there in the first and second gulf war, i was not required to dress that way. i think as a woman, you have to be aware of the huge gap that remains still between western human rights standards and that country, even though they made progress. they have a long, long way to go. but this trip is not about human
6:17 pm
rights or freedom of speech or expression it's about national security, about resetting this relationship and defeating isis. the most important thing that happened today in my view of is not necessarily the 110 million worth of arms. it was the keyation of a joint effort to fight the mess -- it was the creation of a joint effort to fight the message of terror. the. the saudis have to be part of the solution and their agreement to establish a center in riyadh to help with the messaging that will take people away from this perversion of the faith is hugely important. judge jeanine: today, continuing
6:18 pm
to have president rouhani in iran, what does that tell us in terms of the american and iranian relationship, if any? >> you know, i haven't been to iran for many years because i am band. i haven't been able to get a visa because of my reporting. but the realization of this unexpected margin of president rouhani is a good sign of u.s. relations in the long run. i know it makes the saudis uncomfortable every time the united states talks to iran. iran is a player in the region, they have to be watched, they have to be monitored. their adherence to the nuclear accord has to be monitored. but they are a flaherty region and you cannot ignore that. judge jeanine: judy miller, thanks so much.
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coming up, pan an all-star polil panel. why don't you keep your promises and at least you will have people loyal to you because they care about the country. later -- >> i want to have the courage to do what's right and not worry so much about the other side except to tweet a little bit less. judge jeanine: what can president trump do for you? stay right here, back in a flash.
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that's over 6 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. judge jeanine: my next guest was one of donald trump's most outspoken supporters during the *'s election. but now she seems to be wavering in her support. have the liberals gotten to her? are you in l.a.? ann: i am in l.a. judge jeanine: let's talk about saudi arabia.
6:24 pm
when i was listening to my other guest from kellyanne to judith miller, we haven't seen anything like this. i can't remember seeing -- i was glued to watching. the president actually dancing with a bunch of men. i thought that was hysterical. what did you think all this? ann: thousand would like him to concentrate on america and not cleaning up the middle east, everything liberals attack trump for is what i like about him. they made fun of him for having steak and ketchup. i love that he's talking about make an arms deal for $100 billion. i think we can use some of that to pay for the wall. i like that his wife and daughterw are not wearing head scarves, and because he is a strong alpha male, we heard the
6:25 pm
arabs respect him. they don't respect the beta male obama. you see that. he's getting a warmer reception. they probably like that radical islam stuff. msnbc was going crazy, they will be so upset with the muslim ban. no, saudi arabia banned christians. they understand the idea of sovereign nations. judge jeanine: there are many muslims killed by isis. if we can get moderate space, if we can get whether it's bahrain, the uae, jordan, egypt, saudi arabia to fight the common enemy and believe in us again, we all benefit it's a realignment of the middle east.
6:26 pm
ann: i think that's right. it's not this nato or the u.n. going in. it's the united states dealing with the arab countries again as separate sovereign nations and we'll have their back. but they should be the ones fighting the enemies in the their backyard like we should be fighting the enemies in our backyard which brings us back to the wall. what do you think of the fact that the president has taken melania, the appearance of a family going there. we haven't seen that much of melania. a significant message? ann: i'm not sure i like melania. i think she makes a great first lady. i'm glad she is not involved in policy like a few first ladies i could name.
6:27 pm
judge jeanine: that's your answer? ann: hillary clinton. judge jeanine: let's talk about the statement you made while you still have hope in the trump presidency, you are ready to jump ship. ann: not exactly. liberals have not gotten to me. i will never -- the daily caller interview, they did get ahold of it. he time i try to be mad at trump the media bring me back with some outrageous ridiculous charge against him. but in terms of the criticism, i think i'm exhaling his main campaign promise. build the wall. and if supporters don't keep the pressure on him to keep his campaign promise and then if he starts building the wall the media could say you are kind of a nut on this wall thing, your
6:28 pm
supporters aren't even asking for it. we are asking for it. that's why i keep posting the border wall update every day on my twitter feed. judge jeanine: you will never give it up. thanks so much for being with us this evening, ann coulter. judge jeanine: a fashion industry icon joins me to discuss all things flotus. if you would say i want this. what would you ask? >> i would ask him to leave. >> ask him to leave the american people who elected him. what makes you think your opinion is more important? >> you just asked me.
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reporter: thousands of iranians taking to the treats to celebrate election of president rouhani. he won with 51% of the vote. voter turnout was 70%. he was president when iran reached that landmark nuclear agreement in 1975 with the u.s. and other world powers. a record crowd watching a major upset at the preakness stakes. but it was not to be. long-shot cloud computing crossed the finish line first.
6:34 pm
the 3-year-old colt was a 13-1 long-shot and returned 28-80 for a $2 ticket. judge jeanine: time for the panel on this busy night of news. joining me now. matt schlapp, and author of reversing the apocalypse. i have been glued to the television. i'll start with you. what do you take from all of this? matt: i didn't know wilbur ross could dance so well. they break all the rules. you can see the hospitality. they really want to work to see
6:35 pm
the extremists in iran. you have got the most religious of muslim countries greeting him like a king. >> it's interesting. i think you can look at saudi arabia and say this our ally where we find the most distance between our stated values. in terms of their treatment of women and their rule of law. and i think frankly that was an area where there was always a discomfort with obama because he was aggressive and outspoken about human rights. president trump hasn't put that front and center in the same way, welcoming the president of the philippines into the white house and his comments. strong men around the world.
6:36 pm
matt: a lot of us didn't appreciate the president going soft on be the castro regime. the thing is, donald trump is going to talk about a pragmatic and realistic foreign policy. what is his foreign policy? >> the whole world is going to be watching. we have the whole week about everything that happened in politics. donald trump said a lot of things on the campaign trail. he's the guy hot muslim world in saudi arabia realizes if they can forge a relationship with them they can do business and get some stuff done for the world. judge jeanine: and they can beat their historic enemy iran. saudis have been promoting this visit as the islamic american summit.
6:37 pm
you can see they have got american flag along with the saudi arabian flag, and all of these allies we never expected to be as receptive given the last 8 years seem on back in the fold. but crystal, what do you think of whether this is going to continugoing toinnure to the prn fifth. will they still be criticizing him? >> of course. i think especially after the past week he has had, the bar here is sow low. as long as the president can get through these visits without provoking a major international crisis, i think he will get good headlines out of this. that sugar high will only last for a short period of time.
6:38 pm
>> i think that the arabs, the saudis, i think they respect power. they respect strength, they respect a businessman. they respect everything donald trump is. so they like the deal making. they are getting arms they can fight their enemy with. but at the same time i wonder how is rail is looking at this? >> i think they are a little discomforted with the idea he went to saudi arabia first. i think they understand because of the rhetoric from the campaign and we are fighting radical islamic terror, it's symbolic for the path to say we have a lot of differences but i'm going to show you have respect. this is what the saudis didn't like to about barack obama. he didn't even include them in on things they were doing in the region. they feel they will get a restart with president trump.
6:39 pm
>> i think it's a good thing for america that this trip is successful. i hope he does not provoke any crises and we'll be glad to see him back home. judge jeanine: first lady melania trump stealing the show in saudi arabia. we are going to be right back. stay with us.
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judge jeanine: the first lady is making a splash with her trip abroad. joining me is someone who has been in fashion for 25 plus years who dresses the first laid yesterday and so many significant women in the world.
6:44 pm
here is the first delayedy from oprah to the principle selves monaco, to cindy crawford to kellyanne conway, and even yours truly. good evening, anthony. it's good to have you here. what did you think when you saw melania in that black outfit? >> she is literally an absolutely beautiful woman. she has an amazing personal sense of style. she precisely chooses south fits that are appropriate court occasions she is involved in. she has been a wonderful asset. she goes back to the first ladies nancy ray dan and jackie kennedy. the gold belt gets it answer elegant look'.
6:45 pm
>> she is covered, sleeves, arms, chest, and she chose a pants suit. >> she isis modern because she chose a jumpsuit. she presented herself in the environment she is in. as far as i'm concerned she is an asset to the trump administration and the white house. judge jeanine: how do you compare her when you have think about other first ladies? >> she moves with such grace. jacky kennedy was one of them, and nancy reagan also. judge jeanine: it's interesting. see the necklace nancy reagan had on? >> it makes it modern but very elegant without being overdone. judge jeanine: i think we have another shot of melania in a long gown. look at that. >> she looks absolutely beautiful.
6:46 pm
she is paying respect to the culture she is visiting. she is covered up, but she is elegant, modern, and looks quite beautiful. judge jeanine: do we know what she is wearing? >> this particular gown i'm not sure of. she gave it a personal touch. she looks wonderful. judge jeanine: what do you expects for the rest of the trip when she goes to israel and rome? >> i think she'll shine on her own. she'll let her own personal style come through and depends on the cultures she visits she'll put her own identity and own twist on it. she has her own sense of style. judge jeanine: kellyanne conway was on earlier and said she speaks five languages. and her height.
6:47 pm
>> she is statuesque and she literally floats when she walks. she is beautiful. judge jeanine: why don't you tell us about lea petite. i partnered with my designer. we are an italian-based firm 367. we came with a concept for ladies like yourself, and it's been received so well. we managed to get on the bodies of the most beautiful, intelligent entertainment, politically -- just every woman we could possibly wants. judge jeanine: what i love about them all is i can cut the hem with scissors. thanks so as much for being with us this evening. and you have been waiting for
6:48 pm
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judge jeanine: it's time for your weekly dose of "street
6:52 pm
justice." i asked people what they would like president trump do to make their lives better. what would you like the president to be doing now? >> building the wall joan * while the media is going crazy, what do you want the president to focus on? what should the president be doing for you or the country? >> the president should be acting like a president. be more presidential. not just shooting off at the hip and saying anything that comes into his minds. be a big boy. judge jeanine: what do you want him to do? >> a good job. judge jeanine: everybody is criticizing the president. what do you have think he should be doing? >> i don't know. judge jeanine: sure you do. you are a businessman. you should know what the president should be doing. do you think they are being fair to the president?
6:53 pm
>> yeah. i don't know. judge jeanine: what are we doing? >> you are talking about trump. the american people knew trump was a con artist and about money and himself and the politics is all about him. now they are getting what they paid for. judge jeanine: what do you think the president should be doing? >> he needs to ignore these folks. they are trying to distract him and get him off his game. >> keep doing what he's doing. he's doing a good job so far. to focusing on the noise. take a chill pill. judge jeanine: what do you want the president to do for you. >> we are not americans. we would like him to get rid of these lunatic terrorists. that's all we ask. judge jeanine: what do you think the president should be doing? >> being at peace. judge jeanine: if you could meet him and say want this, what
6:54 pm
would you ask for? >> i would ask him to leave. judge jeanine: really? american people elected him. what makes you think your opinion is more important? >> you just asked me. >> i want him to have the courage to do what's right and not worry so much about the other side except to tweet a little bit less. judge jeanine: what do you want the president to do for you? >> stop tweeting. judge jeanine: what do you want trump to do for you? >> go away. >> i don't think it many that they don't like what he's proposing. they will say no just to say no. >> i'm from canada. i don't think he will do much for us. certainly doesn't seem like he's holding his end of the deal when it comes to trade. we are not very happy with the trump administration right now in canada.
6:55 pm
judge jeanine: we are not happy withdrew dough, so there. >> touche'. judge jeanine: what do you want the president to do for you? get rid of our student loans? is that what you are saying? that's a recent graduate. flame burning strong, year after year. for being able to choose exactly the kind of grill you want. for 2,3,4 and 6 burner grills that fit any and every lifestyle. the all new genesis ii series featuring gs4, weber4s brand new high performance grilling engine. go to for more information. it'sand your doctor at yoto maintain your health.a because in 5 days, 10 hours and 2 minutes you are going to be 67. and on that day you will walk into a room
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>> that's it for us tonight. follow me on twitter and instagram. thanks so much for watching. tune in tomorrow for a live sunday edition of justice where we'll have reaction to president trump's historic speech. now, the best quote of the night when anthony said that the first lady floats which is appropriate, because she's flow discuss, get it -- flotus, get it? first lady floats. am i going to get in trouble for that? [laughter] greg gutfeld is next. [laughter] ♪ ♪
7:00 pm
♪ ♪ >> the white house seems to be a catastrophe. it's crazy. t just confusing craziness. >> this is heading toward the end, right? it has to be, right? [laughter] [cheers and applause] greg: so now who's the crazy aunt and uncle? [cheers and applause] greg: there are old decisions and there ar


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