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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  May 21, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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that is something the united states wants to hear from the saudi's and amber at. the thing that got the biggest applause was that he talked about taking on iran and that is something each one of these leaders and sunni islam really fear is the growing threat and the growing strength of iran allowed by president obama. elizabeth: thanks for joining us. im elizabeth prann here with leland we are watching president trump with king salman as he attends an event for extremism ideology. we watch the event right yesterday and today. our own john roberts is in rehab with president trump. i want to bring u.n. because as we watch these pictures i also want to read than the impact of the president's speech that we heard this morning really just two hours ago, a couple hours ago. >> yeah, there is no question this is a speech that needed to be said.
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a speech well received in the room as well as leaders from the arab and muslim world, literally around the globe because there was a dignitary from an intonation is taken as well. just referring back to what is a beautiful show they are putting on and what was an old hotel. combating extremist ideologies still appears very much a work in progress. the select ticketmaster at the very beginning there with saying we are developing myth and developing not in the system is not quite online at you have to wonder as well how focused are they going to be on this? is this going to be a make work project or will it start to root out based on social media to my based on fears on the ground for these hotbed of islamic extremist ideology are coming from. the president said in the arab islamic american summit faerber did not extremist ideology is the key to defeating terrorism. he said that there is nothing
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glorious about being a terrorist and terrorist do not worship god. they just want to kill and anybody who pursues that lifestyle is certainly not going to go to heaven as many of those people who will be martyred are but eternally condemned as the president with what melania is going here to a twitter forum where he will be talking with young people throughout the middle east. we do not know if that is still going to happen because they are way behind schedule now. it's 9:00 at night here in riyadh or the president will be leaving soon bound for israel. if the plan is that there was originally formulated, the president will make the first publicly announced direct flight from saudi arabia to israel. we and there may have been one or two secret five that have gone between the two countries, but this is the first publicly announced flight.
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or is the press, we have to stop in the third country on her way to israel because air traffic and drove cannot go directly between saudi arabia and israel. make us to israel, the next big >> he will go to meet with prime minister abbas. the goal there to try to forge the building blocks for perhaps finally crafting the middle peace. something we heard in saudi arabia as well. perhaps a new spirit of coopation between the muslim and arab world and the israel may lead to a new era of peace lead to a new era of peace between israel and palestinians. >> terrorists do not worship
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god. they worship death. we do not act against terror, devastation of life will continue to spread, peaceful societies will become engulfed by violence, not only will we be judged by our people, not only will we be judged by history, but we will be judged by god. >> for president said that the nation offense the world need to ban together to eradicate existing terrorists but they also need to look at next generation of terrorists in stopping the process and where in the arab world that begins in the mosques, listen here. >> will deliver you no glory, evil will bring you no dignity. if you choose the path of terror, your life will be empty,
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your life will be briefed and your soul will be fully condemn ed. >> the president did dial back on the rhetoric that he became so famous for during the election campaign where he insisted that the leader of the united states, the president needs to say the words radical islamic terrorism, you have to name it in order to combat it, he was critical for president obama for not saying the world and we were relying on islamic extremism as opposed to radical terrorism but it's important to know that during the speech the president did not mention those words but he was supposed to according to the transcript and law missed ideology but change today islamic ideaology.
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it may be that that's where he's headed next. we will try to confirm to you, elizabeth. >> a little more reaction from fox news contributor judy miller pulitzer winning, judy miller. what we have been talking with bret baier is the same point that john roberts makes, does good words follow with good actions by the saudis, emirates of cutting off money to the clerics of really taking real conservative effort to clean their own house, some of the other kingdoms of radical terrorisms and the people funding thi? >> well, leland, as you know, that is is the hard part. that's the challenge because the
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government have largely stopped the funding, per se, but wealthy individuals who are still providing a lot of financial support for individuals whom they say has changed and whom we regard as terrorists. the other problem is that the saudi royal family is far and away more liberal than the establishment within whom the monarchy shares power and the establishment tends to go spreading its message through the mosques and networks of culture institutions with its support, so you have to -- we have to agree that the proof is going to be in action rather than words and i was very struck by the total different tone of this speech from candidate trump who said that islam hates us. >> that's what i was going to ask you about next, as john points out, words matter in this
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region and this is a candidate who said you have to name it radical islamic terrorism, this is not a president who -- who backed very far away from any of those words. this was a president who often times sort of made fun of president obama with dealing symbolism and putting a lot of emphasis on exactly how diplomatic you wanted to be. this was now president obama who clearly had whether it be because of his own advisers or because of his own feelings has changed his tune. >> well, i don't know what's in his heart or his head, i do know that this was a very presidential donald trump who read the teleprompter straight through for almost an hour and did not deviate from the text we received exempt as john roberts pointed out to replace the word islamist which is different with
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islamic. we don't know whether that was a slip or we just don't know whether or not he intended that for his base audience at home, those who really don't like muslims and don't feel that they contribute to our country, that's still the base that helped propel him to presidency, maybe there was a little something for everyone in the speech but what really struck me, leland, was the harsh attack on iran in the capital of the country that was responsible for sending most of the terrorists who destroyed or two buildings, twin towers and pentagon and iran had nothing to do with that. i'm not a defender with iran and iranians who just spent six weeks electing a moderate president far more moderate than the opposite did not expect to hear what they heard today from riyadh. that's a slap in the face.
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>> sometimes in our news cycles we lose focus how much that matters. >> absolutely. >> judy miller, you're going to have a lot to talk about over the next couple of days. tomorrow is israel. we will have you back. thanks again. >> thanks, leland. >> all right, liz. >> all eyes maybe focused on the mid east. kim jong un flexed nuclear capabilities, flew 110 miles, landed in the sea. it was just last week that north korea tested a longer range missile in the wake of these tests, the u.s. has pushed for new un sanctions against the communist nation, north korea has said they will continue to test and strengthen their nuclear program to counter u.s. aggression. >> and while president trump advances american foreign policy
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overseas, back home special prosecutor mueller will begin investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election and whether or not the trump campaign was involved. steve coming up on that who protected my pronunciation n. the meantime gary, the >> hey, leland. mueller has a long list to do before he can completely focus on investigation. you to remember the fbi has been conducting this investigation for nearly a year now, so there's a lot of information to go through before deciding what's next and mueller may decide to bring some of his own lawyers but before they can start reviewing the evidence, each person will need security clearance to do that, there's a long road ahead before we get any kind of answers but today on abc this week, nebraska senator said mueller is the right man for the job.
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>> marine to u.s. attorney to bipartisan applauded head of the fbi for 12 years, lots of good stuff for the american people to put hope in to the fact that bob mueller is going to conduct that investigation. >> that investigation could include allegations that president trump fired former fbi director james comey to relieve some of the political pressure the white house was facing with the russia investigation. "the new york times" reported this week that that's what the president recently told russian officials in the oval office according to transcripts of the conversations and now democratic lawmakers such as the house oversight committee elijah cummings want to see those documents for themselves. >> i want every note that they have, there's been so many lies, so many contradictions and i think documents will help us to fair out exactly what's the truth and what's a lie. >> we also learned today that house oversight jason chaffetz
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is expected to speak to fbi director james comey tomorrow for the first time since fired and one thing to ask him about is the personal memos detailing the conversations with the president including one in which the president asked him to drop the investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn. long story short, leland, this investigation and all the news surrounding it will not be going anywhere away any time soon. >> for sure, garrett tenney in the news room. liz has a lot more. liz: i do. who is bob mueller and what do those who have worked about him think of his election ahead of the investigation. former fbi director steve joins now and very good friend of the show. we always call you when we need your expertise. >> thank you. liz: assistant director. i should have slipped that in there because i knew that. i do want to ask you these investigations take months if not years but he's not starting from scratch, he's not starting
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with a clean sleight. >> that's a very good point. it's not a clean sleight. it's not a new beginning, it's a new leader for the investigation itself. this investigation has been going on. primarily with fbi agents, new leader, well-developed investigation and aggressively pursued for months. there's no timetable associated with these things. this is complex. it's difficult, i'm sure there are going lots of different directions. it may take more months. it's impossible to know. liz: people need to know that to be patient, and you can correct me if i'm wrong, this particular individual is looking for criminal activity but it's not his job necessarily to disseminate any information between now and when the findings are complete. >> another good point. that's exactly right. given his personality, by the way, speaking of bob mueller's personality, he is not one who
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seeks media attention. in fact, i would have to say he likes working out of the limelight and another thing i have to say in my experience in dealing with the media, often times the media mistakes a lack of public information, information leaking out or been given out as a lack of progress, not true. sometimes exactly the opposite. the fact that there's not a lot of publicity in the course of the investigation does not mean that there's not substantial progress being made. liz: at the same time we know that there are a number of investigations taking place right behind us at the capitol. do lawmakers need to take a step back and -- >> that's a real problem, elizabeth. this is a criminal investigation, it started out that way, pointing out this is a criminal investigation and things that can inadvertently get in the way of a criminal investigation in terms of something parallel going on in the congress can seriously have serious impact on the criminal
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investigation. so in a perfect world, in my view as an fbi person, congress ought to just step away from this while -- while -- liz: they're not going to. >> the real world in washington, d.c., that's just not going to happen. liz: we've done a number of segments on the fact that former fbi director james comey will be testifying sometime after memorial day. when we hear about the public hearings, yes or no, do they impact on actual investigation? >> they can't. liz: he can say what he wants. >> that's correct. but could what he said or any other -- liz: how so? >> any other activity, assuming of all potential witnesses, comey knows what not to say, others maybe not so much. you don't know what you say publicly, the impact that that might have on other witnesses, other people's hear that and shape their own testimony based
11:17 am
on what they hear publicly and that's what you don't want. yeah, it can have an impact. i think in the case of a criminal investigation and mr. comey's testimony, i wouldn't anticipate that. liz: thank you so much for joining us. the story is not going anywhere so we will have you back soon. >> great conversation, back to the middle east as the president wraps up his trip to saudi arabia. israel, the man on the left, prime minister netanyahu is preparing for his arrival and also south america, venezuelans taking to the streets in protest of a government they blame for raging violence and what is currently happening, food shortages and economic collapse (dog) yeah, these new beneful break-n-bites are great. they'll break off a couple if you sit, you stay. but if you want all four, mmmm... you gotta get cute. you gotta let a baby sleep on your belly. (vo) new beneful break-n-bites, with real beef as the #1 ingredient.
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comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's over 6 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. liz: protests continue in the capital of venezuela wearing white shirts and homemade gas masks, protestors shut down a main road in caracas. response,n metro stations and the city center. security forces have consistently prevented protestors from reaching the city center, home to the presidential palace, supreme court and electoral authority.
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the political unrest in the south american country has left 46 people left already. >> currently 9:30 in riyadh, saudi arabia. president trump winding down his second full day in the country and preparing for the next big leg for his trip to israel. let's bring back our political panel kristin, and jessica. ladies, great to have you. kristin, you did not get the last word so now you get the first word in this panel. this has been a real reset of the narrative for president trump. does it stick? >> absolutely. this is going to go along way towards changing the narrative and i think most importantly this was -- obama used apology
11:23 am
effort. trump was able to do that while still remaining respectful to islam. he also stuck through his first america, put the safety and security of america first and it's important to note that the final word of his speech were god bless the united states of america and in 2009 in cairo obama's closing statements included a quote from the quran, i mean, that is really a great way encapsulate the difference. >> do you have a problem with difference? >> competition between the current president and the previous president. what's at stake here is peace, peace in a very volatile part of the world and any one who is smart, anyone who is diplomatic will go moderating the tone instead of picking a fight to score points back home because at tepid of the day, your
11:24 am
progress will be shown as you build a coalition that can handle the challenges that this area faces. by going in and throwing around inflammatory rhetoric all you're doing is ensuring that people won't want to work with you because you are providing isis and al-qaeda can all the propaganda they need to say that the united states wants demise of their people. that is is why you have to moderate your tone. >> is there a potential problem here for the president with expectations? he set them awfully high in terms of deal with israelis and palestinians and doubled down on the saudis being honest partners on the qatary shall we say, have their own issues with supporting not only radical clerics but terror groups themselves. he's placed his bets on the good words of a lot of poll incomes the middle policies in the midd.
11:25 am
>> people in the middle east, they did not respect president obama. trump is a new kind of president. this isn't a bush doctrine -- >> okay. kristin -- >> hold on. kristin, what is the trump doctrine because there's a lot of people who are asking that very same question. this speech didn't seem at least in first reading, perhaps it'll change over the last couple of weeks as we digest it but certainly didn't seem to lay out a new american foreign policy doctrine. >> i think the speech was extremely strong and very clear. again, he did a great job of making a distinction between evil and good and i think more importantly calling on the poll incomes the middle east, calling on the muslim community to take the lead in the fight against evil instead of waiting for the united states to do it for them. this is all about america first, leland, and this is why trump supporters were very happy with this speech. >> okay. >> it exceeded their expectations.
11:26 am
kristin, you got the last word this time, jessica got it the time before. ladies, thank you as always. we will talk to you soon. >> thank, leland. liz: active defiance of kim jong un as north korea launches another ballistic missile. we will tell you what we are learning about the latest test and how the united states is responding and two congressmen in opposite sides of the country and opposite sides of the aisle, what they're doing to create jobs in kentucky. we may disagree on health care and on taxes but this is something that how do you get folks the skills, how do you give them the opportunities to have jobs in this country, how do we harness that talent that should be bipartisan.
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liz: continuing on his first trip overseas since being elected donald trump leaves saudi arabia tomorrow and heads to israel. connor powell in israel. hi, connor. >> president trump is making short but very important trip to the holy land in between visits like the western wall and the church of the holy sepulchre. the end of the long-running conflict here. the israeli government approved economic measures and packages to help entice palestinians back to the negotiating table. this was a request apparently of the white house and the israelis have created this economic package to try to get some good will between israelis and palestinians, president trump is trying to encourage both sides
11:32 am
to make some concessions to get them talking again but there's some confusion about what exactly president trump is hoping for, does he want direct and immediate talks right now s he looking for the confidence-building efforts or something else. that's sort of the big question here. also a short while ago this environment has always been challenging in an effort to try to get the two sides. prime minister netanyahu was given a talk here in jerusalem and said that jerusalem is the undivided capital and has and always will be of israel this, of course, is problematic for the palestinians who want part of jerusalem to be part of their future state as well. that's what we are dealing with. two sides that want two very different things, the challenges are very well known here and the positions of both sides are also very well known but president trump coming here in trying to get the two sides to talk. there's also some unhappiness on the part of israeli, the right-wing here.
11:33 am
they were very excited when president trump was elected a few several months ago, obviously, took power in -- in january but they've been increasingly sort of grown concern with what they see a conventional american president, president trump has pushed the israelis to the negotiating table with a lot of the right wing reject negotiations but also reject two-state solution. there's unhappiness with the american president donald trump, they don't use conventional, they really are unhappy with what they're seeing, prime minister netanyahu trying to roll out the red carpet and trying to do everything he can to encourage president trump to really keep the relationships strong between israel and the united states. that's the real goal of president trump and prime minister netanyahu, elizabeth. liz: all right, connor powell reporting live. thank you so much for the
11:34 am
preview. leland. leland: as the president is in saudi arabia talking about islamic for ror, on the other side of the world north korea is taking its moment to showcase military strength. the hermit kingdom launched missile. something that the north koreans probably won't really like. >> if you see how many compare today this year and last year, there's been a lot of increase, bigger, more, secretary of state rex tillerson say that is the u.s. is in early stages of applying diplomatic pressure against the regime. this could in some way be a sign that that pressure is working because they feel pressured so they're doing this more but he did say that today's test is disturbing. >> we ask that they cease that.
11:35 am
we are early in the game of putting pressure on them. >> north koreans reportedly launched a middle range missile in hawaii may 20th and 9:59 p.m. they were able to track it until it landed in the sea of japan. this comes one week after one of north korea's most sub -- successful tests to date. last year they launched 17 missile, allegedly traveled 1,245 miles above the surface of the earth. white house officials missile launched today has shorter range, 300 miles according to south southan military officials. this missile reportedly did not pose a direct threat to north america. in a statement provided, quote, we are working with our inner
11:36 am
agency partners on a more detailed assessment. the u.s. pacific command stands behind iron plaid commitment and leland, this is the 11th test carried out by north korea so far this year by this time last year they had done seven. leland: you have to point out at this time that you have the thaad missile system, defense system in korea, do you intercept or do you not. clearly the pentagon saying they are not going to, ellison, thank you. liz. liz: we want to give you a live look inside. the ritz carlson in saudi arabia. we are waiting the president to hopefully teenage the stage, social media event and a counterterrorism event bringing together some young people inside the region. we are keeping an eye on this, of course, if the president does take the stage, we will take you there live n. the meantime, we will take a short break. thing. choose your trio with any 3 of 9 selections for $15.99. thing.
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leland: i'm sure you recognize that gentlemen introducing president in riyadh. >> entrepreneur who is focused on empowering women economically around the globe, who happens to be the first daughter ivanka trump, please welcome ms. trump. [cheers and applause] >> thank you, everyone. thank you, bret, for the very nice introduction. i'm truly, truly honored to be here as a guest, the deputy crown prince who invited here
11:42 am
today and where is he, somewhere in the audience. thank you so much for the incredible hospitality. i've long been told about the samous middle eastern hospitality and we've experienced that over the last two days. it's been a remarkable experience, a remarkable journey, we want to extend our gratitude from the administration, my whole family, my father to king salman to the deputy crown pins and the crowned prince and everybody here today. [applause] , thank you. >> social media is an incredibly powerful tool. it empowers the people particularly the next generation, your generation. your generation is one of entrepreneurs. i spent a lot of time today
11:43 am
meeting with some of the great saudi entrepreneurs, it was a privilege and honor, i learned so much from hearing about the unique opportunities and challenges that face them every day, but i've also seen the entrepreneurial spirit here at saudi very much at work. we just came from the opening of a new center to combat terrorism and ideology around terrorism and we saw that it was built in 30 days, 30 days. that is entrepreneurialism. [applause] >> and i may need to borrow those contractors for our next construction, maybe infrastructure. it was incredibly impressive and the message was very meaningful. ultimately, this young generation across the muslim and arab world is a generation that can build a future of tolerance, of hope and of peace and that's
11:44 am
what this last day has been around, tolerance and hope and peace. we saw that today when more than 50 leaders of arab and muslim countries joined my father to express optimism and unity. and this generation, and this generation -- [applause] >> this generation that will have their voices heard that will convene vis-a-vis social media to elevate their message can do so much in achieving that goal, so this was a great initiative, really a tremendous one. i've heard about the speakers that have come through here over the course of the last several hours and it's really been very exciting, so once again, we want to thank the deputy crown prince for his vision, hard work and for the flawless execution of two amazing days here in saudi arabia. hopefully the first of many, many visits to come, thank you
11:45 am
all so much and have a great night. [applause] >> so now we have to just sort of wait here for a minute. that was ivanka trump at the tweeps2017 conference in saudi arabia. we are expecting, we are expecting donald trump. let see bret baier with an update. >> seven different panels with different moderators as you've seen, some 300 million impressions from tweets, tweeps2017, thank you all. it's been my honor. goodnight. leland: that was brit bear at -- bret baier in the tweeps 2017.
11:46 am
9:45 in riyadh. like 58 hours since he left washington. you can imagine he's tired. he heads to israel tomorrow morning so they say, hey, look, we are going to bail out of this conference and then pick up the public schedule at least tomorrow morning. at times like this you don't know what's going on. live pictures. we thought it was a picture coming out of riyadh. liz: we heard ivanka, she toured the global center with her father and we saw the first lady as well. she talked about being amazing feed that they were able to build in 30 days. she was obviously able to speak on behalf of her father and she talked a lot about the mission and the power of social media which is really the whole point of the conference, of the seven panelist that is we heard from bret baier. somebody who knows about social media, being president trump, we will have to wait and see if he tweets one of his greetings.
11:47 am
a number of producers have twitter alerts. if he tweets about missing the tweeps conference, but brings a very important point, 30 days to build the center, clearly they knew the president was thinking about coming or for sure coming when they started the construction project and it makes you really wonder is this for show or the saudis are going to really follow through on their promises to president trump to the american people as well in building this center. liz: only time will tell. all right, we will have much more on this and obviously more headlines right after the break. stay with us ♪ depression is a tangle of multiple symptoms. ♪ that's why there's trintellix, a prescription medication for depression. trintellix may help you take a step forward in improving your depression. tell your healthcare professional right away if your depression worsens, or you have unusual changes in mood,
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leland: to so many of us memorial day has become a weekend of barbecues, trip to the beach and a day off from work but one group is working to reestablish for all of us and remind us of its true meaning, a day to honor those who have died while serving their country, our country. place a rose on grave sites.
11:52 am
160,000 flowers at arlington on the national cemetery, you can see some of the pictures from what are -- arlington there, more coverage about the meaning of memorial, the families of those who have given the last measure of devotion onto discuss what it means to them. liz: very important show coming up. there's always talk about lawmakers, there's work being done behind the scenes. >> president trump carried district by 25 points, my district hillary clinton carried by 25%. but we both see a common solution when it comes to preparing people for the jobs of the 21st century. liz: a freshman from silicon valley. the district is home to tech
11:53 am
giant such as apple and google, both constantly looking for ways to improve their businesses. the solutions he's talking about is a job's initiative, he's working with kentucky republican rogers on. while the two couldn't be more differently politically they are putting that aside to bridge districts an ease severe job loss in a small southeast kentucky town turning coal minors into coal coaters, i had the chance to sit down with unlikely duo and their efforts to put americans back to work. >> he represents silicon valley, california, seat of innovation of ages out there and job producer and i represent an area that is beset by the layoffs in the coal mines, a depression, if you will in east kentucky, which i've done silicon because we are making an effort to wire the region with high capacity cable which are the interstates of
11:54 am
today's age. liz: what's in it for you, congressman? >> i went there on invitation and saw the enthusiasm of folks to be part of the technology revolution, to have the new jobs and diversification of the area and working on software that's produced in my district, apple software and google software. folks that are so hard working and they have the fire in their belly to learn new skills and contribute, it's got a lower cost of living than in certain areas and it's going to lead to more job creation in my district for the country and in this area. liz: translate today 34 jobs but if i'm not mistaken more than a thousand applicants that initially heard from the program. how does that translate into 340
11:55 am
jobs? >> these are private-sector jobs and they are working with educational institutions to give skills that are going to be employable. liz: what about the 55-year-old laid off coal mine worker who says this is all i've done all my life and i voted for donald trump because he told me he was going to bring my job back. >> it does require new training. and many of these people, most of them, in fact, were former coal miners, mining coal, now we've got mining code alerting code the new language of this new age and we are finding enthusiasm even amongst those in older years and learning this new way to make a living and there's excitement and there's hope. liz: this is a benefit for a lot of the tech leaders in silicon valley that they are untapped to resource not only of the work ethic but sos efficient. how do you spread that word?
11:56 am
>> there's no reason to think that someone of the steve jobs or elon musk, we don't know where they're going to be born, in pennsylvania, kentucky, ohio, in california. it's in our country's interest to find talent everywhere and to give folks jobs in skills where we know we have a shortage of the skills. liz: is this going to be a solution for like you said the 12,000 coal miners that were put out of work and are still out of work? >> yes, it is the answer, i think. the age in which we live where work is performed row metally by way of cable opens up my area to an opportunity they've never had before and in the past our people had to leave the area to go to cincinnati or cleveland to find a job and now they can stand in the region and remotely work by way of cable and stay where they want to live and where we want them to live and raise families. yes, this is another
11:57 am
opportunity, a new chance. we've never had this before. liz: and you heard congressman rogers said we've never had this before. the two men couldn't be more differently ideologically and they have 34 jobs so far. i tell you they have another class combing in and -- coming in and multiply. leland: sort of to that end, as much as he was excited about being in saudi arabia, sort of only offhand ad lib comments were jobs, jobs, jobs talking about the saudi arms deal. something else to talk about as it relates to jobs, there will be jobs lost in this. ringling brothers and barnum&bailey. they pull up their tent for the last time.
11:58 am
hi, laura. >> hi, leland. right now it's all smiles as this bitter-sweet moment is going down. we are on new york's long island as the circus fans gather to witness the last few shows of this very historic event and the last show, again, happened tonight. take a look at some of the images that we all know and love of now the ringling brothers and barnum&bailey syracuse but also childhood memory for parents here today bringing children to experience all the sights and sounds. the circus ran into trouble you may have heard about a year ago after performing elephants were removed from the show after animal right pressure and the circus old fashion business model high-operating costs and decline in ticket sales all contributed to the decision to shut it out, performers we spoke
11:59 am
with say they are sad to see this era come to an end but are proud they were a part of it. >> we are the bedrock of american pop culture. we have influenced a tremendous amount in society. we've haded hold your horses, throw your hat in the ring, the show must go on. that's all us. >> it's the standard of circumstance cues of variety entertainment when you think of it, if you made it here, you've make it anywhere. that's the parred that's sad. they'll never be no other greatest show on earth. >> estimated 10 million people have gone to a ringling circus, it all ends tonight. all the animals have been placed with the acrobats and circus performance are all out of work looking for a job. leland: if they can make it there they can make it everywhere. laura and my phone goes off, i guess there's --
12:00 pm
liz: is that an alarm. is the show ending? are you coming back after an hour? leland: rex tillerson from saudi arabia. great discussion with chris wallace. we will see you in an hour. chris: i'm chris wallace. the president on his first foreign trip while at home the investigation ramps up into possible links between the trump campaign and russia. >> the entire thing has been a witch hunt and there's no collusion certainly myself and my campaign. >> i think the people in the rest of the world do not have time to pay attention to what's happening domestically here. chris: we will break down the president's trip and what it means for u.s.-foreign policy with the secretary of state rex tillerson. it's a fox news sunday exclusive . then robert


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