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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 22, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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worship, drive them out of your communities, drive them out of your holy land and drive them out of this earth. above all, america seeks peace and not war, muslim nations must be willing to take on the burden if we are going defeat terrorism and send its wicked ideology, that means honestly confronting the crisis of islamic extremism. >> good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first". heather: and i'm heather childers. all eyes on the meeting between the president and one of our nation's greatest allies where he will focus on securing the greatest deal of all, that being peace in the middle east. >> fox news team coverage griff jenkins keeping reaction overnight. heather: we begin with john live in jerusalem ahead of the president's arrival ceremony. good morning, john.
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>> heather and rob good morning to you. the president is expected to arrive in about 45 minutes to an hour and delayed about 40 minutes after leaving riyadh. first visit to israel to obviously it's a huge deal. security is very tight. once he arrives on air force one he will meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and other dignitaries and they'll be brief remarks, unclear what he's going to talk about exactly but presumably trip of saudi arabia and resumption of peace talks as well and also possibly the fight against islamic extremism, that was something that he discussed last night but again the major point here is going to be about the quote, unquote, ultimate deal, the resumption of peace
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talks between israelis and palestinians and that's something that the president talked about in that major speech last night. here is in part what president trump said, listen. >> and then to the vatican, if the three faiths can join together, then peace in this world is possible including peace between israelis and palestinians. >> what the president, he was referring to going to rome, the vatican and meet the pope there. the president has met with president netanyahu along with abbas, to give you an idea of the president's schedule, he will chopper in to jerusalem. he's expected to go to the old city, church of the holy sepulchre followed dinner later this evening with the prime minister and tomorrow rob and
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heather, president trump will be going to bethlehem to meet with abbas. we will continue to follow all of this and waiting for the president's big arrival here. rob: thank you so much, live in jerusalem this morning. heather: doubling down on president's strong message to rip out islamic extremism from its roots. rob: reaction from both sides of the aisle pouring in praising debut on world stage. heather: griff jenkins with a bipartisan response, good morning, griff. >> good morning, heather and rob, one of the most significant speeches today and combating what he called islamic extremism calling on the leaders of 50 majority nations to, quote, drive them out in the fight against terrorism. secretary of state tillerson.
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>> are going guide the actions going forward but there are concrete commitments being made as to how we will work together to defeat daesh and terrorism in the region. >> this was so different from everything that president obama has said and tone over the previous eight years, there was no apologies, no political correctness, no happy talk, turning point in american history, a turning point in american diplomacy criticism president trump established himself, i believe, as a true leader on the world stage. >> the speech also receiving a positive reaction from democrats, ranking member of the house adam schiff. >> i think that part of the
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message is certainly the right message. >> no doubt israeli and palestinian leaders were long to that speech. we will soon find out how it's playing over there, guys. heather: thank you so much. rob: more reaction fox news contributor and u.s. army veteran pete hegseth. thank you for coming on this morning. one of the things that his supporters love so much is he does tell it what it is, i thought it was impressive how he went into that room and said, listen, this is the muslim world i'm talking to. you have nations here that are breeding people, some people that are, you know, so crazy with this, you know, they are willing to blow themselves up and he wasn't afraid to say anything like that. pete: absolutely. rob: ready to say, this is a problem, are you with me or against me. i thought that was so bold. pete: well said. it's exactly what that part of
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the world wants to hear because they face it every single day. leaders of egypt and jordan across the middle east, saudi arabia confront this radical islamic terrorism called islamic violence, islamist violence, he used a different phrase but more or less the general thrust, if you don't go at it yourself and drive them out, i love that statement, drive them out, then you never will change the dynamic which threatens own control and power but also threatens the viability of the perception of the faith around the world. listen, he stood at that podium as the leader as the strongest tribe, and if you know anything about the arab world they respect strength. he looked like a ceo and leader of the free world and as a result they delivered on the high expectations for the speech contrasted with president obama who is always the professor, went in 2009 and spoke to students for a lecture on why america is to blip for the problems of the middle east. president trump went to world
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leaders and said, this is who we are and what we believe as americans and this is how we will partner with you if you're willing to do your part as well. heather: he's been criticized here at home by americans for saying america first but yet you had muslim leaders over there, why not say america first. they don't have a problem with it at all. pete: they recognize he's the president of the united states whereas barack obama some national president of the world, the u.s. is the leader of the free world but he protects our country, first puts our interest first and so the partnerships, the arms deal with saudi arabia is a reprotection of the sense if we have allies in the region willing to fight radical islamist we will arm them so they can fight and take care of that issue as opposed to send our men and women. he reflected on the fact that jobs will come from a deal like that, leaders respect that focus on securing your own people and you saw that yesterday. >> one other thing that said, we
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are not here to lecture, we are not here to tell other people how to live, who to be or how to worship. i thought that was a message, you know, regarding nation building as well about how we have gone to countries like iraq and tried to implement our own society's policies and we have made enemies out of people. pete: that's fed a vacuum that's led to violence. you sawal-say say and the king of saudi arabia. there's not as many freedoms for people in the country but also wait to go fight islamist and if you believe that's the threat of our time then this is the
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partnership. heather: as you're speaking we are taking live pictures from tel aviv where the president is set to land a short time from now. you can see the marching band. they have been rehearsing. they have the red carpet and welcoming ceremony as you see air force land there. they are doing a little bit more. we don't know if that's in fact, because of what happened in saudi arabia. we do know that there will be some speeches at his arrival here. that was not previously planned and also all the ministers told by the prime minister that they do have to attend the arrival ceremony. rob: air force has touched and the president officially in israel and making the sixth president to visit the nation. one to have easier parts of this trip, you know, the speech to the gsce and has to go to the
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vatican to a pope that's been critical of him and he has a friend so far of benjamin netanyahu so this will be such a warm reception, respect right on the tarmac of the airport here in tel aviv and the president's plane just touched down 30 seconds ago and locks like it's noon. they made great time. they were ending to be 45 minutes late but -- heather: one of the things that we have not talked about, pun of the expectations of the trip whether or not president trump speaks on moving embassy to jerusalem. is that something that he'll address. pete: pretty tough to make first move to one of the sides of the deal. israelis know they have a friend
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in president trump. this greeting is a reflection of a fact that it's a new day dawn ing. rob: pete, how much do you think mr. netanyahu loved that speech and specially such a forceful calling out to the nation of iran, we need to sanction them and drive them up so they can no longer support terrorism in ways that they have antiisrael sentiment. he must have loved that speech. pete: absolutely.
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he welcomed it. the saudi king did. it gives him a chance to remind the world that iran is no friend of freedom, no friend of israel and no friend of the united states and if they get that bomb, there's a lot of bad consequences. heather: dr. ahmed is joining us. i want to get your perspective and something that pete and rob were mentioning and that would be the cooperation between israel and gulf states, do you think this would bring to the forefront and aboveground some of the negotiations that take place between those countries. >> i think the image that is we are seeing are historic. the first time there's been a flight directly from riyadh to tel aviv and even though it's coming in consciousness, even having dialogues, public delegation that arrived from --
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june a couple of years ago we spoke for almost an hour on radical islam. prime minister netanyahu he's an incredible intellect, mit scholar and deep knowledge of radical islam and deep respect for the fundamentals of my religion. he upses the difference between islamism and islam very clearly. i can guaranty you the prime minister and incredibly accomplished advisers and military leaders would have been watching all of the proceedings, reading all of the speeches, absolutely highly analytical and insightful and i think it's so touch to go me. i lived in saudi arabia two years, traveled there over a decade. i'm about to make my ninth visit to tel aviv israel next week.
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i know these countries so well. i see so many similarities in the families of faith, their value placed on nationhood, senses of deep ancient religions, islam and judaism we are similar religions and monumental to see our president placing such great premium on both of these faiths and both of these nations. rob: certainly is. well said, doctor. uestion i want to ask you both and i want both of you to chime in, i just wonder is this a problem that can even be solved or there's always going to be a fundamentally, there's going to be a disparity between the two of them. can you ever solve the problem
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the way so many people and so many presidents have tried in the past or something that you try to suppress as small as you can and try to keep everything at bay? pete: you're not going to solve it without honesty. having been to jerusalem multiple times, seeing understanding and complexity of the problem and the way three major reledge owns live on top of each other and claim of holy sites. you're only going to get there if they believe america has their back and the discourage of islamism honestly and truthfully and go palestinians and say until you reject that, until you reject wiping israel off the map there's no way we will get to a two-state solution which looks increasingly less viable based on facts on the ground.
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rob: doctor, your thoughts. >> i think it's interesting because there has to be the political will. i think there's an incredible fatigue in the muslim world about the us are ideal-palestinian conflict. the crisis with isis, the disaster strategy in syria, the race stakes in terms of combating global jihaddism. most of whom where muslims and arabs study. there's great coalition between arabs and israelis. there's great potential for peace to be found.
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there's no way israel could be able to negotiate with that and that could not be a lasting peace. heather: dr. ahmed, i wanted to ask you two things in terms of a peaceful solution about palestine and israel, what would be another solution other than two-state solution because we heard president trump willing to listen to other options? >> i say, i just don't have any idea what that could be. i think the window for two-state solution narrows significantly after an opportunity came in the early 90's and also we see now the territory splits between gaza which is isolated and unfortunately the west bank which is led by rather weakened government, abbas has been in
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power more than a decade and easily coward by hamas. i just can't see what an alternative would be other than a peaceful status quo. pete: on the point briefly, it does appear that the status quo, a peaceful status quo is far more likely in two-state solution. the sense that that window as the doctor said is largely closed. ultimately you have to find a place where two populations can live next to each other without one seeking the destruction of each other. >> if i can share, pete and i were speaking outside about knowing israel very well and knowing the middle east very well, there's incredible religion even for minority muslims who are heavily persecuted in the middle east and there is possibility when
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there's will and israel welcomes that. rob: great to have so much help this morning. thanks so much, doctor. we have another person to bring in hudson institute security fellow rebecca is joining us. rebecca as i'm sure you can see the picture here the president about to hop off the plane and begin another long day, what do you make of the meeting and today? >> well, this is a very important day, on the heels of wonderful speech, powerful speech that he gave in saudi arabia in which he said that we are going to focus now on pushing back the influence of iran in the region. remember the iran deal that the obama administration was so focused on it put billions of dollars back into the iranian economy and even the obama administration admitted that some of the money could be used for the efforts that iran supported extremism. they support shiite malacia and assad in syria, they support
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hams and hezbollah and has got to stop. this is a powerful message. it's very important and a lot of optimism not only with israelis but palestinians as well. heather: rebecca, what do you think his comments will mean when it comes to fighting iran and terrorism and their funding hezbollah and hamas as you said. what would that mean for the relationship between saudi arabia, other muslim countries as well moving forward with israel? >> all the other countries, saudi arabia, they want peace. i think there's going to be a lot of cooperation between saudi arabia and israel moving forward. it's really interesting as much as president trump gets a lot of flak in the united states for
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his lack of understanding or sensitivity to the muslim world, muslims throughout the region certainly understand that what he's trying to do is separate dangerous muslims from the peaceful muslims and that's something that they can get behind and work with the israelis on. rob: doctor, back to you for a second, you said you have been to tel aviv nine times. we know the situation here in the united states benjamin, it was a close call in the most recent election, i believe, what is the environment around him in israel, is it split, is it anywhere near as politicized as it is here in the united states? >> from my understanding and while i have expertise in islamism i'm am sure when it comes to israeli politics, from my understanding he's been
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myered as manufacturing investigation and there's effort to succeed him from power. there's great distress and saddens and a feeling that prime minister netanyahu is profiting from the current status quo. rob: he's right here walking. yes, he comes the prime minister and his wife sarah. heather: we will pause and listen to the prime minister i believe when he begins to speak and also the prime minister of israel, embassador, nikki haley and, of course, president trump. rob: and the plane still taxiing. a long drive where all of this is taking police. we wait to see the president
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walk out and begin probably embrace benjamin netanyahu and certainly a big display there on the tarmac this afternoon. heather: let's bring in pete one more time. pete, taking a look at this what do you believe will be the responses from the world leaders as they take into the stage and give speeches during the welcome ceremony. pete: we were covering on fox and friends and it looked a lot like this. the level, the red carpet, we called it a platinum carpet rolled out for the president, the king of saudi arabia walking to the technology shake his hand contrast that with a year ago when barack obama was there and no one was at the airport. this is not the kind of reception that barack obama received in israel when he came certainly the level of friendship that b.b. netanyahu has with president trump is at a much higher level so who candidate trump, who president trump is has set the staged for the opportunities that these
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meetings are creating. it will only renew the friendship with united states and israel. unshakeyness of the last eight years is being reoriented. a lot of talk about that. they will have to dive into to details of a untractable situation as it pertains to lasting peace in that area. b.b. netanyahu recognizes that until your enemy is brought to their knees you ultimately you cannot have peace. so far any two state that have existed around israel. take gasa, for example, has turn intoed a terror state, there's a recognition that if you hand territory over too quickly to palestinians you will get another terror state on your border. president trump somebody who has talked about borders understands the need to have a nation state and secure it. a lot of commonalities here. >> if i can intercorrect there,
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what happened to gaza is a perfect example of contracting human rights. it's not really palestinians themselves that is are generically all terror actors but exploitation of innocent muslims by islamism. heather: as we continue to look at the live pictures, i did want to talk a little bit more about the president's agenda beyond this. very tight schedule, west bank and the church of the sepulchre, doctor. >> heather, these are foundational places for the beginnings of cristianty, bethlehem, the birth of the
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holey jesus. this is connecting him with the roots of his own face while representing christianity which is the predominant religion in the united states. we can also look to see some very eloquent and remarkable speeches, not just from our president but prime minister netanyahu who is a skilled intellect and arbitrator. rob: they're not terribly friendly nations as we know but interesting to see as a fact. i want to bring rebecca back. somewhat bold to speaking to gcc and almost conflicting meetings in a way. >> it is. sometimes i think it's only the personality of president trump could pull some of this stuff. one of the things is something that we shouldn't miss is the
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emphasis, the symbolism where he's visiting the holy sites where he's emphasizing the meaning why people behave the way they to. the etiology behind it that motivates them. in the speech that he gave yesterday in saudi arabia, one of the most powerful moments that the religious leaders in muslim majority countries need to drive outer risks in their places of worship but he also said that he need to make clear that if you harm other people, if you die murdering others that you will not receive glory as a muslim and receive judgment, that's an incredibly power thing to say and when i saw that only president trump may say something like that and not only get away with it but embraced and welcome to the muslim world because you have to get to the root of it and ideology. >> i think he said drive them out five times in a row. that was a scripted speech and i
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actually like the president better when he's on tale -- teleprompter. he just emphasized drived them out. we are not messing with this anymore. this is the problem, it is a real problem, you can't just see it and say, whatever, you know, drive them out. i thought that was very bold. just to let people know at home as we watch these pictures, the man and woman that you just saw marching in along the carpet, that was the president of israel, president and his wife and then already standing there we have the prime minister netanyahu, so everyone continues to get in police as our president and our team is still there on air force is taxiing in.
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>> but there has been still much of that boycott is rather informality or in name only. collaboration, sharing of intelligence, even sometimes the sharing of sophisticated medical treatments goes back and forth between these two nations and it's done discreetly so not to alienate nationalist who is would be opposed to it but spending so much time with saudis and so much time with israelis, there's incredible hunger for knowledge of the jewish person, knowledge of the muslim person. i don't think there's anyone here rooting for conflict, people are rooting for peace. >> pete, if we can bring you back in here. this, of course, not to be a downer but this is coming on the heels of the information that was just released here at home in terms of president trump releasing some information that we have received allegedly from israel. how do you think that this will
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play? pete: i don't think it's going to cut ability to work with netanyahu. if it was done not intentionally or ill-content. it could be recognition that our president shared something in an earnest attempt but otherwise b.b. netanyahu believes he know it is core of president trump and what he represents and i think that's to both points were made earlier which were great, the fact that he's focusing on religion means he's willing to see the world through the lens that so much of the region sees the world. the west and america maybe working through post modern era but the middle east, israel, other places still life in that history, religious history, going to the western wall and going to the holy sepulchre, belief that has contributes to both the vibrant of that area
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but also to the contention as to who owns it, who should be there with mosques and churches and synagogues so he's doing the right things to doing the right places to get a real sense of what it would take to change dynamics. rob: going back to the laptop and the russia meeting which, you know, i think might have been blown out of proportion. i just thought that seemed, look out, they're trying to put bombs and laptops and we had already seen talk of a ban on laptops. it was like that information was out anyway. pete: almost as the media is trying to go after this president. in reality what this president has done in saudi arabia and here changes the narrative. leader of the free world, acting
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like one and being received like one. rob: after that long, long that you can't get to your gate and nuts to get off the plane, the plane, air force has finally come to a stop as the israeli and prime minister awaits his president and his wife to get off and i know that we have a crew as well. i'm not sure if they're traveling with the president on the plane but we will be there all day long. heather: i believe there's a press crew that flew on a separate plane and they landed just a short amount of time right before the president as we see the doors open on air force and -- rob: is that him? our screen is so small, i can't tell who it is. heather: they are bringing the hopefully they don't have to jump out. as we were saying the ceremony in israel, they have been
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rehearsing for weeks now. also we have had teams just to ensure the safety of our leaders who are there to speak. and we will pause. rob: you can hear something, some sort of a welcoming ceremony is about to begin in a second. heather: we know that they'll be a marching band and followed by speeches. they were not previously planned so they changed the format just a little bit so it'll last originally longer here in the tarmac in tel aviv. president trump no doubt saying some words, perhaps nikki haley as well. she's scheduled to be there and then the u.s. embassador to
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israel freedman also there and you see there the president of israel and the prime minister netanyahu also. rob: after this trip the president continues on, he's doing a lot of work overseas on this trip. he will go to the vatican after this and spend time in italy and will talk to nato and brussels, belgium an organization that he's been critical of and trying to get the neighbor nations to defend the world and the right of good and to put 2 or 3%, pete, nato organizations, -- 2% are not meeting and not putting their fair share for defense and it ends of us being the the ones that bear the brunt of the cost. heather: a couple of key points that people will be looking at during trip to israel, we talked about whether or not he will follow through on a campaign
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promise and moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. also extensively we talked about the possibility of peace in the middle east, peace between the palestinians and israel. is that possible, will he talk about that as well and then, of course, everything that he spoke about in saudi arabia including the arms deal and how that will in practice areel and their security at home. rob: yeah. here comes the prime minister of israel walking to the plane and we are seeing the president emerge here any moment now andlet just listen in for a second and see what maybe we can hear off the mat. >> back up just a little bit. [inaudible conversations]
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>> give us a little bit bit of room. heather: as we continue to wait for the president to get off of air force one we believe that maybe, maybe just a little bit of time, pete, let's bring you back in, we were talking about the deal with saudi arabia being the latest announcement before
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the president's trip here and how he will be able to reassure them that their safety comes first. pete: that's right, we have always had the most robust military package deals with israel making sure they're ahead of the curve able to maybe taken military edge because they have been under siege for so many decades defending existence in that neighborhood but i don't think we would have done what we did with saudi arabia unless israel at some level was comfortable with it. i think there's a growing recognition in light of a threat from iran that their common enemy in iran and what iran seeking and it's existential to both of them potentially and you will see welcoming of that relationship in saudi arabia and a conversation about ways in which we will partner with israel even more. i can't help by being struck about these images, you can tell like in saudi arabia, israel wants images to be stark and respectful, people to understand that the president is choosing
2:38 am
them as his second stop on this trip. rob: you made a good trip and that's something i thought about that as well. what is that message that we are comfortable selling over a $10 billion in arms to a nation like saudi arabia that doesn't exactly have the best reputation specially as far as with our foreign policy and i think it wasn't that long ago that we had a number of american citizens, families of 9/11, attack victim that is were trying to sue the nation of saudi arabia. pete: that's right. it's also a reflection the ruling monarchy there is different than some of the ranking populations or radicals were funding form of radical islam and the recognition that the ruling souse of wants the ability to protect their own stature but also join us in this fight against radical islamic terrorism which has been a scourge for them and so some of
2:39 am
it a backlash and reflection of eight years of barack obama and deal like that is a reflection of the fact that the united states is willing to put its money and weapons where its mouth is and stand up on what they saw unfortunately developments of the region over the last eight years. rob: would you say that former president obama's relationship was more comfortable with the gulf states than it was with israel, is that a fair representation? pete: i don't know, it was certainly not as comfortable with -- more comfortable to iran than anyone was comfortable with as a result the gulf states had to step back but as you can see on the screen jared and ivanka. heather: yes, we were told that secretary of state tillerson actually had comments to make there on the plane where he is
2:40 am
as well. he said amongst other things, on the second stop tel aviv, home to judaism, second of the great religions. rob: there's the president. heather: the president is going to also ask to join with all of us in the fight against terrorism and let's pause. >> welcome to israel. welcome. [inaudible conversations] >> great to meet you. >> so many people know you. >> everybody knows you very well. >> great honor. >> nice to meet you. [inaudible conversations]
2:41 am
>> welcome our good friend. >> welcome. [inaudible conversations] >> maybe a 100,000, maybe 20,000. [laughter] [inaudible conversations] >> significant. [inaudible conversations] >> thank you so much for coming. >> who is this guy? >> i don't know. [inaudible conversations] >> you're doing great, you're doing great. [inaudible conversations]
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>> thank you. >> any preference? any preference? let's go honey, let's you and i walk up here. >> they have all the protocol. >> what is the protocol? >> who knows? >> nobody knows? heather: lots of questions. what is the protocol? rob: we are going to get your mic and just a little bit of fun on the tarmac right when the president came out prime minister saying, welcome, my good friend and the one thing a lot of people love about the president, he'll not a big fan of formality. he likes to cut some jokes and be self-debring kateing almost in situations like this which is
2:43 am
almost a bit uncomfortable, you get everybody video taping you and a little bit of fun and trumpets are now blairing. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> welcome to israel. [speaking in native tongue] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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[inaudible conversations] ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [speaking in native tongue] ♪ ♪ >> thank you.
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beautiful. ♪ ♪
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>> please be seated. the president of the state of israel ruben rivlin.
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>> mr. president, prime minister and distinguished guests, dear friends, welcome, welcome to israel. it is a great pleasure to have you here your visit here is unbreakable bond between israel and america. you are the president of israel, greatest most important ally. you are true friends of israel and of the jewish people. mr. president. the world needs a strong united states. the middle east needs a strong
2:52 am
united states. israel needs a strong united states and may i say, that united states also needs a strong israel. in the middle east an area that suffers from terrorism and andmadness. the bond between is us bond between us and between people. we share common values as we share the hope for peace. the people of israel are excited by your arrival and have great expectation from this visit we thank you for your commitment to
2:53 am
israel's ability to face the threats of today and of tomorrow. mr. president, today i will have the honor to host you in jerusalem. we are honored to have you here with us as we mark 50 years of jerusalem day. it makes us very happy to know that israel's most important ally recognize the significance of jerusalem to the jewish people all around the world. jerusalem is the beating heart of the jewish people as we head for 3,000 years. mr. president, you come here to israel from saudi arabia. you will be at the wall and to
2:54 am
holy church and to the vatican. in just one journey, you will visit the three holiest places for islam, judaism and christianity. we each have different beliefs but we all worship the same god. we can work together towards a better future. we shall condemn you to do so together, mr. president. [speaking in native tongue] >> welcome to israel. god bless you, god bless you, mr. president, god bless, first lady, god bless america, god bless israel.
2:55 am
[applause] [speaking in native tongue] >> ladies and gentlemen, the prime minister of israel mr. benjamin netanyahu will deliver his opening remarks. >> president rivlin and his wife, president trump, madame first lady, donald, melania,
2:56 am
welcome, a very warm welcome to israel. your visit here, mr. president, is truly historic, never before as the first foreign trip of a president of the united states included a visit to israel, thank you, mr. president. [applause] >> thank you, thank you for this powerful expression. mr. president, yesterday in saudi arabia you delivered a forceful speech of clarity and conviction. you called on all nations to drive outer risks and extremist extremists, you called for the forces of civilization to confront the forces of
2:57 am
barbarism. mr. president, for 69 years israel has been doing precisely that. the front lines of civilization and fought terrorism and we built a moderate vibrant, democratic jewish state and in doing so, mr. president, we protected all faiths, muslims, christians, everyone. throughout the middle east christian communities are decimated, minorities persecuted. but here in israel, we are proud to have a growing and thriving christian community and we guaranty the rights of all. mr. president, israel also shares the commitment to peace that you expressed yesterday. we've already made peace with egypt and with jordan and us are
2:58 am
real's hand is extended to peace in peace to all of our neighbors including the palestinians. the peace we seek is a genuine and durable one in which the jewish state is recognized security remains in israel's hands and the conflict ends ends once and for all. mr. president, you just flew from riyadh to tel aviv, i hope one day that one prime minister can fly from tel aviv to riyadh may the first trip to the region to be huge milestone on path of reconciliation and peace. i look forward to working with you in the years ahead, mr. president, to advance security, prosperity and peace.
2:59 am
i'm confident that under your leadership the remarkable alliance between israel and the united states will become ever greater, ever stronger. donald and melania, the entire u.s. delegation, on behalf of the government and the people of israel, we welcome you to the state of israel. may god bless you, mr. president, may god bless israel and may god bless the united states of america. [applause] [speaking in native tongue] >> ladies and gentlemen, the honorable donald j. trump, president of the united states of america.
3:00 am
[applause] >> thank you. it is wonderful to be here in israel. president rivlin, mrs. rivlin, prime minister netanyahu, mrs. netanyahu, thank you very much. i am deeply grateful for your invitation and very, very honored to be with you. on my first trip overseas -- between the united states and the state of israel. [applause] >> in this land to rich in


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