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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  May 22, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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[applause] >> thank you. it is wonderful to be here in israel. president rivlin, mrs. rivlin, prime minister netanyahu, mrs. netanyahu, thank you very much. i am deeply grateful for your invitation and very, very honored to be with you. on my first trip overseas -- between the united states and the state of israel. [applause] >> in this land to rich in history, israel has built one of
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the world's great civilizations, a strong resilient determined and prosperous nation. it is also a nation forged in the commitment that we will never allow the horrors and atrocities of the last century to be repeated. now, let us work together to build a future where the nations of the region are at peace and all of our children can grow and grow up strong and grow up free from terrorism and violence. during my travels in recent days, i have found new reasons for hope. i have just concluded a visit to saudi arabia where yesterday i met with king salman and with the leaders from across the
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muslim and arab world and that visit we reached historic agreements to pursue greater and greater cooperation in the fight against terrorism and its evil ideology. my future travels will take me to visit pope francis at the vatican and then our nato and european allies. we have before us a rare opportunity to bring security and stability and peace to this region and to its people, defeating terrorism and creating a future of harmony, prosperity and peace, but we can only get there working together, there is no other way. mr. president, mr. prime minister, i look forward to working closely with both of you during my stay.
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we love israel. we expect israel and i send your people the warmest greetings from your friend and ally, all of the people in the united states of america, we are with you, thank you and god bless you. thank you. [applause] [speaking in native tongue] steve: you are looking at history, donald trump just landed on israel on the first ever direct flight from saudi arabia. a triple fanfare now. as you see the president of the united states, prime minister in tel aviv where it's 3 minutes after 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon. brian: yeah, it's historic. as much as it's the first time that you see the president on -- the first time a u.s. president
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has gone to israel on first overseas trip, these two men know each other very well from when they were -- when it wasn't prime minister netanyahu and when it wasn't president trump. abby: from here he heads to jerusalem with a packed afternoon with meetings. i always love when they get off air force one and he shook hands, of course, with benjamin netanyahu and there already seems to be such an excitement that he chose israel of all places to be the second trip of first international -- steve: right. >> maybe we can hear it again as they interact with each other. steve: this is interesting right here because according to the new york times, they say that benjamin netanyahu, the prime minister of israel had to convince a number of ministers and people in his cabinet to come to the airport because they had heard that there was no time built in to shake hands with the president so they weren't going
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to go, they figured we are going to see him later, we aren't going to go, there is time built in, right now they are running 20 minutes behind schedule. let's see if we can listen in. we heard some of their mics earlier. [inaudible conversations]
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. 2 doing the small talk thing. find out how they can do a deal. the word is out of saudi arabia. there is a lot of positive feelings about the president wants remarks. itinerary. five hours plus. talking about this. one thing about the israelis nervous about the weapons deal.
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$109 billion. ainsley: also iran is overshadowing both the trip in saudi arabia and this one in israel. this is when president trump is really in his comfort zone. he has this way of being self-deprecating making people feel comfortable in these moments where they can make people come across stiff and uncomfortable. we saw him earlier with the prime minister thing. what's the protocol here? brian: who goes first? who goes second. steve: cool thing about the president protocol wise. even though you are at the airport you don't have to go to baggage claim. you are pretty much out on the red carpet. he and first lady will climb aboard air force one. then they will go to the president's residence where they are going to visit for a little while. we're going to show you all that stuff live. it's interesting the dynamic behind the scenes is yesterday the prime minister had a closed door cabinet meeting. what they were trying to do
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is win approval for a couple of measures just to show the president of the united states that israel is trying to do something to encourage the palestinian economy and ease conditions in the west bank. they came up with a couple things they approved for the palestinians to include expansion for west bank industrial zone. that's important. also, and this is if you live in the west bank and jordan, they phased in an extension of the operating hours of a key bridge there. and they have authorized palestinian construction about 60% of the west bank that israel fully controls known as area c. going forward, they will be able to do construction there. these are three important things that the president will be presented by the prime minister later today and say, look, i know you are here for the ultimate deal. this is what we did yesterday. brian: jared kushner and long time business associate lawyer jason greenblatt who will lead the charge for an
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israeli-palestinian deal. we have heard this over and over again and a lot of people come in and say here is the land breakdown that we are going to do. we will tell you what you are going to have and tell you what you are going to have. what do you think about that? this time walking in and hear both sides. then they will come out and see if they can come up to an agreement proposed to both sides and do this long term. as he calls it deal will get done by listening first. ainsley: absolutely. that's what president trump said a few moments ago. we can only get there by working together. i loved when he talked about the next generation. he said our kids, we wants them to grow up strong and free from terrorism and from evil. i mean, that's when it really hits at the heart and we can all connect this and relate to the evil we face in this world. steve: indeed. and, in fact, moments ago the president said in his welcoming comments this is a rare opportunity to bring peace to this region and ultimately this is what this is about is to figure out how people can get along over there.
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ainsley: when you say get along, you saw prime minister get off the plane and prime minister netanyahu put his arm around him said great to see you, my friend. they have established a very strong relationship that will play well throughout this trip. brian brian i think it's going to be fascinating. for the longest time i have been around. if you want to bring ultimate peace to the middle east. you have got to get an agreement between the palestinians and israelis. it's pushed back as we see the rise of isis in the area. we see the way iran and -- allowed the israelis to feel always under attack. okay you guys fight it out for a while. a lot of the sunnies say israelis, we can probably do business with them. for the longest time, first time in my lifetime. we are watching some type of relationship even though it's under the wire between the israelis and saudis. abby: isn't that something? that really is remarkable. when you think about the hundreds of billions of dollars, the deal we signed over the weekend.
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think where woe were after 9/11 and mood in this country and never probably thought wield be right here in this moment. brian: some are uneasy about it. abby: some are. brian wine we know where majority of the hijackers come from. saudis say one thing and do another. these are the groups people are going to bet on. make sure not to lock out the she a because you are not happy with iran. don't lock out that sect of the islamic religion. steve: what's interesting is usually foreign visits like, this the metric by which you measure it is what sort of accomplishments diplomatically you are able to accomplish. yesterday and the day before, with the announcement of that 110 billion-dollar arms package, president trump has introduced the dynamic of jobs, jobs, jobs. yeah, we are going to get a lot of their money and put a lot of americans to work. also, apparently, about $300 billion in other deals and investments at the same time the president made it very clear that muslim
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leaders must drive out the terrorists and he called on muslim leaders to confront the crisis of islamic extremism. brian: so much of the positive reception that donald trump is getting is because he is not president obama. and a lot of people, including the saudis, whether you like it or not and some love the idea it didn't work to our advantage in the middle east to this point. and because he wasn't there. saudi arabia seems to have on all levels to make this president look good. bring in 50 sunni leaders day two of his address. abby: absolutely. we talk about the moment of the tarmac when they get off the plane. just a year ago when president obama made that same trip. king salman didn't go to the tarmac to greet president obama. complete opposite we saw on saturday morning when president trump came off that plane. excitement of maybe a new era. a new relationship is forming between saudi arabia and u.s. and as we are sitting here, israel. brian: certainly egypt and
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elsie is i and the president met when he was a candidate and they both hit it off. now they are country they have an affinity for each other. steve: folks, if you are just joining us it's 12 minutes after the afternoon in tel aviv. you are looking live at the airport right in the middle of the frame, the president of the united states, slightly obscured by the man with the gray hair bu hair bibi netanyahu: melania trump dressed in how would you describe it. abby: a beautiful white suit. she has been getting a lot of praise how she has presented herself how she dressed in saudi arabia and israel. of course on our side we prepare. but when you are over there you think about the weeks and months ahead to just get everything perfect. this is a tv spectacle. we are all watching this around the world. you see the flags in the
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background. the israel flag. the american flag. you want everything to look perfect. steve: every angle covered. brian: if you want to get into a business get into red carpet rentals. longest red carpet. four different angles. i use for dancing footprints. i promise you will never do it. steve: wait a minute, you dance? i have seen you dance. you call that dancing? dance dance dance floors aren't kind to me. at least you know where to go because you see all the red carpet taped to the tarmac. steve: all right. we believe that the president is pretty close to hopping on marine one for a short trip over to the president revlin residence. before we do that we will go to john huddy where the president is heading. tell us where the president is going next and what he is going to do today. >> sure, real quick, steve, abby, and brian, some of the people he was shaking hands with on the red carpet as
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you just talked about included not only various religious delegates, members of the churches here at greek orthodox but also the prime minister's cabinet, the various ministries. they are to greet him along with israel's president and prime minister and their lieberman and david freidman the ambassador, u.s.' ambassador to israel as well. as far as his schedule and itinerary, after he is done with the meet and greet here, he will hop aboard marine one. he will chopper into verizon. he will land in an area called old train station. i used to live down the street from it that area has been shut down for the last couple days. from there he will take his motorcade and he will head to the king david hotel, which is where he is staying here in downtown jerusalem. by the way they cleared out that hotel for the president's visit. this afternoon, he is scheduled to go to the old city.
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church of the holy sepulchre. western wall. the trip to the western wall has been a point of contention before he stepped foot here in israel. he will go to the holocaust memorial with president rivlin and then this evening he will be having dinner with the first lady and sarah netanyahu the prime minister's wife at the prime minister's residence. you guys gave the bullet points on what is likely to be discussed here. his trip to saudi arabia, the massive arms deal, how that could effect israel. any concerns. how it may or may not effect israel. iran, keep in mind over the weekend who he san rouhani was elected as president. iran, perhaps the greatest threat to israel, that will be discussed, potentially what could come out of that and then obviously the quote, unquote, the ultimate deal. peace and the resumption of peace talks between the palestinians and israelis. remember president trump met
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with netanyahu at the white house along with palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas who has said recently he thinks that president trump may be the best president to work out a deal. that remains to be seen. we will see. but, tomorrow, the president will be going to bethlehem to meet with palestinian authority president abbas. we will see what comes out of these meetings. this has been obviously a highly an anticipated visit. as far as to give you color what has been happening in the city, they have been gearing up for, this planning for weeks. steve: hey, john. hang on just a second. let's listen to the president and mr. netanyahu. >> why don't we shake hands. >> whatever you want. >> shake hands and -- let's
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shake hands. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i how great great you are. we love you. >> we have very much in common. >> very much in common. >> very exciting to see you here.
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>> yeah. >> are you coming with us? >> no. we will see you soon. brian: fascinating interaction between the two first couples. remind me of getting ready for vacation. abby: do you want to come with me or are you going with him. steve: we watch them welcome the triple fanfare as they get into marine one right there. who needs an advance man. the prime minister of israel and the president worked out let's stop right here and shake hands the world press, the photographers wanted an image of them shaking hands they stopped for a moment. abby: how can we shake.
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they put their hands over each other in one place. this is moment where you see friends interacting with each other. it's really a human moment to take in. brian: i think a couple of things, abby. you have one person very experienced in all the ceremonial aspects of being a prime minister and leader of a country and the other is brand new with it and they are friends. and the nations are friends. basically let me take the lead on this. he said sure, whatever you want to do. that's what you need. also, i wouldn't have minded. steve: he is a master packager. he is a master of the media. donald trump, president of the united states, knows exactly what looks good on television. if you are just joining us this morning at 6:20 eastern time. 1:20 in tel aviv. these have been stunning images of the red carpet arrival of the president of the united states on historic visit. moments just within the last hour. it was the first ever airplane flight between saudi arabia and israel ever in history and in his
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welcoming comments the prime minister said some day he hopes the prime minister of israel would be able to make the flight to saudi arabia. brian: over to riyad. over to the president's residence. and go out and plant a ceremonial tree. a tree of friendship between the nations and a little plaque i imagine eventually there commemorating this day. this will be i-there is 8 more stops for the president coming his way. this is going to be a blitz of impactful meetings, of course which will culminate in nato and highlighted by a one-on-on meeting with the pope. already got off to incredible start. networks feasting on being critics of the president having a hard time being critical of this president. among the people impressed acting presidential. bob the newsman said he is acting very presidential.
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abby: there has been so much turmoil at home with the narrative. brian: kept up with it. abby: apparently there has been. right time to change the narrative to. visit the three major religions of the world on his first international trip and really to appear as presidential i think as we have seen him so far in this role. you mentioned the meetings that will play out the rest of the day. no doubt talk about the trip he just came from in saudi arabia. bibi netanyahu spoke earlier and actually praising the speech he gave yesterday on terrorism saying it was a forceful speech of clarity and conviction. something we all have in common is fighting evil, fighting terrorism. also dealing with iran. they just had their election. and they had rouhani who just won that re-election and a lot on their plate. a lot they are going to be discussing throughout the rest of the day. steve: indeed. they are heading to jerusalem. as we watch, let's welcome to the program this morning dr. ahmed a friend of this
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program muslim scholar and author of -- women. what you have made so far of the president's first international trip. >> just dazzling images. i was here less than 12 hours ago watching the arrival in saudi arabia. i know countries so well saudi arabia and israel where i'm about to visit for my ninth trip what i find so heartening and almost tender the simplicity the israel the way it welcomed the president. you can see the difference between the incredibly guilded arrival in saudi arabia and beautifully elegant yet simple welcome in israel. these nations are very, very important. you have talked a lot about the israeli-palestinian peace situation and also other issues. i think very, very profound on top of the list is going to be iran's influence in hezbollah. just 11 years ago, israel was in a severe conflict with hezbollah for 53 days. we know there is going to be another conflict. hezbollah is implanted in
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the southern lebanon. house to house. these are priorities. this is their knowledge of islamism. not just the difficulties with the refuted territories or however you would like to refer to them. that is going to be very high on the agenda. i'm sure the brilliant advisors in fact benjamin netanyahu himself is a scholar are going to be interpreting all the knowledge from the gcc meetings both in public and private. this is just remarkable. as we said earlier, this is the first journey of an american president from riyad to tel aviv. i was actually thinking i can't wait until ordinary citizens can go back and forth. i have been to both countries for so many years on separate journalies. they are a stone's throw away. it's just astonishing. brian: they don't even fly over that country. won't fly over israel. let's contrast what's going on here. president obama made a choice. for some reason he had
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inherent dislike and maybe it was mutual with prime minister netanyahu. so for eight years they basically had a minute any a mid war. and now you have somebody who were friends before they became leaders. now they have become leaders and there is more of an outreach of handshakes. this is a we missed you. we need you moment. >> yes. and, brian, what's coming through for me is just the extraordinarily unique persona of president donald trump. this person that nobody believed could be president. even his own political party. and, yet, we see the way he can engauge with saudis. clearly the deep relationship he has with leaders of israel. his very informal and almost evuncular manner. he is embodying the goodness
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of the american people who are here. we are not a complicated people in the united states. he elm bodies a lot of our values. it's very refreshing. abby: that is a great point. brian: i find myself very complicated how dare you generalize. abby: once marine one takes off they've will be in the airport about 15 minutes. you talk about the muslim world, the muslim community. their reaction to this trip so far, specifically the president's speech yesterday. i mean, it really was a forceful speech directed really at many of the religious leaders saying you need to step up. you need to help us in this fight. >> you know, i watched the speech here at the end of the show with many of your sound crew and producers have helped put us on air. it brought tears to my eyes at the end. as muslims, we have felt such pain about the dishonor our religion has fallen in to. not acutely we notice post 9/11 these awful things happening in the name of our
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religion. they are staining most of us. most of us are innocent and many are victims as the president pointed out. it's very heartening and welcome. it was anticipated. i was at cairo at the university two weeks ago and they told me we know president trump is not candidate trump. i met with egyptian soldiers who said we know president trump friend of muslims and enemy of -- we understand jihadism intimately. he talked about the soul, honoring god. sanctity of human life. he spoke our language. steve: dr. quan that ahmed. author of in the land of women. we thank you very much. brian: stick around, doctor. we will need you again. steve: it took more than five minutes after the president and first lady got into marine one before they took off. keep in mind using standard
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protocol in israel that they do here in the united states for security reasons they always have two other decoy helicopters that look just exactly the same. same white topped helicopters and then they have a whole bunch of other helicopters that are escorting them as well because, keep in mind, this is a gigantic security concern. abby: interesting. no matter where you are in the world the protocol remains the same. steve: that's the way they do it. brian: no reason to get alec baldwin or jimmy fallon to dress like president trump. steve: we have a real president. we don't need a fake one. brian: about a 15-minute journey. he will be at the president's residence and break neck pace. i believe he is going to be in israel for 28 hours. abby: we will be with you all morning long. you don't want to miss a second of it. quick break. we'll talk more about that quick speech we heard yesterday. stick with us.
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brian: joining us right now is our panel of u.s. war veterans. first, before i bring them in. let me tell you what is going on. this is the president landing in tel aviv in the last 30 minutes. the stairs were a little late but eventually he walked down what seemed to be 5,000 stairs. all carpeted and must have been nerve racking. i'm sure he would have preserved an escalator. that's good luck for them. as soon as he reached the tarmac meeting him at the bottom was prime minister netanyahu. he has expressed for israel. impactful israeli leader dominant force in that area. not only did he got to school in america. understands the american culture. he actually knows president trump before he was president trump. and it's in his best interest to make sure this trip goes well for this president, considering the last president. even for the biggest president obama supporters would honestly say this was his first allied relationship. he and prime minister netanyahu personally did not like each other.
3:33 am
there are reports that even had part of his crew, part of his staff to try to work against the prime minister's re-election. so, as we see, this the back drop, the president is now on his way to the president's residence. let me bring in our war panel officially. they are fox news contributor pete seeing seth you know him well and iraq war veteran chris and fox news contributor navy seal, he is rob o'neill who is now a best selling author. guys, when you see the president go from saudi arabia to israel, what are your thoughts as he reaches out to the -- our greatest ally in the region but at the same time tries to reach out to an arab ally? >> my initial thought right there is the first president to leave from saudi arabia directly to israel. that's almost saying israel is a real state, it's a real country. and that tells me they are working on an alliance together that being saudi arabia and israel who haven't gotten along historically but have done stuff together.
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brian: also the word historic works. you start in saudi arabia that sends a message. right to israel. first time ever president has gone to israel on first visit overseas. pete: complete reversal of the last 8 years of barack obama. addressed a relationship that barack obama built with iran for the iran deal, which was an affront to the sunni arabs in, and and affront to israel. both face very real threats from iran. rejection of that policy and reassertion of american leadership. he stood in front of that crowd in saudi arabia as the leader of the strongest tribe. that's why he got the respect he got there israel certainly feels the same way about president trump. brian: chris, not only are you a veteran you are a g.o.p. strategist. you know this is coming at the perfect time for this president. the word went out to the middle east, his middle east allies, make him look good. >> absolutely. pete said it well. this was go time for america first. i think it worked well. going over there, setting the expectations for what we would
3:35 am
like to see in the region. also, the president showed restraint. and i think it really was astonishing for many of his critics that, you are know, we can lild those allies over there i think we are in a better place now than we were before that speech. this is a major opportunity to emerge from a lot of the recent turmoil with the white house communications team. i think it was really strong moment for the president to be on that world stage. brian: rob, $109 billion in arms sales to saudi arabia. that will be topic number one for the israelis. who, according to a good friend of the prime minister. he was a little unnerved by that. >> probably unnerved but you will notice anti-defense missiles. i think they are getting the thad system system. that is not to defeat isis or defensive weapon. it's to defend itself against iran and defend the arab states against iran who over the last 8 years have been getting closer and closer to intercontinental missiles
3:36 am
potentially nuclear at some point. this coalition is going to be against radical sunni terrorists like isis and al qaeda. boycestering up against iran. this is really big. brian: is he going to visit nato. most of those nato nations are for the iranian deal. is he basically telling these sunnies i'm not for it i'm not going to rip it up yet. i'm not for it iran is upset by it as usual they spend most of their lives upset by us. is the president all of the sudden sending a message to the nato nations? pete: i think he is delivering on two fronts. iran deal bad one and cannot afford a nuclear iran. brian: can i say senator schumer and carbon voted against it. pete: clear eyed democrats were against that bill too because he knew the consequences. we better take the threat of radical islamic terrorism or he called it islamist terror in his speech. we better take ter so i didn't saily and start with the heart of the middle east. countries on the sideline like
3:37 am
saudi arabia need to be on the front line. brian: i don't want to get into the nuances of it evidently the president read the teleprompter verbatim instead of when it came to islamist extremist. he wasn't candidate trump but tougher than his speech want him to be. >> he did a really good job of putting it forward and articulating it very smoothly. many people have said, you know, he is going to be unhinged and world is going to be more dangerous. actually, i think we are better off with that sort of strength over there. we cannot defeat isis without support in the arab region. that's just the fact of the matter and the men and women that served in the middle east, less likely toy have ongoing conflicts if we can have allies that are going to back us. after that speech, we have got more traction and it was a powerful speech. i think he did a great job. brian: this also plays into where we go forth with the biggest and priority in the area. and that's syria. so we have special operators like you, rob, in that area.
3:38 am
we have got marines in that area. we are now arming the kurds in that area. turkey. >> that was a problem before because a lot of the tuckers and a lot of the she a didn't want us to arm the kurds directly simply because they don't want them to have their own weapons because some of them consider also terrorists. as you can imagine many different sides that don't necessarily like each other. directly arming -- two things came out directly arming the kurds and telling the sunnies we need your help with the clerics, the radicals, stop teaching hate and don't have kids -- just instantly indoctrinated into violence. brian: as we are seeing there we are pro-road. we are not just showing any road. we are showing a road in which the president's motorcade will go down after he touches down and go to the president's residence. this is the thing and i don't want to confuse everybody at home who is doing a million things. but, at the same time we are saying saudi arabia we are in your corner and like the counter terrorism center you started, pete.
3:39 am
at the same time we turn around and tell israel we are in your corner and we understand that. egypt too, sunni nations. how do we do this and not lock out the she a who basically are running iraq who we just liberated? >> i don't think we run them out but prevent them from getting nuclear bomb and contain the aspirations that they have. dr. asserting their influence and building alliances more robustly with places like the assad regime and russia. tell them your open season is over. your friend in the white house who wants to help you with this deal is no longer there. we are going to reassert ourselves and our strength. we can do both. we have to do both. brian: make it clear even the speech, our problem are with the iranians not with the she a. pete: it's with the regime that seeks nuclear weapons and wants to wipe israel off the map. >> that's the difference between the sunni and she a in the house of saudi royalty
3:40 am
wants to be on our side in iran it's the powers that be want terrorism. brian: meanwhile that is marine one. i know you are used to seeing that shot, guys. i'm not with choppers landing near me. that is pretty cool. that is the president of the united states arriving in jerusalem after he touched down in tel aviv. and there is marine one who it's great to travel with the chopper you are familiar with and gets the chance to hop in there and they land and, of course, security is locked down. if israelis can do anything well and they do a lot it is security. they lock this down and now it's first going to be the president and then it's a little bit later it's going to be and of course you see the follow-up security choppers and then of course you will see him with prime minister netanyahu and get down to business to see what they can accomplish to lay the groundwork for some type of palestinian israeli series of peace talks. that's the goal anyway. all right. so as i do that, i'm going to make my way over there, steve and abby.
3:41 am
great job, pete, chris, rob, very much. as we watch this, next leg of the same journey. steve: indeed. takes about 15 minutes to get over to the old train station. the military has arrived first. then the marine one will be arriving very shortly, which is accompanied by a couple of dei have helicopters as is standard protocol here in the united states. then they are going to take a short little motorcade over to the president's residence. and that will be about 10 minutes from right now. you will see it all live here on fox news channel. abby: we expect them both to make remarks a few minutes after they arrive. at some point do a guarded walk, the two presidents, planting a tree from what we are told. so we will, of course, have all the coverage of this. but as you have been talking about, brian, this comes after this historic trip in saudi arabia, to be a fly on the wall in these meetings to hear what they are discussing to
3:42 am
bring this together with the palestinians and the israelis. i mean, just to think about what needs to be talked about to get that big deal done. brian: the thing is, people want to marginalize the president because he had some very tough talk which is echoing a lot of american sentiment about islamic extremists how they were having hunting season for americans and werners from around the world saw the most afflicted country arguably outside of belgium would be france. the president came out talking tough and he thought how is he ever going to have relations with the arab world talking like this? evidently they were able to see through the what he meant, understand the point of view that he had, and they are the ones, ironically, who have their arms out of the widest greeting him. steve: what's interesting is president trump has made it very clear he wants -- he would love to get the ultimate deal, to get the palestinians and the israelis to agree on some sort of living harmoniously in that part of the world.
3:43 am
i got to tell you though, the expectations are low for any major break through. although the president did recently double down on his support for a two state solution. so today he is going to be meeting with the israelis. then tomorrow he is going to go over and he is going to be meeting with the palestinian prime minister abbas. but i'll tell you the palestinians in palestinian areas are not happy. they have had hunger strikes, prisoners in israeli jails for six weeks protesting this president's arrival here. they don't want a deal. president trump does, they don't. brian: the problem is you have abbas who has the power and mahmoud abbas -- whatever deal he did you tell us. who is bringing along the group. abby: president trump says he can do better than anybody he can get a deal done. think about these moments, flying in the helicopter or sitting in the residence of the president there of israel in jerusalem, these are the
3:44 am
unscripted moments. very different from the speech we heard in saudi arabia. this is when you have president trump and the president of israel and at some point benjamin netanyahu having candid conversations about the concerns they have about where they all fall. brian: one of the things i have always wanted to see is the conversations on the mound between the pitchers, catchers and managers. come out. never get a microphone when leaders greet each other on the tarmac. today we got the microphone u inside guys, ladies too, as this happened. let's bring in dory gold the long time israeli official and former israeli ambassador to the united nations. mr. ambassador, so far so good. >> good morning. well, you know, all we did was have a plane fly in, a very historical fly-in. a fly and it came from saudi arabia. but, obviously, i think the people of israel are very excited, particularly after the speech that president trump gave there, which i think was waivedly appreciated
3:45 am
in israel. steve: would it be fair, mr. ambassador, to say message that the president is bringing to the three great religions is tolerance and fierce resistance to terrorism will lead to a proper prosperous future for everybody as we watch looks like another chopper coming in to the old train station in jerusalem. go ahead, mr. ambassador. >> yeah, that goes without saying. clearly, if there is a new kind of interreligious toll tolerance, then those that have been insighting young people who become suicide bombers can be sidelined. that certainly can help. the solution of terrorism isn't just a military solution. it's also this ideological solution. like that new center that was just cre in saudi arabia. brian: you are a believer that center is going to be a real center and they might be intim nateed enough by the extremist element in their own country
3:46 am
to truly take action? >> they have been ceaching isis terrorists in saudi arabia. they had an al qaeda attack in saudi arabia back in 2003. they know this is a problem. although in the past saudi arabia was a big funder of hamas. i wrote a whole book about it today they don't give hamas a nickel. abby: changing time in history for sure. as we have been talking about, one of the big things president trump would like to get done is the ultimate deal between the palestinians and the israelis. you know so much about this. are you confident that they can have a reasonable conversations about a deal and ultimately maybe even get one done? >> well, one thing that a president has shown in his speech in saudi arabia, he learned. he studies. he understands issues by investing time and focus on
3:47 am
them. and so i think that he will do the deal of the possible. everybody likes to talk about grandiose deals, solving once and for all the israeli, palestinian conflict. i'm not sure we're there. in fact, i know that there are wide gaps. i know that abbas told president obama in the oval office "i'll get back to you" on a generous proposal he was given and he never got back. so i think what we have to do is see what is possible. and there are great economic possibilities that can create the infrastructure for peace-making. one thing about president trump, he is a big vision guy. he is a person who can see the possibilities of trains and highways connecting israeli ports, crossing israel, jordan, and going to the gulf. that's the kind of person that can probably lead to a different middle east. not the middle east we have seen for the last 30 years.
3:48 am
abby: that big vision guy as you are talking about landing right now in marine one in jerusalem set to spend the afternoon with the president there of israel. steve: that's right. mr. ambassador, let me ask you this, you are talking about he is a practical guy, donald trump is, and would go for what is doable. but what do you want from the palestinians. what do the israelis want from the palestinians to do a deal? >> look, there are two immediate issues that can be addressed. number one, you have all heard about israel concern about the fact that the palestinian leadership is paying families whose sons engaged in terrorism and have either been imprisoned or hit by our security forces. that's intolerable. that incentivizes terrorism. that has to stop. it has to stop now. the second thing is how they treat this whole issue of refugees. around the world refugees status is not transferred from
3:49 am
father to son to grandson but among the palestinians, because of u.n. rules, it is. and, therefore, we have refugee status in perpetuity. that's how you perpetuate the arab israel conflict. that has to change and that can change. brian: the problem, i think fundamentally dore gold is that hamas has all the power. what could abbas actually -- how could he even cut a deal? yasser arafat had the power. whether he can cut a deal or not you really thought you were dealing with somebody who had the ability to have a peace plan, even though he fundamentally couldn't pull it off and maybe never wanted to. but when you sit with abbas, no matter what he says, he is going to go back and hamas is going to tell him what to do. >> well, you are pointing out something very true. abbas is not a strong leader. he was elected a long time ago. his mandate is up. therefore, he is limited. that's why i suggest don't go
3:50 am
for these big mega deals that everybody is attracted to. solve what you can solve. that's why i suggest setting up the economic structure for peace. changing the status of the law at the u.n. so it's not in per aperpetuity. finally stop this business of putting paying salaries to the families whose sonned volunteered to be suicide bombers and terrorists. that has to end. abby: set the right expectation on whatever deal you are going to make. what advice do you have for president trump as you see him landing here in jerusalem to sit down with the president of israel, hi rev lynn. how do you begin these conversations to get any sort of deal done? >> well, what i always did in diplomacy is first i listened. you have to hear what people are saying. it's one thing to read the "new york times" every
3:51 am
morning, which i'm sure he does, president trump does. but he also reads other things as well. it's another thing to hear people talking about their real problems. i tried to share with you some of our real problems for your audience. but i think you have to listen and then i think whatever they start they can continue. it's not all going to be resolved here and now in this visit. but there is a lot of work we can do and there is a lot of work israel is willing to do. israel wants peace probably more than any other actor in the middle east. steve: we do believe this is the helicopter that does have the president of the united states in it. it's the third of the white tops that have arrived. you were talking a moment ago about what the palestinians could do for israel. what's israel willing to do to get closer to peaceable solution in the middle east? >> well, you know, on the israeli side, our requirements are essentially security requirements.
3:52 am
i mean, we have people killed by terrorism. we get people nifd in the name of allah. that's a very immediate and urgent problem. the palestinians have a variety of needs. first of all, i think honor and respect is very important. and we have shown an ability to do that and we will do that if the palestinians will come to first base with us. i think we are willing, the prime minister has said he is willing to accept a palestinian state that's demilitarized, that recognizes the rights of the jewish people to their own nation states. we're willing to go there, however. it has to be a state that doesn't threaten us. we need secure and recognized boundaries, defensible borders. and we can't just go back to the 67 lines from 57 years ago. brian: absolutely not. dore gold i have got to bring you to the other major issue, more important is the iranian deal. you guys were against this deal to begin with. there are some people inside
3:53 am
israel saying in the long term this could be good for you guys. could be good for long-term security. now that we are a few months into the deal. maybe a year into the deal, how is it going? >> well, i think anybody who said in the long term it's good for israeli security must have been smoking something. this deal is a disaster. i dealt with saddam hussein in iraq when i was ambassador of the u.n. at that time the u.n. for example demanded all weapons of mass destruction be halted in iraq. that included ballistic missiles. the iran deal didn't stop the iranians from developing ballistic missiles. they can have a ballistic missile force even within intercontinental range 8 to 10 years. then they will have enriched uranium to create the nuclear warheads that will threaten not just israel, but the whole world. in fact, the united states. abby: that's a great point as we wait for president trump to get off marine one here.
3:54 am
that could be the reason why we saw different reaction from even the saudis when he landed there two days ago because president trump has been against the iran deal. he says i want to clamp down harder on iran. i want to put down more sanctions. brian: by the way, abby, this is the president of the united states obviously getting off the plane, melania is still with him and now he is supposed to walk down that street. and be formally greeted by the president. i guess he is going to hop on that motorcade. steve: 10-minute motorcade arriving shortly at the president's residence and the president will be greeted by president rivlin in about 12 minutes. this was all supposed to happen 12:00 eastern time. right now looks like they are about 55 minutes behind schedule. dore gold, former ambassador in israel who is joining us live from israel. dore, the security precautions for this presidential visit are extraordinary, aren't the they? >> they are. and i have to take pride.
3:55 am
israel is the country that i know vented a lot of the security precaution for aircraft, for visiting dignitaries and we have basically pulled out everything we have got to protect president trump along with and in coordination with the u.s. secret service. so we are doing what we can to make sure it's a peaceful and quiet visit. and we can focus on the business we have to do. brian: dore, real quick before i let you go what is the relationship between saudi and israel right now? >> well, we don't have diplomatic relations. and we have been basically adversaries most of these years. some of us have reached out to saudi counterparts and created some relationship that is unofficial. now would be the opportunity and the time to try and see how you can create relations between israel and arab states like saudi arabia to create an outer envelope for an eventual peace process with the
3:56 am
palestinians. that's what is exciting about what president trump is doing now in the middle east. it was never done before. abby: if there was ever a time to do it is now. did. ore gold, great to have you this morning. great to have your insight. >> my pleasure. steve: we have seen the president's cadillac started to creep forward. the motorcade will commence very, very shortly. they are going to go over to the president's residence. you will see it all right here live on fox news channel. put down that remote. we will be back in two minutes.
3:57 am
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3:59 am
>> the world needs a strong united states. the united states also needs a strong israel. >> never before has the first foreign trip of a president of the united states included a visit to israel. thank you for this powerful
4:00 am
expression of your friendship to israel. >> we have before us a rare opportunity to bring security and stability and peace to this region and to its people. but we can only get there working together. there is no other way. brian: some highlights of what took place this morning a little bit behind schedule but certainly impactful all the same in hot desert heat. the president of the united states landed air force one in tel aviv. he has since taken marine one over to jerusalem. abby: a lot of firsts on this trip as we just heard from benjamin netanyahu. this is from this morning president trump and his wife melania arriving down as we just heard from the first time on the first international trip in israel. as you said, brian, this is the first time in history have you had air force one go from saudi arabia directly to israel. that's something, steve. steve: it's the first time any airplane has gone directly a
4:01 am
flight from riyadh to as you can see israel. there you have the president of the united states shaking hands with the first lady of israel. and the prime minister of israel right there, the prime minister's wife as well. it was warm. as soon as he got off the plane, beibe bibi said to the president welcome my friend. we have sebastian gorka, deputy assistant to president donald trump. what do you you make of the president's trip? he has been in israel for an hour and five minutes. he has a busy 35 hours left. how is it going so far? >> just look at the footage you just showed. look at the body language. look at the smiles. it's so very different. how much different after 8 years of israel being shunned by the last administration. the smiles tell you everything. our closest ally is now being treated as our closest ally in the middle east. and it's going to be
4:02 am
incredible drip, steve. brian: what's the objective? >> what's the objective? three things. so, number one, we are going to reassert american leadership. you saw that yesterday. we didn't put any punches in riyadh with the president's speech about how the threat of terrorism, the solution to it begins in the middle east. we are going to reassert our friendships are going to rebuild those friendships that were broken in the last 8 years. and lastly, we are going to redouble our commitment that this isn't just about words. this isn't just about pieces of paper or nice dinners and nice locations. it's about things like destroying isis, destroying al qaeda. so those are the three most important things with everything that's happening on this trip, brian. abby: the apology era as many are describing it the last 8 years. starting afresh on this trip to saudi arabia and now israel. a lot is going to be talked about this afternoon. president trump hoping to get something done on a deal
4:03 am
between the israelis and the palestinians. what advice do you have for him as you guys all prepped him for this trip? >> look. we don't need to give donald trump advice on making deals. he is the master of the deal. read the president's book "the art of the deal." if any president in the last 40 years could bring peace to this troubled part of the world, it is president donald j. donald trump. he has said explicitly, he is not going to impose any deal upon the parties. they have to come together and we can help broker it. we can help mid wife it. brian: dr. gorka, i think we are about to see the president walk out of his limousine and be greeted by president rivlin of israel right now. this is a lot of ceremony. but it's all been scripted. even though they are a little bit behind schedule. the first lady is also in that car. steve: tell the folks about president rivlin, 77 israeli politician.
4:04 am
lawyer and tenth and current he was the and there you go. handshake, warm handshake between the president and the president. mr. rivlin was the minister of communications from 2001 to 2003. he served as speaker of ki kinesit as well. rivlin argues for a greater israel that would embrace all the people and give the palestinians of the west bank and gaza full israeli citizenship. sebastian gorka, do you think that's the direction things are going? >> unlike the obama white house we don't give our strategies away. it's not a good plan if you are doing international relations. it's not a good plan if you are around the poker table. look at the people we have got in charge for the negotiations for the president. jason greenblatt. the most trusted individual in the legal field working for the trump for deck case. his son-in-law jared. that tells you everything we need to know.
4:05 am
this is at the top of the agenda. again, as you noted, this is no apology tour. abby: how much of this meeting is script wanted and how much is off the cuff? as we know with president trump, is he a self-deprecating man. he loves to have casual conversation. how much of this next hour is going to be very scripted? >> we have an amazing team here. h.r. mcmaster. national security counsel. principles of the nsc. they give advice. they write speeches. you know the president, he is very heart felt on these issues. he will go off teleprompter. he will make his own comments. we saw that in riyadh yesterday. of course, the real work happens behind closed deers. that's where the real discussions. steve: dr. gorka, we are looking at the president of the united states. is he signing something at a table. can you tell us what that is? >> i would have to check the itinerary, probably a declaration with regards to israeli u.s. relations and friendship. he has a fully packed schedule going from here to have a
4:06 am
private dinner with the prime minister and his wife. of course there is a visit to the wailing wall. steve: speaking of the visit to the wailing wall, i know it sounds as if president netanyahu wanted to go with prime minister -- rather prime minister netanyahu wanted to go with president trump to the wall, but apparently to emphasize israeli ownership. but the united states said no. this is going to be just a private visit. is that correct? >> well, there is a lot of delicacy with regards to what's going on right now for the hopes for the president for some kind of agreement between israel and the palestinian authority. so i'm not going to steal anybody's thunder but let's just say this trip is going to surprise a lot of people and it's going to bring some things that even his most ardent detractors will be surprised at. look at the international press coverage already. even in left wing voice boxes like the guardian and the u.k. had a neutral or even positive piece about this trip.
4:07 am
everybody, whether you voted for him or not will be pleasantly surprised about what's going to happen during this trip. brian: the president is cutting aid to foreign budgets, to foreign -- to other nations. the aid that was just given. he is turning -- doesn't look like the israeli aid will be affected, correct? >> correct, yes. we have what the president has called an unshakeable, an unbreakable relationship with israel. and as the vice president said on israel's national independent stage just two weeks ago, we will unapologetically stand by israel now and forever. steve: we do believe what the president just signed was the official guest book of the president's residence. abby: a lot of formalities. give us a sense, doctor, here we have the president of israel. obviously there is prime minister benjamin netanyahu. talk to us about the power between the two. who has more of the political power, you know, the dynamic
4:08 am
as he is trying to make some sort of deal? how does he have conversations with each of them? >> well, right now the head of state formerly is president rivlin as the head of the operative administration the government benjamin netanyahu will be the key player in any kind of peace talks with the palestinian authorities. so he is going to be front and center as a man who has dedicated his life to the security of israel. a sterling military career. his brother was killed in action. this is a man who has great responsibility on his soldiers, just as the president does. but, again, it's going to be a matter of all the parties coming to the table. brian: sure, dr. gorka, a couple things, it seems the position simone perez held since his passing a while ago was more ceremonial and kind of the ra rah rah person. the prime minister is very aware of the president's political peril right now and. so turbulence is he receiving.
4:09 am
is he very tuned in to american politics. do you think that's going to play into how he reveals his support to this president and to the world? >> i think it has to. i think these men have an incredible chemistry together. you just look at the off-hand casual comments that were made when they made in public recently. the positive banter between them. but, you know, israeli politics is as complicated as politics here in the united states. so prime minister netanyahu understands the challenges on both sides here. but, again, they are standing shoulder to shoulder with a great sympathy for each other and for the stakes involved right now. steve: we are expecting the president of the united states and the president of israel to make remarks here within about -- it looks like about 20 minutes from right now. abby: i am cure yures because have you jared kushner as well
4:10 am
as ivanka trump hisson who is jewish. doctor, what role will jared play? we know he is a key advisor particularly on these issues. >> absolutely. he is the point man. jason greenblatt is the special negotiator for the president. so he does a lot of the day-to-day discussions with the various parties involved. but we know it is hisson. it is jared kushner, one of his most trusted advisors who is the point person for all of these issues. so, he will be right there in those meetings. the ones behind closed doors especially talking about the real brass tacks of what it is going to take to finally bring peace. steve: you are reluctant to steal the president's thunder as i would be as well because you don't want -- it's going to be a big headline whatever comes out of here. talk a little bit about the discussion process between the israeli team and the united
4:11 am
states team of mr. greenblatt and mr. kushner. how have they been negotiating behind the scenes? >> look. this is a vast difference from what we have seen in the last 8 years. if you look at the talking points for the trip. if you look at the speeches the president has already made, whatever jared, whatever the israeli team do, it starts from the ground truth. you cannot be incredibly successful businessman in the toughest market of the world manhattan real estate unless you are pragmatist. that's the big difference. we don't look at the world. the white house doesn't look at the world the way we would like it to be. we look at it as it is. so we start from ground truth and that's what informs jared's work and jason's work and whatever deal the president can broker. brian: i understand jared did a lot of the work setting up this trip in great detail and it was changing up to the last minute. i want to bring you story last week the president may or may not have let go of some
4:12 am
intelligence that it looks like israel had given him to the russians. that controversy, you know, what's the truth behind it? and what about the intelligence given to the president that maybe the israelis might be reluctant to give its intelligence in the future? can you give us additional information on this? >> well, i would only state, this is intelligence issues so we don't talk about them in unclassified arena. i would point all your viewers to the statement that was made almost instantaneously the israel ambassador to d.c. you just saw him there at the airport greeting the president. but he said instantly there is no problem. there is absolutely full confidence in the intelligence community collaboration between our two nations. so, again, this is fake news. this is propaganda. and it's just meant to politically undermine the white house. abby: doctor, quickly, what knees to happen in this period of time for this trip to be described as a success? >> i think clarity. i think vision.
4:13 am
i think expression of leadership and i think honesty in the discussions of what has to happen. it's not just about photo opportunities. you heard yesterday the president pulled no punches. he said you have to exclude. you have to clear the terrorists from your communities, from your places of worship. that is the truth when it comes to sunni extremist terrorism, when it comes to squadism. thjihaddism. honesty commitment and desire not to just have events with photo opportunities but to put something on the table and if anybody can it is president trump. steve: we have great opportunity for a photo opportunity coming up in the next half hour. you will see it live right here on the channel. dr. is he gas gorka, deputy assistant to president trump, we thank you very much for joining us live from the white house. abby: we are looking at photos there i think it's a beautiful garden where they are expected to do a walk together president of israel and president trump and plant a
4:14 am
tree. i don't know the symbolism of the tree plant but that's going to come after this meeting. brian: i think it means a lot for that community. people will travel to israel i bought this tree and atlantaed it in your name in honor of you because israel is considered the holy land by not only the jewish people but by multiple religions today. you will meet with the president. the real substance kick in after at which time they are going to be talking about everything that's going on there. talk about a way forward in syria which is on the door step of israel. talking about the next step to nato and europeans have a different view in many cases of israel. >> they are not nearly as tight as we where them. then it's going to be on to talking about things that really revolve mostly around the russia threat in europe. right now this is about the what faces us in israel and in many cases that is islamic extremists in that region as well as economic ties. abby: so interesting as we
4:15 am
have been talking about president trump so much but the family members that he has brought along with him. jared kushner as you said, brian, has really been planning for months and weeks for this trip. this might be the first time in history we have the president's family advising him on such crucial, such serious issues that we are dealing with in the world. not just kushner but his daughter ivanka. steve: all presidential families advise but not in a public way. you are watching historic pictures this morning and president of the united states. let's listen in. >> i likewise has some tremendously talented people but, in particular jason, you love israel so much that he left a very, very, very substantial job to be able to help on a peace treat. you would love to see that, wouldn't you? and david freidman likewise, one the most successful lawyers in the united states.
4:16 am
and he said i want to do something. he is your ambassador as you know david freidman. we are very honored to have the two of you working so hard to try to bring about peace and i think you will be very successful. if you are not you will get blamed because i just put it on record. my staff has been fantastic and as you know, rex, secretary of state has done an incredible job. we just got back from the middle east. we just got back -- saudi arabia and we were treated incredibly well. and there is tremendous well, really good feeling towards israel. and i will say one of the things i think we can call it an outreach but what's happened with iran has brought many other parts of the middle east toward israel. and you could say that's one of the -- if there is a benefit, that would be the benefit because i have seen such a different feeling
4:17 am
towards israel from countries that as you know were not feeling so well about israel not so long ago. and it's brought a lot of folks together and i think you have seen it and you have even mentioned it on many occasions. so, that is a real positive. we are very happy about that. >> every challenge creates opportunities. >> it's a challenge and it's an opportunity. you have a great opportunity right now there is a great feeling for peace throughout the middle east. i think people have just had enough. they have had enough of the blood shed and the killing. and i think you are going to see things starting to happen. what we did over the weekend was -- they say there has never been anything like it ever before. and it was really a coming together. and now today being in israel is just very, very special for us. so, we expect to have some very interesting talks. >> absolutely. we are praying for peace and we are pushing for peace for the last 100 years and with
4:18 am
god's help, somebody will bring us peace all together. all together. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. i want to use this opportunity to talk about something which is more substantial. -- steve: we believe what we just saw was the bilateral meeting between the president of the united states and the president of israel. we also believe there is going to be some sort of a statement, joint appearance in this room shortly before they go out in the garden and plant the tree. right now they're kind of ad-libbing because they are a little behind schedule. so are they trying to make up time? we are uncertain. but as it unfolds, you will see it all live. abby: also interesting moments when they are ad-libbing. we see the two podiums in that room. is seems like they will go up there and make statements.
4:19 am
steve: we are hearing there will be remarks in that room. right now they are way back there in that other room it looks like that's part of the security detail. it looks like they are trying to close the door or maybe open the door. abby: we just heard, brian, president trump said iran has brought nations together. iran, nations you wouldn't ever see working together. you think about saudi arabia and now in israel. that is really something to take in. brian: absolutely. iran had big elections over the weekend. billing turnout. 1600 candidates told you can't run. don't let anyone think they actually had a democracy with candidates picked by the people like we do. they do have this great turnout. there is a sense that they do want more representative government and they did what many people say in ruin any a r. secretary kerry shelled all diplomat action including decisive action in syria in order to get this deal done this yawn.
4:20 am
what it did take the enemies of iran and binded them together. even though it's not publicly acceptable for saudi arabia and other nations to say, you know, israel is now our ally and we recognize israel, they are working together on multiple levels because their objective is the same. saudi arabia, jordan and egypt know that israel is not a military threat to them they know maybe for now saudi arabia, egypt and jordan are not a threat to israel. they know there is a threat. it's every day. it is iran. that bonds these people together. abby: as we heard from the president of israel rev lynn they face challenges. the hoping those challenges turn into some type of opportunities. steve: absolutely. push for peace. president trump said people have had enough of the killing and the blood shed. it sounds like both parties want to do something. there is a third party, the palestinians and the president will meet with the palestinians tomorrow. brian: yeah. the problem is we do not deal with hamas and we shouldn't. the israelis don't negotiate
4:21 am
with hamas and they shouldn't. hamas has most of the power. the people they have to make a peace deal with. abby: beautiful look at the garden of the president outlines of israel. we will be with you all morning long right after the short break. safety isn't a list of boxes to check. it's taking the best technologies out there and adapting them to work for you. the ultrasound that can see inside patients, can also detect early signs of corrosion at our refineries. high-tech military cameras that see through walls, can inspect our pipelines to prevent leaks. remote-controlled aircraft, can help us identify potential problems and stop them in their tracks. at bp, safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. there's nothing more than my so when i need to book a hotel room, i want someone that makes it easy to find what i want. gets it. they offer free cancellation if my plans change. visit booking.yeah.
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4:25 am
two podiums to hear remarks from both the president of israel and president trump. of course as president trump arrives in israel, all eyes are also on his wife melania trump as she makes her international debut as the first lady. steve: what the is importance of her role overseas right now first lady historian jane hampton cook. i'm sure you saw what melania was wearing yesterday as she appeared in saudi arabia and she has apparently gotten rave reviews. this morning she arrived at the top of the stairs for air force one and she was dressed completely in white. >> that's right. that shows solidarity with israel. because the colors of the israeli flag are blue and whited. and so i think that's very purposeful what she is wearing. and one of the boutique owners in saudi arabia said when she saw melania trump wearing the black robe like pants suit that it reminded her of her biowhich is the traditional garb of saudi arabia women. she is speaking with her
4:26 am
wardrobe. that's very purposeful. very jackie kennedy like and very effective for her. brian: it's been so under reported the poison she has. her training. she came from the modeling world. she understands about appearances and nonverbal communication. and i don't think she is getting the credit she deserves to this point because of the different candidacy and thought presidency of this president. >> well, that's very possibly true. but she is not letting that phase her. she is putting her best foot forward and being very purposeful. i noticed when she visited the women's center, the business center, the ge center that was all women employees. she talked about the great strides that were being made in saudi arabia for female empowerment. she didn't say it was perfect. but she praised them for the progress they have made. that's very respectful. very honoring and that's the role she is playing. melania trump is showing cultural respect.
4:27 am
that is her job and her role on this trip. she is doing it very well. abby: cultural respect but also making statements of her own. i mean, people don't often talk about the influences that first ladies can have even on politics. you think about saudi arabia when she got off that plane, didn't have a head scarf on but still being praised even by the saudi arabiaen press by being classy. by being conservative but at the same time setting this message that the united states is about freedom of expression for women. >> that's absolutely right. and they accept i had the fact that she didn't have the head scarf because she was modestly dressed and she was showing such respect for their culture. and that is just key. a lot has been made about the sword dancing they did the other night. i levied that because i wrote about that in my book the burning of the white house. the first gift from the middle east to a president was a sword. and it's a symbol of honor and
4:28 am
a symbol of respect. and strength and so it's a very symbolic part of their culture. a way to honor the trumps and way for the trumps to honor their host. brian: the burning of the white house the book you wrote is actually going to be a movie. very true it goes back in history. for security people, dancing around you with swords, what a nightmare. abby: yikes. >> i know. if you can dance with a sword, you could carry your husband's honor if you were a female. i don't know that i could try that at home and be all that successful. so, you know, it's just an interesting image but it's re respectful at the same time. steve: you mentioned jackie kennedy a moment ago. the tradition of the first lady taking a look at local custom kind of started with her with when she went to india in 1960's. >> 1962 jackie kennedy went by herself on a goodwill mission to india and pakistan.
4:29 am
she was so purposeful in what she wore. she would wear the traditional hat in india. she would wear colors that would reflect the bright sun. colors colors of the saaris. she rode a camel and elephant and a lot of things to express goodwill in a way her husband couldn't because of a nuclear build up and the cold war he could not go to pakistan and india back then but she could. played this cultural role. you are seeing that unfold right now as we speak. abby: absolutely. brian: jane hampton cook get her book "burning of the white house" great historian. abby: and a movie. i'm excited for the movie. brian: the bush white house who is also great friends with israel. thank you, jane. steve: we are continuing our live coverage, the president's trip to israel. is he about to speak in 10 minutes. we will bring it to you live. abby: call for middle east to
4:30 am
step up the fight against terror. >> our goal is a coalition of nations who share the aim of stamping out extremism. abby: a former islamic extremist is here to weigh in next. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee.
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don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with less pain, i can be more active. ask your doctor about lyrica. ♪ steve: historic visit of the president of the united states to israel. the president of the united states and the president of the country of israel will be making comments, remarks in that room very shortly. and we will bring it to you live. brian: let's bring in our prestigious panel right now. spent part of his life as islamic terrorist and now back in mainstream america. he wrote about it the author of this book radical, my journey out of islamic extremism and joining us two people that will never in extremist camps in fact they fought against him pete hegseth and rob o'neill. welcome, guys. abby: that was an introduction, brian. brian: that's what happens when you say ad-lib.
4:34 am
first off, how this is playing out right now kno nowad do you feel they are looking at this president as a positive? >> first off, just correction, former islamic extremist, not terrorist. i was never chargeddor accuse dollars of that on the notes of trump's speech yes, i think it is a changed tone from describing terrorism with what is essentially a theological value judgment. the word islamic means something endorsed by islam. not befitting a secular president to divulge in instead used the word islamist in speech. albeit one or two slip ups. the intention was to use the islamist. it refers to the politicization of islam and briefly in one sentence the desire to impose any version of islam over all of society as an ideological project. and so trump -- president trump is correct in isolating
4:35 am
that particular strand and its violent manifestation in the form of squadism to isolate that from made styrene muslim communities and correct in inen encouraging regional leaders to challenge that form of extremism within the societies. i think the only issue there, sorry, finally is he correct in encouraging the evolution or revolution, i think that's also a positive step forward. abby: just a quick follow-up on that. >> yes. abby: how do you think the islamic extremist world responded to that speech yesterday because you a eyes were on it including terrorists wanting to know what the president was going to say? >> yes. i think they would be worried that the gap is being bridged between conservative leaders in saudi arabia and gulf countries and america. they have every interest in making sure that this is seen as a clash of civilizations and president trump was correct to posit this, instead, as a clash between good people and bad people of all faiths on both sides. so they would be worried. there is an issue that yes,
4:36 am
reform within muslim communities on the muslim fundamental question does need to occur. and if we're encouraging reform and evolution and not revolution, then the question is reform to what? i think that's where a bit more needs to be done on human rights question. there t. is important to keep focus on that on military aggression without threatening military aggression. on civilian basis it is important. saudi arabia classifies atheism. doesn't allow women to drive. these are the sorts of conversations i think between american and saudi exchanges that could be beneficial going forward. steve: rob o'neill one thing the president of the united states said yesterday he called on muslim leaders to drive the terrorists out. we have been waiting for a while for that message. do you think they are actually going to do it? >> i hope they do it. what he meant is drive them out of the madrasas and drive them out of the mosques. the people that are in there supporting this ideology, this radical ideology. someone doesn't agree exactly with what you agree they can
4:37 am
be killed and state it that simply. people are not born evil. they are not born to hate. they know what they are taught. teaching these kids at young age, it is happening in saudi arabia and happening in places here. happening in the u.k. and happening certainly with the cubs of the caliphate in syria. pete and i were talking about this earlier. have you a 5-year-old kid on the internet cut ago guy's head off and it takes him seven and a half minutes. 12 years that 5-year-old is probably not going to be normal if he keeps it up. look at that violent take over the world ideology instead of some sort of tolerance. steve: pete? pete: as i watched the speech the president gave yesterday in saudi arabia, what he is doing in jerusalem today. you have a sense there is an opportunity here. what barack obama's administration did for eight years in moving toward iran created a realization in israel and a realization in saudi arabia that maybe they do have a common enemy and as the middle east has known for a long time, israel is not a threat to them. they are not looking to -- so that realization alongside the
4:38 am
fact that iran really is a threat could create this moment where it's not going to break out in peace but there is a recognition that the real enemy here is isis. radicalized islamist form that has nonviolent and violent forms like the muslim brotherhood and isis you have to take them both on ideologically. americans can't do it alone. it has to be those in the region. brian: are we being naive in thinking saudi arabia really wants to crack down because these sunnies are from a lot of times they are born and bred in saudi arabia and they haven't even fully changed their textbooks yet. >> this is why i said no, you are not being naive. this is why i said it's important when we talk about the need for evolution in the region not revolution. the need for reform that we know the direction of travel. it is important that we continue to focus on even the saudis needing to reform process you are correct. for a long time saudi arabia has been funding the grope of extremism on the nonviolent
4:39 am
side across the world in the fundamentalist sense of the worlds. they were definitely sincere in their desire to curb jihaddist terrorism. where they are allied with thus struggle to moderate and modernize the interpretation of religion for today's day and age. you are also correct in suggesting that saudi and israel could well be working better together in the future for regional security. abby: your story is a fascinating one. you were once an extremist. you now talk openly about it as pete was talking about ideology is really the root of the problem. you think about the young kids coming up around the world, particularly in these arab nations. what turned you and how do we get to the root of that problem which is ideology, so that he is these kids have somewhere else to go beyond extremism? >> yes, i mentioned in my autobiography radical where the heart leads the mind can funnel.
4:40 am
i was adopted by amnesty international while i was serving in egypt as political prisoner. that softened my heart to human rights discourse. it allowed me to individual level that i think on macrolevel muslim majority society needs to go through as well that begins by this people-to-people contact that president trump is initiating with the gulf countries. that allows to soften those relations. but then it must be based on substantive conversation onrratt you correctly identified. that requires people who understand that ideological narrative to debunk it, refute it, isolate it from mainstream muslims and present alternatives. those alternatives need to be based on secular, lurallistic values. steve: we received word from the white house apparently between bilateral meeting between israel and the united states they were talking about the tensions with iran. perhaps more nations in the middle east would be drawn to
4:41 am
israel's side to help them because iran is a big problem. what did you make of the president's suggestion at, you know, essential an arab nato where you have allies together against the common threat. >> that's exactly what needs to harassment we will not defeat al qaeda and isis without the help of our sunni friends. the ideological fight. steve: we have never been on the same page. >> we are learning from the past it seems like right now. some are saying if we can get that trade root back everyone can be rich together. look at dubai and all that stuff. plus, if you have that alliance in there, the people of iran are going to see what's happening there. and iran strikes me as some place like north korea that it's not the people that are the problem. and if they decide they don't like living underneath these mull also a. maybe they can have it i'm not calling for a revolution. something to get those people out of there. fanatic call clerics and fanatical guys in charge. they don't have any desire other than armageddon and that's what they want.
4:42 am
the iranian people are not the problem. >> this entire opportunity is premised on strength. and when president trump stood at that podium and looked out at that audience, he was the leader of the strongest tribe. they looked at him and said i respect that, i will follow that contrast that with barack obama when he went to cairo in 2009. he went to a university. always the profer. professorring and lecturing to the crowd about the sins that america has committed and the problems that we have. abby: apologizing. >> and rewriting history. president trump stood up there and said god bless the united states of america. i'm the president of the united states of america. i recognize i'm the leader of the free world. i many co-alongside you in our shared threats. think about the things president trump derided for saying on the campaign trail. muslims and the muslim ban. turns out keepers of the holiest sight of islam like this guy because they respect what he has to say. brian: going against russia. made very nerves have you russia got ainvolved. who is going to help us? and now they are more amenable to america's help. abby: that's exactly right.
4:43 am
thank you all for being with us this morning. great commentary. steve: we have got a live camera inside that room awaiting the president of the united states to speak along with the president of israel in jerusalem. it should be coming up very shortly. the white house schedule is sliding a little bit because there have been some delays which suggest they are doing more talking behind the scenes. abby: we will bring you more right after this quick break. ♪ howl
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4:47 am
with president trump. this is another fbi director candidate reportedly dropping out of the running. in washington says former fbi official richard mcfeely bowed out for family reasons. the president's list now down to three. former senator joe lieberman, former oklahoma governor frank keating, and acting fbi chief andrew mccabe. tensions are rising as north korea says they are ready to deploy and mass produce missiles capable of hitting the u.s. this coming after the rogue nation says they have successfully tested another ballistic rocket. the u.s. now calling the launches disappointing and disturbing. the u.n. security council will meet to discuss the situation tomorrow. so a quick update for you guys on the headlines. send it back to you. abby: thank you, jillian. steve: fox news alert. we are now about two hours in to president trump's 36-hour visit to israel.
4:48 am
john huddy is in to jerusalem. john, tell us about that room we are looking at right now where we understand the two presidents will be speaking shortly and what the president of the united states is going to be doing the rest of the day. >> yeah. absolutely. that's the israeli president reuvin rivlin's residence. they are in a closed door meeting right now. once they come out they will give remarks. they are behind schedule, but the president is expected, president trump to go to the old city to visit the church of the holy sepulchre and western wall. that will really be fascinating, steve, abby, and brian. the visit to the western wall was already a contentious issue even before the president stepped foot here in israel as he did a little bit earlier when he landed at the airport. after that, then the president visiting the old city then he will go to the king david hotel here in downtown jerusalem. very close to our studio, in fact, about a 15-minute walk. he will have some down time.
4:49 am
later this evening he will be meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. they have dinner along with the first lady and prime minister's wife sarah. tomorrow he will be meeting with palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas in bethlehem. and followed by a trip to the holocaust memorial here in jerusalem to lay a wreath. a very busy schedule. we have been talking all morning kind of the bullet points what is likely to be discussed first and foremost, the quote, unquote, ultimate deal resuming peace talks between the palestinians and israelis. i think two other issues that will come up, the settlement issue here in israel. israel's continued construction of settlements in the west bank and then also moving the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to here in jerusalem, a very contentious and divisive issue, even biff president trump took office. and the white house has kind of scaled back its support of
4:50 am
moving the embassy here and also encouraging israel stepping back on the continued construction of those settlements. and just to give you a little color, guys. the hotel in downtown jerusalem is very close to the jassa gate to the old city. if you have never been here you see the tower of david and then did you go through the muslim and jewish quarters to get to those two sites. that will be really fascinating to see when the president goes there and what comes out of it back to you. abby: john huddy live for us in jerusalem. brian: kind of interesting before evidently that bilateral meeting with the president, president rivlin and the president of the united states had some side talk, which is very, very revealing. and one of those side talk was essentially they were having some cross talk and said, listen, i want to use this opportunity to talk about something more substantial then the mike cuts off. abby: then it pauses and talk about the weather in florida
4:51 am
and saudi arabia and then the mikes cut off. steve: we have the mikes turned on in the room there at the president's residence in jerusalem. and we're going to take you back there as soon as they come to the mike. we'll be right back. two minutes. 24hr protection from frequent heartburn. all day, and all night. now packed into a pill so small, we call it mini. new clearminis from nexium 24hr. see heartburn differently. your insurance on time. tap one little bumper, and up go your rates. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? news flash: nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch and you could save $509 on auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance.
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just heard from reagan that was the first time in america a president did more than just attack the behavior of the soviet union. he was declaring that the system itself was going to be crushed and that was completely different the first time that happened. it moved us from a dynamic of in a way placating and adjusting and managing to direct action to defeat. and that's also what's happened here with president trump. a couple years ago in 2015, barack obama. abby: we want to interrupt you with a fox news alert. we have been waiting for this moment. president trump there with the president of israel walking to the podium just leaving those bilateral meetings take a listen into remarks that both
4:55 am
of them are going to give. let's take a listen in. >> please be seated. >> mr. president, madam first lady, i hope that you enjoyed your time. i appreciate the opportunity to learn about your thoughts and vision. i believe that the unbreakable bond between us, along with your determination will open up new possibilities for the state of israel and the entire region. mr. president, we are happy to see that america is back in the area. america is back again. defeating of isis is one of your top missions.
4:56 am
this is most important objective. israel will do everything in its power in order to assist you in this mission. israel appreciates america's leadership and your administration in the action you look -- you took in syria. there are red lines happened in syria that must never be crossed. there is a prize tha price thate paid by those who violate the most basic values that make us human. further action must be considered in face of the -- that is still taking place on the other side of our border. mr. president, the jewish people return to the historic
4:57 am
homeland after 2,000 years of exile. we created a miracle. economical miracle, a human miracle. and even during our most difficult time we never gave up on our dream of living here in peace with our neighbors. we reached a peace agreement. we, our neighbors in jordan, and with our neighbors in egypt. but, we have not yet achieved our mission of living in peace with our neighbors, the palestinians and we, the rest of the arab world. our destiny, palestinians, and jews is to live together in this land, mr. president. we must build trust,
4:58 am
cooperation between us. but, in order to achieve this, we need new ideas. new energy that will help us move forward together. we can have here an international center of reason, a start-up. silicon valley from the jordan to the mediterranean. but we must be sure that we don't go to sleep with a dream and wake up with a nightmare. with iran, isis and hamas on our borders. in order to dream, we need to be sure that iran is out, out of our borders, out of syria, out of lebanon. i welcome you and i welcome your willingness to help us
4:59 am
move forward. we want to move forward. mr. president, we want to move forward. and we must do it together, together with america. thank you. >> thank you. thank you very much. and shalom. i'm honored to be in the great state of israel. the home land of the jewish people. i'm awed by the beauty and majesty of this sacred and very holy land. president rivlin, mrs. rivlin, thank you so much. thank you. thank you for opening your wonderful home and welcoming melania and myself to your amazing country. that's what it is. it is an amazing country. what you've done is perhaps has virtually never been done before. my first trip overseas i have
5:00 am
come to this ancient throond reaffirm the enduring friendship between the united states and the state of israel. and it will always be endurin enduring. and that's number one to me. we're not only long time friends we are great allies and partners. we stand together always. this moment in history calls for us to strengthen our cooperation as both israel and america face common threats from isis and other terrorist groups to countries like iran that sponsored terrorism and fund and foment terrible violence, not only here but all over the world. together we can work to end the scourge of violence that has taken so many lives here in israel and around the world. most importantly, the united states and israel can declare
5:01 am
with one voice that iran must never be allowed to possess a nuclear weapon, never ever. and must cease its deadly funding, training, and equipping of terrorists and militias and it must see immediately. on those issues, there's a strong consensus among the nations of the world, including many in the muslim world. i was deeply encouraged by my conversations with muslim world leaders in saudi arainia, including king salman who i spoke to at great length. king salman feels very strongly and i can tell you would love to see peace between israel and the palestinians. many expressed their resolve
5:02 am
to help end terrorism and the spread of radicalization. many muslim nations have already taken steps to begin following through on this commitment there is a growing realization among your arab neighbors that they have common cause with you and the threat posed by iran. and it is indeed a threat. there is no question about that. i thank both you and prime minister netanyahu for your commitment to achieving peace between the israelis and the palestinians i also look forward to discussing the peace process with palestinian president abbas young israeli and palestinian children deserve to grow up in safety and to follow their dreams free from the violence that has destroyed so many lives
5:03 am
the united states and israel can bring safety and greater prosperity to our people through stronger ties of trade and commerce. already our two countries do a great deal of business together strong foundation to build a closer trading relationship that benefits both of our countries? i'm going to try to narrow the trade deficit. he wants to keep it the way it is. i understand. today we have so many incredible opportunities before us my hope for this visit is that we seize every single one of them. i am thrilled to be here on behalf of the american people. i know israel and america share the same goals and i have great confidence that we can achieve tremendous success together. we can achieve all of our goals together: president
5:04 am
rivlin, i look forward to working with you and to seeing more of the sacred land in getting to spend time with the remarkable people of israel. thank you very much. thank you. [applause] steve: you have been looking live at the president of the united states and the president of israel. president rivlin in a joint appearance and we understand shortly they are going to be proceeding to a garnld where they will plant a ceremonial tree. abby: we want to bring in tammy bruise and former speaker of the house newt gingrich. speaker, i will start with you here. what you continue to hear, this common theme of bringing nations together that would normally never find some common ground is this threat of iran. >> flying directly from saudi arabia to israel, something
5:05 am
that prime minister netanyahu pointed out he would love to be the first prime minister to fly from tel aviv back to saudi arabia. i mean, that was a big step in the right direction whole emphasis on partnership. working together. it fits who trump was as a businessman. he believes in partnerships. he believes in bringing people together for a big project. he has decided a little to my surprise. israeli relations as well as working with the sunni arabs to defeat the isis and to defeat -- to stop iran this is a trip of big agendas: brian: they have a sense in israel. they have a sense the president is having a tough time in washington. they agree more with his foreign policy than the previous president's foreign
5:06 am
trump: thank you. thank you, mr. president. brian: that is the announcement after the symbolic treaty will be planted after they go. the one thing good about being president, you don't actually have to plant a tree. you just have to be there.
5:07 am
you don't even have to water. steve: newt gingrich, one of the things he said during his remarks is i'm happy someone is back in the area again, and he was talking a little bit about, you know, we've got peace deals with other nations surrounding israel. we don't have one with the palestinians. he said we need new ideas. is donald trump the new idea guy this time? >> yeah. i think so. and notice, first of all, that you have both in saudi arabia and in israel the sense of relief that america's back. i mean, obviously, they had a deep feeling that president obama left an enormous vacuum that left them much more vulnerable. so both in israel and saudi arabia you have the sense of how glad they are that donald trump is president. in addition i think trump is an idea guy. i have a book coming out in a
5:08 am
couple of weeks calling understanding trump. and one of the things that hit me and preparing for it is all his entire career he said big ideas trump tower as an example, he has gone out and sold people on investing in his big ideas. he's convinced property owners, he's built corporations. this is a guy who loves to create, he loves to build, he loves to achieve. i think to be fair, jared kushner loves helping him, someone who is a very faithful jew, but committed to peace as the best future for israel, and he has worked very hard in this. so i do think you'll see a bunch of new ideas during the course of today. >> if i could one thing. you could have all the ideas in the world but if nobody's going to take you seriously or if you seem to stand back, donald trump's already indicated that military power, something he's willing to use, this is something that reagan also did. and that adds an
5:09 am
insistence, and i think an important push for people you're negotiating with to cooperate. ainsley: and that seems to be so well respected, you talk about that power. how does he carry this momentum, speaker, back home to the united states? because as we talked about, these issues that he's dealing with over there are so serious. >> we should also point out what we're looking at right now, the president's getting into his limousine, he's going to take a ten-minute motor indicate drive over to the old city, and there the president will be joined by the first lady, and we understand portions of that will be televised, perhaps on a taped basis. so stand by for that. >> that's very important, but he seems to be well respected both in saudi arabia and israel. and as we've been talking about, these issues are so important but the narrative at home has not been good for him.
5:10 am
>> look, i mean, first of all, i think you've got to get through the rest of the trip, see how it plays out. but if it continues the way the first couple of days have, i think the president's going to come home with a better understanding of what he's going to do. you'll notice he's not talking to the news media. he's not tweeting randomly. when you learn that cnn, for example, in a harvard study was 93% negative, why would you talk to him? i thought it was absurd the way they treated some of the administration officials. the way it was put together an extraordinary series of steps made some great deals. done it methodically and in an organized way. if the president comes home and applies those lessons to
5:11 am
health care, tax policy, to job creation, to infrastructure, you'll see a new and dramatically more dynamic trump administration and the country will follow. the news media may not, but the country will follow, and i think he has the ability to do that. and this trip certainly is a -- at least so far, is an enormous boost in understanding how smart he is, how powerful he is, how committed he is to really big things. brian: right and i think one of the things you say sometimes as the motorcade pulls away for that 15-minute ride, i was really struck how auto r president said you're a unique personality that's capable of doing the impossible. you would never get that impression here at home, tammy, that the president has this kind of perception overseas. >> well, this is why i would argue you had such a push against the president before he left because even the media knows this will be good for him. so as long as the speaker noted, as long as he maintains control of the narrative, this
5:12 am
could speak to changes that they make here at home as well. not pandering to the media so much. not having the media -- brian: or attacking. >> that's it. when you're having a press conference, they've complained they haven't already had one. it's like having a press conference with hillary staff. why would you do it? and the stake is the nation. so the argument is whether or not it bothers president trump. this shows the significant of his leadership ability, and it does further his promises. it makes america stronger, it makes america safer but more than that as well. it's key to the fight against isis and terrorism. because the nature of the aggression and the reinforcement there that this is a serious man. >> sure. newt, president trump said -- >> let me add one thing. steve: go ahead, sir. >> i just want to add one thing about what tammy said because she said it so well. it's ironic that if you are
5:13 am
the king of saudi arabia, the prime minister of israel, the president of egypt, you treat donald trump with enormous respect as the leader of the most powerful nation in the world and yet the reporters treat them with contempt. the reporters are pigmies, they're little midgets. they spent their lifetime watching other people do real things. >> exactly. >> it strikes me the establishment ought to strike awe new rule if you're a midget, that's fine but you're not going to be at a press conference with me or my staff, and i think they need to have a tougher aattitude toward the media and say i'm the president of the united states. you're not. and if you're not worthy of my talking to you, i'm not going to talk to you. and you would see the media begin to fall in line because the gap between how world leaders treat donald trump and the american media treats him is inexcusably big. brian: you're right and it hurts the presidency whether you're a democrat or republican because it lowers the bar.
5:14 am
here is professor allen. steve: a giant in the news industry. brian: and a lot of these people are your personal friends. >> yes. brian: your take on what you've seen so far this morning. >> well, i've met with the president and abash and netanyahu. this is terrific what the president is doing. he's saying and doing the right things. his statement with iran will never, ever be allowed to develop nuclear weapons is very different than the deal that president obama -- brian: you have ten years. >> that's right. so that was a very important statement. his going to the western world is important. obama allowed the president of the united states, not to veto, the stupidest ever. remember, it was supposed to be international jordan captured it illegally. israel 50 years ago liberated it and allowed everybody to go to the western world. and that's not legal? so i'm so glad that president trump is going to the western
5:15 am
wall. >> well, as you know he's the ultimate deals guy, president trump. he's hoping on this trip to israel that they can make some sort of improvement. some sort of compromise on what we're hearing this ultimate deal. you understand these issues so well. how far do you think they can get on something? >> right. there's something on the table that i hope both sides approve of. the saudis have said if they stop building into the west bank, and do a little bit more humanitarian work on gaza, they'll allow planes to fly over saudi arabia and the emirates, allow telephone lines to be established, and allow business people to do deals. that's just the beginning. but if president trump can home with that deal, he'll be able to say i accomplished more in 130 days than the previous four presidents have accomplished. brian: mr. speaker, i want you to weigh in. i know you have to run, but i want you to weigh in on what professor dershowitz just said. >> well, i think allen has it exactly right. this is one of those unusual
5:16 am
moments in history when courageous leadership can change everything. we saw it happen with the chinese president mar-a-lago, we saw it happen in saudi arabia. something i thought i would never see with the entire sunni world coming together. we well by the end of today see it happen here. all of these require unique skills, unique energy, unique focus. none of them are guaranteed to work and president trump is showing enormous courage. the last two presidents, their first trip overseas, one was to mexico, one was to canada. what trump is doing will be historic in the fourth year of his presidency. this is his opening trip. and if he keeps pulling rabbits out of the hat, he's going to come home as a much bigger figure and much more historic figure. steve: good way to put it. thank you very much, mr. speaker. >> sorry, si think one of the ss is why he's attacked here at home is because he's his own
5:17 am
man. and if you're able to trust in the vision of an individual that they're able to apply because they're not going to let others push them out of the way, i think the israelis perhaps can take him a little bit more seriously and trust in the nature of what the outcome will be because of the force of his personality, which is exactly what he's attacked here at home. it will make a difference worldwide. >> but there is one thing that the president has to understand. there's a enormous difference between israel and all the other countries in the region. israel is a democracy, which means he can't tell the prime minister what to do. the prime minister can't say yep, i'm going to do it the way the saudi arabia or even the palestinian authority. he has to persuade the israeli people. he has to talk to them. he has to get on television. he has to be persuasive. he has to be a salesman to the people. that's the nature of a democracy. steve: sure. you're looking live, folks, in jerusalem. and the president is heading that way. he -- brian: have you been there? >> i have been there. it's an amazing place.
5:18 am
it is a place where all christians unity. -- unite. there's a special section for pro sfor prodistins, catholics, you have different aspects of it, but you see all of christianity assemble. steve: tell us where this relates to the western wall. >> it's all in the old city, and you walk on the via del rosa, that is the road that jesus took, which is amazing. it has the best restaurant anywhere in the world. and then you have to walk probably about half a mile, and you get to the little corridors that take you down to the western wall. and whenever i go to israel, i always make a point to go to the holy church, to go to the western wall. the other place i go to is ar ramallah. why? because it's a beautiful, beautiful city and you say this is the occupation that they've been telling us about? i see more bmws and mercedes
5:19 am
and fancy cars. this is the occupation? and i tell my students to go there. >> the importance of americans traveling. >> this is a great point. professor, now i'm craving. president trump as a businessman has been over to this part of the world. same with his secretary of state rex tillerson as head of exxon. this trip everywhere he's visiting now, what do you think he will take home with him? how will he view this relationship with israel? >> well, he'll understand that israel is the only country in the middle east that helps the united states military. they help to develop military weapons, they help to develop iron dome. their intelligence is absolutely remarkable. and they're very much like the united states. he'll feel so at home in israel. it's a democracy. the prime minister of israel is attacked more ferocious by the israeli press almost than he is. he'll feel very much at home.
5:20 am
steve: what's it to say that he's going to be the first president to visit the western wall? >> it's so important because of the obama disaster un resolution that he didn't veto, which basically says the western wall is occupied territory. president of the united states is not visiting anywhere territory that he believes does not appropriately belong in israel. so it sends a very, very important message. i wish he had done it together with the prime minister. but that's a choice he made. and i am sure that by the end of the -- i'm sorry. after the obama administration. by the end of the trump administration, i hope we will be closer to a peace that secures israel's security that make sure sure the united states. >> because it units with israel. look, israel is not going to hurt any country.
5:21 am
iranians might. brian: president trump calling for a new chapter in the middle east. what will it take to make that happen. nowhere our panel of u.s. war veterans including pete and rob o'neill. next "how to win at business." step one: point decisively with the arm of your glasses. abracadabra. the stage is yours. step two: choose la quinta. the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly and win at business. what makesheart healthysalad the becalifornia walnuts.r? the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at
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that's over 6 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. steve: all right. this is a fox news alert. you're looking at the church and the president of the united states and the first lady are going to be arriving very shortly. you can see some people up on the stairs right there where the president is going to be joined by a few local leaders for a couple of minutes, and then they're going to walk to the church, and you'll see much of it unfolding live right here on the channel this morning. brian: as we have all morning long. >> joining us now our panel of war veterans, along with war 'vette chris and fox
5:25 am
contributor and navy seal who killed osama bin laden rob o'neill. thank you, all, for being with us this morning. we have talked about in the commercial break, you have spent a lot of time in this part of the world. >> yeah. it's the holy city of jerusalem. i've been there a couple of times. going to jerusalem is understanding the complexity of the situation that every american president has faced and all of these three major faiths face. going to the western wall has powerful symbolism. the holy temple for jews but with a mosque built on top of it, recaptured in 1967 but still a controlled mosque and the western wall disputed territory, both of these are on top of each other. there's a loudspeaker that blasts straight into the holiest sites of christianity. it's complex it gives you a sense of why it's so difficult. steve: allen was sitting there and understanding how the prime minister benjamin netanyahu wanted to accompany
5:26 am
the visit to the western wall. >> it still sends massive political messages. president trump said he's going to potentially tear up the iranian deal. i think this trip is effectively the beginning of the tearing up, the that damaging of the iranian deal. partnering with the saudis the way we have, that he'll never, ever get a bomb. that's a big part of what this trip meant. brian: part of it is they don't have it up front. so that could help. what it could do is reinforce that deal. would that help more? >> i think so. i mean, when you have an eight-year administration, you need to turn the page, and it takes a while to do that. but i think what we're seeing with the president over there, he's a deal maker, and i think the timing of this trip is good. escape some of that acrimoniy in congress and some of those things going on. this is go time for america first, and i think also building allies. this is a successful trip for
5:27 am
the president, and i'm impressed with what he's doing. >> i mean, you think about a place like israel, rob, constantly under threat. there are parts on the border where you see terrorists held territory. it's surreal when you see them discussing things. >> it's amazing. but hopefully this new learning from history try to get rid of the ideology of murdering each other because we don't all believe in the same thing. that could come there too. as we mentioned dubai earlier if some of the palestinian terrorists can see what's going on in israel and a lot of palestinians live there with jews and christians that there's nothing wrong with living together. it's tough to do. even the peace deals don't seem to work. but it affects all of us in a good way on this earth that the way to win this entire thing is through education and hopefully taking that step. it's going to be a long one,
5:28 am
but taking that step forward. steve: and we understand from our producers traveling with the president, they have arrived. as we look at the church, this is really symbolic because of the different religions and the president of the united states made a message of what he is interested in and what we should be interested in is intolerance and a fierce resistance to more prosperous future for all of us. >> very much so but the only way you get there is about being honest by what each side achieves. you're looking right there, the courtyard outside of the church. so when the camera pans, it's panning toward the front door when you go in. the crump is controlled by multiple orthodox parts of the catholic church and christian church. the churches couldn't even agree on who is going to maintain this holy site. steve: but they're able to do it together. >> they kind of do it together, and it took them a
5:29 am
long time to do it. so even in christianity that they battle each other. now we're movingous of that try to find ways to work as christians, jews, and muslims. it's a massive problem to tackle and going to jerusalem, you mentioned it, abby, you're looking over lebanon and isis-controlled territory. there's a lot of contention of the gaza strip, the fact of the terror state. they're living on top of each other as eminent threats. and that makes every decision the matter of life and death. brian: being an iraqi war vet, i imagine this is making republicans feel a little bit better over the last three days than they have over the last seven. >> i think -- the president is really a strong leader. i think the republican party needed the energy with this election and everything he's doing and being over there on the world stage, it's really his first opportunity to really -- i mean, he was a successful -- with the election but he's also being stately, and i think he's over
5:30 am
there setting the expectation and making clear killing for religion is unnecessary and some of the messaging on this trip has been very strong and, you know, he's a strong leader, and i think this is a good moment for his presidency, and we're going to go on from here. >> what does this do? we haven't talked nearly as much as we should about this. what does this do for our military? you think about everyone watching this trip play out. but the most important members of our community fighting for treatments every day. what are they taking from these trips? he's coming down on something so hard about something they're all going to face. terrorism. >> this is really good for our military and military families. there's a goal, there's a leadership, american exceptionalism having help with our sunni arab friends, we know we're going to go against isis and al-qaeda, which are out there, we know we need help around what iran is doing. they know when going over
5:31 am
there arming the kurds, a lot of my friends who are special operator seals in the army and marines are saying the problem is we couldn't get the kurds the weapons the right way, even though they're the ones the iranian militia, and they're not going to get the weapons they need. now this is all happening, the military is getting the leadership they want, the vision they want. and like i said, that trickles down to the family at home because they know they're doing something for a purpose. brian: but not only that, they realize there's more $24 billion in the budget for the defense. and that goes quickly, let alone the normal budget. and i think it's important that you guys tell me and, chris, you want to weigh in that the generals, the secretary of defense is actually making defense decisions. the national security advisers, the former general and where the staff of the last administration was making a lot of the mission decisions, i think a lot of the military seems to feel better that it's actually in the hands of a general.
5:32 am
>> not only is the secretary of defense, doing the decisions they know because they're eminently involved. they're using the chain of command properly. >> even with the big moab that went off a few weeks back, it's -- steve: right. let's listen in as the president of the united states the holy holy. [silence]
5:33 am
[silence] brian: so this is another ceremony portion where i think the president is getting briefed on what's about to happen, as he makes their way down in this -- the christian region of this church. >> yeah. let's bring back in rob o'neill, pete, and allen dershowitz. talk to us about the significance for the israelis and the christian community as they visit this church. >> well, it's very significant because when jordan controlled the old city of jerusalem, people couldn't go and pray freely. jews couldn't pray at the western wall, jews couldn't go visit. now of course with jerusalem in the hands of israel, it's an open city. anybody can go there and anybody can pray and it creates such harmony between
5:34 am
jews, catholics, prodistins, muslims, and i think the president visiting the church freely and openly and then visiting the western wall sends a very, very important symbol of why jerusalem must remain under the control and sovereignty of israel. it's the only way to guarantee religious freedom for all. steve: professor, explain to us -- this is clearly part of the israeli visit. the palestinians also claim the old city, which is where this is with its jewish, muslim, and christian sacred sites as part of their future capital with a palestinian state. how is that working out? >> it's doable. we live in new york city here. we have bros. we have brooklyn where i grew up and queens and manhattan. you can have a situation where jerusalem has a jewish capitol and a west jerusalem and the old city and then an east jerusalem. it can have a palestinian
5:35 am
capital if the palestinians would make peace and give up some of their absurd demands and accept the peace was made bt clinton back in 2001, prime minister netanyahu has said both sides. i think jerusalem could be revolved, it can have a capital in west jerusalem, and i hope that very soon the united states embassy will move to west jerusalem and perhaps an embassy can be built in east jerusalem that represents the presidents in that area that is palestinian and will become palestinian if there's a two-state solution. brian: reminds me ivanka and jared kushner that she converted. so this is very special to her and i believe someone's making
5:36 am
an address. either that or that's an audioless picture. >> as they take a photo op but being jared kushner right by his side is jewish -- steve: let's listen in. [silence] steve: can't tell if that's just some of the people -- the photographers or part of the official event. pete, they're posing in front of the church of the holy sepulchre door. >> they would go and see the traditional representation of historically believed to potentially be the crucifixion as well as the burial site of
5:37 am
jesus. >> through the crusades, a lot of people have occupied it. >> we've been talking about, professor, when you have a son-in-law who is jewish, he's clearly learned so much more about the jewish religion. i mean, this is something he's very close to. how much has that impacted him and being here in israel in this moment? >> well, i think he's learned a lot about the jewish religion living in new york, having jewish son-in-law or jewish daughter. the interesting thing about the churc church of the sepulchre, the king of the church has been in a palestinian family for years because they didn't trust each other, originally, and they gave the key to a palestinian family that has held that key for several hundred years. so here i think the president
5:38 am
wanted to make that point that religions could live together as long as they traject terror and violence. the president of the united states donald trump, during this 36-hour trip to israel wanted to make the ultimate deal but ultimately the expectations are very low for some sort of break through; right? >> no. i think the expectations are low for a general deal that will solve all the problems quickly. i think what we may see and the president might be very good at this is the step-by-step approach. let's first open up the saudis and animals. let's have the israelis take certain steps that would satisfy the saudis and then the next step and the next step, and i think perhaps the goal in a few years to bring about peace and as part of that, the american embassy will move to jerusalem and all
5:39 am
the other embassies around the world will move to jerusalem as well. so i think a step-by-step peace. but it's democracy. you can't tell them to do anything. you have to persuade the people to agree. there's even a law now in israel that says israel can't give back the territories in the west bank without there being a referendum. so the president has to speak to the israeli people. brian: is the prime minister in a strong political progression right now? >> i would say he's in a position that's strong if he makes a security-based peace. but he has his right wing pressing him very hard on the settlements and i think it's not as easy. if prime minister netanyahu could make peace without having to get the approval of anybody else the way the dictatorships, i think he could do it. i think it's a complex democracy with a strong left wing, with right wing, with centrists, with a vibrant free press, which is very critical,
5:40 am
makes it somewhat difficult and prime minister netanyahu like donald trump has his own issues he's under investigation for trivial things, i think taking cigars and champagne. but nonetheless an investigation. and in both cases, we're going to see the criminalization of policy differences. it's wrong when it happens in israel. it's wrong when it happens to the united states. it was wrong when it happened with hillary clinton. so i'm always against trying to make crimes out of agreements. so. >> if he could even get a small part of some deal done, that could be a huge moment. then what is that first step? >> i'm more skeptical. you spend time on the ground, it feels the two-state solution is something of the past. and more of a status quo with security arrangements. >> two states isn't the past? >> trump's basically sidelined the two states.
5:41 am
>> that's right. it is effectively sidelined and the idea that there's going to be a east and west jerusalem i think also is made more difficult by the realities on the ground. these holy sites represent an example of what could be but also the death of the theological differences that underpin why this is so problematic to do. many have claims to these sites that they believe are theirs. and is a side that both sides take, israel never wants to give that up. the palestinians say they want it and there's no history for the palestinians hamas and others are prepared to control a peaceful state. they've only dissented into terrorism. steve: but you say rather than a deal, it's going to be boom. it's going to be baby steps. and that way they'll find a way forward of peace for the two nations. >> and i also think when the palestinians get better economic situation and have a greater stake in peace.
5:42 am
remember, the wall in berlin wasn't brought down by president reagan. it was brought down by the east berliners who wanted to be like west berlin. and i think when the gaza people want to be like west bank, and they see it thriving if the west bank can thrive and everything turns into what it looks like today, i think donald trump understands that as a businessman that it will make them more willing rather than to encourage them to be suicide bombs. remember, they still pay suicide bombers to blow up innocent men and women and children. brian: guys, let's stick around. let's take a break and come back as the president is in the church and then we can continue with him through his journey for the next 26 to 38
5:43 am
hours. don't go away
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steve: fox news alert, the president of the united states and the first lady walking down the stairs into the hope of the church of the holy sepulchre. we anticipate they will be inside with no live pictures for 15 minutes, which means they will be out in just about five minutes. joining us here now, allen dershowitz, famous law professor. you are actually a great person to have on the couch right now, professor, because later today, the president and the first lady are going to be having dinner with the prime minister benjamin netanyahu, who you have known for a very long time. tell us what they can anticipate. expect. >> well, i've had dinner with sarah probably a dozen times in their house. it's not the white house.
5:47 am
it's a little bit shabby and run down. he always makes a statement that he doesn't spend enough money. i've had home there with other prime minister. there's a nice outdoor area on a nice area where they sit outside on a table. the dinner is very modest. it's not pompous. and i think it's a real discussion. just the four of them will be there. they leave the things and go. there will be a real opportunity for conversation. >> you know, professor, this is a different camera angle, also the exterior of the church of the holy accept can a. can you orient yourself? do you know what we're looking at right here? are we closer to the western wall? >> i think we're moving toward -- i mean, that looks like it could be the promenade to the western wall. yeah, that's the prom gnawed.
5:48 am
jordanians destroyed all the holy sites, and they claimed they had legitimate control over it. they liberated the wall with great cost in terms of personnel and during the six day war, israel sent a message we will not capture the war, if you just stay out of the war and jordan sent robotics into west jerusalem against civilians and israel had no choice that then went in and captured the western wall at great cost and retrieved it, liberated it, and captured the jewish corridor, which had been totally destroyed. >> and the good news now with king abdullah in charge, much better relations and they're also an ally that feels ignored by the previous administration. let's bring in dan bone gino, former secret service guy, and you know, dan, the bear of a
5:49 am
task it is to secure a place like this for the president of the united states. give us an idea. >> yeah. this is just -- you know, if the presidential inauguration is the super bowl for the secret service, this is like the conference finals. and you have to talk on the saudi portion of the trip, you're playing in al-qaeda's backyard here. this isn't time to mess around and the secret service knows it. from a lock has perspective, there are hundreds if not thousands of weapons all have to be accounted for, all have to be shipped into the country on cargo plane. you have vehicles. remember, we fly our own cars over. a little known fact. the president doesn't get in anybody else's cars. ever. we take our cars everywhere. we take our own helicopters everywhere. we fly our own helicopters over there on planes. stick the pro materials in and fly them on the c17. i read a story today about the president being a little bit
5:50 am
tired. one thing the public doesn't understand that goes behind the scenes. they've had no time whatsoever to acclimate to the time difference. it's 8:00 in the morning and they haven't slept. >> not to mention a place like saudi arabia where it's over 110 degrees there. so you add -- >> the dry heat. >> dan, i mean, you have experienced traveling on these trips with former president barack obama. talk to us about just the perception because as we've seen this trip play out, really, a difference in terms of the reception that he has received in both saudi arabia and now in israel. >> yeah. there's absolutely nothing like a press spray with a president on foreign soil signing big weapons deals, military arrangements, making speeches like he made yesterday. there's nothing like the --
5:51 am
you know, i hate the overused dc term, but it's true. it lends some seriousness. >> we're going to take a quick break and be right back. brian: with the professor subsequently. don't go anywhere what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? news flash: nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch and you could save $509 on auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance.
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brian: the historic journey for the president of the united states in jerusalem continues and now we're in the holy -- we're still in the holy church of the -- steve: this is near the west wall. they've had some technicians walk over. they believe the president is going to be walking over the wall where he will then insert a message. they've just been trying to get their focus. allen dershowitz, who has been over there many, many times joins us live here on the couch. explain for us, if you would,
5:55 am
professor, how -- do people write the message right there? do they bring it with them? do we see apparently in the foreground there's a prayer book on a plexiglass stand. do they write it there? what's the standard operating procedure, if there is one? >> well, people just bring a little piece of paper, and they write their little messages to god. usually it's a message of peace or for good health. then they insert it into the wall. nobody is ever supposed to read that. it's remarkable. i have been to the western wall 100 times. i've never seen it empty. at 3:00 in the morning, it's packed. 5:00 in the morning. steve: you've never been there with a president. >> i've never been there with a president. they've emptied it completely. >> that's a great segue into dan who has done so many of these trips with the president. walk us through this. it does look very empty there in a public place that is oftentimes really every time you look at it packed with people. >> yeah. the general rule with the secret service is clear first. so you have to clear the entire area out of people.
5:56 am
then you sweep it using explosive ordinance disposal, eod, and then you post it with agents and in this case it's probably the israeli secret service, and they make sure anybody who comes back into that swept area doesn't have any weapons or explosives. >> you also have to clear the upper part because the temple mount overlooks the western wall and sometimes you get terrorists throwing rocks down from the upper part. so that has to be also cleared and protected. brian: some hostility there with the holiness. and we understand too, it's separated. men go pray by themselves, they move out, the women come in, and even the press is separated into men and women. >> it's an orthodox synagogue under the control of the rabbi of the wall and as an orthodox synagogue, men and women pray separately. there's an area for men and women to pray separately and then men and women can pray together. brian: gotcha. back in a moment ee on mattress firmness?
5:57 am
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>> we expect the president of the united states to visit the western wall within the next 10 or 15 minutes. you'll see it live here on fox news channel. >> we're honored you spent the morning with us. please don't go everywhere. >> don't go jen wra. >> shannon: israel rolling out the red carpet for president trump. right now he and the first lady are inside the church of the holy sepulchre. good morning from new york. ifm owe shannon bream live in america's newsroom. welcome to rick. >> pleasure to be here. i'm in for bill hemmer. after the president's visit to the church he and his wife melania will visit the western wall. president trump was in israel issuing a rallying cry to the world calling on muslim nations to extinguish extremism and terror


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