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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 22, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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they were mentioning a little something about the hospital itself and the significance. >> it's sigenes to be visiting this hospital. you see the woman they're meeting with there. you have melania trump in the white, sara netanyahu in yellow, the woman in red based on her head scarf would be arab. the hospitals throughout israel, not only israeli-arabs, but palestinians, whether they get injured on the west bank, in gaza. the best. >> some the best medical care in the world at these hospitals. there are palestinian kids next to israeli kids all being treated by israeli doctors. >> it is so important to say, as some one who visited jerusalem, visited israel, haven't lived there as you did, leland, sometimes the perception israeli-palestinian relations is different than what you experience when you're there on the ground. how valuable it is to be on the
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ground as a private citizen. also a world leader. president trump making this key trip. the optics of the trip are important. one of the reasons we're showing you this picture before we bring you to the meeting with prime minister netanyahu and president trump, we expect the president to speak in a short while, is all of the package. how do we literally fit together, what is the behavior like, how does that broadcast things to the world of the future. >> you see a young israeli boy with a yarmulka, sitting next to the arab mother, the mother of both of those children, have the same thoughts, hope their kids get better there. and you know, we talk about real estate, as president trump began his career in for so long, where they are is entirely about real estate. there's nothing like ground
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troops. we bring in our man on the ground, john roberts, at least his voice, overlooking where the president is at the king david hotel. hi, john. >> hey, good morning to you, good afternoon to you from israel. territory in a you're familiar with. this really is a symbolic picture here about the power of children to bring together nations, even though those nations, or those people, have so many stark differences. the fact she there is with the prime minister's wife, sara, and women and children from both sides, if you will, of the political and religious fence here is a powerful image. one that they're trying to use to further put another building block down in terms of trying to finally, finally get over the goal line with the middle east peace deal. what we saw in saudi arabia talking about the shared
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existential threat to the arab world and israel faces from iran, how that might be a powerful, shared threat that could bring the two sides together and maybe finally put together the building blocks of peace. the fact that melania trump has been literally tone and pitch perfect here in this trip so far when she touched down in saudi arabia, did not have the traditional head covering on, hi jab, but wearing a stella mccartney pant suit that a lot of women in sawed ju arabia saw similar to the garb they would bear. they really appreciated the fact she was making an effort to sort of adhere to saudi traditions while at the same time being different. she's going to be meeting with these children in the gar dan of the hadasa women's hospital. the patron of the hospital is the hadasa zionist organization of the united states, going to take time to do crafts with the
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children and really kind of get to know them. she's made it clear one of her great causes, she meets with children particularly in hospitals at many stops throughout the united states and doing it around the world. a vuerful image of unity here and reaching out, using the commonality of children to try and build bridges between people. >> john roberts on the ground in jerusalem. behind john, is the king david hotel, he'll meet with prime minister netanyahu in the coming hour. we expect them to come out and make a few comments on the screen, left, we continue to look at the pictures of the two first ladies, the prime minister's wife and melania trump as they sit down with some kids at hadasa. >> we mentioned the power of symbols, the first report we saw from john roberts, gym street diplomacy. everything matters. not only the appearance of the
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world leaders as they come together, what they're doing in their spare time as you see on the screen. some of the very important meetings as well that are taking place we don't want to overshadow. this is the beginning of a long trip. and president trump, after being in israel for another full day tomorrow, will travel to europe. this is going to continue for a while. brett baer is travelling along for all of this, he's in riyadh where the president was this weekend and will set the scene for us, of what's happened in the past few days. and what you look ahead for. >> thank you, jenna. first of all i want to say how impressed i am with john roberts and the stella mccartney mention. you're right, that fashion thing was very impressive. but i am in the saudi foreign ministry. the saudis are basically basking in the glow of what they consider a really great trip. not only for them but for the u.s. the arms deals, that went through. the commitment to fight
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extremism and terrorism, and all of the remarks by not only the president, in that historic speech, to 50-plus muslim and arab nations but from the sing of saudi arabia. a lot of people didn't catch what he said but the saudis did. the president moving on to israel, those images very powerful as john and rich have been talking about. and the first president to visit western wall, the first president to put israel on the first foreign trip, but the saudis had the first stop on that first foreign trip. there was a background briefing, a senior white house official, saying in an answer to how he phrased a certain part of the speech, whether it was islamist or islamic. the answer was he just tripped up because he was an exhausted guy. well, that then spurred headlines. i asked today, the national security advisor, before he left
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riyadh, about that. take a listen. >> senior official, a backgrounder, said that he's just, quote, exhausted guy. i mc's an event where the president was supposed to address the crowd at the end, he had tweeted that, at the last minute sent ivanka instead. the president okay? >> i've never seen a president exhausted, actually. some of us get exhausted trying to keep pace with him. you look at the pace of the trip it's unbelievable. >> jenna: we want to bring to you president trump, speaking with the prime minister of israel. >> as we prepare friendship with israel, i think a lot of that, whatever it takes, a lot spurred on by what is happening with iran. >> i think the fact that you have taken very strong position on iran, different position, not only on security but it helps propel the possibility of reconciliation in israel.
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that will help. not all -- i do look forward to discussio discussions, all of the possibilities. >> iran should be greatful to the united states, because iran negotiated a fantastic deal with the previous administration, a deal that is unbelievable from any stakeholder. some people don't understand even how it could be thought of. instead of being thankful and saying thank you, because they were in serious trouble, i think they would fail within six months. we gave them a life line and we not only gave them a life line, we gave them wealth and prosperity. and we also gave them an ability to continue with terror. and with all of the things
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they've been doing. no matter where we go, we see the signs of iran in the middle east. no matter where we go, syria, where we forced to shoot the 59 missiles, no matter what area we're in we see yemen, iraq, no matter where we are we see the sides, every side, whether it's soldiers, whether it's money and guns. instead of saying thank you to the united states, they now feel emboldened. maybe they figure they can do it every time. they can't do it, believe me. it was a terrible, terrible thing for the united states to enter that deal. and iran will never have a nuclear weapon, that i can say.
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>> thank you. >> jenna: the president and prime minister with a few words as they continue on 245ir schedule this evening. this evening, in israel, we expect to hear more from them as well. interesting comments coming from the president. we know it might have been a little difficult to hear as it was for us, too, trying to do a lot of this on the fly. you hear the sound, maybe not perfect. but a lot of references to iran, what iran is doing in the region. the president saying iran will not get a nuclear weapon. let's bring the two things together as we're going to return to brett baer in saudi arain why in a minute. i want to listen for a second. >> never mentioned in the conversation. you had another story wrong, never mentioned the word israel. >> thank you, thank you.
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let's go, out. >> jenna: unexpected as you know the president with additional comments. what we're going to do is cut that sound for you and replay it in just a moment so you can hear it in full. what i wanted to point out, as you look at the theme of this trip abroad from the president, the president was very clear talking about iran and saudi arainia. the president very clear talking about iran in israel. while saudi arabia and is plal do not have diplomatic relations this, was the first direct flight from air force one to saudi arabia into israel because of lack of diplomatic relations. this is one thing they agree, on they do not want an empowered iran and don't want a nuclear iran. wanted to point out those teams as we see them arising in the trib. brett is standing by with us again, as you just showed us, speaking to the national security advisor with the president. your thoughts, brett? >> yeah, well we will of that complete interview with h.r.
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mcmasters on "special report" live from riyadh, more saudi reaction. you're right, jenna, the connective tissue between this trip and saudi arabia, the meeting with the 50-plus muslim-arab nations, then to israel, is iran. that is the thing that brings it all together. the concern about the threat from iran in the region, the geopolitical shift that is the trumped a mshgs from the obama administration, welcome here in sauldie arabia and throughout the arab world and welcomed in israel when you hear the israeli president saying america is back again, that is quite a message on a trip from two very different parts of this same region. >> jenna: brett, thank you. all this makes for a can't-miss special report, brett baer live from saudi arabia at 6:00 p.m. eastern, he will have much more reporting on the ground from saudi arabia including as you
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mention the full interview with the national security advisor for the president. really interesting for brett to be there and we will be watching on special report tonight. we want to dig diep deeper into the issue much israel and iran as we await the president, again, to speak with the prime minister of israel. ambassador danny denan is ambassador to the u.n. great to have you on the program. i'm curious about your observations thus far on the trip, you've seen a few hours that our president has sment on the ground there and what you see as the goal of this trip. >> good morning. thank you for having me. this is a great, historic visit of the president to israel. and we appreciate that. on his first visit abroad he's visiting our country. we speak about the bond between the americans and the israeli's, shared values. when the president is coming to israel, he's visiting the holy sites in the old city of
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jerusal jerusalem, we appreciate that. he's meeting with the president, prime minister of israel, as you said the first issue is the threat of iran. and we see today that the saudis, the gulf countries, the moderate arab countries share the same concern that we have. and we hope that the leadership of president trump, will be able to fight together, those radical forces. >> jenna: what is the biggest obstacle as you see it, when we discuss middle east peace we can mean many different things. what does it mean for israel? >> well, they can restart negotiations, sit down with the palestinians and to speak with them. unfortunately, what we saw in the last few years, they created a culture of hate, of incitement. the fact that today the palestinian services, they still have convicted murderers who killed innocent american citizens and israeli citizens. we need to stop with the culture of hate, get into the room and negotiate.
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we have proven in the past when we negotiate with the egyptians we achieve a deal. same with the jordanians. only way to move forward is to stop the incitement and start negotiating directly jm in an effort for self reflection what do you think israel can do better? >> well, i think we should understand the needs on the other side, the government of israel spoke about it and we have a few gestures before the president arrived to israel. but we also have to be concerned about security issues. when we see what is happening in lebanon, syria, we don't want to see the same picture next to our borders, with gaza and sue mayoria. we have to be cautious but we can move forward. >> jenna: can you give me an idea of the suggestions made? >> basically, we believe economically we can do more, work with the palestinians to build their economy. i think the president will address those issues as well. and the u.s. is coming back to
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the middle east, it is an opening, an opening for the u.s. and also for other countries to come back and to see what they can do to improve the lives of israelis and palestinians. >> jenna: as far as investment from both much our nations, something we can work on when it comes to the iran issue, obviously deal with iran in some respects, at the united nations. and i'm curious what you see, now, as you get the words from the prime minister of israel, as well as our president. very strong words on iran. in practical terms how do you see our two nations working together to stop the threat that is the iranian regime? >> two aspects. first, is valid agreement signed with the iranians, we need to work together to apply new sanctions against iran. we follow the plis particular missile test. the second aspect, iran is funding terrorism. whenever you look at the middle east, whether it is in yemen, lebanon, sir yashg the gaza
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strip, the money, the funds, the weapons, the knowledge is all coming from iran. today we should work together. in the past, people saw israel was the problem, today some countries, understand it is the solution. we can work together to fight the radical forces coming out of iran. >> jenna: ambassador, great to have out program, appreciate it. these are images from earlier after the president's trip in israel. there is certainly more work to be done and headlines to watch for. we appreciate your perspective. >> thank you. >> as we continue to monitor the president overseas in the middle east, breaking now from the other side of the worl, the north koreans not wanting to be ignored on the heels of another missile test, the north says it's ready to deploy and mass produce a new missile. these missile launches are the kim's regime answer to the trump policy. secretary of state tiller son in the middle east, weighed in on
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the provocations on fox news sunday. >> the ongoing testing is disappointing, disturbing and we ask that they satisfies that. until they cease that testing they have not changed their view. >> jennifer griffin live at the pentagon as they continue to monitor things in north korea for another test. hi, jennifer. >> hi, leland. u.s. pacific command tracked the launch at 9:59 hawaii time on the 20th. it involves the ballistic missile, traveled 310 miles, reaching a height of 347 miles before landing in the sea of japan. what made this launch different is that it used solid, not liquid, fuel. which makes the missile more mobile and hard to detect. it comes one week after the north koreans launched a longer range intercontinental ballistic midmissile that influence 1,000 miles higher than the
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international space station, re-entered the earth's atmosphere and splashed down 60 miles from russia's coastal city. u.s. ambassador nikki haley had this warning today. >> because this is the same movie that keeps playing. all options are on the table. >> what does that include? >> that means we have made it very clear we don't want to start a fight, so don't give us a reason to have one. >> experts say they're trying to get president trump's attention, hoping to restart bilateral talks. jim mattis suggested china played a helpful role deterring kim jong un, a day before the test. they indicated the tests were to punish the trump administration for its anti-china policy. >> the united states, dprk and nuclear strike capability, were a distraction and developed at a
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rapidly high speed as long as the united states insists its anti-china policy, sanctions and pressure. >> if this goes to a military solution it is going to be tragic on an unbelievable scale. >> sunday's launch involved a land-based veshgs of a submarine launched missile. north korea has been coordinating with iranian rocket scientists over the years. with every test, pentagon officials say they're perfecting their ability to launch. >> we come back to iran, something that the president is dealing with on his trip. jennifer, thank you. >> jenna: interesting to connect the dots, you can't forget the relationship between iran and north korea. we want to tell you what we missed slightly in the very brief news conference that the president was holding. i wouldn't call it a news conference. we expect him to have a real address to the press in just about an hour from now.
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you saw some words about iran, then questions shouted by journalists, we couldn't catch everything that the president was saying. apparently the president was shouted a question and so was the prime minister, both sought shouted a question about intelligence cooperation. this is in light of some of the story that's merge about the conversation president trump did or did not have with russian officials in the oefl office. whether or not he revealed classified information. the president did address this question about intelligence sharing. here's what he said. this is a rough transcript. just so you understand i never mentioned the word or the name israel during that conversation. never mentioned it. they were all saying i did. i never mentioned the word israel. the reason why he's saying that, why that question is significant, the report suggested this was israeli intelligence, that the president shared with the russians. so there that is. when we get the sound we'll play it for you. in the meantime, earlier president trump reaffirmed the strengths of our alliance on his first trip to israel.
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still work to be done. honestly confronting the crisis of islamic extremism. religious leaders must make this absolutely clear, barbarism will deliver deliver you no glory, tie you to evil, will bring you no dignity. if you choose the path of terror, your life will be empty, your life will be brief, and your soul will be fully condemned. and political leaders must speak out to affirm the same idea,
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heros don't kill nngs innocents, they save them. >> leland: that was president trump in saudi arabia condemning innocent extremism and calling on arab leaders to do the same. the president even in left for israel where he just held an impromptu news conference of sort, made comments there, with prime minister netanyahu. for more on this, guy benson,, also richard fowler, fox news contributor and host of the richard fowler show. want to get your thoughts on this, just breaking out of that news conference, president trump responding to a question shouted to him by reporters, about intelligence sharing, accusations that he essentially threw israeli intelligence under the bus with the russians in the oval office. take a listen. >> president trump: i never mentioned the word or the name "israel." never mentioned that. in that conversation.
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so you have another story wrong, never mentioned the word "israel." >> leland: there's a few ways to look at this. one, perhaps, the president is trying to put it behind him. on the other hand, he's kind of allowing this to be brought back up again when if he ignored the question and walked off everything would be fine. >> well, i think it would be an enduring issue. i'm not sure the allegation is that he used the word "israel" in that alleged meeting in the oval office. it was that he may have compromised an israeli intelligence agent or source the ground in iraq or syria. that infiltrated isis. there's probably under needs the surface, some simmering tension over that episode. if it was true. it seems like a lot of the details have been tacitly confirmed by the administration. the overwhelming goal of this trip to israel is reaffirming what he called an unbreakable or unshakeable bond between the countries. clearly a mention or reference to the previous administration
8:28 am
and their very strained relationship and alliance with israel, it seems like the netanyahus, both of them, israeli people are very happy to have an american president who is robustly pro israel visiting their country. >> leland: can you look at it as a reset of the relations of saudi arabia and u.s. relations vis-a-vis israel, welcome in both of those countries, but also a reset of the narrative for president trump over the past week. people can agree it was a bad week, leaves town, then awed of a sudden everyone is talking about pictures like these. >> good point, leland. here's the thing, this president for the past couple of days has looked presidential. when he goes back in to what is happening here in washington, the build behind me, when he answers that question, he really takes himself backwards. now, i mean, he criticizes the mainstream media, he says they're not fair to him but he's given them fodder.
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that will be the headline for the next day, because the president said it. if he ignores the question we wouldn't be here. here's the other point on visiting israel, the fact he went to vab first, and -- saudi arabia and signed that $100 billion arms deal a lot of folks inside the israeli government on the conservative side that are upset about that saudi arabiian arms deal. they feel as though that it's tipping the balance in the middle east toward saudi arabia in lieu of israel. >> leland: a lot of folks inside the israeli government on the right and center who are unhappy about a lot of things about president trump, they say things have changed in their minds since he was elected. bringing guy back in, and, guy, to that point of the narrative. president trump has been perfectly on script for the past 2 1/2 days and the media has rewarded him handsomely for it. once you start news conferences with foreign leaders, once you start the impromptu comments to the press, does the white house run the risk of the president going off-script and suddenly
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the narrative changes again. >> sure. and i think you're right, the premise of the question, the underlying premise, is correct, which is the last couple of days have been very good for the president. really starting with that very well-crafted speech in my view in riyadh. but to this followup, this was a quick gaggle. and i'm not sure i agree that if trump had walked away that would be the end of the story. my understanding is both leaders are going to take more questions later. this question was going to be asked regardless. the president was going to have to respond to it, whether it was one hour or two hours earlier, i'm not sure that makes a difference. again, i'm not sure i buy his talking point that he never said the word "israel", that's not really the point. whether he used that particular word. but i don't blame him for responding to a question that was inevitable given the news cycle from last week. >> here's the thing, this white house communications office is working really hard to keep this
8:31 am
president on message. the press conference is a little more controlled, you can pick who's asking the questions. this off the record here, is probably maltic, more of the trump we saw last week than the trump we saw this week. back to the crazy tweets, back to the off the wall comments that are a problem and lead to the mainstream media saying, you leaked intelligence to our enemies. >> when he met with the saudi deputy prince, he was right on message, talking about how the arms deal meant jobs, jobs, jobs. guy, richard, a lot to talk, about we will have you back. thanks. >> good to be with you. >> leland: jenna? >> jenna: the president's mission as he meets with israeli minister benjamin netanyahu, how those achievements can help the peace process and what to watch for the region. we will be back. ♪
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when heartburn hits fight back fast with new tums chewy bites. fast relief in every bite. crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum new tums chewy bites. >> leland: compared to the donald trump we saw in the 2016 campaign. bob schieffer saying mr. trump sounded in his words very presidential. during his big speech yesterday in saudi arabia. >> he helped himself today. because he didn't sound like the guy at the end of the bar popping off, he sounded like some one who thought about what he was going to say before he said it. he kept a hold on the tweets, he
8:36 am
stuck to the script, and he sounded much different. not only than he sounded all of last week, but throughout the campaign. >> leland: john mccormick, senior writer for the standard, and investigative author and fox news contributor, always news to see you both. ladies first. juldy, you agree with bob schieffer, you did yesterday. >> i do today as well. consistency. and i totally agree, look, he received the royal so to speak treatment in riyadh, because in part the king was so happy to see anybody other than barack obama in his king dom. donald trump is -- >> leland: are you surprised by how universally positive the coverage is in the u.s. media, even publications that give the president a very hard time are very positive. >> well, considering the harvard study said that the coverage of
8:37 am
the mainstream media in terms of newspapers and major networks was 80% negative, yes, you could say this is also a flip-flop on the part of the press. it was really hard to watch tv or to read the news coverage of what he said and the reaction, and not to say something positive about this president. but i had to ask myself, is this the same guy who was campaigning on the islam hates us theme? is this the same man? i don't care what happened, whether or not he got religion on the way over to saudi arabia, it was a welcome speech, it was a realism speech, and it was a speech that i think made americans proud to see some one representing them there in that kingdom. >> leland: as judy points out, positive coverage here in the united states, very positive coverage in saudi arabia. as the president landed in israel, not necessarily entirely positive. this a quote from one of the main newspapers in israel on its op-ed pain.
8:38 am
during your speech in saudi arabia, trump, i kept practical of the countries you named as having suffered from terrorism and was astonished that israel was not mentioned. is this a sign that you, who were known as the man who would shake up the hi pokry of old school politics, have yourself come to embody the concept of fake news so quickly and against your constituents. that is judy's question, john, is this the same man who was on the campaign trail? >> well, it's the same man but he obviously different tone. i think his goal here was to restore confidence among our allies. both arab allies as well as israel. it's a delicate balance as you saw, people are upset that trump didn't call out saudi arabia for doughmenting and fostering this ideology. it was standard fare. the broad theme about uniting all of the decent people of the world against violent
8:39 am
extremists, something george w. bush or bro m said. that helped him, when president trump or candidate trump acted presidential, it helped him get past these controversy or scandals. think back to the campaign when he had one of his worst scandals, worst controversy was his fight with the family of a fallen muslim soldiers. went down to mexico, had a fairly normal interaction with the, you know, mexican leaders. and he basically rebounded. can that work out here, can he restore confidence at home with a good trip, not entirely, i think he can somewhat. these investigations aren't going to go away. >> leland: you brought up the investigation of investigations that was dogging him last week. and it seems to be following him this week. fox news confirming former white house national security advisor michael flynn declining a senate intelligence committee subpena, invoking the fifth amendment. judy, in the words of many, even folks supporters of donald trump, why do youing take the
8:40 am
fifth if you don't have anything to hide? >> because he has a good lawyer. and if he's not given immunity, as oliver north was, in the iran-contra scandal, you won't appear before that panel and say anything that might incriminate you. that is his right without casting judgment. but i think what you're pointing to, leland, the fact that this domestic story will not go away. and it continues to dominate much of the news. even as the president stands in riyadh and in jerusalem. i think is likely to dog us for the rest of this trip. no matter how much the president wants to change the subject. >> leland: judy, you got the first word and the last word which john, i think, you have to live with. appreciate it, buddy. good to see you both. >> thank you. >> jenna: president trump meeting with the israeli prime minister after what think was a very successful trip to saudi arabia. how can the president build on some of his accomplishments?
8:41 am
and restart the mideast peace process. what does peace look like in the region? we will be talking next. i count on my dell small business advisor
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for tech advice. with one phone call, i get products that suit my needs and i get back to business. ♪
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♪ . >> jenna: the president comes to israel after he addressed saudi arabia. >> president trump: the land funds arms and trains terrorists, militias and other extremist groups that spread destruction and chaos across the region. for decades iran has fueled the fires of sectarian conflict andtor. it is a government that speaks -- ofter or. it vows the destruction of israel, death to americans, and ruin for many leaders and
8:45 am
nations in this very room. >> jenna: fox news security and foreign affairs analyst, who was an advisor to the trump campaign seems like years ago. i'm curious what you think about the president's comments on iran. surely iran isn't the only one in region that is sponsoring terrorism and putting money into the pockets of those that pish wish to do us harm or others. >> absolutely. his first point, actually, was to mobilize the arab muslim world, talking with 50 of their leaders against isis, al qaeda and end that network. but the second-most important threat, which is the first geopolitically because of the xasities and capabilities of the iranian e jeem is the regime present in syria, lebanon, yemen. if you hint at the fact that other countries had individuals
8:46 am
or influential individuals sending donations to jihadists, absolutely. this is why. he addressed the saabie's themselves and the dpul of -- the saudis, telling them we're going to be cutting off any financial aid, going from individual citizens to anything that look like jihadists. >> jenna: what will that look like, what will hold the individuals accountable if they were funding terror from within middle eastern countries? >> these are kids who in the past thought that by supporting financially a jihadi organization or movement that goes in line with the dominant ideology. what is going to be changing. that's the saudis, iraqys other members of the gulf are going to make public statements telling their individuals you do not have the right to send your dollars to any of these organizations. the governments are going to be onboard with the united states to stop it. second there's going to be something more important, jenna, this center of combatting
8:47 am
extremism is more than counterterrorism, it's to propose, reform the educational system of all of these countries including the religious institutions. that's what egypt has done over the past 2 to 3 years. we are about to see it coming in stages. >> jenna: how optimistic are you about that move and whether or not it will produce real change that will at the end result make us safer? that is the goal. we do not want terrorism, we don't want it coming to our shores. what is the practical effect and what is the time line on seeing a practical effect this is actually a change in the making? >> we have been as the united states calling for this to happen for the past decade. but this administration and i would say even this con doctor is with the administration, are moving -- is moving forward. to tell that part of the arab world, are you afraid of iran, iran, hezbollah, they're going against you. you help us with the ideological
8:48 am
pat battle, we are with you. that is the real equation that has happened. based on geopolitical interests, saudi, the gulf other muslim countries will be helping us. >> jenna: every time we talk you remind us, and our viewers this, is taped from earlier, unrelated to what we are talking about, perhaps we can take it off the screen. but this is the first lady and ivanka trump visiting the western wall. one of the things you remind us, there are many priorities in the middle east, as you see it iran is the number one. there are issues that we have to deal with, you still see iran as the top priority that we need to confront as far as the threat, national security threat. i'm curious what opportunities are emerging from the region because of what's happening internally. saudi arabia for example has huge youth unemployment, they have questions about the future of their economy. israel is dealing with its own issues internally. not just what we do, but the region, what opportunities do you see because of where we are
8:49 am
at and where the countries are at? >> each country in the middle east has problems and president trump said the united states is not going to be there to solve these problems. we will try to address the common problem f you look at saudi, for example, it has a series of issues including the level of freedom, the generations, so on so rth to. but the -- so forth. the major problem, the iranians can cause 456 okay inside vab. -- saudi arabia. israel has a whole issue, with the peace process not being accomplished yet. but it has hamas, backed by the iranians, so on iraq and syria. our calculation across the region you have a web which is controlled by the iranians. you have to deal with iran to relax the region, then we can go and address the other problems, economic or social. >> jenna: we are looking at scenes, i want to remind the viewers we pushed back by show
8:50 am
of force in syria, pro-assad forces on the ground inside syria, turns out we learned later in the week that the pro-i sad forces were iranian. the pro-assad forces. watching things moving ahead. great to have out program, appreciate it very much. >> thank you. >> leland: big topic of conversation between prime minister netanyahu and the president during this brief meeting, was iran. our next guest, editor have the jerusalem post on why the prime minister wants to talk more about iran and less about the peace process.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> leland: we're waiting for president trump and israeli prime minister bep gentleman min netanyahu to address the press after their meeting this
8:54 am
afternoon in jerusalem. that to you as it happens. the editor and chief of jerusalem chief, and the book, from the jerusalem bureau. first your recent peace in the jerusalem post, headline, what has changed that israel went from ecstasy over trump to near mourning. near mourning, really? >> well, i think as you saw in the week running up to trump's advice it there was a lot of talk does the trump administration view jerusalem as being part of israel, do they view them as not part of israel. there were comments at the u.s. council in jerusalem that indicate that the administration does not view jerusalem as part of the state of israel. what we saw today with president trump visiting the western wall, holiest site to the jewish
8:55 am
people us shouldn't be taken for granted. maybe it's still a hot issue of what the exact status is of jerusalem, it is a final status issue in any peace deal with the palestinians, the mere fact the. united states, first sitting president of the united states goes to the western wall in the city of jerusalem, state of israel, sends a strong message to the israelis. >> leland: quickly and then we'll move to the weapons with saudi arabia, but it seem as though the president's visit to saudi arabia was framed as a reset of u.s.-saudi relations. fair to say the israelis feel there's a been a reset from president obama to president trump now? >> without a doubt. you heard it at the arrival ceremony from president trump, israel's president said we welcome america back to this region. you had a president for about eight years under president obama, there was a feeling not just within israel but within the wider region, egypt, saudi arabia, you that america had is
8:56 am
engaged. now a president who is involved, engaged, who managed to bring all of the sue any, arab and muslim leaders together in riyadh, took action in syria after chemicals were used. now you see him making a stop on his first overseas visit to the jewish state sends a clear message to the world that this president is engaged, involved, and to a large extent like he said himself, has israel's back. >> leland: you certainly saw prime minister netanyahu's body language so dicht than when he met with president obama. very different. real happiness with the saudi-sunni-arab alliance. we will have to have you back to talk about israel's weapons and the saudi weapons deal as well. appreciate you being here. >> thank you. >> leland: more on
8:57 am
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hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> fox news alert we expect remarks minutes from now from president trump in israel where he hopes to jumpstart peace talks. this one day after his dramatic speech in saudi arabia calling on muslim leaders to help stomp out the, quote, evil ideology of terrorism. this is outnumbered, i'm sandra hill, harris faulkner, megan mccain, host of "kennedy" and one lucky guy, fox news political analyst and co-host of the five, juan williams. he's outnumbered on a big day. a lot of news. and the president oversees his first big trip. good opportunity to talk about it. >> we'll chat about how that's going so far. we'll begin with president trump's history. making trips, history-making trip in the holy land where he hopes to make head way on his promise for peace.


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