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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 22, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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happening now. i am jenna lee. >> and i am leland vitert. the president sharing a sit down meeting with the prime minister. they talked and shook hands and make remarks to the press. the common topic between both of them was iran. >> president trump: be prepared for our friendship with israel. whatever it takes. it is spurred on on by what is happening in iran. >> i think the fact that you have taken a strong position on iran not only helps security, but helps with the reconfillization. and how different it is than
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with mr. trump's predecessor. we don't want upon to forget what is happening as well are we have live fox team coverage. it is now just 8:00 at night and the president is having dinner with prime minister internet. and it happened in a photoop
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between the president and prime minister. he rushed to assure the press that it was just fine and he want uponed to weigh in >> and i never mentioned israel. >> reporter: the president insists he did not tell israel. and that was not reported.
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the disconnect aside, the president continued the progress that he made if tried to forge new partnerships he applauded the fact that the u.s. and israel relationship is on firmer footing. we are glad to see that america is back again. i am thrilled to be back here on behalf of american people. i have great confident that we will a sheave success. and one of them achieved further cooperation between the u.s. and israel. and the united states and arab world is an arab israeliy
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peace deal. and the president is optimistic. and there is a lot of things that stand in the way of that and not like it is going to happen next week but somewhere down the road. >> jenna: thank you for much, john roberts in jerusalem. the president met with the prime minister in a different location and this is where we expect it to be made and dinner between the first lady and prime minister and his wife there. this is the arrival of the first couple of it is a long day and they have had had a lot of big events from tel aviv, jerusalem and western wall and a series of meetings. and the let's listen here. >> welcome to our palace.
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[inaudible] can you come in and sign our guest book? >> it is very modest.
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>> what time did you go to the wall? >> it is hard to make out what the president and prime minister are saying there. the president signed the guest book. and you heard an entering clip. and he said welcome to our palace. and it was a reference to the greeting. >> and even if they don't have fanfare and luxury that the saudis used to welcome president trump? the prime minister.
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>> before them, this is a gift from us to you. the bible from 150 years ago. it is a 150-year-old bible in english and described what happened here. >> that is really beautiful, thank you. >> it is a good book. it is the book. it is here and we'll switch them.
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[inaudible] okay, should we do one or maybe -- donald if you come here thank you. it is a speech or >> they want you to do that. all right. that is long. thank you for everything. >> very good. thank you. thank you. my mother talks about you all
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of the time. we have one -- our other son. thank you so much. you know, i can relate a lot to what baron has gone through because i was his age with my dad's first term. >> it is all good. it is a try. [inaudible] it was your first time. they were doing photo was me when i was six years old. >> they are waiting for example us outside. we have it all.
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[inaudible] it is rare painting. shows what it was like here. and this is had had had this 5000 years ago. [inaudible] >> jenna: there is certainly a lot of the official protocol on the major state visit. but what is nice at times is
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see the human side of very real people who are leading nations. you know how it is when you have someone over for the first time you show them around for a bit. you saw the son-in-law of president trump was there along with the son of prime netanyahu who had awe nice comment to say he relates a lot to what baron is going through, donald trump's son, because he was the same age when his father became active in politics. what you see on the screen is the podium they will come remark. earlier today, they made remarkses and there were shouted questions and a little bit of a moment we learned something. and we will be waiting patiently for the remarkses and see what happens after that. this is the first time the
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american president according to the prime minister of israel made an israel a stop on on the first trip abroad and acknowledge any official who flee from saudi arabia directly to israel. and also a first historic trip for the american president who made the first trip to the western wall. it is 8:00 p.m. in israel leland, and a lot has occurred and hopefully we'll get an idea of what these two leaders discuss. >> leland: there is a replay of the u.s./saudiy relations. you are watching the reset of israeli and u.s. relations. when president obama was there in israel. the coverage and words of the two leader and you saw from president trump and netanyahu
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the uniting on the issue of iran and there is much discussion of whether or not there can be a deal between the palestinians and the israelis. the israelis and the muslim world, they are united that iran is the real problem. you talked about the tour of the home and giving everybody a sense of what is happening there. we talked on something president netanyahu. this is will describe what happened here a couple of thousand years ago. it is a poignant and a deeply political statement. this is what israelis point to, this is their home land. there is great symbolism and at the same time personal momentses between the leader and their wives as well. >> jenna: the bible is a best sell is -- seller as we know.
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and again, they are going to have dinner together and we are waiting for remarks and news from a meeting. standing by with us and we'll go backing to the podium and we'll keep up the picture so we will not miss anything. we'll go to david, this brings back memories, david, leland used an interesting term about a re- set of saudi relations and re- set of israeli relations. >> each of our allies hope to get more out of the administration. there was a lot of hope that president trump would be a strong supporter of israel. there was a lot of exuberance among prime minister netanyahu
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and president trump made promises that israel hoped might happen. like moving the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem and ripping up the iranian nuclear deal. president trump charted a moderate course and how he wants to bring the palestinians in a peace negotiation process with israel. that requires a moderate course to get both back to the table. and there lies the tension. there is the president trump that israel hoped that will support israel and restart the peace negotiation process. and israel is divided politically and that has caused tension around the visit and what u.s. policy should be toward israel. >> jenna: i am glad you pointed that out. we have diversity here at home. and there is opinion happening
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overseas as well. what does a win look like? everyone is trying to grade the trip as it is happening and as we await the remarks. what does a win look like for president trump? >> this is a historic visit. this is first time the president visited israel and first sitting president to go to the wailing wall with. we can't expect much more than that to be a win. as long as the president doesn't make mistakes. this visit is off of the cuff than the visit to saudi arabia. if the president comes out without making mistakes and able to sort of start the process and getting the two sides of israel and palestinians back to the table, that would be the success. and concessions with israel toward the west bank and
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palestinians. that is economic agreements between the two, like things that will help upon the palestinian economy, that would be a success. >> jenna: the u.s. ambassador to israel was on the first hour of "happening now", he mentioned economics could be brought to the table it resort the process. david will be back with us after we watch the remarks. we don't expect them to be very long. just about five minutes, but we don't know. >> we don't know and as president took a question or two. and the group waiting for the remark and we'll listen in as well. [applause] >> thank you. >> president trump, donald,
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sarah and i are absolutely delighted to welcome you and melania to the prime minister's residence in jerusalem, the eternal capital of the jewish people and the united capital for the jewish state. we have known each other many years and always good to see you, and it is also wonderful to see the blossoming friendship between our beautiful wives, sarah and melania. you are so welcome here and we are pleased to see you. we are honored to have you in our home. you have been today, mr. president, to the western wall. the holy willist site of judiam and the holy sepulcher, holy side of christianity. we protect the christian site as no one else does.
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we protect christian site and muslim site and jewish sites. we are committed to the freedom of all faiths and to the rights of all. mr. president, i appreciate the fact that you went to the western wall and you are the first acting president who's done that. the people of israel applaud you for it. [applause] we had a terrific discussion today and it accomplishes everything. deregulation. and economics, i think we quote each other. and we understand each other in so much of the things we wish to accomplish for both of our countries, but i want to thank you especially today for your deep commitment to israel's security and well-being and it's future. i have no doubt as we work
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together. you and i, the a liiance between our countries will grow stronger. i want you to know how much we appreciate the change in american policy on iran, which you enunciated so clearly an hour ago. i want you to know how much we appreciate the bold discussion to act against the use of chemical weapons in syria and i want to tell you how much we appreciate the reassertion of american leadership in the middle east. i look forward to working closely with you and confront the dangers we face together in this violent and volatile middle east. i believe that together we can roll back iran's march of ark gregz and terror and thwart their nuclear state. and advance peace in p our
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region. you have noted that common dangers are turning former enemies into partners and that's where we see something new and potentially something very promising. it won't be simple. but the first time in many years and mr. president, first time in my lifetime, i see a real hope for change. the arab leaders that you met yesterday could help change the atmospheres and help create the conditions for a realistic peace p. these are all great signs on your historic visit. it's a visit that i think that is echoed down the ages. the great abraham lincoln is reported to have said: that there is no city on earth as
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he desired to see as jerusalem. well, mr. president, donald, there's no city on earth than you you are welcome than here with us in jerusalem. welcome being to jerusalem, welcome to israel. [applause] >> president trump: thank you very much and it is a great honor to be with my good friend, prime minister netanyahu and of course, sarah, thank you and also thank you for that beautiful tour. melania is still talking about. it thank you very much. you honored and melania by being one of the first world leaders to visit the white house as you know. we had a very good and sound discussion. and now you honor us again by welcoming us to your home on my first trip abroad as
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president of the united states. this is a land filled with beauty, wonder, and a spirit of god. i've been amazed by the glorious and beautiful monuments and holy sites and the generosity of your incredible people. >> thank you. >> president trump: it's all p about the people. i was deeply moved by my visit today to the western wall. words fail to capture the experience. it will leave an impression on me forever. today, we reaffirmed the unbreakable bond of friendship between israel and the united states. awe friendship built on our shared love of freedom, our shared belief in human digitiy and our shared hope for an israel at lasting peace. we want israel to have peace.
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but we are more than friends. we are great allies and we have so many opportunities in front of us, but we must seize is themselves together, we must take advantage of this situation, and there are many, many things that can happen now that would never have been able to happen before and we understand that very well. that includes advancing prosperity. defeating the evils of terrorism and facing the threat of an iranian regime that is threatening the region and causing so much violence and suffering. during my travels, i have seen many hopeful signs that lead me to believe that we can truly achieve a more peaceful future for this region and for people of all faiths, and all
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beliefs, and frankly, all over the world. in my visit to saudi arabia, i met with many leaders of the arab and muslim world including king salman, who treated us so beautifully and really want upon -- to see great things happen upon to the world. i got to know him well and he really does. these leaders voice concerns about isis, iran's rising ambitions and rolling back its gain and about the menace of extremism that has spread through too many parts of the muslim world. i am encourageded that they pledge cooperation to confront terrorism and the hateful ideology that drives it so
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hard. america welcomes the action and support of any nation willing to do the hard and vital work in eradicate violent ideology that caused so much much needless blood shed and killing, here and all over the world. we are willing to work together, i believe that a new level of of partnership is possible and will happen. one that will bring greater safety to this region and great security to the united states, and greater prosperity to the world. includes, a rene effort at peace between the israelis and the palestinians, and i thank the prime minister for his commitment to pursuing a peace process and working hard at it. it's not easy. i heard it is one of the
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toughest deals of all, but i have a feeling we'll get there eventually, i hope. i am certain we'll have productive discussions and we are going to have very productive discussions in my opinion with the leaders of other nations also and i feel strongly about that. because there is a lot of love out there and people from all nations. and each nations that you are surprised to hear. they want to stop the killing and they have had had enough. america stands ready to assist in every way we can. our deep and lasting friendship will only grow deeper and stronger as we work together in the days ahead. and i thank you again for hosting us in this beautiful and ancient land upon. truly, it is a land of wonder
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and it is my honor to be here with you. sarah, thank you, bi bi, thank you. >> thank you. [applause] >> where would you like us to stand? all right. [inaudible] >> thank you very much. >> thank you.
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>> jenna: you never know. we just want to be sure especially when the president lingers a bit. we don't want to miss that. the president will head in to the dinner with prime minister of israel. i've heard it is one of the toughest deals of all between the israeli and palestinians. i have a feeling we'll get back there eventually i hope. so david, we'll talk about results. if the goal is a different result under this administration that there will be a peace deal. what mistakes were made under the obama administration and how does this president avoid these mistakings. >> one of the mistakes, with
10:30 am
obama, bush and clinton started in their presidency is later. this is a very difficult process. and although president trump doesn't see why there is not a deal. he's getting in the detail and sees how many areas of disagreement there are between palestinian and israel. in this speech there was not a discussion. but behind the scenes there is a discussion. we heard warm welcoming comments from prime minister netanyahu. he was sure to remind the president thatty he supports the missile strikes against cirrhosis -- syria. and he noted you came from saudi arabia and met with the
10:31 am
arab letter. symbolism it important. this is the first u.s. official to fly from saudi arabia to israel. you can see the symbolism. can there be a bridge from the arab leaders to israel. can there be cooperation with the gulf countries to support a peace process? that would be something different than president obama weren't able to galvanize. >> jenna: some of those arab countries look unfavorably on israel. it is an interesting perspective. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we didn't hear much about the issue of the palestinians, but we heard a lot from the prime minister and president about the issue of iran.
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more live team coverage of president trump's is toric visit to israel and the iranians on the other side of this. and our next guest on how they play into the middle east. . . . ment . but grandma, we use charmin ultra soft
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reaffirm the unbreakable bond of friendship between israel and the united states. a friendship built on our shaured love of freedom and
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shared belief in human dignity and a shared hope upon for israel at lasting peace. we want israel to have peace. >> that was president trump just moments ago in a warm exchange of the israeli prime minister. he was talking about peace with the palestines. and one issue there in lock step over is the dangers of iran, a stark contrast to president obama and prime minister netanyahu who often clashed on that issue as well. joining us is holly granquist and holly, nice to see you from our jerusalem bureau. >> hi, leland. thank you for having me on. >> what a difference for the
10:37 am
iranians to see president trump talking about the dangers of rieshgs an and the sun ni/arab and israeli against them. >> very much so. president trump chose a time to come to israel and saudi arabia just as iran elected rouhani president for a second term. that sends a message to teheran, that this is a different administration and we'll handle things differently. >> what do the iranians do with this information? they have watched the united states bomb syria whom they were protecting and spending mono. and seen the president stopped in riyad and now if israel. >> right now iranians are watching closely.
10:38 am
half an hour ago president rouhani delivered a speech and said the ball is in washington's court and open to dilog, but right now we are watching and seeing how president trump will be handling his administration and who he will be placing in what positions and for now we'll watch. that is an interesting statement come from this iranians. >> the iranians used to be provocative simply sitting back and watching a bit, that is meaningful. we heard from prime minister netanyahu he said about the iran deal. repeal and replace. president trump in the campaign talked about ripping up the iran nuclear deal and has a slightly different view of it? >> very much so. that is candidate trump versus president trump is different. he's said for a while that he would be ripping up the deal and
10:39 am
now he's president, he's come to realize it is a deal that is intricate. this is a a deal with russia, the uk, united states, france and germany and china. it is not so much that we can go rip up an international agreement and decide to start a new. this is something that the iranians have come and signed up for and just tearing up something that is deelt with an intricate matter in the past few years doesn't seem like a likely choice for the administration. >> it doesn't seem that the president is going to do that. holly, i appreciate your insight as always and this is a growing issue over the next couple of ye years, thank you, ma'am. jenna? >> jenna: back here at home, president trump though he is
10:40 am
away will put forward a new budget proposal. massive cuts in food stamp and anti- poverty program and help save 2 trillion. there is controversy for the cuts to entitlementes. and we'll bring in our political party. we have a republican pollster and momeefk presley a democratic commenter. this isson open blue print. what stands out to you so far? >> what stands out for me, this is calling for sizable cuts f. your top priority is making sure the government spends less money as we address the national deficit and didn't, this is a budget that you are going to like. but the mandatory spending side. discretionary spending congress deals with. but things like social security and medicare it doesn't touch
10:41 am
and social security disability insurance that is in financial trouble as of late. this callses for cut and changes for programs that people rely on. and cause a lot of republicans to put p their money where their mouth is on the question of fiscal responsibility. >> jenna: what does the democrats think about p it? >> there are moderate republicans that have a hard time justifying it to the constituents at home. it is sad that the place where the administration first aimed to slash and make cuts is those who can least afford it. the poor, sick children, disabled people. this is not where you want to see cuts and it is going to be hard for any member of congress to do it in good conscience.
10:42 am
>> jenna: both sides there might be consternation. little might be an understatement. >> monique mapped out what democrats will say. what about republicans. >> donald trump's brand is not to come to washington to make friends. it is not a message that resonated and taken any of the trump core supporters away. for the moderate republicans who may look at this and say does it cut too far in the programs. and other hand republicans said we told them to get the fiscal house in order. if we can't cut government spending what did we send you there to do? this is a challenge that the republicans have to face. >> jenna: what about the issue
10:43 am
of unsustainability and the fact that we have big programs and yes, they help vulnerable, but the argument they are unsustainable. how do the democrats take that on on? >> we absolutely need to find wayses to reform and need to find ways to administer the programs smarter, but what is dangerous and hoping if they are listening right now, the president's base is who is targeted by these cuts. the people who voted for him were not wealthy and affluent and highly educated. it was working class men and women and poor and those who need the programs the most and that's who he's aiming for. if the president's base is listening right now and said hey, we thought you would make things better for us and not hurt us, maybe we can get
10:44 am
somewhere. >> jenna: the art of the deal. this is the opening and we'll see is what deal will come from this and we'll watch and wait. hope you come back for more conversation. we'll be right back with more "happening now". ♪
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...than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper and now try bounty with new despicable me 3 prints. in theaters june 30. >> and a fox news alert as you heard just a few moments ago. president trump saying an ambitious goefl restarting the peace talks between the israelis and the palestinians. and before that happened, the israelis are claiming that the palestinians are a obsack isle. continuing to name squares after terrorist and celebrate the murder of israelis. in the first hour of "happening now", the israeli ambassador talked about compensating terrorist for attacks. >> unfortunately what we saw in the last few years, they have created a culture of hate and
10:48 am
insightment and today, the president trump authority, they still have salaries for convicted mores who cull american and israeli citizens. they need to stop the culture of hate and get in a room and negotiate. >> we'll have the president of the initial initiative. we appreciate you being here. >> thank you. given what we just laid out here. i know you have a lot of grefances with the israeliys when it comes to the settlement and payment ps. how can the world view the palestinians as an honest partner in peace when you name squares after terrorist and glorifying terrorist and paying their families salaries? >> that is simple. they are not terrorist. and by the way, israel's
10:49 am
concentration on this matter is a way of distracting the world and media people from the most important reality on the ground. the issues that are missing are the israeli occupation of palestinian land. >> hold on, hold on, we are going too break that down. and i let you go for a second. but i will start this with what you said in oped. what you said here. last month, who are the killers of the oped. palestinianil killers celebrate life and home and willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their people's freedom. why should the israeli negotiate with you and your association when you glorify people who attack them and blow up their
10:50 am
buses. that is not the basis of a peace deal? >> most of the palestinian p and israelis, the 6500 prisoners are not committing violent acted. viare struggling for the freedom. how can we negotiate with israel who commit massacres. >> the israelis will say, hold on, doctor, doctor, the israelis will say and most people who live in the factual world would agreement they offered 95 percent of what you want and you still won't take. it we have 20 seconds before we cut off by the computer. and we'll come back when we come back, thank you, sir. office with you,
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>> we are back. we have a member of the palestinian parliament joining us. making a point how difficult it is to get a deal. one man's terrorist is not another. what concession can the palestinians bring to the table and a lot of olive trees in the middle east. what olive branch can you extend to make a deal? >> we did that before and we are ready to do it again. and peace that guarantees our freedom. the simple way to achieve peace is to allow the palestinians to
10:55 am
live side by side with israelis in peace and freedom. we can't be occupied by another army or country and speak about peace. the way to have peace remove the settlement and allow the palestinians to have their free state. >> i want to understand. you are saying that they have to remove the settlements and occupation before you are willing to negotiation. my question was what can you offer the israeliys to sit down and what do you have to offer them? the israeli security cabinet approved olive branches to the palestinians. what do you have to offer on the other side? >> the palestinians were ready to sit down and negotiate. it was mr. netanyahu and his government refused.
10:56 am
we have had the egyptian and french. and why couldn't mr. trump have a meeting with both leaders? in the israeli government today. you have them say if you sit down with palestinians, it will bring down your government. settlers are sitting at cabinet numbers. >> a lot of people agree that is a conservative government that exist in israel. we are told that the reason that was not a meeting between the palestinian meeting and israeli meeting and american president they want to have more time. depend p -- defending on how it going we'll have you back.
10:57 am
>> thank you. ♪ ♪ i'm dr. kelsey mcneely and some day you might be calling me an energy farmer. ♪ energy lives here. mmmm. mmmm. mmmm... ugh. nothing spoils a moment like heartburn. try new alka-seltzer ultra strength heartburn relief chews.
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>> great couple of hours.
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lot of news. >> jenna: we'll be talking a lot more about that this week. "america's news hq" starts right now. >> melissa: a busy day for president trump as he has a rare opportunity for peace between israel and the palestinian people. i'm sandra smith. president trump speaking with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. the two discussing iran and combatting terrorism. but the president also talking about finding a new path to a middle east peace land. >> today we reaffirm the unbreakable bond of friendship between israel and the united states. a friendship built on our shared love of freedom our shared brief in human dignity and shared hope for an israel at lasting peace. >> sandra: john roberts, how are the remarks from


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