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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 23, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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expected to speak at any moment following a meeting with palestinian leader abbas. this is one day after trump called for muslim leaders to drive terrorists out of their communities. >> we have live fox news team coverage, john honey live in jerusalem with the president's remarks about the be delivered. chris jenkins was stepped up security at home. >> reporter: kitty logan covering breaking developments from london as we wait. >> police have been updating telling us one attacker died at the scene, wearing an improvised explosive device which he detonated. although police say this person was alone in carrying out the attack what they don't know is whether this individual was part
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of a wider network. the other facts we established is the explosion happened just after 10:30 local time in manchester during a concert by ariana grande and it exploded outside the venue as people were leaving. witnesses describing a massive explosion. thiss the largest indoor arena in europe holding 20,000 people. there was panic in the aftermath of that blast. many young fans were at this concert and heartbreaking reports of parents still looking for their missing children and police say there are indeed some children among those 22 who died. ariana grande has tweeted i am brokenhearted from the bottom of my heart. here in london the prime minister said authorities are working to establish what happened, who was behind this
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blast. there has been chatter on the internet from isis supporters but we don't know more than that, there is no claim of responsibility. the government is holding an emergency meeting to discuss the response to this. there is a national investigation alongside the investigation from manchester police, police appealing for more information for eyewitnesses to come forward. 400 officers have been out overnight and london asked mayor says there will be more precautions taken in the capital and interesting to note the election campaign underway has temporarily been suspended as a response to this attack. >> so heart wrenching. all the parents desperately trying to find their children. some parents still searching this morning. >> a lot more on this story is this hour of news continues but
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we want to move on to politics right now, the president in bethlehem, israel this morning speaking with palestinian leader abbas. john honey has more on what is expected today. >> there is some action at the presidential palace in bethlehem. we are waiting for donald trump and palestinian authority president abbas to make some comments. we will get into that. they will be expressing gratitude about working together and the prospect of restarting peace talks and they are about to step to the podium. i will send it back to you. >> the president walking out in bethlehem, israel, about to give a speech along with palestinian
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leader abbas. >> there have not been toxic three years, donald trump acknowledging that was one of the toughest deals of all. he stressed the strong bonds between the us and israel, >> we understand he may start the talk with comments about the terror attack in manchester, england, overnight. let's ahead and listen. >> translator: in the name of god most merciful. [speaking arabic]
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>> this to abbas speaking a different language. we don't have a translator on right now so we will try to get that figured out or move into english in a second and he is speaking before donald trump. >> some of the issues that will be addressed here or have been, peace in the middle east, the only credible idea would be an independent and sovereign palestinian state alongside israel. the reality is the israelis and palestinians are way apart on many of the main issues. the future of east jerusalem being one of them. the fate of palestinian refugees and on top of that the two sets
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of leaders simply don't trust each other. >> this is not a new issue. this is going on for something like 100 years, this is a problem a multitude of people and tried to solve including resident clinton with that famous meeting on the white house lawn that didn't last very long after a handshake. the president acknowledges this would be the toughest deal ever to close and he loves to make deals but honestly the probability of something like this is a difficult thing. >> we have a translator now. let's listen. >> we would like to reassert our willingness to work with you as partners in fighting terrorism in our region and around the world. in this respect, i commend the
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importance of the holding of the arab islamic american summits. your excellency, mister president, once again we reassert to you our position of accepting the two state solution on those borders, the state of palestine with east jerusalem living alongside the state of israel and resolving the final status issue, based on international law, the resolution and respecting agreements which set the tone for the implementation of the arab peace initiative in accordance with what has been reaffirmed in the most recent arab summit in jordan.
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your excellency, as you witnessed yesterday during your historic visit to occupied east jerusalem and bethlehem the conflict is not between religion, respecting religions and an integral part of the religion and faith and we are keen to keep the door open to our israeli neighbors from all walks of life in order to boost confidence and create peace and opportunity. our problem is with the occupation and settlement. which undermines the realization of the solution. the problem is not between us
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and judaism. it is between us and occupation. i would like to draw the attention. the issue of the palestinian president to everywhere. mothers of prisoners suffer from being denied visits to their children and their demands are humane and just. i demand the israeli government to meet these demands. >> we are getting a bit of a bad
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audio, not sure if it is the translator or the palestinian leader speaking, palestinian arabic at this meeting this morning. we are awaiting donald trump's speech. right off the bat, one of the main issues and the reason there has not been peace in such a long time, the leader saying they want east jerusalem and this is an area of the jews would like to claim and that is a problem where it begins. >> the west bank including east jerusalem has been occupied by israel for 50 years. some of the most influential members of the israeli government believe that land is jewish position given to them by god. the palestinians we were saying earlier, with the fatah in west bank and gaza, islamist at hamas who have been condemned by donald trump in the last few
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days as terrorists. we will see if donald trump has something further to say today. >> it appears the president is getting ready to speak. hard to see on this little monitor whether the palestinian leader has stopped speaking, there is the handshake. let's listen and. >> thank you very much. as president of the united states on behalf of the people of the united states. i would like to begin to offer my prayers of the people of manchester in the united kingdom. to those so terribly injured in this terrorist attack, to the many killed and the many family, so many families of the victims. we stand in absolute solidarity with people of the united
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kingdom. so many young, beautiful, innocent people living and enjoying their lives murdered by evil losers in life. i won't call them monsters because they would like that term. they would think that is a great name. i will call them from now on losers because that is what they are. they are losers. we will have more of them. they are losers. just remember that. this is what i have spent the last few days talking about. our society can have no tolerance for this continuation of bloodshed.
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we cannot stand a moment longer for the slaughter of innocent people. this attack was mostly innocent children. the terrorists and extremists and those who gave it and comfort must be driven out from our society forever. this wicked ideology must be obliterated and i mean completely obliterated and the innocent life must be protected. all innocent lives. life must be protected. all civilized nations must join together to protect human life and the sacred rights of our citizens to live in safety and in peace. i want to offer my deep appreciation to the palestinians
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and president abbas for hosting me today. it is an honor to join you and bethlehem, city precious to people from all over the world. as i discussed with president abbas i am committed to achieving a peace agreement between the israelis and palestinians and i intend to do everything i can to help them achieve that goal. president abbas assures me he is ready to work toward that goal in good faith and prime minister netanyahu has promised the same. i look forward to working with these leaders toward a lasting peace. i look forward to working with president abbas on important matters like lodging the potential of the palestinians which is having a rough time.
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building on very positive counterterrorism efforts. several days ago in saudi arabia, i met with the leaders of the muslim world, arab nations from all across the region. it was an epic gathering. historic event. president salman of saudi arabia could not have been kinder and i will tell you he is a very wise, wise man. i called on these leaders and asked them to join in a partnership to drive terrorism from their midst once and for all.
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it was a deeply productive meeting, people have said there have never been anything even close in history. i believe that. being there and seeing who was there, and a lot of love, there has never been anything like that. it was an honor to be involved in that meeting. i was gratified and and confront hateful ideology. and it is so interesting our meeting took place on this horrible morning of death. of innocent young people. piece can never take root in an
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environment where violence is tolerated. funded and even rewarded. we must be resolute for a single unified voice. piece is a choice we must make each day in the united states and to help make that dream possible for young jewish christians and muslims children all across the region. in so doing we will all enjoy a safer and brighter future, safer and brighter world. in the spirit of hope we come to bethlehem asking god for more peaceful, safe, far more tolerant world for all of us.
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i am hopeful that america can help israel and the palestinians forge peace. and i firmly believe if israel and the palestinians can make peace, it will begin a process of peace all throughout the middle east. that would be an amazing accomplishment. thank you very much, thank you. [applause] >> the handshake once again and the president walking off with the palestinian leader abbas, very bold start of the speech talking about the terror attack calling the terrorists losers. >> a bold statement at the end, wrapping up the call for peace between israel and the
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palestinian state, he believes that israel and the palestinians can make peace it will begin the process of peace throughout the world. very big statement. >> it would be a major accomplishment if possible. let's bring in jim hansen of the security studies group who served in the us army special forces counterterrorism operations. and former us army intelligence officer and former advisor to us commanders in afghanistan, thanks for coming this special edition of "fox and friends" first. manchester attack, some very strong words, strongest words the president has said in regards to a terrorist. what did you make of that?
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>> i thought it was extremely powerful and yet powerful from the average person on the street. as if your uncle was reacting to this horrific bombing. he is very much an earthy new yorker from the outer boroughs. what was in his heart is these people are such debt enters who can that be the tax that there is nothing you can do with them. >> the young innocent lives lost and the wicked ideology. >> he pointed out there are people, he called the islamist, which is a good term, who put their religion in domination throughout the world by killing children, killing little girls on purpose. we cannot tolerate on that. he called on all the muslim countries in the world to join
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us and drive them out. >> what a lot of people still believe is a peaceful religion that has over 1 billion followers, a religion that does teach peace, you have at least -- people taking that message and twisting it and contorting it and finding these vulnerable people to carry out these horrible attacks and giving this false promise of an afterlife that any god would not condemn or celebrate, it is terrible, that as we go back to andrew when you talk about the president thank like your uncle or anybody. that level of anger that gets to you when you hear this story, how you do an attack like this
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and you think all the curse words and your head starts flowing through, somebody who would do that, and basically said i feel the same way. >> the president gets it and this reminded me of nothing so much as the 2001 bombing by hamas of an israeli disco in tel aviv lose the victims were predominantly teenagers, many young women who had been out on a night on the town with the music and one of the ramifications of that bombing during the second intifada is israel would conduct, create the security barrier between themselves and the palestinians from where a lot of terrorist attacks were coming. you may see the days to come, large-scale security efforts in europe, at least more broadly if not in the united kingdom. >> the fourth travel alert
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issued in the last year. only four months this march 2016, you mentioned previous attacks, that is where the state department was not advising americans to go. terrible because of the threat of the terrorist attacks in europe. was there anything they could have done to prevent this? >> there is a problem with focusing on security measures that try to stop terrorism without identifying the fact that you have to stop the terrorists themselves. you can the layers of security around things, force them to take their shoes off at airports that you are better off focusing on people who will commit these actss trying to identify them, cut them from the herd and stop them before the explosion. that requires looking at the ideology, where they are being radicalized, the communities they are hiding among and facing the difficult fact that there are significant number of
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people, not all muslims that too many who support the islamists and are willing to ignore the fact that these jihadists are hiding in their midst. >> anyone who would carry this out is not a true muslim or true person of god in any regard and you make a good point unless we want to spend trillions of dollars on security and secure anywhere including grocery stores, anywhere people get together there is no real way to stop this on the ground. the ideology has to be stopped itself and that is where a lot of brains the deal with this should be focused. what can you do? when will you have a situation where there is not more than 10 or 15 people in one place. it is impossible. >> does this specific attack remind you of any previous others? apparently the bomb had shrapnel in it went out and killed 22
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people, 50 injured? >> what struck me first is it is a reasonably sophisticated attack similar to some of the attack their soldiers faced in iraq and afghanistan, not just someone driving a car, bunch of teenagers or taking a gun and shooting up a movie theater. it is not easy, nail bomb suicide vest which i wouldn't know how to do it and i spent most of my career looking at these weapons. it points to network ties, certainly to some sort of terrorist organization, probably in the middle east and potentially isis. >> isis has claimed responsibility online but we have to take that with a grain of salt because they take response ability for attacks immediately just so they can get the credit for it. >> being proud of the attack itself, this is happening in an area where there has been a
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pocket of jihadists, violent people who live in this area. we have had problems in that area before. >> absolutely. this is a place that has been identified as having radical preachers, extremist mosques, areas where the police have difficulty conducting operations and this is the difficulty the british face. one of the major newspapers said normal britain need to continue and carry on. so do their criminal and counterterrorism forces, politicians, in facing the fact that they need to work to stop this radicalization, pockets of jihadists in their midst and get their security forces in front of these attacks, not cleaning up after them. >> i agree with that. i would say one of the things the british need to do is stop
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the foreign financing of religious institutions in our prisons and schools because there are a variety of networks of wealthy individuals and private foundations that funnel millions and millions of dollars to mosques, to ensure they get the most radical preachers who spread an extremely intolerant form and crowds out local more tolerant versions of islam. there is a real need for us and the british and other western states to confront the ideology by limiting its emanation at the source. >> all of this after donald trump's speech in saudi arabia where he called for all the arab nations to drive terrorists from this earth. you were asking about the manchester area. since 2005, including the latest attack, there have been seven in
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manchester alone and interestingly enough, sebastian gorgon who has appeared here several times, the attack yesterday in manchester occurred on the four year anniversary of the public murder of lee rigby where he, i believe, was beheaded be a by jihadists, isis took responsibility for that. >> could be a parallel or a coincidence. the day after donald trump's speech in saudi arabia where he came down so hard on iran and terrorism groups in general. let's move on. we might pull you back before the end of the show. former cia operative mike baker ways in on what has happened. the first thing i noticed, after
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the concert ended do we have security in place, ways of keeping bombs out of arenas like this. the moment the concert ends a lot of that security goes lacks and starts to move on, prime opportunity for someone to walk in, be around enough people to do some damage and set off a bomb like this. >> development of an attack, methodology involves whether it was a lone wolf, network of individuals, tends to follow the same process, identifying the appropriate target, looking for certain indicators leading them to use that location. the arena against victoria station, they look at something
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like that, the fact of how close they can get, a lot of people, how sure are they, determining the location and timing, they were doing it because they knew they would have maximum damage. that part of it is the identification of the site is fairly standard in terms of terrorist plotting. that part is not a surprise. am i 5, mi 6, manchester police, a great deal of experience in all of this, the contact that i have got, they know who the
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attacker was. the addresses are probably at this point that are being searched. they will resolve this. the big question is who are the associates. i don't believe it is one person. and metropolitan police in terrorists operations have gone a long way. >> they seem to be moving along so quickly, there have been calls in days prior to this by isis for a soft target attack, do you think they already have their eye on this venue and tipped that something, they may have been looking at these
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people? >> mi 5 is a domestic security operation in a sense that how does it parallel what we do, it has been -- like the fbi they are stretched thin in terms of the number of investigations, the likelihood is somebody, whether it is the individual who walked into the site, the suicide vest or associates, somebody in that circle has been on the radar screen in the past. the state and local federal law enforcement official go so far with an investigation. whether there was an active investigation i don't know, speculation on my part. i can tell you, we have
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identification very soon. >> thank you for coming in this morning, we are going to reset and fire up right now. in a fox news alert, donald trump addressing the deadly bombing outside a concert hall in england. >> 22 people dead including children, 60 others seriously injured in what is being investigated as a terror attack by a suicide bomber. >> it is for:33 on the east coast, 9:33 in manchester, england where people are waking up to the aftermath of a terrible attack. >> the president just speaking after meeting with palestinian leader abbas, the attack coming one day after he called on muslim leaders to drive out terrorists. >> team coverage, kitty logan
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live in london, christian can do in the united states. >> on honey live in jerusalem with the president's remarks. >> reporter: the president spoke a short time ago joined by palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas in bethlehem where the two leaders met and both leaders strongly condemned the attack in manchester saying working together in fighting and combating terrorism regionally. the president also addressed the attack not only condemning it but addressing solidarity with the united kingdom and condolences to those killed, injured and the families of those killed and injured and he also called the attackers, quote, evil losers. here is what he said, listen to this. >> so many young beautiful innocent people living and enjoying their lives, murdered
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by evil losers in life. >> reporter: he went on to say our society cannot have tolerance for this bloodshed and slaughter of innocent people, he and palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas said they are committed to fighting terrorism regionally. both leaders transitioned into their discussion about restarting peace talks. the president summarized things by saying if israelis and palestinians can make peace, that will begin the process of peace throughout the middle east. that was a big part of his visit to saudi arabia where he talked about this in a speech and to israel he met with the prime minister and president yesterday in jerusalem talking about restarting peace talks and today with 20, mahmoud abbas also saying they are looking for
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stability in the region and the world, committed to working with donald trump, his administration and reasserting a two state solution going back to the borders of 1967 with east jerusalem as capital of palestine and mahmoud abbas also said the problem is not between us and judaism, it is the occupation and settlement and i figured they would be talking about the settlement issue. that has been a nonstarter and a dealbreaker as far as p stocks and also just moving ahead in terms of an agreement. the president, one thing he didn't mention is a two state solution. he didn't bring that up. he talked about peace talks, bringing both sides together but did not mention a 2 state solution or east jerusalem as the capital of the state of palestine. perhaps that will be mentioned
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when he give the speech later today at the israel museum where he will be joined by the prime minister wrapping things up. historic day once again in jerusalem and israel. >> the aftermath as the investigation ramps up at this hour. kitty logan live in london with those breaking details. >> reporter: police say one attacker died at the scene, a suicide attacker, whether this individual was part of a wider network. we know that this explosion happened after 10:30 eastern time. witnesses say the device exploded near the accident people wof that consequently wi described a massive explosion. manchester arena is one of the largest in europe holding 20,000 people. there was panic and confusion
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after that blast. >> children, we brought them out. >> in the arena we heard a bang. i ran for my life. >> we ran to the car, didn't stop running. >> reporter: many young fans were at the concert and heartbreaking reports on social media, parent still searching for missing kids and police now say children are among the 22 people killed. ariana grande tweeted broken from the bottom of my heart. i'm so sorry i don't have words. in london, the government is meeting to discuss a response to the attack in an emergency meeting. no claim of responsibility so far despite rumors on social media from isis. there is now a national
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investigation involving intelligence agencies as well as manchester police. police officers in manchester appealing for more information, they are calling for witnesses to come forward. there are additional officers on the scene in manchester and london's mayor, extra police presence as a precaution and interesting to note this is an election campaign, that will be suspended temporarily following the attack. >> national security analyst. >> thanks for talking to us on short notice. a terrible attack we have here. this area dealing with this attack, no stranger to these jihadists beliefs.
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>> maybe this was a lone wolf which doesn't exist but in regards to this area the british press researched the location. the home of the previous isis bomber from manchester, what they found is with a 2.5 mile radius there were six convicted or killed terrorists living within 2.5 miles of the home. looking at an actual social circle of jihadists in that area and these are just the ones we know about that were killed or jailed. >> we were speaking about this earlier, tackling the ideology, getting into the minds of the people, you say it doesn't matter what group they pledge allegiance to or do attacks like this in the name of. what matters is getting to the heart of what is inside and how to stop it. speech is not enough to say we will wipe out individual terrorists, you have to talk about the fundamental islamicists ideology, all these groups are a manifestation of
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that ideology and donald trump said terrorists are losers and i know he will be criticized for it but i love it. i have been saying we need to call them losers for years because when it appears they are winning that is how they win support. that is how people are radicalized. jihadists can say this is proof that allah is a blessing or jihad so call them losers. >> a broader conversation. immigration, refugees will come out of this nba conversation. a lot of people living in england felt their borders were not secure, bringing these refugees into europe, no clear way to fit them. the question i have for you is this. i see both arguments.
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it is a convenient way if you are a terrorist to hide among refugees and get into the country and is and damage but when you try to isolate a group of people you might actually make them -- make more people move in that direction towards jihadi's them because they feel they are not wanted, not accepted in other places when you tell refugees you can't come here that leads down that path further. what do you say? this will be a big part of this conversation in the aftermath of this attack? >> a genuine moderate does not kill children so you can come here. i don't buy the argument that that will radicalized people. studies have shown those are born overseas and moved to the uk are less likely to be radical than those born there. we are dealing with a very serious problem. these are different elements of going after the ideology and donald trump's speech has powerful moments that i applauded but it was more of a rallying call, not a plan of
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action. we need to talk about the infrastructure that sustains this ideology, governments should be held responsible for promoting this thinking and a strategy to hold them accountable, river private infrastructure we will continue talking about defensive measures like border security the doesn't get us anywhere. heather: there are five threat level, this area has been under international terrorism threat level of severe. talk a little bit more about the caliphate itself was we have done reports in the past that these extremists begin to lose their caliphate, the danger begins, more attacks will happen outside that area. is that what you see happening here? >> reporter: yes, you're supposed to pursue a caliphate. the view that you are supposed
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to follow it and more and more waves of recruits to whoever declares a caliphate or controls territory. it is important to take territory away from isis. i'm happy about the progress against basis but keep in mind al qaeda is growing. new estimates that they have 20,000 people come and army in syria alone. beating up isis is positive but be aware another group, this is a manifestation of ideas like assembling the caliphate and destroying israel and we have to focus on those ideas had that individual groups. heather: as they lose territory, then the danger is they branch out and we see more attacks in other countries. >> there is a danger that a group like al qaeda will pick up the pieces. there will be another group
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acting on the scene, i know where isis went wrong, where they lost allah's blessing come all they need is a little bit of success, seizing some territory, for an interpretation that says these are the guys being blessed, that will pick up the mantle of creating a caliphate. rob: ask for coming on this 40, which was under better circumstances. heather: security stepped up nationwide after the manchester attack, heavily armed police on guard outside new york's iconic madison square garden. rob: extra police officers on patrol in texas today, chris jenkins live in washington with homeland security response lose everything elevated. >> reporter: good morning. stepping up security, increasing patrols at airports, bridges, tunnels and madison square
1:46 am
garden, they are closely monitoring things in manchester but there is no credible threat, the statement at this time, no information to indicate a credible threat, we may experience public places and events as they take additional precaution and law enforcement at a john legend concert in texas, anthony hogan is not taking chances. >> we want to let patrons know they are safe, received information from overseas. and they were attending a concert tonight. wanted to make sure they saw plenty of officers during the concert. >> the attack in manchester coming three weeks after this travel warning, pretty much
1:47 am
everything from tourists locations to transportation hubs, markets, shopping malls, facilities, hotels, and as we know, concerts. here at home the nba, basketball hockey finals and a ring, these are going to be events law enforcement will target as they say, talking about soft targets. a lot more of those across the country. heather: joining us is president of the security studies group jim hansen's who served in the us army special forces and conducted counterterrorism operations. rob: thanks for joining us. does this lead to a call for more surveillance? a lot on the far left would say
1:48 am
this is a bad thing but how you stop a group like this? how do you stop these attacks without watching what people are doing before they walk into a crowded blow themselves up? even president obama admitted someone is going to die for a cause how do you stop them from killing people? >> you can't stop them unless you look where they are hiding. that means doing things some people find distasteful. i don't blame the larger muslim community for feeling bad about being surveilled in any way but the problem is not only a terrorist but too many terrorists have been muslim. donald trump made a very strong call to muslim countries to help us root out the extremists, same has to be said to the muslim communities in the rest of europe. these people are hiding in your communities. they are part of your
1:49 am
communities even though they may discussed you as they discussed at the president who call them losers, let's get your help, point them up, not give them any place to come. heather: past attacks, in belgium, the paris attacks, being shared across agencies, there is still a significant problem, could that have helped in this attack? >> the communications have improved, the ability to share information has approved. what has we can do the will of our government to make those hard decisions. they don't want to be called anti-muslim. they don't want to be called islamohphobic. donald trump made commonsense
1:50 am
executive orders saying we should not be allowing people from countries where we can't tell the good guys from the bad guys to come into our country. the british and the rest of europe have been wide open with their borders, they have been welcoming in ways that have been detrimental to the safety of their own citizens. it is time to look at that, look at these communities where there are large numbers of jihadists, extremists, preachers, tell people we won't tolerate that. if you come to this country share our values or we are not going to let you come. rob: i don't think any culture is pc is the united states is attending to be would give increased vulnerability, and in the middle east helped us tremendously. we would be so afraid by a sweeping rule like banning
1:51 am
muslim countries, muslim countries from coming here. >> people who killed americans. the san bernardino terrorist attacks, the wife came to this country on a spouse visa. if we were allowed to do surveillance of her social media we would have found out she was a jihadist, and the pc obama years, stop the borders and security agencies. and neighbors in san bernardino happening, they were worried, and speak out, not be branded as haters, it is fair to look at people doing things, speaking out about it is not. >> the older tsarnaev went
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overseas and received training and came back to america as well. waiting for live comment from theresa may who should be coming in the prime minister, and the statement. rob: the hold at 10:30, terrorist attack in manchester in england, the manchester arena where 22 people, mostly young people exited on the ground, came off of the stage, seconds before obama appears to have gone off near the exit, a much softer target as security would have eased up a little bit at the end of the concert, once the show is over and the star is off the stage that has been when the bomb went off, we have video
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that blasts, you can hear that boom. someone listening to the radio, and details about parents sitting outside in cars waiting for preteens and teenagers and a bomb goes off. imagine the process of trying to figure out whether your son or daughter would come out of that arena. heather: several churches took children in, several parents looking for children, trained in the area all shut down. people basically trapped, people online opening up their homes, letting people know i have a sofa you can stay on if you need it, people trying to band together. i wanted to come back to you, you spoke about some suspects. you have some inside information on that. bring us up to speed on that. >> reporter: i don't have inside
1:54 am
information regarding who may have committed this act. the british seem to have potentially identified the bomber last night, a suicide bombing, let everyone to closed circuit televisions. and information regarding who may be involved with the bombing by name. >> they had been looking at potential people prior to this attack. >> reporter: that was not me. i don't know that there were active investigations announced, looking at a particular ring in manchester. rob: the learning curve of getting used to the way the president talks and not having that political speech that we
1:55 am
have been so used to and accustomed to after all these years of traditional politicians in office. when the president comes on. and calls the terrorist attack evil losers. what message does it send these terror organizations? let's go ahead and listen. >> so many young beautiful innocent people enjoying their lives. evil losers in life. i won't call them monsters, they would like that term. they would think that is a great name.
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>> respond to that, how do you think the message involved in isis, involved in jihadist beliefs. >> reporter: refreshing to have a president who speaks that plainly about something the rest of the world can see as evil. i think one thing that should be noted the president spoke in saudi arabia to a room full of muslim leaders, and supporting terrorism. he calls them to join in the fight against it. today he spoke next to mahmoud abbas. the palestinians -- pays suicide bombers for the rest of their lives for their attack in payment for suicide terrorism attacks against israeli civilians. any way to have peace, it is the message the president is giving the palestinians
1:57 am
behind-the-scenes. you need to stop what you're doing supporting suicide bombers and join the rest of the civilized world in condemning it. heather: do you think this was an intentional move on the president's part to address these people? that was one of the critiques yesterday when he went to saudi arabia and talked to 50 muslim countries asking them to come together, some of these people are funding terrorism. >> he knows that and they know it. it was refreshing to have the president dressing them down in public for what we know and they know is a massive wrong. if they are going to stop and they need to know the president will punish those who step over the line. in afghanistan those people know that we would not tolerate their actions. he hit syria with chemical
1:58 am
weapon attacks, sending the same message to all the folks there who were supporting terrorism and the palestinian saying stop what you are doing if you want peace. rob: we do appreciate it. we are awaiting theresa may, and in a meeting right now, in manchester, it killed 22 people at this point, injured way more. heather: the morning began with donald trump speaking to palestinian leader mahmoud abbas. they talked about the need for peace across the middle east, donald trump going as far as to say peace would be made between israel and the palestinian state, it could be made
1:59 am
throughout the middle east. rob: the president will lay a wreath at a memorial, he will head back to israel in the west bank. he will give a speech at the israel museum at 7:00 local time. 8:45, a departure ceremony, heading to rome which would be another interesting meeting, a pope who has been critical of donald trump and said in the past leader should be building bridges instead of walls. he will have that meeting tomorrow at vatican city. thursday he will head for another interesting meeting and that will be with nato. organization he has been hiding for a number of member countries not paying their fair share as a defense mechanism for the good of the world. heather: we are dealing with terrorism. during this visit, the horrific terror attack happened and 22
2:00 am
people dead in manchester, many of them, 60 others injured, much more to say about that. rob: "fox and friends" will start right now. >> straight to a fox news alert, 22 people including children are dead after a terrorist targets a packed ariana grande concert. >> horrifying screams filling the arena as 21,000 terrified fans leap over chairs and barriers trying to get out of it. >> what is going on?