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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 30, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> many thanks to but guy benso benson. >> stay with us. facebook, on the web. it will be back tomorrow. "happening now" starts now. >> jon: and we begin with a fox news alert, we are awaiting the daily white house press briefing with press secretary sean spicer, where he is expected to take questions about the resignation of his boss, white house commune occasions director mike dubke. this will be spicer's first on everything since the president left for his trip abroad at more than a week ago. we are bringing it to you live when it begins. but, we begin with new reaction to the announcement that white house communications director michael dubke is resigning. welcome to the second hour of "happening now" on this tuesday. i am jon scott. >> jenna: i am jenna lee.
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>> jon: mike handed in his resignation, and offered to remain onboard and told the transition is concluded. the president's policies moving forward. for more on all of this, kristin fisher joins us life in the white house. >> this big staff shakeup that we've been hearing so much about, but then again, sean spicer, who will had also been rumored to be on the way out, he is going to be back behind the podium in less than an hour. so if there's anything we learned about this white house is that nothing is final until it actually happens. >> in terms of staff shakeup's, i always read things that simply aren't true. i work here every day. it's much more collaborative than people realize. i think were constantly being told by people who have never
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worked in any white house let alone this white house what is going on here. >> now one change that is definitely being discussed is a commune occasions war room. the white house is considering bringing back to former campaign operatives back into the fold. lewandowski and david barsky, all this controversy behind jared kushner, it seems to be overshadowing the substance of the day, and that is president trump continuing to attack germany just days since the chancellor said the u.s. is no longer a reliable partner. the president said today on twitter "we have a massive trade deficit with germany plus they pay far less than they should with nato. this will change." one of the first concrete changes that we could see is president trump pulling out of the paris climate agreement. he promised to make a decision on that sometime this week.
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john. >> jon: kristin fisher at the white house for us. >> jenna: president trump senior advisor and son-in-law jared kushner under fbi scrutiny under claims of setting up a secret back channel of communications with moscow. fox news reports have things the wrong way. catherine harris joins us live from washington with more what the real story is. >> a source who has spoken with kushner says the december meeting at trump tower with the russian ambassador serge kiss leah. they did not focus on sanctions. as part of his rule on the transition engaging with foreign delegations, says jared kushner had plans to further understand their complaints. sources who spoke with him said it was the russians who raised
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the issue emphasizing it was a one off and not a permanent back channel as alleged in media reports. a counselor to the president kellyanne conway criticized the reports on fox and friends this morning. >> we know that there have been many news reports recently that have the facts wrong. if you go back to a couple of weeks ago, you will notice that one statement in particular, three times in a row, relied on information that was immediately batted down as false. >> sources also told fox news that jared kushner is eager to tell congress about this meeting and any others that may be interesting to their russia probe. >> jon: as we continue to await the white house briefing with secretary sean spicer, we look more on the new staff shakeup there. white house communication director mike dubke stepping down. joining us is the assistant
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editor at "the wall street journal," also a fox news contributor there. the on going russian whether involves the white house or not. if the president shakes up disk munication team as it seems to be happening, does it put those things to rest? >> no, i don't think this can medication change is going to matter much. i think the best thing to do is ignore it. with this special counsel, this idea of setting up a war room, if you want to keep this story in the press every day, obviously the press wants to keep it front and center, but i think what the president really needs to focus on is getting his tax cut through the congress. >> jon: why? >> because he's going to have negative press. i don't think he is going to change his style. i don't think he's going to adopt a more disciplined press approach, and i don't think that
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media is going to stop the hostility against him for the most part, so i think what he's got to do is put some wins on the board and show america that the economy is growing. that's going to be the argument for republicans as they go into the fall. let's face it, the democratic party has been speaking impeachment since roughly election night. if he doesn't want that to happen, he's got to hold his republican edge majority. >> jon: so the resignation of communication director mike dubke and the potential resignation of sean spicer, you don't think that's going to make a great difference in the way the white house gets covered western mark >> no. i think a lot of americans weren't sure who speak five was. the messaging on the communication is about donald trump. he has a unique style. it's very -- it's not a
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controlled message. you can find it refreshing, but if you don't like what he saying, perhaps revealing, when he's giving you a direct message on twitter, but this is not a traditional communications team. unless he wants to adopt that traditional discipline where you allow the message team to control the message, i don't think much is going to change. >> jon: so your suggesting, if he gets results, if he gets the economy growing again, even three or 4%, which by historic standards is not significant, but it would be a lot better than we've seen over the last eight years, you're saying if he does that, then that puts a lot of these other issues to rest, or at least in the back pages? >> i think it makes him, what "the new york times" is saying about him, less relevant. he's got the results to show, and if he does pull out of the climate deal, that's of the symbolic move, along with the
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tax cut to say we want to get to that 3% or 4% growth, i think that the whole team and republicans in congress are focused on that too. not feeling like they need to comment on every russia story each day. >> jon: obviously, he is the first president, i mean barack obama had a twitter account but he did not use it as prolifically as this president does. are you a fan of his tweets or do you think you should back off? >> obviously, there are some of them that didn't really help him. after the call me firing, that was where the undisciplined nature of his communications really did hurt him. you saw an absolute bullet proof case why comey had to go and then the president comes out offering other exclamations, perhaps less compelling to the people. i don't really see that changing. i think we have figured out from
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candidate trump and president trump, it's kind of fun to get this unfiltered view from the white house. >> jon: he was an unconventional candidate and he's an unconventional president, and the nation is not quite used to what he is brought to the white house. especially may be the press. >> and the washington establishment in general. he's got a lot of folks running in the government, who are leaks that don't want to see him succeed. he's got to ignore that and accept that the official washington establishment and the press are going to be hostile. he's got to focus on, instead of creating war rooms, to get that legislation through the congres congress. >> jon: james, thank you. >> jenna: john, as you mentioned, we are awaiting the white house press briefing where sean spicer will be pressed about the resignation of the white house medications director
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among other things, including the president's trip abroad, his agenda here at home. plus, north korea not justifying the world again, but issuing an ominous warning to the united states. and then there is this. chaos at the texas state house over a new anti-sanctuary cities law by protesters and election officials got very heated. >> he said what? he said i called ice. and then he said after them.
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♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. >> jenna: a chapter in the history of the u.s. and panama closing, at least for now. a former dictator has died after undergoing surgery for a benign brain tumor. noriega ruled the country with
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an iron fist, often putting opponents to death. he spent the rest of his life in prison, but panama recently released him to house arrest. noriega was 83 years old. >> jon: after yet another missile test from the rogue regime. the north, once again, defies the international community running wow launching a missile on monday, reporting to release a gift package to the u.s. trump tweeted, . jennifer joins us live from the pentagon now. >> u.s. military exercises near the peninsula which now includes
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u.s. carrier strike groups could lead to war. u.s. officials confirm not one but two b-1 bombers were launched monday from anderson air force base in guam, lying nearly 2,000 miles to south korea. a mission intended to send a message to north korea following two tests last week. the b-1 it carries the largest conventional payload of bombs in the air force inventory. it was designed to fly low and fast into soviet airspace during the cold war to drop nuclear weapons, but today, that b-1 was is not capable of carrying nukes. u.s. officials tell me the chinese military contacted the bombers while they were en route to the korean peninsula. yang claims the short missile launched monday has a guidance system that can strike within 2.
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u.s. officials cannot verify this claim. the missile was first revealed during a military parade in april. the pace of missile test is increasing. 2016 was a record-setting year for north korean tests. 16 last year, double the number 42015. today the u.s. military will conduct a missile test of its own, sending a message to pyongyang. >> jon: what a story. thank you jennifer. >> jenna: the president's so-called tax cut proposal is facing some hurdles. one of the chances the white house can work with lawmakers? and did you see this picture? a child visiting his dad's grave on memorial day meeting the president. >> his dad loved him. he wanted to be a father, and he was excited. he looked forward to the days of getting to take him hunting and
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>> jenna: the president's ambition problem is a part of his agenda, but what is a stand today. "the wall street journal"'s wanting this. the boldest ideas for changing the tax code are either dead or on political life support. as a republican effort in congress to reshape the tax system moves much more slowly than lawmakers and their allies and businesses had hoped. the clear winner so far is the status quo. on that optimistic note, let's bring in scott jennings. former advisor to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, and the former
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executive director india 2016 election. both sides represented. nice to have you both. i'm curious, scott, whether you think the status quo is actually winning out here. >> well, so far it is. but that doesn't really mean anything. you have to remember, the last time we reformed taxes in a meaningful way in this country was back in the 80s, and it took about two years. along the way, there were articles saying the effort to reform the tax code is dead, but ultimately it did happen. one key difference back from the 80s, rather than today, is that you had some democrats who actually wanted to cooperate back then. i don't think we have many democrats in washington that want to cooperate on a meaningful tax reform because they don't really want to see the economy jumpstarted. they want to see this president and this congress fail, so they are going to dig their heels in. >> jenna: that sound like a dare. what do you think about that? what you think about scott is saying? in the 80s, you had democrats that were willing to help, now
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in 2017, no democrats. >> the republicans have the majority in both chambers, they have the white house. this is very status quo that they own. i think the problem might be in their policies more than their politics. the republican tax plans that are being discussed from the house and from president trump have about a $3.1 trillion hole in the math that it just doesn't add up. they are going to have to figure that out. so far, they proposed cutting the corporate tax, to cut taxes on corporations in america that would lead to about eight to trillion dollar shortfall in the budget. they have proposed from president trump, an additional $1 trillion in spending for stimulus and infrastructure spending that the white house budget office reaffirmed as recently as this month, and then on top of that, the president promised a border wall that was supposed to cost $12 million paid for by mexico. but instead it's now estimated at $70 billion to the american
10:23 am
taxpayers. a $3.1 trillion hole. >> jenna: it's a fair point, issac. you're saying the math doesn't add up. but scott, i am curious to what isaac said. i'm sure viewers are thinking about this too. the republicans have the majority, why do they need the democrats? >> they do have the majority, of course the senate doesn't exactly work that knows that you need 60 votes to do most anything in the united states senate. that's why it would be nice to have some bipartisan cooperation. not just because of the rules, but also because when you're doing big things in this country, they typically go better when you have both parties. isaac also knows this, if we were to reform the tax code here, combine that with the regulatory reform that we have had success on in washington, we would have much better growth. we had a anemic growth during the obama years, but what i hear people saying in washington, if we can get the tax reform done and can combine it with regulatory reform, you might see
10:24 am
gross that would lead to more federal revenue so we can pay for the things that we want to do in this country. >> jenna: let me ask about that isaac. democrats even if the math work works, even if we could get to 3% growth, democrats just don't want to play. is that true? >> first of all, it's not the democrats that are holding us up in the senate. the republicans have issued massive speculation about the fact that they don't think this works. they proposed, many put republicans in the senate, have proposed the $1.8 trillion tax increase by doing away with the deduction for state and local taxes. >> jenna: right, but isaac, you are the democrat. that's why i'm asking about democrats. if the numbers -- >> if the republicans could offer a realistic proposal whether mathworks that doesn't hurt the american taxpayer, it
10:25 am
would be different. >> jenna: it's not a philosophical issue, it's not that you hate donald trump. it's a math issue? >> it's math, and we do have a problem with the tax increase on american taxpayers. >> jenna: looking at tax reform reminds me of covering the financial crisis. people didn't like the truth when it came to the financial crisis, which is that everybody shared the blame. when it comes to tax reform, i wonder if this is something similar. everyone says they want to change tax reform, and even consumers don't want to give up some of those complicated tax breaks. so, is the will it really there? if we are really being they are, is the well really they are from all sides to get to get this done? >> well, isaac is bringing up an issue about one of the loopholes that exist in the federal tax code regarding states and local tax reduction. there are a lot of loopholes like that, they all have contingencies, they halt have special interest groups fighting to keep them. that's what the real issue is in washington.
10:26 am
anybody who doesn't want to see tax reform done like isaac on the democrats, are going to use this loophole to say that it's a tax increase. but you graze a good point. if we all have the courage not to play this silly game, of using individual loopholes to derail the process, i think it would be a lot easier to get there if we could just get a few courageous democrats to join with the courageous republicans to get the and economic growth that we want to see in the country. >> my colleague here and an ens republican colleagues are talking about, is that they are not going to pay taxes twice on the same money. taxes on the same money that goes to the federal government and the state as well. if that's your position, going to the elections with her. >> jenna: scott, isaac, great to have you both. thank you. >> jon: jared kushner is now front and center in the investigation about possible
10:27 am
collisions between the white house and russia. did the president's son-in-law failed to disclose his contacts on his white house security for form? plus, one of the most iconic homes in the nation is on the market. we've got an inside look at gray gardens, next. >> this is the room that in the documentary you see, big 80 here, and a little ed often on bed. u can really feel it. glucerna. everyday progress. adult 7+ promotes alertness and mental sharpness in dogs 7 and older. (ray) the difference has been incredible. she is much more aware. she wants to learn things. (vo) purina pro plan bright mind. nutrition that performs.
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>> jon: fox news alert. donald trump's son-in-law and senior advisor jared kushner is now becoming the focus in the ongoing russia investigations. as we await press secretary sean spicer. spicer is likely to face lots of questions on that at the daily white house press briefing coming up soon. meantime, as questions continue over jared kushner's motives in meeting with russian officials last december, the counselor to the president kellyanne conway pushing back. >> i'm not going to comment on any of that because there is no reason to, frankly. we know that there have been many news reports recently that have the facts wrong. this entire thing is just a rush to judgment. it >> jon: fox anchor and attorney garrett joins us now. jared kushner is a focus of this investigation, not a target of this investigation. what is that terminology mean?
10:32 am
>> if he was a target, then that means essentially that the feds have some evidence of a crime. but he did not get a target letter, so that means they don't have any evidence. so they just want to talk to him and see where this investigation goes. look, it's not a crime to talk to the russian ambassador. people think he's the bogeyman. it looked, he has been in washington for ten years. it's his job to meet with government officials to try and influence them in terms of policy. that's what our ambassador does in moscow. so this isn't terribly unusual. >> jon: what about the so-called back channel communications between jared kushner and the russians? >> again, not that unusual. we have historically had frequent back channel medications. it notably, the two sets of back channel medications that defused the cuban missile crisis back in 1962. it's even "the washington post" posted a sidebar story over the weekend saying that such back
10:33 am
channels can add stability and unpredictable formulations. so why is the main dream media blasting this as a bombshell report? this is what happens in washington. it's important in terms of diplomacy and foreign relations to have other contacts. >> jon: there is something called the logan act, and there are questions about whether jared kushner violated the logan act. >> the logan act can't possibly apply under the law because it has been dormant for two centuries. you cannot use a law that is dormant for two centuries. that's a violation of the law. and besides, he wasn't acting as a private citizen as the law demands. he was acting as a government official in the incoming administration. all administrations, including president obama, make contact with foreign governments before the president is sworn in.
10:34 am
>> jon: so one of the big questions out there is, did jared kushner essentially lie, did he violate the law when he was filling out his security clearance form? >> it is a crime to deceive the government and filling out your security clearance form, although it's almost never prosecuted. why? because it's difficult to show intent of knowingly trying to deceive the federal government. and besides, in this particular case, he amended it just a month later. before any of this became public, he was really trying to deceive he would not have done that. so, absolutely not. he would never be prosecuted for something like that. >> jon: so this story could end with a big fat thud? >> i'll say it again, collusion is not a crime. only in antitrust law. you can collude all you want with a government in an election. there is no such statute.
10:35 am
>> jon: thanks. jenna. >> jenna: even the most rich and powerful american families are just like us. that you may have heard of the legend of grey gardens. it is in a state's in the hamptons where young jackie kennedy spent some of her summers with her family, but as she moved into the white house, grey gardens fell into disrepair. the story of grey gardens served as a startling just the position that is uniquely american. as one path leads to fame and fortune, and the other, a completely different direction. the home remains as a home to a thousand stories, and now, it's for sale. >> ray gardens, a once crumbling a state in the hamptons, where the aunt and cousin of the first lady jackie kennedy lived incomplete and total destitution. sharing the space with raccoons and cats, hoarding, at times freezing, over the years, the
10:36 am
story of big edie's bouvier bee and her daughter became a broadway play, and hbo movie, and through it all, grey gardens survived and is now for sale. which is why we were able to see it. we actually have the place to ourselves, but luckily we have someone to show us around. hi michael. >> hi jenna. welcome to grey gardens. >> so this is the original house? >> this is the original house, lovingly restored by sally quinn in 1979 when she purchased the house. >> restored, meaning many of the walls and rooms remain much like they were more than 100 years ago. >> the real estate agent said, you know, there is always gray.
10:37 am
i had no intention of buying it, and she drove me over there. she said, i will do anything to sell this house but i will not go in there because there were some 36 cats and raccoons. >> sally quinn first stepped foot in grey gardens in 1989. she met young edie after her mother passed away, and she noticed something that most people missed. >> she said it's yours. and then she did this sort of puerile wet in the center of the hall. >> despite the broken windows, its overgrown gardens, and holes in the ceilings, sally still decided this is a place where she had her husband would call their vacation home. her husband, the legendary watergate era editor had a challenging time seeing her vision. >> i went home and i set i found
10:38 am
my dream house. we drove over there and he, of course, is allergic to cats. so he had to leave after 10 minutes. he started puffing up and tearing, and he couldn't breathe. he walked out and said, "you are out of your mind." and i said yes it is. he rolled his eyes, but we restored the house. >> since the home was completely renovated, rather than rebuild, now we can match moments to today to the past. >> it was kind of a tragic situation. more for a little edie. i think big edie was really crazy and little edie became crazy. >> through the years, the who's who of american culture have visited this home.
10:39 am
as well as lesser-known guest. speak out the house is haunted. if they are ghosts. i don't tell people that little edie's room is haunted because people get scared. so, i put him in that room, and the next morning i came downstairs and he was asleep on the sofa in the kitchen. i said barry, what are you doing here? he says, there is a ghost up there in that room, and i am not going to stay up there. he wouldn't stay in the room again. >> and today, grey gardens is surrounded by some of the most valuable real estate in the world. it can be yours for just under $20 million. but that price tag doesn't buy preservation. >> i would love somebody who would cherish the house, and who would understand the history and the beauty and the sort of magic of it. there are no conditions.
10:40 am
if somebody buys the house and it tears it down, then so be it. >> jenna: so the new listing price is 17995. but as you hear from sally, if you want to tear down the home, and build a new one, you can. what a shame if that's the case, because the house is been a around for more than 100 years. >> jon: it is beautiful. and it's got so much history. >> jenna: so many people think grey gardens, but you don't really know the back story to grey gardens. it's one of those american homes that has seen a lot of history. >> jon: if you buy it, let me know. >> jenna: i will let you know. >> jon: at white house secretary sean spicer sent to hold the white house press briefing momentarily, the first since the president's trip abroad. we will bring it to your life as it begins. also, the organ suspect accused
10:41 am
of killing two men trying to stop him from hurling anti-muslim abuse, caught on video and another tirade. that is next. at angie's list, we
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lift the burden of getting a home loan with rocket mortgage by quicken loans. [whisper: rocket] >> jon: a fox news alert and a live look inside the white house. we are just minutes away from the first press briefing since president trump returns from his first trip overseas. this briefing comes as we see the first signs of the long reported stop shake up getting underway. we will bring you to sean spicer and that briefing as soon as it begins. >> jenna: plus a new video surfacing of the man accused of stabbing two men to death on an oregon commuter chain. jeremy joseph christian is seen here on the cell phone video and a tirade similar to the one he would deliver on that train the very next day. he was accused of stabbing those men after they stood up to.
10:45 am
it the president was quoted on twitter as saying " " those in attendance could "pedal a message of hatred." let's bring in our panel. it's great to have you both. i'm wondering if there is a legal argument for public safety here from the mayor. what you think? >> i don't think that there is. the mayor needs a lesson in civics about the u.s. constitution and freedom of speech. the answer isn't whether you are on the right or the left to limit people from the content of speaking and assembling in order to express their opinions. it from a law enforcement perspective, our job would be to ensure that there is safety during that. obviously, you can't say speech that incites violence, but anything short of that is an
10:46 am
insult to the constitutional fabric. where are we going with this? when i was a law enforcement officer, we make sure we had staging areas. we made sure there wouldn't be interaction with antagonistic groups, but we allowed of the speech to occur. otherwise, we are losing the first amendment right. it was the first one the founding fathers put in the constitution to express even those ideas that people may hate and think are vile, this is a bad idea by the mayor. fundamentally, it is turning upside down our first amendment constitutional rights. >> jenna: troy, what do you think about it? >> i have two 100% agree with my colleague. the united states supreme court said famously in a first amendment case that the answer to speech we don't like is not to limit speech but to have more speech. so, especially when we are talking about the political speech, it is so important and it is so protected throughout our history and in the first amendment that the government can only place restrictions on of the time,
10:47 am
place, and the manner of speech. and not on its content. it looks like here, just because the mayor of portland doesn't like the message from this group, that he wants to put a limit on it. just like if there was a kkk rally, or a black lives matter, or any speech that someone may disagree with, you can't stop them just because you don't like the content. >> jenna: let's talk a little bit about timing. i'm not pushing back on your stance is, i know you guys have a legal expertise, but i am curious about the timing on this. according to the associated press a schedule permit has been rented to the rally, and has been issued to the event itself. is there anything in the timing saying that it's not that we don't want you to gather, it's just that the murderous just happened and we want to delay it. what you think about that? >> you can't start putting any
10:48 am
sort of constitutional infringement on the time, put manner, or place with which people want to exercise the right to assemble and speak freely. in fact, timeliness is important, and people want to get messages out. what happened is horrible, but i agree with what troy just said. if we had limited the time, manner, place in the past, who knows where the civil rights movement would've gone. who knows where groups on the right or left with black lives matter would have gone. unfortunately, the answer is not to curtail free speech, it's to protect those people who are attending to ensure they don't get injured. politically, it may not be the wisest thing to do, but we are not talking about politics. we are talking about a fundamental constitutional right, regardless of the time, the place, or the matter. i agree with troy. we have had places in the supreme court's where the founding fathers in our constitution, burning crosses, doing hateful horrible things, that allowed the content of
10:49 am
speech to get out. but anytime an individual wanted to do that, as long as they were not specifically in citing violence. if we start to deprecate that now, we are down a slippery slope. >> jenna: where is the line crossed? let's say the event goes on, it goes forward. where would be the line and saying we are actually shutting this event down, not because of this but because of x, y, and z. what would that look like? >> if there was some sort of rioting that occurred, or if they mayor of portland didn't allocate enough public safety resources to ensure the safety of all participants, then that could be a problem if it ended up getting out of hand. but, we can't stop a rally just because we don't like what the messages. i think the mayor, although it may be well-founded for him to say that it's insensitive to be having this type of rally and light of the horrific attack that just happened, what he really should be doing is
10:50 am
showing the community that he is going to put forward all the resources necessary to protect everyone safety instead of just stopping it and letting those people who would be opposed to this when. >> jenna: we will see what happens next and see if this event is allowed to go on. troy, bob, great to have you both. thank you. >> jon: shakeups underway at the white house. we are just minutes away from the white house briefing. sean spicer will be addressing the media in the wake of the white house can indications director giving his resignation. also the first time today, we hear the white house press secretary since the president returned from his first overseas trip. it's all coming up.
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>> hello everyone i'm melissa francis. we are waiting for white house press secretary sean spicer to take the top podium for the first time in over two weeks. a lot has happened since then. president trump's big overseas trip, north korea, russia, nato, and a change in his communications team. we are going to take over the top of the hour on "america's newsroom hq" ." >> jenna: story behind the memorable image for memorial day that you have likely seen. it president trump sharing a moment with a 6-year-old christopher jacobs, who was visiting his father's grave in arlington. >> we didn't expect it, we were hoping we get to see him there that day. it was just amazing. >> what did you say to them? >> i said that, do you want to come and see my dad? he said sure. >> what did he say to you?
10:55 am
>> he said, this is great. >> yeah, that sounds like president trump. >> the young man speaking with "fox & friends" saying how much he looks like his dad. >> and one more amazing picture of christian visiting his father's grave site. but what an amazing story that family and has to tell. >> jon: at the california board of regents cracking down on spending at the university of california after a report the school was spending in excess amount of money on lavish dinners for the governing board. next, with more on that. >> well, john, this isn't the first controversy for the former obama appointee. first, it was the sex scandal. 19 employees at uc berkeley, including the vice chancellor,
10:56 am
and astronomy professor, diving coach, fired for violating the universities policies all under her watch. then she was throwing these lavish parties. at one came before the party voted on an increase in tuition for the students. the cost of the parties average $250 per person, including the line, in violation of the policy that they were only supposed to spend a measly $81 for dinner. >> the symptom of the fact that the regions often live up in the clouds on olympus, but they forget about all the mortals when they make their decisions. they spent over a quarter of a million dollars the last couple of years on these dinner parties. >> it doesn't look good, including a $175 slush fund.
10:57 am
>> jenna: the first briefing since president trump has returned from his trip, we will be bringing you more on that.
10:58 am
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>> jon: thanks for joining us everybody. america's news hq starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert. a new twist in the russia investigation as we await white house press secretary sean spicer to take the podium for the first time in just over two weeks. hello, everyone. i'm melissa francis. president trump's personal attorney michael cohen now a focus of congressional investigators seeking information about any contact with russian officials. we have team fox coverage. brett baier is in washington, d.c. we're going to start with catherine herridge. what is the latest? >> reporter: good afternoon. a source tells fox news that a december meeting at trump


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