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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 31, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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1917, interests. inspiration because she was working her whole life. of the family celebrated with mexican food, because that is what she wanted. >> i am bret baier. north korea wants to send a nuclear weapons across thousands of miles. a missile intercepted a missile today in a dress reharsal for a north korea attack on u.s. territory. this test was long planned, but it send a message that the u.s. is stepping up efforts to defend the u.s. homeland from north korea. live at vanden berg air force
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base in california. >> good evening. this was without doubt the most critical test yet of the u.s. missile defense system with the pentagon under huge pressure to deliver a successful strike and thus send a powerful message to north korea or any other nation that might target the united states. >> the launch of the grand base interceptor missile was spectacular and deadly serious. testing the first line of u.s. defense should north korea fire a nuclear weapons at an american city. the pentagon believe s kim jong-un will soon have. a rare and exclusive interview ahead of the test in which the u.s. launched an unarmed missile
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from the pacific ocean and aiming to take it down with the interceptor launched from california. >> it's very difficult. we are talking about intercepting in space. hundreds of miles of altitude with velocity of 1,000 miles per hour per hour. it's hitting a bullet with a bullet. >> and the difficulties have been evident in past tests, the interceptor just hitting the target half the time. this admiral said the technology improved since the last test in 2014. >> i am confident this will defend the homeland if attacked. >> fox news was given exclusive access where 32 of the u.s. total 36 interceptors are based in these silos. this is the commanding officer. >> you have a nuclear weapon
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fired heading for l.a. how many of these do you fire to take it down? >> the techniques and procedures are classified. we fire more than one. if it is headed to l.a., we want to make sure we get it. >> the soldiers here work simulated attacks every day of every week. >> when we are watching the news and seeing north korea premaypig for a test, you at a different level? >> absolutely. >> pentagon officials breathe a sigh of relief with this test. they are ready to do their part and aware when it comes to a real nuclear attack, they can't afford to fail even once.
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>> bret: thank you. more on this with the panel. president trump's communicational director is out. michael dubke had been in a turbulent time with communication. and sean spicer was pushing back hard today on the president and his team. kevin on the lawn. >> you are right for the first time of in over two weeks sean spicer the press secretary briefed reporters but left the podium abruptly after sparring with reporters over fake news. it was as sudden as it was heated. sean spicer first on-camera briefing unravelled after he was asked about the president's tweet on fake news. mr. trump said russian officials must be laughing at the united
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states and how the lame excuse as to where the democrats lost the election according to fake news. >> the president was having a great discussion. someone from the bbc re-tweeted that the president was being rude. >> some reporters said that was not a big deal. the press secretary shot back. >> the president is frustrated because there is use of unem named sources over things over and over again that are not happening. >> mike dubke resigned after just 3 months on the job. he wrote the reasons are personal but it's my great honor to serve president trump. president obama's first communication director also left the job after 3 months on the
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job. his departure confirmed the president's frustration that they have been unable to slow stories between the trump campaign and russian, none of some have been proven true >> they have been a spartan crowd at the white house. they need to beef and up and bring in talent dedicated to the president's agenda. >> like mr. trump's former campaign manager rumored to be under communication for the president's new war room. >> the president has surrounded himself with people who work together and are able to deal with the news of the day and think long-term. >> this comes as the america's first agenda is challenging status quo abroad. his tweet that we have a massive trade deficit with germany and pay less than they should on nato and military. this should change. following angela merkel's
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suggestion that europe needs to put its destiny its own hands. coming on the heels of the president's refusal to back the paris climate afford. the president interviewed a couple more candidates for the vacant fbi director and james pistol, number 2, at the fbi. he also once headed the tsa. >> bret: thank you. the latest on the russian investigations and the connection to presidential advisor and son-in-law jared kushner. what we know and what we don't know. here's the chief intelligence correspondent. >> a source spoke to jared kushner tells fox news that the meeting with the russian ambassador focussed on syria.
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as part of the transition role engaging with foreign delegation, the source said kushner wanted to do a call to furtherund their complaints. kushner said it was the russian who raised the issue of using a secure line for the call. emphasizing it was about syria and not a back channel. the white house spokesman was pressed on the issue. >> how is it appropriate for a private citizen to condoubt any signed of negotiation with a foreign official? >> i will refer you to the comments that the secretary said about how they can be important to diplomacy. >> anonymously sources told the "washington post" that kushner wanted to set up a back channel using russian facilities to make them for difficult to track.
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kushner's lawyers said he will share when what we knows from congress. unnamed officials told the paper it was unclear how the russian ambassador would benefit. the testimony of carter paige has been postponed indefinitely from a schedule date of june seventh. paige was at the center of the anti-trump dossier and continues to deny he was moscow's point of contact. >> there is no basis. i am a loyal america. i served my country in the military. >> in a letter to the house intelligence committee paige wrote delivering truthful facts matters and this necessity has grown in recent days. a source said paige's testimony was put up at the request of committee democrats. there was no comment. the associated press is forming
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mike flynn will provide records under suspect. -- subpoena. his lawyer said previouslily would not cooperate. >> bret: the timing with michael flynn. we will see is he is going to provide these documents. when jim comey testifies. a lot till we don't know on the timing on capitol hill. >> critical testimony will be the former fbi director. that could happen within a matter of weeks. it's anyone's guess. >> bret: thank you. president trump has a suggestion for the u.s. senate. get rid of the filibuster. the president is trying to push his agenda forward. mike reports it might not make much different. >> with congress on recess there are signs president trump is losing patience waiting are for accomplishments. he tweeted about changing the
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number of votes to get the health care approved. >> his frustration with the legislation and the obstruction that the democrats have employed, his cabinet nominees is well documented. >> the senate is lookinging to repeal and replace obamacare and do major tax reform through budget reconciliation through fewer votes. mitch mcconnell ruled out changing senate rules for legislation. >> there is not a single senator who thinks he should change the filibuster. >> a key house republican claims the agenda is not stalled. >> they have to find a compromise on health care to match us in the house. if that happens, we are able to use the revenue from obamacare to move our tax dollars down.
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it's happening but it's happening slowly. >> democrats are not inclined to help unless it's on their terms on issues like health care. >> i don't think that the republicans can do this themselves. i don't think they should be doing it by themselves. i think we should be working in a bipartisan way on this very, very important issue to everybody. >> with congress slow to put points on the port on major overhauls there is concern about republicans seeking reelection in 2018. vice-president mike pence will criss-cross states to help republicans who are supporting the agenda. >> if congress were seeking to do all of health care form, a complete repeal or replace it would require 60 votes.
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to pass permanent major tax cuts would also require 60 votes. so they would need to scrap the filibuster. >> bret: we are awaiting word from the white house about what president trump may do about cuba. the administration is doing a review of current policy and many believe this president will undo much of what the last president did. rich has an update. >> good evening. the trump administration is still reviewing the united states policy towards cuba. that's according to a state department official. in 2015 the obama administration restored long broken relations. the u.s. allows americans to more easily travel to cuba and conduct business there. the obama administration said they were trying to improve relalations. one says fully reversing them
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won't be easy. >> a number of the changes made over multiple rounds of the last obama administration will be difficult to reverse. from are certain aspects of what was changed that can be reversed. but i think this would be very much at the edges rather than changes that would result in job loss. >> cuban-american senators oppose form er president obama' policies. while there is bipartisan opposition to improve relations and there is bipartisan support. they argue cuba will seek partnerships with other countries if the u.s. withdraws. there are talks about using this policy review to push the regime
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in cuba to give a little ground on human rights concessions. >> bret: rich, thank you. venezuela opposition leader was hit with teargas during a protest yesterday. the former presidential candidate was gassed by soldiers. demonstrators trying to march were stopped by soldiers in riot gear and armored carc. it's the latest violence during anti-government protests in venezuela as hunger is an issue on the streets. we will follow that situation throughout that country. long-time panama leader manuel noriega died. he is a complicated relationship with his people and the u.s. doug takes a look. >> he was the central american dictator riseing to pour in 1983, 2 years after his
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predecessor was killed in a plane crash. manuel noriega didn't win panama's leadership as much as he took with an assassination ever political rivals. >> he was the most despicable human being i ever have met. >> he provided drug cartels safe harbor and selling thousands of passports to the cuban director fidel castro giving cuban spice cover. his biggest threat was to the panama canal. >> damage to one lock could shut the canal down for weeks or months or years. >> a tipping point came in 1989 when a handful of american
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troops were ambushed by noriega's soldiers. >> this was a demonstration of what this man really intends to do. it gets worse. it was time to take this military commander out. >> president, i have no higher obligation than to safeguard the lives of american citizens. >> on december 20, 1989, president bush sent 20,000 troops to invade panama. noriega sought refuge until he was brought to the united states to face trial. he served 8 years and then sent to france to face another trial. he died in the hospital yesterday still a prisoner. 23 u.s. troops lost their lives in the u.s. attack against noriega. an admiral remembers flying with
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president bush who wrote to the families of the 23 who gave their lives. >> bret: up next deadly bombings in baghdad. and the man who killed 2 people in a stabbing. he came to the of 2 women. a 3rd bystander was injured. the two women were unhurt. early voting begins for the special congressional election. they are vying for the seat vacated by tom price. election day is june 20th. a live look at miami from our fox affiliate. a police report says tiger woods was asleep at the wheel of his
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vehicle when officers spotted his car stopped on a florida road. the report says he had no alcohol in his system. he said he took prescription drugs. his arraignment is july 5th. we'll be right b
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the future isn't silver suits and houses on mars,
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it's right now. think about it. we can push buttons and make cars appear out of thin air. find love anywhere. he's cute. and buy things from, well, everywhere. how? because our phones have evolved. so isn't it time our networks did too? introducing america's largest, most reliable 4g lte combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. >> bret: dozens are dead after a brutal day of bombings in baghdad. connor reports from our middle east newsroom. >> on the second night of ramadan, as families packed baghdad streets to break their day-long fast. a camera caught the first blast
1:23 am
at a local ice cream parlor. women and children dead. moments later a second explosion outside of a government building. isis claiming responsibility for both attacks. later bombings around the iraqi capital killed 7 more people. they consider shi'ites to be infidels. this woman says isis are the infidels. >> we are all iraqis at the end of the day. >> isis ceased the northern city a few years ago but now control only a few blocks. the final battle will be no easy
1:24 am
task. insurgents are dug in. it's a maze of twisting and turning small streets. iraqi forces have to forego their heavy vehicles doing most of the fighting on foot. isis is pinned in by the river and surrounded. the second of defensed in an interview with cbs news that the united states has revised its battle plan. >> we have already shifted from attrition tactics shoving them from one position to another in iraq and syria to annihilation tactices where we surround them. our intention is the foreign fighters do not survive the fight to return home. >> iraqi commanders want to retake mosul before the third anniversary of isis's capture of the city on june 10th. while isis will likely be defeated, it's unlikely to happen in the next 12 days.
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>> bret: in the u.s. we are learning new information that would back up those people including president trump who alleged there is much more voter fraud in this country than people talk about or officials acknowledge. here's one example. >> even though the right to vote if reserved for u.s. citizens, in virginia thousands of non-citizens have been on voter rolls for year. 5 5,556 noncitizens were on the rolls and they cast ballots. the white house set up a task force to investigate president trump's claims about voter fraud like this one he tweeted.
1:26 am
why isn't the media reporting on this? serious bias. big problem. millions of ballots are cast in virginia. the group who put this report out is word they could affect the results at a local level. >> the tendency to focus on a presidential elections and state-wide elections. our report goes into details about elections at the local level that affect people's lives just as much. numerous were decided by single or double digits voting margins. >> the commissioner of virginia's department of elections emailed me to say that virginia election officials are continuing to promptly remove individuals who self-identify as non-citizens from the statewide voter registration list.
1:27 am
still even they are only outed when they tell officials they are not citizens, the govern vetoed bills to increase scrutiny on voters. saying as virginia has one of the strictest voter photo i.d. laws in the country, this would have no effect on election integrity. i reached out to the governor's office and i am still waiting to hear back. >> bret: texas state lawmakers are returning to their districts after a confrontational legislative session. >> a scuffle breaking news out between texas lawmakers on what was intended to be be an
1:28 am
uneventful end to the 2017 legislative session. one republican colleague called federal immigration on protestors who ascended on the floor to ban sanctuary cities. he phoned the feds and the witnesses say they got in each other's faces. >> he said i will put a bullet in your head. >> he said he would shoot him only in self-defense. alleging he tlehreatened him first. >> he said that never happened. >> they think they can say whatever they want. >> protestors became disruptive
1:29 am
seth off an explosive chain of events. >> the chair asks that all importance are removed from the gallery. >> police were called in to boot those interfering with official business. rinaldi called in immigration some demonstrators had signs saying they were in the country illegally. democrats say there were no such signs and ice said it was never called. the dallas area republican later conceded his behavior was to get a reaction. >> were you saying things to incite people? >> despite the debacle in austin. the governor of the state may have to call a special legislative session to address business items they didn't get to this go around. >> bret: thanks. the owner of the 3-mile island nuclear plant says the facility
1:30 am
would shutdown in 2019 without a financial rescue in pennsylvania. there was a meltdown of the one of the two reactors. management said they sustained five years of financial losses. a down day on wall street. bounty hunters in florida have been going after unusual prey. they are pythons and they are in the top of the food chain in the every grades. what is being gone about it? >> florida's python problem is so big and so bad, the state is paying a python posse to haunt
1:31 am
them and kill them. >> pythons are cool. they are huge. we get to jump on big snakes. >> john found ed this group. they get $8 an hour to go through the hot and humid everglades looking for the snakes and taking war veterans out with them. >> it's smoothing being out here in nature. nothing like it. >> we can log in many, many hours. days and days without finding a python. >> then there are days where we will find 13 in one day. >> the professional python hunters get $50 for every snake killed and each foot longer than 4, that's $25 extra. the $175,000 pilot program is more effective than the previous
1:32 am
python challenges that relied on thousands of amateurs. >> these people know where to find the snakes. they had good results. >> the largest python captureed? a 16 footer. they are ravaging florida's small mammal population. half of the pythons capture individual been females. that's an additional 2,000 pythons that won't hatch in the everglades. >> bret: the u.s. intercepts an icbm. that breaking news and the rest of the news of the day out of washington with the panel after the break.
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>> we're talking about intercepting in space hundreds of miles of alitudes at 1,000 miles per hour. it's hitting a bullet with a bullet. the system is operatal today. on watch 24/7. the flight-test intercept track record on the current field of missiles is 4 of 7 with successful intercept tests. >> bret: now it's time for 8. tes tests. the icbm launched there. you see the video put out by the pentagon. this is a big deal in context as we watch this because obviously north korea and all that we have
1:37 am
heard about what they are trying to do, this would be the defense for the u.s. homeland. the republican senator dan sullivan from alaska put out this statement. this demonstrates that our homeland missile deferents remains on track: . >> bret: senator sullivan has a piece of legislation to do. that let's bring in our panel. charles editor for the
1:38 am
washington "times." amy and charles. charles, a big deal? >> it's a big deal. it's just in time. we are reaching a point in history where we are going to be susceptible to a rogue state meaning north korea could hit the homeland with a nuclear weapon. we need a way to shoot it down. a few years ago we had no way to do it. americans didn't understand if a missiles was launched at us it would hit and kill. a partisan note here. after 35 years of democrats doing everything they could to slow down the program and to stop it where they could. this was reagan's vision. he had 2 ideas, one was to shoot down the entire russian arsenal. that's impossible. it was important to develop defenses that would shoot down 1
1:39 am
or two rockets from small unstable states. that's what we have here. what we need to do now is to mass produce these and put them up in alaska and california because north korea announced they will start to mass produce their rockets. they have shown tremendous advance in their rockets. even in the last couple of months. this is a race between offense and defense. thank god our defense appears to be working. >> i agree. it's a huge significant step. it's a relief. but, it's not finished. we have a long way to go in terms of progress. obviously we prefer deterrents. we prefer that the chinese work with us and this is a last resort. they will use multiple missiles if they are successful. they would have to have the perfect reaction time. we need to get something going
1:40 am
in addition to this with our allies to try to make sure that this doesn't happen. >> it's been a long time coming. this current threat fits perfectly. it's a good day to have this test go right. >> sure. it was a highly anticipated test. it was a high stakes campbell -- gamble and it was a total success. what charles said is crucial. over the past 30 years the political opposition to this, whether it was mocking ronald reagan for the star wars plan or ridiculing efforts since then to spend the money to build this defensive system, we should not forget that now. >> other news of the day. dust up with germany. what chancellor angela merkel said about the u.s. that europe needs to do its own thing and have its own momentum
1:41 am
going forward on a number of fronts. president trump tweeting we have a massive trade deficit with germany. plus they pay far less than they should on nato and military. very bad for u.s. this will change. there was a dust up. and sean spicer dealt with it at the briefing today. >> she said the time when europe can rely solo others is in the past. as i have witnessed. europe must take its fate into its own hands. this means working in friend help with the u.s. and the uk and russia and other partners. that's great. that's what the president called for. >> the white house said that's a good thing. >> well, yes, it's a good thing until you think it through. do we want to see a united europe led by germany? last time that happened it did not turnout well. there is a reason why every reason since truman wanted to tie europe to the united states
1:42 am
and now you have the british leaving brexit. you have a president in the united states who really wants to see either go off on its own or gave that impression. we may rue the day when the germans are not tied down by trans-atlantic bombs. the famous statement of the general of nato, nato was createed to keep the russian out and the americans in and the germans down. in the end, probably the germans will leave a united europe. wee need to cultivate whatever ties we have. it's not a day to rejoice when we weaken the trance-atlantic ties. >> i think charles is one of many who was disappointed with the president's style. they are both playing to the
1:43 am
street. she is like under a an election campaign. donald trump is unpopular. spicer was trying to undo it. which asked about the relationship between merkel and trump, he said it went so well during their visit and it was unbelievable. it sounded like a double meaning there. he was not backing up the president's tweet. he was trying to walk it back, which was interesting. >> they want europe to step up. whether you are critical about how he did it, they are seeing the benefits of how they perceive change in europe's action. >> the media was on the story
1:44 am
even before donald trump's tweet this morning. she was right. i get it was probably a step back of sorts, but it was not this searing rift between the two. it reminds me of when donald trump talked about nato being outdated. everyone thought this means he wants to undonato. that's not what he was saying. when your phone is outdated, you don't just throw it away and never get a new phone. you update it. that's what he intended. he's had some success there. >> nato being outdated might have made sense in the '90s when russia disappeared. russia is back. took a piece of georgia. buzzing our airplanes. that's why we had nato in the first place. that's why it's not obsolete.
1:45 am
we will rue the day we are the ones that cause it to break up. >> a lot of the briefing was spent on russia. questions about the russian investigation. jared kushner said he will testify. and michael flynn will put forwards documents to the senate intelligence committee. we will following that. i want to turn something that popped late this afternoon. a warning here to this image. it may be upseth. we covered it earlier in the show. this is griffin griffin. -- kathy griffin. she had a photo shoot with a beheaded donald trump. she was talking to the photographer she did it with. take a look. >> yeah.
1:46 am
[inaudible]. >> saying she could move to mexico. this is all over the internet. getting all kinds of coverage. >> i don't think if she is trying to be funny or what. she is holding up the thing like she is a terrorist. i don't understand any of the message here. but, it's disgusting. it's so much worse than anything that the left is claiming donald trump does to degrade politics. nothing degrades politics than stunts like that. >> it's pretty depraved and dark. she even gave a reason for the bloody head, something inspired by what he said about megan kelly a year ago and a half. it's so wrong and so offensive.
1:47 am
it's just completely strange. >> charles? >> political pornography from a d-list comedian trying to get attention and she succeeded. >> if you are cnn does she still do new year's eve? >> i won't be watching it. >> should senate republicans get
1:48 am
1:49 am
1:50 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> the concerns he had with the senate has been long-standing. the use of the filibuster are up to senator mcconnell. this president was elected to get things done and wants to see things move through the house
1:51 am
and the senate with a majority of support and people to stop playing games. >> there is not a single senator in the majority who thinks he ought to change the legislative filibuster. not one. >> just to follow-up on the earlier question: are you committing under your leadership you will never remove the filibuster? >> correct. >> the president disagree. donald trump tweeted today the u.s. senate should switch to 51 votes and get health care and tax cuts approved fast and easy. a perspective on timing on the calendar: days until september 30th, that's the next government funding deadline, 123. senate in session 52. house 43. both in session together, 43 days. total to get all of this done. back with the pane the key thing is health care and tax reform fall under
1:52 am
reconciliation. it would be 51 votes in the senate. however, if the senate rewrites health care and includes tort reform and crossing state lines, they would need 60 votes. if tax reform is permanent and not definite neutral, they need 60 votes as opposed to 51. will the filibuster be changed? >> i don't think so. that's not -- this is not a disagreement between the president and the senate majority leader about the filibuster. this isim not understanding what reconcilization is. it's a narrow procedure to allow partisan vote to protect them from the democrats using the filibuster. this is a republican party family fight. the democrats not stopping health care reform. >> but they are not helping either. >> they're not standing in the way. republicans are. look at all of the members
1:53 am
trying to get the debt ceiling by the end of july. they have to do with a deal with democrats. >> if on health care you lose people because you have will have a 2-phase system. you put it together and save a couple of votes that way, isn't that then possible? >> then he is fighting with the senate majority leader on break up the viability. -- filibuster. i think the best route is for him to get involved and pass these things to reconcilation which was the plan all along. >> mitch mcconnell, his answer: this will be ever be done? he said no. he is a man of his tenet. he reserious the institution.
1:54 am
-- reveres the institution. it took a lot to abolish the filibuster for the supreme court. i think he is right. i agree this is right now. the reason why we don't have health care yet and why yeah don't have tax reform yet is the fact that republicans can't get together and agree. they were able to get together in the house by squeezing and pushing and suspending belief. now in the senate, i don't see how you will even get 51 given the moderates and the more conservative elements can't agree. it isn't the fall of the democrats. the -- the fault of the democrats. one day the democrats will be in control. mitch mcconnell knows that. look at what happened in 1965 and '66 when the democrats had the super majorities. they changed america.
1:55 am
we could spent 50 years trying to undo the work of that one congress and not succeed. filibuster is something conservatives want to keep. >> just talking to big donors who are frustrated about things not getting done, they say if you have a republican house or republican senate and republican white house and you can't get it done, then when will you get it done? the money will try up for republicans if they don't start moving something. is this white house just trying to change the dynamic to get the wheels turning? >> i think it's not just donors. it's regular voters. a lot of the voters who are trump supporters. the difference is trump is winning the argument with a lot of them. they are doubling down their blame on republicans which i don't think is entirely unfair. the effort by trump. he is not a conservative. he is a populist.
1:56 am
the idea he is recommending to the senate that they need to get rid of the filibuster is a populist thing. you have republicans mitch mcconnell saying we don't agree and we will go our own way >> when we come back a memorial day moment ..y moment
1:57 am
1:58 am
>> bret: finally, tonight, memorial day is a time for the country to remember those who died serving this country. it is also known for travel headaches, the frequent u.s. army mechanic he didn't tells and was stuck in a dallas airport, trying to fly standby to get home. things did not look good until passenger josh rainey came to the rescue. >> i called my wife, which i would do in a situation like that. i asked for her advice. we agreed that it was the right thing to do to go back and buy the ticket. >> for him to do that not even knowing who i am, i am so appreciative. there is really nothing i can do at that point to repay the favor. i don't think he was looking for anything like that. i just felt really appreciate have. i gave him a hug. i e >> it is wednesday, may 31st was military might on display. the trump administration sending
1:59 am
astern message to north korea. if you fire a missile we can block it. and the u.s. navy bolstered its see presence in front of kim jung un. we are live. rob: a plane packed with passengers forced to land after a fire breaks out on board. and passengers scramble to safety after a 3 hour standoff with police. >> the images are too disturbing. it offends people. it wasn't funny. i get it. heather: a desperate attempt at an apology from kathy griffin after a terrific assassination stunt leaves americans in disgust. the fallout from a furious nation. "fox and friends" first starts now. ♪ ♪ say geronimo ♪ say geronimo
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♪ say geronimo ♪ say geronimo ♪ say geronimo ♪ rob: i don't know this song. heather: it is a great song to wake up to. rob: you are watching "fox and friends" first. heather: we start with the white house standing firm defending jared kushner over alleged back handling with russia. rob: michael flynn has agreed to turn over subpoena documents to the senate. heather: live in washington dc with details on the investigation, you know that song. >> reporter: the white house continues to aggressively defend the president's son-in-law, returning to the podium to push back