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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  June 3, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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bring 'em on. dawn ultra has 3 times more grease-cleaning power. a drop of dawn and grease is gone. >> breaking tonight, a search for answers in london after multiple terror attacks in two separate locations kill at least six people only more than 30 injured. good evening, i am trace gallagher in los angeles. we have been following developments in the u.k. for the past seven hours since somebody drove a speeding white van into a crowd of pedestrians on the london bridge, mowing down several people. anywhere from 7 - 20. around the same time at least three men armed with large knives got out of the van. they open the back doors and went to nearby burroughs market
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and began stabbing innocent bystanders. as we have been reporting, the police say six people were killed in the attacks. at least 30 had been injured. the severity of their injuries we do not know. we do not know where they're from. three suspects were shot dead by police. they believe all three attackers were shot dead. they don't know who else is still on the loose, if anyone. the investigation is only just beginning. the british prime minister, theresa may is following developments and meeting with officials at ten downing street. at home president trump put in a call to may in the past hour and pledged his support and the support of the united states. in the wake of the attacks, the president said we will pray for them and stand by them. homeland security secretary john kelly saying reading in part, at
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this time we have no information to indicate a specific terror threat in the united states. keep in mind, this is the second terror attack in the u.k. in the two weeks. it is the third in the past three months. the london mayor has issued a statement calling this a deliberate and cowardly attack on innocent londoners. robin is a counterterrorism agent at. it's good to see again. i keep going over comments, the confidence of the people in the u.k., three attack and three months, two in two weeks, has got to be low. >> i think especially since britain intelligence services are generally considered to be world-class. the u.k. puts a lot of money into counterterrorism, into its intelligence work. mi five, six, and the signals
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intelligence agency work together closely. they work together with the police. the u.k. has generally been able to protect itself from terrorists. we are now seeing a worrying, three attacks in three months. that has to have some effect of the confidence on the british people. >> nobody say they're not good because they been effective for long time. i was over there when they foiled the transatlantic airline bombings in 2007. it's indicative of the fact that they know what they're doing. they have good intel. but hoekstra was saying that they are outnumbered. they have too many people now to watch. we know that when these attacks happen the people, the suspects were on their radar but yet they did not have enough to go after them. >> that is right.
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surround 3000 terror suspects that the security services are eminently concerned about, then about another 20000 out there that the u.k. thinks are potential terrorist threats but haven't been able to prioritize. about 30 people needed to track one terrorists. you're looking at manpower of almost 700,000 agents. the u.k. doesn't have the capacity to do it. it has to prioritize who the main threats are. occasionally it will get it wrong. >> tomorrow morning you have theresa may who will meet with her cabinet and officials, there's got to be some consternation in the room. what is the conversation? what is the plan and the target? >> there can have to figure out if this is a three-man operation or larger network. other other cells involved? are there other copycat attacks or other attacks being planned for days after.
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just as ramadan and isis has regularly call for attacks in this area. there'll be a lot of work being done to figure out who these people were. maybe the police already know. who are there associates? are there going to be for their arrest me? i my guess is that there will be further arrested in the coming days. the police will need to get control of this. they're still dealing with fallout from the manchester terror attack. this is an overworked, overburden, and overstretched service and police force. >> you mention the manchester attack. we are up late in reading this, looking for answers and they're talking about how because of the suicide bomb it appeared to be a well-planned, well correlated attack. this one seems to be as rudimentary as it gets. a van and three knives with phony bombs. what you think of that? >> that's right.
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doesn't this just give you the perfect example of what a difficult problem the west faces now. the terrorists have so many options. they can try to do these suicide vests and try to get firearms. if they can't get those things and they can buy a knife or hire a van. they can create carnage. they can kill people, they can injure dozens as is been the case in this attack. what worries me is they are increasingly aware of the options they have to carry out the attacks. governments are increasingly incapable of being able to stop them. it's why we have a hugely concerning security situation in europe. >> robin, a good analysis, thank you. i want to bring in a former member of the fbi joint
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terrorism task force, steve rogers. picking up on what we're talking about, to me it is interesting where you have one attack that has a well put together bomb, suicide best, the manchester bomber kills almost two dozen people. now this attack has knives in a van and you wonder if there's any kind of link between the two attacks. >> that is something that please will figure out. it seems to me this was a target of opportunity. no doubt they were traveling in the van to commit a terrorist act. they found targets right on that bridge. that is why they attacked the bridge so call a target of opportunity. it doesn't mean they might not be connected to his cell. it doesn't mean there might not be a greater network there. there are many unanswered questions that the police will try to find out. you can be sure they will be looking at the van, where did it
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come from where did the knives come from, and the individuals who are killed, did they know the bomber and the suspects they arrested a couple of weeks ago? >> you go to the point and you say, they don't really need elaborate bombs. they can freak people out with the car. and with a couple of knives. we no longer need elaborate bomb makers. we need help, money, funding. isis is saying grab your car whatever you can go hurt somebody and kill someone. will claim responsibility and scare everybody to death. >> that leads to a big problem, how do you prevent something like this? it's near impossible but some of the carnage could be prevented through important intelligence that needs to be collected. we don't have enough information now to know why this target who the people were.
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in the next 48 - 72 hours no doubt that isis will come out and say this is one of their attacks. not that they gave the order to attack, but they are inspiring people to do these things. >> are we giving isis too much credit? two days ago we had the attack in manila and killed a couple of dozen people because of a fire. government sources as this was not terror it was in a job who felt like he was wrong by the casino started lighting fires. minutes after it happened isis claimed responsibility. i would giving them too much credit for these attacks quest mark. >> we could in some cases. the reason i believe it may be them is because this falls into their pattern with regard to radicalized people and encouraging them to commit these acts. we should be careful as to who we believe is responsible before the police get the facts.
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>> they did the numbers game now and they said we don't have enough, were outnumbered. to have these people covered unit 700,000 agents. well, there has to be a better sister. theresa may will meet with her people tomorrow morning and will want answers. >> they're going to have to look at their immigration policies and revamp then. we are at war. the western nations have to understand this is a war. this is not criminal acts. i'm very concerned about the concert is going on and being planned too soon .
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with the police manpower being stretched, with overwhelming work that have come it's all right to have a concert, but not right now. it's too soon. the prime minister needs to step in and say we need to wait a while. the police cannot be stretched. >> just to get people contacts, two weeks ago the ariana grande a concert that killed 22, she was at the hospital today, she visited a lot of the people injured. tomorrow is the benefit concert. and the benefit concert was supposed to be a weekend of healing after the terror attack. maybe it is too soon but there's been no indication that coldplay, justin bieber, miley cyrus, ariana grande a, no indication that this concert is being delayed or even considered delay. it looks like it is ago. >> i'm concerned. their heart is in the right direction and we don't want any terrorists to think that they put so much for your into us that we change our way of life but we have to use wisdom and be prudent. can you believe the police
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manpower that is engaged now. we can't distract them from their primary goal of going after the terrorist. >> we say again and again to let the terrorists win. you can't stop your everyday life. you have to go to the football game in times square in the concerts. otherwise, you risk letting the terrorists get what they wanted. >> what we don't want to do is give them another soft target. continue up to live day by day but use wisdom. timing is everything. these police officers out there, as you said earlier, they're going to be more rest. more people brought it to were going to find out that maybe fewer people were involved. could him before you set up a situation where they can get us again. >> steve rogers, thank you. >> you been watching us through the night and periodically we have dipped into our sister network, sky news in the u.k. they have done spectacular work on this as they cover breaking news in their own country.
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i want to dip into get the latest on what they're covering. watch this. >> will have other forms of identification, bank cards and things like that. they will of course have taken the fingerprints and electronically dispatch them back into the system to check them against criminal and terrorist databases so they will know by now who they are. there is an investigation understandably underway. it's trying to determine although they think they have the three attackers that carried out the attack, no other and individuals involved in the attack itself it does not mean what we have seen from other terrorist attacks in the past that others have been arrested and sometimes charged in connection with assisting those to carry out the attacks. so we'll see raids on numerous
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locations. these will be properties linked to the attackers. the homes of family members and friends and associates who know these individuals as well. it may be that the police find out there are other individuals out there who had knowledge of this attack. another question they'll be trying to answer quickly is whether people helps plan this attack on whether there might be other individuals who might be planning similar attacks. if you remember after the attack on the bridge at westminster when the police tried to determine exactly who carried out that attack and whether that attacker was acting alone. they have subsequently established they don't feel there is another attacker involved in the westminster tech
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or in the planning or having knowledge of that attack. it may be a different case in regards to this. clearly an element of planning here. three individuals were involved. it wasn't just alone attacker. that may have meant that others had knowledge of that. even though three people are plotting together to carry out an attack, it's not the kind of attack like the manchester arena where an individual has gone out and has ingredients and was learned how to make that device may be online or instruction from others. these clues give the security and play something to pick up on. when you have the attacks that unfolded here last night there's sophistication is still very deadly in nature. below and sophistication. often not a lot of planning
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required. you just need a knife and vehicle to carry out that attack and the determination to do it. that is quite difficult for the police to pick up on. >> thank you. joining me is mark. you've seen this whole thing unfold throughout the night as you come back from the campaign trail. clearly the reaction in this election week is going to be very important. >> we had converse confirmation of the attack we had corbin, and others come out and condemn it. in the statement saying it was deliberate acts of cowardice. i think the prime minister checking in tomorrow morning with the home secretary we haven't had official word yet but i can imagine the
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campaigning will continue in its current form. we never had an election called off and there's no suggestion this is a possibility but campaigning in the crucial last week when they pull out all of the stops i cannot imagine though be able to restart properly. for example what we're expected today is the prime minister to be campaigning in south london. and then in the northeast. all that will have to be called off while we get to the bottom of this incident and how it transpired. upon be wednesday before they get back to anything with the campaigns. it's very unusual. >> it would be very difficult into the extent people might find it distasteful to just back off the full campaign bandwagon.
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>> i think you have to put it in print to perspective. to think that some of that with the campaign is not something necessarily the have an appetite for this stage of the game. >> it is not the prime minister's particular judgment and obviously she response to what she is told by the intelligence services, but before that it was bumped up to critical which means a threat was eminent and then was taken down again and now we've had another attack. we presume we can expect something strong coming out of this cobra meeting. >> i think so. certainly i think there'll be
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more questions about how of the three attacks in london in the past three months, how we can go about trying to prevent these attacks is there something the government can do. how can we stop these attacks from happening. >> you say unprecedented on election day,. >> that is our sister network sky news covering the text throughout the night in the u.k. our hats are off to them. they have done a lot of work over there. more with breaking news including new information out of washington on the methods and the consistency with isis attacks that we've seen in the past. breaking news coverage on the attacks in london continues and moments.
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the future isn't silver suits anit's right now.s, think about it. we can push buttons and make cars appear out of thin air. find love anywhere. he's cute. and buy things from, well, everywhere. how? because our phones have evolved. so isn't it time our networks did too? introducing america's largest, most reliable 4g lte combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. >> breaking tonight, to terror attacks in the heart of london leaving nine people dead, including three attackers and six civilians. at least 30 people were injured. the investigation is ongoing. let's go live to garrett in the d.c. newsrooms.
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>> at this point we know it's early on in the investigation. the last few years we become too familiar with the process. in the immediate aftermath the biggest concern for law-enforcement was wasn't just one part of a larger attack and are they part of a larger cell. while they work on identifying the three attackers, investigators will start to go through any electronic devices looking at phone calls, text messages, e-mails and social media to see who they been communicating with, who have helped them and what they been saying. within hours police were classifying them as terrorist incidents. the weapons used in both attacks are the hallmarks of isis. over the last year isis has repeatedly encouraged its followers to carry out attacks using vehicles and knives. and propaganda magazines they publish details instructions on
9:25 pm
how to kill as many people as possible with each method. those instructions always suck carried out a year ago in france, while isis has not claimed responsibility for these attacks, it was only hours before that they call for muslims to kill christians. that call was circled on semi official isis challenge channel. it featured a poster written in english and arabic with pictures of a gun, a knife, and a large truck along with this. kill the civilians of the crusaders, run over them by vehicles, gain the benefit of ramadan. for jihad he terrorists, ramadan is considered the month of islamic conquests. that's why u.s. government official tells us they been expecting to see a spike in violence during ramadan particularly in europe where the
9:26 pm
threats are among the worst they've seen in a decade. at home, the apartment of homeland security has no information to indicate a specific threat. last week when i spoke with john kelly, he told me, we are still under constant threat of a terrorist attack. apart from aviation the biggest he's concerned about his lone wolf attacks from individuals who have become radicalized. >> look at a landoll, san bernardino, we know the third is constant and real. thank you. you mention being in the middle of ramadan. it's a good point. look at that and the fact that the benefit concert for the manchester victims is tomorrow, you have an election coming up in five days in the u.k. the timing is extraordinarily important to somehow put into the equation.
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coming up next, a former counterterrorism adviser from the bush ministration is standing by to weigh in. our breaking news coverage on the multiple terror attack continues on fox news channel. radio: scorching heat today folks, stay cool out there!
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when you bundle home and auto insurance with progressive, you get more than a big discount. that's what you get for bundling home and auto! jamie! you get sneaky-good coverage. thanks. we're gonna live forever! >> continuing coverage.after tws are dead and more than 30 injured. this began more than seven hours ago on the london bridge when the speeding white van mowed down several pedestrians. then, three attackers carrying knives got out of the van and went over to a neighboring borough market on the south side of the london bridge. they began stabbing innocent bystanders. not far from the bridge, maybe 50 yards from where the white
9:32 pm
van was please tell us three suspects have been shot and killed, as you can imagine this will be a long a far-reaching investigation that could end up with more rest. in the manchester investigation they had 17 arrests. joining me now is former counterterrorism adviser to vice president dick cheney. we have listened to police all night talk about how this went down, the van runs over people in the attackers get out with knives. you know in about two hours or so the prime minister, teresa may will meet with her cobra group. they're going to want some answers and there are not many answers right now to get. >> it is interesting that tresa may end mi five organization give a warning just to the wake of the manchester attack that more attacks were eminent.
9:33 pm
i be curious to see if the cells were related. right now the police and an eye five are going through pocket litter. fortunately the suspects did not blow themselves up so they can see what is on the attackers, where they came from, where they lived if they had cell phones on them, with a talk to and begin trying to take down the rest of that network as fast as possible. that's what's going on tactically on the ground. if we think back it's worth bringing up edward snowden who exposed to the world the different types of software programs and abs another mechanisms that the nsa and the british counterpart cannot penetrate. now terrorist groups are able to communicate. it would not surprise me if we were able to penetrate those. >> is a fair point, if you go
9:34 pm
back, they knew after the manchester attack that something else was coming. you raise the terror level to critical. the first time in a decade they have done that. and then you lower it a few days later. do you think the threat it was over was the reasoning behind that? >> you saw series of takedowns in the wake of manchester. they may have thought they got most of those cells and missed one, but you have to go to the broader issue of, we cannot shut down western society. that's plane into the terrorist groups. the other point that i'm looking closely at is whether these attackers were homegrown, radicalized or if they infiltrated in from the sanctuaries in syria, iraq or other places. this is why we cannot let the sanctuaries fester like we did over the past eight years in syria in particular. we have to be careful.
9:35 pm
right now washington is going through its review of our strategy towards us afghanistan. were seen some of these fighters flow back to western pakistan we have to keep her foot on the gas militarily and on their -- militarily so we cannot let them go back to chaos and have other sanctuaries for which they can launch attacks. >> has been an ongoing battle for that very point. listen to the london police and in one sentence he says we believe all attackers involved in this we got all three of them. later on he says we want anyone with videotape on the london bridge during the time of the attack we like to see the videotape. they think they have all of the attackers. what are they looking for? >> with any additional evidence
9:36 pm
they can roll back the clock. they're going to look at the moments of the attack and start rewinding things to look at what routes were used. maybe if someone saw them get in the vans are any evidence that police are the intelligence services can start pulling those threads so to speak. they want to take down as much of the network as possible. their support networks, people who support them get the vehicles. where did they stay, who are relatives they may have spoken with. if they spoke with anyone overseas, they will pull all of those threads. any evidence will help with that. >> who is the driver? who put together phony suicide
9:37 pm
vest with the canisters in there. doesn't it lead you to think that the authorities were saying this was well organized and thought out because of that bomb. this one was just canisters, knives, and a van. >> yes and it could've been one was well organize and plan, plotted from abroad. i don't know if we've actually taken out the bomb maker which is a critical asset because they're highly trained and prized individuals. this could have been a copycat attack of homegrown radicals there were trying to get attention anywhere radicalized online by isis. they might be related, they might not. that's something that police are running down. >> tomorrow morning to they raise the terror level in britain again? >> i think they should.
9:38 pm
until they get to how broad this network is or if it was just these three individuals. i want to make the point that we'll find ourselves in attack, after attack until we have a broader strategy to undermine the ideology of islamic's extremism. having trump's visit to the middle east to get after the problem ideologically, until we take the long-term strategy very seriously and aggressively, i think we'll find ourselves facing these attacks for the foreseeable future. >> will hear that echoed more the coming day. up next will talk with the fox analyst. he is a fascinating man with fascinating insights. as breaking news coverage of the
9:39 pm
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>> continuing to follow breaking developments out of london for the past viewers after two terror attacks leave six dead, more than 30 injured in three suspects have been killed by police. i'm joined on the phone with an analyst. three attacks in three months. what to make of that? >> basically what we know so far is all of these attacks come from ag had a pool. the previous ones have been recognized by isis and other jihadist, this will not yet.
9:44 pm
we don't know, what the u.k. government window is if these individuals belong to a network, to a cell. the history of the self have a travel. this is something they're investigating and probably in the next few days we will know more. >> why two days ago and the attacks in manila would isis take responsibility for that? so far according to those who follow the terror website there's been no claim of responsibility in the past three hours. >> remember over the past many in the also in california isis would wait longer, not the next few hours. they would wait a day, maybe two days because they need to do an assessment. it is most likely this attack will be claimed by isis even though if the individuals performed were not members of
9:45 pm
that core group in iraq or libya. >> the attack was fairly rudimentary. with the van and the knives. to find a pattern in the fact that you have the bridge in march, the manchester arena few weeks ago and now this highly popular tourist destination, do find any symmetry in there at all? >> the general strategy of isis, if members can pull a bombing of nightclubs or machining then they will go with it. if they're just individuals or in a situation where they cannot have weapons or transfer weapons than they will do these things kind knives, cars. the general guidelines of isis is to use whatever you can to
9:46 pm
perform. now what they have discovered over the past few taxes that cars and knives and tools like these are more efficient cities like london where you have high security situation. >> and the psychological part of that plays into that. always good insight. thank you for joining us. >> up next, former intelligencep officer michael joins me live. he has a fascinating take on this, you need to hear coming up. chy eyes. i used artificial tears from the moment i woke up... the moment i went to bed. so i finally decided to show my eyes some love,... ...some eyelove. eyelove means having a chat with your eye doctor about your dry eyes because if you're using artificial tears often and still have symptoms, it could be chronic dry eye. it's all about eyelove, my friends.
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>> news coverage continues.majot least six people dead, at least 30 injured, three suspects killed in the attacks. the investigation into how it happened even though they believe the attackers were all killed, the investigation is just beginning. joining me now at the hudson institute, michael, we spoke after the manchester tax a few weeks ago and he said the threat level was still very high. is this in the vicinity of what you are thinking? >> thank you for having me on.
9:51 pm
the intelligence services in england are still looking at the manchester attack. and now the law enforcement until are overburdened and overtaxed in the situation. they will have to catch up. they made the 17 the rest of the manchester bombing this morning. now they are working on this attack. there's some indicators in this attack that may lead to something else. >> i'm curious when tresa made meets with her security people if they raise the level backup to critical. what is a solver do? clearly did not do much in this case is a just raising awareness and getting people on their toes? what are they trying to achieve? >> the roots were actually on their toes, if you look at the attack, isis tells would be followers to use a vehicle and
9:52 pm
kill people, get out of the vehicle and stop start stabbing or shooting people. in this case some of the attackers were fake suicide vest. i believe there trying to take over restaurant or bar and hold up, kill as many as they can on the be killed by police after they pledge allegiance to isis. but the brits fought back. they threw stuff at one of these attackers and they thwarted the attack. in these on skilled fighters they are encounter resistance they run away. that was a good thing that happened. >> we still have not gotten the breakdown of what the death count was of those on the london bridge number of markets. but yes indeed, soon as these people came with knives they're throwing bottles and chairs and going after him.
9:53 pm
the question remains, what's next. it's a psychological thing for isis or whoever is behind this. >> you are vulnerable everywhere. there's been attacks in baghdad, and they concertedly attack in the west. there's complicated attacks in this case says simple as renting a vehicle and putting on fake vests and causing panic. people need to pay attention. they have to start looking at where the exits, one of the weapons i can use. you have to think that way. you can't overreact but if you're close to an attacker you have to fight. if you don't fight you will likely die. >> i guess the theme is that the
9:54 pm
intelligence has to be better. we have to stop these things before they get on the london bridge are in the manchester arena, correct? >> will probably learn these individuals were being tracked but the interesting thing you have three like-minded individuals that do not have sophisticated training agree that tonight there are going to kill and be killed weather in the name of fighting for isis or another group. this leads me to believe that there's a leader who told them to do this so the former intelligence office ib trying to determine who the leader was. if they're all peers and there's a leader outside of that group. this is early. we don't know how many are involved or if it's part of a larger operation.
9:55 pm
he worried about the timing. two attacks in two weeks is concerning. does it concern you? >> it can happen anywhere. terrorism needs 247 news coverage to have success. anytime the attacks happen the media has to cover them. in covering them people provide information and they thrive on this. they wait for that wall. manchester security is heightened so they move it somewhere else. these attacks will happen even if it's not ramadan they will happen. >> good insight. thank you breaking news coverage continues in a moment. stay with us on fox news
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10:00 pm
knives from a nearby market. they began stabbing as many people as possible. people fought back and police showed up and shot them. six civilians dead, the attackers are dead and at least 30 are wounded. rosa day healing for the benefit concert and the election is on thursday. >> this is a fox news alert. terror striking in the heart of london. >> six civilians are dead, dozens other century. one police officer was stabbed. his injuries were serious but not life-threatening. three attackers were shot and killed shortly after the attack. >> eight began when a van carrying three suspects plowed into a group of pedestrians on the london bridge that was around 10:00 p.m. local time. you can see images from the scene. earlier images


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