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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  June 4, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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we will keep people updated on what is happening in london. thousands have lined up and queued up for that manchester benefit concert. as you guys were talking about, boldly saying they will go on with their life. teresa mae has urged them to do this. our. >> details from london as we get there. we'll see you tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. eastern on america's newsroom. our coverage continues right now here on fox. >> the massive manhunt underway for those connected to the united kingdom's latest terror attacks. twelve people arrested so far in the hunt continues. it said that coverage from the ground in london that catherine herridge. >> will piece together the time and about what we know about the three attackers who mow down to the austrians on london bridge before jumping out of their van and finally stabbed innocent victims. >> me while in the north of england, thousands of people gathering for a concert in defiance. thirteen days after a suicide bomber to the live of over 20 people. every anagram date the american
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pop star is headlining that concert today. connect america's news headquarters from washington begins now. nice to be with you at home. i'm leland i'm elizabeth prann. partly sunny which normally airs at this hour can be seen tonight at 10:00 p.m. and again at 2:00 a.m. eastern. the police in london say they are making significant progress in tracking down the identities of three attackers who killed at least seven people and injured dozens more. david lee muller is live in london with the very latest. reporter: elizabeth, londoners are being told they should remain calm but vigilant and
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this in the wake of the terror attacks that killed at least seven people, wounded as many as 48, 21 we are told quickly. the attackers plowed a van, white man into pedestrians on london bridge and then attempted to stab anyone nearby. all three attackers were killed in a hail of bullets. please fired as many as 50 rounds fearful that the suicide belt, now determined to has been safe but could have been the real thing. indeed, i am not surprised that one face with what they must have feared was suicide bombers that the officers fired an impressive number of rounds to the complete confidence that you neutralized the threat that was been imposed. i am humbled by the bravery of the officers was rushed toward potential suicide bombers thinking only of protecting others five authorities tried to identify the computers they keep evidence in the police that the white van was used to create the carnage. it was rented according to authorities by one of the
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attackers. authorities not commenting on what, if any, evidence that van might contain insight. the question now on the minds of so many here in london and throughout the uk and beyond, did the attacker receive any help. today in a series of raids in east london, 12 people were arrested in connection with this ongoing investigation. adding to the tension here, lupus, later this week on thursday the uk voters will go to the polls for a national election. elizabeth six david, thank you so much. five catherine herridge, great to have you. give us a sense. what do we know? connect no group right now is claiming responsibility but within minutes of the attack the senior isis affiliated social media account pushed out propaganda on using vehicles as weapons, threatening even more violence. it's not clear from our reporting whether it was opportunistic or the terror
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group played a role. british security forces say early indications suggest the attack may have been put together as short notice. us and uk intelligence are focused on the suspects and whether they act alone or added a terror network behind them. in addition, were increasingly confident that this attack was conducted by three individuals, clearly, we need to establish whether associates or were involved in the planning. elizabeth: there flagging a message posted just before the attack in pro- isis telegram calling for lone wolf plots during the month of ramadan but again no evidence, yet, showing they are connected. a lot of that will be known to the forensic review of the suspects electronics. on "fox news sunday", this morning, republican on the senate intelligence committee gets regular classified briefings broke down the fat into two groups. isis that purchase low-tech attacks and al qaeda the remains focused on commercial jets. >> i do think again that you
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have some groups that are looking at a big play like taking down an airliner, you have others who lead very little support, very little telling and can do incredible damage which is actually, in many ways, almost more of a terrorism because you go anywhere, do anything, you wonder what could happen at any moment. >> questions are being raised about a possible intelligence failure after the british government recently lowered the threat level in the country. leland: a couple things, kevin. what we know about the state suicide vest? >> i spoke with the analyst made two valid points about the best. number one is that from a distance and in a chaotic situation the civilian who were at the site would see them as a real and make them intimidated
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and not trying take on the attackers. for the police came in with weapons from a distance, it looks like the real thing, and they would shoot to kill. this was seen by my contact is more evident that the three suspects intentionally sought to be martyred in this case. leland: fascinating. the big issue in light of the manchester was the intelligence sharing between the uk and us. the brits were upset about the leaks on the side of the pond on their most sacred intelligence. are they still worried? are they sharing as much united states respect for that matter, are your more so scared to talk. >> i would say that the british had been much more on close hold with the information in light of what happened in manchester because the release of the suspects name really disrupted the effectiveness of the british investigation. once the name is out there, everyone's running the individual, and the network really can go to ground. it is important to know that we are almost 24 is after the attack and the british know these guys are. okay? for sure. the reason we don't know is because they're being very close hold on the information. leland: so far, there than all the rest.
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we saw this dragnet roundup if you will. people were released and they were charged and that's probably what happening here? >> what i would tell you in terms of my experience is that just because someone picked up and released doesn't mean that they're in the clear. in fact, it's a tried-and-true strategy to pick people up to do a scrub of their electronics to capture everything on their phone in the computers or ipads and then you let them go and see if they go to next. it's really a cat and mouse situation. leland: it goes back to your point here on how it is important to keep the names secret. >> it was devastating when it name linked five these names have. kevin, thank you. come back as you learn more. elizabeth. elizabeth: the white house is keeping a development we've heard from president on twitter. hi kristin.
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>> the president is continuing to receive updates from his national security council. he's offering the british prime minister the full support of the us government and he's continuing to push two things were absolutely central to his campaign. now, his presidency. extreme extreme betting and ending the political quickness. we must stop being politically correct and get down to the business of security for our people. if we don't get smart, it will only get worse. that's similar to what british prime minister teresa mate said earlier today when she spoke out that it's time if not past time to have some difficult conversations. mike huckabee drove at home in an interview earlier today on fox. >> when teresa may made the comment that we needed to have some embarrassing conversations with that they had open borders for so long and now they act their socks that people have come into the open doors and windows and are killing them. if you keep getting hurt by
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mosquito bites at some point you decide to start killing mosquitoes. >> the president is hoping to keep the wrong people from coming in the open doors and windows. this is betting. it's been blocked repeatedly in court but the trump administration has dropped up the court high court to reinstate the democrats including national susan rice hit the sunday shows that they believe a ten travel ban will not make the us safer. >> there's a very real risk that by stigmatizing and isolating muslims from particular countries and muslims in general that we alienate the very communities here in the united states whose cooperation we most need to detect and prevent these homegrown extremists from being able to carry out attacks. elizabeth: president clearly disagrees.
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he believes that the travel ban is needed now more than ever and that what is happened in london only proves that. liz. elizabeth: , thank you so much. five live pictures now from london where it is almost fun down there for four hours or so, a little less, then her this attack started. you're looking at the van in question and you can see forensic teams going through that band. they are now waiting to take it away from what will obviously be exhaustive analysis, according to the police, the van was recently rented by one of the attackers. little more analysis while watching london bring in robert driscoll, former deputy assistant attorney general. good to see if want to bring a petite from president that went out a couple of hours ago. we must stop being politically correct and get down to the business of security for our people if we don't get smart, it will only get worse.
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it brings up an important big picture questions. what more can be done under the headline of getting smart while still being for lack of a better question, constitutional? >> there's lots that can be done. certainly, there's lots to be done for existing laws and you lost can be passed. as long as they don't violate the constitution. leland: what new laws do we want to spark. >> ice expect what they want is the cyber area where they could use some better amendments to have better ability to go after terrorists. then you running up against privacy -- how many do you pick up on civilians. i suspect this gets into issues of religious and ethnic profiling and whether or not how far the government can go in terms of using those criteria as factors in terms of picking up they want to avail. leland: the british obviously
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were going to pick up a number of those devices that not only belong to the suspect but they must have left inside the van and inside their apartment but also their friends pull all those guys into the dragnet, scrub devices and send them back out into the real world. it's times like this, first 24 hours, does the us law agencies have the same rights as mark or can the british go farther than we can. >> i understand they can go a little farther. they don't have the same constitutions protections that we have. it's good that were americans that have those protections. they protect everybody. sometimes it is easy to get envious when there's an international incident and you see, boy, jordan can get after these fellows but you have to be careful about doing that. i think, but it always whenever there's an incident encourages people to look at how far the constitution does allow us to go, whether were going against the constitution or whether or not our existing laws to be amended in some way. leland: can as we learn with and it's a civilians there are things within the gray area of
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the laws that are simply kept secret. you brought up the issue of racial profiling and it became a religious profiling which became a big factor in present times travel ban. he tweeted out this last night. we need to be smart, vigilant and tough. we need the court to give us back our rights, we need the travel ban as an extra level of safety. that travel ban, as we talked what you say, goes before the supreme court. does these additional attacks change the dynamic of the argument? >> it shouldn't actually because it's no indication that the six countries involved were involved. but the whole situation, the atmosphere can affect courts rulings and things like that. i would look at this and see the london bombing -- if there are actions taken in response to this you go back to the arguments to the lower court. have the trumps ill-advised campaign statements about muslims and about islam now
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tainted everything he's going to do for all time with respect to terrorist actions for the next action will be invalid because of what he said? leland: though campaign statements tie his hands as the executive, no matter what. >> if one follows the logic that the courts are to follow which is being appealed to this report that this type of situation might force the court to look and say, wow, what would be saying if we adopt the laws of the lower court. even new measures taken by the newer government would possibly be at risk. leland: as he went up yesterday, very astutely, the issue that even those against the van and headband that this travel ban have been enacted by another president and he didn't make this comment he would have a leg to stand on. >> exactly. leland: thanks for your insight. liz was coming up. elizabeth: heavy security in manchester where the victors of
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elizabeth: theresa may spoke to
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the world about the attack. the third deadly assault in the united kingdom since march. prime minister mae says terrorism breeds terrorism and now is the time for the west to make major changes on the war on terror. here she is laying out her plan going forward. >> we cannot and must not pretend that things can continue as they are. things need to change and they need to change in the four important ways. first, while the recent attacks are not connected by common networks, they are connected in one important sense. they are bound together by the single, evil ideology of islamist extremism that preaches hatred, close division, and promotes secretary. it is an ideology that claims our western values of freedom, democracy and human rights are incompatible with the religion of islam. it is an ideology that is up
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version of islam and a perversion of the truth. defeating this ideology is one of the great challenges of our time. it cannot be defeated through military intervention alone. it will not be defeated through the maintenance of a permanent, defensive, counterterrorism operation. however skillful if leaders and practitioners. it will only be defeated when we turn people's minds away from this violence and make them understand that our values, british values, are superior to anything offered by the preachers and supporters of hate. second, we cannot allow this ideology of the state space it needs to breathe. yet, that is precisely what the internet and the big companies that provide internet -based services provide. we need to work with allies,
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democratic governments, to reach international agreements that regulate cyberspace, to prevent the spread of extremism and terrorism planning and we need to do everything we can at home to reduce the risks of extremism online. third, while we need to deprive the extremists of their safe spaces online, we must not forget about the safe spaces that continue to exist in the real world. yes, that means taking military action to destroy isis in iraq and syria but it also means taking action here at home. while we have made significant progress in recent years, there is to be frank, far too much tolerance of extremism in our country. so, we need to be, far more robust in identifying it and stepping it out across the public sector and across society. that will require some difficult and often embarrassing conversation but the whole of
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our country needs to come together to take on this extremism and we need to live our lives, not in a series of separated segregated communities, but as one of truly united kingdom. fourth, we have a robust counterterrorism strategy that has proved successful over many years but as the nature of the threats we face become more complex, more fragmented, more hidden, especially on the strategy needs to keep up. in light of what we are learning about the changing threat, we need to review written counterterrorism strategy to make sure that the security services have all the powers they need. if we need to increase the length of custodial sentences for terrorism -related offenses, even apparently less serious offenses, that is what we will do. since the emergence of the threat from islamic inspired terrorism, our country has made significant progress in
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disrupting pots and protecting the public. but it is time to say, enough is enough. everybody needs to go about their lives as they normally would. our society should continue to function in accordance with our values but when it comes to taking on extremism and terrorism, things need to change. as a mark of respect, two political parties are suspended our national campaign today. violence can never be allowed to disrupt the democratic process. so, those campaigns will resume in full tomorrow and the general election will go ahead, as planned, on thursday. as a country, our response must be what it always has been when we have been confronted by violence. we must come together and we must pull together and united, we will take on and defeat our enemies five prime minister
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teresa made speaking out of ten downing street this morning. right now, 200 miles to the north of london, like pictures coming in from what's called manchester united stadium in manchester. the soccer team they are, 7:23 p.m. and there is a huge concert going on for american pop star ariana conde. it was just after her concert 13 days ago that a suicide bomber blew himself up into the lives of more than 20 of her fans as we have been reporting, many of them were children. she is back on the state in manchester, unafraid she says and the entire city of manchester saying there unafraid and defiant as well. brian, following the story is the british once again are forced to say we will not surrender. brian. reporter: exactly right, leland. the concert is just getting
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underway and some 50000 people attending. many of the people attending our people who were at the concert the night of the suicide bombing. for ariana grandes she's just 23 years old and is pop singer says this concert is meant to send a clear message that we won't let hate when. on friday, she paid a surprise visit to the manchester children's hospital in an effort to uplift the spirit of the youngest victims in the attack that killed 22 and injured more than 100 others. this is a star-studded event, leland. in addition to ariana performers include katy perry, justin bieber, miley cyrus, the black eyed peas and coldplay. >> i don't want to allow senseless acts of terror and fear to break apart the connection we have with people. the thing that music does for people to enlighten, inspire, bring joy .
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>> security is on everyone's mind today. the greater manchester police say they have heavily armed officers and extra security checks at the concert. everyone will be searched, people are asked not to bring it back, copy getting security. the manchester soccer match also taking by state nearby and there were some 70000 people there. some concertgoers say they are nervous but are attending anyway. >> is one of those events where it's like we were there and you'll remember it forever. it was so good of them to give up their times. >> tickets reportedly sold out in 20 minutes, leland. the tickets were safe for all of those if you are at the attack. all proceeds will go to the families of the victims and organizers expect to raise more than $3 million. leland. leland: they can use all the help they can get. brian, in new york, thank you. it is worth noting as we speak about the resilience and their steadfastness that it was 77 years ago today that a different time and prime minister, winston
11:27 am
churchill gave his famous speech that ended with we shall fight on the beaches speaking about great britain's fight against nazi germany. coming up we have two lawmakers joining us on how washington is reacting to the london terror attack. the latest on the russian probe and what's ahead for congress this week. plus, witnesses are speaking out about the terrifying moments just after that attack. >> they said this is for allah and opened up. stabbing all over. she was yelling helping me, help me shake! shake! shake! done! you gotta shake it! i shake it! glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day.
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elizabeth: we are looking at life pictures. we've seen this develop throughout the morning and this is the van that is getting towed from the scene, much where the carnage place on london bridge last night where this man approached the pedestrian bridge and started, and pussy, mowing down a number of innocent victims. we have watched forensic teams take apart the fan and they'll be loading it, clearly, taking it apart looking for clues in their upcoming investigation. at the same time we are seeing a number of makeshift memorials pop up all across london. we saw this in the wake of manchester. people coming out to show their support and defiance. he joins us now to discuss.
11:31 am
where were you last night? when did you first hear about these attacks taking place? last night i was at home getting ready to break my fast and this is the holy month of ramadan where most muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. they pulled a fast from food. yeah, i was at home. breaking my fast. six you're coming out today to show your support. you are muslim, honestly. i want to ask you what does this position put you in? are you out and about to send a message that muslim is a peaceful religion and this is not what you stand for? >> yes, this puts us at a sensitive position because obviously we came to be a peaceful and sensitive religion and the attackers have propagated this attack in the name of islam and, as i said,
11:32 am
this is a sensitive position. we as a muslim community have come out today to say that this attack does not represent islam at all. it is actually violated the sanctity of this holy month, the holy month of ramadan and we stand together with the global community condemning this mission attack. we stand in solidarity with the victims of the families and for every victim that lost his life yesterday, we feel that is one of our own family members that have gone because we count each other all as one massive global family. elizabeth: this is a special time, such a holy month for you. what do you want to see as far as the perception? what message do you want to get across, especially right now when a lot of people are in the morning and a lot of people are scared and i would assume you're feeling threatened as well? >> yes, in fact, i feel as sad as any of the families of the victims. as i said, we are all one big family in the global community.
11:33 am
i would like to send a message that we as muslims do not condone any of what is happening and in fact it goes against our religion and against our principles and morals and against the morals of the holy month of ramadan. elizabeth: rights. thank you for joining us. i know it's a very difficult time. it's a very sensitive topic. you are brave for coming out and your pray for speaking out. thank you, sir. >> my pleasure. leland: in london, the three people who carried out this attack were told have been killed but a dozen suspects in connection with a terror attack have already been arrested. as according to the london police, a couple of hours ago, will bring in garrett who is taking a look at the worldwide investigation.
11:34 am
anytime these things happen you start with the three people who did it, that you know, and connect the dots from there. >> unfortunately we've seen this growing number of terror taxi become accustomed to the situation where there's a terrorist attack with the western allies that us officials are very closely involved in these investigatiof history tels us that it is working with its counterpart in london to learn more about these attacks but at this early stage in the investigation there focuses on the law enforcement of both countries is on those three attackers. they want to determine who they are, if they were working alone, so they got help from and where they part of a larger self-respect that will come from digging into cell phones or electronics. we'll look at their phone calls, text messages, e-mails and their social media profiles. at this point, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack but counterterrorism analysts are pointing out that just before the attack a message was posted to dozens of pro-lifers channels on the telegram and messaging app calling for muslims to kill christians during the holy month of ramadan using knives, guns, and trucks. again, at this point, we don't
11:35 am
know if there is any connection but today on "fox news sunday" senator roy blunt sits on the senate intelligence committee said the ease of these kind of attacks is a growing concern for law enforcement officials both here and abroad. >> these guys have a van and kitchen knives and we think other groups are looking at more advanced kinds of attacks and so, clearly, they use this from all decorations. isis tends to take credit. leland: dave said that at this time there are no specific or credible terror threat in the united states but when i spoke with homeland security secretary john kelly, last week, he said we are under a constant threat of attack and his biggest concern are that to our aviation and lone wolf attacks by individuals who have become radicalized. leland: that was secretary kelly on fox news that that if we knew
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what he knew, you may not lose leave the house every night. garrett, thank you. come back as we learn more. liz has a little more. elizabeth: lawmakers are watching the investigation in london unfold and getting back to work. i want to bring in the governor from texas. a big week on capitol hill, thank you for joining us. >> great to be with you, lisbe lisbeth. elizabeth: i want to get your reaction. we've seen the president tweets on a number of topics but we've also seen this back and forth between president and the mayor. i want to get your reaction to that this morning. >> well, what we have been hearing before the terrorist attack was again, our sympathy and prayers go out for those who are suffering. all we heard was that the paris climate accord is going to being peace in our time, basically. that was the way to destroy radical islam with the love and
11:37 am
show them how much we care about the planet. all the paris peace accord -- paris climate accord was going to cause us to pay billions of dollars to countries that hate us and also really harm our ability to get our economy going again so that we can have what we need to fight this terrorism. trump, thank god, pulled out when he did and now we can redouble our efforts where they are needed. he did exactly right. political correctness that i might also add bob muller as fbi director also did a third of our training material were fbi don't even know what to look for to distinguish between a radical islamist and a muslim. we've been engaging in a great deal of that ourselves. muller is a sitting down as the boston mosque where the. [inaudible] were radicalized instead of investigating to make sure that they were not as radicalized.
11:38 am
there's been a lot of pc here that's cause us problems and another problem and it's a pc bunch of quartz in the us who had abandoned being united states court and have taken on being the world quartz. jurisdiction does not allow them to give constitutional rights to people outside the united states. it does not give plaintiffs standing so we had some judges, i think they ought to be impeached and found out, but at a minimum, we in congress, have to make clear that we created those courts, everyone except the supreme court and we can take the travel ban issue right out from under this jurisdiction. elizabeth: you talked about that radicalization earlier. former congressman pete hoekstra was on earlier and i want to get your take on that. he basically said he predicted an uptick in terror attacks in
11:39 am
much of europe. i want to get your reaction to that particular segment, sir. >> pete is a friend and we had seen these things coming. we been trying to talk about them and let people know. across the mainstream of america, not mainstream media but a mainstream america is what people knew. the heartland knew these things were coming and that's why the elected donald trump. thank god that he understand the seriousness of this issue and she's not be distracted by people who want to scream about political correctness because were talking about people's lives. let me protect something else, since we know the left never wants to be hypocrites, what you should see all the rest of this week is the man's on the left that we ban all white vans and all knives in america because they were used as terrorist weapons, if they will avoid being hypocrites, that's what they should be demanding this week.
11:40 am
watch and see if they avoid being hypocrites. elizabeth: we don't have much time left but i want to get domestic news. a number of committees probing into russia and attempting to meddle in our elections. i want to get your predictions, what do you think will learn this week respect there are hearings on wednesday and we expect to hear from former fbi director james call me on thursday. what do you want to hear out of mr. comey's testimony and also, do you think either side will be claiming victory here. >> i don't really care what colby says. he can be trusted. i had great hopes for him and then the more we found out, the more we saw him playing politics with his position. so, i don't really care what he says. the things that he has done have been more important to me. let's talk about the real problem. it's what we've seen, projecting from the laughs, they are the ones that cuddled up to the
11:41 am
russians. they're the ones that made sure they bought 25% of art uranium. they are the ones that did a reset button, they wanted russia to know that we don't agree with bush getting upset with you when you attacks georgia so we are good, we reset, there projecting on trump and republicans what they themselves dead. this is what they always do. they get engaged in some wrong activity and they blame their opponents for the activity they engaged in. projecting is what it's called. or gas lady. you know the truth but they keep saying you're crazy and it's your fault. i expected this week, though, comey will testify, he will be politically correct, he's really dug himself a hole. he's committed crimes, one in a couple of ways and it'll be interesting to see how he tries to tap dance around that. regardless, he knew good and well that there was no obstruction of justice because if he had, he would have
11:42 am
reported it. he knew that. elizabeth: congressman, wealth or. >> thank you. elizabeth: i'm getting the rap in my ear. i'm sorry. have a great day to five other side of the aisle bringing in adam smith, ranking member of the house on services committee. good to see you, sir. as always, i present you been here. >> thank you for the chance. leland: it was just another year ago that you opposed the combating terrorist recruitment act issued a statement against it. is the number of attacks that we've seen, especially in the united kingdom, changing your position on that at all? >> look, that's the name of the bill. i don't believe that's what it would have done effectively. i'm all for combating terrorism. i'm a member of the armed services committee and incredibly supportive of her special operations command, a lot of the targeted drone strikes that have gone after al qaeda and isis.
11:43 am
leland: the fine line. >> let me finish. when you get congressman and a president like donald trump who say look, this isn't a matter of islamic extremist groups, this is all muslims, this is all islam, this is all political correctness to call it anything else. when you try to create a war with the entire muslim world, that encourages terrorism. it encourages more conflict and more violence. we have to target the violent extremist groups who are doing the terror and we have to find muslim allies to work with. look, these terror groups have killed more muslims than christians or any other religions. when we target muslims probably is a huge mistake. it's not a matter of political correctness as a matter of bad policy. leland: is congressman, eight
11:44 am
years under president obama under director muller of the fbi there was a move to take the word islamic out of the islamic extremism terrorism. is it time to reverse that trend? >> frankly, i don't think it makes a great deal of difference, one way or the other. leland: it doesn't matter perspective what i am saying is the obsession with, well, do we call them islamists or violent extremists respect what we call them perspective what matters just like i do agree with the president said that this is good versus evil. we need to call it that. groups like isis and al qaeda and book rom, all of those groups are evil and the good country of the world must fight them. we need to -- i can tell you when you emphasize religion, look, goes beyond just saying radical islamic extremists. i have heard, steve bennett, close advisor to the white house say that islam is not a
11:45 am
legitimate religion that it is a totalitarian idol aisle seat of subjugation in all muslims are not to be trusted. that is your position, your leading us into a global war that isn't going to be helpful to us. leland: i can't backtrack that on the fly but i can tell you that lindsey graham who no one would say is soft on this issue issued a statement similar to yours in terms of the idea that one thing we can do is alienate muslims here at home. oftentimes, they're the best eyes and ears inside our communities. there's an issue though and how this debate is being framed but we've heard from teresa mae, uk prime minister that issued a statement that says was stronger than we've heard in the past. but not quite 77 years ago when winston churchill after the
11:46 am
battle of dunkirk that the british lost said we shall fight in the hills, we shall never surrender. is it time to frame this as a war of survival? as truly a war that we made when? rather than accept as the london mayor has talked about? >> i think your mischaracterizing was being said. we cannot accept this. i don't think the london mayor suggested that i don't think teresa mae has said that. part of what they're saying is we cannot cower in fear into a bunker. we have to live our lives and use the freedoms that are available to us in the last as an example for all those people out there who might join groups like isis that there is a better way. yes, we have to confront this threat. no doubt about it. it is a clear, unquestioned threat. it's good versus evil and we need to do it but i don't think we need to frame it in those other terms. leland: we don't need to frame it as a fight against islam but we can frame it as a war against islamic extremism. to that point, we have robert driscoll on, former attorney general talking about this
11:47 am
balance that we have in the united states of combating and going after terrorists at the same time protecting our constitutional freedoms. are you in favor of increasing the amount of, shall we say, leeway, the fbi and other law enforcement have to go after the cyber world perspective we've seen encrypted messages, heard about this isis proclamation, if you will, on telegram and encrypted messaging app. is it time now to reset how we look at the handcuffs on the fbi? >> absolutely. i've long felt we need to be more aggressive in the cyber world. more aggressive in our communications in terms of helping to counter extremist ideologies but look, what i'm worried about is the more we draw the line, the more violence, the more muslim versus christian, hatred, the three people who got stabbed in portland, to death they are, that is an indication of the
11:48 am
violence on the other side of people who want to take. leland: in fairness, congressman, that is a rare event and had widespread condemnation. >> it's not is rare as many people would think. leland: it's a pretty rare. >> the people who were shot in kansas, planned parenthood attack and there were numerous jewish centers that have been attacked, oakland's city bombing. leland: but none of those have a common thread of an extremist ideologies is funded by governments in the middle east. >> look, the last part is true. they absolutely have a common thread of an extremist ideololo. leland: none of these people listen to the same. >> the common thread is racism. fear and people of who don't look like you and who believe that all muslims and all people of color. we have to stand up against that. that's the common thread in one we need to be worried about.
11:49 am
leland: many have, including here is a limit on this network. congressman smith, we appreciate your time. thank you very much liz. elizabeth: coming up after the break they pieced together the last night attack in london. airports and under high profile occasions are in security. were standing by at lax. >> authorities are asking for passengers to remain vigilant and it happens as president continues to make a case for his controversial travel ban. we'll have all the details in a live report coming up next ...i learned humira is for people who still have symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease... ...even after trying other medications. in clinical studies,... the majority of people on humira... saw significant symptom relief... ...and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability...
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elizabeth: present is making the case for the court to reinstate his travel ban in light of last night terror attacks in london. we are live from lax with the anyone traveling in the us. high will. reporter: hi there, liz. that controversial travel ban is now in front of the supreme court and with that in mind president trump to twitter of time after the attack in london tweeting that we need to be smart, vigilant and topic we need the courts to give us back our rights, we need to travel ban as an extra level of safety. he then went on and tweeted at least seven dad, 48 when wounded in the mayor of london says there is quote no reason to be alarmed. that criticism from british lawmakers and a member of the british labour party tweeted this is unbecoming of a national leader and the sort of thing that makes me want to quit politics on a day like this, evil everywhere we look. the top administration has maintained the travel ban is all
11:54 am
about public safety and it would hold travel into the 19th from six countries in the middle east. >> he is saying in reaction to what happened in london that it can happen here again. we are almost one year to the day from the orlando attack. the one year anniversary is coming up on the terrible orlando attack. that's in the presence of mind. reporter: passengers heading to london are sad that their country has had such a violent attack in such a short amount of time and they tell us their plans to be vigilant but not fearful. >> we've already bought the tickets for everything and were staying right in the city. you know, again, you can't stop living you just have to go and hope for the best. reporter: of federal authority. united states are asking for travelers to keep an eye out for any thing that looks suspicious and be vigilant as possible. list. elizabeth: well, thank you so
11:55 am
much. we went. leland: back to london after the break. pictures from last night. a little more than 24 hours ago seven dad right now and what lawmakers here at home are saying about the attack. >> the terror threat is real and one of the things we've seen like san bernardino and i do think, again, you've got some groups that are looking at a big play like taking down an airliner and you have others who lead very little support, very little planning and can do incredible damage you could spend days weeding through financial documents
11:56 am
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11:59 am
p.m. eastern here. a major investigation underway this hour after the deadly attacks in the heart of london last night. so far 12 people have been arrested just hours after the three attackers were shot and killed by police. our david lee miller live near the scene in london with the very latest, now just about 24 hours since this attack started, david. >> reporter: that's right, leland. and thinking about time now, saturday's attack lasted only eight minutes, be but the consequences are going to change people's lives forever. in that time seven people were killed, that in addition to the three attackers. authorities say the perpetrators, who they have not yet publicly identified, ran a rented white van into a crowd of pedestrians on the london bridge. and after that vehicle came to a stop, wielding knives, they attempted to slash anyone in sight. the investigation into the
12:00 pm
attack today led police to east london where they conducted a series of raids. twelve people have now been arrested. but what, if any, role they have had in saturday's attack, authorities have not said. meanwhile, the area in and around where the carnage took place is still cordoned off. the terror threat level remains severe. police say they will continue to keep a high profile. >> indeed, i'm not surprised that when faced with what they must have feared were three suicide bombers, the officers fired an unprecedented number of rounds to be completely confident they had neutralized the threat that those men posed. i am humbled by the bravery of an officer who will rush towards a potential suicide bomber thinking only of protecting others. >> reporter: and here at the police perimeter, you can perhaps see over my shoulder news crews from around the world. there are multiple police here,


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