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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 5, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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happened after 8:00 this morning. there is one thing on the associated press, a woman inside the industrial park saying "my boss is dead. my boss is dead." we know the situation is contained, multiple fatalities, we will see what the police say in a matter of moments. have a good monday, take care, everyone. >> jon: a fox news alert, set one on this monday morning. as you just heard, orlando, the area of orlando, now the scene of yet another multiple shooting, we are awaiting authority as they are to give us an update on what happen inside that industrial park that you see in the background scream left. there are multiple fatalities as we understand. sheriff is expected to brief the media, appears that he and his team are in position to do that. let's listen in. >> we will provide your briefing on the tragedy that has enfolded here today. he is accompanied by mayor
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teresa jacobs. deputy sheriff, danny banks, and chief. >> it is a sad day for us here once again in orange county. i'm going to share some details about a tragedy that occurred this morning at the incorporated business that you see just behind me. our hearts and prayers go out to the families of the victims this morning. i will share more details about what has occurred. you will be hearing from myself as well as mayor jacobs in just a moment. she will be followed by a representative from the fbi, and the department of law enforcement. through this what happen this morning. let me share some details with you. at about 8:03 this morning we received a 911 emergency call
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into our communication center about an active shooter situation here at the incorporated business. this is a worldwide business that primarily provides accessories for rvs. at about 8:03:45 this morning, we were called. a deputy arrived on scene 2 minutes later to the active shooter called for service. once they arrived here, they found multiple individuals that had been shot. three males were deceased at that time. one female victim was deceased. a fifth person, a male was transported to the orlando regional medical center where he died as a result of his injuries. there were seven supervisors, individuals who were inside the business who are being
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interviewed presently by detectives from the orange county sheriffs office. we have a 45-year-old justice who is deceased inside as a result by his own means. if the individual was armed with a handgun and a knife this morning. if there is no indication that he used the knife on any of the victims, but he shot a five innocent this morning and then turned the gun on himself and killed himself. to the individual in question is a former employee of this business. he was fired sometime in april of this year. so he was a disgruntled employee that came back to this business this morning. in terms of the history of this business, we have very few records of any significant fear. however, about three years ago in june of 2014, we did respond
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to this business in which the subject who is responsible for the death this morning was the subject of a workplace violence incident. this is where he allegedly battered another employee here at the business. there were no charges actually at that time, and in terms of the subject, the 45-year-old subject, when we look into his criminal history, what we have found is that he has a criminal history minor in nature of charges such as possession of marijuana, dui, and misdemeanor battery. at this time we have no indication that this subject is a member of any subversive type of organization. we have no indication that this subject is a participant in any type of terror organization. this is at this point to likely
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a workplace violence incident. we will get more into the details of the investigation as it unfolds. at this time, we have designated a reunification location for the family members. what we are asking individuals who may be related to persons who worked at this business, we have set up at the university located at 30 5:30 five forsyth road, a unification site of families able to respond there at a building called the live 1 building. we have deputy sheriffs who are there who will direct family members to that particular location, we also have a phone number that has been set up for individuals to call should they wish to receive information. the phone number is 407-
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407-679-0100. extension 3087. and i will repeat that. 407-679-0100, extension 3087. at this point i'm going to ask mayor jacobs to come up. she is going to make some statements from the community perspective, she will then be followed once again by the local representative of the federal bureau of investigation. and then the special agent in charge of the local florida department of law enforcement. and then fire chief will come forward. we will then take some questions after they speak. >> thank you, sheriff. first, i wish to express my regrets and sympathy, my sorrow to the families and friends of those that we lost. >> jon: so five people dead
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after what appears to be a case of workplace violence. an employee who was fired from the business back in april, apparently returned today with a gun and shot three other men, four other men and one woman killing them all. one of those men died at a hospital and then turned the gun on himself and killed himself. so six fatalities in all at this building just outside of orlando. the sheriff, you heard him say, no sign of terrorism. a guy who apparently had a beef with his former boss. he killed him and a number of the other former fellow coworkers. the worst kind of way to begin the week in orlando. at that city is reeling from another mass shooting. >> melissa: they mentioned that they had been called to the premises before when he was still working there for an incident of workplace violence. this was not his first brush
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with law enforcement. if they return to the scene today to find this deadly scene behind. seven survivors that were left behind inside, who are now being interviewed by police for more details. but obviously a very sad day therefore them. >> jon: and now this fox news alert. we are waiting for president trump to announce the first step in a major push to upgrade the nation's infrastructure. good morning to you, i'm jon scott. welcome to "happening now." >> melissa: and i am melissa francis. a time for your traffic control system about 30 minutes from now. something that kellyanne conway says is just the beginning of big changes ahead on infrastructure. >> when the president was running and he was president-elect, now is president, has made clear his -- infrastructure. and his secretary has talking about the byzantine labyrinth permeating process that we have in this country, the fact that
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we do not build anything anymore as a country. that our roads and our bridges are in disrepair. it is a very exciting thing that people will literally see the fruits of those promises beginning today. >> jon: and the president is speaking out about his travel ban, urging the courts to quit playing politics with national security. this is a mid breaking in londo london. more raids and more arrests in britain's capital city after the deadly terror attack there over the weekend. we have fox news live coverage. david lee miller and london with the investigation. we begin with john roberts live at the white house. >> good morning to pray to the president of the united states now in an open fight, the public air raids and twitter, with the incident, the president tweeted "at least him and dead, and no
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reason to be alarmed." that prompted the sportsman to say that he has more important things to do than respond to donald trump's ill-informed tweet that he deliberately takes out of context. his remarks urging londoners not to be alarmed when they saw more police including armed officers on the street. but the president took that as a slap in the face and wrote back "pathetic excuse by london mayor sadiq khan who had to think fast on his "no reason to be alarmed" statement. msm is working hard to sell it!" the president's comments are drawing fire from theresa may who says that it is wrong to criticize even though he said that he was criticized for her and cutting forces in the u.k. the acting ambassador to the united kingdom, held over from the obama administration contradicted the president yesterday when he tweeted his support tweeting that i support the strong leadership as he leads the city forward after
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this heinous attack. that's not the president again reaffirmed his pledge to support the u.k. in the wake of the london and the manchester attacks last night. reaffirming his commitment to fight terrorism around the world. listen here. >> president trump: and we knew our resolve stronger than ever before to protect the united states and its allies from a vile enemy that has waged war on innocent life and it has gone on too long. this bloodshed must end. this bloodshed will end. >> the president also use the latest attack to call for the supreme court of the united states to reinstate the travel ban that has mired in the courts. tweeting out that the "justice department should call for a hearing of the watered down travel ban before seeking a much tougher version. people, the lawyers, the courts can call it whatever they want.
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i am calling it what we need and what it is, of travel ban!" it is kind of curious, because the press secretary went out of his way to say that this is not a travel ban, this is a means to an extreme vetting of people who would come into the country. we may hear more from the president when he outlines his plans for reforming the air traffic control in the country at 11:30, he plans a public partnership in which the air traffic control system will be taken out of the jurisdiction of the faa, and over the course of three years but in the hands of a nonprivate corporate foundation. >> jon: a busy day for the chief correspondent. >> melissa: fox news alert from london where a terror investigation is in full swing after a series of raids resulting in up to 1000 arrests. british investigators saying that they have identified the three dead attackers. david miller joining us live
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near the bridge where the attacks began. david. >> melissa, it is a gloomy, rainy, windy day here in london. and now almost 48 hours since the attacks took place. you can see over in the distance near my shoulder, though security perimeter is still in place here. police still on the scene. they have a high profile throughout theespecially on bri. a similar attack took place in the park near parliament. they know the identity of all three of saturday's attackers. but the names have not yet been made public. the times in london is reporting that one of the attackers was reported to police on two separate occasions trying to get children to join isis. the terror group has claimed responsibility, but nothing to suggest that isis did anything more than inspire the carnage. now taking the tragedy as its own propaganda. police are looking for accomplices. at this early hour, 11 people in
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custody. a number of women and men with shaved heads, full beards. one is wearing islamic robes. so sdiq khan announcing islamic extremism and the attackers. >> the acts of these three men on saturday night was cowardly, was evil. i am angry and furious that these three men are seeking to justify their actions by using the faith that i belong to to justify their actions prior to the they follow is perverse and is poisonous. and it has no place in islam. >> here in london there is anger, frustration, and a great deal of heartache. in just a few hours time, a vigil will take place to mourn the victims.
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>> melissa: david lee miller, thank you. >> jon: we are waiting president trump's announcement of a new plan that would traumatize the air traffic control system in this country. as part of his push to modernize america's infrastructure. the president is set to speak about 15 minutes from now. ♪ ♪ ♪ sfx: engine revving ♪ (silence) ♪ over hereno!ver here! (dog barking) whoever threw it has to go get it. not me! somebody will get it... ♪ (dog barking)
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>> melissa: right now the drama over the russia investigation heating up this week with the fired fbi director james comey said to testify before the senate intelligence committee on thursday. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein will appear on wednesday. his testimony is not a done deal just yet. the white house but still tried to block it by inserting executive privilege. >> the president will make that final decision. and the fact is that it is if he testifies, we will all be watching. but they should put at the seams and memos again to see what the problem was in the department with fbi director james comey,
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clearly points out that the integrity and the morale were down. he points out that comey had tried to usurp the power of the attorney general loretta lynch. >> melissa: joining us now is daniel halpern, he is editor for the free begin, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> melissa: you say that this could be explosive or just a lot more questions that we don't know the answer to. let's drill down on that. what would make it explosive? >> it could exchange comey. we don't know exactly what he is going to say. presumably he would say something similar to the previous reports, that president trump in his opinion tried to tamp down this investigation. that's what we can assume he will say. i think the details of the investigation he is not so likely to go into, because it is still an ongoing investigation. it would be inappropriate and unlikely for him to do so. we do not know what he knows and what he plans to say. we do not know his story. so there is a lot unknown here. my sense is on the big question,
8:20 am
he will avoid answering because of an ongoing investigation. >> melissa: you say that we do not know what he is going to say, but we know what he said on may 3rd. let's play that. >> is the attorney general and the senior officials opposing a specific investigation, can they halt that fbi investigation? >> in theory, yes. >> has it happened? >> not in my experience, because it would be a big deal to tell the fbi to stop doing something without an appropriate purpose. >> melissa: does not undermine the idea that -- what if he stands up nouns has says, yes, the president to try and stop me. he made this other testimony. he said it would not have been a big deal. seems like he would have raised a red flag then. does it undermine what he might say going forward? >> perhaps a little bit. he will probably try to have it both ways. he may go a little bit further like president trump hinted at it or expressed it without explicitly saying. i do not think that he is going to say that president trump in
8:21 am
his view obstructed justice, because it would raise the question, well, if he obstructed justice, why didn't you see anything or resign or do something at the time? that is a very serious charge to make. it is for other people to decide, and he will take a step back and try to lay out the facts as he knows them. can't make too many explosive claims and contradict himself. a lot of people will be looking for him to make contradictions. >> melissa: do you think that the president will block him from testifying, without be smart? >> not sure that it would be smart. his testimony will come out, so you might as well get it out now. >> melissa: daniel, thank you for joining us. >> jon: speaking of the president, we are awaiting an announcement from him about privatizing the air traffic control system. a push to improve america's infrastructure. we will bring those comments alive. and there is also this.
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comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than centurylink. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ >> jon: a fox news alert, after great britain's third murderous terror attack in as many months. if theresa may is calling for a new strategy to protect the people there. >> the u.k. has led the world in developing a strategy for preventing violent extremism, and it has been highly successful. and we are leading international efforts to take on and defeat the ideology of islam extremism around the world. without the threat, our response must evolve as well. we cannot go on as we are. enough is enough. >> jon: we cannot go on as we
8:26 am
are. for more on what can be done to confront terror in the u.k. as well as here at home, i am joan to buy michael balboni. he is a homeland security director, terrorist use to try to improve their technique. in other words, when they tried to blow up the world trade center with a bomb, that did not work. and then they went after it with aircraft. that did, michael. now they seem to be going the other direction by using simpler means, cars and knives and things to kill as many people as possible. how do you stop that? >> as we prosecuted the war in the middle east, and we take away the ability of isis to do the faith, they have gone out into the campaign of terror in our communities. and the united states obviously, not seen anywhere near the violence of europe, but this is a brand of terror that could
8:27 am
happen anywhere, unfortunately. what they are doing, they are dumbing down. they are going to knives, vehicles, the means of attack that do not take training or preop -- preoperative service, they do this randomly and brutally. very, very difficult. the u.k. has done successfully as the prime minister just said, they have created the rain of steel. they are taken away the ability to board a vehicle explosive devices in many regards. they have tamp down on the intelligence that they get. they have done a very good job there. they have to take that and focus it on where people congregate. that is really going to be the emphasis. we saw that in the manchester attacks. we sought on saturday night as well. >> jon: a couple of weeks back we had the car plow through a crowd of pedestrians in times square here in new york. one young lady was killed. we all thought at first that that was terrorism, because that is what the world has come to. the police later said that the
8:28 am
driver was simply drunk, and maybe even trying to be killed by police himself. but again, it is so simple, so random, how can police stop it? >> well, we should recognize that the pressure on the police is incredibly increasing. because what is happening now, you have threats that have evolved. you have somebody with a suicide vest on saturday night. it was a fake suicide vest. what if it had shown him, and police officers have to make that split-second decision of whether you are a threat or not. it is amazing that if there is as much restraint and effectiveness as our security forces here and in london. it is about using resources you have and developing more. it is about cameras. it is about undercover officers. it is about trying to get the intelligence and take over the opportunities. people milling about, what are the ways that you can protect them? with concerts, it does not just about going and having
8:29 am
protection at the beginning, but when they leave the venue as well. >> jon: the prime minister says that she supports the sheets to kill policy of the police, but not all of the police officers are carrying sidearms. one of them took on one of the attackers with just his baton, his billy club. we will see if that changes. thank you. >> thank you. >> melissa: we are waiting president trump's announcement on a new plan to privatize air traffic control as the push to modernize infrastructure. the president is scheduled to speak at the white house 15 minutes from now. we will bring you those remarks live. plus, the president making a new push on his travel ban. i remain installed in the court, saying that it will be an important tool in combating terrorism, a fair and balanced debate to next. >> donald trump has proven that he is right. and all of these people in the liberal courts are wrong. when theresa may made the comment today about the need to
8:30 am
have some embarrassing conversations, what is embarrassing is that they have had open borders for so long. now they act like they are shocked that people have come through the open doors and windows and are killing them. ♪
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8:34 am
messages. he was successful in that. she is now, as i said, charged with involuntary manslaughter. there is conrad roy who sat in his truck with the motor runnin running. dulled himself feel carbon monoxide poisoning. she had sent him messages encouraging just him to get on with it. now she has decided that she will not have a jury trial. it will be a bench trial heard by a judge only. if jury selection was set to begin today. but her side has decided that they will present the evidence to a judge and let the judge make the decision. we will keep you updated as that trial goes forward. >> melissa: a fox news alert, the president on offense, calling out the courts over his stalled travel ban, former national security advisor susan ring says that the it would do nothing to protect us from terrorism. >> there is no evidence to say that by banning muslims, or
8:35 am
giving them from a particular set of six countries that we will make ourselves here in the united states safer. and that is i believe one of the major reasons why the courts thus far have been very skeptical of the travel ban. >> melissa: the white house advisor kellyanne conway replying to rice on "fox & friends." >> she knows better. susan rice reminds everybody that nobody on tv is under oath. she knows better than to know it is a muslim man, and her comments are really parallel to the lies she told after the benghazi attack that took the lives of four innocent americans. she lied that it was about a video. she knows it is not a ban against a certain religion. she knows that these are six countries that were identified by her obama administration department, and that these six countries do not have screening and vetting procedures that give us confidence. that was happening around the globe, would not happen here, the president has authority.
8:36 am
>> melissa: a radio talk show, and deanna conwell is a strategist. richard, i will start with you. do you want respond to that? the most compelling argument seems to be against what susan rice said. these are the countries that heard administration, and identified as posing a threat. what do you say to that? >> don't get me wrong, there are problems in these countries, but to have an outright ban is what is problematic. a couple of other points that we know, we know that a majority of the 9/11 attackers came from saudi arabia, but they are not part of the ban, we also find out today that a lot of middle eastern countries saying that there is funded terrorism, and no longer having relations with qatar, and that is not on the ban. this is why it is problematic. if you are trying to catch the terrace, not all of the countries are included. it goes back to the point that all of the judges are making, this is a muslim ban, the president in his words and
8:37 am
actions speaks to that. >> melissa: you know, richard seems to make the point at the ban is not big enough part of that it should include, not sure that that is what he was trying for, but he made the argument. should it include more countries in saudi arabia, certainly a country that is muslim without question, so i don't know. his argument is falling on itself. i will give you a crack at it. >> i might actually agree with richard, perhaps we should add more countries, but this is absolutely not a muslim ban coming into one of your points in terms of people cannot get in, that is not necessarily true, richard. when you think about it, exclusions can be made. you can be a person that can be excluded. if this is a 90 day issuance, ban, or on people that are receiving visas, and 100 day 20 days for refugees. the president is well within his authority by eight -- 18, 1182
8:38 am
when the president finds that any alien of any class in the united states will be detrimental to the interest of the united states, he made a proclamation for a period do so. so we have to be very honest about it. he said it was a jv team, now we have a president that is going to -- >> melissa: let's keep this focus. richard, if it did include saudi arabia, seems like it will be more about religion as opposed to these countries who were identified by the obama administration because it is difficult to check facts with their government. it is a country who has had a breakdown in the system, so it is very difficult to fit the folks coming in, what about that? >> we know that the refugees process takes two years before they set foot on the soil. the president himself said over and over that's all of the judges, all of the federal judges have cited including the ten that ruled and said it was unconstitutional. he said that this is a muslim ban.
8:39 am
he said it again in a tweet today that this was a travel ban against a group of people where the majority who live in the countries are indeed muslim. right now, and i want to make that if you look at both situations in london or san bernardino, and a multitude of these cases the muslim ban would not have solved terrorism. it would not stop what happened this weekend. it would not have stopped. >> melissa: it is not saying if it can't solve all of the problems, we should not even tr try. >> i think it's a ridiculous assertion, and to richard's point, we think about the six countries -- >> seven. >> no, it is six. in a hotbed of terrorism, how can you say that we should not have some conditions and controls in place? the two year waiting period for the refugees, that is all the more reason allowed for 120 day pause. this is not disenfranchising anyone. >> melissa: richard, i would ask you, what will be a good
8:40 am
policy? the problem is spreading. you look at what is happening in the philippines right now where isis has moved into a large area, once again, we are going to have the same problem of people rightfully trying to escape danger at the same time. there is the threat of terrorist posing the refugees trying to move into other parts of the world. the problem is not going away. what do you see as a solution to deal with it? >> if you have the part of the three different situations, you have one syrians over war, we have to deal with that. also have the spray devices. you have homegrown radicalization. people radicalizing on the internet. to the muslim ban does not solve that problem. it also does nothing to deal with isis expanding dealing with the syrian civil war. >> melissa: but in all kinds of other places, it is not about the syrian civil war. >> stay with me, and i will bless you. i promise. >> melissa: i love you. >> the third piece here is the expansion of isis, no matter how
8:41 am
many barrel bombs to drop in syria, it is not going to stop folks from self radicalizing in london, and paris, or in san bernardino. so what we have to do instead of spending the justice department time fighting the travel ban, let's use them and find ways to stop self radicalization here on united states oil instead of a frivolous stupid muslim ban. >> self radicalization is a problem. this is the first step. >> melissa: okay, i'm not sure we solved it. but i love you both. thank you for coming on. >> jon: so continuing to keep an eye on developments at the white house where the president is about to make an announcement in the east room. you can see the white house personnel they're getting all of the people's heads where they are supposed to be. the president is going to be talking about his plan to privatize the nation's air traffic control system. we will have that for you live as soon as it begins. >> at the beginning of every press briefing, sean spicer, the press secretary. and i'm sure that sandra will do that same thing.
8:42 am
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>> jon: a fox news alert, the east room at the white house is the setting. as you can see there, it is just about failed. the president is expected to emerge any moment now to announce a plan that would privatize air traffic control across the united states. part of a big infrastructure push. the administration is unveiling it over the course of this week. they say that privatizing air traffic control will allow it to be more efficient. and allow developments in technology to dictate improvements to the system. the government, the president says, ponderously slow when it comes to fixing some of the problems in the air traffic control. we shall see. we will have a pretty live when the president takes to the podium there. as a trump administration tries to keep its agenda in the
8:46 am
spotlight as opposed to the investigation over russia with former fbi director james comey set to testify later on this week just as the president kicks off this big infrastructure push. this plan begins today with the air traffic control plan that i just told you about. and ends with a speech at the transportation department on friday. the complaint from the white house is that the media are ignoring the president's accomplishments. joining us now to talk about that, judy miller, pulitzer prize-winning investigated author, fox news contributor. frank ordonez, the correspondent. are you guilty? do you ignore what the president is actually accomplishing on behalf of the american people? >> thank you for the opportunity to answer that question. i would quibble with some of those comments from kellyanne conway. we have two people who are covering the air traffic control announcement today. our whole chain of 30 newsrooms are eager for more information about the infrastructure plans
8:47 am
that trump past. i think it is a matter of degrees. the russia investigation, comey's hearing. these are issues that cannot be ignored. i have a hard time feeling -- believing that kellyanne conway expects that we will not cover those things very diligently. i think this is a part of an offensive that the white house is going on. and it is a valid one to raise those issues. of course it takes up a lot of oxygen, but these are the issues of the day. trumps tweets reflect that. >> jon: judy coming into -- in your view, are they sucking all of the oxygen out of the room? >> well, competing for space with donald trump's own tweets. and his own efforts to undermine his own administration and agenda. every time for kellyanne conway and sean spicer tried to refocus attention on something that the
8:48 am
white house is actually doing, donald trump comes out and undermines what they are saying. for example, sean spicer when he said this is not a muslim ban, not a travel ban. and to the president tweets that he wants his travel ban and he does not like the water down one that jeff sessions, his attorney general was proposing. what are we supposed to do? not cover that? >> jon: the president complains that the side issues, there has been no hard evidence that the russians colluded with anybody inside the white house. there is so much speculation in the media, the president complains that there is all of this smoke and no real fire there. >> well, i think that is what the hearings are going to be about. there has been -- you know, there has been reports of conversations, of talk. we have seen where the president has had something did not happen, and then you have the
8:49 am
attorney general recusing himself. you have questions about jared kushner's contacts. we have the back channel conversation. these are all issues that i think the public wants to know about. they deserve a greater airing. and that is why they are such great interest. that will become thursday. when the former fbi director comey speaks. this will be much watched, must watch viewing. >> jon: judy, conservatives or fanout of president say that the energy has been put into investigating what happened in benghazi, but there would have been all kinds of negative headlines of the obama administration that ultimately were not there. do you agree? >> oh, my gosh, john. poor trey gaudi and his investigation, and all of the hearings of hillary clinton's hours and hours of testimony and the story that went on and on and on and produced nothing. no, i do not think that these
8:50 am
are comparable situations at all. >> jon: will obviously, kellyanne conway, the president's advisors sees it differently. here she is on media coverage. >> this white house will continue to be on offense and defense, and offense includes shaming people or guilty in them per telling them to be responsible for covering things like the infrastructure. what about last week? secretary of the va announcing a new hotline here for veterans at the white house. these veterans can call in. it got very little coverage because it is a positive. but you know what, folks, the opposite of negative is not just positive, the opposite of negative is relevant. and i'm duty-bound to make sure that the american people are hearing all the positive things that are happening here on their behalf. >> jon: but it is it just privatizing air traffic control, not as sexy as russian spies warming their way into the administration? >> i don't know if it is one
8:51 am
being more sexy than the other. what are the complications for america? there is an infrastructure. we are going to be covering now. we are going to be covering the president's talk in the east room. you're going to cut away to this. these are important issues. we want to hear from the president of the united states as they talk about it. but again, even his own tweets, he is tweeting out about these issues. he is using his own words to stoke the fire. we are as interested, he is interested. i can assure you that the president is going to be as glued to his television watching those hearings, the comey hearings as the rest of us are. >> jon: we saw it earlier in the room, jared kushner, the son-in-law who has clearly become a focus of the russia investigation, because of his meetings with high-level officials from a bank that is wholly owned by the russian government.
8:52 am
and when you see jared kushner walk into the room, all of the sudden it seems like there is a dark cloud hanging over his head when nothing has really been proven. there are all kinds of speculation out there and stories in the press, but absolutely nothing so far that says that he did anything wrong. >> well, that is true. and there is no evidence, as we have said again and again in the press, fair-minded reporters have said that there is no evidence or anyone in his administration colluded with the russians to the effect of the election. by the fact that the matter is that this is an overly important issue for this country. we must get to the bottom of this. and i think the press focus on mr. kushner and the fact that he forgot to report several of these meetings with the russians are automatically suspicious. how do we know this? we know this from press leaks. press investigation. not because the administration has been forthcoming about the meetings that it has had and the
8:53 am
context that it has had. it is drip, drip, drip, leak, leak, leak. they complain about the leaks, but it only has itself to blame. >> jon: one of the issues is that there is an awful lot of staff jobs unfulfilled at the white house. and in the agency's time of the top agencies that are really responsible for running the government day-to-day. >> there are dozens and dozens of jobs at the state department. many at the state department that need to be filled. any challenges filling those jobs. different reports on what those reasons are, but it certainly is a challenge. and it -- i think some of the issue is that you know, trump, the president of the united states is looking for a strong loyalty among his staff. he has a close knit of people, but it seems like it may behoove him to get those positions filled as best he can and work
8:54 am
to that goal as possible. >> jon: i believe i just saw the majority leader in the house representatives, kevin mccarthy speaking right there at the white house. i think that is mccarthy, our monitors are a little bit small in. i am told by my control room that that is him. remember that the congress is there. the privatization of the air traffic control system sends a lot of people into a panic. they feel like, well, if there is some private individual on the other end of my pilot's communication, am i still going to get back down to earth, land at laguardia without a problem? what is the press take on what the president is proposing here? >> i don't think that the press has had a chance to weigh in yet. if we are not entirely sure what the president is going to propose. and how he is going to pick something that most americans do not think it is broken.
8:55 am
i mean, some of us are old enough to remember ronald reagan's great confrontation with the air controllers union. it was one of the first real confrontation said he had. it established a precedent in that instance as a kind of leader who was willing to pursue and implement his agenda. i think that donald trump is searching around for an issue like that's where he can show his leadership and demonstrate that he does intend to carry through the pledges that he made to the american people. >> jon: judy miller, frank or dorney is, thank you both. our chief white house correspondent john roberts is in position. ready to give us an update on what we are expected to hear from the president today. >> good morning to you. if you saw donald trump at all on the campaign trail, you know that he was not happy with the air traffic control system in this country. and the pace of change in terms of implementation of the next generation, the air traffic control equipment. it switches from a land-based
8:56 am
air is testament, i don't need to tell you this, because you are up payment, but it changes to a space-based gps system of tracking and aircraft. it would allow it to travel far closer together than they currently can. rerouting around bad weather. it would allow them to basically get from point a to point b in a more efficient period of time. we got the two minute warning here, by the way part of the president is going to announce today that over the course of the next three years coming is going to take the air traffic control system out of the auspices of the aviation administration imported into the hands of what will be a newly created nonprofit corporation, which will really be a public-private partnership here. the president believes that that will make the system much more efficient. it will drive the implementation into the next generation technology more efficiently. one of the things that has been holding it up, not getting the equipment in place, but getting
8:57 am
the equipment in the aircraft. aviation is one thing, but what about general aviation as well. you are talking about people with small aircraft, 152, beechcraft, finances, whatever. it is very expensive to put that new equipment and there, so that is obviously going to be a question going forward in terms of the implementation with how quickly they can get all of it in place. the last of the dignitaries are just arriving now. and i think i should probably sit down here, so i will give it back to you. >> jon: you do that. we do not want anybody throwing spit balls at you from the back there. you talk about changing the control system, back in 1956, the first airline disaster that killed more than 100 people in this country happened when a united airlines plane and a trans world airlines constellation ran into each other, a midair collision over the grand canyon. that is because in those days,
8:58 am
the pilots just reported where they were or where they expected to be. there was no radar coverage over the grand canyon in those days. if two airlines had a midair collision. so the next system they are hoping is going to be a far better system than the one that the employee now. this is the vice president, obviously. let's listen to mike pence. >> senator ted cruz, distinguished members of congress, on behalf of the first family, welcome to the white house. [applause] and thanks to the leadership of president donald trump, welcome to the beginning of a new era for american infrastructure. [applause]
8:59 am
you know, since the first day of this administration, president trump has been working tirelessly to keep the promises that he made to the american people. our president has been putting jobs in this economy first. rolling back regulations and unleashing american energy. ending unfair trade practices. working with congress to repeal and replace obamacare. thanks to donald trump, america is back. [applause] american businesses are growing and investing in america again. more than 6000 private jobs have been created under this president's leadership. unemployment has not been this low for 16 years. but if you have not already noticed, the american people also elected a builder to be the 45th president of the united states, and this week starting today, this president
9:00 am
will take historic steps to keep his promise to rebuild america. [applause] promising to replace our crumbling infrastructure with new roads, bridges, tunnels, air force part of the action that the president announces today will be commerce, and most importantly president trump's action today will enhance the safety and perception of our air travel in the united states. and as i can attest from first-hand experience, having more precise landings in america is a good thing. [laughter] [applause] so with gratitude for his leadership and vision, and with admiration for his unwavering determination to rebuild america and restore a nation of opportunity and prosperity.


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