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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 6, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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be visiting from the western world and around the world. >> hopefully it's isolated and taken care of. a man with a hammer shot twice. when there are developments we'll bring them to you. we have to run. >> jon: fox news alert and continuing reporting out of paris just outside of one of the most famous sites and all of christian durham notre dame cathedral. a man attacked a police officer with a hammer. that man is shot twice by the police officer, lying on the ground. we have been told he has been taken away and he is apparently going to survive the incident. there is the aerial video not far from the river, notre dame cathedral. a police officer on duty is attacked by a man with a hammer. >> melissa: there is a heightened response to these incidents right now.
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we also saw those attacks in nice, france itself is no stranger to terror. we see one of these alerts, once again that something is happened, although this incident. reports right now it appears to be contained, but still, we are watching the scene right now and bringing our reporters to the scene as well. >> jon: looks awful empty and these live pictures. that is because authorities have told tourists to please leave the area. all of the tourists essentially have scattered. there is a police investigation underway, a crime scene no outside that gorgeous cathedral in paris. notre dame where an attacker when after a police officer with a hammer, was shot twice by the police. benjamin hall made the point a bit earlier that paris police as well as military members are
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patrolling the streets and are armed. that is not always the case in london where some of the bobbies do not carry sidearms or weapons of any kind. but this particular attacker when after somebody who had a gun and that police officer used it and shot the attacker two times. >> melissa: we see an attack here at one of the biggest symbols of christian dumb there is such a heightened awareness around an attack like this that something could happen, especially in a public place, and as you mention, we see that civilians have been moved away from the area right now. there is obviously a very heavy police presence there in the area, locking it all down right now. >> jon: this is obviously coming on the heels of the attack at london bridge in which three men wearing explosive
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vests were shot to death. benjamin hall is live for us from london with more on what's going on outside notre dame cathedral. >> it began with shots fired by the iconic notre dame cathedral in paris. police evacuating the area and pushing people back inside the cathedral. eyewitnesses say they were told to remain calm. a man attacked a policeman just outside the cathedral. he was shot, very quickly, two times by security there. he is wounded, he is not killed. we are seeing this incredibly fast response time. the situation is under control at the moment, it is too early to tell. this was dealt with almost immediately. the london bridge attack, it
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took 8 minutes for police to get there. this hammer attack has been stopped within minutes it sounds. that of course has to do with how many attacks we've seen in france recently as well as across europe. military units and armed units in all major tourism spots like this, they are ready and waiting. of course, it's ramadan. they are prepared for something like this to happen because of that. this may be under control. a man with a hammer, attacking police or security outside notre dame. massive evacuations of the area, panic at first, but people inside the cathedral saying that there is some sense of calm. in light of the attacks we've seen recently in britain, there is a sense that one after the other after the other, we will let you know soon as we get more details. this man is down, shot twice, wounded, not killed.
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>> jon: benjamin, it fits the profile. it's too early to say whether this was absolutely some kind of terrorism, could just be a crazed man with a hammer. if it is a terrorist attack, it fits the profile of what isis has been trying to develop. telling their followers to pick up whatever you can and kill all nonbelievers. trying to reach benjamin hall in london, it appears we have lost our connection with him. let me restate what is going on there outside notre dame cathedral in paris. all of the tourists have essentially been pushed away after an attack on a police officer that left the attacker, who used a hammer, shot twice. >> melissa: we don't know the condition of the officer who was attacked. that's important to note. police put a public warning out
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on twitter after the officer had shot and wounded the assailant. we're going to listen and now to sky news, or sister network and here the reporting period >> when did you first become aware of what was happening? >> i suppose it was about 15 minutes ago. they said no one was allowed to leave at that time. >> did they tell you why? >> they said that there was a police incident outside and that no one could leave until the police that it was safe to leave. >> did you hear anything? >> i didn't, no, but mn i spoke to said he heard gunshots and there were crowds of people who are running at the same time. >> the people that are there, you say everyone is quite comb and they are sitting in the aisles at least for now. are you being updated what's happening?
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>> yeah, they've been doing announcements in english and french, telling everyone to stay calm until they know what's going on. >> are you feeling okay? >> yeah, yeah, fine. everyone is calm, trying not to panic. >> you are on holiday at the moment? >> yeah, yeah, we're just here for a short holiday. >> okay, you take care. everything is under control outside, so nothing to worry about and i'm sure they will be letting you out before too long. >> jon: there are obviously many, many people inside notre dame cathedral. the cathedrals put on lockdown after the incident outside and we believe, based on the reporting of our colleagues from sky news, that that was a phone call made from inside the cathedral with one of the men who is on lockdown. how many people are inside, we do not know. the tourists from outside notre dame, it is a crime scene. >> melissa: she was describing
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it that when the shots went off, people rushed inside for cover. they were secured inside the location. what you're looking at on your screen is the results outside where the area has been cleared and we see police there, although it looks like they are staying in place. they told everyone inside to shelter in place. we have not heard any reports that there is more than one assailant involved in this. we do know that he is wielding a hammer and a police officer, we have no idea if you made contact or if the police officer was injured. we have jennifer griffin live? let's go to her right now from the pentagon to see what she has learned. welcome. >> right now, there is no claim of responsibility for this attack on notre dame. i would like to point out that the u.s. officials have warned to expect more terror attacks in europe, many of them related to isis, especially as u.s. military and allies on the ground in syria and iraq.
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today, the operation launched to retake the isis capital, rocco. they watch that very important operation that they have been building up to this moment for months. it's no coincidence that today is june 6th, the anniversary of d-day and the go-ahead order was given for those arab and british fighters to retake the isis capital. u.s. officials have long warned that as they tighten that hold and they overthrow isis in their self-proclaimed capital of raqqa in syria that that will push some of the foreign fighters out of the country and perhaps they will spread to other locations overseas.
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they've tried to mitigate that by setting up that area around raqqa last few months. they are hoping that those fighters -- steve townsend who is the top u.s. official in iraq released a statement in which he said it's hard to convince new recruits that isis is a winning because when they just lost their two twin capitals in both iraq and syria. he was referring to mozilla and raqqa. this comes days after another attack in london. it is not clear at this point who is responsible, but u.s. officials have been warning to expect more of this kind of terror attack as they defeat isis in raqqa. >> melissa: thank you for that. for more on this, i want to
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bring in tom rogan and tom, you are supposed to join us today to talk about the shakeup in britain's counterterrorism group and here we are looking at another situation and another part of europe that seems similar. i would tell our viewers, we have no idea whether this was just a random person yielding a hammer. the response that you see outside is a reaction and precaution to the idea that there is a heightened danger around the world right now. what do you make of this? >> you are absolutely right in that regard that there is a growing concern on the part of european counterterrorism services, that each attack takes place and inspires another one. alongside the inspirational attacks, there are plots that develop behind the scenes orchestrated in some cases by
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isis. more broadly, the threat level is sustained. >> melissa: you make a great point. there are two types of groups right now that authorities like these are facing. there is the plot, something that is planned way ahead of time. and then there's the independent person, who we don't know. the independent person who would go in and be radicalized and try to do something as a one-off that is less of a thought out and plan. how do you prepare for those two different situations? >> the one binding element, which is what jim matus has been talking about recently. the obama administration was
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engaged in it through annihilation. you seek to destroy the credibility of the isis brand. the unifying factor here is that isis has displaced al qaeda as a leading terrorist threat. >> melissa: i'm so sorry. we are going to ask you to stand by for one second. we have more breaking news right now. don't go anywhere. >> jon: will check back in with jennifer griffin. she is at the pentagon with an update. >> defense secretary jim mattis landed early in washington. he has been traveling through asia for the last week or so. he spoke in sydney, predicting again, what would happen, here's what he said yesterday from sydney. >> we are going to have to take that caliphate down for the attacks that you've seen going on around the world that you all have reported on.
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the enemy has got to be taken out by military means where they are powerful enough to launch these attacks on others and we can't sit idly by. >> as we mentioned before, the operation by arab and kurdish forces to retake speech when i began this morning. they quoted steve townsend, the commander in charge of that operation. he warned that it may be a long operation. it will not be quick. you saw how long it's taken and mosul to take out that point. they are closing in on mosul and now today, they launched at that operation against raqqa and
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syria. while we don't know who is responsible for these attacks, u.s. officials tell me it's no coincidence that we are seeing a spike in these attacks in europe as isis tries to make its final stand. >> jon: there have been warnings of the be in danger that they are squeezing raqqa and the other headquarters of isis, that some of those foreign fighters who were there would scatter and go to places like paris, where they have a relatively easier time getting in. again, we warn it's too early to tell if it's absolutely terrorism, but it fits the pattern. >> u.s. officials had planned for this day and they would hope in the last few months as they circled raqqa that they would be able to contain those foreign fighters. for the most part, they feel that they did.
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they went to libya, they went into turkey, they don't have the easiest time traveling in europe anymore. that's why you are seeing a lot of the homegrown terror attacks because through isis is propaganda machine, their online magazine, their calling for solidarity attacks by those living in europe. because you have pockets of disgruntled communities that are prone to this propaganda, that is why you are seeing them used as vehicles or a hammer in this case or knives as we saw over the weekend in london. they are using whatever weapon they have at their convenience. the u.s. military says this is a sign that isis is about to be defeated and that's why you're seeing this uptake of attacks in
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europe. >> jon: let's hope those signs are accurate. jennifer griffin at the pentagon, thank you. >> melissa: let's go back to tom rogan. before he went to jennifer, you are doing a really great job of explaining everything we are seeing right now. the idea that what unifies all these different things that we are seeing whether it's london, whether it's what we are seeing in paris, as the idea that we are shifting from the stance to annihilation. that's what she just described with this launch now. that's why we are looking for an answer to how we deal with these things all of the place that are different. is it the strategy? >> the point here is very basic. the trump administration started. what you're dealing with is a
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brand that it might attract, and might be disgusting to all of us, but it attracts malcontents. it does that deliberately. we are not the jv team, we are the winning team. where the team you want to be with. anytime you waive that black flag, it is a meeting point. the brand becomes less powerful because it says to those individuals, if you join this group, you're just going to die very quickly and everyone will forget about you and you will be labeled a murderer. that's an important strategic narrative bound up which i think
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is the focal point here that if you put that pressure on, not only can you disrupt what you've seen in london and paris, but you disrupt the inspiration that you see. >> melissa: everything you're saying makes sense and i noticed you use the word loser. the only problem with the theory you were just talking about is the idea that they already accounted for the idea that you will die in the process of all of this. they think it is an honor to die in this pursuit and what happens afterwards is going to be better than anything you could obtain here on earth. there is no way to disprove that if you're on the other side. how do you deal with that element? >> is not simply about dying, it's about dying in a way that's great and purposeful.
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if they are perishing and it's a bunch of guys running around, it has less credibility. yes, there will still be those individuals who join up because they believe that's a great death, but the others, the westerners, the people who are looking at propaganda, though socially connected individuals, it will have less appeal to them over the long term. the caveat to that, it's not just about raqqa, it's also now about the movement of the offices so they can keep planning these defenses. >> melissa: it you have great insight, i don't want to let you go anywhere. please stand by if you can. >> jon: it looks fairly calm right now outside notre dame
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cathedral, but it was absolutely pandemonium a little more than half an hour ago when what sounded like explosions ran out outside that i kind of cathedral. it turned out to be two gunshots fired by a police officer who had been attacked by a man wielding a hammer. that man was shot and went down. at last report, he was still alive. benjamin hall is in london with the latest report were a number of people were killed, seven people in london after jihadists used knives and vehicles and attacking people on the streets. >> that's right, and incredibly fast response time from the police in both situations. we're learning a little bit more about what happened in the lead up to the police shooting at this attacker. ed sounds as if he had been threatening both the police and passersby with a hammer. they tried to sort of contain him, but then he attacked one of
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the policeman, hitting him in the head, wounding him in the head at which when police opened fire, shooting the attacker twice in the chest. the attacker is alive, he is already been taken to hospital. we've seen these sorts of attacks aimed at soft targets, but notre dame at this time of year is anything but a soft target. it is constantly patrolled by these extra police, extra military carrying weapons. it is another low-tech attack. that's what the propaganda has been saying for a while. get a car or get a household item. again, we are seeing that happen. as you say, the situation seems to be under control at the moment. they've kept a number of people inside the cathedral, they've had them sit down and wait there until they can make sure there are no other attackers in the area. already, the prosecutor's office
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in paris has opened a terrorism inquiry. it looks certain that that's what they are looking at at the moment. we see this again and again in france in particular. i think the figure is over 1,000 french people. of course, no one has confirmed that this is isis or otherwise, but the very model of it suggests that it is incited by, but not directed by. as we see in london, manchester, this is now ramadan and the attacks are much expected. >> jon: the attack in paris, the botta cologne attack in 2015 and paris is still under a state of emergency as a result of those attacks and others since then. >> that was a big response to those attacks. with these extra police force is brought onto the streets.
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the french are really upping the ante. one of the reasons is there is a fear in mainland europe of weapons being used. it's a lot easier to get a hold of weapons. the borders are open, the french in particular are really upping their game on the terrorism side. it's very hard to stop low-tech attacks such as this, but europe in general is looking closely at how we can change and capture these people earlier. many of the attackers are on a watch list, and police will be trying to find anyone in connection with him. just to try and shut down cells like this. it's such a precarious situatio situation. >> jon: benjamin hall in london, thank you. the situation appears to be over. a loan attacker who went after a
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police officer and also whenever tourists in the area of notre dame cathedral in paris. that cathedral is on lockdown. we understand there are people who ran inside for safety when they heard the gunshots. two shots fired apparently by the police officer who was attacked. the plaza outside notre dame was pretty much empty, although the officers are on the move. it is a crime scene, we don't yet know the condition of the attacker. he reportedly was still alive after being shot at least once, two shots fired by police. >> melissa: what we want to bring in our next guest right now, alexander hitchens is joining us as well. he is the research director of program on extremism at george washington university. let me give our audience some more of the fact that we are learning right now. the ministry is confirming at the man had been threatening different placement, he was also threatening passersby. the investigation started and
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they are considering this a terrorist act. the aggressor was wounded in the chest and he did wound one policeman in the head with a hammer before he was shot twice. hundreds of visitors are now secured inside the church. what's your reaction to all of that? >> i think we caveat this by saying we don't know what the motives are. >> melissa: we have said that. >> even the fact that it's getting reported and it's getting attention around the world reminds us. we talk about isis propaganda all the time, but we forget that the main sort of propaganda are the actual attacks. this is a perfect example of that. no other isis propaganda gets more attention than any sort of attack, even if it's a stomach
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>> melissa: the interior ministry as saying they are treating it as a terrorism act. is there any way now to battle back against all these different attacks that are happening all over the place and to move from a annihilation stance against this extreme ideology. that was the thought that was brought up, do you agree? >> i don't disagree that there should be a very strong military response to isis bases in the middle east. as we see, this threat existed before this, with al qaeda. they encouraged these low-tech attacks and is likely to survive. it's the ideology that's important. >> melissa: how do you do it? >> a number of ways. we hear about counter messaging,
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we develop ways to delegitimize and prove our own values, strengthening and believing in what america and the west is about. also through things like gang intervention programs where they go to areas that are vulnerable to joining gangs. you could have intervention programs. >> melissa: i can hear people in the audience sort of yelling at their television that that's what we've been trying to do. the attacks we are talking about stem very much like what the last administration tried. while they sound like good ideas, the situation has gotten exponentially worse. >> yes, the last demonstration began doing this, but honestly there wasn't much funding for it. it was in the initial stages. it's working pretty well in europe. >> melissa: it you think it's working well in europe? this is what we are watching right here.
8:29 am
part of my skepticism, but it doesn't look like it's working very well in europe. if you look at what's going on in france, london is experiencing something once a week for the past three weeks. >> yeah, of course. the threat is massive. you cannot stop all the attacks, but we also know that many of the attacks have been stopped. many people have been veered away. it could be a lot worse. the fact is a lot of this started too late. >> melissa: a counterfactual argument. >> these guys need to be stopped earlier on. >> jon: alexander, it's jon scott. they seem to be saying if you take >> melissa: a 9 out of the picture, if you eliminate the caliphate, the ideology it has lost all credibility. you agree? >> i do to an extent. yes, of course.
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isis has achieved what al qaeda presented as a pipe dream. they've done this and in doing that they've inspired a lot of people. it's being removed and destroyed. a lot of these guys are already huge of supporters, they will not give up because they have now reverted to being insurgency. >> melissa: i want to tell our viewers the picture they are seeing in the bottom right-hand corner of their screen. that's a picture from inside the cathedral. you can see the people that are sheltering inside. we are told that their hands are in the air because they want to make sure no one in there has any weapons or is trying to join in in the attacks. there was a man outside who was threatening police and passersby when he took out his hammer and he struck an officer in the head. people ran inside and they were told to shelter in place and we
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are told that there are hundreds of people inside the cathedral sheltering in place. i went to ask alexander one more thing. when you were tell before that the response -- you think more money is the answer to this problem? >> more money that's properly spent. a lot of these plots, before they come to fruition were known about or were suspected about in local communities. open up those avenues more, make people feel more comfortable, we could see major results. >> jon: you actually spent time with some of these isis adherents. we read that they are disaffected young men, may be jobless, maybe not all that well educated and they don't see a
8:32 am
tremendous future for themselves. is that somehow the answer, that the job, the economic advancement are going to prevent some of the kinds of terrorism we've seen? >> of course not. you have many well-off, educated people getting involved in terrorism. one thing we can say across the board, you find a terrorist -- a lot of the guys i've met in the u.k. were guys who didn't have very glamorous lives, didn't have much of a future and were offered this instant gratification of being part of something big. by that point, i don't think we can always say that jobs are going to be the answer. in the end, people are unemployed all over the world. terrorism does not exist all over the world. there are many other factors. >> jon: when we look at this problem, it seems to be an unending force of evil.
8:33 am
yet, world war ii, the third reich had its tremendous appeal among many german people. that ideology was vanquished. can the same thing happen here? >> yes, i think we should look at this in terms of the other isms that we fought against. we should look at it in those terms. the difference that we have to take into account is unlike is nazism and communism, is him claims to represent one of the world's largest religions. that gives it extra strength but i think the other threats we face before perhaps didn't have. >> melissa: what are some of the other things that you learned from spending time with people who had adhered to this ideology? can you give us any insight? >> i think we should take into account, i heard before these guys being referred to as psychopaths and crazy. a lot of the time, these guys
8:34 am
are relatively mentally stable. they're not acting on voices on their heads, they're not illusion all, but they have been adopting an ideology that has humanized the society around them. they see people who are not muslim as subhuman. that disgusts their fellow citizens. a lot of the guys i met were members of the group of one of the london attackers was a member of, they saw us as a filthy, or customs are discussed income way women dress, the ownership of dogs. there's a lot of aspects that we ignore that these guys truly hate. once you can dehumanize a target, it's much easier to see why you can treat them like vermin. >> melissa: that's a great point. alexander, thanks so much. standby, we are going to go to
8:35 am
to -- >> jon: where checking in with benjamin hall. benjamin, what's the latest? >> the paris police now coming out and saying that this operation is over, thankfully thanks for the quick response from the police there. you'll remember back in february, there was an attack at the louvre in paris. he was shot quickly. a few months before that, there is an attack, a car found near there louvre that was found full of gas cylinders that thankfully didn't go off. that's what isis propaganda has been saying. if this is indeed isis. we have not confirm that. it is low-tech and that's a
8:36 am
propaganda that is called for. the fact that it was just outside notre dame. this operation certainly seems to be over. they have searched the people who went back inside notre dame. they cleared the square. as we've seen before, they will try to get this going is back to normal as possible. they do not want panic to spread. a >> jon: very quick response from paris police who have their headquarters just steps away from notre dame cathedral. benjamin hall reporting, thanks very much. we will continue to keep our eye on the situation outside notre dame. what an attacker -- one attacker has been injured, one plays officer as well. the police officer fired two shots hitting the attacker. the police officer was hit in the head by this guy carrying a
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>> jon: fox news alert and panic outside notre dame cathedral in paris. it was just about an hour ago that people milling about outside one of the world's top tourist attractions heard what they thought were explosions. turned out to be two gunshots from a french police officer who had been attacked by a man wielding a hammer. many people scattered from the plaza outside the cathedral, went into the cathedral, and they are still there. it is being cleared slowly we are told, although police say the incident is over. the attacker, shot by the officer. that attacker was taken away from the area and is still alive. we do not know his condition right now. we do not absolutely know that this was some kind of terrorist attack. could have been just a nutcase with a hammer, although it bears
8:41 am
many of the hallmarks and has been reported throughout the morning as ramadan when attacks on civilians and others tend to spike. we are continuing to keep our eye on what's going on inside and outside notre dame cathedral. if by chance you know someone who is planning to visit there today, they might be stuck inside the cathedral for some time because they were told to lock down there and shelter in place. they are letting people out. it could take some time before they get back to their phones and what have you. again, the only person slightly injured as we understand was the police officer as well as the attacker. will continue the coverage here on "happening now" ." >> melissa: in the meantime, president trump putting forward and embed just a former fbi director james comey prepares to testify on thursday before the senate intelligence committee.
8:42 am
the president plans to meet with republican leadership this afternoon to talk taxes and health care. the president will also be hosting a dinner with members of congress tonight to push his domestic legislation. the white house and saying the president remains confident he can kick-start the agenda which has stalled as investigations into elections expand. >> the president has a very busy week. he has meetings and events both inside and outside washington. >> melissa: john roberts joins us live from the north lawn. john, give us a breakdown. >> good morning to you. they are trying to get the legislative agenda back on trac track. holding a meeting this afternoon, people in that meeting, paul ryan, kevin
8:43 am
mccarthy, steve scalise, john cornyn and mitch mcconnell. the immediate goal is to get obamacare repeal and replace moving through the senate. mitch mcconnell says that he is aiming for a vote sometime before the end of june. the white house was hoping to get the whole thing through the conference progress and a bill on the president's desk before the august recess, which some people might think is a little ambitious. he's also getting the house and senate ramped up for tax reform. they are hoping to have tax reform language ready by labor day. they hope to get some bipartisanship on tax reform, reaching out to try to get some on board. the white house says it would like to have a neutral tax reform plan so that it can become permanent after ten year
8:44 am
years. it was not neutral, i could go away. officials say the top priority isn't so much tax reform as getting tax cuts done to spur economic growth. the president today also taking a very strong middle eastern ally of the united states after saudi arabia and other arab nations cut diplomatic ties with qatar. after seeing in this meeting here with the mayor of qatar, that he was honored to meet him. he said they have been great friends for a long time. the president is now very critical saying so good to see the saudi arabia visit with the king and 50 countries already paying off. they said they would take a hard line on funding extremism, and all reference was pointing to qatar. perhaps this will be the beginning of the end to the horror of terrorism. the president is walking a fine line here. certainly he wants to support saudi arabia because they are a strong ally of the united states, but qatar is also
8:45 am
home to the largest air base in the region. the president needs to make peace with both sides. the u.s. military, the pentagon reaffirming the strong ties with qatar. >> melissa: interesting. dicey, a good word for it. john roberts, thank you. >> jon: the justice department is attempting to plug some of the intelligence leaks have been plaguing this a administration, starting with the arrest of a 25-year-old federal contract worker of hues of sending classified information to a news outlet. she could face up to ten years in prison. lawmakers say the leaks cannot be taken lightly. >> i don't care if you're republican or democrat. when you have classified information, you cannot put that out there just because you think it would be a good idea. i want people in handcuffs and i want to see people behind bars.
8:46 am
>> jon: let's talk about it. this woman, reality winner is her name. formerly a member of the air force, has been working as a contract employee at a military base in georgia. she is facing pretty significant jail time, sarah, if, in fact, she is convicted. >> absolutely. the charges really set the tone of how the justice department is going to handle these leaks. they are going to show they are not going to take the leaking of classified information lately. she is an outspoken opponent of the president. that kind of supports the why of the leaks as articulated by trump and his allies at these were politically motivated.
8:47 am
as for the who of the leaks, this is not a high ranking strategically placed deep state obama holdover, this is a relatively low ranking contractor from georgia. it doesn't necessarily support the president's argument about who supported the leaks. >> jon: the document that she is accused of sending to this media outlet was a study of how russian meddling may have managed to hack into a voting system in the south. as sarah said, this woman also posted on her facebook page a bunch of anti-trump railing, i guess you would say. it does have all the hallmarks of politically motivated leaking, maybe even espionage. >> she is 25 and especially working for a contractor may be
8:48 am
unaware of how many times president obama tried to go after leakers and whistleblowers on the espionage act. maybe more than all previous administrations combined. there are paths that whistleblowers can take, they can take this kind of information to places where it can be shared and protected. they leak this kind of thing to the press, although i do not think it will stop. >> jon: the obama administration may have gone after leakers very aggressively, but perhaps one of the most damaging leak cases of recent memory, chelsea manning was convicted for. the obama administration gardened her in the days for the present left office. she just got out of jail after she did about a fifth of the 35 year sentence that originally
8:49 am
was handed out. that doesn't suggest that leaking is all that seriously taken. >> ed was seriously taken and the obama administration. they were a number of leak prosecutions. the obama administration's a step further. they surveilled journalists in order to discover their sources some associated press reporters as well that was obviously something that bordered on first amendment rights. there has been a lot of references to those attacks on the press during the trump administration because there's a lot of talk that president trum president trump's criticism of reporters is infringing on the first amendment rights. they point to the fact that the obama administration actually spied on reporters and tweeting me things about journalists doesn't even rise close to that level. >> jon: we have to leave it
8:50 am
there. sarah westwood, a.b. stoddard, thank you. >> melissa: we are continuing to watch this situation in paris and we will bring you any new details on that as soon as they come to us. in the meantime, there is highly anticipated testimony from james comey. lawmakers want to hear about comey's memos, but could they be disappointing?
8:51 am
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8:54 am
adrian, i'll start with you. what you expected this hearing? >> certainly, based on experience to say we're going to hear something that will be interesting. what i want to know as a concerned american citizen is what kind of pressure did donald trump put on him? what kind of conversations did they have? and what did -- what kind of information was he trying to get about the investigation? >> melissa: it you're not alone in that. congressman jason chaffetz feels the same way. >> is going to go back to the tried and true, as classified material and i'll have to talk to you about it not in the setting. that's the.
8:55 am
>> why do a public testimony? >> you would need to see the documents. >> melissa: sometimes it seems like the story is shifting. the president ought to welcome james comey's testifying, because he made public comment where people had hired opinion of him before his comments. the bigger dynamics here are his actions are not aligned with what a prosecutor does. a prosecutor reports crime, they don't write memos on them. this is like what j. edgar hoover used to do when he would collect information on presidents and with them know he had information to put fear in them on what retaliation he might try to use on them if they do something he doesn't like. >> melissa: the fact of the matter is, this is his first public opinion since he was fired. he is going to come out and tal
8:56 am
talk. based on reports that we've see seen, in a lot of ways, we don't know -- we don't have a great sense of what the truth is and what really happened at all, but do you think we will really learn more? >> it's also important to keep in mind that there was also going to be a classified hearing that will take place that will not be publicly televised. we need to understand the basic questions, what can james comey answer, any sort of pressure they may have put on him? >> melissa: if he is vague and keeps it all for behind the scenes, they are good reasons for that, and might raise more questions than answers. thanks to both of you, i wish we had more time. >> jon: paris on high security after a string of islamic extremist attacks in recent
8:57 am
months and years. now an attack this morning that bears many of the hallmarks. a man with a hammer who went after a police officer outside notre dame cathedral. we will bring the latest just ahead let's take a look at some numbers: 4 out of 5 people who have a stroke, their first symptom... is a stroke. 80 percent of all strokes and heart disease? preventable. and 149 dollars is all it takes to get screened and help take control of your health. we're life line screening... and if you're over 50... call this number, to schedule an appointment...
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>> jon: we are back in an hour. "outnumbered" starts now. the >> harris: fox news alert. an attack on one of the most famous churches and all of europe. police investigating it as terrorism near the notre dame cathedral. here's what we know. a man when after a police officer with a hammer before that officer shot and mooted that man. hundreds of visitors were locked on inside the cathedral, tourists outside, whisked away to safety. covering this from london, benjamin hall. >> another day, another attack here in europe. we've seen far too many of them recently. what we know is around four: 40 in the afternoon in paris, a man


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