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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 6, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> mr. chairman, thank you for joining us today. that does it for us on "outnumbered," thank you for joining us. we will be back at tv tomorrow at noon eastern. "happending now" starts right now. >> melissa: of fox news alert, the french interior minister says the man who attacked police officer with a hammer outside the notre dame clique took the back cathedral in paris appeared to be acting alone. >> jon: he claimed "it's for syria" as he went on the attack. >> british authorities identifying all three men and the deadly rampage. they had people running for their lives through the streets of london. what we are learning about their past. plus, a u.s. intelligence contractor charged with leaking classified information about russia and the 2016 election. could the push to repeal and
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replace obamacare be losing momentum in the senate? why some comments by republican lawmakers are raising questions. it's all happening now. >> jon: we begin with a fox news alert as we await the white house briefing ahead of the meeting with republican leadership. welcome to the second hour of "happending now" ." >> melissa: we are live at the white house where there is about to be a whole lot of action from press secretary at sean spicer's briefing to the president sitting down with house and senate leaders and pushing his domestic legislative agenda which includes health care and tax reform. doug, break it down for us. >> he is eat during extremely eager to introduce his agenda. there are the two big ticket items however, repeal and replace obamacare and tax reform
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which remain undone at this point. repeal and replace faces both time pressures with the end of the fiscal year set for september 30th and with interparty resistance. senators richard burton and lindsey graham are both indicating in the last 24 hours or so tdoubts as to whether repd replace can actually happen in the senate. the senate trying to put pressure on legislators with a tweet today that said "big meeting today with republican leadership concerning tax cuts and health care, we are all pushing hard, must get it right!" when the president had us laboratory celebratory meeting here, the senate through a great big wet blanket on that announcing shortly thereafter that they wouldn't even take up the house version of that bill. the tax reform processes in many ways depended on the success of a repeal and replace obamacare.
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the president's tweet storm yesterday, which has raised doubts and many people's minds whether he is hurting his own agenda. the white house thinks the president is helping to dull the mainstream media's narrative. the president tweeted -- though briefing is set for 2:00 p.m. today and sean spicer will be back in the saddle toda today. >> melissa: thank you. >> jon: president trump lashing out at members of his own administration, tweeting -- 's statement raises the question of why he signed the revised order if he didn't report it. the white house explained it this way yesterday. >> he is looking to match the
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demands laid out by the ninth circuit and for the purpose of expediency to start looking at the best way possible to move that process forward. >> jon: the travel ban targets six muslim majority nations in the middle east. president trump is apparently unhappy with attorney general jeff sessions. let's talk about it with ed rollins, former campaign manage manager. a former advisor to president clinton and a fox news contributor. let's talk first of all about this tweet, why would the president call it a travel ban when his administration has taken pains to say that's not what it is? >> and why would he say they should have gone back to the original plan when that was ruled unconstitutional? to second-guess your own side in the context of an ongoing fight
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using language that is not helpful does not make any sense. >> jon: he's got plenty of enemies on the democratic side of the aisle. he seems to be picking fights with his own side. >> nothing is running very smoothly at this point in time. a critical factor here is that the attorney general took himself out of the game very early on and i think the president is frustrated by that. i think the first man was rushed, he tried to fix that. 44 times the presidents have issued executive orders regarding travel and visa. it's very important to set standards about who can come in this country. >> jon: are you suggesting that attorney general sessions should not have recused himself? >> i think he could have done
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other things. somehow the relationship between the two, and were very close in the campaign seems to have broken down, and very important to fix. >> jon: how do you fix that? >> my sense of what is going to happen is there's going to be a wholesale shakeup, we could go from reince priebus on down, i think ed is suggesting that jeff sessions could be in play and candidly, if there was another meeting with the russians that he "forgot about," he's gone. gone. we could have complete turmoil and change in the administration sooner than later, and that makes health care even less likely to get done. >> jon: they are trying to get health care done before the august recess which is not that far away, is it possible? >> i don't think it's probable, it is possible but not probable. when you have a couple of senators who basically said that
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they don't see anything in the bill they would vote for and there is no other bill on the forefront today, i think it's really difficult. the difficulty is trying to make it through the reconciliation process. i think tax cuts are far more important to stimulating the economy, i think you basically have to put health care reform off to the next few years. >> jon: are democrats willing to lend a hand? >> if there's a fix, obamacare, yes, absolutely. if the president is willing to recognize that there's got to be an increase in taxes on the wealthiest, the democrats will go along on tax reform. but candidly, one of the first rules of politics, is when your opponent is self-destructing, keep your mouth shut and let that happen, resisting them all the way. and that's the democratic strategy, short-term good, longer-term not so great. in the short term, it gets the
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party through the next year or so. >> jon: do you agree that there is self-destruction underway? >> the message is not clearly getting defined, part of it is the tweets and what have you. we always tell a candidate not to think out loud, be very discerning with your message. the president historically is very disciplined with their message. they put out statements, executive orders, there's a whole process to do it. to get up at 5:00 in the morning to say what's on top of his head, that becomes the story of the day. they need to be very careful and have a strategy to communicate. >> jon: he gets in the way of his own message. >> both politically and illegally, he has hurt his own case. >> jon: thank you so much. >> melissa: fox news alert for you, intelligence contractor arrested following the leak of a
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classified report on russian election hacking. 25-year-old reality winner, possibly the first leaker to face prosecution under the trump administration. catherine harris is live in washington with more on this. >> according to this fbi affidavit, the contractor worked in georgia and last month deliberately remove the highly classified nsa document giving it to reporters. the affidavit reads in part "on or near may 19th, winner unlawfully retained the information." when confronted by the fbi on saturday, winner admitted to
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taking the material and mailing it. the nsa document was first reported by the intercept web site and is based on recently acquired data that suggests russian intelligence known as the gre you executed a cyber attack on u.s. voting supplier in august of last year. this morning on capitol hill, a senior democrats of the nsa report shows that russia wanted to do a lot more than that. >> while i condemn the leak and of the person who leaked it, we now have in the public domain verified information that the russians made an aggressive attempts to access not only a
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vendor of voter software but also a number of states voter databases in the months prior to the election. >> melissa: the new nsa data does not change the intelligence committee's inclusion of the russian effort did not alter any votes but certainly the new nsa intelligence conflicts with what the russian president said, that the allegations are without any merit. >> jon: we are following a new development out of paris after a police shot and wounded a man who attacked police with a hammer. we are learning breaking details about his background. plus, new developments in the london terror attack investigation. police release the identities of all three attackers, two of them no strangers to authority.
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>> melissa: fox news alert, paris authorities open a counterterrorism investigation after police shot and wounded a man who attacked an officer with a hammer outside of notre dame cathedral earlier today. police say the attacker was carrying the identification card of an algerian student. the french interior minister now saying that the president's number one priority is fighting terrorism. the terror national security analyst for the margaret thatcher center joins us today. what is your initial take on what we saw today?
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>> once again we are seeing an attack in france, notre dame itself was targeted last summer, to isis operatives last summer. isis likes to target religious institutions. no surprise that we have seen religious institutions in france once again targeted, especially because we have seen some kind of response. >> melissa: even this is as low-tech as it comes, he came in wielding a hammer, hit a police officer in the head with that. apparently he was armed with other knives. he cried "this is for syria." if you couple it together with everything else that is been going on, the attacks we have seen here and in london, what should the response be? >> this is the big problem for
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european countries, really. i think there are some things you have to do, increase counterterrorism spending, get the intelligence sharing apparatus, terror suspects where possible, prevent people from coming into the country. ultimately, you have this ideology that's propelling these groups and that ideology shows no sign of weakening. >> melissa: let's break down some of the things that you said there. he said preventing people coming into the country, he was traveling from algeria, obviously that is an incredibly hot-button issue in the u.s. right now. talking about trying to limit the travel of people coming from places that are hotbeds of terrorism or where governments have fallen apart. it's very difficult to judge. whether these people are safe to
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travel here or not, it's a big issue here. >> absolutely, europe is a great example of what happens when you get this policy wrong. this isn't just a recent phenomenon, in the 1990s europe took in a whole host of refugees and asylum seekers from countries like algeria, egypt, libya, georgia. there were people who were fleeing authoritarian nations but a lot of those who came in were national security threats, they helped radicalize a generation of people in europe. there are very clear incentives to get this right and very clear consequences when governments get this wrong. >> melissa: we are talking about profiling people that are of a certain faith and coming from a certain place, obviously there has been great resistance even in the form of courts stopping the president from putting some of those actions into place. >> yes, obviously we don't know
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the complete outcome of what the courts will decide on that. president trump is and onto nothing when he sees that there is -- when we talk about the threat from some other countries involved, yemen, syria, iraq, clearly there are terrorist groups operating in that theater. there is a natural need for the u.s. to be wary of groups infiltrating averages into the u.s. we seen it in europe, cells of refugees coming in with a migrant flow. >> melissa: tough issue. thank you. >> thank you. >> jon: president trump getting ready to sit down with the republican congressional leaders with an effort to repeal and replace obamacare topping the agenda. why it seems to be hitting out roadblock in the u.s. senate.
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we'll go in depth. >> were public and members in the senate are working very diligently, i was in meetings over the last several weeks when the session came to a close before the memorial day break. i see the sides moving closer to coming together with a plan to repeal and replace obamacare. umbrellas!!
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the police have their hands full right now in fresno. we will get more information and bring it to you on "happending now." >> melissa: right now president trump getting ready to meet with republican leaders this afternoon, new questions about where the g.o.p. stands on repealing and replacing obamacare. the bill that passed in the house seems to have hit a roadblock in the senate. mitch mcconnell continues to call obamacare a broken system and urge democrats to work with the g.o.p. on a solution, he gave no timeline about any bill. some influential senate republicans expressed doubt about about the summer. senator lindsey graham says "i don't think there will be, i don't think we can put it together among ourselves." calls for a local slow approach, saying "there are some who are very interested in moving in along as quickly as possible to get it behind us, i don't think
10:25 am
that's a responsible path. i want to get it right rather than getting up behind us and that's going to take some time." just last week, "a vote to repeal and replace obamacare would come by midsummer." >> absolutely, we will get it done by the end of july at the latest. joining us now is scott jennings, former special assistant to president bush. and the president and ceo of squared communications and chief of staff for senator maria cantwell. call me crazy, i don't necessarily take at face value what politicians say to the microphones or say in printer interviews. scott, you've been there before, where do you think this thing really stands? >> i think there is momentum forgetting to a vote, we've got a lot of senators in washington who want to talk about what they
10:26 am
might want or might not want. you can't really get this debate over with until you put people on the floor and make them vote. i think mitch mcconnell wants to have a vote before august and if he wants to have a vote they will have one and clear the deck on this issue one way or another. right now, every republican takes the blame if they don't have a vote and don't pass anything. i think the senate and a g.o.p. want to get there, it's like a rubik's cube, it's hard to solve but we will never know how close we are until we vote. >> melissa: looking at the news and the headlines today, another insurance company saying they are being forced to pull out of ohio. 20 counties in ohio will not have a single carrier that will offer them obamacare next year. this is a crisis level and both sides really bear the blame. the democrats made it, the republicans said they could fix it so if they fail to do that, everybody gets blamed, everybody
10:27 am
loses, where am i wrong with that? >> i don't think you are wrong at all. i think taking a trillion dollars out of medicaid is too deep of a cut. we are dealing with 16 of the u.s. economy here. if the republicans in the senate didn't run this to the committee, they created a group of 13 guys to deal with it, one from the left of the party, from the center of the party. i think that's why it's going to be a very complicated matter to get past. i think what happened was the uncertainty of working on the cost-sharing column is creating pressure on companies. the market was getting stabilized before the houseboat houseboat -- >> melissa: that's not true, the evidence does not show that. three of the four major insurance companies went to their shareholders and said "it's against the law for us to do things to deliberately lose money, we have a responsibility to try to make a profit and we are just losing too much money on this." it sounds like what michael was
10:28 am
saying, the cost-sharing was stabilizing, the government has to pick up the tab and that is our audience, the taxpayers, that is the only way to write this thing and give that money to the insurance companies to keep that going, what do you think about that? >> isn't that the ultimate liberal dream to drive all the private insurance out of this thing and have a single-payer system? that's what would they want, we are seeing insurance companies flee and people pay the price, i live in kentucky, we have rates going up as much is 47 this yea year. iowa, nebraska, you mentioned the ohio story today. at this thing is collapsing and it's been collapsing for quite some time. that's why the republicans had political success running on repeal and replace, they have been laying elections on this and that's why it would be a tragedy if they were not able to solve it when they have control of the government. >> melissa: we are out of time but i wouldn't want to be unfair, michael, i will give you the last word.
10:29 am
>> they will still provide insurance for large businesses, it is just individuals. >> jon: a crisis in the middle east that could threaten the operation of a u.s. military base. a lab report from the state department coming up. plus, a federal contractor facing charges for leaking a top-secret report detailing how russian military tried to hack into use to make u.s. voting systems just days before the election. will this bring more follow? we will discuss her case with our legal panel ahead. >> this person has to pay a price and everyone else who has access to this information is going to pay a price. i think prosecution is in order. destroy. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident.
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>> melissa: new information, kuwait trying to ease tensions with qatar and its arab neighbors after they cut ties in a diplomatic crisis that could complicate u.s. efforts to fight isis. live at the state department with more. >> good afternoon, the united states is trying to build coalitions and relationships across the middle east to try to address and fight extremism. golf neighbors of qatar charge that that country is enabling extremism and as a result they have cut off diplomatic and economic relations and we are seeing that go through the
10:34 am
country now, flights have ceased to and from qatar to its golf neighbors. president trump appears to have taken sides in this fight this morning again qatar. he tweeted this morning -- the president claims that this diplomatic fight shows his visit last month is already paying of off. rex tillerson is saying that the u.s. is already ready to help settle this and it is up to all gulf countries to help combat terrorism. >> every country in the region has their own obligations of a need to live up to, they have their own work to do in that regard. as i said yesterday, we are hopeful that the parties can resolve this through dialogue. >> jon: that's the secretary of state traveling in australia and new zealand.
10:35 am
qatar says the other gulf countries are trying to blunt its influence throughout the region. the treasury department said that qatar is improving on fighting its terror financing countries in the so that they lack the capacity to fully enforce their laws. qatar is home to the largest u.s. military in the middle east. there is an air base that is used to launch attacks against isis. the pentagon has said that this diplomatic issue has not affected the u.s. campaign against isis. >> melissa: thank you. jon. >> the leaks are extremely bothersome to me, this young lady, she has a price to pay for that. i can assure you if i tried to take something out and it is highly classified, i know there
10:36 am
will be a horrific price for me to pay. this person has to pay a price and everyone else who has access to this information is going to pay the price. i think prosecution is in order. >> jon: you mentioned a secure facility that is proof against all kinds of interception, he is a member of the intelligence committee reacting to the startling report that russian hackers tried to break into u.s. voting systems just days before the election. the nsa contractor accused of leaking the document is not identified, 25-year-old reality winner, yes, that's her name, from augusta, georgia. just last month rod rosenstein made the statement, saying -- so what will the legal fallout be? let's bring in our legal panel.
10:37 am
reality winter, she was working for this government contractor, had top-secret clearance, former air force enlisted person, she now faces ten years in prison for leaking this document. >> isn't that unbelievable, it's incredible how some of these leakers have romanticized this whole notion. they've romanticized this notion about leaking these classified documents. she had top security, she knew what she was doing violated the law. when she was approached and arrested over the weekend, she was approached by the officials and said "yes i did it, i published it" she knew that it was criminal. it's an open and shut case. >> jon: of the who arrested her said she said she did it and hats off to the fbi and other investigative agencies, this
10:38 am
online news outlet published a report and basically the next day she was under arrest. >> like mercedes side, this is going to be reality loser here, when i was doing these kinds of investigations, the danger to the investigation itself when you have classified information that's leaked out and the danger to the agents that are investigating the case, i had a year-long investigation damaged by the leak of an individual. these are not whistleblowers, these are people who are releasing information that scuttles the the national security of this country and the investigative process. >> jon: i mentioned in the first hour, chelsea manning, tens of thousands of documents that possibly got people killed
10:39 am
over in afghanistan. she is now out of jail after being parted by barack obama. it's almost like it wasn't all that serious and reality winner might think the same. >> melissa: that somehow she has on the public good. that's what's so serious, there are lives at risk, national security. that's why the senator was so clear, this has to be prosecuted, this cannot just be like some of the past cases that we have had where the leakers have gotten probation. this is not probation. >> jon: she is sitting in jail now and faces ten years. we'll see if she thinks differently about her actions. we have to move on to another case that there is a new development to bring you in. a judge and not a jury will decide the fate of the woman accused of encouraging her boyfriend to kill himself in massachusetts.
10:40 am
on july 13th of 2014, 18-year-old conrad committed suicide behind a kmart in fairhaven massachusetts. on february 6th 2015, michel carter was on involuntary manslaughter after his phone showed text messages from her telling him "you need to just do it." carter's lawyers had asked the state supreme court to dismiss the charges or try her a juvenile. on july 1st of last year the court ruled the case could proceed. yesterday carter waived her right to a jury trial, she faces up to 20 years in prison if she is convicted. i guess it's fair to say conviction is not a sure thing here. >> they are using the involuntary manslaughter statute. there is a lot of evidence in this case, she actually showed him how to do it and while he
10:41 am
was in the process of doing it, he walked away and she said "get back into that car." going to judge only was a huge tactical mistake for the defens defense. >> i thought that was brilliant, i totally disagree. i think that was a brilliant move by the defense, there is such public outcry. you read those text messages and you flame up with anger. what do you -- saying this to a vulnerable kid, she keeps goading him and goading him. it's ridiculous, a jury would've convicted her. >> jon: for viewers who might not know, he pumped carbon monoxide gas into the cab of his truck and at one point jumped out and while he was in the process of doing that, she writes him and said "get back in, just do it."
10:42 am
like a nike commercial. >> the thing i alluded to earlier, some states have laws saying you are not allowed to help somebody commit suicide, massachusetts is not one of those states. >> that's why the prosecutor brought the involuntary manslaughter charge. clearly as a prosecutor i would like to have the charge directly on point because i would have to prove that strange concept of what reckless conduct is. they got to use involuntary manslaughter. >> jon: does she stand a better chance just with the judge? >> she does. knowing that there are these states where it's criminal to encourage someone to commit suicide, she has a much better chance over the jury for sure. >> jon: we will continue to watch, it is a very sad and bizarre story. >> melissa: we are following developments out of paris where authorities have launched a counterterrorism investigation
10:43 am
after a man armed with a hammer attacked a police officer outside of notre dame cathedral. plus, surveillance and the u.k. in the spotlight as we learn more about the three london attackers. why our next guest, a former cia covert operations officer, says this attack will spark big changes in the u.k. >> part of the problem is that the sheer number of individuals who are under surveillance and who have ties to radical groups within london, throughout the u.k., is staggering. i think they are overwhelmed.
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>> melissa: fox news alert, new developments this hour out of paris after a man attacked a police officer with a hammer outside notre dame cathedral. police shot and wounded the attacker who was also armed with
10:47 am
a kitchen knife and said the attack was "for syria." mike baker joins me now, a former cia covert operations officer and president of a global intelligence and security firm. we were talking during the break, you said that it is significant that the attacker is still alive. >> it sounds like he took a couple of rounds and sometimes those shots don't work out that while for the perpetrator. if he is alive, it's a good thing and i'm not saying that necessarily out of the goodness of my heart. from an operational perspective, you've got to learn whatever you can from someone like this. even if it's just "what caused you to do this?" , there's always this conversation that doesn't seem to be directly coordinated by isis or al qaeda. what caused him to do this? it might provide some very important insight down the road?
10:48 am
>> melissa: we are also following new developments are london, a clip from the documentary "the jihadis next door" which reportedly shows one of the attackers in it. >> one that is regularly adopted by extremists, including isis. i can't help but think he is being actively provocative. the prayer session ends and the police arrived. >> melissa: london police have not confirmed that it's him but other networks, everyone is running the video. british police identified the third attacker today as an italian national of moroccan descent with italian officials saying they flagged him as someone at risk. they pass the concerns onto british intelligence.
10:49 am
the homeland security secretary says there monitoring the situation and warning u.s. citizens in london to maintain security awareness and raising the question to how he can combat terrorism. every time there were signs everywhere, it's particularly egregious. he was in a movie called "the jihadis next door" trying to get people to do things in london. >> unless you have been involved in investigations and counterterrorism operations, it's hard for the general public to understand. unless they are really deep in the weeds on this. what i mean by that, it doesn't matter. so he's in that documentary, so somebody called and he got on the radar screen at some point.
10:50 am
it's not like the movies, they don't have 24/7 surveillance on that person. going on months and months and months, the laws don't allow that. if they were doing that and monitoring his conversations and communications constantly, without the investigations being backed up by evidence that they needed and intending advent or planning -- i think that's great, be more proactive, we should be more proactive, we should be aggressive. it requires additional resources. >> melissa: they cite in london in europe they have all kinds of laws, but at the same time if you see something, say something, we are saying that muslim communities are falling down on the job because they're not reporting people that are being radicalized, here is somebody reporting someone and nothing happened. >> nothing happened. you have a changing, shifting
10:51 am
constant list of targets. based on intelligence and based on your ability to maintain an investigation, what i am saying is i understand people being perplexed. if the intel communities don't have a wider playing field and the laws aren't revised, they can only do so much. >> melissa: mike baker, thank you. we'll be right back.
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>> busy tuesday, hello everybody. we are awaiting the white house secretary breathing after attacks on police today and paris and a new development in the london terror attack investigation. also, another major blow for obamacare, a prominent health care provider has pulled out of the exchange in ohio. house speaker paul ryan and senate majority leader mitch
10:55 am
mcconnell are headed to the white house later today to talk about health care and tax refor reform. more on "america's news headquarters" coming up. >> jon: new developments in the sexual assault trial of comedian bill cosby. >> good afternoon, the plaintiff, a temple university employee is expected to testify sometime this week. she claims that bill cosby invited her to his home back in 2004 just outside of philadelphia, gave her three pills, wine, and incapacitated her and sexually assaulted her. he claims that she is a liar, that he gave her three benadryl to help her relax and that the
10:56 am
sex was consensual. a secretary for one of cosby's agents claims that he drugged and assaulted her in 1996. they are claiming that cosby has shown a pattern of this predatory behavior. johnson's mother testified that her daughter told her about the alleged assault back in the '90s. there are phone records saying that she allegedly stayed in contact with cosby. the trial will last up to two weeks and he could face up to ten years in prison. >> jon: thank you, brian. >> melissa: we are awaiting their daily white house briefing set to start just minutes from now, we are going to bring it to you live as soon as it begins.
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for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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speed when you're looking at the white house briefing room there, where we expect sean spicer to return to the podium at any moment take a lot of questions today. >> always fun. feel it is always eventful. speak up will you be here tomorrow? speak of course. >> thank you for joining us. >> "america's news headquarters" starts up. >> harris: fax alert. we are waiting sean spicer and the start of the white house has briefing on a busy news day. i am harris faulkner thank you for being with us. for secondary sean spicer said to step up to that lecter less than an hour from now the president will be meeting with republican congressional leaders at the white house as we look for a legislature went on health care and tech firm. you the power ranger popped up on screen appeared cheap white house correspondents john roberts tourney is now. john, what is the plan to move these type correspondence party for? >> they have been stop for the last few weeks after the houseboat on the american health care act. the president this afternoon is going to jump-start his legislative agenda meeting at 3:00


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