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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  June 6, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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tweets. whether or not they were officially present or white house. he said they were official statements on twitter by the president. no doubt, more to come, but we have other things to talk about reform, obama here. i am harris, >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 at the white house. president trump is meeting with republicans and congress. trying to figure out how to get healthcare and tax reform back on track. we'll look at their plan action coming up. we mark 73 years since d-day. allied forces launching another key operation. ahead, the battle for the islamic state's so-called capitol, raqqa. not only did the russians hack the dnc computers, now they tried to hack america's voting software days before the presidential election. we know because the government confirmed published documents are real when it arrested a government contractor for
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leaking them. also revealed the russians had other targets. and breaking just minutes ago, reports of the former fbi director james comey and his plans of what he has to say about president trump when comey goes before congress this week. it's brand new. breaking new. let's get to it. >> shepard: breaking news. president trump and the vice president, mike pence, at this moment are meeting at the white house with top gop congressional leaders in an a at the present time to push up healthcare and tax reform. the head of the legislative affairs says there's no doubt the russian investigation has detracted from the president's agenda. former fbi director james comey is set to testify on the matter before the senate intelligence committee thursday. that will give lawmakers their very first chance to question him in public since being fired.
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breaking moments ago, abc news reports that james comey will stop short of saying that president trump obstructed justice when the sources say the president asked director comey to stop investigating mike flynn. he will stop short of accusing him of interfering, of specifics of a crime. more on that in just a moment. meantime, the white house legislative director, mark short, also says president trump's use of twitter has helped drive the administration's message in congress. just hours ago, the president tweeted big meeting today with republican leadership concerning tax cuts and healthcare. we're all pushing hard. must get it right. the president also lashed out at news outlets and claims that they're trying to stop him from using social media. for the record is anyone is happy that he's tweets is journalists, gop legislators and his own supporters even some in his own white house who want him
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to cut it out. not journalists. the republican head of the senate foreign relations committee bob corker said, "it's best to refrain with communicating with 140 characters on important topics." more on the presidents tweets in a moment. first, the white house legislative director has given a timeline of sorts for the president's legislative goals. here it is. he says the administration will focus on getting healthcare reform through the senate. house republicans passed a bill to repeal and replace obamacare. some gop senators have rejected that same measure. it's not close to the president's desk. republican senator richard burr of north carolina told a local news station it's unlikely the gop will be able to reach a healthcare deal this year. because republicans cannot come to an agreement, they're reaching across the aisle. the majority leader mitch mcconnell called on democrats to join his effort. he told them to get serious
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about moving beyond the problems of obamacare. the president's legislative director says healthcare reform will be a partisan exercise. he says that may not be the case when it comes to tax reform. the director says the president's goal is to move on the issue in the fall and that officials have already been meeting with democrats to discuss the topic. john roberts live on the north lawn. what else are we learning, john? >> what the president is trying to do is put his legislative agenda back on track. we had the big vote on obamacare repeal and replace and not much has happened since. the senate is humming and hawing about what they're going to do. the president is trying to get them some gas in the tank to get them going. mitch mcconnell says he he would like a vote by the end of june. mark short says he thinks congress should get this through the conference committee process during the month of july and
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have a bill on the president's desk before the august recess begins. some people, including richard burr of north carolina think that that's optimistic. it might take longer than that. here's what the press secretary said about the meeting this afternoon. listen. >> the president will talk about that when he meets with the leadership. they'll work their will and come together. these by and large every elected republican in the house and the senate campaigned on this the last seven years. i think they will come together to make sure that they achieve the goals of lowering costs and providing greater access. there's a commitment by the leadership and the committee chairs. we're hopeful that it will get done. >> remain hopeful they'll get that done. to drive that point home, the press secretary pointed out that anthem, one of the largest healthcare providers, decided next year in ohio, they won't have any plans in the obamacare exchanges in 20 counties in ohio. that will leave people in those 20 counties without an option when it comes to healthcare.
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schlepp? >> shepard: there's the matter of the president's tweeting. he says the news media is trying to get him to stop tweeting. fox news can confirm that ain't true. what is true, the members of his own party are asking him to stop tweeting. ask spicer about that. >> we arrive here every day from the moment we get up. we're checking the president's twitter feed to see what news will be made during the day. for us, his tweeting does tend to lend us a good measure of support in trying to get a story about this white house. it's people like bob corker, mitch mcconnell that just said he's not a fan of the president's tweeting, are concerned that he's taking himself off message here, throwing out issues that have nothing to do with his agenda or getting things done. i asked the press secretary about that. listen here. >> the president likes to have this conduit where he can talk directly to the american people. does he sometimes cross the line
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where his tweets become the news, become the agenda and actually impeding his ability to get things done? >> in the context of your question, you helped answer. the president is the most effective messenger on his agenda. with the use of social media, he has 110 million people across different platforms and speaking directly to the american people. >> using it and using it wisely can be two different things. >> right. the same people that are critiquing his use of it now critiqued it during the election and turned out well for him. >> and sean spicer saying today that anything that comes out of the president's fingers and twitter on twitter is an official statement, which would then reinforce the notion when the president says that's right, "we need a travel ban for certain dangerous countries, not
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some politically correct term that won't help our people", the idea of being a travel ban is official presidential policy. shep? >> shepard: john roberts along with major garrett in the background. elisa collins is from u.s.a. today. she's live in d.c. thanks. >> thank you. >> shepard: not a lot of time here. the president says this is underway, that is under way. none of the bills exist yet. the window is a finite one. >> exactly. the president and most of his staff were never members in congress. so the legislative -- legislation moves slow in congress. we saw the stop start on the house bill. in the senate, it's a closer margin. they can lose two votes. right now they don't have a comprise. they just had a senate lunch. they said broad ideas in there. but we're looking for fine print. getting something by july before
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the august recess sounds tough right now. >> shepard: there's those mouthpieces saying it's possible but sounds like the rank and file to hear it from them, within congress, they don't think it's doable. >> exactly, shep. you mentioned richard burr. he's down the middle of the republican party mainstream. he's saying it won't happen this year but not sure it will happen at all. lindsey graham was saying he doesn't think it will happen this year. you have someone like susan collins and john mccain saying i don't know. so there's not a lot of optimism. there's a few people saying no, but right now there's no answers. >> shepard: are they saying what they can get done? where is the optimism? >> there's -- they're waiting. think think tax reform might be an haul. that's something that the administration is pushing for. that looks like it's in the fall. there's optimism on that.
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there's senators working on the bill like senator ted cruz saying this can happen. marco rubio said it's hard by possible. there's that kind of optimism. but they're not pointing to a specific thing because it all needs to do medicaid, you have to do this, to do this and do this to get a full bill. you can't pick one thing. >> shepard: we're getting breaking news. i want to pause for that now. we've just gotten word that general flynn, who is one of the focuses in this investigation, who was fired for lying to the haven't according to the white house who had all of these meeting with the russians that were initially forgotten and fibbed about, he handed over a number of documents to the senate intel committee according to a report we just got. how important is what general flynn hands over will be i want an immunity thing? >> flynn is critical. he's one of the biggest names in the russian investigation.
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as we said before, he was subpoenaed and said he wouldn't comply. so the fact that he's turning over the documents, they went a different route through his business. that's a big deal. that is just going to give the senate intelligence committee a lot more information that they're seeking. the senate intelligence committee is working well in the public on a bipartisan basis. they have a lot of questions about flynn. they haven't hesitated to raise them publicly. so the fact that they're getting information is something that they're probably celebrating right now. >> shepard: as our audience said. if general flynn was called before the panel, he would plead the fifth. then the subpoenas were reworked such to ask for it documents. some of thinks business documents. according to the new report, most are business documents but some personal as well. were they're relevant is a matter of speculation. we'll have to wait for another day on that matter. >> exactly. he's handing things over.
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>> shepard: elisa collins. a fascinating story there. good to see you. >> thank you. >> shepard: panic in paris. a man yelled about syria as he attacked a police officer with a hammer and went down outside notre dame. the new counter terrorism investigation and what we've learned. all of that, plus the expanding russia investigation. the top democrat in the investigative team says now this is bigger than is even now being reported. we have new reporting still to come from the fox news deck. ♪ fun in art class. come close, come close. i like that. [ music stops suddenly ] ah. when your pain reliever stops working,
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>> a man who attacked a police officer with a hammer outside of notre dame in paris yelled "this is for syria." prosecutors say they started an interrogation investigation. it happened just before 4:30 in the afternoon today local time. 10:30 a.m. on the east coast. hundreds of people inside the cathedral. a tourist destination. one surrounded by shops and cafes and crapes shops. we have a photo of the scene in the top right corner on the
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ground there. you can see someone who appeared to be a wounded attacker. police say they shot him and that he's now in the hospital. he is expected to live. not mortally wounded. our producer in paris notes that police headquarters is across the street. cops responded quickly. the cathedral went into lockdown when this happened. the photo inside the building from a woman who said people were concerned, ambulances had been making their way inside. she told police or she said police told them to put their hands in the air as they checked the pews one by one. they wanted to make sure there were no other culprits here. trace gallagher with the news. police say the suspect is alone wolf. >> they do, shep. the counter terrorism
12:17 pm
investigation might lead to others. so far all they know about the attacker, he was carrying a student identification card from algeria. the man snuck up and started hitting another. that's when the officers opened fire. here's a witness. listen to him. >> i was at the very front. they were just checking my bag. i was the next to come inside. there were three gun shots. i turned around. there was an assailant on the ground. he was shot. >> the suspected was carrying two kitchen knives. up to 900 people were inside and placed on lock down. the cathedral, some said the doors were so thick that you couldn't hear anything going on outside. that was a bit disconcerting. one man inside the cathedral tweeted that he was in london on saturday when the bridge was attacked and that he and his family were a little bit on
12:18 pm
edge. as you might imagine. >> really, this isn't the first attack targeting french police. >> no, at least six attacks in the past year alone. half of them were at well known tourist destinations. last june, a police officer and his wife were stabbed in their home by a jihadist. in september, an officer was wounded during a machete attack. this was near the famous louvre. just six weeks ago, a terrorist opened fire on police officers in a square killing one and wounding others. military members have said that they will keep going with these investigations, shep. but again, we have another one today. shep? >> shepard: trace gallagher live. thank you. russia tried to hack the united states elections and might have succeeded. that's according to a newly leaked report, which the government is not denying.
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>> shepard: there's breaking news on fox news channel. president trump meeting with republican congressional leaders at the white house along with the vice president mike pence. we've just gotten our first comments from people inside the room. the president is holding this meeting to discuss the legislative agenda. one of our producers at the white house said the president discussed the fbi director james comey ahead of his planned testimony on thursday before the senate intelligence committee. he actually gave a statement towards james comey. i'm told it's quite brief.
12:23 pm
here's what's happening. this is videotape just a few moments ago inside the white house. the republican leaders, the vice president and the president all in the room together. room, they're very concerned about healthcare and tax reform. they want to get these matters on the legislative agenda. there is great disagreement within the republican party on how to get these things done. therefore, no bills have made their way on these matters. they're trying to reach across the aisle to the democrats and working on strategy on these matters. it's really very important. if the republicans want to get the president's agenda passed through the republican house, the republican senate and signed by the president, they have to come together. this is one of those efforts. so this video of the president speaking and the group talking i'm told lasts a little more than five minutes and in it he talks about james comey's coming testimony on thursday before the senate. let's listen. >> what a great team this is. what an unbelievable team. we'll know soon. we have a great team.
12:24 pm
it's wonderful to be here this afternoon. with the republican leadership, house and senate including speaker ryan, leader mcconnell, senator cornyn, thanks for being here. in just a short time since the election, we have achieved truly incredible gains for the american people. we have already added more than one million new jobs and it's going up very fast. you can see the new reports coming out. going up very fast. approved a historic increase in military spending. we have increased the stock market values and values of corporations on the public markets by 3.4 trillion since november 8. i've signed 36 bills into law and repealed one job crushing regulation after another. in fact, the house and senate
12:25 pm
have set a record number of resolutions that eliminate regulations to my desk for signature saving our economy many billions of dollars annually and in fact, based on the numbers we just got, the actual numbers approximately $18 billion we've saved annually with all of the bills that i've signed. so that's a great job. great job. together we'll fight for promised measures on the border. we have fought very successfully. we have tough policies to keep deadly drugs and the vicious gangs out of the country. ms-13 is being taken care of at a very rapid clip by general now secretary kelly. he's done an incredible job. really incredible job. we're down to the reduction on people pouring through the border 78% as of now. used to be if you had 1%, it was
12:26 pm
a good jump. that's before we have the wall. the wall will be a great help. that will happen. believe me. my administration is also working with congress to rebuild our infrastructure. we'll be discussing that at great depth next week with gary cohn and with steve mnuchin and mike pence and everybody else working on it. to pass a massive tax cut, which will be the biggest tax cut in our country's history if it's passed the way we would like. the biggest tax cut in our country's history. it will spur business like never before. at the core of this agenda is repealing and replacing the disaster known as obamacare. average obamacare premiums have more than doubled there 2013 to 2017. including an increase of 203% in alaska. wow! that's a new one. i always use arizona at 116.
12:27 pm
i got stuck at 116. now we're at 203. that's pretty big. 123 in louisiana. these are the new numbers, folks. i think after a year of talking about 116% in arizona, you'll be happy to hear we have new numbers. 176% in north carolina. a great state. insurance carriers are fleeing and leaving many americans with one insurer or even know insurers to choose from. that's been happening now in numerous states. just this afternoon we learned that the last statewide insurer in the great state of ohio is leaving. so they don't have any insurers. that means another 20 counties in the state of ohio will have no healthcare plans. if congress doesn't act to save americans from this democrat-inflicted catastrophe, next year is only going to get
12:28 pm
worse. a lot worse. i don't know how it can get worse than 203%. but i'm sure the democrats will find a way. almost every major insurer has pulled out for 2018. the house took an important first step to rescue americans from this calamity when paul, you and your group and steve and everybody passed the american healthcare act. that was a very, very long and difficult negotiation. really gives a great print and a great concept to mitch. now the senate, i'm sure, will follow suit and get a bill across the finish line this summer that will be great healthcare for americans. i'm looking forward to seeing it. so looking forward to see it so we're working hard on massive tax cuts and working very, very hard on the healthcare. i think we're going to have pleasant surprises for a lot of
12:29 pm
people. so i'd like to thank the leadership for being with us. mike pence, you've been great. i appreciate you being here, steve. i appreciate jared. jared is much more famous than me. [laughter] i'm a little upset about that. so i want to thank everybody very much for being here. let's get to work. we're going to get it done. thank you very much. >> anything to say aabove of the comey testimony? >> i wish him luck. >> shepard: on comey regarding his testimony "i wish him luck." catherine herridge is here. that's historically a bit unusual. >> the whole thing is, right? the whole set of events. those close to the president have said to me that it will be important to note what is said by director comey publicly on thursday and what is not said. the feeling is that -- we know
12:30 pm
this based on reporting -- comey has talked at length with a special counsel at length with his testimony. anything remains of interest is something that comey would be asked not to discuss publicly. the special counsel wants to have the upper hand in terms of information. the things to be watching for thursday is what he does not answer and cites the special counsel. whether that is his conversations with the president or whether it's elements of the ongoing russia counter intelligence investigation, shep. >> shepard: lawyers would have asked him not to reference comey's testimony and there he goes again. >> one of the reasons leading up to his testimony that lawyers were outside of the trump circle have voiced concerns about the tweets is because if you wanted to expert any kind of executive privilege, which the president
12:31 pm
has chosen not to do, he would be on a weaker footing or position because he's publicly tweeted or discussed, for example, his conversations with director comey. it's the tweets are one more element of making a public statement without saying it to the cameras, if you will. when it comes the legal proceedings, whether you say it like we're talking right now or sending it out on twitter, it still counts as your position on the matter. >> shepard: catherine herridge with us. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> shepard: today marks the start of what u.s. officials are calling one of the most significant battles in the fight against isis. a military operation to take back the terror group's capitol city in syria where pentagon officials say isis planned a number of attacks. we'll get a live report from the pentagon and i'm speak with a former cia analyst about how this mission could affect security here in the united states. as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news, our expanded understanding of the u.s. russian investigation.
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ask your heart doctor about entresto. and help make tomorrow possible. ♪ you're only a day away. >> shepard: headlines from the fox news deck. iraqi army units making a new push to take western mosul from isis fighters with helicopters firing rockets at targets. units report they cleared two neighborhoods and a commander on scene said isis was not showing much resistance. iraqi forces began the effort to retake mosul in february. a family doctor in new york facing up to 20 years in prison for allegedly writing $20 million worth of opioid prescriptions. prosecutors say over five years, martin tescher wrote 14,000 prescriptions for oxycodone. he is due in court next month.
12:35 pm
a driver crashed a car through a wall and ended up in a back yard swimming pole. nobody got hurt. happened last night in scottsdale. firefighters say the driver should be okay.
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>> shepard: u.s. forces in syria announced an effort to retake raqqa from isis terrorists. the commander says the battle will be long and difficult but could be a turning point in the fight against isis. raqqa is the capitol. that's where leaders have planned terror attacks against europe and the west. isis took control of the city in january of 2014. u.s.-led forces have been working on surrounding it since november of last year. some images for you in the slide show this afternoon. photos showing damage from air strikes? raqqa. the pentagon has been racking up the strikes as u.s.-backed trips get closer to the city.
12:38 pm
here's another photo from the isis news agency showing the smoke rising. this damn is west of raqqa. it's the largest damn in all of syria. they were worried about it for a while. this photo is from april. a u.s.-backed syrian fighter holding weapons near raqqa. jennifer griffin has an update on the latest push. jennifer? >> shep, may not be a coincidence that the allies decided to launch the operation to retake raqqa on the anniversary of d-day. 73 years ago today on june 6, 1944, dwight d. eisenhower over saw the effort to preserve liberty and freedom. "it's hard to convince new recruits that isis a winning cause when they just lost their twin capitols in iraq and syria." and that statement was released by centcom this morning.
12:39 pm
townsend talked about how they encircled the capitol and warned civilian to leaves. we were the first to report that isis moved their leadership out of raqqa down the euphrates river. today captain jeff davis said there were a few isis fighters left in raqqa and many civilians which will make this a long fight, shep. 26,000 syrian kurds are leading the ground force to strike this symbolic blow. no so we're clear, this hammer strike in paris in no way related to this raqqa operation. is that right? >> well, i don't know that we can say that. the pentagon spokesman would not make a direct link. the french interior minister said the notre dame attacker shouted "this is for syria" before striking. in the meantime, u.s. officials fear as the isis capitol falls,
12:40 pm
there will be more terror attacks in europe and elsewhere as isis tries to divert attention from their inevitable military defeat. she fence secretary mattis had this to say in australia yesterday. >> we're going to have to take that down or the attacks that you've seen going on around the world will continue. the enemy has to be taken out by military means where they are powerful enough to cause these attacks on others. we can't sit idly by and let them hold it. >> hundreds of u.s. special operations, troops are participating on the ground in the raqqa operation. u.s. marine artillery, apache gun shots, rocket-assisted artillery are known as part of the operation. while the u.s. military are advising, they're firing artillery and providing air cover. >> shepard: jennifer, thank you. could the syria operation be a trigger for isis to launch an attack here? let's bring in tara maller.
12:41 pm
she's a spokeswoman for the senior policy adviser. tara, as always, thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> what do you think? >> i think it could be a turning point on the battle and could be a trigger for attacks. it could be a positive in terms of regaining a isis strong hold, limiting some of their capacity in terms of holding territory. having said that, they'll have their virtual operations. they still have the ability to inspire home grown terrorism all over the world and they have sort of distributed outside that area. so while it's a pivotal turning point, that's correct. you're right. it can trigger more attacks. these are the things that isis pointed out. just like we called for ramadan, we'll see calls related for the suspense as well. >> shepard: what is happening? the united states is supposed to be in a supporting role. what is your understanding what is really going on there?
12:42 pm
>> according to the pentagon, they've been working and surrounding the city since the fall, since november. they've been working to get civilians out, as many as possible and working to block down bridges and escape routing for fighters. they have to move in slowly given that it's a civilian area. it's hard to estimate. some have probably left and gone to other areas. it's going to be a long and probably intensive fight. isis not going to go down without a fight and it's going to be understandably tough for the civilians there because there's going to be a ramping up of coalition air strikes. >> shepard: and the refugee crisis. it just seems to be spiralling out of control. doesn't make the headlines. it's among the biggest stories of our generation. >> you're right. that gets lost, the humanitarian elements. we've seen refugees fleeing from
12:43 pm
syria. this will continue. even if this operation goes well and smoothed or as well as one can expect, there's still what happens next. there is a civilians there that have been traumatized by the nature of conflict and isis brutality. so the question of how do we rebuild this city, what happens next and making sure that we hold this so that isis can't come back or other terrorist groups can't return to the area. >> shepard: tara maller from washington. thanks. >> thank you. >> shepard: more ahead on new word that james comey will stop short of accusing president trump of a crime when he testifies before the senate intelligence committee thursday. the president just moments ago wishing james comey good luck. we'll speak with an associated press national security reporter about that and give you the new developments in the russian investigation. that's coming up after this. rickie fowler's a professional golfer. when it comes to hitting perfect drives, nobody does it better. he's also into oil painting.
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hi..and i know that we have phonaccident, so the incredibly minor accident that i had tonight- four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. >> shepard: the fired fbi
12:47 pm
director james comey will denied that president trump's claim that comey re-assured the president he's not under investigation for potential ties to russia. that's new today and according to abc news citing a source. comey is scheduled to testify on thursday. josh letterman is here. he covers national security, foreign policy and a state department for the associated press. what say you? >> shep, we'll have to wait until the actual hearing to know exactly what james comey is going to say. but what this really shows is what a delicate tight rope the former fbi director is going to be walking. on the one hand, james comey obviously wants some of this information to come out. we've seen all of these leaks from people close to comey. information from these notes that he kept at the time that he was having the meetings with trump. obviously he wants people to know about what he perhaps sees as some interference by the president. on the other hand, you know, until recently, he was the director of the fbi. the last thing that comey is going to want to do is interfere with that on going fbi
12:48 pm
investigation and this broader investigation that special counsel mueller now working on. so we know that comey has spoken with mueller, that they have discussed what he might say without actually causing problems for that investigation. i think we'll see the former fbi director trying to be as open as he can with members of congress and the public without doing anything that will make it harder for those investigators. >> shepard: have you seen a concerted effort or coordinated effort to discredit director comey? what is your reporting? >> we do have some information about that. we know that there are outside groups that are supportive of trump that are trying to do some of that. there's a group that will be airing some television ads the next several days. they're trying to undermine comey's credibility saying he's a show-boater, obsessed with rush interference and trying to create conditions ahead of time and not take comey at face value.
12:49 pm
the white house has been reluctant to look like they're trying to put a thumb on the scale here. we've seen the white house saying they're going to let him testify, they're not going to testify, they're not going to assert that executive privilege to prevent him from doing so. the president wishing him good luck in the oval office a few minutes ago. clearly a lot of people in trump world were not paying attention to what the fbi director has to say. >> the details of not -- he will stop short according to abc news that the president obstructed justice. comey said in the past, it's not his job to decide what is a crime and what is not. it's his job to come up with intelligence. could that be the difference here? we think this is a matter of significance? >> i think it's important to keep in mind that obstruction of justice is a legal term. i'm not so sure that comb my is the one being the arbiter of
12:50 pm
that. what the lawmakers are trying to get at, did comey feel like there was an inappropriate angle to the kinds of conversations that he had with the president, and whether it crosses the line that is created to have insurance between the fbi and the white house. >> josh letterman. thanks very much. russia's meddling in our election is next. new accusations and new word on what else really happened. these next.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
>> shepard: russian meddling in the united states election is the subject of many investigations. now we know the russians didn't
12:54 pm
just hack the dnc computers to hurt hillary clinton and help donald trump, they also targeting our voting systems and more. the intercept first published a top secret document that they claims russian military intelligence attacked a u.s. voting software company and sent spearfishing e-mails to more than 100 local election officials days before the presidential election. spearfishing those e-mails, attempt to steal information. a spokesman for vladimir putin denies the kremlin was behind the attack. the u.s. official tells fox news the new data does not change the intelligence committee's conclusion that russian interference did not change the vote count. that said, the document is the most detailed account we've seen from the u.s. government about russian meddling. according to the top democrat, it went even further than that. the virginia senator mark warner
12:55 pm
tells u.s.a. today the russian election attacks were broader and targeted more states than is now being reported. the government confirmed the document is legitimate when it asked the nsa -- when the nsa asked the website to black out parts of it. then an hour after the document was published, the justice department announced the fbi arrested a contractor for leaking it. the suspect's name is reality winner. the intercept reports they didn't know who sent the document. that said, it's being widely criticized for blowing its source's cover by giving the nsa a copy of the document and the name of the town from which it was sent. according to the alleged leaker, winner is an environmentalist who has criticized president trump. on this day in 1944, american british and canadian forces stormed the beaches of northern france.
12:56 pm
d-day was the largest land, air and sea operation in history. thousands of ships and aircraft carried troops to the beaches of normandy. the germans put up a tough fight at omaha beach where thousands died. three months later, the allies had liberated northern france. victory in europe came against a year later and world war ii reached a major turning point 73 years ago today. should news break out, we'll break in. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. "your world" with neil cavuto is next. one of the stories today, the markets. the dow at this time yesterday was in negative territory. you can see the marks that indicate what happened for the day. those marks, that were completely wrong. something was wrong with their data systems yesterday and they put out this crazy all gray thing that is fixed. most of the dow 30 are in the red. in fact, 20 of the dow 30 are in
12:57 pm
the red this afternoon. hewlett-packard, wal-mart, boeing, walt disney and mcdonald's companies leading in the downward slide. all down more than 1%. i'm shepard smith in new york. this is fox news. i'm ryan and i quit smoking with chantix.
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>> pass a massive tax cut which will be the biggest in our nation's history if it's passed the way i would like to have passed. >> neil: that's the kind of stuff the markets like. that's the kind of stuff that friends of the president and friends of his agenda like. here's the kind of stuff that concerns them though, when he gets off that message. off the market-friendly message, off the economically friendly message, off the taxpayer friendly message. when he veers from that message. the "wall street journal" spelling it out today in an unusually scathing