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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 8, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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rob: beautiful day. i'm rob schmit. straight to fox news alert. totally vindicated as james comey prepares to testify. ellison barber is live with the details. >> we are hours away from former fbi director james comey's testimony before congress and we already have a pretty good idea of what he's going to say because the senate intelligence committee released his prepared opening statement yesterday and in those prepared statements comey says that he did tell president trump he was not under investigation. he also claims president trump asked for a so-called loyalty pledge and suggested fbi drop investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn, the latter happened three months ago in oval office. quote, we were alone, the
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president began by saying, i want to talk about michael flynn, i hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting flynn go, he is a good guy, i hope you can get this go. he felt the president was requesting the fbi drop the flynn investigation but not the broader investigation into russia. trump previously denied the flynn accusations. >> did you ask him to drop the investigation? >> no, never. >> and some republicans say that the president did not cross the line. i think we have some sound from senator james lankford here. >> i think it's right for a president to be expect him to be honest and that's the best way to handle it. what i didn't see is pressure by anyone else and didn't articulate anyone else pressuring him. >> some democrats disagree and a few republicans are saying that they feel president trump went
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up to the line with comey but did not cross it and democrats are disagreeing in a statement. the fact that is this request was made after the president excused everyone else from the room strongly indicate that is the president was more than aware of the illegitimacy of such demand. so far trump is not commenting on prepared remarks and personal attorney is. the president is please that had mr. comey has finally confirmed his private report that is the president was not under investigation in any russian probe. the president feels completely and totally vindicated. comey's public testimony is expected to begin at 10:00 a.m., afterwards there will be a private briefings, four members of the intelligence committee and with a congressional hearing like this it could lead to something like impeachment and also to absolutely nothing. rob: ellison, thanks so much. >> thank you.
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rob: corey lewandowski there's no hidden agenda in firing james comey. >> what the president was asking for was loyalty to the country and make sure they have the justice system that they want. that's not unheard of and uncalled for. what the president called for was a president elect to develop aura poor with the fbi director. if you read the statement was in his entire tenure. he had two conversations with barack obama, one was to simply say good-bye and in the time that president trump taken office and the time he was president elect till the time jim comey was fired for not performing his job well, he had nine separate conversations with the president in multiple meetings, the difference this president wants to make sure to
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relieve a person from duties that no longer can direct fbi. conservative journalist calling many colleagues over reporting, take a look. >> on the panel it feels that reporters have come to a conclusion before -- >> i'm not condemning him but there's a lot of smoke. my face is clean, no egg. [laughter] >> the left desperately tries to make the case for impeachment, the federalist molly says the watergate comparisons don't actually hold any water. >> whenever anyone makes comparison to watergate in this town it's a desperate plea and at this point highly placed
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intelligence officials leaking to the press but we don't have anyone who has come forward with a crime yet and we are still wait to go hear what the crime is in which trump people might be implicated and far past time for intelligence officials who have been playing the game to give us substance on which to hang it or put up or shut up. rob: america's top intelligence chiefs grilled on capitol hill in the lead-up today saying that they never felt pressured to cover up the fbi-russia investigation. >> why are you not answering these questions, is there and indication by the president of the united states of executive privilege, is there or not? >> not that i'm aware of. >> why are you not answering the questions, is it an indication of executive privilege, if there is, let's know about it, if there isn't, answer the questions. >> i standby the comments i made. i don't mean that in a -- in a
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contentious way. >> i do mean it in a contentious way. i don't understand why you're not answering the questions. what's the basis for refusal to not answer questions? >> the basis is what i previously explained. i do not believe it is appropriate for me to -- >> what's the basis, i'm not satisfied with what i do not believe it is appropriate or i should not answer, i understand the legal basis, you swore the oath to tell us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and today you are refusing to do so, what is the legal basis for refusal for you to testify in the committee? >> i'm not sure i have a legal basis. rob: testifying before the nsa committee, they never felt corner to dial back the russia probe but they refuse today reveal private conversations with the president.
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>> it's time to put america first. promise to go put america back to work and repealing obamacare. griff jenkins live in washington, d.c. with more of his message. >> hay, good morning, julian. the president speaking in cincinnati and promise today rebuild the country, butt americans back to work and create what he calls a first-class system of bridges and airports. >> the american people deserve the best infrastructure anywhere in the world. it's time to recapture our legacy as a nation of builders and to create new lanes of travel, commerce and discovery and we are going to see all the way into the future and there il and the future is going to be bright. >> 20 billion in public funds and public-private partnership.
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the president raised the issue of repealing and replacing obamacare visiting with families of what he called victims of the catastrophe noting that the major insurer anthem pulled out leaving in ohioans particularly without coverage and pressed republicans to put bill very soon. >> you would have no democratic vote. it's all going to be republicans or bust and the republicans are working very, very hard on getting a great health care plan. so now it's the senate's turn to add. >> democrats may not be the only problem standing in the way on infrastructure and health care as that much anticipated testimony of the former fbi director he fire today take place in just a few hours, guy. rob: we will have more on obamacare in just a few minutes.
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thanks so much. fox news alert in embassy in ukraine. attacker threw explosive device, nobody was hurt, but no suspects are in custody at this point. we are going to bring you more information as it comes in. also tensions in north korea, the nation conducts more missile launches, u.s. officials say these are short-range missiles. they do not pose a threat to americans, this is the country's fourth missile test in a month and comes less than a week that the un security council passed new sanctions against north korea. >> three more arrested overnight in connection to the london bridge terror attack this as dramatic video emerges. we do want to warn you some people may fine it graphic. three terrorists seem stabbing an innocent man walking down the
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street. within second armed cops storm in and open fire killing the extremist with a hail of bullets, eight people were killed and 48 others injured in the massacre. the government contractor top secret nsa documents to the media is expected to plea not guilty. 25-year-old reality winner hopes to be on bond at detention hearing today. she's charged with providing report on russian interference in the presidential election to the intercept online news outlets, lawyers say she's proven until proven guilty. one of the biggest nights in country music. rob will be that's right. unlike every other award show it seems cmt awards steered clear of politics, jackie ibañez live with some of the night's biggest movements. >> refreshing to hear, the biggest stars in country music coming together for historical night in the heart of nashville.
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listen. ♪ ♪ >> all-star tribute to great allen and ashton kutcher. >> dropping a cat fish to cheer on the national predators as they gear up for the stanley cup . carry underwood's husband plays for the team, making her the most celebrated performer in the history of cmt. >> thank you for voting. this award show is really cool because it's voted by you guys and you are the ones that buy
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our music. >> new-comer lauren elena going home with award. she's joining us here on "fox & friends". >> i love carry underwood, one of my favorite. rob: that was a cat fish, right? where are the animal right activists. i'm wait to go hear from them. voters heading to the polls ahead of crucial election that could shape the future of u.s.-uk relations for a long time to come. we are live on the ground coming up. >> do you remember the texas lawmaker who went on the three-day hunger strike to try to stop the trump administration who is cracking down on illegal immigrants, guess what, she's the one that was put in handcuffs. we will tell you why.
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>> good morning and welcome back, live look in london where the polls are open and voting is underway for the british general election. rob: that's right, prime minister theresa may fighting a closer battle than expected in a decision that'll shape the future of u.s. relations with the uk. >> that's right, foreign affairs correspondence is live in london, good morning, benjamin. >> good morning, rob and julian. this election was called because the conservatives were sure they would win by a mile but a few things have happened which means the chance of far-left government is far greater than ever before. theresa may inherited power after following the brexit vote and she wants her own political capital moving ahead of negotiations, but she has recently been accused of political u-turns of failing to inspire the people and such have been called right-wing hillary clinton. front runner against her is left-leaning jeremy corbyn. he's been called the bernie sanders of the uk.
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he is said that he would never press the nuclear weapon. he wants to national rail and water sectors and dramatically raise taxes and increase benefits. his own party held a vote of no confidence against him but in a matter of weeks he has been closing the gap. recent attacks in london manchester has taken center stage here twice suspending campaigning. corbyn has blamed uk policy and supports dialogue with the terrorists like ira and hamas. this is being counted as victory for democracy over terrorism. but under corbyn british policy could do a 180. corbyn has spoken out on u.s. policies. while polls indicate that theresa may will win this, we have seen them be wrong in the past with brexit and trump and for today at least this country is holding its breath. thank you, guys.
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rob: you said he supports dialogue with isis; is that right, benjamin? >> he hasn't said isis but in the past he talked about dialogue with ira and hamas. rob: that's a very interesting take on that. thank you so much. 18 minutes after the hour, president trump bringing a message of hope to middle america. >> it's time finally to put america first and that's what i've been doing if you haven't noticed. >> what do the viewers think? the brand new dial just in. that's where i felt relief. we're the rivera family, and we will be with usaa for life. what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price,
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than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. >> president trump is bringing a
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message of hope to the heartland counting big plans for infrastructure and health care during a stop in cincinnati. so how did it resinate with voters? pollster lee carter is here to be putting the president to the dial test, if you will. we have a couple of different topics that we want to get to and let's start off by hearing what president trump had to say yesterday in regards to obamacare being dead. >> obamacare is in a total death spiral and the problems will only get worse if congress fails to act. obamacare is dead. i've been saying it for a long time. everybody knows it. everybody that wants to report fairly about it knows. the house of representatives has done its job. it sent a plan to the senate and the senate is working it over, we spent a lot of time yesterday with mitch mcconnell, a lot of
2:23 am
the great senators that happen to be republicans because we are having no help, it's only obstruction from the democrats. the democrats are destroying health care in this country. >> all right, lee, what type of grade do you give. lee: you can see the republicans like the message, independents and democrats an f. the most fascinating thing to watch throughout the whole process is independents and on obamacare it's also the polling show that is support of obamacare has increased almost 20 points since president trump took office. >> why do you think that is? >> in large part it's because there is no message on what health care is going to do, what republicans are going to do for the american people, there's only message of what's going to be taken away. the democrats have done a very good job of saying 24 million people are going to be losing care and they have messaging. we saw in the election cycle. hillary had the antitrump message and didn't garner support. they are not doing that for health care, they need to if
2:24 am
they want to win debate. >> he hasn't suede when it comes to obamacare? >> it's a failure but what are the republicans going to deliver. >> let's go to the next topic, time to rebuild our country, a message we heard a lot about lately as well, putting america first, take a thereon what president trump had to say. >> we spend trillions and trillions of dollars outside of our nation but we can't build a road, a highway, a tunnel, a bridge in our own nation and we watch everything falling into disrepair. it's time to rebuild our country to bring back our jobs to restore our dreams and, yes, it's time finally to put america first and that's what i've been doing if you haven't noticed. [applause] >> you grade this one a little closer. lee: a lot closer, independent much more in line and democrats even gave this a c.
2:25 am
this is president trump that people elected. they want to hear about america first, we are going to make things great again and bring back jobs. when he focus on this, it resinates with the american voter and resinates with americans and this is where he shines. >> the next one is a big topic because of everything that's been going on in the country, the last few weeks specially, the funding of terrorism and the fact that he says it's going to stop, take a listen. >> i want to thank the king of saudi arabia, king salman, we spent a lot of time together and they are doing a great job, they are going to be something very special, you see it with terrorism, the funding of terrorism, it's going to stop, it's going to stop the funding of radical islamic terrorism and they are going to stop. [applause] lee lie you can see obviously better than he did with health care but still this is a message plus, president trump shines, independents a b my news and
2:26 am
even democrats gave it a c minus. people feel more secure and another area where he shines and when he focuses on jobs, economy, putting america first is when he wins them over. >> thank you very much for joining us, rob. rob: all right, thanks, guys. 26 minutes after the hour in the hot seat james comey releasing prepared testimony ahead of today's highly anticipated hearing. >> comey has now told us all that the president is not under investigation. all in all it's a pretty day for president trump. >> senator lindsey graham why he says today will be a good day per the president. also christopher ray picked to be the new head of the fbi, who is he? is he the right man for the job. stay tune.
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rob: welcome back, live look, a
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beautiful morning. sun about to come up at 5:30 on the east coast as we look into downtown of lower manhattan, a beautiful morning. a fox news alert, president trump feeling totally vindicated as ousted fbi director james comey prepares to testify on capitol hill today. >> former fbi director releasing prepared statement before blockbuster senate hearing. rob: good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first". i'm rob schmit. >> and i'm julie. >> we are hours away from comey testifying for the first time since he was fired by president trump last month.
2:31 am
here is a little bit of what we expect him to talk about. comey did tell president trump that he was not under investigation and also claimed that president trump asked a so-called loyalty pledge and suggested fbi drop investigation into former national adviser michael flynn. quote, we were alone, the president began by saying, i want to tuck about mike flynn, he then said, i hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting flynn go. he is a good guy, i hope you can let this go. he thought the president was requesting that the president drop the flynn investigation and not the broader investigation into russia. trump previously denied the flynn accusation on nbc news.
2:32 am
>> did you ask him to drop the investigation? >> no. never. >> some republicans say the president did not cross the line even if he walked up to it. >> i think it's right for a president to expect him to be honest and i would say that's the best way to handle it, what i didn't see him being pressured by anyone else and didn't articulate anyone else pressuring him. >> democrats disagree in a statement, quote, the fact that this request was made after the president excused everyone from the room strongly indicate that is the president was more than aware of the illegitimacy of such demand. so far president trump is not commenting on comey's prepared remarks but personal attorney is in a statement he said, quote, the president is please that had mr. comey has finally publicly confirmed his private reports that the president was not under investigation in any russian probe and the president feels
2:33 am
completely and totally vindicated. comey's testimony is expected to begin at 10:00 a.m. after words a close session you he will talk to senators as well. a congressional hearing can sometimes lead to impeachment but sometimes can lead to absolutely nothing. back to you. >> thank you very much. and that brings us to look who is talks and this morning south carolina senator is slamming the academy station that is president trump obstructed justice. rob: he says it's clear that there's no case otherwise comey wouldn't be testifying. >> i think the president is frustrated because he knows he didn't do anything. what comey and mueller concluded i don't have an obstruction justice of case, what prosecutor in their right mind would allow their star witness to go out before the senate panel of 20 senators and get beat up if he really believed he had a case because they allowed comey to testify in public. comey has now told us all that the president is not under investigation as an individual
2:34 am
for colluding with russia, that president trump is not a target or subject to a criminal investigation or counterintelligence investigation regarding colluding with the russians. all in all, it's a pretty good day for president trump. >> president trump nominating christopher wray to become the next fbi director. so who is he and is he the right man for the job? rob: here with firsthand inside, former assistant attorney general alis fisher. alis, thanks so much for coming on this morning. >> good morning. rob: you were also in the job for that running. >> that was an honor. rob: tell us about chris wray. >> he's got the right experience, he's a brilliant lawyer and cares deeply about the institution and let me just say the men and women of the fbi, they are amazing, they are out there protecting us every
2:35 am
day doing a great job, chris will be a great leader for them. >> he's low key and able to remain independent and you know him on a personal level, how would you describe him? >> absolutely, highest integrity. smart, focused, he works so hard. in the days that the justice department after 9/11 when we were working on national security together, for those many weeks and months he worked all of the time. he was focused on the mission, commit today getting it right and doing the right thing upholding justice in national security and all sorts of things. rob: sounds like he's been on both sides of criminal law. he prosecuted enron but also defended chris christie, he's dealt with white-collar things and it's going to be interesting to move into this position if he
2:36 am
is confirmed in this environment, but, you know, would it be strange, you were up for this job, would you be a bit mortified coming into this position with all of the hoopla. >> trying to do everything they can in law enforcement for the country and that's what i think people should focus on. the great work that they do and chris is going to come in at this time or any other time and he's going to be committed an focused on the job and he has the right experience to do it well. >> alice, what do you make of the timing of this announcement? >> i think the timing is great because they absolutely need a leader and let's chris confirmed and get him in that job. rob: do you think this is going to be a tough confirmation
2:37 am
process? he needs 51, right? >> chris was confirmed before by the senate when he led the criminal division. i don't think that there's any issues and i'm very hopeful that the senate will confirm him promptly so the fbi can get on with their business. >> one more question, why is he the right man for the job? >> right experience, the right demeanor, committed, loyal to uphelding justice, i think he's a perfect leader for the fbi right now. rob: all right. alice fisher thank you for coming on this morning. >> thank you. rob: 37 minutes after the hour. president trump meeting with obamacare victims in ohio where another insurer has just pulled out of the exchange there. >> the problems will only get worse if congress fails to act. the democrats are destroying health care in this country. rob: so what will it take to bring relief to american families and fix this mess brian
2:38 am
brendberg joins us life -- live next. >> iconic fashion statement from last night cmt awards. [laughter] >> i didn't make it up how long did it take you two to save that? a long time. then it's a fortune. i told you we had a fortune. get closer to your investment goals with a conversation.
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rthat post lunch, post dinner, i need something sweet craving. new sargento sweet balanced breaks, natural cheese on one side, and sweetness on the other. new sargento sweet balanced breaks,
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find it in our cheese section. rob: president trump meeting with victims of the obamacare mess in ohio. thousands of people left without coverage after anthem, the insurer has just pulled the plug. >> two of the many victims of the obamacare catastrophe created by congressional democrats and the problems will only get worse if congress fails to act. rob: all right, so what will it take for congress to pass real change and bring relief to american families, that's the big question this morning. joining us chair for the program
2:42 am
and business in finance at the king's college in new york city brian brendberg. u thank you for coming in this morning. >> good to be here. rob: if you ask the republicans this is a crappy system that was never going to work anyway and if you ask democrats, the republicans are trying to sabotage it. they want you to be confused. >> republicans are saying the system broken, the economist don't work and they're right and democrats even said that. democrats have said the system doesn't quite work the way it was supposed to. we need to fix it. that is true. democrats are also saying republicans aren't going to any great lengths to try to rescue it. look, we should be providing payments to insurers that help low-income individuals pay for insurance policies. >> the republicans are saying we are not going to do that the way obamacare prescribes, the payments shouldn't be automatic. congress is saying it's illegal to make those payments the way we are doing it right now.
2:43 am
that's the dispute. rob: obamacare is far too expensive, that's why everybody can't afford it anymore but the government wants to subsidize, the democrats want to subsidize and republicans are saying, no, we are not going to do that. >> we are not doing that right now and that's what democrats are complaining of. that's where you see the rub going on. rob: if you look at this, this is not really a conservative idea at all the socialization of health care, how conservatives and republicans are going to fix the problem, they've already admitted we are going to have it, i guess. >> the house passed health care bill. it's with the senate. problem right now is republicans can't agree and president trump was out of the trail just the other day in ohio saying, look, we need to do something about this and he's right to be pointing to republicans and saying, with e no need to solve the problem, we knew that democrats weren't going to help us solve the problem and voters knew that democrats weren't going to help us solve the problem. we need to come together and
2:44 am
solve this. republicans are having trouble doing this and that's why -- lee carter was on a minute ago saying obamacare is looking more po that is because voters don't believe republicans actually have a plan they can put in place. rob: if you're a traditional fiscal conservative the war was lost the moment they allowed the health care system to begin, whatever you call it, obamacare, whatever you want to call the new one, trumpcare, it's not a conservative thing. >> a lot of heavy-lifting that has to go on. what republicans are trying to do is move it in the other direction. they just can't agree on how to do that and what pace to do that at but if they don't get it done, voters are going the pin the failures of obamacare on them and if democrats come back in power, it's not going to move to a free market system. it's going to move more in the direction of government control, single-payer public option insurance and there's no status quo here.
2:45 am
what's important is there's no status quo. obamacare can't stay the way it is. the question is will republicans fix it in time or will democrats have a chance to move it more in a government direction. rob: you are the moderates and far right, everybody trying to cover their puts in 2018. nobody wants to claim they made the right move. >> the president is saying you have to figure this out because you'll be paying in 2018. rob:jillian, we will send it to you. >> remember lawmaker going on a three-day strike. guess what, she was put in handcuffs. james comey will be testifying hours from now as you can imagine social media already exploding, don't miss carley shimkus, she's coming up next
2:46 am
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friends first". the democrat busted for dui. posting an apology. >> i disappointed my family, my constituents, my supporters, i disappointed myself. i'm deeply sorry. jillian: dallas police arresting lawmaker after crashing bmw to a tree. rob: interesting.
2:50 am
eric holder accused of hiding information, operation fast and furious, this was obama's attorney general. a house oversight committee saw brian terry's family as isn't it -- nuisance and terry was shot by cartel, that weapon was tie today u.s. botched government plan selling to illegal buyers hope to go track them in méxico. the administration lost track to more than 1400 guns when that happened. jillian: summer vacation got a little bit easier to your wallet. rob: that's right. tracee carrasco on why, hey, tracee. >> unexpected drop in oil prices means savings at the gas pump for americans just in time for
2:51 am
the summer travel season. supply is outpacing demand so the average price for gas is 2.36 a tbloan that's equal to the price a year ago and down more than 2 cents from a week ago, earlier this year experts believe we would be seeing $3 a gallon so this is great news. jillian: coca-cola launching a new soda with no sugar. >> that's right. coca-cola has launched new coke no sugar in new zealand, the best tasting sugar-free coke and the closest they've ever come to the classic taste of coca-cola which has been around for 130 years, the biggest launch of coca-cola products since coke zero in 2006. it will continue to roll out in other markets later this year. rob: we won't tell people what they used to put in coca-cola. the new secret menu item at mc--
2:52 am
mcdonalds. >> ice cream from mcflurry sandwich between two chocolate chip cookies. a california man tweeted this of creation and, of course, it's become a viral hit among fast food fans. i've done for you, snack-size mcflurry, 1.79. not only is a brilliant idea. jillian: i thought you were going to do the calorie count. >> low call. rob: 5:52 here in new york. almost showtime on capitol hill in washington, d.c. for ousted fbi director james comey, how and where you can drink for free during today's highly anticipated hearing. jillian: plus country music's biggest stars descending on nationville and the one thing
2:53 am
missing from last night's show politics. cheryl casone joins carley shimkus joins us next. ♪ ♪ ♪
2:54 am
rob: big stories trending this
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2:57 am
morning, country stars gathering in nashville for cmt awards. jillian: reaction pouring in even before ousted fbi director james comey is grilled on capitol hill. carley shimkus siriusxm 115 is here. carley: reaction is hot on comey's pretestimony statement. the letter tells his side of the story. he did tell the president that he's not under investigation and the president asks for loyalty. so when this letter hit social media, politically-minded people went absolutely bananas. seems to me key headlines from today is comey confirming trump is not under investigation, isn't that what collusion with russia was all about? he's sticking to the president. comey opening statement reads like a tom clancy novel.
2:58 am
buckle up america. it's about to get bumpy. author -- so guys, in the words of ana navarro buckle up because we will we will get a lot of reaction. today is essentially your christmas. bars across the country are opening early for comey testimony viewing parties and bars even in san francisco, west coast are opening as early as 6:00 o'clock in the morning. west coast time. my favorite idea comes from union pub in washington, d.c. they are offering a free round of drinks every time the president tweets during the testimony. so, of course, a lot of people are laughing about this. this guy says this is the reason he loves the city and another
2:59 am
tweet coming in saying the bar in dc is giving drinks after the president tweets. they will need spare livers. jillian: cmt last night and no politics. carley: no politics and a lot of tweets about it. absolutely. this is charles, the host of the cmt's, he rocked the rompin look. i can't get behind the idea. he looks like he's wearing long johns. show some ankles. rob: that guy has guts wearing that on tv. scary. jillian: this is the second time where i have seen romping.
3:00 am
carley: no politics but a lot of talk of the predators last night. rob: "fox & friends" should be there. it starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> fired fbi director james comey is set to testify on capitol. >> what the president asked for was loyalty to the american people. >> north korea launched ballistic missiles. >> everything we are upset in washington, all totally irrelevant tomorrow. >> international crisis explodes. >> yes, it's time finally to put america first and that's what i've been doing if you haven't noticed. >> the president was exactly on track talking about infrastructure. >> this is the ceremony office of


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