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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 9, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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with us. a fox news alert. british prime minister teresa may suffering a major setback as her party failed to secure a majority in parliament but despite the pressure, sources saying she will not redesign. benjamin hall live in london. >> a staggering result in the uk, the conservative party were up 20 points a few weeks ago and they have thrown that away. they won the most seats but cannot form a majority government and we have a hung parliament meaning 9 -- the 3266 needed for majority. conservatives are projected to win 319 and labor, 251 so both parties have to begin talking about the coalition with smaller parties meaning political uncertainty. teresa may wanted a personal
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mandate. that has backfired and there are questions about how long she can stay on as prime minister. she won't resigned. >> more than anything else this country needs a period of stability and if the indications have shown conservative party has won the most seats, and the most votes, it will be incumbent on us to ensure we have that period of stability and that is what we will do. >> reporter: he won the most seats but jeremy corban, the far left leader celebrating this morning, he will now also be looking at trying to form a government. >> if there is a message from tonight's resulted is this. the prime minister called the election because she wanted a mandate. the mandate she has got is lost conservative seats, lost votes,
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lost support and lost confidence. >> reporter: a very fluid situation. conservatives might do it deal with the northern irish union party, might push them over the limit but political uncertainty here today in the uk. >> james come's testimony confirming what the president has said all along, he did not collude with russia. >> the former fbi director exposes himself as one of the leakers that has been wreaking havoc on the trump administration. >> the latest on the political drama and there's a lot unfolding this morning. >> the white house is billing yesterday's hearing is a win with james comey confirming donald trump is not a target of an investigation and repeating as of the time he was fired there is no evidence of collusion but come on the faced
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strong criticisms of the president calling him a liar about why he decided to fire him. a lot of the questions revolved around two meetings with the president, one in which comey alleges he asked for his loyalty and the other in which he asked coming back to drop the investigation into michael flynn. the president said neither of those ever happened but even his own testimony comey wouldn't say if he believed the actions amounted to obstruction of justice. >> did the president at any time ask you to stop the fbi investigation into russian involvement in the 2016 us elections. >> not to my understanding. >> did any individual working for this administration ask you to stop the russian investigation? >> no. >> comey criticized media coverage surrounding the investigation particularly false
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reports that information published by the new york times, cnn and others and appeared to catch the senators offguard, comey admitted after he was fired a tweet by donald trump about their potentially being tape recordings of their conversations spurred him to leak one of his personal memos of the exchange. >> the president tweeted friday after i got fired that i better hope there are not tapes. i woke up in the middle of the night monday night. it didn't dawn on me originally there might be corroboration for our conversation, might be a tape and my judgment was i needed to get that into the public square so i asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter. >> resort says the president's attorney is planning to file a complaint with the inspector general of the justice department over comey leaking memo and we will have our first chance to hear about yesterday at hearings in a joint press conference with the president of
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romania. >> interesting stuff about the timing of when he make -- leaked memo. we will get into that later on. james comey's testimony raising questions about the way he ran the fbi, tucker carlson slamming fired fbi chief for folding to political pressure from the left during hillary clinton's email server investigation. >> a month freaking hype, hundreds of hours, the shriller television ever produced at up to pretty much nothing, precisely as much proof right now that donald trump committed treason as we had seven months ago when all this started. doesn't mean we learned nothing, the fbi exposed as a political battleground that is not reassuring to us. the executive branch is compromised by dozens of politically motivated leaks, many of them untrue, the media, and ambiguously than attempt to overthrow a democratically elected leader.
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it has been a total disaster. a man-made one and hard to see who outside washington has benefited from it. we learned while investigating hillary clinton's private email server loretta lynch asked comey to soft-pedal what was happening. she instructed him to call the whole thing a matter rather than what it was, an investigation and that is political pressure if there ever was such a thing and comey went along with it but inconsistent behavior here. why did comey agree to make an untrue statement, the talking points, and refuse to publicly say something completely true about donald trump, that he was under investigation. why did comey make detailed memos about his meetings with donald trump at do nothing in response to political pressure he received from the previous attorney general loretta lynch and the only time the obama administration exerted political pressure on james comey, we don't know the answer to the last question.
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>> the president is not a liar, strong words from the white house after former fbi director james comey repeatedly accuses donald trump of the flaming him. >> reaction from the hearing. >> reporter: the white house is backing donald trump following james comey's testimony, deputy white house secretary sarah huckabee sanders making one thing clear. >> i can say president is not a liar. it is insulting that question would be asked. >> donald trump's outside counsel responding to the testimony. it proves what the white house has been saying for months. >> mister comey has finally confirmed publicly what he repeatedly told donald trump privately. that is the the president was not under investigation as part of any probe into russian
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interference. >> reporter: paul ryan coming to the president's defend saying donald trump didn't intend to break protocol by speaking directly to comey. >> the president is new at this, new to government. he probably wasn't steeped in the long-running protocols that establish the relationships between doj, fbi and white housees. that is new. >> reporter: donald trump junior says now that the hearing is over his father can go back to doing what he promised to do for america. >> no clouds, not getting in his way. he can go back to doing the things he said he was going to do for the american people, putting americans back to work, putting america first. >> according to donald trump's lawyer he feels completely vindicated. back to you guys. >> a lot of information, that is for sure.
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the mainstream media, james comey how he handled the hillary clinton email investigation but now relying on the former fbi director's testimony to make their case against donald trump. >> there is no other way to walk away from comey testimony today without thinking the former director of the fbi thinks the president of the united states is a liar. >> the assumption of critical of the president is somewhere along the line and last year the president had something to do with colluding with russians and what came apart this money with a 3. >> you may not be a democrat or republican but he is political. not just the pollyanna boy scout. he wants to affect something. >> new york times suggesting the mainstream media's about-face on comey and be summed up by an old saying, quote, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. >> breaking news overnight police not ruling out terror after a speeding truck plowed
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into two police officers, this horrifying scene unfolding in washington dc. a white pickup truck mowed down a city worker and two cops on bicycles before it smashed into an empty garbage truck. one of the officers fighting for their life at this hour. the driver and passenger in the truck were behind bars. >> two american men accused of leaving the lives living as regular americans and terrorist operatives for hezbollah. investigators say they scouted potential targets of attacks including new york's laguardia airport and the panama now. the two men from new york and michigan charged with providing material support to that terror organization. they are naturalized us citizens and face 20 years in prison. >> government contractor accused of leaking top-secret nsa documents wanted to burn down the white house. reality when it denied bail after pleading not guilty in federal court. judge calling her danger to the nation after prosecutors, handwritten notes about plans to join the taliban and destroy the
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white house despite telling her sister she played the white and cute card to get out of trouble. charged for leaking a report about russian interference in the presidential election to an online news outlet. >> still the luckiest guy in the world. george hw bush tweeting a message to his wife barbara on her 92nd birthday. >> the former first couple have been married for 72 years. i hope i live that long. president bush celebrates his 93rd birthday on monday. that is something else. >> 11 minutes after the hour, james comey afraid the president might like? >> the nature of the person. i was concerned he might lie about the nature of our meeting so i thought it important to document. >> reporter: our next guest, for head prosecutor, says comey's own words just make the
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aggressive-styling, so you can break away from everyone else. experience the exhilaration of the bold lexus is. experience amazing. >> former fbi director james comey same during his four our testimony yesterday that he wrote a memos about his meetings with donald trump because he couldn't trust the president. >> the former head prosecutor of morris county, new jersey joins us early this morning with reaction to the testimony, thanks for coming on. it was not a great day for the president but there was some vindication to some extent. >> depends on the deck of you your pointing from a political point view it can be problematic
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but from a legal point of view, not democrat or republican point of view, what james comey was saying is distrust between these two individuals and he started documenting conversations, made very clear that is head of the fbi if he felt anything donald trump was doing was illegal then they would have opened a file for obstruction of justice and he didn't do that. the day before based on the testimony comey gave legally was good for donald trump. the actions that occurred after comey was fired that became more problematic for donald trump legally. >> what specific actions? >> there was never a connection, there is not an investigation which with a striking to me with comey testimony is the president understandably, presenting client, wanted it to get out that i'm not under investigation because it was cutting his ability to do his job. a very legitimate and
2:17 am
understandable basis but after he fired comey, an actual act and followed up with tweeting it was as a result of taking pressure off of the russian investigation, gave the lester holt interview indicating he was fired because of the russia investigation and made a connection between a russian investigation, what was going on there and in action, firing comey and then in my mind caused the fbi, have no doubt in my mind as a former head prosecutor appointed by the governor through the senate, the same way comey is open then investigative file as to whether that was motivated do to try to quash the russia investigation. >> that things like a problem. let me ask, this whole thing started with russia. we find out to comey's worth that he doesn't believe donald trump had anything to do himself with russia but we are talking
2:18 am
about obstruction, we are into the next topic the president could be in trouble for. to you by comey as reasoning for not reporting what he is insinuating could have been obstruction at the time. he had so many opportunities to report this before yesterday. >> the public is confused by this so we have to understand the nature of the relationship comey has and they were even comments by many republicans about this. you are in a black box when you're in fbi personal prosecutor, you get appointed through the political process but once you are through with you are supposed to be independent and uninfluenced at all by politics, comey was put between a rock and a hard place with that so it starts document in these because based on his testimony which i found credible it becomes relevant later, he has that information but what he made very clear in my mind was he did not believe there was obstruction, he was not under investigation. as the boss, donald from being
2:19 am
the boss, when he said i want you to put out there that i'm not under investigation because it is government my ability to do my job i can't understand why that wasn't done. that was a reasonable request. >> more now, later in the show, so much to talk about, 19 minutes after the hour, millions of dollars in taxpayer money wasted on these now determined illegal signs and guess what? lawmakers knew the entire time. >> if you cared what they thought, hollywood snowflakes chiming in on comey's testimony, the top three trending moment on twitter, just three? ♪ you know what's awesome?
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>> millions of people taking to twitter even hours before james comey was grilled on capitol hill. >> fox news headlines, the top three most tweeted the moments. >> 3.6 million tweets were sent about comey's testimony from 7:00 am and 1:30 p.m. yesterday which is a huge number. what people in social media talking about? twitter says the top trending moment had to do with senator john mccain and what some are considering a confusing line of questioning. >> one candidate you are done with and another candidate you have a long way to go. is that correct? >> i'm still sedated by his babbling. that i miss your did john mccain
2:24 am
seriously say president comey as one point? senator mccain responded in a statement saying maybe going forward i shouldn't stay up late watching the diamondbacks night game. what i was trying to get out was whether comey believed any of his interactions with the president rise to the level of obstruction of justice. as for the second most tweeted about moment, folks on social media had a field day with a former fbi director said the word lordy. >> i have seen the tweet, i hope there are tapes. i remember saying i agree he is a good guy is a way of saying i'm not agreeing with what he asked me to do. >> lordy, i don't think i ever heard that before in the modern era we are living in. the merriam-webster dictionary got involved saying lordy received quite a workout today but that is not the only phrase
2:25 am
that has tickled twitter's funnybone. take a listen to comey when he said this as well. >> there should be no fuzz on this whatsoever. the russians interfered in our elections in 2016. they did. >> no fuzz. comey states no fuzz about russia's involvement in the 2016 election, time for a special election. taking us back acades. >> what about the president's kids? >> the president did not tweet during the hearing whatsoever but his certain the sons did. donald trump life tweeted the whole thing, pretty comey testimony put his own character on trial, lynch double standard, come on now, he closes off a bit, 10 months of nonsense, who's only apparent goal was to take on the president and stop him from doing i believe his job
2:26 am
and looking at this, eric trump responded saying let's stop this charade and get back to jobs, healthcare, taxes, infrastructure, our military and making america great again. they spent their day defending their dead. >> as we learned over the years hollywood not afraid to say what they think. >> hollywood is mad at donald trump, chris evans says i never wanted trump to tweet so badly in my entire life, take your phone up, do it, do it. let's look at another tweet from him if we can. chelsea handler, get to them, trump announced his new fbi director via twitter, can't wait to announce his impeachment via a snapchat. making fun of the president there. is get to some viewer comments. what do you think was the biggest moment from comey's testimony, we want to hear from you, let us know on twitter and
2:27 am
facebook and we will read those comments later on the show. there is a whole lot. >> majority of people the last few weeks have been think we don't want trump to tweet, now people say where was he? pick what you want? >> my favorite moment was when he said trump ruined his dinner date with his wife. can't forget that. >> i promised we would fix that monitor. things have been a little shaky. >> thanks a lot. >> it is 27 minutes after the hour. he admitted to breaking the rules but somehow the mainstream media walked away with this take away from comey's testimony. >> the former fbi director told the world today that the president of the united states, donald trump, cannot be trusted. >> the keyword, lie. >> perceived liberal bias you will want to hear coming up. just like the marines did. the process through usaa is so effortless,
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>> straight to our top story, james comey's testimony confirming what the president said all along, he did not collude with russia. >> this is the former fbi director exposes himself as one of the leakers trying to take down the trump administration. >> the fallout this morning, good morning. >> there was a lot we learned in yesterday's hearing, james comey confirmed donald trump was not the target of an investigation but also said repeatedly he could not trust the president, at one point called him a liar. he refused to say whether or not he believed the president committed obstruction of justice. that is what immigrants were going after. as they peppered him with questions about a meeting with the president in which comey alleges he asked him to drop the
2:32 am
investigation into michael flynn. >> why didn't you stop and say this is wrong? i cannot discuss this with you? >> great question. if i were stronger i would have to. i was so stunned by the conversation that i just took it in and the only thing i could think to say, i remember every word he said, playing in my mind what should my response be? i carefully chose the words. i have seen the tweet, lordy, i hope there are tapes. >> comey criticize the media coverage particularly false report information published by the new york times, cnn and others but also admitted that he himself leaked one of his personal memos after he was fired to push back against the white house's depiction of him. apart from the russia investigation he should new light on the fbi investigation
2:33 am
into hillary clinton's email server and conserving behavior by loretta lynch, causing him to leave her out of the loop when announcing findings in july. >> with your decision influenced by the attorney general's tarmac meeting with bill clinton? >> yes. ultimately conclusive way. the attorney general directed me not to call it an investigation but a matter which confused me and concerned me. rob: donald trump did not send out any tweets during the meeting but this afternoon we may have a chance to hear his thoughts, a joint press conference with the president of romania, stay tuned. >> idaho senator james richard says the former fbi director had a duty to clarify the
2:34 am
president's comments on the flynn investigation before going public but his failure to do so has led to serious consequences. >> the president said he hoped for an outcome. mister comey took it a different way. this can't be mushy. if he thought the president meant something different then he said, he should have said, mister president, exactly what do you mean or are you telling me i should do this? you can't just sit and let this happen. i prosecuted lots and lots of cases. you can't prosecute somebody for hoping something. it doesn't work. i never heard of a case like that. >> comey treated democrats differently than he treated the president in recent months. >> the attempt of the democrats to turned coming back into a
2:35 am
secular saint is not only hypocritical but laughable. he admitted his own cowardly nurse. he should have stood up and said mister president, we can not do this or i will resign or i have to go upstairs to my boss, the attorney general or to congress and tell them what is going on here because it shouldn't be. instead of that he didn't but he told us as he said earlier that with loretta lynch he folded like a cheap suit as well. >> despite many of the revelations that came from james comey's testimony including the fact the president is not under investigation the media remains focused on one thing. >> there is no other way to walk away from comey's testimony without thinking the former director of the fbi thinks the president of the united states is a liar. >> the assumption of the critics
2:36 am
of the president is somewhere along the line in the last year the president had something to do with colluding with the russians and yet what came apart this one it was that theory. >> my not be a democrat or republican but he is political. not just a pollyanna boy scout. he wants to affect something. >> more on the media reaction, staff writer for the federalist, thank you for joining us. lot of the media said yesterday was a bad day for the president. was it? >> i would like to know what hearing they were watching because that is not what i saw. i saw a man who made it clear that donald trump did not ask him in any way to alter the investigation into michael flynn or the investigation into ties between the white house and russia. i think it is very clear that james comey acted like a spineless weasel and called himself a coward four five times
2:37 am
and it is very clear he is spinning an elaborate narrative in an effort to cover his tail. it is very clear his intentions are not for the good of the country, not for the sake of transparency and i think the media covering that up, a different narrative because what really happened doesn't fit their agenda. >> for the president to have a good day yesterday, comey eviscerated everybody equally. he got loretta lynch in there. got the media in there and the administration as well. the new york times article from february regarding trump's meeting with the russians, he said it was almost completely false. the story that comey would deny trump's claim came out completely false. is it tantamount to bad journalism or is there bias? did he identify a bias?
2:38 am
>> what is clear is a lot of the reports containing information for not unnamed sources end up being wrong most of the time and that is something james comey tweet theed during his testimony yesterday and i do have to say i think the memos he supposedly wrote after these interactions with the president, that he leaked his friends at the senate intelligence committee, in light of questioning made it clear yesterday, he leaked those to his friends who leaked them to a new york times reporter and that new york times reporter hasn't actually ever laid eyes on the memos so in the same vein that he is identified a bias he also is using the media to spin a narrative to make himself look better. >> thank you for joining us. >> 38 minutes after the hour and more of a nightmare situation for obamacare. yet another insurer pulled out, thousands of americans now scrambling for healthcare coverage. >> ready to risk his life to
2:39 am
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>> a fox dismiss alert the house approving legislation to roll back the dodd-frank act. >> exactly what we need to know. >> despite everything going on in washington yesterday the house managed to approve legislation to get rid of a number of regulations put in place by the 2010 dodd-frank act, a small step forward for republicans who promised to eliminate rules that hurt small businesses and the economy. this is called the choice act and it may not affect some of the big banks but the nation's community banks hope to see significant easing of regulations on their lending.
2:43 am
>> more insurers are dropping obamacare. >> another blow for obamacare in washington, two counties won't have any insurance participating in the individual market. this could be trouble for more than 3300 people. washington would become the third state without any obama care in the missouri area and parts of ohio. also no options on their exchanges next year unless other carriers join. >> what would it be without a car recall. >> didn't we have one earlier this week. big recall for hyundai, 600,000 vehicles for two different issues, the santa fe sport suv from 2013 through 17 contain hood latcheshat might not work properly. the genesis or sonata vehicles from 2015-16 might have parking brake lights that don't work. hyundai says it will notify owners of the issue and dealers will fix the problem for free.
2:44 am
>> another story. and outraged mother suing her child's teacher and principal after she claims they forced him to recite the pledge of allegiance. the lawsuit states the 7-year-old child was removed from class and sent to the principal's office after he refused to stand for the pledge at his school in indiana. he was protesting the government which is other claims it is a violation of his first amendment rights. >> more trouble with schools. marine straight off the plane from boot camp barred from wearing his uniform to walk in his eye school commencement their money, jacob staley finished school in fall and return to indiana to graduate with his class but when he showed up in his marine blues they turned him away and didn't even read his name. the school claims it follow long-standing policy of enforcing address code only allowing caps and gowns. bazaar story from indiana. a very wholesome place. >> 16 minutes before the top of the hour and $8 million i love
2:45 am
new york signs are illegal and everyone knew about it except the taxpayers who foot the bill. >> coming to the big screen a true story about an american hero who fought to bring her best friend home. kevin mccarthy with his review of megan leavy coming up next.
2:46 am
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>> more than 8 million taxpayer dollars wasted on these illegal signs and lawmakers knew it the entire time. 500 i love new york signs just like this, modified around the state. the federal highway administration says the advertisements are banned from roadways and have been since the 1960s lose the fha claims new york's democratic governor cuomo used the signs but promoted them anyway and now they have to be changed. less than a year after president obama freed her from a lifetime behind bars a texas woman is back in prison. carol denise richardson sentenced to 14 months for violating probation. officials say she stole laundry detergent so that she could sell it for drug money. in 2006 she was sentenced to life in prison for drug charges, she was one of nearly 2000 inmates granted clemency by the obama administration.
2:50 am
>> brand-new movie based on a true story about a marine who fought for our freedom, fighting to keep the dog who served alongside her. >> where is my dog? i need to see him. >> back to my house. >> megan leavy is out in theaters today. the founder of kevin mccarthy is here with his review. good morning, kevin. >> thanks for having me on. this movie is incredible, inspiring, beautiful story. you are dealing with an incredible true story about a young marine corporal and her military combat dog. they did two tours in iraq together, saved an amazing amount of lives, she wanted to adopt this dog because they were
2:51 am
both wounded by an ied and it is a beautiful story and even though we might know the end to the story there is something about the way the movie is presented that keeps you inside the intensity and gives you appreciation of the beauty of our armed forces. kate mara did an amazing job with his role. the dog that was used in the film was not a trained military dog at all. they had to train the dog and kate mara to do the scenes together. in order to re-create the idea of a dog sniffing out bombs they used bacon treats so the dog would go up and look like it was sniffing out a bomb when it was a bacon treat. it was a well done film that really shows how incredible our armed forces are and also his other side of the military combat dog. this dog actually ends up having
2:52 am
ptsd so interesting to watch that concept on-screen. i give the movie 4 out of 5 which i really enjoyed it and i spoke to kate mara and the filmmaker about this movie because i wanted to know as an actor you probably still got connected to the dog even though you were filming a movie, did you want to take the dog home? this is what she had to say. i assume you got attached to the dog. was there and elements of i want to take this dog? >> i have my two old dogs at home waiting for me. my dogs are usually -- we shot half of this movie in spain. making a movie about the bond between a woman and her dog and i felt awful about it but it helps my bond with rex because i didn't have my dogs to go home to every night. >> incredible that it took her years to fight this battle to
2:53 am
get the dog. >> i agree with you and anyone who watches this movie can relate to the idea of that bond with the animal but also the amazing armed forces, the beauty of this film is that bond, you watch this unfold, tell stories that i didn't necessarily know about which is why i love cinema so much. >> the mummy starring tom cruise. >> this wasn't that great. i saw this 6 hours ago. this is tom cruise. i love tom cruise, he is an amazing action stock a mile of the mission impossible, vanilla sky, magnolia, this movie feels like a really bad theme park ride. to me when you watch the action unfold tom cruise is great with the action scenes, and ancient princess who has been mummified many years ago, brought back, trying to bring in ancient evil into the world and it has some
2:54 am
fun moments. you can watch the entire scene in the trailer, tom cruise does a good job with the action, russell crowe is decent in the movie but the overall feeling of the film is it is very stupid and feels pointless and has an element where it does feel you are writing a ride at a theme park which to me is not the way a movie should be experienced. that is the way a ride should be experienced, 2.5 out of 5, i did not love this movie. all my reviews are on twitter which is kevinmccarthytv. i represent wonder woman, one of the best films of the year, highly recommend seeing that. >> i recommend you going home to get some sleep if you saw the movie 6 hours ago. thank you for joining us. >> just saw it. have a wonderful weekend. >> 6 minutes until the top of the hour.
2:55 am
stunning admission from james comey admitting he is the leaker and your comments pouring in on this topic. we will share them next. ♪ ♪ to anticipate is lexus. experience the lexus rx with advanced safety standard. experience amazing. "how to win at business." step one: point decisively with the arm of your glasses. abracadabra. the stage is yours. step two: choose la quinta. the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly and win at business.
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♪ oh, everyone ♪ i was like where are you waiving? [laughter] rob: i guess the mikes are hot. i assume so. welcome back. we are out on the plaza. we have a band behinds today. jackie: we have a whole lot of food here. everybody is talking about james comey's testimony. we asked you at home what you thought the biggest moment from it was and you answered. let's get to some of those tweets and facebook posts. on twitter. admitted being a coward and a leaker. rob: there you go, day monday on instagram saying lynch tried to cover up crooked hillary matter. >> makes you wonder what else he has leaked before. >> on the arm on instagram says when he inadvertently destroyed all fake news. rob: mary on facebook writing when he repeatedly called himself a coward.
3:00 am
had you to feel for him there. that was the only way to get around that question, i think but he did. jillian: king and country getting ready to play here all morning long on "fox & friends." >> i smell the food. rob: have a great weekend. >> you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you god? >> a hundreds of hours of shrill of television add up to pretty much nothing. >> mr. comey has now finally confirmed publicly what he repeatedly told president trump privately. >> whal while you were director the president of the united states was not under investigation. is that a fair statement. >> that's correct. >> the president feels completely convinced indicated. >> we know james comey is the leaker in chief. >> i asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter. >> that doesn't sound like somebody who wants to be your fbi director it


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